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Deliver #3


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Camila was seventeen when Van Quiso kidnapped her. Ten years after her escape, the shackles refuse to release her. Not while there are still slave traders preying on her city.
She will stop at nothing to end them.
Even if that means becoming a slave again.

Returning to chains is her worst fear—and only option. They won’t know who she is or what she intends to do. She’s prepared for every complication.
Except him.
The one who decimated her sixteen-year-old heart.

Matias is charming, gorgeous, and dangerously seductive. He’s also untrustworthy and enshrouded in secrets. After years of no contact, he finds her—on her knees, wrists bound, in the clutches of her enemy.
Will he sabotage her mission by needlessly saving her?
Or will he keep her in chains and never let her go?

DELIVER series (HEAs with no cliffhangers - must be read in order):
Deliver #1
Vanquish #2
Disclaim #3
Devastate #4
Take #5
Manipulate #6
Unshackle #7
Dominate #8
Complicate #9

379 pages

First published August 31, 2016

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About the author

Pam Godwin

43 books8,946 followers
New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their retired greyhounds, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.

Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.

SIGNED BOOKS and MERCH: pamgodwin.com/shop
INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/pamgodwinauthor
TIKTOK: tiktok.com/@pamgodwinauthor
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/pamgodwinbooks
AMAZON: www.amazon.com/author/pamgodwin

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1,828 reviews29.1k followers
January 10, 2023
4+ Stars

I have been meaning to read this for some time now...Vanquish is one of my all-time favorite reads and Godwin is one of my favorite authors.

I got offered this one as an ARC (even though it's been out since 2016, I believe) to "catch up" with the series in time for the Devastate (book four) ARC, which I am supposed to get in December. The book comes out officially in February of 2018 (holy shit, 2018 people!)

Regardless, I would have purchased this one (and might still do so to have a regular copy) on my own even had I not received this. I really love this series - despite not loving book one - so it's an example of one of those series you are glad you kept up with in the face of a mediocre (for me) start.

Godwin does dark fantastically and I would encourage anyone who likes captivity themes to check this series out. Can't wait to receive devastate.

***ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review***
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1,176 reviews4,216 followers
September 17, 2016
I have enjoyed every one of the books in the 'Deliver' series. Pam Godwin writes just the type of dark and twisted stories that I love to read. So, no surprise here -- I thought 'Disclaim' was fantastic!

If you've read the first two books in the 'Deliver' series, you probably remember that Liv and Van have kind of joined forces with some of their former captives in order to help bring down other traffickers. Well, Camila is the former slave that heads up this vigilante group. This book is her story.

Camila was an innocent teenage girl when she was abducted. From that point forward, she would never be the same naive girl. She endured unspeakable cruelty at the hands of Van and Liv, being trained as a sex slave for an unknown customer.

Instead of being delivered to the buyer, she escaped. With the help of Liv, Camila was able to avoid a fate worse than death. She made it her life's mission to help other victims from that point forward.

Matias was taken as a teenager to take his place within his father's cartel. He had lived a good life up until that point, oblivious to his real father's identity. He didn't know anything about his father's criminal empire...or even that he had a cruel half-brother that was raised in his father's shadow.

While spending his youth in the citrus groves where he grew up, he never knew that the uncle that raised him wasn't his uncle at all. He spent his days lost in the arms of his first love, Camila. He never imagined that his world would be turned upside down.

Matias never returned for Camila, but the two maintained infrequent contact via cell phone. Matias knew about everything that happened to Camila, but was tight-lipped with her about what his life had become. On rare occasions, she would call Matias to ask for a favor and he would help her out from afar.

When Camila decides to infiltrate a slave ring by posing as a victim, she gets far more than she bargained for. She finds herself, yet again, face to face with the boy from her past. Only, he isn't the kind, tender boy she remembered. He has been hardened by his life and is involved in the very crime that she has dedicated her life to eradicating.

Taken to the cartel's compound in the heart of the Amazon, Camila quickly realizes that she cannot escape her situation. She decides to play along, gathering as much information as possible to bring the cartel down at a later date. She had expected plenty of abuse at the hands of her captors, but she hadn't expected that it would be the boy from her dreams that would dole out the pain.

Matias has no intention of ever letting Camila go again. He is determined to own her, in every sense of the word. He knows that it will be a tough road, but he's willing to do whatever is necessary to make her his, even if that means she'll hate him first.

Despite the premise, which screamed "dark", I have to say that this book wasn't as dark as I had anticipated. Aside from one or two scenes, pretty early-on in Camila's captivity, I didn't feel the shock and fear that I expect with a dark read. I'm not saying that there wasn't dark content. There was. It just had more of a "dubious consent" feel vs. outright force. Camila spent a lot of time wanting what Matias was dishing out, which made it hard not to feel conflicted over the whole "held against her will" storyline.

Of course, there were plenty of twists and turns along the way. Matias isn't what he seems and there is far more at play than meets the eye. With everything going on, the story moves at a very fast pace.

Although you could probably read this story as a standalone, I would recommend reading the books in the series in order. There is a lot of background information in the other books that will help you to have a full understanding of everything that takes place in this one. Otherwise, you'll probably miss some things.

All in all, I thought it was a great story. I love dark stories with questionable characters and Ms. Godwin never fails to deliver.

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790 reviews2,503 followers
February 10, 2017
4 Stars!!


What an intense roller coaster ride this book turned out to be! Pam Godwin never cease to amaze me with her dark and twisted mind. 'Disclaim' the third installment in her 'Deliver' series was as dark, gritty and addictive as its predecessors. Mrs. Godwin kept me guessing until the end and kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time. This third installment can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading the two previous installment since you don’t want to miss the awesomeness this series is.

“Twelve months after her disappearance, she'd become a mirage in his wasteland, distorting at the edges and flickering out of reach.”

Ten years ago when she was only 17 years old, Camilla escaped a fate worse than death. Not only she was stolen from her home, from her family, but she also was stolen from the boy who meant everything to her. She was a captive for a year, a year who changed her and gave her the strength to fight stopping human trafficking. For ten years, Camilla tried to make different traffickers pay for doing to other men, women and children what Van did to her. She knows the only way to stop human trafficking is to cut off the head, but first she needs to find out who the head is.

“Over the years, his need for her hadn't faded. It had become a living, starving thing inside him, ruling his fucking world.”

Matias was everything to Camilla ten years ago – her friend, her lover, her everything. But Matias is not a boy anymore. He’s a man with a secret agenda, a man who has regrets, but also secrets, a man who knows more about Camilla than she ever could have thought. If at first Camilla thinks the man she once upon a time meant everything to her is as worse as any other captor, as time passes she realizes Matias is more than she initially thought he is and that nothing is at it seems.


What an intriguing, twisted read! Once again Mrs. Godwin blew me away! The story is told in third person from both main characters’ perspective and while I’m not a big fan of 3rd person POV, I found the story to be well written and very addictive from beginning until the end. The plot was simply awesome, complex and like I said, kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time. From the beginning the story left me guessing and I have to say all the twists were smart and fascinating and almost all of them left me with my mouth hanging open.

Camila was an awesome heroine. She was strong and smart and I totally loved her dedication to stop human trafficking. Maybe she was naïve at times, but I really loved her portrayal. IMO she was the perfect heroine for a dark romance.

