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Disaster Crimes #1

Seismic Crimes

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***Seismic Crimes (Disaster Crimes #2)***

An Internal Affairs Investigator was murdered and his brother, Donovan Goldwyn, was framed. Now Donovan is desperate to prove his innocence. And the one person who can do that is the woman who saved him from a deadly hurricane—Beth Kennedy. From the moment their fates intertwined, passion consumed him. He wants her in his arms. More, he wants her by his side in his darkest moments.

Beth Kennedy may not know everything about Donovan, but she can’t deny what she feels for him. It’s her love for him that pushes her to do whatever she has to do to help him get justice, including putting herself in a criminal’s crosshairs.

When a tip reveals the killer's location, they travel to California, but then an earthquake of catastrophic proportions separates them. As aftershocks roll the land, Beth and Donovan have to endure dangerous conditions while trying to find their way back to one another. Will they reunite and find the killer, or will they lose everything?

Content Warning: on page sex, strong language, trauma/PTSD, death of a loved one, corpse, drug dealer, violence, guns

Heat Rating: Hot (Steamy scenes but NOT erotica)

Disaster Crimes Series:
Hurricane Crimes (#1)
Seismic Crimes (#2)
Lightning Crimes (#2.5 free story)
Tsunami Crimes (#3)
Flaming Crimes (#4)
Frozen Crimes (#5)

282 pages, Kindle Edition

Published April 22, 2016

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About the author

Chrys Fey

20 books335 followers

Author of the Disaster Crimes series. She/Her

Chrys Fey blogs at Write with Fey

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Chrys Fey is a disabled, tattooed author of books featuring heroines of steel. Her Disaster Crimes series is a unique blend of romance, disasters, and crimes, influenced by her own experiences with natural disasters. The conclusion of her series inspired her to create TheFightingChance.org, a resource for domestic violence survivors. On her blog, WritewithFey.com, she supports, empowers, and teaches fellow writers.

Fey got the idea for her first book when she was twelve and discovered a rusted screw with a crooked tip buried in grass. That screw was a key to an unknown world with an extraordinary character born in heaven.

She is a fur baby mom of four rescued cats. For fun, she photographs antiques, makes playlists, and creates flip cup paintings of Avrianna’s nebula. She loves Halloween, autumn, and gargoyles.

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6,766 reviews589 followers
August 28, 2016
They met during a hurricane in Florida and now Donovan Goldwyn and Beth Kennedy find themselves in another of Mother Nature’s furies in California as they follow the clues to find the murderer of Donovan’s IA Investigator brother. A catastrophic earthquake has brought buildings to their knees, injured and killed many and cause these two to be separated in the aftermath of total destruction. Could they get lucky and find the dirty cop has met his demise? Can they find the final proof that Donovan is not his brother’s killer?

Like looking for a needle in a haystack, these two will face danger, guns and the seedier side of life in an effort to bring justice to a cold-blooded killer. The tension runs high, the action is non-stop and the heat between two people who have only recently met is as sizzling as molten lava.

Beth has great instincts, true grit and the heart of a lion, willing to do anything for Donovan to keep him safe and sane. Donovan is desperate, destroyed and willing to go to any lengths to find his brother’s killer, but without Beth, he may take things too far and rack under the pressure.

Follow these two as the uncertainty of their situation takes them deep into the abyss of the underbelly of society. Watch their relationship grow, even during times of stress and learn to appreciate the writing prowess of author Chrys Fey in Seismic Crimes. Well written, non-stop, rapid-fire storytelling will keep readers on the edge of their seats while the romance that is growing between two wonderful characters will leave you just as breathless.

I received this copy from Chrys Fey in exchange for my honest review.

Title: Seismic Crimes
Author: Chrys Fey
Released: April 2016
Genre: Romantic-Suspense
Heat Rating: Steamy (18+)
Page Count: 282
Series: Disaster Crimes Book 2
Available from: Amazon Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Wild Rose Press
For Reviews & More: http://tometender.blogspot.com

Profile Image for Sherry Fundin.
1,798 reviews119 followers
November 9, 2016
Chrys Fey is a fantastic author who is always on the top of my reading list. She did not let me down in Seismic Crimes. Seismic Crimes picks up where Hurricane Crimes left off. The recap does not require you to read it first, though I would recommend doing so.

