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Beat the Rain: A dark, twisting 'fall out of love' story with an epic end you won’t see coming

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All relationships start out as love stories. They don't all end as one.

After Louise's lover passes away, will a fragile new relationship with his twin brother bring comfort -- or destroy them both? A haunting exploration of love and loss.

Goodreads Choice Awards nominee, Best Debut Author and Roundfire's Bestselling Fiction title, Beat The Rain is a modern love story - or falling out of love story - providing a moving and vulnerable depiction of a relationship in decline.

At times humorous, at times heartbreaking, it explores what it means to live, to love and to lose.

The first novel in the #OrdinaryLives series.

256 pages, Paperback

First published July 29, 2016

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About the author

Nigel Jay Cooper

3 books71 followers
Author, father, cat and dog owner. More than a list of things. Probably.

Nigel lived comes from South London, lived in Brighton UK for 20 years and now lives in the French Alps with his family.

Nigel's Invisible Lives series of novels are available now:

Beat The Rain, was a semi-finalist for Best Debut Author in the Goodreads Choice Awards.

The Pursuit of Ordinary was a finalist for The People's Book Prize for Fiction, was longlisted for The Guardian's Not The Booker Prize and was a call in nomination for the Booker Prize.

Nigel's third 'Invisible Lives' novel, Life, Slightly, has recently been released.

Nigel is currently working on a new novel series featuring amateur sleuth Baps Fontaine. Watch this space for her first outing 'Murder in Morzine'!

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June 23, 2016
Louise lives with her boyfriend Tom, they have a 'perfect' life. Tom has a big old secret though, he is dying and he doesn't tell anyone. Not even his twin brother Adam.
The story starts right after Tom has passed away. *not spoiling because it happens at the beginning*
Louise is crushed, then she gets a DVD from Tom. He sends his brother Adam a letter at the same time. He tells them both that since he is gone he knows that they love each other so they should do the hook up.
Palm Springs commercial photography

They jump right on that. Ending up getting married.

I interrupt this review right here..because I totally learned a new word in this book.
I thought it was some kinda new fish or something. Umm no.
Palm Springs commercial photography
Shaddup! I do know what it means thanks to Google. Kinda grossed out but I still know.

On with the review!

*May be sorta spoilery* (I'm not gonna spoil all the good stuff.)
Louise and Adam are living the dream, they marry and have two kids. Adam is a freelance writer so he stays at home with the kidlets while Louise works at her café. Louise does suffer from postpartum depression, so when I started realizing what an asshole she is I excused some of it.
But then...she kept getting worse.
I hate this heifer.
She is bringing home most of the money, I get that. She works hard, yep get that too. But she makes up an 'convention' that she has to go to just because she needs a break from the kids and Adam. That she does nothing for? Adam does it all!
Then we find out she cheats on him. But it's okay, because it really doesn't mean anything.
Multiple times.

She decides on the trip that she is going to change and be all wonderful again.
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When she gets back she is at work one day and in walks Jarvis.

Dream wife Louise gets all hot and bothered. She knows that Jarvis wants her. She even gets him to be friends with boring old Adam. They have a dinner party with all of her asshole friends and that's when she realizes that he wants her too!
Palm Springs commercial photography

That dinner party is pretty much a hoot though, I LOVE when a bunch of assholes try and out asshole each other.

This book is one that you might not care for if you have to be able to relate to the characters. They all suck. Big time suck. It's a big old hot mess that you know is going to end well and you kinda have to just cheer for who is going to get it the worst.

I think I wanted the smack down on all of them.

Palm Springs commercial photography

I wish I could tell some of the good stuff but that would spoil and that would suck. This is one of those that you have to discover what happens on your own.
✮✮✮ 1/2 stars!

Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review.