“He couldn't stop. He was so fucking lost in her he didn't want to find his way back.”

Matias was such a mystery…not exactly the entire time, but for a good part of the story. I didn’t know what his deal is, if is a foe or a friend or what exactly he feels for Camilla. His portrayal was stellar and yes, if you are wondering he’s exactly that kind of character you will love to hate. I loved his strength, his fierceness and also his possessiveness. The man was sex on a stick, intense and so damn intriguing and his dominance got me hot and bothered more times than I want to admit.

I liked how the story progressed and also how the relationship between these two main characters unfolded. I loved the connection between them and how easily they interacted with each other after so many years. As for the chemistry between them…holy sh*t! It was explosive and I honestly couldn’t get enough of them. Mrs. Godwin knows really well how to write some sizzling chemistry and also a hot as hell sex scene.

To be honest, I didn’t expect the story to be so steamy, but of course I can’t complain. The author did a fantastic job mixing the dark and the steam aspects. The story was not intriguing only because of its twists and turns, but also because of the two main characters’ “forbidden” relationship.

“She was it for him, his past and future, his weakness and strength, his meaning for everything.”


All in all, 'Disclaim' was another great, enthralling read in this series. If you are looking for a dark and twisted unputdownable read, you will want to read this one/series. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
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3,818 reviews32.4k followers
August 26, 2016
5 stars!!!

 photo 101EA93D-5A2B-4015-9B70-049B4C5EDD34_zpsji5f0th4.jpg

Pam Godwin writes the very best dark romances. I’ve loved every book in her ‘Deliver’ series and the third book was no exception. Disclaim was another twisted story that had me guessing and wondering who could be trusted? Is our villain a bad guy or does he still have some good? Many moments left me feeling conflicted and anxious and I love it when a book brings out those types of feels and questions while I’m reading!

Camila is a character I’ve been interested about since book one. She is passionate about her cause and has one mission in life and that mission is to abolish human trafficking and slavery. She doesn’t want one more woman or child to go through what she went through and she’ll do anything she can, even if it means she personally takes out the slave traffickers. One thing she’s never done is to go back to that world of slavery, but if it means taking down a huge slavery ring, she’ll make whatever sacrifices necessary.

Matias was Camila’s best friend and her love when she was sixteen. She never expected him to come out of the past in the way he has. All she has of him is memories of orange groves and the fond memories of a first love. A true love. I didn’t know what to think of Matias at first. It’s easy to see from his perspective that he has feelings for Camila. Not only that, but he deeply regrets her fate and almost blames himself for it.

I had no idea how I felt about Matias. It took me time to realize what he was doing and the route he was taking, but by the end, a few things about him still shocked me. All I knew about him was everything he did was for a purpose. Good, bad, it didn’t matter. He was very calculated. He was alpha, strong and fierce. And no matter what happened, I knew deep down that he loved Camila with an intensity that you couldn’t ignore. No matter what happened in this book, I couldn't doubt his love.
He wanted her to love every piece of him, even the most depraved and unworthy pieces. Especially those. In return, he would protect her soul, cherish it, and put it at peace again.

 photo D0CB59E2-286D-4220-8DDD-A575AA690774_zpsd14qv0ol.jpg

I love this series because nothing is the way it seems and I’m always surprised with her twists and turns. I love how deliciously dark they are, how well written and that they completely enthrall me while I’m reading. Camila and Matias’s story was intense, steamy and dark- but in the best way possible. It also had a fantastic romantic element to it that made my heart happy. Although Van is still my man in this series, I really loved both of these main characters. And the next book… Tate… and this heroine. OMG. I can’t wait for it!

If you’re looking for a book with a strong heroine, a hero who is a little on the dark side and a twisty tale, this is one book (series, for that matter) that you need to read! It’s my favorite dark-romance and I recommend it to all those readers who like to take a walk on the dark side sometimes ;)
“Once you fall in love with a monster, you no longer fear them.”

 photo A7BFC9CC-C846-4C13-A321-A36936475187_zpshqwretnu.jpg
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2,020 reviews12k followers
August 26, 2016

Over the years, his need for her hadn't faded. It had become a living, starving thing inside him, ruling his fucking world.

No one can make you fall head over ovaries for an anti hero quite like Pam Godwin. And no one can write a dark, gritty and addicting romance quite like her either. Every time I read a book of hers they just get better and better. The woman is an evil genius and I can't get enough of how her twisted mind works.
Twelve months after her disappearance, she'd become a mirage in his wasteland, distorting at the edges and flickering out of reach.

First of all, while you can read this as a standalone, I highly recommend reading at least Vanquish first. Van has a very heavy presence in this book, and it would help to connect to the story and the characters having read his book first. Besides, the book was amazing, so do you even need a better reason than that? But I digress...

When Camilla was just 17 years old she was stolen from her home and the boy of her youthful love. She survived being Van Quiso's slave and escaped her captivity over ten years ago. Now her goal is single minded; find every sick and twisted trafficker and make them pay while climbing her way to the top of the organization to cut off the head of the viper.
She could fight her desire, but she couldn't disclaim their unbreakable bond, one that had taken root so long ago in the haven of their citrus grove.

Matias is not the young innocent boy she left behind those years ago. He's a broken man, a man haunted by the demons of his past and his present. He's a man that's shed blood and didn't bat an eye lash or lose a minute of sleep over it. He's also a man with deep and dark secrets...and he also holds the answers that Camilla seeks. But is she brave enough to let down the walls she's so carefully constructed though the years in order to seek them out?
He needed vindication and intended to take it from her pleading screams, from the give of her body beneath his thrusts. Pain and pleasure. Twisted justice.

Disclaim, much like its predecessors in the series, was one fucked up ride...and I couldn't get enough of it. Camilla was such a strong heroine. But beneath that hard shell of hers lay the soul of a woman that yearns to submit. Watching her inner struggle and turmoil though the story was almost mesmerizing. When you add in the brooding intensity of Matias and it was the perfect recipe for an unputdownable read. Matias was an alpha to beat alphas. His dominance practically crackles though the pages.
He was going to fuck her until they were both annihilated. Until their broken pieces scattered in an unholy tangled mess. And when they put themselves back together, there would no longer be hers and his. Only them.

The story was a perfect blend of erotic and gritty, suspenseful and dark. It was everything I've come to love in a dark romance without any of the predictable plot twists. As a matter of fact, the only thing predictable about it was the fact that I loved it.

I loved getting more pieces of Liv and Van. I loved the progression of the story and all of the twists and turns. I had no idea where any of it would lead and when the secrets were finally revealed? Mind. Blown.

Pam Godwin is a queen of dark romance and she crafted the perfect couple with Camilla and Matias. They were a ying and yang of dominance and submission. They were dark and darker. They were pain and pleasure. They were devastatingly perfect.
He couldn't stop. He was so fucking lost in her he didn't want to find his way back.