Beth’s journey continues with Donovan, which began in Hurricane Crimes, and now they are caught in an earthquake in San Francisco, being chased by a killer.

Is there such a thing as love at first sight? She risks a lot for him after knowing him for a day. It works for me.

Beth is an independent person, able to take care of herself, but Donovan easily fits into her life. He is hunky…hot…and action oriented, in more ways than one. Lots of romance and action, along with plenty of mystery and suspense, as Beth and Donovan take their relationship to a new level.

I am familiar with hurricanes and they don’t really scare me. There is plenty of time for preparation and if it’s going to be a big one, ya just get out of the way. Not so with earthquakes. I cannot imagine how terrifying it is to have your whole world shaking beneath your feet.

I could not help but chuckle at Beth’s thoughts while she is at the police station. It’s not starting out so well for them.

What can I say about Jackson Storm…? I love that Chrys made him a…and I see some deliciously good stuff coming next.

Humor and romance go well together and Chrys Fey does a great job of blending them while keeping the suspense percolating.

Some sexy, hot scenes. I would recommend this for adults.

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Seismic Crimes by Chrys Fey.

To see more visit fundinmental
Profile Image for Susan Swiderski.
Author 3 books37 followers
May 20, 2016
In the first book of this series, a Florida hurricane is the force of nature that brings Donovan and Beth together, and in this, the second book, a San Francisco earthquake is the force of nature that rocks their world and temporarily separates them. As much devastation as the earthquake brings, it may have also saved their lives from one of the killers intent on seeing them dead.

This is an entertaining, fairly fast-paced story, with realistic descriptions of the earthquake and its aftermath. It also tells the tale of a growing love between a very sweet caring guy, and a bad-ass gal who knows a little something-something about how to defend herself and the man she loves. Lots of good action scenes and sweet romance.

This story is enjoyable on its own merits, and there's no reason anyone HAS to read the first book first, but I recommend it. I mean, why not take advantage of the whole experience?
Profile Image for Juneta Key.
Author 10 books37 followers
November 29, 2017
Follow the crime leads from Hurricane to Seismic Disaster in this ongoing romantic suspense series

This is the second book in this series following the same characters. They started in Florida with Hurricane Crimes now in San Fransico with Seismic Crime. A fun romantic read with in pursuit of justice for the characters brother.
Profile Image for Lilly Gayle.
Author 10 books46 followers
June 15, 2016
Seismic Crimes is different from most romance novels, as the hero and heroine have already confessed their love to one another…but did they confess too soon? Will their romance be reminiscent of Annie and Jack’s from the 1994 movie, Speed?

Jack- “I have to warn you. I’ve heard relationships based on intense experiences never work.”
Annie– “Okay. We’ll have to base it on sex, then.”
Jack– “Whatever you say, ma’am.”

We all know how that romance turned out–or at least, those of us who watched the less worthy sequel, Speed 2, Cruise Control. Keanu Reeves, aka Jack, wasn’t in the sequel. In the second movie, Annie, Sandra Bullock, is with Alex, Jason Patrick.

So, how do Donovan and Beth fare in this sequel? Does their relationship from book one that was based on an intense experience help them in book two? Or does their new love fizzle and die?

Although this is the second book in a series, (and I haven’t yet read the first book) Fey quickly catches the reader up with our hero and heroine as they enter the police station after the hurricane featured in the first book, Hurricane Crimes, and Donovan is cleared of his brother’s murder. Yet there seems to be nothing he can do to help the police find the corrupt officer responsible for his brother’s death.

After riding out the end of the storm at the police station, Beth moves in with Donovan, as her house was destroyed in the first book. As the two begin to draw closer, Donovan becomes more obsessed with finding his brother’s killer, which puts a strain on their new and budding relationship and eventually, leads the couple to San Francisco. And that’s where the action begins as the two arrive shortly before a massive earthquake.

Fey does a good job of building suspense and putting the reader in the middle of the action, while continuing to build on the relationship between Donovan and Beth.

For those who love action, adventure, romance, and suspense, this book will be right up your alley.
Profile Image for Beverly McClure.
Author 17 books453 followers
November 15, 2016
A hurricane, a murder, and crooked cops do not sound very romantic, do they? But events sometimes work together in unexpected ways. In Author Chrys Fey’s novel SEISMIC CRIMES (DISASTER CRIMES BOOK 2) Beth not only survives Hurricane Sabrina, she also finds herself helping Donovan, a man she meets under strange circumstances, prove that he did not kill his brother.

