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Rising Tides

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The truth won’t stay submerged forever.

City is the last civilised place left on a drowned Earth, a floating town built from metal and plastic from the Time Before. It’s the only home doctor's daughter Libby Marchmont has ever known or wanted – until her father helps the wrong patient and she's forced to flee.

Cosimo came to City for one reason. Then he should have vanished back to his people on the Wastes. But what about his promise to Libby’s father?

Stranded in the middle of the sea, can the two enemies learn to trust each other? And can they survive long enough to uncover the truth: City isn’t the safe haven Libby always believed it to be …

“a compelling read [with] cool and ingenious concepts, a captivating plot [and] vivid and engaging characters” - Readers’ Favourite

"A gem of the young adult genre" - YA Books Central

264 pages, Paperback

Published June 24, 2016

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Katy Haye

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1,806 reviews120 followers
July 19, 2016
I couldn’t resist the alluring cover for Rising Tide by Katy Haye. I am a “cover girl” and can be drawn in by the cover alone. BUT when a story includes water…I dive in with a smille on my face, wanting to get the lowdown.

The world building for Rising Tide is so creative and original that I was caught offguard. I love Katy Haye’s ability to bring it to life through words. For example, their meals are mostly algae, with occasional scavenged goods from the ocean floor. What are they doing on the ocean floor, you ask? Well…you will have to read Rising Tide to find out.

Libby is a doctor trainee, raised by her father, and naive to the real world. Her life is planned, but things happen and she will need to grow up fast.

Cosimo wants to be a Nautilus man and when they meet, trouble arises. What is a Nautilus man? Did Cosimo bring the danger? Why is her father being so secretive?

Libby’s world opens up to her and she and Cosimo vow to save the reapers, and by doing so save themselves.

I cannot help but stress Katy Haye’s ability to make the world in Rising Tide come to life. I do not want to elaborate, because it is so unique and creative, I feel anyone that cares about our ocean and seas, the mountains of trash being built and global warming, will love learning about it on their own.

The characters are the privileged and the downtrodden…sound familiar?

Rising Tide by Katy Haye is a wild adventure of survival, sacrifice and young love. Give me more Katy.

I received a copy of Rising Tide by Katy Haye in return for an honest review.

To see more visit http://www.fundinmental.com
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394 reviews15 followers
July 31, 2016
ARC kindly provided by Katy Haye in exchange for an honest review.


'Rising Tides' is a FANTASTIC read for those keen on exploring a dystopian/post-apocalyptic world full of science-fiction that makes you gasp! And make me gasp it did!
I really shouldn't be comparing this novel to any other out there but it certainly did include some themes and ideas which I thought would resonate quite nicely with readers of Ally Condie's 'Atlantia'. Both novels have that deep and quite aura and atmosphere about them. They both explore cities in the ocean, though 'Atlantia' focuses on life beneath the ocean whilst 'Rising Tides' is about great, big cities afloat.
I also got the feeling that mermaids was yet another subtle similarity between both novels.
In 'Rising Tides' the surviving humans after extreme global climate change have managed to survive in City because of the genius invention of Libby Marchmont's father. He created the Nautilus device which allows humans to breathe underwater and thereby scavenge whatever supplies they can from the remnants of our civilisation. They reminded me a lot of mermaids. (Or mermen if you want to be gender specific because only young men are allowed to undergo the operation and dive the depths.)
'Atlantia' focuses on life in glass domes beneath the ocean but I remember vaguely that there was some presence of mermaids. I believe this is what makes these reads so similar and well suited for those who have read either.
The writing was BEYOND spectacular. The author created a marvellous world rich in facts, fiction and emotion that made the reading experience not only wonderful but absolutely NECESSARY! The editor who's worked on this novel must have also been a great one as I couldn't sense or see any of the mistakes that indie or self-pubbed that authors make.
I was also in absolute cover lust with this novel. When the book arrived on my doorstep, I did not expect it would be so beautiful! Seriously, people! The front cover might be a bit boring and black but the BACK is just WOW! There's this ocean on the back which looks absolutely fantastic and I believe it perfectly captures the essence of the novel! Personally, I think the girl hidden in the letters is a bit much, and if the letters filled the entire cover from end to end, it would be much better. More attention drawing, I think.
There was a great plot and story! I especially loved the short story which the author included at the end! It was absolutely amazing and I loved how it revealed what I wanted to know, but in such a way that it made me eager for a potential sequel!
The world-building was great. There was a place for everything and a depth to the history of the City that made every page a worthwhile time spent. I especially enjoyed the sort of 17th till 18th century etiquette and mannerisms which the characters inhibited.
There wasn't one typo I could spot in my ARC and I am so grateful! It made reading a pleasure! The font was a bit small for my taste and the width of the novel a bit skinny, but I think that's just me being picky. (Although a larger font, more space between lines and a wider book would have made me happier.)
Congratulations to Katy Haye in publishing a fantastic read worthy of being published by the best houses out there! Can't wait for a potential sequel!