If you're looking for a page turning read with a twist of dark and a whole lot of sexy, then this book is a no brainer purchase. Trust me on this. And if you haven't read anything by this incredible author yet, you my friend, are seriously missing out.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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1,093 reviews1,015 followers
August 31, 2016
5 Todo Vida stars

Disclaim has to be read with little to no knowledge at all, with the exception of course, of what the Deliver series is all about. I can't even put into words the roller coaster ride I took while devouring each page like a junkie. For me it had so much life. While it may not be a pretty tale, wrapped up in a nice bow, it's a reminder that without pain there is no pleasure, without the ugly there is no beauty and without hope there is no future...

Matias & Camila had their fate destined since the very beginning, but the road they had to take was filled with nothing but pain. Trying to right the wrongs, it's time to come face to face with their most feared demons.

Brutal and passionate; it's a story of accepting who they are today and trusting in what they will have tomorrow.

I can't say much without giving anything away, but I do have to say there is nothing better than the feeling of getting sucked into a story where you feel as if you are living and breathing along side each character. I was so in tune with their story I found myself gasping and feeling just as they; their emotions, their lust, their love and their fear. It's hard to compare the characters in the Deliver series, each one is so unique and has a distinct voice, but what you can find comfort in is the style in which the story is delivered...it is familiar in it's intricacy while still giving you the surprises along the way. Definitely recommended to my friends who can find beauty in the darkest places.

Copy kindly provided by the author, via *Sixty First Reads*, in exchange for an honest review.

***Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication.
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2,378 reviews4,627 followers
August 26, 2016


What a series Pam Godwin just keeps delivering with each of these stories! She gifts unique characters who have been a part of or have survived brutal circumstances and redeems them along the way and gives endings that suit them. She adds just the right mixture of ugly and beautiful and always comes out with an exciting yet solid love story.

The first two books of the series shouldn’t be skipped and if you are struggling to place the heroine Camila here’s some help… she was a victim turned colleague of Van and Liv’s who has a guy to call and pick up all those dead bodies. Yep that’s Camila the sexy Columbian who survived a year at Van’s brutal hand and now turned vigilante.

So the big question is who is her dead body pick up connection?


His name is Matias and he does have cartel ties and he’s deadly, sexy and still in love with his Camila.

”He is the criminal who petrified her and the lover she longed to lay beneath while he did all manner of dirty things to her.”

The teenage love aspect between the two was well portrayed as was the new found connection that these two share. Matias is also a man with a very big plan and Camila falls into his trap and leaves a reader on edge.


”He needed her to not only see the truth for herself, but to see him, the man she was meant to love.”

Over this installment in the series shouldn't be skipped. It's exciting, sexy, twisty and pretty kick ass!

Deliver (Deliver, #1) by Pam Godwin Vanquish (Deliver, #2) by Pam Godwin Disclaim (Deliver, #3) by Pam Godwin

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review **
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1,299 reviews1,957 followers
August 27, 2016
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Type: Standalone Book 3 of Deliver series
POV: Third Person

Matias Guerra had been protective of his best friend Camila since they were kids. Growing up together, innocent friendship quickly blossomed into something more. But just as things progressed, he left her behind.

Camila Dias became a victim of sex slavery at the age of seventeen for a year before escaping. Ten years on, she became an advocate to the cause. Her passion to save the victims ran deep that she was willing to risk her own freedom to bring down a trafficking ring. But she underestimated her readiness when she was brought face to face with a past that still haunted her.

Deliver series is one of my favorite not only because if my favorite hero Van Quiso but also the dark theme and the kinky fuckery. I'm glad the third book lived up to its predecessors.

And while Matias’ intentions hovered somewhere between terrifying and soulless, the way he looked at her made her feel treasured. Protected.

Matias was definitely one sexy hero. He was commanding without being cruel. I love his protective nature and even his secrecy especially after learning his reasons.

I love how dedicated and fearless Camila was in standing against what she believed. She faced her fear head on, and with attitude to boot. I also like seeing how she was struggling with her own nature, trying to deny a deep seated desire.

“Dominance is when I kiss your brow and you obediently lower to the floor. Willingly. No hesitation.” His eyes flashed. “It’s when you kneel for me, give me the power to break you inside and out, and trust that I won’t. You will surrender your vulnerability without shame, because that’s what I want, and what I want, you crave.”

The story was exciting with a lot of revelations towards the end where everything came together. Even though I figured out the main secret quite early on, there were still things that surprised me.

“I didn’t want to be just anyone. I wanted to be your one, passions and pursuits aside. I wanted you to choose me for us.”

Disclaim is the story of two people brought back together in an unlikely situation and their fight in achieving their personal goals. This book is a good addition to this interesting dark, sexy series.

Note 1:
As much as I find Matias to be sexy, Van will always be my man because he is unique and very special to me.

Note 2:
I sew hope my new favorite character will get to tell his own story :p

Note 3:
I'm still hoping for story of Van and Liv's beginning because deep down inside I still want them to be together. There's just something depravingly special about their connection lol!

Books in the series:
Deliver (Deliver, #1) by Pam Godwin Vanquish (Deliver, #2) by Pam Godwin Disclaim (Deliver, #3) by Pam Godwin

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2,101 reviews1,254 followers
September 5, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo 5cf0cb28369793f47a43b429228f93_zpsvkquhail.gif

An all consuming sinful addictive read!!!! Pam Godwin is an evil genius mastermind, I tell you. Seriously, Pam does not deliver your run of the mill standard cliche dark romance but she delivers stories that DEMANDS your full undivided attention. With her masterful and stunning prose, she lures readers into the proverbial rabbit hole where passion, revenge, loss, anger, desire, lust, hate, love, hope, and turmoil are thrown at the readers. These raw emotions are the driving force into what makes Disclaim an intense and powerful read.

 photo 5264539aafbb2f91ca9df543c04080_zpsxysjsujk.gif “She needed to forget about him. Except she couldn’t. In the back of her fucked up mind, she looked forward to her next kill just so she’d have a reason to hear his voice again.”

Disclaim can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend and urge readers to read Deliver and Vanquish first in order to get full understanding and grasp of the previous characters and the motivations for the heroine. With that being said, let’s begin my review.

 photo 5264539aafbb2f91ca9df543c04080_zpsxysjsujk.gif “It had been twelve years since he kissed a woman, and she’d been only a girl then, with gangly limbs and tiny breasts. Kissing her now blew away the memories. There was no more shyness, no restraint or inexperience… ”


Camila was seventeen years old when she was kidnapped and was forced to be a slave. Fast forward ten years later, the shackles that once bound her to a master and room haunts Camila in a different way that she never thought she could be free from. As a free woman, she is imprisoned with with one driving force. To kill those who are responsible in the human and sex trafficking.

 photo 5264539aafbb2f91ca9df543c04080_zpsxysjsujk.gif “She didn’t just feel him between her legs. She felt him everywhere , ripping her apart and putting her back together in way that served him. But somehow, it served her, too. He kissed her, and she lost herself in the thirsty strokes of his tongue, the heat of his breaths, and the promise of his hunger. She kissed the boy who haunted her and the man who filled her with dread. And somewhere between the shadows of her past and her future, she surrendered.”

