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Selene's Pass Trilogy #2

The Shadow of Hope

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The lone survivor of her family, Kayla Night yearns for companionship and a sense of belonging. She roams from town to town, looking to fill the void. When she unexpectedly finds the perfect place in Selene's Pass, she settles into a comfortable routine.
That is, until Adam Sharp knocks her off her feet. Literally.
This captivating man helps Kayla open her eyes to a new way of life. Slowly, happiness and hope flourish within her once more.
Little did Kayla know that she had already caught the eye of another man who wanted her all to himself. A man with more than pure intentions.
As strange events unfold, their paths will cross in unlikely ways. Fate will twist everything around, leaving them exposed and hopeless. But hope was never meant to be in this story. Just its shadow.


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Courtney Shockey

22 books57 followers
Courtney Shockey was born and raised on the outskirts of Houston, Texas. Though she, her husband, and two kids moved many times, they always end up back in their home town. When she's not working or on call, Courtney enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies, or experiencing something new. She enjoys writing stories that capture the reader, and make them walk beside the characters of her worlds. Her debut novella releases Halloween 2015 as a Paranormal Horror and she has a few others planned to release 2016. Keep up with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


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Author 9 books118 followers
May 9, 2016
Review for The Shadow of Hope by Courtney Shockey

I always know that when I read a book by Courtney Shockey, I will be lead down a dark and twisted path. This book was no exception and did not fail to disappoint.

We meet a young woman, Kayla, who is determined to rise above the pain of her past and find her “forever” home. A home where she belongs and can begin to really live her life, instead of just existing. She has finally found that happiness and acceptance in a town called, Salene’s Pass. After purchasing her very first house, she literally runs into a handsome stranger while running the grounds of her property. Regardless of her wariness, her resolve is weak in the face of someone who makes her feel more alive in five minutes, than she has in her entire life. Hope is not a word that she ever thought she would be able to relate to, but one that begins to quietly whisper of the possibility to her.
Adam is the “mystery man” that all the tongues are wagging about in town. When rumors start to circulate about who Kayla is becoming involved with, the warm and welcoming reception she has come to know and love in town, quickly turns cool and aloof. Kayla begins to feel uneasy about this change in atmosphere, especially when she finds herself a victim while visiting her favorite cafe. An uneasy feeling settles over her. Adam wasn’t looking for love when he decided to temporarily stop at this little town for some hunting and solitude, but that doesn’t stop him from quickly inserting himself into Kayla’s life and realizing that there is more to his feelings than simple attraction. When events begin to reveal themselves, and he discovers that Kayla may not be safe, his feelings are tested in ways he never thought possible.

I don’t want to reveal too much about the story, but I will say that I have left out key players and the end of the book on purpose.

I was truly impressed with how Shockey wove this story. You know that there is going to be a link to the first book in this one, but the way in which she delivers this is genius. While being a complete story on it’s own, the continuation from the first is blended beautifully. I was genuinely thrilled with the way this book ended, and cannot wait to see where the third book will lead us. One thing for sure, it will be on a ride that is full of thrills and chills. Congratulations, Courtney Shockey. You have delivered us into evil, yet again, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.
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September 19, 2016
Kayla has experienced more heartbreak as a child than anyone ever should. Tragic event after tragic event settles down upon her family like a plague reaching for its final victim. After all is said and done, Kayla finds herself infinitely richer but completely alone. Bouncing from town to town, none of them ever seems quite right for her… until she finds Selene’s Pass. Settling into a routine filled with weekly trips into town and gossip sessions with Mrs. Taylor, Kayla finally feels like she has found her safe and secure home.

Adam is a wanderer himself. As a child of parents with lots of money but zero ambition, he sets out on the most exciting trip of his life, thanks to their help. Passing from place to place, staying only a maximum of a month at a time, Selene’s pass has more in store for him than he could have ever imagined. While out on a hunting trip, Kayla lands in his sites and ends up being just the mark he had wished for.

Once again Courtney finds herself with a winner on her hands. I absolutely love the way that she brought back some the elements of the first part of the trilogy while still developing a separate but cohesive story line for the second. I also really enjoy that even though the first part of the story was a little accelerated, she slowed way down and was able to focus her writing on a single point in time rather than fitting an entire lifetime into 140 pages. Courtney definitely has the potential to create more elaborate yet stunning books throughout her time as an author and I very much look forward to reading them.

