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DC Icons #4

Superman: Dawnbreaker

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When the dawn breaks, a hero rises.

His power is beyond imagining.

Clark Kent has always been faster, stronger--better--than everyone around him. But he wasn't raised to show off, and drawing attention to himself could be dangerous. Plus, it's not like he's earned his powers . . . yet.

But power comes with a price.

Lately it's difficult to hold back and keep his heroics in the shadows. When Clark follows the sound of a girl crying, he comes across Gloria Alvarez and discovers a dark secret lurking in Smallville. Turns out, Clark's not the only one hiding something. Teaming up with his best friend, Lana Lang, he throws himself into the pursuit of the truth. What evil lies below the surface of his small town? And what will it cost Clark to learn about his past as he steps into the light to become the future Man of Steel? Because before he can save the world, he must save Smallville.

288 pages, Hardcover

First published March 5, 2019

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About the author

Matt de la Peña

38 books1,411 followers
Matt de la Peña is the New York Times best-selling, Newbery-medal-winning author of six young adult novels and four picture books. Matt received his MFA in creative writing from San Diego State University and his BA from the University of the Pacific, where he attended school on a full athletic scholarship for basketball. de la Peña currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. He teaches creative writing and visits high schools and colleges throughout the country.

Visit Matt at: mattdelapena.com

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1,944 reviews292k followers
March 19, 2019
I read this book after enjoying to varying degrees the other three DC Icons novels: Wonder Woman: Warbringer, Batman: Nightwalker and Catwoman: Soulstealer. I was really hoping that the author could make me love Clark Kent. A major problem for me with Superman is that he is so irredeemably boring. Growing up, I saw Spiderman as the lovable nerd, Batman as the brooding bad boy, Wonder Woman was the queer feminist, and Catwoman was a sexy rebel. Superman, though, was the douchey jock. In Dawnbreaker he is described this way:
Kids at school already teased him about being too good. Too perfect. It was the reason he’d started wearing glasses he didn’t actually need. And mixing in a couple of Bs on his report card.

That's Superman. Too good. Too strong. Too fast. Too perfect. He's basically the exact definition of a Gary Stu. And this lack of realistic flaws and weaknesses (yeah, yeah kryptonite whatever...) has always made him the least interesting superhero to me, and made the troubles he faces lack tension.

Sadly, I don't think that was rectified here. In fact, I think very little time was given to developing Clark as an interesting character. Instead, this book seems to start on the assumption that you're reading it because you're into Superman already. It skips characterization and moves instead to exploring the small town mystery.

This, too, left something to be desired. Clark Kent and Lana Lang must discover what is going on beneath the surface of Smallville. From the possibility of people going missing, to big corporations messing with things they shouldn't. Lana leads the pair on something of an amateur investigation, with Clark always there to flex his muscles as and when they're needed. I found it really difficult to get into this plot and care about what they would find. When things weren't boring, they were heavy-handed and obvious, including the "surprise" villain who I find it hard to believe anyone will be shocked by.

There is an immigration subplot which attempts to bring current political issues to this universe, but I found it very simplistic and unexplored. At times, it felt tagged on and forced into the story. The characters involved remain one-dimensional stereotypes. Similarly, Clark's romance with Gloria Alvarez lacked any excitement or chemistry. Though Gloria herself - and Lana Lang, for that matter - outshine Clark whenever they are on page.

Sadly - but not that unexpectedly - my least favourite of the DC Icons books.

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1,589 reviews154k followers
December 9, 2020

Psst. A new video is up - all about the bad books I've read this year!

Now that you know that this one is on it, check out the Worst Books of 2019 video to see what other ones made the cut!
The Actual Review

The storm came with little warning.
Clark Kent always knew he was different.

But now that he's in high school (aka puberty is happening) his powers are growing at an alarming pace....and there seems to be new developments every time he opens his eyes.
And the urge to dominate - wrong as it seemed - grew stronger with each passing game.
Meanwhile, he discovers Gloria Alvarez - a beautiful girl crying about the missing people in their town.

