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Runaway Desires #2

To Tempt an Heiress

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Susanna Craig’s dazzling series set in Georgian England sails to the Caribbean—where a willful young woman and a worldly man do their best to run every which way but towards each other…

After her beloved father dies, Tempest Holderin wants nothing more than to fulfill his wish to free the slaves on their Antiguan sugar plantation. But the now wealthy woman finds herself pursued by a pack of unsavory suitors with other plans for her inheritance. To keep her from danger, her dearest friend arranges a most unconventional solution: have Tempest kidnapped and taken to safety.

Captain Andrew Corrvan has an unseemly reputation as a ruthless, money-hungry blackguard—but those on his ship know differently. He is driven by only one thing: the quest to avenge his father’s death on the high seas. Until he agrees to abduct a headstrong heiress…

If traveling for weeks—without a chaperone—isn’t enough to ruin Tempest, the desire she feels for her dark and dangerously attractive captor will do the rest. The storm brewing between them will only gather strength when they reach England, where past and present perils threaten to tear them apart—even more so than their own stubborn hearts…

384 pages, ebook

First published December 6, 2016

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Susanna Craig

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Almost as soon as she could hold a pencil, Susanna Craig began writing stories. Today, she pens award-winning Regency-era romance novels that blend history and heart with a dash of heat. An English professor, wife, and mom, she’s currently finding her happily ever after in Kentucky while holding onto her Midwestern roots. Find her online at http://www.susannacraig.com.

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April 18, 2017
I read the first book in Susanna Craig’s Runaway Desires series earlier this year and though I didn’t love it, I thought it showed promise. My thoughts ran in a similar fashion while reading To Tempt an Heiress. This book also has good ideas and likeable characters, but unfortunately, the writing doesn’t support them. Characters fall for one another after spending mere moments together, bad guys don’t get a chance to be very bad, big themes (slavery, feminism) are merely plot devices that don’t receive the gravitas they deserve, and the chemistry and relationship development between the principals is sorely lacking.

Young and beautiful, Tempest Holderin is one of the wealthiest landowners in Antigua. Fortune hunters are eager to marry her, but so far she’s managed to keep them at bay. A student of Mary Wollstonecraft’s teachings, Tempest has no intention of marrying or surrendering her independence and wealth to a man. Once she comes of age, she’ll inherit Harper Hill sugar plantation and, in honor of her father’s dying wish, she’ll free the slaves who work there. Until then, she bides her time advocating for and educating the slaves at Harper Hill. Unfortunately, her actions haven’t gone unnoticed and Lord Nathaniel Delamere, a friend of her late father’s, is both determined to marry Tempest and put a stop to her plans. Recently, he’s become more aggressive in his pursuit and seems increasingly unwilling to accept no for an answer.

Tempest remains convinced she can evade Delamere and any other suitors, but Edward Cary, Harper Hill’s estate manager and Tempest’s dearest friend, isn’t so sure. To that end, he’s decided the best way to keep her safe is to send her to her grandfather’s estate in Yorkshire. After some discreet inquiries, he decides to approach Captain Andrew Corrvan of the Fair Colleen, and bribe him into taking Tempest to England. When the story opens, the two men are deep in negotiations and Corrvan – a fair, honest leader in spite of his reputation for ruthlessness – isn’t convinced carrying Tempest off against her will is any better than marrying her off to one of her suitors. When Tempest accidentally interrupts their conversation, Corrvan realizes kidnapping her won’t be easy; the lady is headstrong, temperamental and fiercely independent. To his own surprise, he finds himself agreeing to the deal and leaves the meeting wondering what he’s got himself into.

Getting Tempest on board proves easier than Corrvan hoped. After traveling into town without an escort (and against Edward’s wishes), Tempest is readying to return to Harper Hill when she spots an injured young black boy being escorted out of a pub by two sailors. Concerned they’re up to no good, she follows them from town to the docks, onto a rowboat, and ultimately aboard the ship Fair Colleen. When she’s finally spotted and asks after the young boy, a crewman escorts her to the captain’s cabin. Told who awaits him, Corrvan can’t believe his luck. He sets sail for England and heads to his cabin to speak with Tempest.

