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Can your favorite hockey players finish their first season together undefeated?

Five months in, NHL forward Ryan Wesley is having a record-breaking rookie season. He’s living his dream of playing pro hockey and coming home every night to the man he loves—Jamie Canning, his longtime best friend turned boyfriend. There’s just one problem: the most important relationship of his life is one he needs to keep hidden, or else face a media storm that will eclipse his success on the ice.

Jamie loves Wes. He really, truly does. But hiding sucks. It’s not the life Jamie envisioned for himself, and the strain of keeping their secret is taking its toll. It doesn’t help that his new job isn’t going as smoothly as he’d hoped, but he knows he can power through it as long as he has Wes. At least apartment 10B is their retreat, where they can always be themselves.

Or can they?

When Wes’s nosiest teammate moves in upstairs, the threads of their carefully woven lie begin to unravel. With the outside world determined to take its best shot at them, can Wes and Jamie develop major-league relationship skills on the fly?

Warning: contains sexual situations, a vibrating chair, long-distance sexytimes and proof that hockey players look hot in any shade of green.

322 pages, Paperback

First published March 8, 2016

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About the author

Sarina Bowen

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sarina bowen
Sarina Bowen is the twenty-four-time USA Today bestselling and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of three dozen books, including: the True North series, and Brooklyn Hockey. She's the co-author of Him/Us and the WAGs series with Elle Kennedy. She's the author of The Ivy Years series, and more!
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3,811 reviews32.4k followers
May 4, 2017
4 stars!

 photo 18221763_10103776211882988_6827849219834242945_n_zps6dsj5wjh.jpg

Ryan Wesley and Jamie Canning’s story continues in Us. At the end of Him, Wes and Jamie’s friendship turned into so much more. Now they are together as a couple.

Wes is having a great year as a rookie in the NHL and Jamie is along for the ride, coaching a young adult/youth league in Toronto so they can be together. They’re together, but things are still hidden. Because of how well Wes’s year is going, coming out and having a huge media thing isn’t what he wants. So for now, it’s staying quiet. And that’s not easy on Jamie.
I chose happiness over other people’s skewed opinions and cruel judgments. I chose Wes.
But now I have to hide that choice. I have to pretend that Ryan Wesley isn’t my soulmate.

There was a little bit of drama and conflict in this book, but I never once doubted the love that my boys had for each other. I love the two of them and their relationship. I love the emotion, the steam, and the way they are friends first. 

Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen really shine when writing together. Their styles compliment one another. I’ve adored both books in this series. And the audio. OMG I said it in my Him review, but it stands to be repeated- the audio for these books is INCREDIBLE! The narrator for Wes (Jacob Morgan) is everything! I love his narration for Wes. It’s just so great! This series is one you don’t want to miss out on! I’m so happy I made the time to listen.
It’s us.
And it’s perfect.
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724 reviews2,615 followers
March 12, 2016
*** 3.5 Stars ***

Well,it's no secret that Him is one of my favourite M/M books, I even recommended it to my gay postman(I'm not joking). I was so excited to read this.I didn't know what to expect but more of Jamie and Wes,there was no way I wasn't reading this.
Unfortunately it ended up just being ok for a few reasons.

So it's eight months on and Jamie and Wes are living together.Their relationship is still secret with Wes wanting to wait until his rookie season is over before going public.Their work commitments mean they aren't spending a lot of time together which starts to put a bit of a strain on their relationship.This was where things started to go wrong for me.....God,the lack of communication drove me mad.There's no denying they do have great sexual chemistry but I missed that desperate urgency they had for each other in the first book and (shock,horror) I even started skimming the sex scenes.

Now,let's get onto Blake.....
He's a team mate of Wes and has just moved into the same appartment block where they live.
He was so annoying,although I did warm to him a little towards the end.I must be getting really grumpy because I didn't find him funny at all.He sounded like a 10yr old at times...

"I'm jelly I'm jealous

brosky brother(I think)

J-Bomb nickname for Jamie

Actually I'm probably being unkind to 10yr olds,I've got a nephew that age who wouldn't talk like that.

Overall it wasn't bad just didn't come near book one for me.........
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735 reviews379 followers
March 8, 2023
Re-read 2/2021: I accidentally deleted the wrong edition of the book, the one with my original review and rating, so I'm keeping this short.

The first time I read this book, I gave it four stars. I think I was comparing it too much to book 1, and they are very different. It wasn't until I read it for the second time that I really came to appreciate it.

I think I've read it at least five times so far and I feel it just gets better with every reread. I also listened to the audiobook more than once and I love it.

Re-read 3/2022 via audiobook
Re-read 3/2023 via audiobook
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1,446 reviews1,156 followers
September 18, 2019
It was a shaky start but finished strong.

I was kind of hesitant to start Us. I really enjoyed the first in the series Him which was surprising at the time as I’m not really into M/M books. For me, I normally put myself in the shoes of the main character which is a little hard to do when there are two heroes and no heroine. I can’t relate. It’s that simple.