He and Lana realize that there's a story here.

One that might just involve the most charitable man they know.
But Clark knew there had to be a catch.
This is my fourth book in this series...and my main takeaway is - ahhh... I've heard this one before...

With such a well-established character, you don't have freedom when it comes to world development, character direction or personality traits.

... sooo by the third or fourth relaunch, there's nothing new left for the audience to discover.

There's definite limitations on what the character is allowed to act, say and think.

The other main issue was that there's no real danger.

Sure, there's kryptonite but Superman is so well established that going in to the story, you KNOW nothing really bad can happen.
Kids at school already teased him about being too good. Too perfect. It was the reason he’d started wearing glasses he didn’t actually need. And mixing in a couple of Bs on his report card.
If anything, that comment made me actually start to dislike Mr. Perfect.

I think this series (as a whole) would do a lot better if they focused on well-known but side DC characters.

I loved the Catwoman one (and not just cause the Maaster wrote it) but also because WE don't know Catwoman (or at least not as well as we know Wonder Woman or Batman).

I suppose using the powerheads of the your industry does has its merits - you get that instant name recognition.

But the drawbacks are too much. I have literally heard this version (or at least a similar one of it) many, many times.

Ah well.

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426 reviews1,074 followers
July 26, 2021

So I'm not a Superman fan. He's too perfect with his sleek hair and too good of eye sight. Flying around, saving people without even asking if they want to be saved. Who does he think he is?

No, Clark Kent is where it's at. Not only is Clark kind and nerdy, but he also has a steady career, which is incredibly sexy. Whereas, Superman has a hobby. He doesn't even get paid. How does he afford health insurance? Because someone has to pay for his kryptonite-inflicted injuries.

I'm still excited anyhow. Despite the lack of Clark Kent appreciation.

Bring on these superhero YA novels.

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990 reviews1,306 followers
May 18, 2019
This review and other non-spoilery reviews can be found @The Book Prescription

Wonder Woman: ★★★★
Batman: ★★
Catwoman: ★★★
Superman: ★★★

🌟 Throw back to 2 or 3 years ago when this whole series was announced and we were all excited. 4 Superhero books by 4 famous authors! Looking back, we hyped it more than it deserved and over all I was disappointed by this series.

🌟 TO be honest I didn’t know the author before this series and apparently he’s controversial and there is tea to spill when it comes to him. I don’t know the details and I needed to continue the series so I decided to read it!

🌟 This book and all books in this series, did not add much to our knowledge of the DC world. I mean I just felt like I was watching a Superman episode but in a book format. Now if you love one of these superheros, you will probably like their story and if you hate them then the same. Batman is my least favorite hero and so was his book!

🌟 Now this is going to sound so lame so be patient with me but Superman is given that name because he is a Super Man!!!!!!
I see many people complaining about this and saying he is overpowered. I guess that was the whole point!

🌟 I will criticize the author for taking it so far as I know Superman is not a super genius, but the author mentions that he throws a couple of Bs into his report for balance. In one scene, his glasses fall down and don’t break and I was like: what, we have super glasses now?? This is bullshit!

🌟 But Superman is supposed to be super powerful, he shoots laser from his eyes and his breath freezes things. He can fly, I think whatever I try, people won’t change their minds! I just enjoyed Superman discovering his powers although sometimes it felt too convenient to drive the plot further.

🌟 I think the writing and the characters were better than I expected but I went with low expectations, so who knows! The story was a story we know before so the book was short and fast paced but it is kind of written for people who already know Superman. I think it should have been a more separate entity.

🌟 Summary: This book -and this goes to this whole series- has been average. We expected something but got another. I did not think it was bad, I enjoyed it more than I did with Catwoman and Batman even. But the whole series has been underwhelming!
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522 reviews34.4k followers
July 10, 2021
”Maybe Clark had miscalculated.
It felt like every time he tried to help, someone got hurt. And he came out looking like the bad guy.”

