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Shadows of Time: The Amulet of Alamin

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The veil between the heavens and the underworld has fallen.

Mesopotamia is a region with kingdoms at war. The desires of gods and men sweep across the Land Between the Two Rivers so frequently that peace is merely a memory of a forgotten time. Demons and shape shifters lurk in the shadows, sorcerers and soothsayers warn of impending danger, and a demigod sits in the eye of the storm.

It has been millennia since the Tablet of Destinies fell from heaven. After the fall of angels and the emergence of the Watchers, the gods set out to destroy the Nephilim and retrieve the Tablet, but a piece of the stone chipped away before it was lost.

Fashioned from that piece of the Tablet, an amulet was gifted to Alamin in his infancy, but when he discovers the gods and angels want him dead he is forced to flee with it and only the Fallen Angel can protect him. Princess Safia is betrothed against her wishes and she flees with Alamin on a perilous quest across the Ancient World that blurs the boundaries of reality with the realm of myth until Alamin surrenders to the Fallen Angel.

Troubled by the prophecy, Inanna crosses oceans and deserts to find her son before she journeys into the underworld to retrieve his soul. The King of Kish names Sargon—the boy general—his Cup Bearer. Zagesi condemns his soul for immortality, but his deal with Mephitsophel is an ominous portent for the fall of kings. The fate of existence hangs perilously in the balance and the realm between the heavens and the underworld collapses into chaos.

369 pages, Kindle Edition

Published April 2, 2016

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About the author

Felix Alexander

15 books146 followers
Felix Alexander (1976-Present) is a Mexican-born, American-raised novelist, and poet of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.

Acclaimed by readers for his poetic prose, his indie releases include:

* Dear Love: Diary of a Man's Desire, a collection of love letters and poems
* The Romantic: A Love Story
* Shadows of Time: The Amulet of Alamin
* The Secret of Heaven (Book 1 of the Aiden Leonardo Series)
*The Secret of Scripture (Book 2 of the Aiden Leonardo Series)
*The Last Valentine (A Labyrinth of Love Letters novel)
*The Last Love Letter (A Labyrinth of Love Letters novel, book 2)
*Her Punishment (an erotic novelette)
*Her Awakening, an erotic romance novel
*A Uniquely Portable Magic, An Order of the Scribes adventure
*Romantic Musings, a collection of love letters and poems.

Being third-generation military, after a grandfather and uncle who served in the Korean War and Vietnam War, respectively, Alexander is proud of his service in the U.S. Army, and grateful for his experience.

After his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, he embarked on the long and arduous journey of a writer. Having made a name for himself during his tenure, serving his country, he vowed to himself and his fellow soldiers that he would answer his true calling.

He currently lives in Chicago, IL—to be closer to his children—a son and daughter. He volunteers to promote literacy among youth with Villament Charities and the VM Mag (vmmag.org).

In the evenings he journeys through the portals of his extensive, personal library. When he returns, he immerses himself in his writing, and pursues the scent of his muse.

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Profile Image for Ella.
61 reviews18 followers
October 17, 2016
I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

This author, Felix Alexander, has an interesting writing style. This is the second book of his I've read. I'm happy to say that 'Shadows Of Time: The Amulet Of Alamin' is another good read. The plot isn't boring or a struggle to get through. I liked the way the characters were developed. As someone that heavily appreciates strong female character development, I enjoyed Inanna and Safia. Two strong lady characters who handled themselves well throughout the story. While I did not find certain moments believable for those characters, there were not any glaringly impossible sentences or moments. Proofreading is necessary. There aren't a lot of errors in that department, but, I really think that would help. I'm not a fan of stories s that end abruptly and frustrate the reader. So, I'm happy this story doesn't do that. Felix Alexander wrote a good ending that leaves room for another story. The storyline is creative, to the point that readers have to suspend all beliefs. This book doesn't go beyond the borders of believable possibilities, not to me at least. People that do not want to blur the lines of Christianity and other beliefs for a fictional book; this is not for you. There are no curse words or graphic situations. There is war, however. A lot of this book has warlike moments.