In this case, I have to be a voyeur and observe…like watching a movie. When there was talk that a second book was coming, I couldn’t help but get drawn back into comfort zone blasting. Would the second live up to the first? Would I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone again? Would the fascination of watching two men form a relationship when one man is gay and the other is not, still be there?

Saying that, my observations are the same as the first…M/M is REALLY HOT!!! There just seems to be no hesitation with these guys. No self-conscious hiding under the sheets or worrying whether you look your best. It’s just an attraction that develops…and good times roll in.

Straight up…I enjoyed Us, liked getting to see Wes and Jamie again and getting to know more about the world of puck. But the highlight of the whole story –

* * * B L A K E * * *

Oh my lordy this guy had me busting out laughing more than once and his generous spirit and uncanny ability to read his friends made him my favourite by far. He was loud, uncouth and crazy, but so lovable. His fear of sheep had me cracking up laughing.

Back to the story…So, Wes and Jamie are living together and everything should be great but unfortunately, it is far from great. It is decided that they’ll keep their relationship on the down-low for a while. Both of them hate having secrets and exist rather than live together. Jamie feels like a dirty secret but knows that Wes loves him. He struggles at the best of times considering how much things have changed but is willing to let things be for Wes’s rookie year. Wes knows that he is hurting Jamie by putting his career first, but doesn’t know how else to handle things.

The first half of the story was a little hard for me. I did not like seeing Jamie struggling to live with his decision. He was practically left alone to deal with all his worries and concerns because Wes was on the road so much. Jamie is also having a few issues at work. All of these problems really made the story a little depressing. I know Wes was aware that he was upsetting Jamie and I knew he hated doing it, but I felt like he definitely got the better end of the stick. It was inevitable that things would eventually have to change.

It definitely got better in the second half of Us but I think that was mainly due to Blake. Yes, it was still HOT between Wes and Jamie and the storyline flowed really well, but Blake just really stood out for me. I really hope the authors decide to do a story for him…maybe with a certain sister (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

The issues this couple had to face were a little hard to take, but in the end, it didn’t seem to be as bad as what I thought it would be. There were plenty of people who supported and loved them enough to help them through tough times.

Being an observer and standing on the outside looking in was still a little weird for me.

I don’t know what I would do in the same situation because I can’t really relate to having my relationship judged and commented on. For these guys to be in the spotlight while they are developing and strengthening their relationship was hard to watch.

I still stick to my – each to their own and all that jazz and find it unbelievable that people would comment on personal relationship choices.

Will I go back for more M/M? Not really sure, there's just something about it that's a little freeing. Men just look at things differently. If they come out with a story for my Blakey…I’ll be there with bells on.

Stacey is Sassy, received an advanced copy of this story. The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes.
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1,314 reviews2,812 followers
May 1, 2021
Third re-read: 30.04.2021
This time around I actually liked book two more than book one. Strange how my ratings keeps changing back and forth with my re-reads. That said, I wish we had gotten five or six books with this couple.

Second re-read: 19.08.2019
This book has much more depth than the first book. It's so interesting to see Jamie journey from such a happy, laid back man, too angry and then depressed. I know how depressed feels like and so I could easily relate to him. I also love seeing how much Wes and Jamie loves each other. I wish we had gotten another book in this series. Two is never enough. That being said, I'm going up and down with the ratings each time I read it...
New Rating - 3.5 stars.

⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*I still want more*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱

Re-read: 13.02.2018
I so wish we had gotten more. This book is so sad, yet adorable and I want more.
New Rating - 3 stars.
I have never felt as raw as I feel right now. I’ve just discovered that falling in love has a dark side. When you’re mad at the love of your life, it’s impossible to feel joy.

Re-read: 29.08.2017
My heart still feels for Jamie. Depression is a fucker. Poor Wes though, it can't be easy feeling so helpless. The story is still interesting, I still love Jamie and Wes (Jamie the most; he just speaks to my heart more) and I still wish we get more of those two. Two books aren't enough...
New Rating - 3.5 stars.

First read review:
Awww this was adorable, yet heartbreaking. When Jamie Canning (23) got sick, I got scared, when he got depressed, I really worried because I really felt it. My heart ached for Ryan Wesley (23) who was trying everything he could to help, but still felt helpless. Though a bit of the chemistry and connection, along with a little of the spark it had in Him fell away in this book, the story and its characters where still awesome. I adore Ryan's team, specially Blake. Overall, it was a good ending for the couple and I was quite happy with the outcome.
Love is friendship set in fire.

Quick basic facts:
Genre: - (New Adult) Contemporary Romance (M/M)
Series: - Series, Book Two
Love triangle? -
Cheating? -
HEA? -
Favorite character? - Both of the main two characters.
Would I read more by this author/or of series? - Yes.
Would I recommend this book/series? - Yes.
Will I read this again in the future? - No. (It was a yes, obviously...^^)
Rating - 3 stars.
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2,156 reviews1,050 followers
February 20, 2016
I was so excited to hear that Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen were giving Wes and Jaime a sequel! Him was a 5 star book for me, has a 4.36 average rating on GoodReads with over 7k ratings, a 4.8 average rating on Amazon.com with over 400 reviewers and came in at #3 for our Reader's Choice Awards for 2015. It's just an absolutely outstanding story. And it's also a pretty tough act to follow.