Tempest, as expected, is furious and demands Corrvan return her to Antigua. Corrvan refuses. As every romance reader can guess, these two love to hate each other. Proximity (not enough in my opinion), attraction, stormy seas, desire… conspire to bring them together. It isn’t long before they kiss and then fall into bed. The sex, which happens maybe the third or fourth time they actually meet (ahem), fails to titillate. Instead it brings to mind the phrase ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am.’ Much like the relationship itself, the sex is abrupt, not very romantic, and random.

As I mentioned previously, Ms. Craig fails to develop the relationship between Tempest and Corrvan. She chooses instead to keep reminding the reader how independent, intelligent and passionate Tempest is; to arbitrarily introduce a gay couple; to demonstrate what a great captain Corrvan is (turns out, he directed his crew to rescue the black boy from… Delamere!); and then introduces an entire subplot related to Corrvan and his quest for revenge against the man who long ago killed his father when he sank his ship. Revenge has kept Corrvan from his family and England for more than a decade and he worries about what awaits him when he finally makes it home. Needless to say, the Fair Colleen makes it to London. From this point, the story slowly makes its way to the inevitable happy ending – but not before Tempest and Corrvan are faced with a few more twists.

In To Tempt an Heiress, Ms. Craig tries to do too much in too few pages. The relationship between the principals never has a chance to heat up before they end up in bed together, and honestly, they barely get to know one another even after it happens. In fact, their intense attraction to one another is slightly baffling – they literally have less than a handful of conversations before they’re having sex and falling in love. We’re told Tempest is a fiery, independent spirit with a passion to help the slaves on her plantation, but her character never demonstrates any of this depth and she comes across as a silly, almost naïve young woman. Slavery, feminism…we barely hear about either once she falls for Andrew.

Andrew doesn’t fare much better. After running away from his mother and stepfather, he pursues a life at sea in order to avenge the death of his father. He doesn’t stay in touch with either of them, and only after he arrives in London does he discover his stepfather died two years ago, leaving him everything – including a robust shipping concern. His mother has been left to worry about him, mourn her deceased husband and run the family business. Once Andrew returns, not much changes. He’s still resistant to taking over the company, and only a threat to Tempest’s safety keeps him from running away from England – and his mother – again. He eventually catches up to his father’s killer, but the scene is so anticlimactic and ugly, there’s little satisfaction in it.

Ms. Craig introduces a few potentially interesting secondary characters – Corrvan’s mother, a pair of gay crew members, Tempest’s grandfather – but again, we don’t really get a chance to know them, and she fails to develop their storylines in any meaningful fashion. Frankly, almost everyone in the story is a bit too good to be true, except Delamere. As for him, he pops up at the very beginning and the very end – and though both Edward and Andrew consider him a threat, Tempest never seems overly concerned with his machinations. Ms. Craig needed a bad guy and Delamere fits the bill.

I wanted to like To Tempt an Heiress. Unfortunately, the idea of the book is more interesting than the book itself. I believe Edward Cary’s story is next in the series; I’ll wait and see what other reviewers think of that one before I’m tempted to read it myself.
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December 6, 2016
Tempestuous and tempting!

