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In this short prequel to the "mind-blowing" bestseller PATRIOT, HEROINE introduces investigative reporter Brooke Kinley as a young woman. While paddling in their canoe in northern Minnesota, Brooke and her brother rescue a trafficked Russian child. But will the price of Brooke's heroism be her own life?

HEROINE is an action-packed novella that will appeal to anyone who enjoys adventure, mystery or crime, as well as Brooke's many fans!

Praise for PATRIOT, now an award-winning bestseller and Finalist at the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, 2015:
“UNSTOPPABLE thriller…I don’t believe I took a breath the entire time. As a thriller/political espionage aficionado, I rank PATRIOT in the pantheon of the BEST.”
Mallory Heart Reviews.
“A brilliantly gripping novel…Patriot is a real page turner and will have you to gasping to the last page.”Jeremy Craddock, The Mid Cheshire Guardian Newspaper
“Patriot is Brooke Kinley’s first outing and I’m already picturing her adventures on the big screen.” Crime Thriller Hound
“The first couple of chapters were so exciting and gripping, I felt like I was watching breaking news on the TV.” Goodreads.com review
“Patriot moves at a cracking pace, Homeland channelled by Bear Grylls… the name’s Bond, AS Bond, watch this space.” Nick Hazlewood, author and screen writer.
“A mind-blowing novel …HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – A MUST READ” Bluefish
“I am a Clive Cussler fan and this was on a par with his books… A thoroughly enjoyable book that I couldn’t put down.” Pat Moren, reviewer and blogger.

86 pages, ebook

Published April 15, 2016

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About the author

A.S. Bond

2 books67 followers
A.S Bond is an internationally acclaimed travel writer and journalist. As the author of seven books, AS’s own adventures have taken her around the world, from the cloud forests of Central America to D.C.’s corridors of power. A.S Bond is a pen name.

Praise for AS Bond’s earlier books (written as Alexandra Pratt):

"I have known a few wonderful-crazy, damn-fool writers who would risk their lives for a great adventure story, but I have met only two - both husky, well-experienced outdoorsmen - who would have paddled a canoe into the Labrador wilds. And one of them is dead. Alexandra Pratt is so reckless she scares me and so entrancing that I could not put her book down." Ken McGoogan, author of Fatal Passage

“Lyrical and adventurous” – Conde Nast Traveller

“The writing is stunning.” Canoeist Magazine

"The climax is pure adventure." Spirit of Canada Magazine


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389 reviews9 followers
May 9, 2016
It’s August 1994. Brooke Kinley and her brother, Jaime, were paddling their canoe in northeast Minnesota when they noticed a girl apparently running from something or someone. They manage to pick her up from the water she dived into and take her back to their cabin. Before they even talk with her, they notice how young she is and how afraid she appears. They give her dry clothes, food, and a safe place to rest. But, after hearing her story in broken English about her and her friends being abducted from Russia for trafficking purposes, they realize they’re in over their heads and take her to Sheriff Pascoe. They’re not crazy about leaving her there, but they are told that Homeland Security will be contacted and will keep her safe.

Brooke can’t get Anya out of her mind. Something doesn’t feel right. She carries the story to Jack Dawson, editor of the local paper. He’s able to make a couple of calls and quickly determine that, yes, the girl had been picked up, but no, it wasn’t by Homeland Security. As soon as they start making waves, someone tries to take their lives.

Paul Harvey used to say his now-famous tagline, “…And now you know the rest of the story.” In many ways, I feel this prequel of Brooke Kinley tells the rest of her story. In my review of Patriot, I’d said “Brooke Kinley is a go-getter who won’t be intimidated just because there’s danger.” Her strong sense of right and wrong and her unyielding determination was apparent in her character even at eighteen years of age. As a novella, the author wasted no time in getting to the point of the story and into the action. It was remarkably well-planned and well-paced. Brooke Kinley is a strong character and I anticipate a long series. Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Profile Image for Jay Williams.
1,707 reviews20 followers
April 16, 2016
A. S. Bond has an uncanny ability to create images for the reader and create thrilling action. While this short book is advertised as a prequel to the exciting "Patriot," it stands quite well on its own. Action takes place both in northern Minnesota and in Russia. The descriptions for both locations are spot on, and enhance the atmosphere of the ongoing action. The subject involves trafficking of young women from the streets of Russia to the sex trade in America, something I find quite distasteful, that needs to be brought to the attention of the civilized world. The pulse-pounding excitement comes as Brooke becomes involved in the trade after an attempt to rescue a very young victim. This novella is well worth reading both for the entertainment value, and for the light it casts on the very dark subject of sex trafficking.
1,240 reviews
May 25, 2016
This was a fast paced, non stop action novella with a world wide problem at its core. Very quick, enjoyable read and I am looking forward to The Patriot for which this was a prequel.
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2,015 reviews22 followers
May 10, 2017
It is 1994 and St. Petersburg and a group of young girls are flirting with the guys. Next thing they know they are being trafficked to Minnesota. One girl escapes and ends up in Brooke and Jamie’s canoe. Brooke and Jamie know she needs help and take her to the Sheriff. But Brooke can’t seem to get her off her mind and checks in with the local newspaper editor. It wasn’t Homeland Security that picked up the girl and the more Brooke digs to find the truth the more she becomes a target that needs to be silenced.

Although 18 years old, Brooke has a strong plan for herself, is very caring, and is willing to stand up for what is right. I really liked how she was bound and determined to help Anya even with everyone trying to stop her.

I’m sad to say that I have not read Patriot yet but after reading Heroine I can’t wait to get a copy. This is a great thriller with lots of action and a great story. This is one book to add to your shelf.

I received Heroine from Sage’s Reading Room for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.
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Author 10 books40 followers
March 10, 2017
August 1994 in St. Petersburg of Russia saw a gaggle of young girls giggling with each other and flirting with the young men who pretended not to stare while they slyly appreciated the attractive foursome. It was just too easy and never should have happened, but it did. And that was the last thing Anya and Sasha knew until they were on their way to the north tip of Minnesota in America where, terrified, Anya ran when she got the chance and fell into the lake below in which Brooke and her older brother Jaime were canoeing. It wasn't long before Brooke and her brother realized they would have a problem protecting this girl, and she was shortly turned over to Homeland Security--they thought. It's not difficult to imagine that having once rescued this pretty, young and frantic person, she'd continue to think and worry about her well-being. A little more difficult is the concept that 18 year old Brooke Kinley (soon to be an investigative journalist), facing her first year of college, would be capable of not only following up, but face the reality of the situation, and move to protect and rescue the child and those kidnapped with her in the sinister sex-trade market in which they find themselves embroiled. Brooke is not without strong allies in the small town where her family spent their summers and is well known and supported by good guys, which may well save the day. A novella, the author wastes no time getting deep into the plot and the storyline moves swiftly. These are not teenagers she is facing though, and the reality would be pretty terrifying. I suspect it might be challenging for an older person, well armed, much less an 18-year-old female armed with nothing but her wits. Still, the outcome is satisfying, and as I've not read "Patriot," for which this is the prequel, I am not sure how this ties in to that full and best-selling novel. I downloaded the novella free in exchange for an honest review. I've a little bit of a credibility issue, but otherwise the tale is worth the read.
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