Rating Plan
1 star : Strongly did not like the book, writing and plot was bad. Idea of the book was against my liking.
2 star : Didn't like it, didn't find it interesting or gripping. Seemed to drag on to me.
3 star : An average book. Wasn't bad or good. Everything else was well done. Original idea.
4 star : Like a 3 star but has potential to it as a series or the book grew on me as it progressed and certain scenes captured me. I Enjoyed it and read it in one sitting.
5 star : I LOVED IT! I stayed up late until 3 am. Author is a genius, characters, plot, idea, development, EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT. Nothing else can possibly be said except that its 5 STAR!
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Author 22 books94 followers
June 25, 2016
Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the oceans have risen and drowned most of the land, this is a great YA book. The main character, Libby is clever and unflappable when things go wrong. I liked that she was acerbic and a little awkward in social situations, but completely calm and capable when dealing with medical crises. Cosimo, the hero, is very likable too. Their relationship makes the transition from distrust to friendly bickering to love.

The settings for the story - the floating city, the farmlands on what little land that is left and the Wastes are all very well thought out. Especially the Wastes - I loved the description of the huge cliffs made out of plastic waste.

An interesting and entertaining read. It's so nice to see a strong and capable YA heroine too!
Profile Image for Christina.
Author 38 books266 followers
July 28, 2016
This is a great YA read with one of the most interesting concepts I’ve come across in a long time. The world is mostly under water and humans have had to adapt. They survive, mostly thanks to the heroine’s father, a doctor whose invention has saved them all. The heroine, Libby, is his apprentice, becoming a doctor in her own right, which stands her in good stead. But due to unforeseen circumstances she’s suddenly thrown together with Cosimo, a boy she doesn’t trust, and if they want to survive they have to co-operate. Can they learn to get along or will it all end in disaster? Read this wonderful story to find out!
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429 reviews259 followers
July 21, 2016
Water has taken over the world and there are only a few places left to live; City, a floating town built from metal and plastic, New Eden, a piece of land where people can still eat from their crops and the Wastelands. Liberty lives in City, she's the daughter of the only doctor. The people call him Dr. Miracle. Because of the fact that everything flooded they needed to think of a solution to get to the food that went under with the houses and buildings. Dr. Miracle came up with one. He invented a way to give people gills so they can breathe under water.

The nautilus men can salvage food, medicine and every other object they can find. Only the men who live on City can become nautilus men and they have to get a license before the operation can take place. Liberty, or Libby for short, has assisted her father in these procedures many times, so she knows what to do. Libby always has been a good and loyal daughter. She is pragmatic and analytical, maybe even a bit cold. When a reamer named Casimo turns up on their doorstep it is the beginning of trouble.

Libby's father once made a promise to an old friend and he is determined to keep it. He performs an operation on Casimo to make him a nautilus man. This is against the law since Casimo is not a citizen of City and he also doesn't have a license. When things go bad Libby and Casimo only have one option, l they have to eave City and go to New Eden. Out on the open sea Libby learns about why City, New Eden and the Wastelands always go against each other. Who is telling the truth? Who can be trusted? Libby must find out fast because the tides are rising again.