Camila is a woman with a mission. She wants the blood of those monsters who are part of the secret human trafficking ring. And if Camila has to go back into the slave auction in order to find the leader and so be it.

 photo 5264539aafbb2f91ca9df543c04080_zpsxysjsujk.gif “She’d been chained up, beat up, kicked down, and held in the dregs of her weakest point. But she never stopped fighting, never gave up. She’d mustered what little courage remained and chose to live, to learn, to hate and kill, to do whatever it took to not just overcome, but to evolve.”

Matias was Camila’s only friend. He was more than a best friend. He was her lover. Her hope. Her salvation. But being separated for quite so many years, their friendship drifted apart. It is when Camila needs a favor to get rid of a body, she knows that she can call Matias to get rid of the body. So what happens when Camila finds herself being bought at the slave auction by the man that still haunts her body, soul and mind?


When Matias buys Camila and makes her his slave, she enters a dangerous world where friendship, passion, lust, love, and anger are blurred. Is Matias her savior or her demise? As Matias informs Camila that she is nothing but a slave bound by his rules, the submissive side of Camila reemerges. The shackles that had once bound Camila are now shackles of her heart as she struggles to keep her emotions in check.

 photo 5264539aafbb2f91ca9df543c04080_zpsxysjsujk.gif “Shh. I know you’re scared .” He tucked their laced hands against her chest. “Because you’re a raping, slave-trading monster.”“Yes, but once you fall in love with a monster, you no longer fear them.”

His touch. His voice. His presence. Him. Matias. He was everything that she tried to run away from but she couldn’t. His power and dominance consumes her in such a fierce and intense way, that Camila finds herself bending to his way and his rules. His order is her obedience. His dominance is her fuel. His love is her hope. So can a man who claims to be a monster be everything that she was trying to run away from? Once bound to fear, will Camila discover she doesn’t want to be disclaim but owned?

 photo 5264539aafbb2f91ca9df543c04080_zpsxysjsujk.gif “No one owns your soul. Yet. But a voluntary captive lives deep inside you, craving to be claimed, used, and fucked in every way imaginable.”


Disclaim is one of those dark reads that immediately holds you hostage right off the opening pages. Every detail, sound, blood, death, action, and raw emotions were a visceral symphony that helped shaped and mold this consuming book. Pam Godwin takes readers on a journey fueled with one objective only. The end of human slavery. This journey is not an easy feat, as Camila’s past and present collides in such a way that she is held bound to her fears, anger, and love for a man who has always held the key to her heart and freedom. As Pam intricately and innately layered this book with an onslaught and magnitude of darkness, grit, betrayal, deceit, duplicity, and Machiavellian characters, she slowly allows readers to go on that journey with Camila. The blind leading the blind. And as a result, readers will be surprised as a few surprising and unexpected twists are unraveled. All there is left to say, go read this chilling, haunting, and addictive read. Pam Godwin truly paints a literary masterpiece where every action, spoken word, and emotions are an integral part of the big picture or in this case, the story line. So be prepared to get shackled and held hostage in Disclaim.

 photo 4b921e2a60b4ec4c5bfc6e2815924f_zpsedufuclg.gif

 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg Pam Godwin

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1,347 reviews1,419 followers
August 18, 2016
5 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)

 photo 3C3AA5A0-BF7A-4010-898C-8AE0E3B67081_zpsf9jxcefa.jpg

Matias Guerra & Camila Dias were connected as children. They grew up together in Austin, Texas & formed an unbreakable bond that turned into a beautiful love. They were meant to be together & were soulmates. Camila was Matias' whole world & he would do anything to protect her & be with her. After 16 years together, Matias is taken from her by a Columbian cartel.

A year later Camila is abducted to be trained & sold into slavery. After a year of captivity she escapes and makes it her mission to take down slave traffickers & save the innocent. She uses her experiences & knowledge to help others. She works & lives with fellow ex-slave vigilantes who share in her passion for vengeance.

 photo 5494E039-0DEC-4F73-8A5C-982E99B333F8_zpsggxkhx2u.jpg

Matias searched for Camila & feared she was dead after she vanished. He felt lost & hollow without her. He mourned her deeply & sought revenge. He now belonged to the Restrepo cartel & lived on a remote site in the Columbian jungle. The cartel was his life, & he became one of them. On his quest to find Camila he shed his innocence for power & was feared by many. He used every resource available to search for her, but felt he had failed her.

One day he gets a call from Camila & he feels like he can finally breathe again. She asks for his help & he gives it without questions. For the next few years he helps her while planning to reunite with her. As much as Camila misses Matias, she's not sure if she can trust him anymore. The boy she once knew is now a man with a hard edge to his voice, & a mysterious life.

 photo A17165D9-6C8F-43C0-A420-FC719654B4FE_zpsoba6vmig.jpg

After chasing the Austin trafficking operation for four years, Camila is desperate to end them & comes up with a plan to sell herself as a slave & go undercover from the inside. She is an unbelievably strong woman willing to give up her freedom to save others.

Suddenly she finds herself face to face with the boy who has always owned her heart, except Matias is no longer that boy. Matias is a gorgeous, dominant, ruthless, seductive man. He's hardened over the years, & done unspeakable things. He was always her sense of security, & now she feared him. She felt vulnerable to him & his secrecy felt like a betrayal. Was he a bad man, a monster, or was he her savior...her Matias? Could he be trusted?

 photo 442773E2-452C-4D0A-BD91-D4BAF312971E_zps88znkiib.jpg

-She could fight her desire, but she couldn't disclaim their unbreakable bond, one that had taken root so long ago.

-He was the one she'd always fantasized about.

-His allure was so intoxicating it was painful to look at him.

-The intensity of his eyes seemed to say so much more than his words.

-The way he looked at her made her feel treasured. Protected.

-She kissed the boy who haunted her and the man who filled her with dread. And somewhere between the shadows of her past and her future, she surrendered.

 photo F57F119C-DF34-4B54-B636-4478A95101B0_zpsmdpovh8m.jpg

Matias had self destructed years ago & became a different person, but the one thing that never changed was his love for Camila. She was everything to him. He did everything with her in mind & his heart still best solely for her. She was happiness to him, & he wanted to have a life with her.

This story has many twists and turns & dark places. It's exciting, intense & at times we wonder if the dominant Matias is a hero or a villain. This couple shares such a history, but their future is uncertain. So many secrets are hidden & feelings are full of conflict. One minute Matias feels like a complete stranger & the next he feels like home to her.

This book was a thrilling intense read from start to finish. I couldn't put it down. It was my favorite in this series & my favorite I've read by this author. This man was 100% alpha. He was sexy, captivating & fiercely devoted. His love for Camila has no limits or boundaries. She owned him heart & soul from the beginning. I really hope we get a book for Tate next!

 photo 9C51B3E2-D904-4424-B208-E30AD3F0D0BE_zpswq03srhv.jpg

-He'd waited so fucking long for this, to feel the beat of her heart against his, protected in his home, and held in his arms.

-"I dreamt about waking up with you for as long as I can remember."

-He knew her mind was fighting this, fighting him, but her body still loved his touch.

-Camila was the only woman he'd ever loved, and he knew- somewhere beneath her campaign to save the free world- she could love him. Him and not the ghost of the boy he'd been.

