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I make my living as a hustler, and I’m great at it.
I don’t have a single tell and I use that to my advantage to manipulate any situation.
I’ve always known what a person is about to do before they’ve even decided.

That is, until I met Penelope.
I can’t get a read on her, and what’s worse, she doesn’t want anything to do with me.
Which only makes me want her more.

Now I’m in for the hardest hustle of my life.
Somehow I have to convince her she belongs with me.
Good thing I’m always up for a challenge.

316 pages, ebook

First published May 9, 2016

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About the author

Meghan Quinn

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When I was in high school I occasionally read books but was consumed by other teenage things so I didn't take the time to appreciate a good book on a cloudy day, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. It wasn't until I received a Kindle for Christmas one year that my world completely flipped upside down. When looking for books I came across the Contemporary Romance genre and was sold and I haven't turned back since.

You can either find my head buried in my Kindle, listening to inspiring heart ripping music or typing away on the computer twisting and turning the lives of my characters while driving my readers crazy with anticipation.

​I currently reside in beautiful Colorado Springs where the sun is always shining and there is a trail waiting to be hiked on every corner. I share a lovely and warm home with the love of my life and my five, four-legged children.

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790 reviews2,494 followers
June 1, 2016
4 Stars!!


'Hustler' was pure and simply awesome! A fantastic romantic comedy, this book was highly entertaining and I honestly devoured it from start to finish. I love romantic comedies and these two ladies delivered a great one that had just a little bit of everything – humor, steam and a sweet love story that will warm your heart with just a little pinch of angst and drama. If you are like me and enjoy a well written hate to love trope, then for sure you will like this sexy, little gem.

“I’ll call you Penelope once those pink lips of yours have been on every inch of my body, once you spread your legs for me, welcoming me into what I can only imagine is a sweet, tight pussy. Until then, you will remain as Miss Prescott.”


Our hero, Gavin is a professional poker player. He’s a hustler, a manwhore, a cocky bastard who knows what he wants and knows how good he is in bed. Gavin is famous, rich and has the perfect job for him – he works under the table at his best friend’s hotel and casino reading the gamblers and making sure they don’t cheat or count cards. Gavin loves being single. Of course he occasionally hooks-up with different women, but he believes relationships are not for him, so he tries avoid any kind of commitment. Knowing very well that love can destroy someone, he decided a long time ago that it's better to stay away from it.

“If you think I’m capable of being eaten alive, you have a lot to learn. Trust me, I’m not someone you should fuck with.”

Penelope moved out in Vegas dreaming that one day she will be one of “La Magie du Cirque” ’s star. Gymnastics means everything to her, but there are times when she questions her decision to leave her home, because for three years she tried unsuccessfully to get a role. She works as a cocktail waitress which she doesn't particularly enjoy, especially now since she’d been moved to work VIP.

From the moment Gavin lays his eyes on Penelope he just knows that she’s something special. She’s good looking, feisty and she seems the perfect challenge Gavin needs at the moment.

“I know what you’ve been wondering for a while, Gavin, I know what’s been going through that handsome head of yours.” (…) You want to know how deep I can take you, how it feels to be nine inches inside my throat while my tongue leisurely licks your balls. Don’t you?”


I really, really enjoyed this one! The pace was simply perfect and these two authors’ storytelling was delightful. I enjoyed very much how the steam and humor were balanced and I loved the two main characters. Penelope was that kind of heroine you will want to befriend from the beginning. I love her determination to achieve her dreams and I enjoyed her personality immensely. A feisty little thing, our heroine was really endearing. She gave as good as she got from the start, handling our smartass hero perfectly. A loving, devoted, strong-willed daughter, Penelope was simply fantastic!

Gavin was kind of a jerk…in the beginning. My Gawd, his cockiness was infuriating at times. I must admit some of his actions got on my nerves a little, but as the story unfolded we get to see a different Gavin who learns how to open his heart and learns how to be a better man.

“Everything about this kiss is intimate, lustful, and comforting. A kiss I’ve never experienced before.
What the fuck is happening to me?”

The little cat and mouse game between them, the push and pull were deliciously sexy and entertaining. I couldn’t get enough of these two! I also loved the sexual tension that escalated between them with every chapter. Needless to say, the sexy scenes were off the charts hot!
Their witty banter made 'Hustler' a very entertaining read for me. These two characters made me smile, giggle and even laugh out loud a couple of times and the mix of sweetness and sexiness were pretty perfect for this one to be a fantastic romantic comedy.

I loved all the supporting characters! All of them! They were fantastically portrayed, engaging and I would love to read their stories in the near future.

All in all, 'Hustler' was a fun, sexy romantic read that will keep you entertained from start to finish with its great, well developed plot, engaging main and supportive characters and humorous dialogue!
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June 13, 2016
Palm Springs commercial photography

I feel kinda bad for not liking this one. I love Meghan Quinn's writing (I haven't read any thing by the other author)..so I was excited when I saw this one. Plus that guy on the cover.

But I hated the main character. Gavin is a poker hustler that is the world's greatest. (Of course he is.)
Palm Springs commercial photography
I've heard women compare me to some dude named Nick Bateman. Whoever the fuck that is. There was one girl in particular, who I brought home from the park that kept running her hands up and down my six pack, telling me how much I looked like him. It creeped me way the fuck out, but I made a mental note to look him up on the internet that night and I had to admit, the lucky bastard did look like me.

Palm Springs commercial photography

I know it's sorta one of the cool things in books right now for the guy to be a man-whore douche. But this chick ain't drinking the Kool-Aid. I didn't like him.

I did sorta like the female main character though. Penelope is a sassy waitress who just happens to get the "bad luck" of getting to serve the high rollers room now. (You do have to suspend your belief on how little she seems to be able to reign it in when her job is on the line.)
And now she also gets to battle the creeping hands of the high roller assholes.
Palm Springs commercial photography

She handles herself pretty well though..along with her most awesome best friend Page.
"Then you know what you have to do?" she responds seriously.
"What's that?"
"You're going to have to kill him. I have a roll of duct tape, rope, and black plastic bags in my room. We just need to get some shovels from the hardware store and we'll be all set.".

I freaking LOVE Page. And all of the friend characters. They totally stole the book for me. I kept reading just to see what all they were getting up to.

Now for the important part....how was the sex?
Palm Springs commercial photography

Kinda middle of the road. Lots of kinda hate sex because our girl is smart enough to not really like Gavin's snotty self.
Palm Springs commercial photography

She does manage to get him to not be a total ass after awhile...and more of this happens.
Palm Springs commercial photography
I fuck-dazzled you.
No book you didn't.

Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review.