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My book pusher friend Michelle's review grabbed my attention on this one.
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1,522 reviews158 followers
October 27, 2017
I was pleasantly surprised at how good "Beat the Rain" was, it really is a decent contemporary psychological novel that I enjoyed reading.
Louise is still grieving over the sudden death of her boyfriend Tom. Tom knew he was dying but chose to keep it a secret from her. Six months after his death Louise receives a DVD made by Tom before his death, seemingly giving her permission for her and Adam - his twin brother - to become romantically involved. The story follows Louise and Adam's relationship and how a chance encounter with a charming stranger called Jarvis impacts on their lives. Relationships, death, life and love, this is a very clever psychological thriller/romance.
"Beat the Rain" is a truly atmospheric, intriguing and emotional book with quite a unique plot, that is beautifully written by debut novel writer Nigel Jay Cooper. Well worth a read, I'd happily recommend it and I'd certainly read more by this author again.
3.5 stars.
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181 reviews168 followers
July 17, 2018
Louise, unlucky Louise. Abandoned at young age by her mother, bullied at school, lost her dad to cancer at 16, her partner, Tom, dies. Nothing seems to work for her, nothing or no one seems to be able to fix her. And then her and Adam, Tom's twin. Their relationship wild, seemingly forbidden but also strangely liberating.
Adam. Adam who's always been 'and Adam', always part of a duo. Always in somebody's shadow.
They're so wrong together but they're also really good together. At the beginning it's their grief that connects them, the strange wrongness of being together after Tom but with his permission. They make it work the best they can, children come along, live happens and they stay together. Their love is not perfect, not fairy tale like, it's the mundane everyday kind of love but it's love nonetheless.
Then Jarvis arrives in their lives. Charming and handsome, kind and caring. Jarvis who brings Louise and Adam's marriage to the brink. They both break, their lives completely unravel.
In Beat The Rain Nigel Jay Cooper gave us an emotional and raw portrait of vulnerable, flawed people who try hard to overcome grief and their insecurities. It's not an easy read but it's so compelling and beautiful and I couldn't put it down. Loved it!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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814 reviews77 followers
July 21, 2016
I would love to use something better than this worn-out cliché, but I'm tired today because of this book. So here goes, this really was an "emotional rollercoaster". One moment I was thinking things are picking up for the protagonists, perhaps this won't all go down the drain, the next moment it felt like I was being crushed, despairing, at the bleak bottom. And then there would be these really humorous scenes. That dinner party was hilarious.
Beat The Rain is the story of a relationship that is gradually degenerating. Told from Louise's and Adam's perspectives, we learn right at the start that Louise's boyfriend, Tom, has died. Tom was Adam's twin brother. Louise and Adam get married. Not a spoiler, it's in the book's blurb. No further summary from me because the rest you will enjoy much more if you start reading this without knowing too much. 'Enjoy' may actually be the wrong word. This isn't the light reading you want to pick up for leisurely days on a sun lounger. In fact, if you're feeling sad or discontent with life, this may not be the best book to pick up at that moment. Also, if you need likable characters, forget it. Now I'm making this sound as if I wouldn't recommend this book. Not at all. This book is going to stay with me. The amazing thing is when I started this, I was expecting to read something different. To be honest, there were moments in the first half of the book when I thought about throwing in the towel and moving on. But this is a book you need to stick with. By the time Jarvis was introduced, about halfway through the book, I knew I couldn't put it down. Hence, feeling slightly tired today.
This is a wonderfully insightful look at relationships covering themes such as loss and grief, parenthood, mental health and our preconceived ideas about what should and what shouldn't.
I really loved the way how the author showed by means of the male and the female perspectives that two people can experience the same thing in completely different ways, thus creating two different versions of the truth. It was so frustrating. I don't know how many times I shouted at these characters to start bl**dy listening and to talk to each other.
There were several times when I thought I could predict what Louise or Adam were going to do, and each time, Mr. Cooper surprised me. The ending didn't go the way I wanted it to. Usually, I would whine about that. In this case, it was actually the icing on the cake.
Even taking into account my struggle with the first half of this book, which jumped about too much for me, I'm going to have to give this the full stars. This is a debut novel. Nigel Jay Cooper is a writer to keep on your radar. He is extremely perceptive and knows how to create a unique and painfully honest story.
Thanks to John Hunt Publishing for granting me access to an ARC via NetGalley.
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2,753 reviews1,617 followers
July 21, 2016
Louise is grieving the death of her husband Tom. Tom has a twin brother called Adam. Letting go of her past is not easy and she thinks that by marring Adam it will take the pain away.

This is a phycological thriller which is both heartbreaking and funny.

This book is not for people who can't cope with raw emotion as it will pull at your heartstrings.