Libby is a young girl. She is seventeen and an important citizen of City. Libby is clever and she has learned a lot about the medical world from her father. She knows she has to marry sometime. Her future husband will probably be one of the sons of the Magistrate because who else could she be marrying? Libby is so calm and clinical about everything and her character really shows that she was brought up by her father. When Libby is pulled from her comfort zone she demonstrates how smart she actually is, she's a quick thinker and also shows a lot of compassion towards others. She is a strong character and I liked her very much.

Casimo has endured a lot. He promised Libby's father to keep her safe no matter what. He does everything in his power to keep this promise. Even though he could have easily hated Libby and leave her to fend for herself he stands by her. Casimo is a smart engineer and he is trying to create something that will take them over the Wastelands. I loved that he is so purposeful and that he knows his own value.

Rising Tides is a post-apocalyptic story that makes you think about what the world would be like if the flooding would actually happen. I love to read this genre because I am intrigued by the ideas other people have. Everyone has probably thought about some kind of disaster at one point in their lives. It's always going through my mind when I read a book about this topic or when I watch a disaster movie. I find it fascinating to read and see how other people envision the end of the world as we know it.

Katy Haye has written a believable book about what the world would look like when most of it is under water. She's created strong and capable characters to lead the story and that made it exceptionally gripping. Rising Tides is refreshing and fascinating and I was hooked from the first page. If you like the post-apocalyptic genre I would highly recommend Rising Tides. You'll be in for a fast and interesting ride.
Profile Image for Nancy (The Avid Reader).
2,332 reviews102 followers
July 18, 2016
Image living in world where you are surrounded by water in the middle of the ocean; a world where you have never set foot on land or never seen a tree; a world that is comprised of a group of boats or ships well Liberty Marchmont does. It is all she has ever known. This group of ship/boats make of the town/city of City and this where Liberty Marchmont was born along with others like her that was after the Time Before. The Time Before is a drowned world below City where they scavenge for food and other things that they need to live.

Liberty has always liked living on City even though she doesn’t have any close friends. She has friends but not the kind where she goes to their house and spends the night or a friend comes to her house and they hang out. Liberty likes hanging out with her father and being his apprentice. Her father is City’s famous doctor and everyone calls him Doctor Miracle. Yes she has always loved her life on City until the night someone murders her father and she is forced to flee with a stranger, a reamer, Cosimo.

While stranded with Cosimo on a boat Liberty has to deal with losing her father and her life. Cosimo and Liberty argue a lot while they are on this boat mainly because they come from different backgrounds. Liberty has been taught all her life that a reamer is nothing but trash and can never be trusted but she starts to see something different about Cosimo that doesn’t add up to what she has been taught.

After a violent storm that washes them up on a beach Liberty starts to see something in Cosimo that is totally different than what she was taught as well as the people on New Eden. After spending some time on New Eden Liberty starts to make friends at first she doesn’t believe that they are her friends or that anyone would ever like her but she soon finds out how wrong she is.

Liberty needs to find out the truth about her father and everything that is happening on City for herself so that she can move on with her life. So when Liberty and Cosimo see a ship in the distance and they know it is from City and they have come to more than likely kill Cosimo and the others Liberty decides that she must go and head them off. She can’t let them kill Cosimo or anyone else. So Liberty does the only thing she believes she can do and that is meet the ship and return to City so that she can seek some kind of closure for herself over what happened to her father.

Cosimo doesn’t want her to return but he has learned real quick that once Liberty makes up her mind there is nothing him or anyone else can do or say to change it. But Cosimo will do whatever he can to help Liberty and to keep her safe. After all he did make a promise to her father.

I liked following Liberty along on her journey and everyday life on City and New Eden and I liked all of the characters or most of them anyways. I hope Liberty, Cosimo and all of their friends find the land of the Sun and Roses. I hope they can all find the life they deserve no matter where that maybe. I would really like to see more of Liberty and Cosimo’s life where it takes them.
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Author 9 books44 followers
May 21, 2016
***This book was reviewed for Reader's Favourite***

Haye’s Rising Tides tells the story of Liberty 'Libby’ Marchmont, a citizen of City, one of the last bastions of known humanity in a flooded world. City floats atop the sea, cobbled together from remnants of the Time Before. Libby’s da is City’s doctor, and she is training to follow his footsteps.