We enter the sequel 6 months after the end of Him. Jaime is coaching a hockey team of promising teens and Wes is playing in the NHL. They still live in their condo together but their busy schedules keep them apart more than they are together.

Not all is roses and sunshine for our boys. Wes and Jaime and both in the closet at work and publicly. They both feel coming out will damage Wes's rookie career. This makes their personal lives miserable since they can't go out and be themselves and they have to carefully censor their words to their friends and co-workers. The sex is still hot, but their situation clouds the joy felt in the first book. Wes and Jaime start to tip-toe around one another and the angst comes to a boiling point that is resolved in a spectacular HEA.

I liked this book. I absolutely LOVE Wes and Jaime and was happy to have a sequel. But be prepared for some angst and depression. While the two men love each other and always treat each other with love, respect and admiration, the boys get sulky and close themselves off to each other and that put a bit of a damper on my enjoyment. I would have preferred some emotional anger and a good fight to the depression and hopelessness. But that's just me. These boys could have played Parcheesi for the entire book and I would still have loved it and recommended it. Depressed Wes and Jaime is preferable to no Wes and Jaime.

Nice follow-up but failed to capture the excitement and passion of the first book. I am still recommending this book to the many, many fans of the first.

Galley copy of Us provided by the authors in exchange of an honest review.

This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

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476 reviews385 followers
March 1, 2016
“There's an old quote my mother once painted on a ceramic platter. Love is friendship set on fire. I get it now.”
I loved the continuation of Wes and Jamie's story as much as the first book. We get to see them learning how to be a couple in this one and though you feel the love, their relationship is not always hearts and flowers.

Five months into it and - Wes's hectic schedule as a rookie in NHL, Jamie's new coaching job, them hiding their relationship and additionally not having too much time for each other-all these are causing troubles for our boys. I liked how all their problems were solved, how their coming out, media storm connected with it and Jamie's crisis was handled.

Overall, well written, with dual POV, a bit emotional, a bit funny, and whole lotta sexy reading. There was some lack of communication, which added to their relationship problems but the boys made it all up with steam.

Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy once again proved that they can write good MM, but I wouldn't mind them writing a book about other characters from the book (Blake, whom I liked a lot and Jamie's sister).

If you haven't tried MM yet, I think both Him and Us are a great choice to start with.

ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Him (Him #1) by Sarina Bowen Us (Him, #2) by Sarina Bowen
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1,185 reviews376 followers
April 21, 2020
4.5 stars

Us is a sequel to one of my favorite romances, Him.

The story starts a couple of months after Him ends. Wes and Jamie live together now; Wes dream has come true: he is having a terrific rookie season at NHL, and he is also having the man’s heart he loved in his whole life. But his happiness is not spotless. Wes doesn’t believe he can have both the most important things in his life at the same time. In fear of coming out would damage his career, Wes and Jamie decide to keep their relationship hidden till the end of the season, keeping the media focused on Wes’s game not on his sex life.
It’s my biggest fear. That the success I’ve been having in my first season with Toronto will be overshadowed — or worse, forgotten — because being a gay professional athlete is the far juicier story.

Wes thinks it is the worst that could happen to him, until something even worse happens, and Wes realizes what is truly important.

Jamie loves Wes, but suffers from hiding. Not being out is a very stressful situation for both of them, but it makes especially Jamie lonely and isolated. Plus Wes is travelling a lot, and being apart worsens things even more. Top of it all, Wes’s teammate, Blake, moves into the same apartment building, robbing them of the privacy and safe haven they had. Blake – besides being irritating – is the catalyst leading to necessary changes in Wes and Jamie’s life.

Blake’s intrusion drives Jamie even deeper into his obvious depression. It is heartbreaking to see him sinking deeper and deeper into it. Depression affects not only mind but body and is very realistic.
I feel like all I’ve done these past couple months is lose. Lose patience, lose the ability to talk to my boyfriend, lose that indescribable ease that always existed between me and Wes.

Problems are piling up, wrong decisions are made. I usually hate non-communication, and hated it here too, of course. But it feels real. Wes and Jamie shut each other out, and suffer alone. In fear of making things worse, they avoid confrontation. They think coming out is the only solution and as they decided against it, talking about their problems seems to no avail. And soon their relationship is so critical that .
I don’t know how to explain what’s wrong. I’ve been really unhappy, but I don’t want him to think it’s his fault.

Jamie is so real too. Of course, it’s a stupid thing to do, but I know a lot of people who do/did that. Jamie wants to leave behind all the pain, problems, hypocrisy, and lies. I think it’s a self-preservation necessity. But hurts him just as much as it hurts Wes. Feelings are not black or white, neither decisions. Jamie’s feelings are conflicted, controversial and ambiguous.
Wes has surely left for his morning skate, and I’m relieved at the timing. Then I’m guilty for feeling relieved. And angry for feeling guilty. And annoyed for feeling angry.