And that’s just the beginning. Told from both Beth’s and Donovan’s points-of-view, the reader becomes a part of their story. Donovan’s brother was a police officer, like Donovan, and dirty police officers, killed him. Hidden cameras recorded the murder so they had proof of the guilty officers. Beth took one of the cops out, but the other one got away, and Donovan is determined to catch him and make him pay.

The author doesn’t make it easy for Beth and Donovan. They meet one obstacle after another. Will they survive or end up like Donovan’s brother, or will they succeed and live happily ever after? A very good question. Even though there are some violent scenes, there’s also a touch of humor. I really liked Beth and her loyalty to Donovan. The romance between them gives readers a nice change of pace from the action scenes.

SEISMIC CRIMES will keep you reading and wondering if and how the characters will get out of the situations they get in. They’re honest people, likeable but not perfect, which makes them even more interesting. So come along and meet Beth, Donovan, their friends, and their enemies. I think you’ll have trouble putting the book down once you start reading.
Profile Image for C. McKenzie.
Author 22 books421 followers
June 19, 2016
First Donovan must clear himself of a murder, then he can turn his attention to tracking down and capturing the dirty cop who killed his brother. What's quite evident is he needs Beth if he ever expects to do either. And from where we left off in Book 1 (Hurricane Crimes) Beth isn't about to walk away from this man no matter what danger he puts her into. She's already proven she's one resourceful and independent woman, now she's about to prove she can act when she's up against life and death situations.

They've survived a hurricane, but when they travel to San Francisco on the trail of his brother's killer, they're not only pitted against him, but a 7.+ earthquake.

There are two strengths in this story:

One is the non-stop uncertainty in each dangerous situation the two face together and alone. No matter what Donovan or Beth encounter, the reader's never sure either one of them will survive or how they'll manage.

The well-choreographed, sexy scenes between the two main characters will keep readers turning the pages as much as the chase and fight scenes do. Fey handles each of these intimate scenes amazingly well, setting a high bar for steamy romance writers.

Seismic Crimes is a good summer read--quick, exciting and hot enough to make July seem cool.

Profile Image for Sherry Ellis.
Author 8 books56 followers
May 2, 2016
Investigator, Donovan Goldwyn, was framed for the murder of his brother. The only person who can help clear his name is Beth Kennedy, a young woman who helped him during a hurricane. As the two become romantically involved, they find themselves travelling to California, where they endure yet another natural disaster: This time, an earthquake. It's a life and death battle, struggling to survive the earthquake and avoid being killed by the dangerous criminals.

Seismic Crimes is an action-packed novel that contains a little bit of everything. There's the suspense of a crime-fighting story, the adventure of surviving natural disasters, and the passion of romance. Just when you think the protagonists will get a break, something else happens. The action continues all the way into the last chapter. The chapters where the earthquake occurs are very well-written. Readers can easily picture the dangerous scene that unfolds. Fans of romantic suspense novels will enjoy this book.
Profile Image for Yolanda Renee.
Author 14 books106 followers
July 2, 2016
In Chrys Fey's novel Seismic Crimes, "Donovan is desperate to find the killer of his brother. Beth may not know everything about Donovan, but she can't deny what she feels for him."

Beth and Donovan met in Fey's short story, Hurricane Crimes, but her novel, Seismic Crimes finds them struggling to survive during an earthquake, a unique and solid story arc from this talented author.

Seismic Crimes picks up where Hurricane Crimes ended, but will Beth and Donovan discover true love at first disaster, or will this second calamity tear them apart? The search for the killer keeps the story moving and the tension high.

Excellent writing, exciting characters, and an original premise make this a winner!
Profile Image for Toula.
2,183 reviews
July 14, 2018
Have it in audio
This listen is full of mystery , investigation , crime and lots of layers . It will grab you from the first scan till the end . Bill as the narrator was good. He has a great clear voice. You can tell the characters by his tone .