Equal parts suspense and romance, this book can be read as a standalone if you so choose, but I do recommend reading the first one beforehand so that you can understand the role that 2 of the secondary characters assume. Easily read in the span of a day, this book will hook you in and leave you asking, who is Courtney and where has she been all of my literary life?
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231 reviews
April 26, 2016
Loved the second installment of Selene's Pass. Cant wait for the next book. Love, sex, suspense, its all there. Book 1 and 2 both leave your mouth hanging open saying WTF. You want to know what's going to happen right now! Fingers crossed for answers in book 3 with more shocking moments!
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78 reviews
January 29, 2017
4 Star Review
The Shadow of Hope is Volume 2 in the Selene’s Pass Trilogy by Courtney Shockey. You do need to read the series in order to understand everything that is happening within the plot. Told in alternating points of view by Kayla, Adam, and the assailant, you get a sexy romance intertwined with a riveting thriller.

Between her beautiful looks, curvaceous body, and long brown hair, Kayla Night would appear to have everything on the outside. But, she’s a loner who likes to stay to herself. Life has been hard, and she’s alone in the world after a very tragic upbringing.

“Hope, dreams, wishes: these were merely words to me after graduation. They were gateways to disappointment and heartache so I didn’t dare do any of them.”

After bouncing from town to town after graduation, she finally settles into the small, quaint town of Selene’s Pass where she meets the mysterious and sexy Adam Sharp.

Adam Sharp is quite the stunner with his green eyes and tall build. Every woman in Selene’s Pass has eyes for him, but he only has eyes for one woman-Kayla Night. She intrigues him in a way that a woman hasn’t in such a long time.

“His dreams were filled with Kayla…she was consuming him and he didn’t know if that was a bad thing or not.”

But, Adam is not the only man who has staked claim to Kayla. Someone has been patiently waiting for just the right time to make her his.

“You looked like an angel walking amongst heathens. I knew at that moment you were the light in my dark world.”

As Kayla starts to tear down her walls and let Adam be a part of her life, strange things start to happen in the small town. Is Kayla in danger? Who is stirring up trouble in the small town?
“Fury was a living thing inside of him.”

When a possible obsessed person is filled with passion for Kayla and anger that she’s with Adam, can Adam save Kayla before it’s too late?

If you’re looking for a dark, twisted, and sexy read, then I would recommend this series. Shockey does a great job at storytelling and adding suspense to romance to give it more complexity. Even though this ends with an epilogue, the story is definitely not over! I’ll be finishing this series to find out what happens next in Selene’s Pass.
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1,327 reviews18 followers
February 4, 2017
“Hope is a word desperate people see as an anchor…”
“Hope is a word desperate people see as an anchor. They hold on to it with both hands, refusing to feel reality. Always reaching toward that scarce light in the distance, but never touching it.” I feel like this quote that Courtney Shockey shared in the beginning of this novel was a great way to set the tone for what was to come. In The Shadow of Hope we meet our hopeless, yet sometimes hopeful Kayla Night. A life riddled with death and abandonment she is a wandering soul just trying to find a place to call home and feel hopeful. After failed attempts is several cities she ends up in Selene’s Pass. A little fyi for new readers you will want to read the first installment of the Selene’s Pass Trilogy for the twists and turns in this book to fully make the impact they are meant to deliver. Kayla finds Selene’s Pass to be the right fit, even settling roots and buying a home in her peaceful woods on the outskirts of town. Then she literally stumbles upon another wandering soul passing through, the steamy Adam Sharp. Hope becomes more and more a reachable thing for Kayla and all seems to be going well. Then comes the twist. Without giving too much away, I will just say we meet a ‘familiar’ crazed man who is determined to keep Adam and Kayla apart. I loved the way the story gave us such a intimate picture of love no matter how complicated it can get. I found it very realistic. My only thought was that I wish there was more put into the story that played out after the twist. I almost wanted more of the suspense and for lack of better word tragedy. Mostly I just felt like the lead up to the twist was amazing but the actual ending could have used more. This is the only reason I didn’t give it 5 Stars. I am eager to read the next installment and look forward to seeing if everything comes full circle in the little town of Selene’s Pass.
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1,654 reviews3 followers
January 20, 2017
The Shadow of Hope is the second book in the Selene’s Pass Trilogy by author Courtney Shockey. You must read the first book in the trilogy, The Cover of Love, prior to reading this book – if you don’t, you are leaving a lot of important back history of characters that appear within this second book.