Palm Springs commercial photography

This book could go either way. You might join up on the not so much fangirl page like Kelly and I or you could read the book right and go with my friend Wendy ...we will try and not judge you either way... but we totally will.
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2,414 reviews7,417 followers
May 16, 2016
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

If you know me you already know that I hardly ever read synopses or book blurbs. I am woman enough to admit that I added Hustler to my want-to-reads for one reason and one reason alone – DAT COVER! In all honesty, actually there were a couple of other reasons – (1) I have a massive girl-crush on Meghan Quinn and her books have always been the best kind of fluff, and (2) I somehow read the word hustler and my old lady self thought it was going to be a book about . . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Don’t ask. The only explanation is that either my brain hates me or it really wants to read a story about a male prostitute who finds love. I realized my mistake before even starting and then was excited to read a smexytimes story about this . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Once again I was mistaken. (I thought a good poker player was called a card shark?????) Anway, it didn’t take long to realize . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Turns out this story was not about Fast Eddie Felsen, but rather it was about a CARD SHARK named Gavin who not only is a professional high-stakes poker player but somehow has a job that suspends reality and has him working for a casino as an under-the-table kind of loss leader expert to make sure no one is cheating . . .

Forget about the fact that that would never happen and allow me to introduce you to the leading lady. When Nell moved to Vegas she had big dreams of becoming a star in one of the Cirque productions. Unable to get her big break, she’s had to settle for a job that pays her bills . . . .

Just kidding. She’s a waitress in the high stakes poker room. It’s there she meets Gavin and eventually gets to the hibbidy dibbidy.

As I said, I really have loved every other Meghan Quinn book. This one just did not work at all for me, however. Allow me to ‘splain myself.

1. Sassy leading ladies. I dig ‘em. EXCEPT when said sass-mouth (and her parents she helps support) would be living on the street if she lost her job. I’m all for talk like this . . .

“Two fingers of whiskey.”

“Hmmmm . . . I was kind of hoping you were a three fingers kind of man.”

Until she follows it up with behavior that is more relatable to a petulant teen than a grown-ass woman.

2. Alpha males. I dig ‘em too. Especially when they are werewolves or ride motorcycles. But this dude? He was just a douche.

3. Dirty talk. I don’t dig it. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I can generally stop my eyes from rolling and just gloss over it. This time, though? Dude had zero class. You talk about my kitty and your rooster in public around people I know you’re going to be answering one question - what did the five fingers say to the face motherf*&^%$!!!!

4. Nick Bateman. Believe me when I say that most women who read pornos have no problem casting the lead in their head. That being said, the author IS NOT ALLOWED to do it for us. Especially when it’s Nick Bateman. He is reserved for only my most delicious of fantasies (*cough Ugly Love cough*). Name dropping him as the role of Gavin was pornographic blasphemy.

In case anyone is interested, I pulled my back out a week ago and laid in bed watching reality television all day since I couldn’t get up. In my head, Gavin was TOTALLY Craig from Southern Charm. Super douchey, but still bangable. Kind of like this guy . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Only less stabby.

5. Which brings me to my final issue which is kind of a crockpot full of failure stew due to all of the above. The sex was just not sexy for me. I don’t want to be ass-slapped without knowing it’s coming. I don’t want to hear how tight my meow meow is. I don’t want to know how dude brah could really fill up a rubber with his man juice. My poor lady garden. She had much disappoint . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Good news is that if this book follows the path it looks like it could (with a hate sex story followed by a doesn’t do relationships story), I would sooooooooooooooooooooooo read the crap out of the next two stories. This was a fail, but I have hope there will be more good stuff to come in the future.

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley!

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474 reviews386 followers
May 19, 2016
Oh, this was so much fun!

Very well written hate to love trope about two people trying to hate each other but failing miserably. Gavin is rich, cocky, rude and used to getting what he wants, world famous poker player. When he meets Penelope and tries to intimidate her, he is quite surprised to see that Penelope won't let anyone boss her around. But oh no, you can't say no to Gavin, ever. It will only spur him on. And this is how their little cat and mouse game begins. This sassy, witty temporary waitress/gymnast sure does make him work hard to get her.

I enjoyed this one a lot, the banter was great and sexual tension too. If you want something funny, light, sexy and low on the angst with Las Vegas in the background and hot sex then I recommend.

ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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May 9, 2016

Title: Hustler
Series: Standalone
Author: Meghan Quinn & Jessica Prince
Release date: May 8, 2016
Cliffhanger: No

I almost made the criminal mistake of knocking an extra star off my rating and here's why...I got to 90% in the book and passed my judgement before the end. *slaps my own wrist* I saw the behavior of a certain character and got my judgy eyes squinting and went on an inner monologue rampage. Okay, I might have been speaking shouting out loud directly to my kindle. As if chastising this fictional person would make them shamefaced and listen to reason. And it worked people, because I swear she listened to me. She pulled her big girl panties up and handled business just like she needed to. (Just play along, I like to feel important sometimes.)

On to my actual review!

Hustler was more than I had anticipated. This isn't to say that I thought it wouldn't be enjoyable, just that there were a couple of things that played out much differently than I originally thought. The first thing being the hero. If you look at that cover, he has a big cheesy grin on his face, so right away I'm thinking the hero is going to be this pleasant, unassuming guy leading me on a rollicking good time through rom-com land. I couldn't have been more wrong. Gavin was straight-up cocky, rude, and a man that keeps his cards close to his chest. Stoic doesn't begin to cover him, he uses his sharply honed poker skills to give nothing away of what he's thinking and feeling. Except that he's an asshole and he doesn't like to lose.

Fans of jerk-faced heroes that are the definition of possessive, jealous, and commanding will probably eat this guy up with a spoon.

The need to beat my chest and piss all around her, marking my territory is almost too strong to control. Would I ever tell her that? Fuck no. That would be showing my cards.

As soon as he sets eyes on the new beautiful foul-mouthed cocktail waitress, he can't look away. Even though he's in a position of authority at the hotel where she works in Vegas, she never once cows down to his intimidation tactics. Her smart mouth runs away with her and instead of being insulted, it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Game War on.

Gavin has sworn to never let a woman get to him. His father was ruined because of one, and he built his whole life around the fact that he won't follow in his father's footsteps. He had no problem with his solitary lifestyle or choices, that is, until Nell barreled into his life. I cannot explain how much I enjoyed Nell and Gavin's tug of war with each other. The power struggle was real, and she was a very worthy opponent to his seduction and games. Just when he thought he pinned her where he wanted her, she'd give him the verbal equivalent of a spit in the face with an added dick flick thrown in. She was unstoppable! I love heroines like this. I was reveling in this girl.

"Despite what you might think, Mr. Saint, I don't need your pity tip, nor your overrated fingers. Buy yourself a hooker, I'm sure she'll allow you to play around with her in your sick and twisted way. As for me, I have a date to plan."
With that, the door slams in my face, enveloping me in the dim light once again.

This book led me through plenty of laugh out loud moments, and having read this author before I was expecting that. However, another thing I didn't anticipate was the degree of heat the sex would have. The build up from the lust-hate war between the two of them led to an explosion that not only left them both desperate for more, I was a little greedy myself. It was mouthwateringly good.

I expected him to command, to plunder, to dominate. But as I part my lips to allow him entry, he's slow, methodical, almost careful.
I can't help but moan at the taste of him in my mouth, an my needy sounds must do something to him, because the kiss grows in intensity. We nip and suck at each other's lips and tongues, as if we're unable to get enough of the other person.