-"I need you with me, mi vida."

 photo 7f2a0674-9457-4206-a18b-ab26ca446dbc_zpslrutmwsc.png
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1,005 reviews799 followers
August 31, 2016
Pam Godwin, this woman is the queen of dark, suspenseful, sexy books. When you read a Pam Godwin book they completely consume you and take you into another world. This book is no exception.

Disclaim is Camila's story. After escaping her own slavery she has spent the last ten years bringing down human traffickers. Her ways are not legal, but she is ruthless in her need to save others.

In her quest to take down other traffickers, she decides to use herself to infiltrate a slave ring. Nothing is more shocking than when she realizes she has been sold to Matias. Her first love and former best friend. The man she still loves and thinks about years later.

Matias is no longer the boy Camila loved and lost. He is involved in organized crime and is holding so many secrets it's hard to tell just how deep his ties run.

This story is filled with twists and turns that will leave you guessing, but it isn't overly suspenseful. The best way I can explain that is to say that I wasn't waiting for anything to happen, I was just involved in the story. I was eager to turn the page, but I was actually following the love story, not the drama. I love how the story was unpredictable, but not over the top. I felt so many emotions and my heart was fully invested in Camila and Matias story.

Disclaim can be read as a stand-alone, but is not recommend since it is linked to Deliver> and Vanquish. I have loved every book in this series, but I believe this one is my favorite. There were so many things about Matias I loved, he was committed and devoted, but also a ruthless man. I loved how these two came back together and made me fall in love with them again. I absolutely loved this story and HIGHLY RECOMMEND the series!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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July 4, 2021
aaand we’re back to non interesting characters i care nothing about. dunno why, i disliked Matias & Camila real much, couldn’t root for them right the second they started fucking. their relationship was so boring. and i just. don’t like them. is there reasons needed?

i don’t care. i don’t like them. period

absolute skimfest here. i don’t even know what happened much (which was the only reason i didn’t ditch this halfway, needed plot information to continue w/ the series. but imma still count this as a dnf)

also, am here for VaAmber crumbs

’Van dug through his pockets and paused when Amber held up a toothpick. He bit it out of her hand, rolled it to the corner of his mouth, and looked at Camila.’
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August 26, 2016
4.25 Stars


Camila Dias is a strong woman who survived and escaped one year of captivity. Since then, it’s been her mission to save those enslaved and to rid the world of human traffickers. Helping her cause is her childhood love who she hasn’t seen in years, but she seems to be losing hope of reuniting with him as time passes. However, not one to sit idle, Camila is preparing for her next target and to bust open his ring of slave trading. While she knows the risks are high, she is determined to save lives in spite of her own.

“Her enslavement had wrought a deep dissatisfaction with her own life, and though her body had healed from the trauma, her bleeding soul demanded she do this.”

Matias Guerra was loving and nurturing as a boy but the adult version transformed into a sculptured and masculine man with certain dominating needs. Working in a violent world, Matias earned his position in the chain of command. Having the ability of making problems disappear, he is always ready when Camila called him for help. Knowing she will need him again, he waits but he wants her to choose him for the right reason.

“He wanted her to love every piece of him, even the most depraved and unworthy pieces. Especially those. In return, he would protect her soul, cherish it, and put it at peace again.”

As Camila’s plan is set in motion to gain access to the human traffickers, she quickly realizes all is not what she anticipated, as the players and terms are completely different. Being held against her will again, she learns she must play according to his rules, but if she wins, the reward will be much more than she can imagine.

“Funny thing, trust. It was so hard to give, yet easy to rip away.”

While being held captive, and to her shock, Camila and Matias are reunited. Seeing how much Matias has changed into a virile man, makes her mouth water, but on the surface, not all is as it seems. Determined more than ever, Matias will not lose his only chance to secure the love of his life. What ensues tests Camila’s vulnerabilities as a submissive and pushes her mind to connect with her heart, as Matias shows her how pain can be pleasurable without sacrificing her trust.


“She didn’t just feel him between her legs. She felt him everywhere, ripping her apart and putting her back together in a way that served him. But somehow, it served her.”

In Disclaim, Pam Godwin pens a multi-layered plot probing her character’s weaknesses but also searching for that inner strength that defines the character. With Camila, coming to terms with her captivity then willingly accepting her choices, she showed her growth and depth. For Matias, he may have tarnished himself over the years, but he's tried to equalize the violence with benevolence. Lastly, some favorite characters made an appearance in Disclaim and reading how Camila viewed Van Quiso and Amber made me laugh at times. Just getting a little piece of Van was a treat!

Overall, this book offers a solid plot with twists, secrets and a second chance at love. As always, Pam Godwin’s prose flow beautifully and she brings a vivid world to her reader. I highly recommend Disclaim!

*An ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review!

*This was a (F)BR with Twinsie Hawkey!
Shh… TopPick week: Heroes inked to shhweet perfection! http://goo.gl/ZLtHb2
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November 29, 2017
Camila, a former sex slave, has made it her mission to save as many girls from this wicked underbelly that ruins lives. To accomplish her mission she decides to be sold back into sex slavery so she can kill the head of the snake.

Matias is her childhood sweetheart that was stolen away in the middle of the night when he was 18 years old. It's been about a decade since they've seen each other and their paths are about to collide.

I don't want to give too much away on why these two are reunited but it's not an easy path for either of them. There are lots of revelations and things for both to consider and work out with their relationship. At one point, midway way through the book I thought I wonder how Ms. Godwin is going to work this scenario out. I had no doubt that she would do it masterfully because her dark books are the best.

DISCLAIM is the third book in Deliver series. It can be read as a standalone BUT if you plan to read the other books in the series - start with book one because there is an overall arc that flows through this series. Disclaim is a dark book that has you rooting for Camila and her crusade to take down this evil industry.

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

descriptive text here
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August 29, 2016
5 stars!

 photo image_zpsjm20w29c.jpeg

 photo image_zpsk81rrqjh.jpeg

 photo image_zpsdrswfjgu.jpeg

It's been over a week since I finished, and yes, I am still at odds with what to say about this book. I was not expecting all the things that occurred. It just goes to show that the beauty and complexity of Pam Godwin's writing, has left me, well...speechless.

As mentioned in the blurb, Disclaim is a stand-alone, but you will get a better experience with the book if you've got some background and read the two previous books in this series.

We first met our heroine, Camila Dias, in the first book, Deliver. As a victim of human slavery, she understands firsthand what one goes through. Since gaining her freedom years before, she is now at the head of a small group of former slaves who seek justice for these seedy underground transactions. Freeing these victims and then killing the buyers, Camila is the epitome of a strong badass female. But it's not enough. She decides she's going to try to infiltrate some of the dealings by being on the inside. It's extremely dangerous, but Camila will pretend she is a slave and have the task of getting more information and attempt to put a huge kink in the operation.

 photo image_zpsazjmoyfl.jpeg

While scared for what's to come, Camila feels she has taken careful precautions to her safety while being undercover.

What she never thought she'd have to protect, is now the most vulnerable. Her heart.

As kids in the Texas citrus grove, it was always Camila and Matias. When fate had torn them apart twelve years ago, their circumstances never gave them the HEA they thought they'd get.

And now Matias is back.

 photo image_zpsl4mmq8iu.jpeg

But things are not always as they seem.

 photo image_zpszlpa7v3k.jpeg

Both Camila and Matias have grown and changed. But is it for the better?