I would like to thank Net Galley, John Hunt Publishing and the author Nigel Jay Cooper for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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155 reviews20 followers
October 10, 2016
Louise and Tom fall madly in love. After what feels like a very short time together, Tom becomes ill, but doesn't tell Louise, and he also doesn't tell his twin brother Adam, in fact he tells no-one. But while Tom is busy dying, Louise and Adam are busy falling in love, they just haven't realized it yet, but Tom has. Adam has always taken second place to Tom. Adam is handsome, but not quite as handsome as Tom. Adam is clever, but not quite as clever as Tom - you get the picture? Will Adam and Louise have a future together, or will the ghost of Tom forever get in their way?

This is a psychological thriller, but for a long time it reads like a romance, and I did despair that we would ever get down to the nitty gritty of why this book is in the thriller genre and not romance genre. This was a good read, don't get me wrong, a very good read, and a very strong debut from author Nigel Jay Cooper, but it takes a long time to get to the point, and when we do get there the story of Adam and Louise is a strong one, a shocking one, and while I did see a couple of twists coming, the book did not end as I had expected it to.

Nigel Jay Cooper is definitely an author to watch out for. In Beat the Rain he came up with a pretty unique plot. His characters are nasty, unpleasant people who at the end of the day, really did deserve each other, or at least that is my opinion anyway.

I will make a point of keeping an eye out for Nigel's next book, because I know it's going to be another cracker.

I received this galley via NetGalley.
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388 reviews56 followers
May 10, 2016
This book will break your heart. If you can't handle intense emotions, stay away from it.

Without trying to give much of the story away and avoiding repeating the blurb, one of the things I liked the most about the story is how Nigel Jay Cooper takes a challenging risk in this novel. He dares to reverse the traditional roles in a marriage and explores the different struggles parenthood can bring to a couple, and to each spouse. He goes deep in character development and introspection under both perspectives. Are we sick people if we can't instantly love our children? Does a man become weak and ordinary by taking a domestic duty? What about our sex drive and needs?Perhaps my biggest challenge was to set my preconceived ideas aside and allow the characters to be without my judgment; to be a silent witness of the hopes and sorrows of these flawed people. Grief and loss are perhaps the main themes of the story. But so is hope, and trust, and acceptance.

The plot is intriguing, and it won't let go. The story is told parts by Louise, parts by Adam. There are also several interludes. Each interlude reveals a bit more of the inevitable end, and I couldn't find the willpower to stop reading. The story comes with unexpected and original twists, and I loved them. Brilliant!

I didn't think there was any power in the world that could keep me away from watching a fresh, "out of the oven" episode of Game of Thrones. That was until last night when I couldn't stop reading this book. I had the urgency to know how the story ended. It was a desperate crave. Who cares if Jon Snow lives? I needed to know what happened to Louise, Adam and Jarvis. It couldn't wait. I wanted to phone Cooper and demand explanations. That's how emotionally involved I became. Insane!

All I've done today is tell my friends they need to read the book so we can talk about it. You will need someone to discuss this story. It certainly makes an excellent bookclub selection!

I received an ARC through NetGalley and Roundfire Books in exchange of an honest review.
Thank you!
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72 reviews20 followers
July 22, 2016
Beat the Rain is Nigel Jay Cooper's debut novel, and what an auspicious start to what will be an undoubtedly successful writing career. It's hard to say exactly what this book is about without giving too much away, so--read the book synopsis for plot details and I will share with you some of the great writing that's in this book. There's this:

"Perhaps that’s how all relationships end, not with a bang but with the accumulation of millions of tiny moments that matter, going unnoticed by one partner or the other because life gets in the way. And then one day you both stop trying to make the other one notice anymore. And that’s it, the slow death is in motion. The rest is entropy."

And this:

"I can see things with such clarity now, such useless, blinding clarity. But what’s the point in that now? Knowledge isn’t always powerful. Sometimes, it’s just heart-breaking."

And this:

"I am my own narrator. Memory is an artist, an impressionist. She adds colour, sound, smell and emotion to events at her whim. She adds, subtracts and embellishes until the event she started documenting is quite unrecognisable to the others who also experienced it, but at the same time, is more truthful to the owner of the memory. There is no reality. There are only impressions of past events, made by a million selves, all interacting with each other, vying for superiority. Reality doesn’t exist, perhaps in the end, that’s my only truth."