Things go sidewise for Libby when a stranger from the Wastes, a reamer named Cosimo, shows upon their doorstep requesting a specialised procedure requiring a licence to have performed. This procedure is something Liberty’s da excels at- the making of a nautilus man by placing implants to function like gills when they go underwater.

Following this illicit procedure, Liberty and her father are forced to flee with their patient. This is the first time Libby has been so far from home. She learns much of her da’s past, and gets a lesson in humility and cultural acceptance when she must rely upon Cosimo for help in this vadt new world. For his part, Cosimo is determined to find the land of sun and roses, believed to be a dstant dry land beyond the vast floating garbage dump of the Waste.

Libby’s story hooked me from the start, and kept me reading far into the wee morning hours. I just couldn't put it down! The pacing is swift and engaging. I love the bickering between Libby and Cosimo when they were fleeing City. Each from such different socio-cultural backgrounds, taught to despise the other culture from an early age, and having to let that conditioning go in the face of reality.

Waterworld came to mind often! I love that movie. There’s a bit less of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome than is present in Waterworld. City, at least, maintains a higher quality veneer of civility. I really enjoyed the concept of the nautilus men. They sound fascinating! It would be so neat to breathe safely underwater.

If you enjoy post-apocalyptic/ ELE stories of a grim and distant future, if you enjoyed Waterworld, or Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, I highly recommend reading Rising Tides by Katy Haye.
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24 reviews
December 4, 2016
**I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**
The cover of Rising Tides was the first thing that drew me to it.And then the blurb happened to be quite interesting too.And then realised it is set in a dystopian world.Perfect combo!I had to read the book.So,if you’re a reader who picks up books by their cover,do pick up this one,cause it’s really worth it!

The writing is simplistic and pleasant,something I loved about the author,Katy Haye,in her other book,The Last Gatekeeper.The story starts right off in the world,a world where City is supposedly the only live-able place and the world as we know it is under water,yeah,exactly what we are being warned about now is what happens…rising sea levels..global working…accumulation of trash and plastic..and the like.I love how the author manages to weave a simple but highly enjoyable story with so few elements…the details aren’t cluttered ..there’s just enough for you to know about the world and at the same time enjoy the story.And guess what,this book doesn’t follow the norms of a dystopian society…there isn’t a love triangle on the book,people don’t die much,no big rebellion…at least not ome on a large scale…and yeah,it has got plenty of other differences which you yourself can find out while reading it.And I love the characters…there’s such simplicity alongside a burning life in them.Libby ,despite being slightly bossy at times,is a really interesting character,a character who you can easily fall in love with,and Cosimo,he has of course got his own charm,do I even need to mention that you’ll love him.It has great side characters too.Josiah for one was a side character I loved above others.I don’t know what drew me to him exactly,but I did wish at times Libby and Josiah would get together,but then decided against it,’cause you know,Cosimo and his charm
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95 reviews8 followers
July 15, 2016
Alright so let me start by saying I loved the idea of this book. I like that it's set in the future and how they are sending people down into the deep waters to get things that we are taking for granted today. Canned food is a hot item in this world. How much do we think about what is in our cabinets right now? Would you miss some of the things you eat daily?

Libby is a great character and I loved seeing her develop in the book. She starts with the mindset that her society taught her, how she looked down on others who weren't apart of her world she knew and loved. She changes as the book goes and by the end she is a grown, different woman. I love that we get to see those changes in her and really not in a massive time line. It was not rushed though.

I think the author could have rushed this one but she didn't. The time line of this book is good and I think the way she laid it out for us was perfect. We get some time, but not a lot. We get to see how sometimes things take on a life of their own. The changes in the world around us sometimes happens before we can even really catch up. That is what is happening in this book. Some just refuse to see the changes.