This story is based in a time period when many gods were worshiped. There was a different god for different situations. People had a variety of choices concerning who they chose to pray to. In this story, there is a war between the gods, angels, other beings, and spirits. That war bleeds into the human world and the result is more war and danger.
Inanna fights for her son and her husband. She's devoted to her family and goes the distance when they are in danger. Safia does as well. At first, it seemed like she was resigned to the life her father chose for her. It is who she helped, her loyalty, and what she left behind that made the difference. Other characters that I believe helped form the story, are Pazuzu (the obnoxious pompous villain I loved hating), Zagesi (the one who gradually becomes another hate-worthy villian), Sargon (a valiant character worth rooting for), and The Reformer (the budding leader with good ideals). Other characters play big parts in this, but, I don't want to give too much away. To me, this is a storyline that requires thought. Its not a simple/basic story that doesn't need much rumination. To me at least, this provoked thought beyond the location of the story. Several times I wondered what the modern world would be like. I also thought of the current parallels.This story contains a lot of characters. Many of them travel throughout the entire book. I don't think its hard to follow them, but, if you are looking for a simpler story with fewer characters, etc... this isn't for you. I hope this review is helpful.
October 26, 2016
Before diving into my review, I want to disclose that I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

And honestly? This book was AWESOME.

I have always been interested in ancient stories and ancient mythology, so when I received "Shadows of Time: The Amulet of Alamin," I was thoroughly excited. That excitement wasn't displaced at all. his book kept me on the edge of my seat!

Felix Alexander's novel follows the story of Alamin, who holds a coveted amulet. This amulet has enormous power surrounding it, thanks to a piece of the Tablet of Destinies being housed inside. Alexander takes us on Alamin's wild journey (along with Princess Safia) on escaping the many beings and people who want his head with plenty of twists and turns around every corner!

The different plot twists are what I loved most about the book. I won't give any away, but a good story is one that always keeps you guessing. If you can predict the storyline, the story gets stale. That's not so with Alexander's novel. The imagery was astounding as well. I could actually put myself in the scenes and tune out everything around me.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed reading Alexander's work and I can't wait to see what he comes out with next. This book is an absolute must-read for you mythology buffs out there!
Profile Image for Elizabeth Ehlen.
229 reviews2 followers
December 6, 2016
Inanna has always protected her son, that’s why she made sure he always wore the amulet. But with her kingdom on the brink of war with another, he disappears, apparently because the amulet is protecting him - even from her. Can she find her way through a war torn Mesopotamian landscape, fighting both mortal and immortal to save her son?

This is a long book. A looooonnnnng book. It has a lot of exposition and backstory, but really my formatting made it way longer than it needed to be - the font was huge to the point that there were only a few sentences per page, which made it really choppy. (I did get a review copy - maybe this is fixed?) I really enjoyed the plot; there was a lot of action and interaction between mortal and supernatural worlds, and honestly some interesting Creation myths that intertwined several cultures beliefs in a way that was actually somewhat believable. Unfortunately the actual writing was juvenile, with a lot of fragments, wrong words and matter of fact, brief dialogue. I found this very unfortunate as I really did think the story itself was fascinating and challenging. I think with some editing this could be a fantastic novel, or even a series.
Profile Image for Frank Scozzari.
Author 43 books134 followers
September 16, 2016
'Shadows of Time: The Amulet of Alamin' is an action packed science fiction tale that literary took me to another world. After reading the first few pages I really found myself lost in it.

Alamin and Princess Safia set out on an ill-fated quest to escape those who wish him dead, and who wish to obtain an amulet fashioned out of the coveted Tablet of Destinies. They encounter an underworld of demons and gods and sorcerers and soothsayers. The plot has as many twists as a good roller coaster ride and the descriptions of the landscape are vivid, imaginative, and sometimes scary.