Slavery, abolitionists, a headstrong, willful heiress, piracy, and a chase across the oceans from Antigua to London. And this is just the beginning! Plenty of heart stopping action, frisson between the two main protagonists make this an excellent addition to this latest in the Runaway Desires series.
Andrew Corrvan is presented with a strange business request. To kidnap Tempest Holderin, compassionate Antiguan sugar plantation heiress.
Tempest's plantation manager and close friend Edward Cary is concerned that the vile, supercilious and self serving Lord Nathaniel Delamere will compromise or even force Tempest into marriage. With her father dead, Tempest has no protectors in the wider plantation community.
Tempest is a radical thinker, fan of Mary Wolstencroft, and committed to freeing the slaves on their plantation, Harper's Hill, her dead father's futuristic vision.
Captain Andrew Corrvan is strong and independent, viewed by outsiders as ruthless. His crew knows the truth. He is just and true and seeks out pirates in the Caribbean. Even the truth of that is deeper. The force that drives Andrew is vengeance. He is committed to finding the pirate who killed his father. He has been searching for nigh on ten years. Yet Andrew Corrvan has self doubts about his own abilities.
Certainly 'Corrvan would never claim to have always acted on the right side of the law, but there were crimes even he would not stoop to commit. Kidnapping was one of them.'
When Andrew agrees to abduct Tempest, admittedly after some consideration and revelations, he is thrown into a situation where the kidnap becomes a fait accompli.
Tempest is named truly. Feisty, adorable, impulsive and committed to her father's vision for freed slaves, Captain Andrew Corrvan doesn't stand a chance and is taken by storm by the lively Tempest, figuratively and literally. Tempest is tempted by Andrew in ways she had never envisioned.
An intriguing story, laced with high adventure and hard fought love.
A love story based around the darker history of slavery and freedom.
I certainly enjoyed this latest offering from Susannah Craig, with her delightful nods to the great bard, Shakespeare.

A NetGalley ARC
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December 7, 2016

For anyone who has read this blog for more than…well, two minutes…it likely doesn’t come as a surprise that I, Elinor, am a nerd. I’m a nerd by profession, but before that I was a nerd because I just couldn’t be anything else. (Thanks, genetics!) I’ve always loved learning new things. As a kid I made my own dictionary of foreign words because I thought other languages were really cool. I wrote letters to famous historical figures (even though I knew they were dead…obviously) just because I wanted to tell them how much their lives meant to me. I read, read, and re-read every book I could get my hands on (and I still do!). Of all my brainy loves, history ranked at the very top. I was and still am captivated by times past and the cultures and societies that populated them.

At that same time that I was geeking out over ancient civilizations or the Napoleonic Wars I was also falling madly in love with other people falling madly in love. I’ve always found romance fascinating, and have been reading stories about how one person gets lost in another for almost as long as I can remember. From Jane Austen to Sappho to my dad’s letters to my mom, beautifully written expressions of love just slay me.

Imagine, then, how happy I was to find Susanna Craig’s To Tempt an Heiress, a novel that perfectly marries these two parts of myself, the history nerd and the lover of love!

To Tempt an Heiress is just THE BEST. Set in Georgian England and the Caribbean, it tells the story of Tempest Holderin, a young woman of fortune who grew up in the British colony of Antigua, and the happily ever after she finds with the dashing Captain Andrew Corrvan. Tempest is the most eligible of young women—she’s beautiful, she’s intelligent, and, most of all, she’s rich. This makes her a source of desire for half the men on the island and plenty more throughout the Empire. Many of those suitors (most especially the handsy, way too old, all around creeptastic Lord Nathaniel Delamere) want to use Tempest’s money and her property—and Tempest herself—for less than savory ends.

Herein enters the handsome captain, who, despite his better judgment, accepts a proposition from a close friend of the Holderin family: Andrew must kidnap Tempest, haul her aboard his ship, and transport her to London, where she will be safe from the Delameres of the world. Little does Andrew know that his choice to take up this mad plan will change his life forever. Far more than simple cargo, Tempest is a kind-hearted, headstrong abolitionist who ignites Andrew’s every passion. Far more than a pirate, Andrew is the Shakespeare quoting, storm-sailing man of Tempests’ dream. By the time the journey to London is over, the two are wildly in love, but unable to set aside their pride or ambitions to give their feelings voice. Thankfully, dramatic events force their hands, and the two are brought together in a wonderfully romantic conclusion.