Us is a really well written story. Complex and real: all the struggles, the depiction of Jamie’s depression, the helplessness of Wes. Wes is struggling, not knowing what to do. He is blaming himself and feels selfish for putting Jamie in this situation. His many fears and insecurities don’t help either.

My heart is pounding in my ears. Do I yell at him now? Is that the right thing to do? I don’t know what Jamie needs. If I knew, I’d give it to him.

Us is very different from Him: Him is about the start of a relationship: it is thrilling and intense. Us is more serious: it’s about this wonderful relationship getting at stake. Him is fun and romantic, Us is heartbreaking and frustrating.

And I loved it.

Of course, there is a great amount of sweetness and steam in Us too. ;)

My torture isn’t quite done, though. I crane my neck forward, smash my face against his groin and nip his pubes. I swear he’s practically grinding his dick against my neck now, so turned on he’d fuck any surface of my body. A desperate Wes is a fun Wes. I love forcing him to let go of some of that iron-clad control. One sportswriter called him: “Impenetrable. Unshakeable. With nerves of steel.”
I know better.

Highly recommended!

My favorite quotes.
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2,348 reviews24.7k followers
January 30, 2021
Us is book two in the Him series by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. This is the continuation of their story, beginning a few months after the first book left off.

Ryan Wesley’s rookie season playing professional hockey in Toronto is off to a fantastic start. He’s breaking all kinds of records. And the best part is coming home to the love of his life, Jamie Canning. He’s loved Jamie since they were kids. Only it took him nine years to tell him. Now they are together and his life is complete. Except that he wants the press to focus on his first year in hockey, not on his private life or sexual orientation. So they have agreed to keep their relationship a secret, just until the end of the season.

Jamie loves his job as a youth hockey coach. Only a rude co-worker and struggling players are making things rough. He couldn’t be more in love with Ryan but Jamie used to be a social person. Staying holed up in their apartment is starting to get to him. He doesn’t have any friends here, only Ryan.

When Ryan’s teammate, Blake, moves in upstairs, it makes everything more complicated. First, I want to say that I LOVE Blake. This guy is hilarious and appears clueless but I think he’s a lot less clueless than some people realize. He has now claimed Ryan and Jamie as his besties and loves hanging out in their apartment, regularly!

Ryan and Jamie’s relationship is dealt yet another blow which challenges them more than they were prepared for. There is no doubt the love these two share but they are still new. Are they strong enough to overcome this latest hurdle?

It’s here that I have to shout my undying love for these two. I can’t get enough of them. Again, Jamie’s family proves to be amazing, hilarious and so supportive of them both. And Blake stole the show. He made me laugh out loud! I don’t want this series to end! I need more of these characters. So, I am going to go right on to Good Boy, which is Blake and Jess’s story, but also promises lots of Jamie and Ryan. This series is amazing and I am now a certified fan of both of these authors!

For more about this book and so many others, come and visit me at Carol's Crazy Bookish World.

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621 reviews922 followers
August 11, 2021
6++ stars

oh damn, i thought the first book was amazing, but the sequel was even better imo. i loved how, in this particular book, not only do we see Jamie and Wes face problems in their relationship but also how they manage to work it out in the end. it's more emotional than the first book, but i could understand . everything about this was so good and this couple is obviously already in my all time fave couples list. ♡ also, i loved Blake so much, he was precious and the real mvp. 🥺
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1,167 reviews260 followers
February 19, 2016

Oh, dear... I had high expectations for this book after thoroughly enjoying the first one, but this one fell flat for me for multiple reasons.

So book two starts shortly after the end of the first one. Jamie is coaching, and Wes is having a fantastic rookie season. All should be great except they have to hide their relationship. To make matters worse Wes's teammate moves into their apartment building and he has no qualms about stopping over at any time uninvited.

Why this didn't work for me:

1. Blake. I'll start off by saying I liked him- I really did- but his dialogue began to grate on my nerves. It felt forced, and the humor it was trying to create was lost on me.

2. Medical emergencies used as a major catalyst for a story. Call me cold hearted but I'm just bored with it being used. It's so cliche, and it just added unnecessary drama. I wish that . The way this played out just kind of bored me.

3. Lack of communication. I LOATHE miscommunication/lack of communication between the two primary characters, and what made it even more infuriating in this case is that it lasted the entire book.


Don't get me wrong there were some good points, too. Wes & Jamie despite being dumb by not communicating were still as lovable and endearing as in their first book. Their chemistry was on point- there was never any doubt that they loved each other and their texts cracked me up.

I struggled with what to rate this book. My overall satisfaction says 2.5 Stars. I have to take into account that there was skimming, my annoyance with their lack of communication, and the fact that at the end I felt this story should've just concluded in the first book with a nice epilogue. Sigh... I guess I'll round up to 3 because I do love Wes and Jamie.