There's so many great passages like that throughout the book; simply exquisite and thought-provoking writing. The only problem I had with the book is that sometimes I felt that the characters did things for no good reason, they were unrealistic and just didn't make sense. Still, this is a great book and I highly recommend it.

Thank you to Netgalley and Roundfire Books for an advance copy of this in exchange for an honest review.
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170 reviews19 followers
November 23, 2016
* 2 and half stars*

This book was at times all over the place, trying to tackle too many issues at the same time and failing at it. The plot is pretty simple: it's the story of the relationship between Adam and Louise, which is flawed from the very beginning and simply goes downhill as they try to navigate everyday life in the shadow of Adam's twin brother, Tom. Once they get into their own dynamic, the author lays both characters totally bare by exposing their grief and especially their frustrations, which they are completely unable to deal with in a sane way, turning their relationship toxic. I love character-driven books but this one left me feeling a bit underwhelmed; it dragged quite a bit at about 1/3 of the story and didn't really pick up speed until another crucial character is introduced. There wasn't enough dialogue, everything we learn we do because of their thoughts and actions. The starts and stops in the storytellling were annoying and it certainly could have used better editing.

Not bad overall, but not a book I'd highly recommed either.
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1,654 reviews406 followers
January 30, 2023
This book was jacked, but I liked it. It's one of those books that feels like a reality tv show that you can't stop watching because the situation keeps deteriorating, and you want to watch everyone fail.

It starts with Louise's husband dying and then her pretty much immediately marrying his twin brother.... Socially, it goes downhill from there. It's bizarre to root for the failure of pretty much all of the characters, but this book gives you that.

This was entertaining and a great guilty pleasure read. Nigel Jay Cooper gets to the raw core of humans in a negative light.

4 Stars for entertainment value alone.
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86 reviews
August 19, 2016
This debut novel by Nigel Jay Cooper is absolutely lovely and haunting. It’s a rare combination of page-turning psychological suspense and beautiful language.

Beat the Rain opens with the death of Tom, twin brother of Adam and partner of Louise. Tom’s death was unexpected by everyone except Tom himself, so the main characters are both left untethered by loss. They marry, and life proceeds as normal, until it doesn’t.

Narration alternates (mostly) between Louise and Adam, and I found Adam to be the more vividly-realized character. His voice is the more introspective, vulnerable, and thus more sympathetic.

Cooper’s use of language is mesmerizing, piercing and true. Pondering the functional alcoholic: “Functioning. Such a good word. So descriptive of their lives . . . So descriptive of a lot of people’s lives, he imagines. Functioning. All the moving parts doing what they should but nothing going on behind the scenes, no sparks, no real life.”

And this little gem about small talk: “Maybe Adam had been hard on the woman, she’d probably only been making conversation. Except conversation is always laden with meaning and hidden truths and politics.”

Beat the Rain is full of those hidden truths, small jewels that together create the mosaic of human experience, but an experience that is made beautiful by broken things.

Note: Thanks to Netgalley and Roundfire Books for advance review copy in exchange for an honest review.
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236 reviews20 followers
November 5, 2016
Tom and Louise are a couple. Tom dies. Louise is devastated. Tom's twin brother, Adam, is devastated too.
And then Adam and Louise fall in love, marry, have children. Sounds complicated? It is...
Not only because of the social pressure (it's almost like incest, marrying your late lover's brother), but because Adam and Louise seem like star crossed lovers.

Adam is a writer who works from home and takes care of the children, Louise has a café and is at work all day long. Her kids barely know her, she is bored, Adam drinks too much.
Enter Jarvis, who just moved to town and is befriended by the couple. And then it all goes downhill...

Nigel Jay Cooper's debut book is excellent!

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review
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296 reviews17 followers
June 2, 2016
After reading the synopsis of this book, I thought I knew what to expect. After a chapter or two, I told myself I understood where the author was taking me. Time and again, I settled in for the ride only to fall flat on my face, breathless...

With each page, the question...should I believe? If so, whom? What?

Regarding any advice to the reader of this novel...a mysterious character says it best, "Don't try to beat the rain. Just accept that sometimes you're going to get wet."