To Tempt an Heiress has everything I want in a romance novel (or in any novel!)— a wonderful cast of characters, steamy sexual tension between the hero and heroine, exquisite period details, a commendable ethical sub-theme (in this case, an anti-slavery narrative) . . . I could go on for ages! In fairness to those of you who will surely want to read the book yourselves (and that should be pretty much everyone ever), I’ll just say these three things.

1: Everything in the story just fits. The characters are believable, their dialogue seems natural, and they do things that make sense for who they are (individually and together) and for their context.. The book follows its own careful, understandable logical, and I just love that. So many books I read are riddled with inconsistencies, which distract me from my pleasure in reading and often leave me frustrated or—the worst!—feeling like I’ve wasted my time. This book is the direct and most awesome opposite!

2: To Tempt an Heiress is, in many ways, a deceptive book. It seems easy. You could read it in a few hours if you aren’t careful because it’s just that compelling. But then you realize that all that ease is the result of the hard work of an excellent writer. Craig’s prose and her close—but not labored!—attention to historical detail make everything flow together just as it should. You feel immersed in the world and the lives of the characters, so much so that real life fades away a bit. This is, I think, the most difficult of a writer’s tasks, and one at which Craig excels more than most.

3: The book is HOT. I mean, really: a sexy sea captain and a gorgeous, liberal-minded lady are trapped together in a tiny cabin for weeks on end? And they’re not supposed to get naked but they both really want to get naked? C’mon! What’s better than that?! While there aren’t extended intimate encounters in the book (there are just two bona fide sex scenes, actually), the tension between the characters and what our minds can do on their own is almost more steamy than the actual scenes themselves!

This is my first Susanna Craig novel, but it most certainly won’t be my last! Needless to say, I’d recommend this book to all people with eyeballs, but especially readers who love great prose, admirable characters, and exceptional (really, exceptional) historical writing. If you’re into explicit sex, this isn’t the book for you, but if you like a good slow burn (as we said in a recent review), then you’ll love Andrew and Tempest. Get thee to a bookshop, humans! Do not delay!
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December 6, 2016
*I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of the eARC I received from Netgalley and the publisher*

4.5 stars

This book was so much better than the first book! I loved Tempest and Andrew for the very first page!!

Andrew has been enticed by Edward Cary (the plantation manager) to take Tempest to her grandfather in England - with or more likely without her consent. Edward is convinced that Tempest is in danger on the plantation now that her father has died and left her a vast fortune. She is also the sole heir to the plantation when her grandfather dies. She has had several offers of marriage but has refused them all.

Andrew has no desire to kidnap Tempest and at first refuses. But once he meets her and see how much Edward is offering, he changes his mind and agrees. As it turns out he doesn't have to kidnap Tempest, she conveniently comes to him, he just refuses to take her back to the island.

Andrew has no been back to England in 10 years. He left as a young man to find the man who killed his father and vows to not return until he has sought his revenge. While making ready to sail back to England, he spies the ship that attacked his fathers vessel and decides that he will kill two birds with one stone. He will lure his enemy out to sea on his way to England and finally have his revenge. As they travel Tempest and Andrew become closer. After a very sad event, they turn to one another for comfort. After which Tempest adamantly refuses Andrew's offer of marriage. She has no desire to marry, she follows the teachings of Miss Wollstonecraft and believes that marriage is a prison for women. She wants to run her plantation on her own without the interference of a man and she hopes to fulfill her father's dying wish to free the salves once she inherits.

Once they get to England, Tempest is determined to return to Antigua. But Andrew convinces her to wait until morning and takes her to his mother and stepfather's house. Andrew's mother is a force of nature and I loved her! She is the puppet master and soon has everyone dancing to her tune, including Tempest!

This book was very well written, has some steamy love scenes, a pair of stubborn but lovable leads, some heart breaking moments, some incredibly funny moments, villains getting what's due them and finally a very surprising HEA!