Ugh, have I ever mentioned how much writing negatives reviews sucks? :(

ARC kindly provided to Gay Book Reviews for an honest review.
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2,377 reviews4,625 followers
September 6, 2016


This is the continuation of Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley’s love story and is the sequel to Him. The authors did a terrific job showing the two living together, while struggling with keeping their relationship under wraps just for Wes’ rookie season with the pros. Jamie had decided to not pursue a professional hockey career but is working with a local teenage team.

”I promised Wes I’d keep up appearances at least until the end of his rookie season. Coming out now would only hurt his career, and I’d rather take a bath in a tub full of glass shards than be the one to cost Wes his dreams.”


Wes’ teammate Blake Riley was a bit of a cock block but turned out to be a fun and loyal character. (I hope he gets a book even though this is a mm series thus far.) He moves into their building and is the king of pop ins…

[image error]

Other struggles are their individual insecurities, Jaime’s job, an illness and forces that put their relationship out in public before Wes is ready for it. Luckily it all played out well and had one adorable ending!

”It’s us. And it’s perfect. ”

Him (Him #1) by Sarina Bowen Us (Him #2) by Sarina Bowen
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1,826 reviews2,186 followers
February 23, 2016
4 stars

 photo mm2.png

Us is the highly anticipated sequel to the book Him by two of my favorite authors. After two childhood friends reconnected and fell in love, Wes and Jamie are living together in Canada pursuing their dreams. Wes is playing for an NHL team and Jamie is coaching a youth hockey team. Wes’s schedule is rough on them both, he’s constantly traveling at away games and Jamie is often left behind due to his own job commitments.

On top of the crazy schedule, Wes and Jamie aren’t really “out” yet. There’s never been an openly gay member of the NHL before and Wes doesn’t know how it would affect his career. Adding even more fuel to the fire, a teammate of Wes moved into the building and is CONSTANTLY around, meaning even less boyfriend together time for Jamie and Wes. To make matters worse (yes there’s even more) poor Jamie is having a hard time at his job, but has trouble discussing this with Wes. So basically this sequel proves that not everyone can ride off into the sunset and have everything be rainbows forever and ever.

 photo mm.png

Within the last two years or so, both Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy have become some of my favorites authors, separate and together in their writing. Whenever I read one of their books it flows and is effortless, I never find myself putting the book down to do other things. Us was the same way I read it straight through. While I preferred the angst of friends to lovers in the first book, I still enjoyed this follow up and the trials and tribulations Jamie and Wes went through.

All of the issues mentioned above, it seemed impossible that all would be resolved but actually the authors pulled it off. Even if it wasn’t because the characters were motivated and it was actually external forces. To me this felt like the characters were forced into decisions instead of making them on their own because of genuine want. I also wanted to smack both of the guys for being oblivious of each other and for keeping so many secrets.

I did love the introduction of a possible love story between Jamie’s sister and Wes’s teammate. Is that going to happen? Pretty please? Don’t care how, I want it now!!

ARC kindly provided by authors in exchange for an honest review

 photo RRR.png
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Author 43 books1,065 followers
February 19, 2016
4.5 Wes & Jamie STARS

“Love is friendship set on fire.”

I fell hard for both Wes and Jamie in Him and anxiously awaited this release. I'll start off be saying this one is completely different from the first book. And you know what? That’s one of the things I really liked about this. I totally thought that it should be.

Us is about the relationship phase. It made sense to me for these two to have to learn to navigate being a couple like all couples do but then they also had the added pressures of Wes’s high profile NHL hockey career and the timing of when he’d come out with being gay.

Us deals with the reality of being in a relationship, it’s not all roses, sunshine and out of this world sex. One frustrating part was their lack of communication. I'm a "to the point" person so this was hard for me but I also know that unfortunately it's easy for couples to fall into the non-communication trap. And usually it only takes one to lead the way and the other will follow. Especially if it's driven by fear. Both Wes and Jamie were afraid of having their fears come true if they actually voiced them then they'd have to face the white elephant in the room.

 photo US_zpsbqouiygn.jpg

What I simply adored was the connection and love that Wes and Jamie have for each other.

No matter what crap was going on, it was obvious that neither wanted to play games and that their intentions, even misguided, were coming from a place of love.

And yes, the sex and chemistry between these two was as a hot as ever. Their passion and intense sexual attraction was just enthralling and kept this girl happy!

I enjoyed this as much as the first one and got the ending I wanted. If you've never tried M/M or haven't read this duet, you must! Wes and Jamie...

**ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review.**

Before reading:

Look what just popped up on my Kindle! YES!!

Wes, Jamie, I've missed you boys!! I'm diving in!

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3,857 reviews5,633 followers
May 8, 2020

An angsty sequel to one of my favorite books, Us packs an emotional punch.

I listened to the audio for Us during the Covid-19 crisis, and I would highly recommend waiting until this time period is over before starting this one. Let's just say that the story hit a bit too close to home...

Theses narrators alone make the story worth listening to. They are my dream-team, and I'd listen to them narrate just about anything. They elevated the story and made the angst bearable.

Though this couple gets put through the ringer, just know that this is romance, so we get our HEA. If you aren't fans of sequels with relationship angst, it might be best to skip this one.