Intrigued? Mystified? Ah, then you're in the right mood to pick up this book. And let this debut author redefine the fine art of deception.
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589 reviews34 followers
October 24, 2017
Wow! Couldn’t put this down!
The story starts with Tom and Louise and then Tom is dead and it seems that he has given Louise and Adam permission to get together. Adam is Tom’s twin brother. They live the dream for a while, get married and have children but due to Louise’s past she never thinks she is good enough. Then one day in walks Jarvis and she becomes obsessed. I can’t say anymore without giving the plot away. You must read it and find out!
A well written story with characters that you root for right up until the very end.
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62 reviews7 followers
July 28, 2016
Thank you to Netgalley, Nigel Jay Cooper, and the publishers for letting me read an advance copy of this book. Really - thank you!
Beat The Rain was not what I expected at all. Not from the cover, and not from the synopsis. I've read a few psychological thrillers recently and before too long they all blur into one. Similar story line and similar characters, so I had put off reading this one because I was becoming a bit bored of the genre in general. But I wouldn't class Beat The Rain as a psychological thriller at all. I don't know what I would class it as if I'm being honest. It doesn't really fall into one category but it is a masterpiece in whatever genre you want to place it.
The characters are laid bare for the reader, they are so authentic and honest. I felt a connection with each of them which made the book all the more heart wrenching. After a few chapters it felt like I was reading about friends I knew were headed straight for a train wreck and I couldn't stop it. Nor could I stop reading.
I had Jarvis figured out quite early on, well - the part that Adam learned about him, not the bit Louise learned - that was a big shocker! And I figured out the interlude a few chapters before the end. But again, that just made it harder, because I was watching B this slow rumble of an earthquake that I knew was going to tear everyone apart, I was only a spectator.
In terms of the writing, how beautiful. Some of the passages in this book are the type of thing you see on a huge canvas on people's walls. Nigel Jay Cooper is such a talented writer and uses his secret power (those amazing, psychological passages) sparingly. Which means that you aren't being overwhelmed with metaphors and "flowery language" for the entire book (which then loses its beauty). Instead you get to read a book in plain English, and every once in a while the beauty of the writing just comes out of the page and wraps itself around you. That was one of the highlights for me.

As for the general story line. What can I say? Read it. It's gripping, and normal, and you can't put it down.

What a fantastic book that reminds you that sometimes you ARE going to get wet. (Read it - you'll understand that last sentence).
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1,553 reviews319 followers
September 28, 2016
This is the story of Louise and Adam. Louise was originally the girlfriend of Tom (Adam's twin brother), but when Tom died, he gave permission for Louise and Adam to be together as he noticed they had a closeness. From this point forward, we see Louise and Adam's relationship unfold with the main question being who do they stay loyal to? Tom? Each other? Themselves?

As a pretty somber book dealing with some abuse, depression, suicide and grief - I almost gave up after 30% because it was such a sad state of affairs. However, with the introduction of Jarvis, the book (while still somber) picked up. Revelations that are exposed in the last 15-20% of the book are unexpected and really gave a punch.