I liked the ultimate pitting of good against evil and the action scenes best of all. The battle scenes are very realistic, I felt like I was transported there. It was like watching it on a big screen in surround sound. If you like Sword & Sorcery and a good fantasy tale, I think this book will blow you away.
Profile Image for Ann Pratley.
Author 33 books32 followers
October 27, 2016
This is an epic read that incorporates the use of falsehoods and manipulation in the fight for regional sovereignty in a world of fantasy. Among and around the fighting for power is a healthy selection of demigods, shape shifters, sorcerers, angels and demons, but at a greater level still is an ongoing, powerful sense of family, and their determination to not give up, and do what they have to, to find each other.

I found this book a good flow of in-depth storytelling, with all the right elements to make for a sound fantasy suspense novel. The author's use of language is amazing, with an ease in the descriptive language that made it easy to visualise a diverse range of locations and beings. Great stuff.

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review.
Profile Image for Kalli Bunch.
408 reviews17 followers
October 7, 2016
If you like fantasy, magic, and mystery then you might enjoy this book. However, I found it hard to follow as the story jumped around too much between scenes and characters. I had no idea what was going on at some points, and the plot seemed to make no sense at others. I liked the battle scenes, as they were very well written. The novel itself was interesting, and if it was tied together better, I would have enjoyed it more. There were points where I was reading about characters and scenes and it would just jump around seemingly without aim. It does tie together in the end, but it is hard to follow throughout a good portion of the book.
Profile Image for litandcoffee.
162 reviews6 followers
January 19, 2019
I’m not big on fantasy, myth books. I believe more in real science and while I’m willing to suspend disbelief up to a certain point, the image of mythical creatures: shape shifters, sorcerers, demons, gods, and immortals performing unbelievable tasks just do not compute much with me. Because of that I usually avoid fantasy genre. While the plot of this book sounded fascinating, I was a bit sceptical about reading it since it is a full-blown fantasy, but this book got me hooked right from the beginning.

The premise is fascinating and extremely creative. Alamin and Princess Safia set out on an ill-fated quest after the circumstances brought them together to escape those who wish him dead, and who wish to obtain an amulet fashioned out of the coveted Tablet of Destinies. They meet Sargon, the cup-bearer of Kish on the way and together they encounter an underworld of demons, gods, sorcerers, and soothsayers.

The setting of this book – the medieval world is bit improbable, but it’s not gritty; it’s not terribly realistic, but despite being dangerous, it seems like an awesome place to be. You are going to fall in love with it once you start reading the book.

The characters are either endearing or loathsome and well-portrayed. Sargon, for example, is wholesomely charming. He is incredibly strong, fairly good looking, determined, and to an extent still naive. There is Safina – she’s stunningly beautiful with fire in her heart. She is strong-willed and daring. She knows her mind and is, definitely, a go-getter. The other characters are equally engaging; the heroes – you would love to love, and the villains – you would love to hate. In case of Alamin, his hesitation regarding his magical powers is well portrayed; the way his incredible magical gifts required a continuous effort to really use; the way he is unable to get out of any troublesome situation without effort or consequences. His magic has its advantages and its pitfalls. Despite his uncertainty, he wouldn’t get on readers’ nerves. The development his character continuously goes through the story is absolutely convincing and real. There are immortals, demons, gods, and demigods. They are creatures out of traditional mythology. The immortals are mysterious, the gods and demigods mystical, the demons loathsome, but the ghouls are the creepiest and the scariest. Characterization is definitely Felix Alexander’s strong point.

The pace is fast and the plot tight. Though, at times, the things get a bit confusing with too many characters and situations, but that wouldn’t stop the reader from finishing the book.

A stunning fantasy that I would definitely recommend to all the fantasy lovers as well as those who’ve never tried the genre before. Give it a try. It’s worth your time.