I don't often go for these types of asshole heroes, but the author sold it to me and made him redeemable in the end. Gavin's fast growing obsession culminated into a more tender and affectionate relationship with her. He quickly realized that Penelope was a game changer, someone whom he respected and wanted to be around all the time.

Never in his life had he experienced the passion, the happiness, and the rewards that he reaped from letting her past his defenses. The challenge was breaking down hers, they were equally strong, if not stronger. She's making him do the chasing, and no one is more surprised than him that he's enjoying every minute.

For the first time in my life, I'm going to do something I've never done before, something I swore I'd never do. I'm going to woo the fuck out of Penelope.

One issue I had was Penelope's dream of joining La Magie du Cirque. She was a talented gymnast and aerial acrobat, yet for some odd reason, we never see her practicing at all. She's supposed to be mind-blowingly good, yet the only time this enters the plot is when she goes to a couple of auditions. To be this caliber of an athlete, you need constant dedication to the craft. So that didn't add up in my mind, but in the greater scheme of things, It's not that major of an issue. That's just me, being picky.

As well, I wished that Gavin's sudden behavior in the last 15% and the conflict involving the choices he was making could have gone a little differently. I couldn't really see him reacting that way to the challenge he received since he had already decided that Nell was worthy of risking the past repeating itself. He'd fought it, accepted it, and moved on. Then to suddenly turn around and do an about-face at this point in the book felt unnecessary. Thankfully, the resolution happened quickly, and the heroine's uncharacteristic reaction quickly squashed.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a book that's filled with sarcastic hilarity, a couple that is well matched on the battlefield and between the sheets, this may be the book for you. Though there were some minor bumps, I would recommend this to anyone looking for something light with plenty of steam.


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May 6, 2016
4.5 Happily Indulgent Stars
* * * *1/2
I just finished a Guilty Pleasure with a silly grin on my face. I had to put the review off because of all the things I ignored in order to indulge....But isn't that the way when you treat yourself???

This book caught me from the cheeky cover to the blurb...When you are in the mood for a little sexy fun... what's the harm, right...

Well, this gave me a ride and then some. It was more than just what was presented. It had the structure and clear idea of a stand alone novel with the laying of foundation for more with the secondary characters. This was no flash in the pan writing... this had each main character with strong, developed back stories, friends who had their own personalities which enhanced the main characters but also wanted you to know there was more....and a pacing which went at the speed of light.

Very quickly, we have Gavin, the High Stakes Poker player, reader of people and singularly focused. His focus... to be the best; to be better than his father who also was the best player of his time. To never fall to what brought his father down... to love a woman... one who was never worthy.

Gavin has his Bros... the owner of the hotel he plays in and his MMA pal. These three are the holy trinity of Hunky, Hot and Handsome. Their banter with each other is fantastic and seems real. They are each unique in their "thing" and we are given hints as to what makes them tick. See, laying the foundation for more....

Our gal Penelope had her focus, too. As a child all she ever wanted was to do gymnastics. Her parents sacrificed and gave her the training no matter the financial burden. This southern girl grew up with love and now she is out in Las Vegas trying to live her dream... being in a show like cirque du soleil. She has auditioned and auditioned... but like many shows... it isn't what you can do but who you know which gets you the part.

Penelope was lucky in knowing Davies and Page. Both her girls support her and helped; Page with sharing an apartment and Davies with hooking her up with a cocktail waitress job at the hotel/casino. It is in the interaction of these three, just like with the fellas, we learn of the heart and sass, the flavor of their relationships and nod to what is to come down the line.

We meet these two main characters and their first interaction sets the tone...all sass and bite. Both are protecting themselves. Both are working to not let anything revealing happen... for that is the way they are strong.

It shocks Gavin, though. Here the master of tells...after all it is how he makes his living...A twitch here... and juggling of chips there and bam he has figured out who is lying or bluffing...easy...
With this feisty gal, though... there seems to be something he just can't crack... and he is drawn to the her like a moth to a flame...and it goes against Everything he believes in.

Yet, Gavin has been changing and not even realizing it...the thrill of winning has not been the same for sometime now.... and hooking up to hook up has lost its draw...He is feeling a little loose like not knowing what is the problem... and when he meets this firecracker, it becomes the main focus to bed her...it is the only thing which excites him.

Penelope feels the same excitement for Gavin, however, she knows he is dangerous in so many ways. She has no time for this ...she has parents she needs to help out. They are not in a good place financially and she feels the responsibility and guilt to do whatever she can to help. It is a heavy burden but one she takes on lovingly... that is what you do when you love your family.

The cat and mouse game these two play is truly fun. The surrounding characters add to all the pleasure. There is a fully formed plot and actual growth with our fella. Yes, there is some angsty stuff... but not for too long and even with some need to suspend our disbelief in some places... I did it happily. I loved the banter, the willingness for both to tell each other what they were feeling while they were feeling it...it all worked for me. I especially liked the duo POW's.

And I adored the way the road was paved for more... because I know more is coming... Gavin's friend, Graham is next with his conflict /attraction to Page. It should be Delicious as we all know Page is the chef.

Megan Quinn and Jessica Prince, please write quickly...I am a sucker for Guilty Pleasures... and you are on the right track.
~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Yes, I am Guilty as Charged....
Did I take a look at this cover and wonder...

What the F@cking Hell...
Yes, Your Honor...

Did I read the Blurb and go, Yup I can go for that...
Yes, Your Honor...

So what will be my punishment...
Why dropping everything and diving into this very guilty pleasure...
At least I hope so, Fingers Crossed!

A gifted copy was provided by Patchwork Press - Cooperative via NetGalley for an honest review.

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1,244 reviews185 followers
August 2, 2017
3.25 'queef' stars

Do you ever get that feeling after you've finished a book, were you don't know quite how you feel or what to say about it? I'm at that point right now.

So ... Gavin is an arsehole. A cocky manwhore who makes no excuses for how he is or what and who he does.

"In place of his heart is a second dick calling the shots. Our boy has zero ability to feel anything for another human," Graham offers. "He's just like me, a bachelor looking for the next pussy waiting to be twiddles."

His dirty talk was spot on, and I suppose his 9 inch cock was adequate but he didn't have me swooning. There was just something lacking for me to really get excited by him.

"First, I will dive my tongue into that sweet pussy of yours until you're on the verge of coming on my face, then, I'll drive my cock inside of you and fuck you senseless, making you scream my name from the sheer force. And I won't fucking come until you do ... twice."

The whole thing just lacked that extra spark. Not a lot goes on beside them playing a bit of cat and mouse and bantering with each other. There's a tiny bit of drama right at the end, but that's it. No angst, no real plot to speak of. Just a romance story; a bit sweet, a bit sexy.

What I will say is that the side characters stole big parts of this book. Without them my rating of this would be completely different. Pretty much all the funny bits were from them. Especially Page (can't wait to read her story), though the boys had some classy lines that had me laughing

"Oh come on, don't leave. We promise to stroke your ego if you stay. Scott will even use lube this time, make it nice and smooth for you."