I highly recommend this book to you all!
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1,553 reviews26 followers
May 5, 2022
I received a free ebook from the author, via BookFunnel, and I am voluntarily giving an honest review.

Liberty Marchmont assists her father, the doctor of City, a place that floats upon the waters that now cover most of the earth. Her father creates nautilus men, fitted with gills which allow them to dive deep underwater to search for food. When Liberty find out her father is about to transform a reamer (one of City's enemies) into a nautilus man, she is drawn into a situation which changes her life forever.

I really enjoyed this book (I liked it that much I bought a copy as a present). The world-building was very good and I came to like the main characters of Liberty and Cosimo very much. In fact I hope the author considers writing a sequel.
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Author 50 books37 followers
October 5, 2016
Haye has taken a well-known cli-fi POV circa Waterworld fame (or infamous if you'd like) and made it both engaging and relevant to the YA audience with her own unique spin. She masterfully hints at ideas and terms that lend themselves to a basic inkling of understanding, but waits to reveal their truths at just the right moments throughout the book. The undercurrent of young love is tastefully done while remaining true to the world she has created and its value system. Rising Tides hooked me right from the premise and did not disappoint, page after page. I was sorry to learn it was a stand-alone book but the characters continue to stay with me even though their story is done.
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Author 65 books22 followers
June 29, 2016
Wow, what a world Katy Haye has created this time. Minutely thought out and horribly believable, the City, Waste and New Eden are all that is left of a drowned earth. But instead of working together, the people are divided.

I enjoyed the fast paced action, the acerbic wit, and the way Libby's character matured naturally over the course of the book.
Profile Image for Sarah Hickner.
Author 7 books17 followers
January 26, 2019
This was an interesting book with likeable characters and great world building. Was I ever in love with the characters? Not really. I’m not sure what authors do differently to create the feeling that the character could be my best friend or maybe even she could be me, and creating the feeling of it just being an account of another persons life. For me that is generally the difference in a good book and a great book. This one was “good”. My favorite part was the growth of Libby and realizing her flaws and overcoming them, and the slow growing romance - especially how they finally came together at the end. What most annoyed me was how slow Libby was to trust people she’d never met before who did nothing but good things for her, YET she trusts the evil magistrates son and wife after just a sentence or 2 of conversation even though misplaced trust here could literally end in her death 🤦🏻‍♀️. Come on Libby! The book ends with opportunities to create a sequel or mini series, and I liked it enough to see what else happens.
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2,079 reviews3 followers
July 12, 2017
Liberty is a very privilege girl, do to her dad being the Doctor. She comes home one day and everything is changed. She learns things that are hard to believe. Can she accept it? Will she accept the help of someone who the city is against? I do thing there should have been a prologue to how everything happen to make them surrounded by water. I also think there should be at least another book to finish off the story instead of ending not knowing what happens in the end. I do think this book would be good read for all ages.
Profile Image for Megan | Bookstacks 'n Golden Moms.
315 reviews8 followers
July 22, 2017
I want more!

The only downside to this book? It's a standalone.

When I started this book, it felt to me like a book version of the bits I have seen from my husband playing Bioshock (is that the underwater one?). I loved the two characters thrown together by circumstances and a promise made to Liberty's father. I loved the adventure and was surprised how quickly I flew through this book, turning page after page to see what happens! 5 stars! Great book! Hopefully there will someday be another *wink* :)
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859 reviews124 followers
December 20, 2018
Very good

I greatly disliked Liberty at first... But she grew on me. Especially as her haughty attitude started disappearing. This was a good story. Complete although I can see another story possibility if the author ever chooses to. Overall good story that had me flipping pages quickly
10.1k reviews112 followers
July 3, 2017
Super YA read. Libby character is so fitting, she 's strong when it's necessary. As per the title, the humans now are living underwater after something happens. Her father's invention keeps them alive. Fantastic.
62 reviews
June 25, 2017
Fantastic book. Loved the storyline. Can't wait for follow up to find out if there is something beyond the wastes!!
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412 reviews3 followers
January 29, 2019
Very good!