If you're looking for a happy read, this is not the book for you. However, if you can deal with some issues, don't mind a bit of a gloomy read because the writing is great and you do get a sense of the characters (again, didn't like a single character again in a book but for me, I like to not like them!), then this is a good read. I'm glad I stuck with it - even while saddened by the whole of the book.
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5,898 reviews62 followers
January 20, 2017
Beat the rain by nigel Jay Cooper is a mystery and thriller and general fiction (adult) read.
Louise, grieving the death of her lover Tom, does the only thing she can think of to make the pain go away - she marries his twin brother Adam. But letting go of her past isnt as easy as she thought. After a seemingly chance encounter with a charming stranger called Jarvis, all of their lives begin to unravel. Beat The Rain is a moving and vulnerable psychological thriller, depicting the reality of a relationship in decline. At times humorous, at times heartbreaking, it explores what it means to live, to love and to lose.
Really good read. Loved the story and the characters. Recommended. 5*. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book from netgalley.
1 review1 follower
March 10, 2016
Wow, an emotional roller coaster with some unexpected twists. Raw, painful emotions laid bare. Some parts made me laugh out loud, others cringe as it dawned what was coming. Oh how I loved the dinner party, everyone knows an 'Imogen'... And an 'Alice' for that matter too. I wait with baited breath for your next book...
373 reviews2 followers
November 14, 2017
This book was both desperately sad and wholly uplifting. Author Nigel Cooper writes about life and love in all its stark reality, dealing with death and love, misery and elation. Louise’s boyfriend, Tom, dies without ever having shared with her that he was terminally ill. She soon finds new love and gets married. But is this marriage really right? Or was it simply pre-ordained by Tom? And then, much later, beautiful, charismatic Jarvis appears on the scene in Brighton, tearing through the family and causing utter destruction and chaos. A spellbinding read which I enjoyed.
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462 reviews
November 12, 2017
Brilliantly drawn characters even though they are not very likeable
Crystal clear description of emotions and tensions in the story
Felt on edge all the time!
64 reviews
October 9, 2017
A spectacular debut novel by Nigel Jay Cooper. This compelling tale of love and loss is deeply moving and wonderfully written. Full of troubled characters, hidden messages and unexpected twists and turns, this book took me on an emotional roller coaster ride and had hooked me from start to finish. I won this novel in a Goodreads giveaway and it's one I won't forget in a hurry.
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1,731 reviews52 followers
November 2, 2022
It says so much about a book when I read it in one sitting- something I have never done before. Staying awake well beyond my normal time desperate to keep my eyes open to complete this. It grabbed me, pulled me in and I couldn’t put it down.
Tom, Louise’s boyfriend dies from something he could have told her about but for various reasons chose not to. His twin brother comforts her and Adam has flirted with Louise in the past. Tom leaves messages for them both which lead to their future actions. Louise has had some hard knocks in life one being losing her parents in different ways which reflects her personality and insecurity. A stranger then comes into their lives who changes things beyond what they ever could have imagined.
This is a very well written book. The characters, especially Louise totally come to life in front of your eyes. Whilst some might not understand some of her actions and thoughts, others will go “yup- I could/might have done that”. It is the proverbial emotional roller coaster. The dinner party made me smile (we all have had a friend like that- right? Note the “had”). Some parts made me cringe – Imogen especially. Both sides of the story are portrayed well and yes there always two sides to that old coin but we don’t always appreciate the reverse. A male view can be so surprising to a female. (Think of man flu!) There are twists and turns not least of all towards the end. I won’t spoil anything but one certainly took me by surprise. The ending? You will have to read this to find out for yourself but endings are a big thing for me and can make the difference between 4* and 5*, enough to say that it leaves you on a cliff edge and completes the story.
Not a light read for the emotional. However a thoroughly, totally un-put-down-able book.
A stunning debut- thank you Nigel, very much appreciated.
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Author 1 book17 followers
August 19, 2016
Compelling and compulsive.

Sometimes you can't beat the rain, you just have to get wet, and if you won't communicate, then everyone around you gets soaked too.

There are already so many rave reviews for 'Beat the Rain' that it is difficult to find anything new to say, however I enjoyed this book so enormously that I want to add a few thoughts. First, on the cover the book is described as a psychological thriller - this description nearly put me off reading it as I don't like being frightened. But it isn't frightening, not like the terrifying film, 'Sleeping with the Enemy' for example. Not at all. It is a tense and intensely emotional portrayal of the deep-rooted insecurities vested in a child's psyche by the sense of it not being worthy of being loved.

Beat the Rain is a beautifully and compellingly written novel about the relationships of ordinary people - the sort of people we all know, or may think we know, but having read this book, do we? Cooper delves very deep into the psyches of his characters, and in so doing lays bare their innermost thoughts and unexpressed emotions exposing their every flaw and wrinkle. His observations of human frailties are so painfully honest I felt almost uncomfortable for some of the characters, in particular the ones who, through an inability to communicate, seem unable to beat the rain and are on course to get very wet indeed. Through Cooper's skilful depiction of his main characters you may think you know them pretty well, but just when you think you can guess what they'll do next, there is a twist as surprising as it is unexpected.
Highly recommended.
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194 reviews65 followers
May 7, 2017
After starting off slow and already deciding I wasn’t enjoying this book Cooper managed to captivate me and pull me back into the storyline. Louise and Adam’s lives seem almost predictable at first, after subconsciously filling in the rest of the plotline the shocks and surprises which Cooper writes were a pleasant surprise. The main, and arguably the most shocking part of the book made me put it down for a few minutes just to process what had just happened. Cooper’s writing to lead up to these twists were fantastic and I can’t wait to read another book by him.
The main characters had happily switched their domestic roles, to Adam being the loving stay-at-home parent and Louise being the wage-earner in the household. This dynamic lead to Louise feeling like the odd one out within her family which then leads to meeting Jarvis. Although all 3 of these characters have very likeable qualities, Cooper also ensures enough depth to show their flaws as well, and so the connection to them really enabled me to sympathise for them.
I wouldn’t read this if you enjoy happy endings, although I found the ending to be eerily satisfying in relation to the story. This is a definite must read to anyone who enjoys a book to bring out emotions. If you want to get hold of this book then it’s being published on the 29th July 2016 in the UK. I’d rate this 4 out of 5 stars.
*I received this e-book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to John Hunt Publishing.