Find out all the things that have transpired over the years. There is so much to uncover, and the revelations will shock and surprise you.

 photo image_zpsgv5kyvbc.jpeg

 photo image.jpg1_zpsnzoaobfk.jpg

Although I'm not as happy with my description of the book, I'm satisfied that I didn't reveal too much. My God! I absolutely loved going into this blind, I wouldn't have it any other way.

So without giving away too much, just know I completely loved it!

Pam Godwin gets me every. Single. Time! I went into this knowing what a kickass heroine Camila was, and knowing there would be darker and nefarious elements, but I had no clue that there would be so many other things that took place. A full range of different emotions and ups and downs. Just when you think you have a clue what's going on, she surprises you with a little information and I can't help but fangirl over the genius of how certain things played out.

With Disclaim, you truly do get a little bit of everything. Besides the mysterious secrets of the past, there are the dark elements, hot rough sex, shady business, angst over what will become of the MC's, amazing hero/heroine, some deep feels, unrequited love, and interesting side characters.

Which brings me to my last point. It definitely looks as though there will be more in this series (YAY!!!!). There seem to be more paths to be taken, and I'm excited to see if any of the other characters mentioned will continue with their own book. Not to take away from the characters in this installment (because they were great), but there was one man who stole my heart instantly. You have to meet Frizz!!! Nothing else will be said, but damn, I'm dying to learn more about him! I'm not sure if he would be one to get his own book, but I'm ready to start the petition. I think the perfect heroine for Frizz should be named Kirsten. Just sayin'. Pam, are you listening? :)

Anything by this author is an automatic 1-click for me. I think anyone who likes darker romances will not only enjoy this book, but the previous books in this series and her other works as well. Pam is a fantastic writer and story-teller. This is truly an outstanding book that will keep you on your toes and swooning simultaneously. Loved!!

ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review. Thank you!
August 26, 2016

 photo 37FF45D6-C412-42E5-947E-D58E8562751A_zpsjfgmsbzb.jpg

Thank you Pam Godwin for reassuring me that I haven't in fact gone soft. Having struggled with the past few darker romances, I feared my days of liking the gritty, dark anti-heroes was over. This author, along with a certain ruthless man with connections to the Colombian cartel, has reaffirmed my love of all things ruthless and naughty!

I think what always seems to surprise me with Pam Godwin is the depth of the suspense plot. With her books, nothing is completely as it seems and things slowly begin to unwind and everything comes into full clarity in the end. Everything happens for a reason and everything seems to have ties to the end...the resolution.

Camila is a woman with one mission in life- remove the filth of human trafficking from the world. Even if she has to go undergound as a sex slave to remove one trafficker at a time. Abducted several years ago and eventually being freed, she's made it a life mission to free the slaves and crucify the traffickers. Never committing to a life of quiet success... of love. She had that as a child in her peaceful orchard of citrus trees with a man boy named Matias. But he too is gone. Their happily-ever-after a pipe dream. Why did he never come for her? Want to see her again? Until she does see him again in the worst of circumstances. Is he the long lost love of her teens or her worst nightmare of a monster?

 photo FC1CE9BE-AF21-4BBD-8787-B3B517738CB7_zps7r4htyzd.jpg

Though this book can be read as a standalone, I'd highly recommend reading them in order as several characters are revisited in this book. It's truly a plot that keeps building and building, getting better with each and every book. Pam Godwin has the ability to take the dark and ugly of human nature, inflict her poetic prose, and soften the blow that we experience between her bookcovers. She has the innate ability to make you love a man that is simply not all-together good but they have a smidgen of good that glows beneath all that dark. Couple that with raw masculinity and her guys are simply swoon-worthy. The heroines, even if victims at one time in their lives, always come out strong and confident but still owned by that one special virile hero.

I look forward to more in this series...or from Pam Godwin in general. I see a great set-up for a future book I hope I'm not imagining. ***cough...Tate...cough***

Advanced copy received by author in exchange for my honest review.

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September 17, 2016
 photo newreviewbannerfeather_zpspga5dbag.jpg

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

 photo rosebuttonsmall_zpsrpi6fijr.jpg  photo rosebuttonsmall_zpsrpi6fijr.jpg  photo rosebuttonsmall_zpsrpi6fijr.jpg

Title: Disclaim
Author: Pam Godwin
Category: Dark Romance
Series or Standalone: Part of a series, Book #3
POV: Dual
Plot: 5
Characters: 5
Scorching Level: 5
HEA: Not telling

Omg!!! What a ride!!! Gritty & intense, in true Pam Godwin fashion!
This book is full of secrets, deceit and scorching passion! It's an endless love story between two people who lost each other in their attempt to survive.
This is the story of Camila & Matias. They have loved each other since forever but their lives changed when Camila was taken captive.
Years later, Camila is not the young girl Van Quiso took and broke; she is a strong woman who now has one purpose only. She fights to help other women like her, she wants to put a stop to human trafficking and slavery.
Determined to infiltrate the deepest circles of a cartel responsible for the kidnapping of numerous women, she will put her life in danger.
What happens when she finds herself under the power of the one man she has always craved?
When Camila sees Matias again she realizes that he is not the man she knew. He is older, more cruel and ruthless; he is her new master and he is determined to break her.

"I'm afraid the reality of you won't live up to the memory."

Matias has secrets and he must hide them in order to achieve what he wants.

He'd shed his innocence in exchange for power, every last ounce of chivalry traded for brutal dominance.

The book will test your limits; it has very dark themes and a hero that will frustrate you but the development and twists will make up for it.
Pam Godwin is one of my favorite authors because she always creates unique storylines and her characterization is always flawless. Her writing glues you to your seat and her stories always manage to crawl their way into your heart.
I absolutely loved that all the characters from the previous books made appearances; Van, Amber, Liv, Tate & Joshua. The books must be read in order because you need to have a full grasp on the series's universe.
I highly recommend this book and series, in general. Now I am curious about the next book in the series. Come quick 2017!

5 Lemon Grove Stars!

 photo newbanner2_zpsjiptvrlr.jpg
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September 7, 2016
As far as I'm concerned, this is another masterpiece written by Pam Godwin. I have loved everything she has written and Disclaim is no exception. If you are into reading romance that has a dark tone to it, then you must give this author a try. The "Deliver" series is a great series to start, and believe me when I say she has the talent of turning a "bad guy" character, into someone you eventually root for and empathize with. In fact, I have fallen in love with more than one of her villains...She has a way of making her villians end up becoming the hero/heroine that readers grow to love extremely hard. To me, that takes talent all in itself, throw that together with her flawless writing skills and you have one epic read!!!
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August 25, 2016
★★★★★ 5 Stars ★★★★★

I have such a soft spot for this series, it is most definitely my favourite dark suspense erotica. I've said it before and I will say it again, I love dark and gritty, but I need true love to be a part of the story and this series has it in spades, this book especially.

Matias and Camila are childhood sweethearts, they grew up amongst the citrus groves in Texas, innocent and in love, with a future planned out. Things are not what they seem though, and Matias is ripped away from everything he ever knew was real and placed into the depths of a Columbian cartel, and not long after that, Camila is abducted by Van Quiso (sigh, I love him) and forced into sexual slavery.