"Pretty sure he just menstruated on the way out the door." Scott sniffs the air and nods. "Yup, dude's on his meriod."

"You look like a douchebag who rolled around in Oompa Loompa shit."

If you're looking for a pretty simple, slightly amusing romance and can tolerate then pick this one up.
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896 reviews1,947 followers
June 6, 2016
4,5 Sexy Stars.

Gavin is good looking, rich and one of the best poker players in the world. A extremely smart hustler he secretly works in his best-friend hotel making sure the players don’t cheat. Everything he wants he gets, until Penelope.
Penelope is a simple girl that came to Vegas pursuing a dream, but things are looking hard for her. With more responsibilities in her shoulder that she can bear, she has a hard time letting herself go.
Gavin is a temptation she can’t afford, but he’s a player and this is a game he doesn’t intend to lose.


I jumped on this book without any expectation. The books from both authors are so different from each other that I was honestly curious how they would found a ‘middle ground’.
Let me say that they did it extremely well. You can find Meghan’s witty sense of humor and her sexy writing style perfectly mixed with Jessica’s romantic writing style.
This is a low on angst, sweet and sexy romance book and if you’re a fan of those, then this book is definitely a good choice.


Rating: 4,5
Characters Development: Gavin was a possessive hero, that hold his feelings close and didn’t open easily. But he had a heart of gold and it was good to see open a whole other side of him to Penelope. Penelope was a sweet, albeit insecure girl. She had a lot of responsibilities so she wasn’t big on taking huge leaps of faith but still, she was a nice heroine and easily likable.
Steam: Hot.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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1,093 reviews1,009 followers
November 20, 2017
3.5 stars

Hustler was a book that can make you make you laugh, make you blush and piss you off in a matter of minutes. It’s a whole lotta sexy, naughty but at the same time you want to smack some sense into the characters for one reason or another. Still a great read, especially if you want something on the sexy fun side.

Copy kindly provided by the authors, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

***Quotes above are taken from the version of the book and may differ upon publication.
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763 reviews563 followers
June 10, 2016

4.5 hilarious stars

This book was funny as shit, I FREAKING LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDD it!!! like seriously it was perfect combination of sexy, funny, and angsty. I loved both the hero and heroine and all their friends. It was just a fun, fast and refreshing read.

I make my living as a hustler, and I’m great at it.
I don’t have a single tell and I use that to my advantage to manipulate any situation.
I’ve always known what a person is about to do before they’ve even decided.

That is, until I met Penelope.
I can’t get a read on her, and what’s worse, she doesn’t want anything to do with me.
Which only makes me want her more.

Now I’m in for the hardest hustle of my life.
Somehow I have to convince her she belongs with me.
Good thing I’m always up for a challenge.
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699 reviews128 followers
August 14, 2016

This was such a great read. I wasn't sure what to expect since both Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince are new to me authors, but it really worked for me. The whole hate/love trope always works for me and it was told in dual POV which I love.

Penelope Prescott has been working at Hotel Paragon for the last year waitressing on the main floor. She moved from Tennessee to Las Vegas when she was eighteen, chasing her dreams of performing in the La Magie du Cirque. She grew up doing gymnastics. Her parents sacrificed everything they had in order to let her do the one thing she loved.

"I'm Gavin Saint. Women don't mistake me for someone else...ever."

Gavin Saint is the best poker player in the world. He's won the title. He grew up in Las Vegas, just him and his father. Now he watches the security cameras at Hotel Paragon, making sure other gamblers don't cheat, as part of security for his friend and owner Graham. Occasionally he still plays a game or two. He's a hustler. A player. He's only interested in winning poker and having women in his bed. But when he sees the new high stakes waitress, he can't take his eyes off of her.

Penelope has just been promoted to work as a cocktail waitress in the room with the high stakes gamblers, earning more money than on the regular floor. She needs this job because she sends money home to her parents whenever she can. Her dad broke his back from an accident at work and her mom waits tables. She's been warned that the rich guys have wandering hands, but a confrontation with one leads her to having a talking to from Gavin. But she's not a push over. She speaks her mind and challenges Gavin from the start.

"It's rare I find a challenge anymore. Maybe that's why I find Penelope so appealing. Appealing. Ha! More like fucking frustrating."

Gavin is not one for relationships. His father let a relationship get in his way and it cost him everything. Gavin is determined to not ever let that happen to him, but something about Penelope keeps drawing him in.

They have a strong reaction to one another. She's feisty and doesn't fall for his usual charm. She fights him at every turn, yet he loves it. They are constantly trying to one up each other, not letting the other person win. The sexual attraction is so thick you could cut it with a butter knife. They keep dancing around it, waiting to see who's walls will crumble first.

This was a great entertaining read. I was completely invested in the story. I love the side characters too. I really hope we get their stories. I'm dying to know what's going on with Page and Graham. They already hate one another, but the sexual tension is there. I absolutely love the hate/love stories and this was one that I would recommend to anyone else who loves those types of stories too.

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May 9, 2016
Gavin is an asshole. An asshole on a power trip who is used to winning and all the world is a game. He plays women just as well as the poker games who earned him his notoriety. He’s an unapologetic jerk who made his career out of reading people and making them do exactly what he wants. So imagine my glee at watching him suffer. Suffering brought on by the pretty hands of Penelope. A sexy, speaks-her-damn-mind-and-knees-those-who-get-too-handsy, all round sassy chick.

Gavin is intrigued by her from the moment he spots her gorgeous legs strolling into the high-rollers area and he sets his sights on a brand new game. Only Penelope doesn’t ever react the way he expects her to and he’s at a total loss. Watching this manwhore being brought to heel was extremely entertaining. His uncertainty was almost as endearing as his obsession with Penelope and the lengths he went through to get what he wants had my toes curling over.

Penelope was a great heroine! I absolutely adored her and her snarky mouth. She had a backbone made of steel and she certainly wasn’t about to be ordered around by some guy who played cards for a living. However, the attraction between was undeniable and apart from the games they played with each other causing a delicious amount of angst; the tension and chemistry between them was on fire. A flame that was only fuelled by Gavin and his filthy words.

Hustler was a great read. It had some brilliant supporting character who I can’t wait to read more about and tons of humour! The banter was brilliant and the romance was sweet. The story itself was evenly paced and I lost myself in this book. A great rom-com with plenty of hotness!

(ARC provided by authors in exchange for an honest review)
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May 25, 2016

Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books

Take a bad boy, a sassy girl with a heart of gold, well-meaning friends and lots of deep belly laughs, shake the ingredients and you have "Hustler".

Penelope's first day on the job, waiting the high roller room of Hotel Paragon, doesn't go as planned. One of the guests thinks it's ok to touch the goods so what else can she do other than put him in his place. Too bad Mr. Saint calls her upstairs into the control room and she is at risk to lose her job. It is not what she imagined to do when she was a young girl but she needs this job. The tips are great and give her the time and possibility to pursue her career as a gymnast.