For a “Superman” book this was actually pretty good. As someone who knows all the TV series and the movies I think I’d categorize this in the “Smallville” era. We have a young Clark Kent that still lives at his parents farm and slowly discovers his abilities and what he is able to do. He’s just growing into his powers and Lana is his best friend so yep, I guess it’s safe to put this into the “Smallville” category. ;-)

”So, he was breathing ice now? Great. He couldn’t even have dinner with friends without some random new power messing everything up.”

Of course Lex Luthor is already a part of this book as well, he’s more some sort of side-character that begins a friendship with Clark though and doesn’t have an all too huge part in the plot. Actually his part in it is pretty mysterious and we don’t find out a lot about him in “Dawnbreaker”. Considering this is just the beginning of the legend this doesn’t come as a huge surprise though. What was really interesting was that Clark had a love interest named Gloria who is Mexican and the fact that xenophobia was a huge topic in the book. I really liked that the author addressed the issue of a close knit rural community and the racism that is happening to the people that haven’t always lived there.

”But maybe that’s what getting older is all about, right, Clark? You start to realize just how much of the world is unfair. And how few people care. It’s not about justice, right? It’s about power. And the people where I live... we don’t have any. Not yet.”

All told “Superman: Dawnbreaker” was a nice and enjoyable read that even got a little suspenseful near the ending. I liked the book and enjoyed it but I wasn’t really mind blown. For me personally this was the weakest book in the entire DC Icons series. This could be due to the fact that Superman is way too perfect for me though, so please take my opinion with a grain of salt. ;-)


It's time to read this before it has to go back to the library! XD
I already spoke about "Superman: Dawnbreaker" in my last Library Book Haul video so I just decided to go for it! ;-)

This is the fourth book of the DC Icons series and one of the two I still haven't read yet.
What about you?
Did you read the books already and if yes which one did you enjoy the most? =)
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1,544 reviews6,643 followers
February 11, 2020
I would have given this book 3.5 but I think it deserved a round up rather then a down.

This is a Smallville style Superman novel. The writing is a bit slow, but the story is well written.

For people who are fans of the Smallville series this would be a great book. I am not such a huge fan. I did like Clark getting used to his powers. Gaining life experience. I do think the community Vs racism angle was quite well done.

The unlike the other books in the DC icons series this book stays pretty close to the the original origin story. I think Matt de la Pena did a good job with that he had. As well written as the book is it is not the most exciting story.

A good modernisation of Supermans origin but, a new angle but nothing really ground breaking. A more coming of age type story then a hero's journey for me.
Profile Image for Chad.
7,483 reviews857 followers
April 11, 2019
I thought this was the most well-written of the DC Icons series. It keeps the main gist of the Superman mythos intact. Nor is Clark written as a lovesick dummy, like Bruce Wayne in Batman: Nightwalker. I liked the parallels brought in by dealing with the immigration issue when technically Superman is also an illegal alien. Clark's supporting cast, Lana, Gloria, Bryan, Jonathan all serve a purpose. I was also happy to see Clark and Lana's relationship was platonic. Clark's struggling to figure out the normal teenage things out like girls in addition to dealing with these new powers. This was probably the only one of the four books that I'd like to see a sequel for.
August 22, 2019
Superman es mi superhéroe favorito y, lamentablemente, este último tomo de la serie DC Icons me decepcionó mucho. Creo que Matt de la Peña simplificó muchísimo una historia que podría haber sido maravillosa y, además, su estilo al escribir me pareció tremendamente plano.

Al igual que las otras entregas de esta serie, en Superman: Dawnbreaker nos encontramos con la historia de Clark Kent cuando aún es un adolescente y está descubriendo sus poderes y su origen. Todo este arco de entender quién es y de dónde vino se mezcla con una trama, bastante actual, sobre el problema del racismo en ciertos lugares de Estados Unidos. Ahora, mi problema, además de la simplificación de todo el asunto y la escritura sosa, es que Matt de la Peña no supo articular bien los dos hilos de la trama.