While this is the second book in the series, it is barely connected to the first book and can easily be a standalone title. I happily recommend this book and am looking forward to Edward's story!

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November 6, 2016
I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
I enjoyed Tempest, she was a wonderful heroine, a forward thinker in her time.
Andrew annoyed me, he was still a teenage boy bent on revenge in a grown man's body, I did not enjoy him as a person, let alone as the dashing hero. All of his growth takes place in the last chapter of the book, feels rushed and hurried.
As a romance, it is expected for there to be a HEA. This felt so forced and unnatural in how it came together. Andrew suddenly grows up and takes on the roles he has been running away from for over a decade, and Tempest chooses to shuck behind her life and all the people she grew up with and cared for to live with Andrew.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 7, 2021
There's so much I could say about this book, this series, this author. Know that I adore them all. But to keep my reviews.. you know.. slightly different from each other, I'm going to gush about something specific. Throughout all of Susanna Craig's books there are fascinating background characters, right? Here's the best part--they show up in other books. Their *relatives* show up in other books. And that flipping delights me.
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November 19, 2016
I read an advance copy of this book.

Tempest Holderin needs to do something. Not just to honor her father's memory, but to save herself from a scoundrel. Andrew Corrvan needs something too. To find some measure of peace after fleeing to the sea to seek revenge. Together, however, Tempest and Andrew find something they weren't looking for, weren't sure they wanted, and fought against with all their might. An undeniable attraction. Friction. Complications. And unexpected safe harbors.

For me as a historian, one of the things I really like about Susanna Craig's books (which includes "To Kiss a Thief") is their characters and the settings. I like that the supporting cast all get moments, and the worlds created feel like places where people live, and work, and love. That even if all sorts of things have changed, that the misunderstandings, insecurities, questions, excitement and joys of human relationships continue. That HEA happen to these people who remind me of us -- my family, friends, colleagues, heck the cute couple who are taking my class together. If you enjoy people, if you enjoy great writing, if you like fast-paced, witty, and crackling dialogue, and heartfelt characters, you will like "To Tempt an Heiress" and Susanna Craig.
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2,081 reviews25 followers
February 5, 2017
Tempest, who recently lost her father stands to inherit his vast estate in Antigua. Too "protect" her, her plantation manager plots with Andrew (the ship's captain and the hero of this story) to "kidnap" her and take her to England. The goal is to keep her safe from suitors who won't take no for an answer.
I liked the setting (Antigua) and wish it stayed either there or on the ocean. I liked Tempest. She was a good character ahead of her time (feminist and anti-slavery). This had a great start. I lost interest in it when they got to England. I thought Tempest too easily gave up what was most important to her in the beginning (especially factoring travel times, I doubt she will ever be going back).
Andrew was okay. I found myself not having any strong feelings towards him. I didn't really like or dislike him.

eArc courtesy of Kensington Books (Lyrical Press) and NetGalley.
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April 7, 2023
Heroine: Tempest Holderin, 22. An heiress who grew up on Antigua where she will inherit a large plantation from her grandfather. She is a bluestocking in favor of abolition.

Hero: Captain Andrew Corrvan, 28. Captain of a ship who wants revenge for his father’s death.

Featuring: Caliban, the dog.

Date: 1796

How they meet: The man who runs the plantation on behalf of Tempest’s grandfather is concerned for her safety because an unscrupulous man has been pressuring her to marry him. He wants to hire Andrew to take Tempest to England (where she has never lived) and deliver her to her grandfather (whom she has never met). Tempest shows up while Andrew and the man are discussing the job, which Andrew initially turns down.