Beautifully narrated, solid read; I love these characters and this series.

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Author 9 books33k followers
October 26, 2017
A ver, a ver. Estoy algo confuso.

Sé que no es malo saltarse partes de una novela. En este caso (al igual que hice con Him), las partes en las que me hablan de estrategias de juego y demás... Mira, lo siento. Paso. Next. En esta segunda parte hay bastante drama en el mundo del deporte y eso me ha cansado un poquito.

Una cosa que no me ha gustado tanto respecto a la primera parte es que no ha habido tantas escenas sexuales. Es decir, quizá sí las haya habido, pero no con el mismo morbo que en la primera novela. Esta segunda es mucho más romántica, y por lo tanto, las autoras supongo que han querido bajarle el tono a las escenas de sexo.

Hay muchas partes en Us que no me han convencido, aunque haya habido otras en las que he sentido que me cogían el corazón y hacían con él lo que quisieran. Ay, el momento de Wes con Reggie al teléfono. ¡Y todo el tema de mantener la relación de Jamie y Wes en secreto ha sido lo que más me ha gustado de la novela!

He sentido mucho algunas de las escenas, como ya me pasó en el primer libro. En este caso, me ha flipado la madurez de los personajes y cómo han afrontado los problemas. Creo que las autoras han sido muy valientes de plantear ciertos problemas hacia el final de la novela, mostrando la crudeza de las relaciones. No sé, ha habido una parte muy humana en la novela.

Me ha hecho mucha ilusión encontrarme en las últimas páginas el anuncio de que hay otras dos novelas del universo de Sarina Bowen y Elle Kennedy, aunque no es la historia que yo esperaba, supongo que le daré una oportunidad. Ya os contaré!
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November 28, 2019
Ever since I found out that there was gonna be a second book in this series, I have wanted to read this one. It has been on my tbr list since the moment it was released. I chickened out on reading it when it was published though...

jaydenkiss GIF

The first book about these two made me so freaking happy and I was scared that this happiness I was feeling was gonna be screwed with, in this book. My worries only became worse after reading some reviews.

I finally found my "big girl" panties though and jumped in. Turns out I shouldn't have worried. Sure this book carries a more serious and sad undertone, but that's life and shit happens.

be-strong-donx27t-give-up-fight-gif-Favim.com-1977353.gif (500×249)

I never once doubted how much these two men loved each other though...

They go through some hard times and Jamie especially doesn't know how to deal. That doesn't mean he loves Wes any less and Wes...damn he was as devoted as ever to Jamie. They just needed to communicate, which, unfortunately...they didn't really do.

I think Jamie leaving was the best thing he could have done. He needed to get his head in straight and he needed the help of his family. With Wes being gone all the time, what else could he have done?

tumblr_llxunwtQ0C1qer3yso1_500.gif (500×200)

He was a mess. I don't see it as him leaving Wes behind, I see it as him trying to find his way back to himself.

I worried about this book taking away the happiness I felt about this couple, but it really didn't. The love they had for one another was still clear as day. The fact that they went through all this shit and still felt so deeply about each other just proved to me how much they belong together.

 photo 5292504_zpsmcos46py.jpg

I'm gonna be honest and say that I loved book 1 more, but I still enjoyed reading this one a lot ;)
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February 5, 2017
4 'US' Stars!

After finishing Him yesterday I wasn't sure how Sarina and Elle would extent this story but I am happy to say I really enjoyed it! Jamie and Wes have such an amazing relationship and this does not change in the sequel. However, it does get difficult for them and I found Us even more emotional than Him.

I don’t know how to make things better. I love this guy, I really do. But I didn’t anticipate how hard this would be.

Him remains my favorite of the two books because even though I really liked how the relationship between the MCs developed, I have to say sometimes it was too much. Wes needs to travel a lot and Jamie does too and I did not enjoy as much how Jamie reacted to the consequences of this "distance". Thank God he reacted at the end! It felt a bit rushed but I loved the ending!

I’d sell my soul to the devil before I let anything happen to this guy. He’s my entire life.

“You belong on this team. You belong with these people. You belong with me.”

Therefore, my rating for Us is 4 STARS because it was a great addition to the love story between Jamie and Ryan! And can I say, I can't wait to read Blake and Jess' story? It's already out so I am so reading it sometime soon!! So, if you enjoy MM romance, do not hesitate to grab this, it was so good!

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March 29, 2018
Goddamn, I'm now binge listening to SB!

These narrators are so good! They bring heat, feels and have oodles of chemistry to Wesmie.

Love is like friendship set on fire.

Blakey is still amazing as are the Cannings. Every scene between Wes and Cindy just killed me, especially when he calls her the mother he wished he had. I'm so so glad he has her and the Canning family now who have embraced him as part of their family.

The romance is the stuff of watery knee syndrome and, yet again, I felt more connected to Wes because he's just so completely, unmistakably and wholeheartedly in love with Jaime. The fact that he embraces it and his whole life, world really, revolves around Jaime and their relationship and its longevity. Not that Jaime takes it for granted or anything, but Wes is angstier whereas Jaime is laid back and views their longevity as a foregone conclusion.