Debo admitir que si me gustó este libro fue por mi eterno amor hacia la figura de Superman y de Clark Kent. Leer todo lo que pensaba mientras descubría sus poderes y pensaba que nunca iba a poder pertenecer por completo a un lugar era precioso. En estos primeros años de Superman vemos la parte más vulnerable de un superhéroe, las dudas que lo corroen, el miedo de vivir dos vidas y el peso que conlleva el siempre tener un secreto.

La trama paralela a Clark Kent descubriéndose a sí mismo pudo haber sido brutal. ¡Un plan malévolo digno de los más altos villanos! Pero no, Matt de la Peña no profundizó en los conflictos, en los posibles culpables y en cómo realmente afectaría este crimen a todas las comunidades afectadas por el racismo. Sencillamente dejó caer datos como bombas y, hala, que los lectores lo terminen de unir todo porque ¿para qué desarrollar más las cosas? Vaya...

En fin, nunca en mi vida he leído otros libros de Matt de la Peña, pero siento que este no era un proyecto para él. Creo que realmente no se interesó por desarrollar bien a los personajes ni a la trama y terminó saliendo con un libro que, además de ser el más corto de toda la serie, fue el peor de todos... incluso, en mi opinión, teniendo al mejor superhéroe de todo DC.
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454 reviews49 followers
July 31, 2018
why is this book still being published? why is matt de la pena still being given a platform? we have cancelled jay asher and james dashner and other authors accused of sexual harassment. why not matt de la pena?
don't read this book. don't support this author.
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366 reviews952 followers
February 22, 2020
"ولی شاید معنای بزرگ شدن همین باشه؛ مگه نه، کلارک؟ کم‌کم متوجه می‌شی که دنیا چقدر غیرمنصفانه‌ست. چقدر آدم‌های کمی اهمیت می‌دن. مشکل عدالت نیست، درسته؟ موضوع قدرته و مردم من... هیچ قدرتی ندارن. هنوز ندارن."
عرضم به حضورتون که خیلی دلم می‌خواست ریویو رو با یک بیت شعر از دست تقدیر و کاراش شروع کنم، ولی چیزی یادم نمیومد :))
واقعا هیچ وقت فکر نمی‌کردم از مجموعه قهرمانان دی‌سی کتاب بخونم، اونم سوپرمن‌شون!
(اوج فعالیت سوپرهیرویی من تماشای انیمیشن شگفت‌انگیزان ۱ و ۲ بوده :)) )

به نظرم سوپرمن، صرفا یک کتاب کیوت و مخصوص نوجوانان نیست، کلی حرف برای گفتن داره و حتی معتقدم یه جورایی در قالب قصه داره فرهنگ‌سازی می‌کنه!
دوتا موضوع فرعی اما مهم داستان:
۱.مبارزه با تبعیض و نژاد پرستی
۲. اشاره به فناوری‌های زیستی و اخلاق زیستی، گیاهان تراریخته و مهندسی ژنتیک؛ به عنوان دانشجوی بیوتکنولوژی باید بهتون بگم، کتاب صرفا "علمی_تخیلی" نیست کتاب بلکه کاملا علمیه و کارایی که تو دنیا داره روش تحقیق و حتی بخش گیاهان تراریخته‌اش داره اجرا میشه. (البته اون بخش اخر کتاب قطعا علمی_تخیلیه ولی بعید نیست عملی شدنش)
و خب اینجا به هوش و ذکاوت تقدیر پی‌ می‌بریم که از بین این همه کتابِ جدید نشر باژ عدل همین کتاب که مرتبط با رشته تحصیلی‌ منه، بهم افتاد :))