This story is told from multiple points of view, primarily from Kayla and Adam. Unfortunate tragedy continues to be a theme and we see it continue within this second story following Kayla Night. She’s the only one left in her family and once she’s able, she leaves behind her old life searching for where she belongs – not quite settling until she comes to Selene’s Pass, it’s perfect for her. Adam Sharp comes running into Kayla’s life unexpectedly and things begin to shift in her life, possibilities of happiness, of hope. However, there is another man that is captivated by Kayla and he’s not one to share. Odd and weird things begin happening coming to a climatic head where everything explodes.

Courtney Shockney has written a compelling sequel to the first book of the series. This is just as gripping as the first and just as mind blowing with some of the events that occur. Kayla’s character feels like a lost sheep through parts of the story, but at one point she finds what works for her and builds upon that with her own niche is her life. Adam appears to be still looking for something, but he’s shown as a strong character where needed throughout the story. The character interactions in this story flow well and follow with the story sequence the author is providing to us.

Again, the author leaves us at the edge questioning what’s next. I cannot wait to read the final part of this trilogy to see how everything is finished. This is a good series/trilogy and Courtney Shockey is definitely a writer I plan to read more from.
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2,603 reviews30 followers
January 26, 2017
Title: The Shadow of Hope
Author:Courtney Shockey
Series: Selene’s Pass Trilogy #2

The Shadow of Hope was a great 5 star read and the second book in the Selene’s Pass Trilogy.

Right from “The Beginning” Courtney pulls your heart out and stomps on it. My gosh, ugly cry all the way. My heart literally broke for everything that Kayla went through growing up.

Kayla decides to leave her hometown and spends time in several towns until she finds Selene’s Pass. She has a cabin in the woods and it’s very peaceful. While jogging one day she literally runs into Adam, a very hot stranger. These two have an instant connection and start dating.

The stranger that has been watching Kayla is not happy to see Adam with her. He vows to have her soon. Soon, my love. Soon you will be mine...and I will never let you go.

As Adam and Kayla grow even closer the stranger is growing more agitated. Strange things start happening to Kayla, and she’s not sure who it could be. Can Adam keep her safe or will the stranger finally get her to himself?

Once again Courtney Shockey has “Shocked” me. There were some dark scenes, suspense, hot sex and mystery. I really like Kayla, she is a strong woman who knows how to take care of herself. I was definitely thrown off with the ending and am looking forward to the next book in the series. Let’s just say that We Protect The Ones We Love. I need to know what is coming next. Will Kayla and Adam get their HEA? There is something about this series that draws me in. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. Courtney is quickly becoming one of my top favorite Dark authors. I look forward to reading a lot more from her.

Warning: There may be triggers for some and definitely 18+ readers.
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158 reviews1 follower
February 1, 2017
Overcoming what life hands you

The Shadow of Hope by Courtney Shockey was the second book in the Selene’s Pass and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised on this book. I wasn’t a hug fan of the first book in this series but this book made up for it. I connected with the characters and enjoyed how Kayla made her way through her life. Life was not easy for Kayla and didn’t have anything but tragedy in her young life. Kayla was born into a loving family but when her brother died the family wasn’t quite as strong as it was before but then her parents had more kids and things were better until one day she came home from school only to find that once again her siblings were ripped from their family. That was the downfall of her family and then Kayla found herself on her own. She graduated early sold their family home and the belongings except what she wanted and took off to find a life of her own. After several towns and time she found herself in Selene’s Pass and feel in love with the town. After a while she decided she wanted to stay and bought a house outside of town and also had herself a part time job. Then one day while out walking through the woods she was ran into by something and her life was never the same after that day. Adam found himself instantly attracted to Kayla and soon they were together all the time. One day Kayla finds her tire slashed and then other weird things start happening until one day Adam has a funny feeling and goes to Kayla’s house to find her missing.
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February 2, 2017
Kayla Night, this poor child has been through heartache after heartache. She is now the sole survivor of her family. Since the last of her family has past away she has graduated High School. She is old enough to sell her parents house so that is exactly what she does. There is nothing but memories left and she has decided she wants a fresh start. Kayla moves from town to town trying to fill the void of loneliness. She finds Selene’s Pass and what she determines is a beautiful place. This is the place, Selene’s Pass she feels it will be the perfect place to settle in and try to find her happiness.