Murder, mystery and whole different type of Earth. Really good characters and you get sucked into the story right from the start!
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Author 9 books204 followers
July 22, 2016
Like Waterworld with teens, Rising Tides is a fascinating dystopian tale of life on earth after the rising seas all but obliterate life on earth. A small floating city survives along with an island that grows all of their food. Liberty, daughter of the most respected doctor on all of City, and Cosimo, a reamer and nautilus man, someone with surgically implanted gills, form an unlikely partnership when circumstances force them together.

It takes a little bit to understand the vocabulary of this future world, but once I did, I was as submerged as the houses from the Time Before. After Liberty's father is killed, she flees with Cosimo, a person of lower class and suspect morals. The two deal with massive trust issues, secrets, and more than a few mysteries. After a storm destroys the boat they're fleeing in, they wash ashore only to be faced with more distrust and prejudices. But if they're ever going to find out the truth, they need to trust each other first.

The plotting is really well done, moving at a consistent pace with lots of action, suspense and drama. It primarily centers around the secrets that City and the others harbor from Liberty. She spends most of the book trying to figure out what's true and what's not. But it's also about seeking a sense of belonging. She never felt as if she fit in at home and now she's wondering if she can make a life for herself elsewhere, but the more she's with others, the more she feels like an outcast no matter where she goes.

Liberty and Cosimo are both well-developed, deep, flawed, and in need of some personal growth, which they both get. Haye does an excellent job of differentiating her characters, and the supporting cast on City, New Eden and elsewhere are more than just background noise and round out the cast of characters nicely.

The Writing
The writing is a little stiff for a first-person teen narrative. The author is Australian, though, and I've noticed this is more common in Australian young adult fiction. Still, having taking in two Aussie teens through an exchange program, I know they are just as goofy and full of teen lingo as their American peers, and I would have liked to have seen more of that in the dialogue and interior monologue of the younger characters. What the dialogue lacks, though, the descriptions more than make up for. Katy Haye paints vibrant canvases full details of her bleak future world, drawing me right in.

Top Five Things I Enjoyed About Rising Tides:
1. World building. Katy Haye's world building is flawless. It's easy to understand how her world came to be and the details she feeds us, are always the right thing at the right time.

2. Cosimo. He's abrasive and arrogant, but loyal and nearly impossible not to love.

3. Libby. She's abrasive in her own way, and at times grates on my nerves, but I always pulled for her, rooted for her to keep digging and get at the truth.

4. The pacing. It was nearly perfect.

5. Technology. Although technically part of world building, it deserves it's own shout-out because it was so creative. Everything from the implanted gills of the nautilus men to the technology that allows humans to create and inhabit City were inventive and added to the readability and enjoyability of the story.

Bottom Line
Rising Tides is a fascinating young adult dystopian tale with a dousing of adventure and a splash of romance.

I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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2,164 reviews57 followers
July 15, 2016
In the future, the ocean has risen and the land has disappeared. Scrapped together from metal recovered from the ocean floor, City thrives. Nautilus men have been engineered, men who have implants surgically placed that allow them to breath in the ocean to salvage the remains on the ocean floor. Liberty is an apprentice to her father, the most important surgeon in the city who also invented Nautilus men. When a stranger shows up at their door prepared to undergo the surgery, Liberty knows something is wrong. This act sets off a chain of events that change everything Liberty thought she knew about the world.

I was sooo excited to get the opportunity to read this book. I grew up obsessively watching the movie Waterworld so I was thrilled to get my hands on this story which I kinda sorta figured would be the same basis for a story. Well, I was not wrong in regards to some basics- men who breathe under water due to gills (be it mutation or implantation), a jerky male lead who needs to help save the day, a world covered in sea water with diminishing civility. There were some big differences in the basic plot points but the premise proved to be just what I wanted.