برایان به آسمان شب خیره شد و گفت:" می‌دونی چرا از پرواز خوشم میاد، کلارک؟"
کلارک از حرف بی‌ربط او غافلگیر شد و پرسید:"چرا؟"
-دنیا از فاصله ده‌هزارپایی با عقل جور درمیاد.
من هیچ وقت کتاب‌های ابرقهرمانا رو نمی‌توندم چون فکر می‌کردم مسخره‌س یه نفر همیشه خوب و عالی باشه اما چیزی تو سوپرمن برام جالب بود، این بود که به من خواننده نشون می‌داد حتی سوپرمن هم ضعف‌هایی داره و نیازمنده حمایت دوستان و خانوادشه.
و یکی از اون نکات خوب دیگه کتاب اینکه اهمیت و نقش خانواده پر‌رنگه.
در آخر باید بگم که از خوندن این کتاب بسیار لذت بردم، هم تجربه جالبی بود و هم این‌که حس ذوق‌زدگی نوجوان درونم رو زنده کرد. یه جاهایی یاد در جست‌وجوی دلتورا میوفتادم (اونجا که خانواده لیف یه سری واقعیت‌ها رو بهش میگن، مامانش بهش شنل میده و اینا)
"او بود که به نوعی قوانین را در هم می‌شکست.
اما می‌توانست به موقع آن‌ها را در هم بشکند؟"
Want to read
October 11, 2019
A YA novel centered around SUPERMAN????


Will 2018 hurry up already? Just take my money already :(

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97 reviews36 followers
Want to read
March 10, 2018

are we casually going to let this book be written by an author who has been accused of sexual harassing others??? this book is still set to be released next year, so please do something about this @ publishing team. change the author, please.
Profile Image for Suzzie.
906 reviews166 followers
March 22, 2019

I was torn between three stars to three and a half stars on this one. I enjoyed it for the most part but it was an underwhelming account for the man of steel. I really enjoyed all the DC Icon books (Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Batman) Buy really had high expectations for this one since it covered Superman. It was still good, don’t get me wrong, but like others I had high expectations.

My quick and simple overall: probably my expectations that effected my experience more so still giving it four stars since I am torn between 3.0-3.5*.
Profile Image for Adah Udechukwu.
614 reviews81 followers
March 11, 2019
Superman: Dawnbreaker was a bit underwhelming. It was a fast read and it was quite short. I expected the novel to be longer and have more action scenes like other DC Icons novels.
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825 reviews117 followers
January 13, 2020
Debo decir que Superman no es mi superhéroe favorito. De hecho, dudo que haya visto completa alguna de las películas en que aparece (y si lo hice, fue hace muchos años y no lo recuerdo). Por lo mismo, sólo sé lo básico acerca de él: Clark Kent, extraterrestre superpoderoso, enamorado de Lois Lane, ñoño de día y superhéroe de noche.
Salvo por lo de Lois Lane, que no aparece, este libro es básicamente de eso. Clark, un adolescente con poderes muy frikis, que siente la necesidad de utilizarlos para salvar a las personas de Smallville. Es un chico demasiado perfecto, o así es como lo describen, lo cual hace también que me parezca excesivamente plano. Y un poco tonto, siendo honesta: toda la trama se me hizo excesivamente predecible.
No conocía a Matt de la Peña, pero su forma de escribir se me hizo bastante amena, quizá un poco cliché en ciertas partes (lo que no me gustó mucho fue el traductor, pero bueno). Todo esto hace que Superman caiga en la categoría de las 3 ⭐️, de los libros que pasan sin mucha pena ni gloria.
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45 reviews10 followers
June 29, 2020
This was a hard read for me as I’m not a big fan of Superman. However, due to how well I liked the other DC Icons books, I decided to give it a try. But honestly, it still disappointed. Even with the whole immigrants storyline it still felt too corny; which I get is essential to Superman’s persona but still ugh.
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123 reviews50 followers
January 16, 2020
خوب نینا...نظرت درباره ی این که سومین(؟)کتابی که تو بیست بیست میخونی یکی از بدترین کتاباییه که تو عم��ت خوندی چیه؟مخصوصا با توجه به این که کتاب مورد علاقه ی یکی از بهترین دوستاته و احتمالا قراره این ریویو رو ببینه؟
این کتاب یه مکالمه بود بین من و نویسنده(استعاره از هایپ دنیای مریض امروز؟شاید)که به این صورت پیش رفت
من:خوب...بالاخره وقت دارم که کتاب کورد علاقه ی سام رو بخونم...میدونم که قراره فوق العاده باشه(کتابو باز می کنه)بگو چی برام داری؟
نویسنده:نژاد پرستی کار بدیه
من:عام...باشه؟منظورم اینه که خیلی یهویی و بی جهت بود ولی باشه
نویسنده:نژادپرستی کار بدیه
نویسنده:نژادپرستی کار بدیه
من:ترفندای ادبی؟موضوع جالب؟
نویسنده:نژادپرستی کار بد��ه
من:شخصیت پردازی قوی؟سرعت پلات مناسب؟
نویسنده:نژادپرستی کار بدیه
من:باشه باشه فهمیدم...هیچ چیز دیگه ای نداری بگی؟
من:هیچی؟همین بود؟
نویسنده:تو یه نژاد پرست احمقی