"Eighteen year old Matias never kept secrets from her.
But the man he'd become was a mysterious, unreachable black hole."

Disclaim sees Camila a free woman, and on a crusade to stop human trafficking. She has made it her personal mission to stop the horrific and heartbreaking trade between the evil monsters that changed her life forever and took her away from her happy ending with the love of her life.

Matias has been keeping an eye on Camila ever since her escape from captivity, he could capture her so easily, but is waiting for her to come to him before he claims her back for good.

"He wanted her to love every piece of him, even the most depraved and unworthy piecees. Especially those."

When Camila agrees to become a slave again for the sake of her cause, she is shocked to find out that the man who has bought her, is not at all what he seems.

It was such an intricate story, with many secrets and layers, I loved how everything came together at the end. I loved the suspense of not knowing what Matias's intentions were, but whatever they were, I couldn't help but fall in love with him.

Highly passionate and emotional, I enjoyed it immensely. Pam Godwin sure knows how to write a sexy and disturbing read.

Disclaim is a dark romance and is part of a series of interconnecting stories, but can most definitely be read as a standalone.
Contains scenes that readers may find distressing.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Images featured in this review were created by me using stock images either purchased from deposit photo or from free stock sites.

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August 29, 2016
Disclaim reinstate that yet again that Pam Godwin is the Queen of Dark Romance. Not only it was dark and kinky, the plot was full of suspense that left me turning the pages ruthlessly. Is a story that didn't take me more than a day to finish up because I am that eager to uncover every secret.

Camila is a vigilante on a mission to obliterate the sex trafficking. Being trained as a sex slave herself, she had first hand knowledge of the horror and she make it her life mission to save as many sex slaves as possible together with her groups of associates. But now Camila had something even bigger up her sleeves, she decided to infiltrate the devil's lair.

Mathias had been in love with Camila since they were little kids traipsing the orange grove. When Camila was abducted, his spent his life exacting vengeance on those who was responsible. He became the hard, ruthless man who no longer resemble the once naive young boy.

In the span of a decade, they never met, but Camila contacted him whenever she need help. Despite the time and distance, they still have this invisible bond tying them together.

First of all, I freaking love the heart pounding suspense from the beginning. Camila is a pretty open book, she is a she-woman who is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. However, Mathias is a whole different ballgame. The man is full of secret, his non-answer and his evasiveness is freaking frustrating. Most of the time, I wanted to bash his head in for every dodgy answer he make. Is no wonder Camila is having a hard time believing him and cracking his poker face.

While, they are having some trust issue with each other, it didn't deter them from getting on with the kinky stuff. I'm not a big fan of hardcore BDSM, but I can totally appreciate some good bondage and spanking. I think the tone of the darkness is pretty solid without going all cray cray for me. Mathias exude the dominance without having to do much and his mysterious side is definitely another turn on.

The plot about their involvement in sex trafficking is pretty damn intriguing. I love the fucking plot twist and how the grand scheme unravel. I know Mathias gave a good explanation for everything, BUT I still think is crazy and stupid and whole lot of messed up. Seriously? Is he even right in the head? Oh well.... at least he manage to reduce me to a mushy pile of mess with his love and devotion.

Actually, the most fucked up part of this story is when Van Quiso is in the same room with all his prior captive. After the last book, I love Van, but is still damn weird to read that.

Overall, Disclaim is what a perfect dark romance should be. A good suspense that keep you panting, some really hot kinky sex scenes and it is still damn romantic despite all the violent, blood and gore.
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Author 113 books12.5k followers
August 30, 2016
Pam Godwin has done it again. Disclaim has it all: suspense, angst, hot as hell sex, great characters and a fantastic layered story.

I LOVE that these characters are mature (not old - but not ridiculously naive) The character development and levels of trust were awe inspiring. I found myself holding my breath and waiting for something...the usual childish reaction. It didn't happen and I LOVED that.

Camila and Matias are raw and honest. They are real and vulnerable. They are strong and resolute. These two are the perfect match for one another.

The mystery and intrigue had me turning pages faster than I could read...and the intimate scenes were off the charts HOT! Pam has done it again...she's taken me into the dark and I LOVED every minute of it!

5 shining stars for Disclaim!
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725 reviews
September 9, 2016
I absolutely loved the first two books in this series but this one just didn't work for me at all.

Camila and Matias have been in love since they were teenagers until she was kidnapped by Van Quiso to be sold into sexual slavery. As we learned in the previous books she escapes after a year in captivity and calls Matias for help. Throughout the next 10 years she calls him whenever she needs his help but hasn't yet worked up the courage to see him face to face.

So for the past 10 years she's been working to take down every sex trafficker she can find until she can get her hands on the leader of the entire organization. How does she decide to do this? By seducing the guys at the bottom, kidnapping, torturing information out of them and then killing them. She then gets the bright idea to sell herself back into slavery so she can find the leader from inside the organization.

Who does she find when she gets there? None other than her beloved Matias. So what really didn't work for me was the fact that nothing really happens for a good portion of the book. It's a bunch of secrets and hidden agendas and I just couldn't understand why she wasn't more persistent in getting information out of Matias. T I mean he tells her to trust him and yet all she is seeing is him and his organization surrounded by sex slaves and whores. I found it so unusual that she spent the last 10 years of her life trying to take down sex traffickers and then she's surrounded by slaves and doesn't hate Matias' guts. I get that we find out the truth towards the end of the book but at that point she had nothing to go off of but what she was seeing around her. I just couldn't buy that she would so easily dismiss and be affectionate towards him when she didn't know what was really going on.

I wanted to laugh because it was as if she gave up a 10 year vendetta over a fucking lemon orchard? I also couldn't get over the fact that Matias was only celibate for 4 out of the 10 years they have been separated. I mean when we find out what he's really been up to it just felt like a bit of a betrayal that he even bothered with other women. I know the heroine was only celibate for 4 years as well but she wasn't the one with all the facts. I would have really preferred not have read about all his experiences with whores and the blow job scene 1 year after she had first gone missing. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I also had pretty much guessed what his secret was and I was disappointed because it was so predictable!

Every time he told her to just look around her and the answers were right in front of her I wanted to bitch slap him and tell him to shut up and just answer the question. lmao. He also kept telling her she wasn't ready for the truth but I couldn't understand why that was. I think the answer was pretty straight forward and I think she'd have been able to handle the truth really well. It wasn't even a big deal but I guess there wouldn't be a story to tell if he had just come out with it. The way he manipulated her and let her live a lie for years was insane and I was surprised she wasn't more upset by it.

Would I read another book in this series? Absolutely. This one just didn't quote live up to my expectations.
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September 4, 2016
***** 5 Mi Vida stars*****

"Once you fall in love with a monster, you no longer fear them."

I just love this series, Pam Godwin is such a talented writer. Her books are not your usual romance story, they are dark, gritty and captivating.
Camila and Mathias story was so good, steamy and intense. So many twists and suprises are revealed, I think predictable is not in Pam vocabulary!
 photo download 21_zpsntzbr8xh.jpg
I loved every secondary character but the one I am more excited to read and hope will have his own book is Fizz.
I mean come on, to do what he does ahhh it's crazy and I love it. I need to be in his head!