Hero is Donavon. Heroine is Beth .
Donavon gets a schock when he is accused of murder . He knows he’s framed but Donavon needs to prove it

Donavon and Beth meet during a hurricane in Florida. Just like the weather turning their lives upside down and sideways. So will the rest of their lives.
Beth usually is a very independent lady. But she has an urge with no reason to help Donavon. The jurney continues to California.
Grab it and see do they clear Donavon life
Profile Image for Medeia Sharif.
Author 21 books429 followers
April 27, 2016
A horrendous hurricane in Florida brought Beth and Donovan together, and another natural disaster, an earthquake in California, wreaks more havoc and adds more suspense. After Donovan's brother is murdered, with Donovan framed for the gruesome crime, he's out for justice and Beth goes through major lengths to assist him. This has a great mixture of action and romance that'll keep you turning the pages.
Profile Image for Lisa Thomson.
Author 4 books19 followers
July 27, 2016
Action packed Seismic Crimes keeps you guessing. Beth is one tough heroine yet Donovan is equally heroic. The hot romance is a satisfying counterpoint to the crime and action scenes. Although it is not necessary I recommend reading Hurricane Crimes first to fully enjoy Seismic Crimes.
1,886 reviews49 followers
August 28, 2016
An action packed, exciting story which is fast paced and has some interesting twists. One minute you laugh and the you fear for characters.
An excellent second book.
Profile Image for Toi Thomas.
Author 16 books72 followers
June 29, 2017
This book picks up where the first leaves off and the story never slows down. Beth and Donovan have survived a hurricane and a murder attempt only to end up in peril again on the other side of the country. Before they face the dangers of earthquakes and drug dealers, the two do try to be a real couple.

Beth and Donovan begin a life together and are happy with the comfort and, steamy, pleasure they bring one another, but it’s clear that they both issues and pasts that could threaten what they have if they don’t deal with them honestly. Plus, Donovan is having a difficult time accepting that, with such time constraints weighing on his desire to capture is brother’s killer, Beth is his best shot of even getting close.

There are some, what I feel are, ‘battle of the sexes’ tropes at play in this story. Some I feel are handled wonderfully, while others have left me a bit confused. Beth gets the crap beat out of her, but she doesn’t go down easy. She’s a fighter. Big strong Donovan is forced to rely, not only on another person but, a woman more than once. But after the earthquake and the resulting aftershocks roll in, the experience of the two main characters is so different that I wonder if it was intentional.

When Beth is alone, trying to get back to Donovan, all she sees and experiences is more disaster. She’s mostly just running for her life, having no time to really look for Donovan. Aside from providing her own self-defense, she isn’t able to really help anyone else. Donovan, on the other hand, sees disaster and runs to it like Superman. Left and right, he’s saving people. There’s nothing wrong with either of these experiences, but it would have been nice to see Beth save someone.

Still, all in all, a wonderfully intense and solid crime drama. Will definitely continue the series.

Recommended to adult readers of crime thrillers and romantic suspense.
Profile Image for Julie Howard.
Author 2 books15 followers
July 26, 2020
I enjoyed the second part of this book more than the first part, so stick with it. The book is billed as a suspense/thriller but I think it needs its own heading of romance/disaster. The first part of the book is explaining what happened in book one, which I didn't mind because I haven't listened to the first book and it explained what was going on but what I did find very tedious was they were jumping in bed every five minutes (the romance?). You know who the killer is and why so they is no mystery just how in the second half of the book they set out to catch him only to be caught up in a natural disaster, which I found interesting and saved the book for me. The story was well written and I did like the characters, especially Beth. I like it when a woman can take care of herself. it just didn't need all the sex scenes. I will be listening to the next book because the story isn't over yet.
Donovan risked his and new girlfriend Beth's life to prove he didn't kill his brother but the real killer a corrupt cop got away. Donovan unable to let it go tracks him down to California. The pair are just about to confront the killer when an earthquake hits. With looters in the streets, sink holes opening up in front of them, building on fire and people trapped in dangerous situations can the pair find justice for Donovan's brother?
Bill Nevitt is such a great narrator and the reason that I am giving this series ago. He has a way of bringing the characters to life and making a story entertaining
866 reviews20 followers
December 6, 2018
Full disclosure here; I do NOT like romance books and I never listen to them. However, Bill Nevitt is such a top notch voice actor that I'm thrilled to listen to anything he narrates, so I plunged in! It was actually quite pleasant. The love story aspect was sweet, without being too syrupy! It was realistic attraction between grown ups. The thriller part of the book was also enjoyable. I especially appreciated the fact that Beth was a kick-ass female who's perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She chose to allow Donovan to help her, but it was very clear she was able to function and fight off attackers independently. The ending of Seismic Crimes leaves you hankering after book 3, which I understand is called Tsunami Crimes, (Beth and Donovan have lots of things going for them, unfortunately 'luck' isn't one of them), and as book 2 kept my interest and the third book is also narrated by Bill Nevitt, I think I'll be treating myself to it. I haven't listened to book 1, and I don't feel it impacted on my enjoyment, it was a clear story line, and anyway, it's not narrated by Bill Nevitt so I probably won't bother with it. It was nearly 8 hours of pure escapism, which I'm happy to recommend.
Profile Image for Scherry  at The Novel Lady.
302 reviews7 followers
December 16, 2017
Seismic Crimes is Book #2 in Chrys Fey's Disaster Crimes series. I have to say that this book kept me on the edge of my seat and turning those pages without wanting to put the book down even once! Chrys Fey created some amazing characters who were multi-dimensional and very likable. The heroine, Beth Kennedy, is a kick-ass, gutsy lady who teaches a self-defense class. Beth teamed up with Donovan in Book #1 when his car crashed in front of Beth's house in the middle of a hurricane. Now here they are together again, following up on the murder of Donovan's brother.This time their investigation takes them to California where they get caught in a concrete crumbling garage when a powerful earthquake hits. Add in more bad guys with guns and you have an action-packed thriller that will keep your heart pounding. And the romance is terrific too! Hot and steamy but with all those slow simmering tingles that get your pulse racing.