پارت 2:
من:خوب...خیلی فکر کردم و شاید اون قدرام بد نبودی...میخوام یه فرصت دوباره بهت بدم
نویسنده:تو یه حروم زاده ی نژادپرستی که هیچی از دنیای مدرن و نوی قرن 21 نمی فهمه و نمیبینه که ما چقدر داریم تلاش می کنیم که محدودیت های جامعه ی سرمایه داری و پر از نژادپرستی رو از بین ببریم و چقئر اتحادمون قویه...تو یه املی که تو نسل قبلی موندی و نمیخوای با حقیقت مواجه بشی...دنیایی که ما براش تلاش می کنیم...
من:عام...بسه...مگه من چی خواستم ازت؟یکم ارزش ادبی و مفهوم و شخصیت پردازی و درکل یه چیزی که بشه باهاش گفت یه کتاب خوبی
نویسنده: نه نه نه تو نمیفهمی...آرمانهای ما
من:باشه...من نمی فهمم اصن...حیف سام که باید به حرفات گوش کنه
نویسنده:(اصن حرف منو نشنیده و داره ادامه میده)دنیای پسامدرنیته و نئولیبرالیستی که توی تعصبات قومیتی و قبیله ای غرق شده و نمیفهمه....
(دیگه مکالمه رو ترک کردم)
پی نوشت اول:
(خواننده مختار است تا مفهوم نژادپرستی را با مفاهیم فمینیسم، حقوق همجنسگرایان و... و نام کتاب/نویسنده را با عناوین green book, Roma,parasite,... تعویض نماید)
پی نوشت دوم:سام وجود خارجی ندارد

ok, Nina...how do you feel about your third book on 2020 being one of the worst books you've ever read? especially cause it's also one of your best friend's favorites?
this thing(book)was a conversation between me and the writer(or the society's sick hype...whatever)
me: well...finally got the time to read Sam's favorite...so...what've you got for me?
writer: racism is bad
me: ok...? I mean, it was kinda unexpected and reasonless but anyways
writer: racism is bad
writer: racism is bad
me: writing style? interesting topics?
writer: racism is bad
me: character development? sensible paste?
writer: racism is bad
me: ok...don't you wanna say this concept in a new and interesting way?
writer: Nah. I wanna bump it in your face
me: ok...ok...I get it...nothing else to say?
writer: you stupid racist

part two:
me: well...I've been thinking(well..maybe Sam made me) and I figured out maybe you weren't that terrible...I want to give you another chance
writer: no
me: what?
writer: you are a racist basters who understand nothing about the bright new and modern world of 21th century and doesn't see how hard we're trying to break the limits of the racist and capitalist society and how united we are...you are a coward who's stuck in the previous generation and doesn't want to see the truth...the world we're about to make...
me: enough please...did I ask you a lot? a little literary value clever character development and mainly some "thing" that I can call you a good book because of that...
writer: no no no you don't understand cause you're a white person who grew up facing nearly no racism...our desires...
me: ok got it...I don't understand...I'm so sorry for Sam for listening to you...
writer(who wasn't even listening and is going on with their words): the postmodern and neoliberalist community which is drowning in Ethnic prejudices and doesn't see...
(I left the conversation at this point)
ps:( the reader is free to change the concept"racism" with feminism, homophobia,... and change the title/author's name with the green book, Roma, parasite,...)
PSS: Sam doesn't have a physical existence
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March 31, 2016
4 popular YA writers each writing a Superhero novel??? HELL YES, TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!