IDK if the audio is sexier but I was not opposed to hearing all their sexy times in stereo. AT ALL!

As silly as it sounds, my favorite part really is the Wes burning himself in the kitchen thing, though it does truly give me the warm fuzzies at how both their co-workers (for the most part) accept their relationship without that ubiquitous awkwardness that so often finds its way into my reads.

Highly recommend this AB by the stellar narrators, Teddy Hamilton & Jacob Morgan!
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April 15, 2021
“It’s us. And it’s perfect.”

Gah - I love Wesmie 🥰 ❤️❤️

This is an MM story. You must read Book #1 first. Him
My review of Him:

After finally professing their love in Book #1, Jamie and Wes are back for another installment with “Us”.

Wes is now playing professional hockey for Toronto and is having an awesome rookie year. There’s just one little problem, the world does not know Wes is gay and living with his boyfriend. So, Jamie and Wes must keep their love hidden until after the season. Once the season is over and Wes has his rookie year behind him, they plan to make a statement through the team PR department letting the world know Wes is gay.

- ”I fucking long for the day when I can proudly introduce Jamie Canning as my boyfriend. When I can talk to my teammates about my personal life and tell them about Jamie’s amazing family, or invite them over for drinks without having to see Jamie duck into the guest room when he has to go to bed. Because he’s not a guest in our condo, dammit. It’s his home. And he’s my home.”

Jamie is happily coaching youth hockey but their struggle to win games has him stressed out. Added to that is the stress of keeping his love for Wes hidden, his lack of finances, the loneliness of missing Wes when he is on road games and being far away from his family with no real friends in Toronto. All of that adds up to a sad Jamie.😔 When he gets sick it’s just the icing on his cake and he struggles with his feelings and recovery. He loves Wes.....but everything is so hard.

- ”The way I feel about Ryan Wesley…it’s something I thought existed only in the movies. He’s my other half. We complement each other in more ways than I can count. When he’s in the same room, I’m focused on him, and when he’s gone I walk around missing him.”

- ”I chose happiness over other people’s skewed opinions and cruel judgments. I chose Wes. But now I have to hide that choice. I have to pretend that Ryan Wesley isn’t my soulmate”

There is absolutely no doubt these two love each other, but they have some things to figure out as they move from the first stages of love to a commitment that will last a lifetime.

- “I’ve just discovered that falling in love has a dark side. When you’re mad at the love of your life, it’s impossible to feel joy.”

- “There’s an old quote my mother once painted on a ceramic platter. Love is friendship set on fire. I get it now.”


I absolutely adored Wes and Jamie. There was not one moment where their problems didn't seem real or their struggles believable. Sometimes they didn't communicate well and sometimes their love was all consuming. Add in outside circumstances and complexities and you’ve got a story with real life problems.
Authentic and perfect!

- ”The cure to fighting prejudice is finding common ground.”

📚 The following are my thoughts about this book:
- Their dick pics were hilarious

- My heart hurt for these two when the times got rough. A sad Jamie was heartbreaking because he was usually such a positive, upbeat guy. It was hard to see him struggle 💔

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 They have some scorching hot bedroom (and bathroom and kitchen and hotel and.....well lots of places) scenes

- Blake......Love, love, love him!! 😍 He was such a fun character.

- Jess and Blake’s interactions..... OMG - these two. 😂😂. I cannot wait to read their book!!

- Jamie’s grand gesture was sweet 🥰

- The Feels....oh the Feels ❤️💔❤️. This book was a perfect mix of sweet and beautiful and touching and honest and sexy and hot and funny and heartbreaking. Without a doubt, Wes and Jamie will always have a little piece of my heart. 💞🥰
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May 16, 2019
Re-read 16/5/2019 - Audio

I am upping my original rating to 5 Stars, because Jamie and Wes are so worth it and the audio is so good! ❤❤


Original review 2018 - 4 Stars

More Jamie and Wes? Yes please.............

 photo Jamieandwes_zpsqbcfkuid.gif
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Author 13 books375 followers
July 13, 2021
I love that we tackled the ups and downs after the happily ever after. Because even when everything works, it’s never perfect.

Oh lord, when Wes removed the protective gear in the hospital, Whitney Houston’s version of I Will Always Love You is blaring through my mind! 🥺😍

It was hard on both of them but poor Jamie, he really went through the wringer and unlike last time Wes did everything right even if it wasn’t enough for Jamie.

They both had growing pains and one person handled them better than the other. So, yeah I think Jamie got a little bit of payback after Wes was a turd at times in Him. But just like the love of his life he figured it out and this ended the best way possible.

I still have a novella I’m saving but dang I’m gonna miss these boys so much. I will definitely enjoy reliving these books over and over again, because I’ll never get sick of laughing and crying over them.

Also most honorable mention goes to Blake, I’m so excited to read his and Jess’s book next!
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June 19, 2018
5 stars for the Audiobook

4 stars for the story

Wes and Jamie are the sweetest, cutest couple ever.


-The story is sweet and frustrating at the same time.