Gotta say... I loved this book and I love this series! Highly recommended!
Profile Image for Trisha.
857 reviews11 followers
January 11, 2022

Beth might not know a bunch about Donovan but she know she is in love with him, even if he is suspected of murder. Beth goes with him to turn himself in and explain how he is innocent and how he is being framed. But when the flood waters recede there is more to discover and it means a trip to California to try and catch Donovan's brothers killer and of course Beth will not let him go alone. Than it really gets crazy.

This is a wonderful audio, it was so much fun to listen too, I didn't want it to end thank goodness there are more adventures so it didn't really end. The story line is awesome and the narrator sticks you right in the middle of all the action like you could help too. Voice actor Bill Nevitt is that kind of narrator, he can transport you into the story using his voice, I have truly enjoyed all the audio-books I have narrated by Mr. Nevitt and now also those written by Mr. Fey.
3,024 reviews11 followers
November 24, 2019
Donovan and Beth follow a lead to San Francisco. They got word the dirty cop who murdered Donovan's Internal Affairs brother and framed Donovan was there. Knowing his location, Donovan decided to treat them to a mini vacation while they waited for him to show up. They stayed at a luxury hotel, top-notch restaurants, and fun spots...until not only did they spot the bad guy, a major earthquake interrupted the take-down.

An intense time begins, they are separated by the quake damage, more danger from the murderer brings new enemies. Life risking situations put them both in more danger, How will they react? Will they find each other again in this devastated city? What about the new human dangers?

Can their new feelings for each other grow during this new earth generated disaster or will it be too much? That is if they live through it?
Profile Image for Claudia.
2,766 reviews34 followers
October 31, 2021
First, I don't think this is a mystery, we know from the beginning who and why, but I liked the sense of adventure and danger from the storyline.

I think the plot was well done and it hold my attention all the way but... gosh! why should we go through so much sex? I'm not a prude, it's just that there were more explicit (VERY EXPLICIT!) sex scenes in it than in most of any romance novel, and they serve no function at all. And the worst was that, sorry, but they were boring. I fast-forwarded through all of them and I guess I'll keep doing it as I don't think the author will stop writing them *laughs*

But I'm engaged enough with the story itself that I'll will listen to the next one.

As always, Bill Nevitt does an excellent work with the narration: perfectly differentiated voices, great timing and clarity; truly enjoyable.
Profile Image for Terry  .
653 reviews24 followers
December 19, 2018
audiobook review