Gavis Saint knows the poker tables of the world. He is the best. He works the control room of the Hotel Paragon's high roller room when he doesn't play. One day he sees a beautiful new waitress there. When this girl knees one of the guests in their nuts he has to meet her. So let's just get her upstairs, shall we?

Gavin is a manwhore. He supposedly looks like Nick Bateman. Gavin did check online and indeed, he says, he does look a lot like him. Now let's take a look at the eye candy.

*clears throat*

Where was I?
Oh yeah.

Personally I think he looks like an arrogant cocky bastard, albeit a mighty hot one.

But that's exactly what Gavin is. So the choice is perfect. Gavin doesn't do relationships - since his father's love for a woman who wasn't worth it killed him Gavin Saint decided never to be like his old man and let the fairer sex lead him around by his dick. He doesn't let people read him because that would give them a deeper look into his soul.

Penelope/Nell was such a joy to read about. This girl has the sass, the guts and the soul to bring Gavin to his knees. She gives as good as she gets. The dick flick scene will be one of my most favorite scenes in a rom-com. Nell is also extremely protective and loyal and I loved how she stood up for them to Gavin when he was being an ass.

Gavin was an unexpected hero. He does have his charms but that's superficial and in the beginning the arrogance and him being a bastard outweigh that. So I was curious how these two authors would bring me around to love him. And they did! In the end I loved the hell out of these two. Gavin is also one of the best dirty talkers I've read so far. Panty-soaking.

The story itself has a great flow, you can't put it down because you want read more about the shenanigans of these people. The side characters are amazing and the story hints already at two more books in the future. The characterization of the main cast is well-fleshed out, they never act out of character. The dialogues are hilarious and I mean "ROFL"-hilarious. My downstairs neighbor told me she heard me laugh, so that's something ;). The steam factor is high and the time spent between the sheets with Gavin and Penelope is off the charts hot. No, really, OFF THE CHARTS.

This was a satisfying read with a lot of sass, humor and great characters. If you love low angst, panty-melting smexy times and snarky dialogues this book will make you happy.

ARC via Netgally in exchange for an honest review - thank you!
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May 9, 2016
Meghan Quinn has quickly become a go-to author when I want rom-coms with a side of belly-laughs. Jessica Prince is a new-to-me author, so I was really intrigued to see how their co-written book worked out. I can definitely say it was a success!

Gavin Saint is like the Sherlock Holmes meets Card Whisperer of poker. With one look he can sum up his opponents’ weaknesses and determine what cards they hold in their hand. He’s been playing poker for most of his life and made a boatload of money doing it. However, nothing is challenging to him anymore and he is bored. Until he meets Penelope Prescott, that is.

Penelope (Nell) is a struggling gymnast with hopes of joining a Vegas acrobatics show. In between auditions, she makes ends meet by being a cocktail waitress in the high-rollers suite at a hotel. Nell is very headstrong, fiercely independent, and her unfiltered mouth gets her into trouble. Which is exactly how she meets Gavin.

I don’t think I have ever read a book with more stubbornness between the main characters. Nell gets under Gavin’s skin and he does anything he can to get a rise out of her. I liked their banter and witty repartee, with the 'chase' being the best part. Nell wants nothing to do with Gavin, but he isn’t having it. Plus, once they get together the heat level goes through the roof. Seriously steamy, which I was not expecting (in a good way, though!).

I also really enjoyed the secondary characters in Hustler. Nell’s roommate, Page, is just as funny if not more so than Nell. Gavin’s friends, Scott and Graham, are just as funny and cocky as he is. Their conversations are priceless, by the way. Since I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book, I will definitely be reading more of this series. Well done, ladies!

▸ ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

▸ Order: Kindle

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June 26, 2017
4.5 stars

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

This is only my second book by Meghan Quinn and she's now hot on my radar. I loved the first one i read- The Mother Road and i'm glad she still keeps to her quirkiness and humour. Jessica Prince is new to me, but they've done a fabulous job on this book together!

A simple plot of rich boy meets poor girl and the authors have managed to infuse fun, sweet romance, laugh out loud humour and sexy,sexy times. I loved that this book had near to none-angst(although i thrive on angst-ridden books) I was holding my breath many times throughout the book expecting the hero (who was trying very hard to figure out his feelings) to pull off a typical jerk-like move but he pleasantly surprised me. He went after what he wanted, no questions asked. For that alone, it made the book that much more interesting.

Gavin Saint(yes, he reluctantly admits to looking like Nick Bateman) is a rich, cocky, professional hustler at poker meets Penelope Prescott as she throws a massive sassy fit while waitressing at a high end poker game. Intrigued by this beautiful yet fearless creature, he tries his best to get closer to her. Although they both have some issues to sort out and come from worlds apart, i love that they both gave each other a chance and was truthful about their feelings from the beginning. I loved their friendship and passion. I loved their banter and seriously crazy friends! and i loved, loved, loved that bed-hogging scene. The sex scenes in this book were just too hot to handle.

This was an AMAZING read and a definite recommendation. I'm hoping for more books of their friends as i suspect some background there (especially Graham and Page)

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November 21, 2019
spoilers ahead

Given the author combo I really should've known

Manwhore H with lots of sleazy references to his past manwhoring
On the positive side he wasn't with anyone else after meeting the h
The h was broke and desperately needed her job, she just didn't act like it until later down in the book. She was just loud and abrasive
On the positive side we get to see another side of her in the latter half of the book
The h came to Vegas to get a part in a Vegas show, she's been doing gymnastics all her life and the H says she's fit yet we never see her practising or even at the gym until her one audition and actual performance
Lots of juvenile humor and frequent use of the f word( and I use that word a lot so that's saying something)
Even her roommates and his friends were immature so not even the secondary characters could this for me

All in all there were some funny and some sweet moments but from the moment I start skimming the sexy times then I knew something was really wrong😂 . This didn't work for me but I've had some successes with Jessica Prince's books so I'll try more from these authors
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September 16, 2016
Still in my reviewing funk...

-Cute story about a professional poker player who meets a sassy waitress and life suddenly turns around for him.
-Hilarious story that had me stupid smiling for about 90% of the book
-Penelope had the most amazing sense of humor that spoke to my soul

Definitely going to read the follow up book!

On to the next!
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May 9, 2016

Holy smokes this book! *Fanning
This collaboration of two authors is just BRILLIANT! Meghan Quinn and Jessica Prince both delivered an over the top story filled with humor...a little angst...romance...swoony moments...and OH.MY.GOD!...hot sizzling scenes that will definitely made your knickers wet and would probably made you have a female version of blue balls! But beware though,behind all those I mentioned, lies a great and brilliant story you shouldn't miss.

So, Hustler was one of those books I patiently/impatiently waited because for one, that COVER really got me...added up with an interesting blurb and I was a goner like I wanted to dig in the book stat! Pronto! No more necessary explanations needed! It follows the story of Gavin Saint...a hustler, the Poker King Of Vegas...cocky..arrogant..sex on a stick.. Mr. Live- in- the- Fucking -Moment. Relationship doesn't exist in his world." Emotionless relationships are what he strive for...until he met Penelope...a sassy..fiery...women who moved from Tenesse to Vegas to live for her dreams... to be an intricate part of Vegas’number one show, La Magie du Cirque, performing every night to sold out crowds. Unfortunately, the odds is not in her favor thus, he's in Hotel Paragon working as a waitress until she was assigned in the high roller suite...