What happens: Tempest does not wish to marry and does not want to leave Antigua either. Andrew is offered an enormous sum to take her against her will, finally agrees to do it although doesn’t feel good about it. Later, Andrew visits a tavern and witnesses a young boy working there being badly mistreated by a customer (the same man who is trying to pressure Tempest into marriage). He rescues the boy from his abuser and sends him to the ship with two of the crew members. Tempest witnesses the boy being taken to the ship and believes he is being abducted. She goes to the ship to demand he be let go, saving Andrew the trouble of getting her on the ship.

Verdict: This book is a bit of a different take on the typical shipboard story, which I appreciated. However, this story was a miss for me. I didn’t feel I knew the main characters enough to root for their relationship. They spend so little time together that there was not enough sexual tension nor convincing chemistry between them. I certainly didn’t believe they interacted enough to fall in love. There were just a couple intimate scenes, . The second intimate scene didn’t really go with the flow of the story, in my opinion. The real star of the story was the hero’s dog. This was a disappointment for me both in terms of the romance and in terms of the non-romance aspects of the story. This author has written much, much better! It is the second in a series, but reads just fine as a standalone. I suspect Shakespeare fans will appreciate some of the references in the book.

Steam-level: some steam and moderately explicit

Rating: 3 stars
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November 26, 2020
3.25 stars!
This was a charming read! ^^

Although not as good as the first one, it was a solid story with great commentary on slavery for a romance novel!
My main issue with the book was the fact that Tempest, the heroine, is not someone I can connect with. She is way to stubborn and occasionally blind to sound advice from male characters, choosing to follow ideas from a source that can be considered questionable...I'm all for female leaders and powerful girls that take charge of their lives, but the rational over emotional theme was getting boring pretty fast.>..> Also,I'd much prefer someone that wants to be a leader but manages to take advantage of all the overbearing men in her life in order to achieve her desires...why work extra and risk everything when using your head and other's preconceptions can come in handy? (Play smart, not hard!)

Anyway, Tempest was hard to relate to, but Captain Corrvan was an ok to a good male lead. He was attentive, harsh when needed, but also giving. I liked him a lot. I also liked the fact that some side characters are queer and others actually face danger! About 60% of the book I feared that the main conflict would be solved off-page, but,thank God, it wasn't the case.

Regarding the chemistry of the two...hmm...It was ok but not something I was instantly on board with.I wanted to see some struggle with Mr Cary...Oh well, the next book seems to be his so I can cope with the disappointment.

When it comes to the slavery...I enjoyed reading Tempest been aware of the dangers a black individual faces constantly, of the injustice done to them, and actively trying to change her plantation! The open ending of the book tells me that their relationship will be hard when it comes to balancing their desires and responsibilities, a true fact that is much appreciated! ^^ Life is more than a marriage proposal and stability!

Disregarding minor inconveniences, after all this is a historical romance, not an accurate non-fiction about slavery and voyage in that time...I think this book is a good recommendation for those wanting a love story with a Caribbean setting(mindful of the people that slaved there) and a voyage on sea to colder places.

47 reviews
July 8, 2017
I enjoyed this romance even more than the author's last. The exotic island at the beginning, the exciting sea voyage in the middle, and the beautiful snow-laden English landscape of the last part drew me in and made me feel as if I were in the shoes of the heroine. The book also dealt nimbly and sensitively with slavery, which was still legal at the time (eighteenth century), without being preachy about it. I especially loved the scenes with Tempest in the captain's quarters on board ship, and the ending scene in the snow. Plus, there's a lovable dog who plays an important role. A very hot hero, and altogether a beautiful, engaging, and well-written story.
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2,993 reviews41 followers
June 6, 2019

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4,592 reviews25 followers
December 6, 2016
This had me sucked in right from the start a super read with plenty of heat cant wait to read more by this author recommended to all
42 reviews1 follower
January 11, 2022
Romance at sea