The underlying story of the hunt for a killer and thriller aspect was very good. I enjoyed the thriller aspect & thought the earthquake section was particularly scary as we don’t suffer these. Thankfully!
The narrator was good & kept the story going well.
I’ve lowered my stars as I’m not a big fan of sex scenes in thriller books, I tend to skim them but the scenes in this were graphic and too detailed for my personal taste. I just don’t enjoy extreme details in a thriller story, I don’t see the point. My personal opinion, I found the interaction especially at the beginning very creepy between the main characters. I think this put me off the rest of the scenes between then.
Lots have enjoyed it and that’s great. As I said my personal opinion only
Profile Image for Anne Rightler.
1,698 reviews13 followers
August 8, 2020
Seismic Crimes by Chrys Fey is a book that grabs the reader right from the start and doesn't let go until the dramatic end. Although part of a series, the author does a good job of filling in any pertinent details from the first book that the reader may need to know. In their search for a dirty cop, Beth and Donovan have landed in California just in time for a catastrophic earthquake. Lots of action, gripping descriptions of scenes, strong characters and an exciting plot make for a good book and Seismic Crimes has them all. I am looking forward to finding out more about this couple in the next books in the series.
I listened to a complimentary copy of the audiobook and the narrator, Bill Nevitt, does a great job telling the story, making for an enjoyable listening experience.
I will put a caution that this book is at least a PG-13 rating, due to language and intimacy details.
Profile Image for Holly Lenz.
803 reviews2 followers
September 6, 2020
When it comes to natural disasters, Beth and Donovan have the worst luck. In Seismic Crimes, they face an earthquake, along with some nasty villains. The book takes a long time to get to the action (unless action means a lot of graphic sex to you), but once the book gets moving, it really moves.

Seismic Crimes is the second book in the series. I have listened to several of the books out of order, and I have not listened to the first book yet. I would imagine they would be better in order, but you can enjoy then independently as I did.

Recommended for adult readers only. Contains graphic sex scenes.

The narrator does a great job bringing the series to life.

I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook. This is my honest and voluntary review.
44 reviews1 follower
December 22, 2018
I listened to 'Seismic Crimes' on Audible and found the narrator lively and enthusiastic and he moved the story on well.

I hadn't heard of the author before or read the first book in the series so it was all new to me. In fact I thought the author was male and that 'Chrys' was just a fancy spelling of 'Chris' as in Christopher. I started to question the author's gender with the first major love scene. It just felt a bit twee and so I googled the author and found her photo and an interview with her and it all became clear.

Chrys writes carefully and her descriptions of people and places are good. The story is perfect for holiday listening.
Profile Image for Rosemary Hughes.
2,897 reviews15 followers
July 28, 2020
I had a chance to go back and listen to this story, even though I have listened to the others in this series.
Often this approach isn't desirable, as the later episodes sometimes give away some of the story from previous books in a series.
In this case, it was like visiting old friends and learning something more about them, that I hadn't fully known the complete story off.
I really enjoy the narrator's grasp of the various characters and how their characteristics come across by the accents and tones used.
As for the tale itself, well, it's suspenseful and dramatic, with a touch of lust and attraction thrown in.
Yes, if you love this genre, then you should enjoy this tale.
Profile Image for Ginger.
1,141 reviews7 followers
July 8, 2018
They survived a hurricane, it’s after effects, and one way or another they are going to piece together the murder of Donavan’s brother Ryan. Beth knows she is in love with this man she has only known for a short time. She loves him so much she will travel to the other side of the country, weather an earthquake, multiple murder attempts to help him solve this murder and give Donavan closure, clear there names and hopefully have a life together.
Thank you Bill Nevitt for gifting me this audible book though Audible Fixation on Facebook.
Profile Image for Roger.
4,041 reviews14 followers
October 11, 2018
My third read/listen from author Chrys Fey. The characters introduced in Hurricane Crimes (Disaster Crimes #1) are back in this second in series. I was given an Audible copy of Tsunami Crimes & I’d missed something in not reading book 2 in the series so I went out & bought it. Well-written romantic suspense, captivating & intriguing with well-developed characters in this longer work. I’ll be reading more in this series and look forward to the fourth book. (RIP Marley January 20, 2014 - July 24, 2018).
Profile Image for Ronel Janse van Vuuren.
Author 89 books46 followers
July 26, 2022
Lots of flowery prose. Donovan acts a bit like an idiot, going to see the corpse of his brother (contaminating the iffy crime scene and getting nightmare images to haunt him forever).

Bit of a slow pace for romantic suspense: chapter 8 and he hadn’t gone after his brother’s killer yet as he said he would. And Donovan isn’t my type of hero: at the slightest hint of trying to get to know him better, he’s sure Beth doesn’t trust him and thinks he’s a psycho killer. Urgh. Romance heroes need to be likeable.

As much as I wanted to like this book, I’m DNFing at 24%.
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