Absolutely captivating!
Profile Image for Kristjan.
454 reviews20 followers
August 2, 2023
An Interesting Historical Fantasy

Book: ***
Performance: ***

This book will be way better if you have at least a little Mesopotamian history under your belt (and can remember a good portion of it). In short, it was a fascinating fantasy that combines elements of ancient Hebrew stories with middle eastern myths and legends set in context of a war of aggressive expansion by the evil Zagesi. As the story unfolds, you get a veritable who’s who of famous names, Sargon, Enki, Abram et al with angles, demons, immortals (aka shape changers), nephilim, etc. In fact … it is the huge cast of main and supporting characters that is this story’s weakest link. There are so many that it is difficult to keep track of everything and main plot gets buried under extraneous side stories in a failed attempt to overcome the lack of character differentiation and/or character growth. It’s just too busy and it didn’t pull me into the story at all. This is more like an extended version of a short story than a novel … and this doesn’t work very well for me the reader. Add to that a tendency to add details that just take up space and don’t really add much to the story or advance the plot as far as I can tell.

This issue is compounded by an average audio performance where the narrator struggles to differentiate voices, especially when the story changes the PoV in the middle of the chapter (the prisoner escape and chase being a perfect example of swapping back and forth between the escapees and the pursuers several times in the chapter where it almost seemed like there were all in the same party). Other than that, the pacing and enunciation was good for what was happening within the story. Overall it was a fun distraction, but not a favorite.

I was given this free advance review/listener copy (ARC) audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

#TheAmuletOfAlamin #TheShadowsOfTime #FreeAudiobookCodes
Profile Image for Natomi Karkael.
Author 3 books3 followers
January 23, 2017
The Struggle for Power

Overall this book was very intriguing. There was lots of action and a variety of characters with interesting back stories. I enjoyed the way the author interweaved different mythologies with Christian stories and history. It reminded me of the story lines of the TV show “Once Upon a Time”. There were some points where the plot seemed disconnected, like there was a part of the story missing. The author was also too repetitive at times. However, the story was still very enjoyable. I was provided this book through Booktasters.

Profile Image for odedo1 Audio book worm. .
663 reviews5 followers
July 16, 2023
What was will return !!!

The knowledge and imagination of the author Felix Alexander is amazing.
Writing a beautiful book using and mixing old legends for the creation of this story which is done in such a way which makes it very hard to put down for taking a breath and a break.
It’s all about jealousy of humanity free will and the vail between what’s above below and in between a soul war is no longer hidden.

Bess M. Perrier narrated this one.

My recommendations !!!

Oded Ostfeld.

Profile Image for Elfeeza Ehsan.
239 reviews4 followers
February 5, 2017
*First of all I would like to say that I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

The title and the Goodreads synopsis captured my attention and I thought that I might enjoy the book. However, that was not the case at all when I actually started reading the book. I felt confused by the multitude of characters and plots in this book and the writing style at the beginning of the book made me cringe, especially some of dialogues. Although the writing style improved at about halfway through the book, the plot and didn't. I found myself asking "What is the whole point of the story?" And "How is this character or this information important or relevant to the story?" throughout the time I was reading the book.

Thankfully the chapters and the book itself weren't very long but I guess the length of the book also contributed to how problematic the story is. Too many things were cramped into the 369 pages and that meant that there wasn't enough world building and character or plot developments for the many characters and plots in the book. As a result I couldn't identify with any of the characters and the world in the story felt flat if not confusing for me. I couldn't even tell who or what the story follows. The ending also felt rushed and further added to how flat the plot, world and characters were.

I felt that the story could have been broken up into probably a trilogy or a quartet to make space for character, content and world building and a more elegant wrapping up of the story.

I gave this book 2 stars.
Profile Image for Julie E. (Bookshelf Adventures).
403 reviews19 followers
August 28, 2019
Bailed! I just couldn’t get into this one. I got this book for free from Reading Deals in exchange for a honest review. The file I got was missing chapter 2, but even without that chapter, I just couldn’t bring myself to care about the characters or the situations. Only got through 10%
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