Uh..uh...now go figure..Poker King of Vegas meets the sassy..fiery...waitress/gymnast! Explosive to the zenith! Their chemistry is undeniable...and my God, that sexual tension is just over the top! I was like..whoa..this is effing crazy!!!
“Would it be because you want to see how they work? How they can play with this delicious pussy of yours? Were you wondering what it would feel like to have my fingers pressed inside of you, curled just enough to hit you in the right spot so you’re coming all over them, screaming my name , letting everyone know who’s finger fucking you into oblivion? Is that what you were thinking?”

And there's definitely more! .... *I needed a cold shower!!!

But what really made me swoon and melt my heart was that scene in the bedroom.That alpha cocky male turned into an affectionate lass that made me want to bottle him up...

But the problem is, Gavin doesn't believe in love...he's afraid he's gonna turned to be like his father...
Do you know what happens when you fall in love? You forget who you are and get lost in the person who captures your heart. Not such a bad thing, but when you’re a poker player, it’s the worst thing that can happen to you.
It was then that I decided women weren’t worth it. They weren’t worth the heartache, and they sure as fuck weren’t worth your life.

So what now??? That's what you need to find out... ;)

Overall, this book is really good! I was invested in the story forgetting I was in the office and my workmates just stared at me as if I was crazy laughing out loud or flushed...and I was like? Ignore me...I just have my moment with Gavin Saint! The story just flowed flawlessly, I was pulled right from the start eager to know what might happen next but the same time not wanting it to end. The character portrayals were just adorable...I love their bickering and their interactions. Even the secondary ones were just great that just added more charisma to the story.Their's might be not that solid but you know there's just a hint or an urge that says "please let them have their share too".
Conflict was there but the resolution was quick which I could say was just fit to the flow of the story.

Finally, I could definitely say, I enjoyed reading the book. I LOVE IT!!! I really cannot wait for you to read it.

Great job Meghan Quiin and Jessica Prince!

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May 10, 2016
In this crazy book world, sometimes we forget just how awesome the theme of “boy meets girl—boy does something stupid to lose girl—boy fights like hell to win girl back” is to read and enjoy!

From the very first page I was sucked into Gavin and Nell’s world, and I didn't want to leave. Gavin is a professional poker player—an amazing people reader. Nell is a small town girl trying to survive in the big city and make her dreams come true.

Boy meets girl and holy crap, do the sparks fly. There's snark, sass, fun, laughter, and “fan yourself” sexy times.

Boy does something stupid to lose girl. Gavin is a dumb boy in a man’s body—desperate to not make the same mistakes from the past. A past that haunts him. So desperate he can't see what he has in his life now is so much better than he could possibly imagine.

Boy fights like hell to win girl back. Nell doesn't make it easy, nor does the tough love and reality check Gavin gets from his friends. But, yowza, does he grovel well.

I'm greatly looking forward to more from this writing duo. Ms. Quinn and Ms. Prince are amazing together—bring on Page and Graham’s story! ~ Missy, 5 stars


Gavin Saint is an unlikely hero.

I sort of hated him and his cucumber cool, ice-king ways. I hated his approach and his infuriating arrogance. I hated his unwillingness to show a tell—one itty bitty peek of emotion that would have made him softer, more human, more vulnerable and...lovable.

Then…he did.

And oh, Gavin Saint. I want wrap him up in a lifetime of bear hugs. Keep him safe and protected from the stupid world and all its stupid judgery (new word—in honor of Gavin Saint, y’all!). I want…well, I want more shirtless encounters and the whole nine inches of insane pleasure (I’m only human, I mean, come on…*wipes drool*). But mostly I want those walls to stay down because when Gavin Saint stops hiding his tells, there is no possible way to avoid falling in love with him.

Nell Prescott gets it.

She’s the only one not afraid to get in his face. She’s not cowed by him and she’s not even remotely impressed with that whole slick hustler image he has going for him. She’s feisty and fierce—and maybe sometimes her temper gets the best of her, but her ability to knock Gavin down a notch or two makes Nell the only kind of heroine who would ever work for him. And though she may be hiding behind some walls of her own, I adored her. Completely.

I admit I had a bit of trouble in the beginning of this book. The power struggle didn’t sit right with me sometimes. I doubted the sincerity of the feelings they were supposed to be developing when they repeatedly went toe-to-toe trying to prove who was stronger, who was least affected, who was running the show. I appreciated that Nell was feisty and stood up for herself, but I sometimes felt like the real feelings got lost in the battle of wills.

Then…things took a turn.

While I sat on the fence with this book for nearly the entire first half, I spent nearly the entire second half melting into a puddle of goo. Once Gavin and Nell started letting their walls down, letting each other in, and behaving like real human beings who like each other, it was hard to keep my feels from exploding all over the place. I loved them together, fumbling their way through their feelings. Once they let each other in, things got real. Their relationship was heartwarming, scorching hot (for real—I swear I heard my Kindle sizzle), adorable, and very, very sincere.

Hustler also funny. Laugh-out-loud funny. Sometimes maybe even “snort embarrassingly and then anxiously look around to make sure nobody heard that” funny. The friendships woven within the framework of this book were one of the best parts of it for me. The banter and teasing amongst friends was hysterical. Be prepared to laugh—a lot.

My feelings about this book are as complicated as the characters it’s written about. I took the ride with them, my emotions running the gamut from frustrated and disgusted to unabashedly turned on to—finally—full-hearted and ooey gooey with all kinds of love feelings. The love feelings win…and the ending set my pulse aflutter. ~ Shelly, 4.5 stars


I’m trying with all my might to think of a suitable adjective to describe Hustler, and not a single one comes to mind. Probably because it’s just too freaking good to be encompassed by ONE word.

So, instead, I shall give you a few off the top of my head…

Sexy. Funny. Charming. Heartfelt. Feel-good. Funny. Frustrating. Sizzling. And, oh, did I mention funny?!

I may have had one or two moments that made me cross—I am categorically NOT a fan of seeing character described as looking exactly like a particular person, because if you don’t like said person (or even if you do), it kind of breaks the magic—but my overwhelming feeling about this book is that is one that people simply MUST READ.

Because if you don’t read this book, you’ll be missing out. Missing out on the funnies and the feels. Missing out on Nell Prescott—she of the sassy mouth, strong will, big heart and even bigger dreams. Missing out on Gavin Saint—asshole extraordinaire, hot, cocky, arrogant and oh yeah, IRRESISTIBLE. Missing out on those moments when I thought maybe these two authors might have taken the back-and-forth between these two too far…

But then again, I should have had a little more faith than that. Meghan Quinn is, after all, a proven author for me; I’ve laughed-out-loud at her crazy humor many times, fallen in love with her fiery females and swooned for her handsome heroes. Her name on the cover was the reason I wanted to pick up this book. The words, seamlessly written by Ms. Quinn alongside new-to-me author Jessica Prince, are what kept my attention. Just when I thought it was too much, they managed to pull it all back together. They presented a simple and simply lovely story of boy meeting a girl, wanting a girl, getting a girl, losing a girl and so on…then added a salty little spin. It was fun. Interesting. A little bit different. And absolutely enough to keep me coming back for more.

