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Wraith Knight
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Wraith Knight

3.80  ·  Rating details ·  105 ratings  ·  45 reviews
The King Below, Enemy of the World, is dead. Will his successor save the world...or rule it? Jacob Riverson was once the greatest hero of an age. Cut down during what should have been the final battle against the King Below, he was condemned to centuries of torment as a Wraith Knight in the service of said monster. With the destruction of his master, Jacob finds his free w ...more
Paperback, 322 pages
Published November 15th 2016 by Ragnarok Publications (first published November 8th 2016)
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3.80  · 
Rating details
 ·  105 ratings  ·  45 reviews

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Feb 08, 2017 rated it liked it
Shelves: fantasy
It is hard to describe just what sort of book Wraith Knight really is. It feels like a bizarre parody of both the classic traditional fantasy stories of old and of modern grimdark fantasy stories. As you would expect from a parody it is melodramatic, funny, and a little over the top. Yet even with the light tone and humour this still manages to be a pretty dark story.

The idea behind the story is a fun one. Jacob Riverson was once a highly regarded hero of the Shadow Guard. He fought in the name
Montzalee Wittmann
Jul 07, 2017 rated it really liked it
Wraith Knight by C.T. Phipps is a book I was given to read but the review is voluntary. It is a good fantasy and different. I liked it because it had a wraith knight which I think is cool and it started out right away with dragons, my weakness, love dragons! Lots of magic, quests, adventure, a dead hero who's dealing with what history recorded vs truth, how things changed since he has risen, and an elf-type warrior woman he is helping. It is pretty good with interesting combo and plot. I like t ...more
Luke Hindmarsh
Jul 25, 2017 rated it it was amazing
All Dark Lords are evil, aren’t they?

Wraith Knight is the second novel by C.T. Phipps that I’ve read after the excellent Lucifer’s Star. That book and this seem to echo each other in several ways. I went away feeling that Wraith Knight was the superior tale and that is saying something. The general theme of both novels is an exploration as good and evil as colours on a continuum instead of as diametrically opposed. This is Grimdark Fantasy and I say that as a compliment. It’s at the morally comp
Jesse Teller
May 09, 2018 rated it really liked it
Wraith Knight is the first book in the Three Worlds trilogy and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It is a take on the wraith kings of Tolkien, and while I usually do not enjoy a writer’s take on a different writer’s work, this one I didn’t mind.

I didn’t mind it because the work seems so grounded in its own world that I hardly noticed. It was more like this book was influenced by Tolkien rather than written in Tolkien’s world.

The first thing we have to talk about when we talk about Wraith Knight is the
Rob Hayes
Nov 21, 2016 rated it liked it
Apparently it's customary to note that I received an ARC version of the book in return for an honest review. I also received that ARC about a year prior to release and I'm reliably informed that those pesky typos and what not have been cleaned up.

On a personal note this was one of the first ARCs I was given to read... my Kindle is now full of the damned things.

So Wraith Knight is the story of Jacob Riverson. Jacob was the greatest hero of his age and a shining light against the darkness... right
Ty Arthur
Jan 31, 2018 rated it really liked it
Shelves: fantasy
The main concept is what immediately drew me into Wraith Knight, with a hero from a previous age being turned into what is essentially a ring wraith and working for the dark lord for centuries against his will. Hundreds of years later he suddenly gets his consciousness back and has to deal with trying to be the good guy when he's really the bad guy.

All the central themes of Wraith Knight revolve around the idea that a black and white / good versus evil mechanic can't continue to operate after th
M Crabbe
Jun 29, 2017 rated it it was amazing
WARNING: do not attempt this novel unless your schedule for the day is clear.

I could not put down Wraith Knight by C.T. Phipps. I tried. I had lots of things to do. Alas, my plans for the day were crushed because this book is addictive.

Wraith Knight chronicles the events that transpire when Jacob, former legendary hero, finds himself shriven of life and wakes up not just dead, but a Wraith Knight, one of the four Dark Lords of the King Below. He soon discovers that the King Below is dead, and he
Bob Milne
Dec 17, 2018 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fantasy-epic
I cut my genre teeth on epic fantasies from the likes of Weis and Hickman, heroic fantasies from Howard and Leiber, and the anti-heroes of Moorcock and Donaldson. They were my first, and they are the kind of books I return to when I'm seeking escape. There aren't a lot of authors who write fantasy like that anymore, big books full of magic, monsters, wonder, and warriors, which is a big part of what makes Wraith Knight so exciting.