Kayla has found a house and a few places that she visits regularly. She has even found a few friends and a job that she can work a few hours a week. She now has a routine, she has found some peace in the long walks and runs she takes. On one of those long trips that she takes she literally is knocked off her path and feet by Adam Sharp. When she can finally focus she notices how handsome Adam is.

Little does Kayla know that although Adam has caught her eye Kayla has caught the eye of someone else. This someone else is not happy that Kayla has taken an interest in someone else. It is time for him to make his move and make Kayla his.

This second book sucked me in just like the first book, I was not at all disappointed in this read.
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4,035 reviews47 followers
September 27, 2016
4 and a half Stars
The Shadow of Hope is a suspenseful and intense Thriller- and the second book in Selene’s Pass Trilogy by Courtney Shockey. Even though this book can be read as a stand-alone, I would recommend that you first read book one (The Cover of Love), to get a better understanding of some of the back-story and characters.
In the hope of leaving painful memories behind and try to begin a new life, Kayla Night has roamed from town to town, till she stumbles upon Selene’s Pass- and decides to finally stop drifting and settle in the town. There she builds a comfortable life for herself.
While out on a run through the woods near her home, Kayla is literally bowled over by the most deliciously gorgeous and captivating man she has ever laid eyes on.
Adam Sharp Is out deer hunting in the woods, when he accidently runs into a stunningly sexy woman- and she takes his breath away! There is an instant and undeniable attraction between them. The initial friendship that they establish, quickly blossoms into an all-consuming hunger. They can’t get enough of each other.
Unbeknown to Kayla, there is another man in town who has had her in his sights for a long time- he is determined that she will be his and he will go to any lengths to have her.
Strange things start to happen that threatens the life Kayla has established. How will Kayla deal with this turmoil and can she stop her life from unravelling around her? What part does Adam and her ‘Admirer’ play in all of this? What does fate have planned for them all?
As with the first book, Ms. Shockey took me by the hand and led me down a dark path- and I liked it! This book is not quite as dark and disturbing as the first one, I think I can do without the therapy this time. This book is also more romantic and erotic than the first.
I went into this book holding my breath- fully prepared for the psychological assault I experienced reading the first book; and found instead, a more suspenseful thriller that was full of unexpected twists and turns.
I really enjoyed Ms. Shockey’s masterful story weaving skills and found myself voraciously reading the book to discover what was in store for the characters. Although this book is different from the first, Ms. Shockey has managed to blend the stories beautifully.
The book flows well and is a fast read. The story is told from three points of view- Kayla’s, Adam’s and the Narrators. It ends on a serious cliff-hanger that gave me goose-bumps and made me curse, because I so badly want to read the next book- TODAY!!!
Thank-you Ms. Shockey, for this superb read and the first-rate thrills and chills that your story gave me!
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478 reviews4 followers
September 16, 2016
The Shadows of Hope, by Courtney Shockey is part 2 in the Selene's Pass trilogy. In my opinion, it is so much better than the first book. The Cover of Love, book 1, lays the ground work for this book. It is the story of Kayla Night and Adam Sharp, as well as the other members of Selene Pass, the small town Kayla lives in. This book is great, so much suspense, mystery and romance wrapped in a little package.
Kayla's family have all passed away, and leaves her feeling alone. She moves town to town, hoping to find some place that feels like it could be "home." She finds this feeling in the small town of Selene's Pass. She settles down, and buys a house outside of town, along the woods. She cuts her own path along her property, which she runs daily, never seeing anyone. Until one day Adam runs into her, literally! He has travelled to Selene's Pass to hunt, and after injuring Kayla, walks her home.
The two are instantly attracted to each other, and quickly begin a relationship. Adam has been the talk of the town since he arrived, since he is gorgeous. Their relationship causes tension in town, leaving some girls jealous, and some men even more jealous. I cannot say much more without revealing secrets, but lets just say you MUST read this book to find out! I was hooked from page one. The ending was perfect, and I cant wait to read the final book and see what happens next!
221 reviews
February 5, 2017
The Shadow of Hope (Selene's Pass Trilogy Book 2)
Courtney Shockey
4 stars