Publishing in 2017:
Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo
Batman by Marie Lu
Superman by Matt de la Pena
Catwoman by Sarah J Maas
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Want to read
December 29, 2017
Can someone tell me why the rest of the series is written by popular and well established YA authors, and here is the final book and I have never heard of this writer?
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February 13, 2018
Will not read any of his books due to the accusations of sexual harassment and I believe the victims.
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August 16, 2018
mm i actually have a hate/love relationship with this cover
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December 17, 2020
Narrated by Andrew Eiden

One of my December wishes was to finish my listening experience of the DC Icon series. The premise is that different YA authors will tackle one of the DC superheroes. Previously, I have listened to Wonder Woman Warbringer (DC Icons, #1) by Leigh Bardugo , Batman Nightwalker (DC Icons, #2) by Marie Lu , and Catwoman Soulstealer (DC Icons, #3) by Sarah J. Maas . Although I am more of a Marvel type person, I enjoyed getting to know the DC crowd.

Although Clark Kent/Superman has never really thrilled me( except for Dean Cain's performance), I enjoyed Matt de la Pena's interpretation of the superhero. In this storyline, Clark Kent has to deal with long buried family secrets, a darkness lurking in his community, and a love triangle. I enjoyed the narration and overall it was a very interesting storyline.
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March 5, 2019
It pains me to give this 2 - 2.5 stars but it was not what I was expecting or hoping for. Forgive me now for saying the cover seemed to be the most enjoyable thing about this book.

Womp womp

I'll type my review soon and post.


Full review can be found here: https://agingerlyreview.wordpress.com...

I consider myself a huge superhero nerd and while I prefer Marvel over DC, I give everyone a chance. I have enjoyed reading the DC Icons series and was ecstatic to read the last book in the series – Superman. While this was a short book and a super quick read, it was anything but what I expected. I walked away very disappointed.

While the other books in the series have been light on the backstory of said superheros, this book was hard core all about tell you where Clark came from. It was also heavily repetitive. I felt like I was being beat to death with the same information – Clark has gifts he never knew anything about, Clark realized that he isn’t like the other kids, Clark discovered he can do things others cannot, you get the idea. It felt like De La Pena was doing everything in his power (har-de-har-har) to tell you as many times as possible that Clark is different. Noted. Clark wasn’t a bad character but he wasn’t fleshed out either. He was just … there. He was good in school but knew to not be more. He was just enough at everything he did to blend in. Ok, I get that. We all know his home life was as American as Apple Pie. No biggie there but nothing that I hadn’t heard before.

The actual plot of this story left me wanting. It came across incredibly political and that was not what I was expecting. I am not going to give anything away but if you want to know, message me. I’ll be happy to tell you what you want to know. Until then, this story felt like it was trying to tackle some major issues being faced in today’s society within the pages of a 300 page book. Sorry but that’s not how that works. I did not think this was an eye-opening or thought provoking story because just far too much was crammed into the pages. It was supposed to be about a teenage boy who grows up to be the hero Smallville needs but instead it was a teenage boy trying to solve huge world-issues that are so far out of his reach.

I cannot say it enough – I walked away disappointed. I had bigger hopes and that’s what I get for getting my hopes up. I felt this was not the way to end the DC Icons series, it was a disappointment.
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March 19, 2019
Superman 3.75⭐️
Clark Kent is just trying to be a normal teenage boy at Smallville high school but his abilities are getting him into trouble.
I enjoyed the writing and the characters it wasnt great but it was really good.

Series ranking:
1. Catwoman
2. Superman
3. Batman
4. Wonder Woman
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February 3, 2021
De La Peña really just used the most notorious illegal alien of all time to talk about immigration issues and some of the hardships latinx communities face huh

This was super fun and respectful and faithful to the beloved source material. Way shorter than I wanted it to be, but still a great addition to this collection.
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