I was intrigued by the mish-mash world the author created. There was a very strong Victorian/Steampunk feel to the story with the idea of women and marriage as well as the gadgets but then there were also modern references and ideas thrown around such as surgical techniques and canned food. It was like the world ends so the survivors revert to old simpler ways but with random bits of technology. I thought it was a very cool idea and I totally ran with it.

I was not a huge fan of Liberty when she was introduced. She was cold and analytical, not really wanting to interact with anyone. She looked at her standing in society as with great importance and decided on her potential suitor not by her feelings (which were none) but by his position as being worthy to hers. Cosimo was treated fairly scummy by her, and yes I know he did not try to help her impression of him, but she did not like him based on elitist attitudes not actual info. I was impressed by her skills and her cool head. The two of them did develop more as the book progressed and I came to appreciate Liberty and her analytical mind.

The book ended as if this could be a standalone, but there are enough questions hanging over the story that a second/series could be forth coming. Overall this was a really interesting concept for a book and I am glad I got the opportunity to read it.

I received this title from the author in return for my honest review.
For more reviews visit my blog at http://smadasbooksmack.blogspot.com/
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1,161 reviews80 followers
August 15, 2016
Absolutely stunning. Rising Tides peaked my interest with its premise, but totally blew me away with the execution. Katy Haye has some serious writing chops! Dystopia was getting to be a bogged down genre for me. Too much of the same thing being done over and over, plus a lot of characters that I just couldn't get behind. Haye managed to smash right through that preconception, and I couldn't be happier.

What struck me right away about Rising Tides was how human Liberty was, as a character. She was loving towards her father, skeptical of new people, slightly selfish at times, and yet completely understanding of that fact that she could come off as cold. Liberty was a real person. Someone flawed, who could accept that, and try to make the best decisions for herself at the time. I can't deny that initially her privileged attitude bothered me. That was soon replaced by acceptance and awe though, the further into this journey that she traveled. It's nice to see a character who actually grows and, better yet, uses that knowledge to do something right.

Then there was Cosimo. The reamer boy, the shunned, the initial bane of Liberty's existence. I loved how Haye pushed these two together, but no in an uncomfortable way. There was no insta-love here. No crazy flight into a random relationship. Instead, these two had to learn to get along. They had to understand one another, and make compromises. I loved watching their little relationship grow. Plus, well, Cosimo is pretty dreamy. Reamer boy or not. These two stole my heart with little to no effort.

Oh, and the plot! I could gush for days about the way that the idea of political subterfuge was handled here. People blindly following a leader, simply because he promises to keep them safe. Never questioning whether he has their best interests at heart. Things were so perfectly paced here. Just enough action, interspersed with real human interactions. This book flew by, and I was honestly sad when I'd finished.

Is there more? I hope there's more. I would love to see if Cosimo and Liberty get a happy ever after. They would definitely deserve it.
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650 reviews2 followers
June 29, 2016
I was given this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
I Couldn't put this book down and it was 1am when I finally finished. Written for consumption by the teenage / young adult readers, I assume, this story could easily have been transformed into a mature adult age group. Exciting and fascinating the storyline never lets up and is continuously intriguing. The characters are a bit twee but that's the way the dialogue has been used. A realistic post apocalyptic world is envisaged by the author and is a complete novelty to me with its setting. A full story in itself it leaves wide open the possibility to further this story into another book . Well done Katy I was most impressed.? Very highly recommended .
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July 6, 2016
If you are into post-apocalyptic reads you will enjoy this story about Libby, a feisty perky young lady who doesn't handle one on one conversations as well as she does a crisis. She is opinionated and well out of her depth when she finds herself smack dab in what she has been taught is the enemies camp. A great story well written with strong and interesting characters. Nothing is as it seems not only to Libby but to all she comes in contact with. Half truths and secrets and reality unveiled keep you turning the page to see what happens next as they chase myths because they're out of options.
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July 10, 2016
This was an extremely well written book. The story will capture you and not let you go until you finish the very last page, it has interesting characters that you want to know more about and who you cannot help but fall in love with. It moves along at a good pace, making this an easy book to read and not lose your concentration with. This book needs to be read, there is no doubt about it.
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