If you like a good romance novel this one is for you. But it is very predictable. I enjoyed the read.
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7,839 reviews16 followers
December 26, 2016
'To Tempt an Heiress' by Susanna Craig is book two in the "Runaway Desires" series. I have read the previous book but feel this can be a standalone book. This is the story of Tempest Holderin and Captain Andrew Corrvan. Andrew has been instructed to take Tempest who after loosing her father has taken to try and fulfill his wishes of freeing the slaves on Antiguan sugar plantation. But her father also left her as a Heiress which has drawn out fortune hunters and also people that don't like her trying to free slaves. Andrew has his own issue with trying to avenge his father's death. Can these two come together to help each other and get past their issues.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
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3,703 reviews30 followers
November 11, 2016
After her beloved father dies, Tempest Holderin wants nothing more than to fulfill his wish to free the slaves on their Antiguan sugar plantation. But the now wealthy woman finds herself pursued by a pack of unsavoury suitors especially Nathaniel Delamere. To keep her from danger, her dearest friend & overseer Edward Cary arranges a most unconventional solution: have Tempest kidnapped and taken to safety.

Captain Andrew Corrvan has an unseemly reputation as a ruthless, money-hungry blackguard. He is driven by only one thing: the quest to avenge his father’s death on the high seas by Stratton. He agrees to ‘take’ Tempest to her grandfather in Yorkshire
Tempest actually boards Andrew’s ship ‘The Fair colleen’ thinking that some crew members have abducted Caesar a negro boy but in fact Andrew has rescued Caesar from harm.

Tempest is a head strong, intelligent woman who wants to free the plantation slaves when she inherits. I could shake her at times for her blind devotion to the work of Miss Wollstoncraft & how she denied her feelings for Andrew.
Andrew is the misunderstood Captain of the ship, thought to be a pirate & hard taskmaster which his crew know isn’t anything like the truth. He too denies his feelings for Tempest but realises & accepts much sooner than Tempest does. Caliban, Caesar & Timmy steals the novel & are adorable. A well written novel which I enjoyed & look forward to more from the author
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book