And damn, I cannot wait for more. The captivating (and banter-licious) secondary characters have stories to tell—all of them. Scott and Davies, YESSSSSS. Lord, and don’t even get me started on Page and Graham. After that ending, I know they are going to be explosive. Crazy. Love-and-hate filled. Fierce. Possibly even over-the-top. And I cannot WAIT to see it happen—and see if I can come up with one…or more adjectives to describe them. ~ Beth, 4.5 stars
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May 11, 2016
4.5 Stars!!!

The queen of Rom Com has paired up with Jessica Prince to deliver a deliciously sexy and fun novel.

Gavin, the king of poker, is getting bored with his hustling ways. He’s wondering where the challenge in life is until he meets Penelope. He can’t seem to figure her out and she’s become his next challenge. She’s a tough nut to crack, but Gavin isn’t going to stop until he wins her over. He finds himself in the hardest hustle of his life and realizes he might just get more than he ever bargained for.

"For the first time in my life, I'm going to do something I've never done before, something I swore I'd never do. I'm going to woo the fuck out of Penelope.”

This was such a cute story. The banter between Gavin and Penelope was absolutely PERFECT!!! Both characters were a hoot. First off, I need to wipe the drool off my face because Gavin is a Nick Bateman look alike…HOLY HOTNESS!! Now add in some dirty talk, a hot bod, and killer hustling skills… I’m completely sold. Who can resist this combination? Not me=).

"Call me a cocky bastard, but I'm a sexy motherfucker."

Yes he is and I absolutely loved him. I loved his cocky personality and the games he played. He was just a fun delight. His internal dialogue had me cracking up. I loved hearing the crap that goes through his head.

"And I can't even think about how his hoes didn't match his belt. Shit. I rub my eye with my palm. Maybe I am gay. I pause...Nah, fuck that."

"Women are so weird. Let's eat on the ground and gab while ants crawl all over us, it'll be fun."

LOL, but he also has a serious side to him and I completely understood why he has a relationship phobia. If there is anybody who is going to break through his playboy ways, it is Penelope.

"Maybe this Penelope girl will finally call your bluff."

Penelope...now she is my type of girl. She is strong and feisty and I loved how she gives Gavin a run for his money. I completely related to Penelope. Her thought process is exactly how I think. She is all about standards. She keeps it simple, modest, and classy.

"And if there's one thing I hate more than anything, it's a cocky, self-absorbed asshole."

"Say it with me, ladies. STANDARDS!"

Penelope keeps Gavin on his toes. She actually flicks his dick...LOL…see what I mean, she is a total spitfire and I loved it. Her true character comes out in the end when Gavin begins to lose track of his priorities; she doesn't let Gavin treat her like shit. She puts herself first and makes him know she won't settle for less. I think we need more strong girls like this to be our role models for self-respect and confidence. I always enjoy reading about a strong heroine. Girl power! Together, Gavin and Penelope are the perfect combination. Their chemistry is off the chart, they have fun banter, sweet moments, and some scorching hot moments.

Gavin of course sees the error of his ways. I love how he is protective of Penelope and wants to take care of her. Everything about him makes me swoon. I need a Gavin of my own!

"I may be lost my way, I may have lost my head when approached by my past but that's exactly what it is now, my past. You're my future."

"Who knew the biggest game of my career was going to involve a cheeky cocktail waitress turned love of my fucking life."

I also loved the whole gang. The three boys are like girls the way they chat it up. It is freaking adorable. I'm officially hooked...I can't wait for Graham's story and Scott better have one too because I love this book and need more!

My only hiccup with the book is that Penelope and her roommate Page are supposed to be poor and struggling, but it didn't make sense for the jobs they have. Page is a personal chef for celebrities and the other rich folks, while Penelope is a cocktail waitress for a big casino on the strip. I have family who live in Las Vegas so I know dealers, bartenders, and cocktail waitresses who work for the big casinos make BANK...like 6 figures. The situation just seemed very improbable for their jobs.

Otherwise, this book was a hoot. It was hot, funny, sweet, and has a great ending with hope for more to come. So please read this book written by two of my favorite authors. You will not be disappointed. Happy reading =)
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May 10, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo 44850f53f358025a2118cb818f3301_zpsq8cjkwhz.gif

I think it is already given that I adore Meghan Quinn and so when I found out she was releasing Hustler, I knew I had to get my hands on this book stat. While I have read several books from Ms. Quinn, this will be the first book that I have read from Jessica Prince and after reading Hustler, it surely won’t be my last.

Hustler was downright a fun, sexy romantic read!!! This book had it all from from banter, humor, love, and steam. Well, more like a sizzling off the charts sexy love story. You gotta love a story where a feisty sassy heroine has no qualms about giving a cocky alpha male a taste of his own medicine.


Gavin is a professional poker player. A hustler. A manwhore. And a man who knows that he is a master of the cards as well as the bedroom. And so when his best friend hired him to work behind the scenes of his hotel casino to spot fellow hustlers, Gavin didn’t expect to find himself catching the eye of a cocktail waitress, Penelope.

Gavin may have the ability to charm his way to any woman’s panties by flashing a smile or wink, but Penelope is unlike any woman that he has met. She knows behind that cocky smile and attitude is a hustler but for the life of her, she can’t stop thinking of Gavin. So as much as she tried staying away from Gavin, the betting odds are working in his favor. So can this hustler find himself realizing you can’t buy love but love must be played right? Will the playboy show the right cards to win the heart of the woman who has danced his way into his heart?

If you are looking for a fun romance that is layered with steam, banter, wit, sass, humor, and love then look no further than this book. Ms. Quinn and Ms. Prince has written a story that has me begging for more and hustling for the next book of Graham and Page.

 photo 39bd069683d00b0e9d907fc6ab127c_zpsyfiidaco.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Meghan QuinnJessica Prince
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July 23, 2016
3 stars

This book was quite fun to read. I liked the push and pull between the MCs and the casino setting was refreshing to read about. Gavin's voice and his struggles with his feelings for Penelope was well done.

I'd say it's personally preference really because Gavin isn't really my cup of tea; his dirty talking felt unnatural. I liked it though and I will have my eye on Page and Graham's book.
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May 18, 2016
Rhayne's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Hustler is a book that delivers a wide variety of emotion. It’s definitely sexy, quite funny at times, the snark factor is off the charts, and the character interaction is blended well.

Nell and Gavin are from separate worlds. He is a world famous poker player who has made millions from playing the game he lives and breathes. Nell is a struggling cocktail waitress working the VIP room at the hotel Gavin lives and plays in. She has always had a dream of being a gymnast in a show in Vegas and has struggled to find her way since moving there.