Uptown Oracle Reviews
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307 reviews16 followers
May 1, 2016
what did I think? I think I really enjoyed this read. Nigel has the words that's for sure, and he has stories too. noone but Adam was likeable to me but I still rooted for them all, I wanted a happy ending..please,please sugar coat this ending for me Nigel, I thought..Obviously i cant say here whether he did or not, but ether way nothing is a disappointment.

A few things that brought it down a star for me..I felt it a good bit to long and the lives as they unfolded to separated, I kept thinking that, wowsa, Mr. Nigel could have got 3 good books out of this one story: I want to read all about Tom and Louise and the ending would have been where Adam came in. A book about Louise, her background and what then happens when she meets Jared. A book about Adam and his marriage to Louise and then meeting Jared.

Well worth a read though this one and I will no doubt read his next one.
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87 reviews3 followers
August 20, 2016
I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This story has an emotional and gripping story line. The book pulls you in from the very first page to the very last page.
Beat The Rain is a psychological thriller; it i a story about a women name Louise, who is grieving the death of her lover, "Tom", Then she decides to marry his twin brother in hopes this will make her pain away. She soon finds out that letting go of her past is a lot harder then she thought. This is a moving psychological thriller telling the reality of a relationship gone wrong., the story tells what it is to have lived, loved, and lost which we have all gone through at one time or another
I found it to be very gripping and life like. The book held my attention from the first to the last page.
I gave this book 5 stars
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September 29, 2016
Louise's boyfriend Tom dies and she marries his twin brother Adam after she received a DVD and Adam a letter 6 months after his death, urging them to get together because they know they want to! Although the author is obviously talented, this debut didn't quite hit the spot for me, despite the emotional trauma. It was hard to feel much for any of the characters as they didn't have many redeeming qualities and felt that they could have done with a good shake. Loved the descriptions of the Brighton area, the cover and the idea of the book but not the jumping around of the timescales. I would read further novels by this author. I was given this ARC by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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December 23, 2021
Beat The Rain is simply a beautifully written book and I think I might have found the 21st century Thomas Hardy. This novel is written with the same kind of character introspection and flaws that you’d find in Tess or Jude. I loved it.

It is a very powerful read about two pretty dysfunctional protagonists, Louise and Adam and their relationship. It articulates how easily a relationship can fall apart if communication fails: very thought provoking. I can’t say that any of the characters are particularly likeable being so utterly self-absorbed but you really get into their psyche through the excellent writing. It is an brilliant examination of humanity, self-delusion and self-depiction.
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March 20, 2016
This is one of my favourite books I’ve read in a long time. Be prepared because once you start, it’s one of those stay-awake-all-night-til-you-finish-it books. And you’ll be glad you did. The storyline had me hooked from the start, but what makes this such a rare find is how the author captures the day to day minutiae inside a relationship that could so easily be our own. This insight into what’s going on around us, at times heart-wrenching and other times very funny, leaves you feeling glad to be human and alive. I found myself re-reading passages just to remind myself of the beauty that lies in those seemingly ordinary moments we can so easily brush aside. Highly recommend it.
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June 28, 2016
**I received this book through a Goodreads Giveaway**

Darn BEAT THE RAIN for making me feel too many feelings. Bleak, unapologetically honest, and filled with shocking plot twists, this isn't one for those looking for an easy breezy summer read. Don't get me wrong, I mean that in the best way possible. The characters were all very clever, in that you can't help but empathize with them despite not being able to like them. The writing was beautiful, with every line sounding 'quotable', and always kept me engaged. Unfortunately it didn't turn out the way I'd hoped, but I can't elaborate without spoiling! Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes gritty and emotional realistic fiction.
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