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195 reviews5 followers
December 22, 2016
I enjoyed the first in this loosely interlinked series well enough to want to read the second installment. This book is even better, but then I am a sucker for adventure on the high seas.
Tempest is a classic feisty heroine, reading William Shakespeare and Mary Wollstonecraft she gets some thoroughly modern ideas, like refusing to marry and being determined to free all the slaves on her grandfather's plantation. Fortunately, she is both very beautiful and very rich, or she would have no doubt come to an early, sticky end. Captain Corrovan is the only slightly brooding hero who has a fortunate tendency to act entirely on impulse and worry about the moral consequences afterward.
As indicated by the cover and title this is fairly standard regency (or rather georgian) mush up to a point. The plot is no surprise to anyone who has read more than a few historical romances. But it is so well written, the characters are so appealing it is easy to get over involved in the plot. The atmosphere of the tropical island of Antigua with its merchants, plantation owners and slaves, is wonderfully described. My favorite part, of course, is the stormy sea voyage, the microcosm of life on board ship, the triumphs and tragedies coming in quick succession, the growing tension between out two main characters. It is all very well done.
I really enjoyed this book. It is a light easy read.
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536 reviews30 followers
February 4, 2017
This was such a fun and quick read. I must say .... Andrew is definitely a swoon-worthy main man! Tempest definitely lives up to her name, she is feisty, stubborn, loyal to her family and wants what she wants. This novel was such an awesome read because it was set during a time where women had very little say in their lives... especially once they were married. Tempest vows never to be married so she can continue making decisions for herself. But honestly who could resist an honorable, sexy pirate..who is well read? (exactly no one). This novel was just what I needed... drama, romance, plus a historical setting. Also this novel discusses the topic of slaves during this time frame, and how not everyone supported it. Her father instilled in her the kind of character most people didn't have during this time frame -- knowing that all are equal and not one person is better than another. Tempest is set on a life long journey of trying to figure out how she can help put an end to slavery. Caliban is also a big hit in this novel :) such a cutie...I can picture him almost like the dog in The Little Mermaid. Definitely enjoyed this read!
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February 8, 2021
I enjoyed the author's first book in the series, but unfortunately, this one does not quite reach the same standard. The characters are less fleshed out and somewhat inconsistent in their behaviours, especially Tempest who is impetuous and immature and ineffectual for all her supposed intellect and fiery nature. I not could feel the chemistry and growing affection between the leads, for the realisation by the heroine that love was involved surprised me as much as it did her. Hopefully the next one in the series will lift the game to match the debut novel.
1 review
December 27, 2016
To Tempt an Heiress is a fun, steamy, incredibly written, and creative Georgian romance. Tempest Holderin is a beautiful, determined, independent heiress everyone wishes they could be more like, and in this book she finds the man who is perfect for her. I won't say more to avoid spoilers, but the book makes you feel the heat of the Caribbean sun and it makes you really care about Tempest's world and what is at stake in it.
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January 29, 2017
I received the book for free through Goodreads Giveaways. Really enjoyed this book. It took me back to the times of pirates and heiresses, travel by ship and horse. When travel took time and was filled with danger. When a woman had to fight for her rights. A good read, lots of romance!
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April 15, 2017
WOW, great book. The twist and turns in the book kept me on the edge. Loved Andrew and Tempest. Can't wait to read your other books (To Kiss A Thief and To Seduce A Stranger. Highly recommend to other readers.
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April 18, 2017
Andrew Corriven is presented with a strange business request. To kidnap Tempest Holderin who is an antiguan sugar plantation heiress. Tempest plantation manager and close friend is Edward Cary and he was concerned about the vile Lord Nathaniel Deamere. He may force Tempest into marriage. With her dad dead Tempest had no protectors in the communities. Tempest is a radical thinker and intends to free the slaves of the plantation Harper’s Hill. Andrew was a pirate who quotes Shakespeare. Tempest is wanted by many by many men, these suitors wanted Tempest for her land, money, and herself for not exactly “loving” reasons. After kidnapping Tempest Andrew is to get her aboard his ship and take her to London where she will be safe from the Delemeres in her life. Andrew is to take Tempest to her grandfather. Andrew hadn’t been back in England for ten years. He left England to find the man who killed his father .On his way to England with Tempest he sees the ship who attacked his father’s vessel. Andrew offers to marry Tempest but she says no. Tempest feel marriage is a prison for women. Tempest wanted to run her own plantation. This was a time when women had very few choices or roles that were acceptable in their lives. Running a plantation alone without a husband or male family was just asking for trouble.
I thought this was a great read. I liked the plot a lot. I loved Tempest spirit and determination to do what she believes in and has the money and land to do it. I felt bad that Andrew was kidnapping Tempest for her own good. I choked up at times and at other times I chuckled which is always good when I react to a story with my emotions. There is a lot to this story there is : slavery, a heiress, vile men, kidnapping, thirst for revenge, abolitionists, a chase, across oceans, action, piracy, greed, drama, romance, and so much more. This was a fun and good read. I liked Andrew and Tempest together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.
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January 28, 2019
After her beloved father dies, Tempest Holderin wants nothing more than to fulfill his wish to free the slaves on their Antiguan sugar plantation. But the now wealthy woman finds herself pursued by a pack of unsavory suitors with other plans for her inheritance. To keep her from danger, her dearest friend arranges a most unconventional solution: have Tempest kidnapped and taken to safety.

Captain Andrew Corrvan has an unseemly reputation as a ruthless, money-hungry blackguard—but those on his ship know differently. He is driven by only one thing: the quest to avenge his father’s death on the high seas. Until he agrees to abduct a headstrong heiress…

If traveling for weeks—without a chaperone—isn’t enough to ruin Tempest, the desire she feels for her dark and dangerously attractive captor will do the rest. The storm brewing between them will only gather strength when they reach England, where past and present perils threaten to tear them apart—even more so than their own stubborn hearts…
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