Gavin is by no means looking for a relationship. He lives to play with women and with cards. That is all. He has no desire to be anything to anyone ever! Nell is introduced to him and suddenly everything he knows is changing. For the first time in his life he’s developing feelings for someone. Their story is fast-paced and sexy as hell at times, but sadly nothing new or refreshing. It’s a very common romance story that’s been told time and time again. Rich man meets and falls for a poor struggling girl and is constantly battling his feeling that are developing. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the story, I did. It just wasn’t unique or original.

There are several contradictions throughout the book that left me puzzled at times, but if you put that aside and just focus on the love story I think it’s a solid enough story to pull the reader through. Gavin ultimately has to decide what is more important to him, the game or the girl. Watching him battle through this was an honest testament to the struggles that have plagued his for years. It’s a full cycle of emotion that he has to deal with, and it was done beautifully. I do think he and Nell have a lot of chemistry together and their story was told in a way it portrayed their love in every scene they shared.

I really loved the side characters. There is definitely more we need to know and I can’t wait to see if we get to revisit this Vegas dynasty again in the future.

Review copy provided for an honest review.
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July 11, 2016
3.5 Stars

This one took a little while for me to get into, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Nell or Gavin. There was definitely something between them but they spent a good portion of the book dancing around each other and then I felt like their “problem” was crammed into the last 10% of the book to be resolved in a rush.
You have one of my jewels resting between your eyes. I fuck-dazzled you.
Nell was a strong female character. She had goals and aspirations and while she had been unsuccessful so far, she continued to pursue her dreams. She wasn’t a heroine with a ton of problems, money was tight and she wanted to help out her parents but was unable to do so. We got to follow Nell into the high rollers suite where she served drinks to poker players throwing around obscene amounts of cash. Nell’s interactions with Gavin were definitely entertaining, she was not intimidated by Gavin’s position in the hotel or his bank account; she sassed him every chance she got and it proved for interesting interactions between the two main characters.
Everything about this kiss is intimate, lustful, and comforting. A kiss I’ve never experienced before.
Gavin was your typical rich alpha, though I had fully expected Gavin to be a gigolo! Based on the title and cover, I thought for sure he was some kind of male escort or something. Turns out, he was a professional poker player! Gavin was the best of the best when it came to playing poker, so much so that he worked at his friend’s hotel keeping an eye out for less than honest players throughout the casino. When Nell caught Gavin’s eye he immediately switched into pursuit mode. He was persistent. Gavin was great for Nell, though his familial issues ended up affecting his plans to move forward.
Oh come on, don't leave. We promise to stroke your ego if you stay. Scott will even use lube this time, make it nice and smooth for you.
This was a fun read. Despite some of the things I disliked about the book, I was still invested in Gavin and Nell’s story. Gavin had two best friends who were awesome throughout the book. I’d definitely be interested in stories for either of them.
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May 31, 2016
3.5 stars!!!

ARC kindly provided by Patchwork Press - Cooperative via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This is the story of Gavin and Nelle!
I have to say that the book started brilliantly! During the first chapters I was laughing so loud that I couldn't believe it! The writing was good and it wasn't obvious that two persons wrote this book which was written by a dual POV changing in each chapter! The plot was interesting but somewhere in the way it just didn't do it for me anymore. I think that the story would have been so much better if the obstacles and hesitation of the heroes was dealt differently.

Nelle started like a nice and strong woman who isn't afraid to speak up her mind no matter what! However, after a point it felt like she was arguing for no real reason! I got tired of her attitude because it really felt like one!

Gavin started like a funny-dirty talking dude but after a point I got tired of him too! It was fun the first, second or even the third time that he was speaking with his friends and he was crude, however after a moment it felt cold and boring.

Their interactions also had the same route. They started intense and passionate and after a point everything felt forced! I actually missed their chemistry after they actually got together.

Saying all these, the end of the book was nice! There was a beautiful epilogue that made me wonder why wasn't the book like this epilogue? Everything felt good and balanced and it was a perfect ending to this story. Now I am curious about Page and Graham!
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May 27, 2016
4.25 Stars
I loved the humor as well as the entire cast. This was an entertaining book, that I slipped right into and completely enjoyed.
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April 1, 2017
DNF 80% casi casi lo termino.... pero no pude me dio fastidio estos dos protagonistas y la trama.
Gavin odioso e insufrible, todo mandón y saliendose siempre con la suya.... Penelope al principio me pareció bien, no dejándose intimidar y firme en su posición, pero luego me pareció muy fácil y toda ilusionada con él (muy instalove), inmadura en cierta parte y prácticamente dejándose comprar por él, así como si nada se van a vivir al hotel (ella y su amiga) porque ellas no puede vivir en esa zona... y apenas la va conociendo por Dios... y sus conversaciones muy vulgares y no me gustaron sus amigas, creo que una verdadera amiga no te echa a los leones solo porque el tipo es rico!!

En fin no era lo que esperaba... no me gustan los protagonistas así, todos dominantes(pero de un dominante odioso).... que te hace quedar en ridículo, donde la tipa tiene que aceptar lo que dice porque él tiene la razón, y no se le puede discutir. Ugh NO ES MI TIPO.
June 19, 2016
I knew going into this book that Gavin was a hustler. I mean the name of the book is Hustler. What I didn't know was how cocky and arrogant he was going to be. Because of this, I had a hard time getting into the book. It seemed like we were constantly reminded of how much money he had or that he could have any woman he wanted. That's the only reason I rated it a 4 and not a 5.

The saving grace for me was the superb writing and the sarcastic banter between the characters. It really is a hilarious book that had me laughing almost the entire way throughout the book. Nell and Paige's friendship is off the charts hysterical. Even the banter with Scott and Nick had me snorting.

I love how sarcastic Nell is and I love how she didn't give into Gavin like he wanted. She was a challenge for him and one he didn't win easily. Nell is such a relateable character. She's funny, smart, works her ass off just to make ends meet and would go to bat for everyone she loves and cares about. Being a southern girl myself, I appreciate the spit fire attitude she has.

Gavin is a completely different story. Sure he's hot, has money, and exudes confidence. To me too much confidence. But he also has an image that he thinks he needs to keep up with. He's letting a ghost haunt him when in reality it's his own ghost he needs to face. I seen a different side of him with Nell. That's the side I started to love and wanted more of. I hated him at first and when I think about the way he was I want to throw my kindle and cuss out Meghan and Jessica for making him so annoying.

Gavin and Nell together were not perfect but hell what relationship is perfect? They were good for each other and they fit. Nell didn't put up with his BS. Gavin didn't know what hit him until it was too late.

[image error] photo Hustler Teaser.png

But in the end, I loved it! It really is a funny, smoking hot book and if you love alpha males who are rich, arrogant at times, but know when to give in then you have to read Hustler!
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November 3, 2016
Hustler was cute and very sexy. Gavin and Penelope were great together. I also loved all their friends. My only complaint is that the story didn't always hold my attention and it took me a lot longer than usual to finish. I do look forward to more in this series.
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