C.T. Phipps opens the book with a Hero of the ages, cut down in t
Stanislas Sodonon
Feb 02, 2018 rated it it was amazing
The first book of CT Phipps I read didn't quite work for me. And it made me feel very uncomfortable, especially since I'd been given a copy of all his books in exchange for a fair review.
In the end, I told myself that he's a big boy and can take it, then went ahead and wrote my review.
He took it quite well, as have all the authors who have given me books to review (aren't they crazy??!!). That was a comfort. However, it raised the stakes for the next book, and it took me a long time and a lot of
Kitvaria Sarene
This book had some things that worked really well for me - especially the hero being the villain and still being the hero (so neither good or bad, but somehow both and neither), and a lot of magic!
It also had things that annoyed me to no end, especially an eyerolling love triangle that made me cringe over and over.
The characters are extremely tropey and over done, but on purpose. Still it didn't always work for me.

While I loved Lucifer's star by the same author, this one was only a "nice" read f
A.M. Justice
Jan 28, 2018 rated it it was amazing
4.5 stars

I loved this book. From the first word to the last, I loved everything about it. Reading it was like returning to a beloved ice cream parlor you hadn't visited in years, and ordering the dark chocolate sundae with hot fudge, chocolate chips, and whipped cream that you loved so much when you were young, and savoring every delicious, nostalgia-filled moment.

The book is written in first person, from the point of view of an extremely sympathetic and likable narrator named Jacob, who awakens
Jan 09, 2018 rated it it was amazing
Wraith Knight, much like many of Charles Phipps' brilliant creations is not a book that can easily be pigeonholed. Sure it falls under the broad category of fantasy, but there is so much more to the story and it is constantly shape shifting in to various sub-genres.

These shifts create something glorious to behold. One of the best trilogy debuts I've read, Wraith Knight, blends the quest story of epic fantasy, the gritty and profane of "Grimdark" and a large scale cinematic world with brutal and
Brian's Book Blog
Feb 12, 2019 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Phipps Does It Again

Having just read and reviewed The Rules of Supervillainy, I was a little surprised at the “non-hero being a hero” similarities in the two books. I know that Phipps wrote them at different times and that they are eons apart but I also thought that the same feeling was in both books. The best part about that feeling is that it’s a “good triumphs evil” feeling even though the characters are supposed to be villains or bad guys. It’s a really good kind of uncomfortable.

Wraith Knig
Ed Nemo
Feb 18, 2019 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: fantasy
What is a Wraith Knight? I imagined something between the Nazgûl in Lord of the Rings and Lord Soth from Ravenloft.

Jacob Riverson has awoken from his millennia of service to the King Below; the god of evil in a war-torn land. A once great hero turned into a base villain, who performed travesties in the name of "Evil". Swearing himself to the brave women that have fallen into his path. He will try his best to do the "right" thing, even as the Trickster God of Evil whispers in his ear.

I love tale
Wraith Knight is a cross between epic fantasy and grimdark fantasy. Our main character Jacob was a hero over two centuries ago but his soul was enslaved by the Big Baddie and he served as a Wraith Knight committing many atrocities. Now his servitude is over and he has no memory of his time spent as the repellent Wraith Knight. He was a very interesting character. He gave his life fighting the King Below but now that that malevolence is gone from the world, he is sad to see that the world isn’t a ...more
Martin Owton
Jun 03, 2019 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
The basic concept of this secondary world adventure is that a knight wakes up some 600 years after his death at the hands of a dark lord he was fighting against and realises that on his death he was enslaved to serve the dark lord. For the 600 years he has done his bidding and committed terrible crimes. It is a good idea that I've not seen before. With CT Phipps it is a given that the action will be somewhat over the top and that is true here, there is a great deal of very powerful magic being t ...more
Dec 22, 2016 rated it liked it
Alternate Title: "Jacob Riverson and the Super Complicated Build-Up to a Threesome"

I wish I could say I enjoyed this book. The story was a somewhat unique take on blurring the lines of good an evil. BUT (and this is a big but) the editing was HORRIBLE. Horrible to the point that I kind of wonder whether or not the original draft was even sent to an editor or just immediately published and distributed. The constant typos made it almost impossible to get into the story because they would jerk the
Shannon Wolf
Not Bad

I rounded down, so the three stars appears to be low. I really enjoyed the storyline, a nice change of pace if I do say so myself. The biggest issue I have is that the main character came off as flat. It could have been the mood I was in reading the book, I don't know. I wanted to like the guy, but I think a fence post and I would get along better. I will likely re-read at a later date, because I really liked the concept.
Roberto Viña Sosa
Jan 28, 2017 rated it it was ok
It's not a bad book my 2 stars only reflect one aspect of the book' completely and utterly predictable in every single scenario played in this story, and.. characters portrayed!

