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Lady of Gems #5

Dark Lord's Wedding

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“Any half-rate tyrant can take over with an army. The truly talented do so with a party.”

- Public Warning -
Civilians are advised to avoid the wedding located in the crystal palace, on the night of the blood moon. The bride will be too radiant. The food will be too shameful to discuss and too delicious to resist. The party will enrapture and endanger, and only those who live past midnight will earn the right to witness the marriage ritual.

560 pages, Kindle Edition

Published April 1, 2016

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About the author

A.E. Marling

11 books297 followers
A.E. Marling writes on pages, cards, and buildings. A member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, A.E. has published several fantasy novels and written names and flavor text for Magic: the Gathering. The author also shines words in light on buildings as a projection activist (@AEMarling).

Pronouns: he/them

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December 2, 2017
My least favorite of the series

Fantastically vivid, but overly weird for my taste. Plus this one lacked the satisfying resolution the other books in the series had. We're left wondering about too much, not least of which is which reality turned out to be real. I also didn't feel as much of a connection with either of the two leads. They became something distant and unknowable, and close to unlikeable. In particular I didn't really like the Lady of Gems by the end of this book, and was nearly to the point of rooting against her. I hope there's another book which brings her and everyone else back into my good graces because it'd be a shame to leave things as they are. To me this read as more of a nightmare, and not actually what any of our cast of characters would shoot for. Ruling the world with Tethiel? I don't buy it. And neither do I like how they achieved their goals. By the end they're no better than their adversaries.
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July 5, 2016
EPIC cover. Not only is it so Beautiful but it has a DRAGON on it¨

I am so excited to read this one. Even if it means its the last Hiresha book T_T

Just need to finish my review of Magic Banquet before I can with good conscience dive into this.
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July 19, 2016
I really, really hate to say it, but I was very disappointed with this book. I loved books 1-3 100% and would recommend them to anyone and everyone, but something felt off to me about this book. In fact, I noticed that my interest started to waver around Dream Storm Sea, so it was a slow decline for me.

In the past, I had really fallen in love with Hiresha and her spunky attitude. I loved how she seemed to have a dry sense of humor, even while struggling with her unmerciful exhaustion. In fact, she seemed to be more sarcastic in spite of her condition. Her character drew me in and I really enjoyed reading her. I also loved reading about her interactions with the Lord of the Feast. Watching the two of them grow together was one of my favorite parts of the series, especially the tension with the Feasters vs The World.

What fell flat then for me? Perhaps the oddity of the 'two worlds' for Hiresha. I wasn't sure I liked it when it first came to fruition in Dream Storm Sea and I sure didn't like it in this book either. I felt confused and irritated because perhaps I just didn't get what was false and what was real. Maybe that is shortsighted on my part, but I honestly did not like feeling that way while reading. I would flip back and forth between pages, trying to figure out exactly what had happened...only to find out that maybe it didn't happen at all? Meh. Maybe I just didn't get it.

So very specifically to Dark Lord's Wedding...I didn't like Hiresha anymore. I didn't even feel like I was reading about her at all. She was distant, she was unusual. She was not the character I had grown to love. Tethiel was the same, but Hiresha had become what I assume is her 'Feaster self' in spirit only. I felt a little betrayed because Hiresha's voice is what drew me into the series in the first place. I felt like it had disappeared in this book.

I really did not enjoy reading this. I understand characters change and grow, but they should grow, not change into a different character all together. The writing itself is good, as always, but I simply felt that the magic I had felt reading the prior books was gone. I wanted to love this book, I really did....but could not...and that makes me sad :/
Displaying 1 - 4 of 4 reviews

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