-I wanted to smack Wes and Jamie for being so-so-so stubborn.

- At first i was not sure about Blake but he kinda grew on me.

- The sex was sooooo hot.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to this, it was not as good as Him but still kept me interested.
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March 15, 2016
Quickie Review
Story Rating ~ 5 Stars
Hero Ratings ~ Both, 5 Stars
Romance Rating ~ 5 Stars
Heat Level ~ 5 SCORCHING Stars!
Ending ~ 4 Stars
Overall Rating ~ 5, I love them both stars!

For me, US was an AMAZING read. These two are just so perfect together, they absolutely SCORCHED my Kindle! I could REALLY FEEL the feelings they had for each other, such a lovely story.

The ending was a good one, I was smiling and enjoying it, so why the 4 stars? Because it ended when I thought there would be more. I could have just kept reading on and on! I’m SO happy that there will be more but I want it now!!
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June 23, 2017
“It’s us. And it’s perfect.”

I enjoyed Us a lot and had to take a break from my work to finish this book eventually. Anyway, Us is still as good as Him but it has different vibes. While Him is full of dramatic and gut-wrenching scenes, Us is plagued by self-doubt of the characters. After Jamie kinda came out as a bisexual guy in the last book, his life seems perfect for he's living with his hot bf, Wes, a rookie and hot star for this season.

But life isn't always simple. Living together means sharing a part of your life with someone you love. In this book, Jamie feels like he's left alone when Wes is on the read. It's not that easy for a man to manage all of these things, especially in a relationship. I sympathized Wes when he wants this to work, he really does. He wants more time with the man he loves, but time is the only thing he can't afford. However, it's not just him but us and it's hard to control when your boyfriend is thinking too much being at home. The story turns and twists and pinched my heart. I understood Jamie why he feels like that all the time as if there's a black hole inside his head. I wanted to hug him and soothe his insecurity so bad.

“The way I feel about Ryan Wesley…it’s something I thought existed only in the movies. He’s my other half. We complement each other in more ways than I can count. When he’s in the same room, I’m focused on him, and when he’s gone I walk around missing him.”

The authors manage to pull off the characters perfectly. Besides Wes and Jamie, Blake is my new favorite of this series and I gotta read his book ASAP. He's like a big teddy bear. The way he talks, though. Loved him. By the way, I just can't get enough of these hot guys, and these two books give me hope that there're so many good M/M romance out there waiting to be picked up and the ones I look over, too.

“I have never felt as raw as I feel right now. I’ve just discovered that falling in love has a dark side.”

And I really liked the sex scenes. They're so hot !

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October 12, 2021
"Love is friendship set on fire"

This quote is directly to my all time favourites, as well as the book. Because Us is:


I´ve just finished it and it was PERFECT. Although I really enjoyed Him, the first book of the series, there was something missing. But nothing is missing at Us. I connect 200% with Wes and Jamie and the story is simple and beautiful. And don´t forget about Blake. He is Wes´s teammate and their new neighbourd. He has horrible timing and is always spoiling hot moments between the two. But Blake is a ray of light and it´s impossible not to fall for him. I loved the characters, the plot, how these two great authors wrote it... Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy, congratulations. This book is going to my favourite self. Thank you for creating this piece of heaven.

For those who read the first book, Him, and wanted to know if the second is worthy : Us is even better tham the first one. What are you waiting for? Read it! ;)

PS: Blake has his own book!!! (It´s called "Good Boy", and it´s going straight to my must-read list!)
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December 5, 2021






It's been eight months since our boys got together.
And they've been living together in Toronto for six months now.
Wes is playing pro Hockey and Jamie is coach for a junior league team.
Everything could be totally happy endish in this adorable relationship, but there's that little problem of SECRECY!!!
Wes doesn't want to be outed as long as he's the star Rookie on the team. He doesn't want his talent in the News to be replaced with his sexual orientation.....
Jamie agrees, but it's getting harder and harder to live like this...
Especially now that Wes's team-mate Blake moved in next door and is constantly knocking on the their door at the worst possible moments and inviting himself inside for food & beer & tv and non-stop talking! ☺

What will happen to Wes & Jamie?
Will keeping it a secret destroy their love?


I'm not spoiling anything!!! ☺





Is there anything better than a sexy m/m sports romance???


Our boys are back!!!!!!
I didn't even know how much I missed them, until I read the first lines of #US....


Both Wes and Jamie are soooo cute and hot and adorable and funny and sexy and talented and hot and ugh - perfect! You just want them to finally get it all figured out already - they're so perfect for each other ☺

....we have lots of SEXY times!!!!


And lots of funny moments and infuriating moments and sad moments and scary moments....
and of course, not to forget - the most amazing best new friend: Blake. He's just hilarious and good and kind and adorable!!!!

Everything a great Romance needs .... this book has it!!!!!!!

US was the perfect 2nd book about Wes & Jamie - I couldn't stop reading....sooo funny & erotic & scary....Amazing romance! I just love those two boys! ♥

I wouldn't mind another book or two or three ☺☺☺



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