That single thing turned this journey for me' into a chore.

"No fault of the author in anyway!"
May 30, 2019 rated it it was amazing
I don't normally gravitate to these kinds of storylines, but this one has a great story, and kept my interest throughout the book. Will be getting the second in the series soon.
Steve Caldwell
Feb 01, 2017 rated it it was amazing
Jacob Riverson, Knight Paramount of the Shadow Guard, The Sounthern Kindoms guardians against, after killing Kurzad, one of the four Dark Lords (think super powered Ring Wraiths) in combat, He faces the King Below, the trixter God of Evil, in the final battle of the fourth age. The King below kills him by running him through. 250 years later, he becomes aware again, standing on a mountain top, facing the trixter god in his not battle guise. Jacob is told by the God that he is a wraith and that h ...more
Nov 21, 2016 rated it it was amazing
After a diverse first run, I finally turn to Phipps' dark fantasy tale, Wraith Knight. I enjoyed this perhaps the most of the books I've read by him so far, even more than Cthulhu Armageddon (though the edition I read had an unfortunate amount of errors left around, a situation which the author has assured me is being worked on). I quite enjoy the world he's created, especially the descriptions of Everfrost, the frozen palace of the King Below that sits above a pit leading straight into Hell.

Jul 26, 2017 rated it it was amazing
There is a lot in this book about the philosophy of good versus evil. There is a lot about choice and consequences, about how one cannot exist without the other, and that most beings are actually somewhere in the grey area between. The book manages to avoid becoming too preachy, too, and instead lets the conflict be embodied in the main character. There are a few problems - most notably the constant writing mistakes (I was in contact with the author and there is reason for this) - but the story ...more
Rakie Keig
Nov 08, 2016 rated it it was amazing
A well-paced, fun, monster-filled story, with so much beautiful world-building and ideas and fantastical creatures. Also features the charmingly flawed characters which C T Phipps is so good at incorporating in his work. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
Mar 20, 2017 rated it it was ok
Story from the evil side. Interesting, But the writing and dialoge.. Opera, poetic. Not what I enjoy I must sadly admit.
Aug 29, 2018 rated it really liked it
‘I was a Wraith Knight, one of the four Dark Lords of the King Below.’

Author C.T Phipps offers yet another fantasy, and while the audience may have been prepared by his fifteen or so books thus far published (with more on the way), this book is entertaining as a parody of monster stories that adults (with time on their hands) will likely enjoy the somewhat loony tale. References to board games and gaming devices abound and add to the sense of lightness that makes the book fun to read.

For starter
Mar 11, 2019 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Jacob Riverson was once the foremost knight in the fight against the King Below. But when he awakes centuries after his final battle, he is horrified to discover that he has been co-opted to fight for his enemy as the Wraith Knight of the title.

On one level, Wraith Knight takes a number of familiar fantasy tropes; knights, dragons, quests, etc. but inverts many of them. Many of the knights are revealed to have been brutal in their objectives, the latter quest is not to destroy an evil source of
Shawn Remfrey
Mar 05, 2018 rated it really liked it
Shelves: home-library
The world and characters have been intricately carved so that there's no doubt that the author sees and knows them clearly during the writing. It's a fun plot. There's plenty of action and adventure. There's also plenty of politics and religion if those are your things.

The trouble with most fantasy books is that the first book has so much information to give out and there really isn't a good way to do that. Just getting to know the characters and what's really going on takes close to the first
Sep 06, 2018 rated it really liked it
Jacob Riverson wakes up to find he had been serving the King Below as one of the four Wraith Knights of the Dark Lord for over a thousand years. He killed Kurag Shadowweaver, but unknowingly he takes his place as a Wraith Knight. Before he could even get his bearings he is hailed by a fellow Knight Paramount of the Shadowguard for help. The trickster is not dead and haunts him as he sets his path in a new realm of civil war. He finds out that what is thought of as good was only a mirage, betraya ...more
Julius Blitzy
Aug 31, 2018 rated it really liked it
When destiny and history collide, there is really not much else to do, but what does your heart tell you to do? What compel us to keep moving forward? If we condemn ourselves to be what the rest of the world thinks about what you really are, then there is no hope.
I’m very impressed with this book, despite being a fantasy story it’s not a great and huge new world like the ones from ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’ and still, this effective story with its characters give us a more c
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