Disclaim can be read as a stand-alone but I would read the first 2 books you will appreciate the story more ! For lovers of the darker side of romance, this serie is a must!
"He was going to fuck her until they were both annihilated. Until their broken pieces scattered in an unholy tangled mess. And when they put themselves back together, there would no longer be hers and his. Only them".

ღ ~Arc provided by the author in exchange for an honest review ~ღ
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September 24, 2016
Pam Godwin delivers another brilliant book with an unexpected twist and turn that kept me glued to the story.
*full review soon*
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March 24, 2019
4.5 Stars!!!

Pam Godwin touched my dark heart with this one. Although this is dark romance, cartels, and human slavery, it's emotionally dark, touching me on a deeper level. I absolutely loved it.

Disclaim is the third book in the Deliver Series, all interconnected standalones, but I highly recommend reading the entire series, you'll form a deeper connection to the characters if you do. This is Camilla's story.

Vigilante, former slave. Camilla is on the hunt, she's damaged from of her past, but nothing stops her from finding her own justice and saving innocents. She will risk her freedom to take down the scum of Human Trafficking. Her years in captivity have taught her to be a slave... Can she dig deep, become a slave once again, or will her fight be the death of her. Camilla is my kind of heroine, I love a fighter, a backbone, she's kickassery. Pam Godwin stayed true to Camilla from start to finish. We take a emotional ride with her thoughts, her battle to find acceptance while breaking the chains within her own mind.

"There was a darker motive. A selfish desire to overpower the fears that haunted her. Her enslavement had wrought a deep dissatisfaction with her own life, and though her body had healed from the trauma, her bleeding soul demanded she do this."

One thing she hadn't planned for, her captor. The one man that haunts her soul. The one that's always there but never there. Matias. I'm getting goosebumps writing this. He's cruel, domineering, and shrouded in secrets. My kind of man. As we uncover layer upon layer, digging deeper and deeper, his true motives are revealed. Has Camilla found someone to help her, or is he another captor she won't survive?

"She feared him as all monsters were meant to be feared in the dark. Only he wasn’t under the bed . He was in it, his breath on her neck, skin against skin, and he was hungry."

The past in so many ways made me fall in love with this book. I have a true appreciation for all the characters in this series, the first book captured me and I'm forever a willing slave. Camilla & Maitias' pasts included. Tough subjects included, I was enthralled with their story. I hung on to that innocence, I wrapped myself up with their beginning and I didn't want to let go. Not just the characters though, this book packed a punch in all the right places. It's been days since I finished and haven't been able to move on. I closed this book with watery eyes and the need for every single character's story. I'd consider this one a must for dark romance fans. A MUST.

Pam Godwin always seems to lead me straight to the dungeon and I accept willingly.
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February 4, 2018
With this third book in this series, Pal Godwin once again threw me for a loop thanks to a completely different atmosphere: the highly suspenseful plot that left me wondering what there was to see I wasn't seing... argh...It was so infuriatingly good!

Determined to fight against human trafficking, Camilla finds herself confronted with her past, at the hands of the man of her dreams. Only, her dreams turned to her worst nightmares. 

Deliciously twisted, riddled with tension, Disclaim is definitely not, like the entire series, for the faint of hearts.

Mysterious, gritty, edgy, it held my attention from cover to cover. Pam Godwin brillantly captured her characters' emotion, the fear, the pain, the heartache and the conflict. And yet, the intimacy between Camila and Matias was beautiful. What's not to love in this book? It  certainly isn't an easy ride, and it will get so much worse before it eventually gets better.... 

You'll rather hate or love Matias; his ruthless methods and detached behavior will make you cringe, only to eventually discover the heartbreaking truth.
“What’s the prize?” He watched her intently. “Happiness without fear. Love without cruelty.” She closed her eyes, voice raw with honesty. “You without slavery.”

Camila's strength, her willpower, and faith in Matias will be tested numerous times, but when souls, no matter how dark they are call to one another, how will Camilla resist? 
"Dangerous and crazy is the way I operate, Camila.”

The only bemol in the story, and that's why I didn't give 5 stars, is that I didn't buy Camila's theory or rather plan in the scene with Nico, I found it too easy and unrealistic, but maybe it's just my reflexes in economics speaking...

Deliciously twisted, riddled with tension, Disclaim is definitely not, like the entire series, for the faint of hearts. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!
"You’re my life, mi vida.”

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July 27, 2019
Disclaim by Pam Godwin
Genres: Adult, Crime, Erotica, Romance, Suspense
4.75 Stars

My only complaint, and it barely deserves mentioning, is there were some parts in the beginning that felt a bit slow to me.
I should probably give it a 4.9 rating, but I try to keep my ratings in quarters.

90% is super fast paced.

The writing is stellar. I didn't find any typos nor editing errors. The flow of the story keeping you captivated.

Matias is a mystery. The only thing you know about him without a doubt is his past connection with Camila and he will do anything to keep her.
Camila is strong willed and determined.
Both are fantastic characters.
The interactions between them bounce from exquisite highs to agonizing lows throughout.

I am amazed how different this story is from the 1st two books in the series.
Pure Genius

The mystery and suspense, the twist & turns keep you on the edge of your seat.
I was surprised with 'Revelations' so many times I think my mouth was stuck in the OMG! 'Jaw Dropped' position for the entire last half of the story.

As with all the Pam Godwin books I have read, expect violence and criminal acts. Some of them a bit 'Eww'. These add to the story. They make it more 'Real'. No sugar coating.

The romance is adult. The intimate scenes are steaming hot and run the gamut from Dark Erotic to Erotic to Sweet & Loving.

A thank you to my GR BFF (you know who you are) for recommending these books to me!
I have never met you, but I love you. How weird is that?
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January 22, 2018
This series keeps getting better and better!! Why did I let it sit on my TBR for so long! I thought Vanquish would be my favorite but Pam proved me wrong with Disclaim! Each story is different. They are intertwined so it’s best to read from the beginning. You’ll get attached to the different characters even the one you think you hate.

Meet Camilla & Matias. Two people meant to be together, yet ripped from their future. Both suffered differently and both have a story to tell.

I didn’t know when I started reading but Disclaim is pure angst with every page I turned. I was on edge ALL THE TIME. I had so many questions, I had so many doubts, I was hooked, I was shocked but by the end I was relieved and happy!

This is a masterpierce!! Dare I say Pam Godwin’s best? I’m still high on all the feeling I had both for Camilla & Matias. These characters are two souls who need to reconnect with each other but there are so many obstacles and secrets in front of them; I couldn’t see a way how all would unfold.

Camilla is a strong-minded woman with one goal and she would do anything to reach it. I’m not even giving you details because you have to experience it the way I had.
I didn’t read the blurb before reading. I had after Vanquish but I have Dory’s memory and can’t remember anything past a few days.
That means I craved and needed each and every revelation of this book like I needed a breath.

I don’t know what to say on Matias without giving him away. Just trust your guts when you read about him.

Now I can't wait for Devastate and I hope in the future Pam is considering giving Frizz a story on his own.

~I voluntary read a copy of this book provided by the author ~
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