This is the second book in Courtney Shockey’s Selene’s Pass Trilogy. Kayla Night tries to start a new life with happiness and less tragedy. Adam Sharp wants to travel and explore the world. They both find something they cannot live without when they find each other. In the shadow, there is a threat they did not see or expect.
Kayla Night young life was filled with tragedy and heartbreak, through it all she managed to graduate High School and move on with her life. When she moved to Novas, she worked at a music shop called Sally’s Music Stop. There she meets Sam, Nick, and Jeff, she became great friends with Jeff and he taught her to shoot a bow. She tried to have a relationship with Sam, but when Sam and her got physical. Sam started ignoring her and people did not look at her the same. Kayla decided to move on and it hurt her most to leave her new friend Jeff. She bounced from town to town until she found Selene’s Pass. As she looked around the town, she felt this was her home and where she wanted to settle down.
Adam Sharp is from Texas; after he graduated, High Schoolhe stared traveling. When he stopped in Selene’s Pass, he did not think he would stay for more than a few weeks. One day he was out hunting and he physically far into Kayla and did some damage to her body. After he made sure, she was home safely and was feeling ok he left her to go back to the cabin he was renting. As days and nights went by he could get Kayla off his mind. When things start to get weird and things start happening that cannot be explained, Adam wants to protect Kayla at all costs.
As Kayla and Adam, our getting to know each other, Kayla has a stalker. He is obsessed with Kayla and he wants Adam out of the picture. He cannot wait to have Kayla eyes looking into his, he wants to love her and take care of her.

I gave this book four stars, it took a few chapters to get into this book. As soon as it grabbed me, I did not want to stop reading it. This book starts out as the main charterer goes through the loss of everyone she loves; as the book goes on she finds her soul mate. This book kept me guessing who the Kayla’s stalker could be, and if she was going to get what his heart wanted most. The ending defiantly left me with questions and wanting more.
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714 reviews2 followers
September 14, 2016
I give Shadow of Hope, book 2 in the Selene’s Pass Trilogy, by Courtney Shockey, four stars.

Kayla Night has had a lifetime of sorrow. By 16 she is the sole survivor of her family, and left all alone. When she comes of age, she wants nothing to do with the place she grew up in, so she sells everything, buys a truck and drift around from place to place to start anew. She finds out the big city is too big so she tries out towns. One town she finds seems perfect, she gets some friends and even a boyfriend. But events happen and she feels the need to move on. She comes to Selene’s Pass and the place looks perfect. Everybody here is friendly and she feels like she could fit right in. Then she finds the perfect place to live, a little house in the woods on the outskirts of town. One day she is jogging on the trail she has worked hard to carve out when she literally runs into a fine specimen of a man. Could he give her the things she has given up on, hope and love?

Adam Sharp is any women’s dream and he knows it. Raised by well off, suffocating parents, he has finally given in to the urge to roam. Not only physically, but sexually too. He uses his good looks to enjoy many a one night stand with some lovely women. That’s all he really wants.

He is slowly taking in different parts of the country when he come to rent a cabin on the outskirts of Selene’s Pass. It would be great to relax for a while and maybe do some hunting. If fact it is bow and arrow hunting he is doing one day when he starts to run after a bolting deer and collides with a cute little thing. She seems pretty timid but has some spunk too. He is drawn to her and wants to know as much as possible.

This seems like the beginning of a perfect love story. But little do either of them know that there is someone else completely infatuated with Kayla will not give her up or let another man put his dirty hands on his angel.

This is the second book in the Selene’s Pass Trilogy and I quite enjoyed it. It is actually quite different than the first, but still feels like part of the same story because there are some twists you don’t see. The story overall seems not quite as dark as book one either, but it does have its dark parts which makes it more interesting. Unlike the first one, this leaves you with a bit of cliffhanger, making you really want to get to the last book. In conclusion, this was a great second book. It was different enough from the first one, but as you keep reading you can see why it is a sequel. But it is complete enough that it could easily be read as a stand alone.
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3,699 reviews24 followers
January 20, 2017
The Shadows of Hope (Selene's Pass Trilogy Book 2) by Courtney Shockey is the second book in the Selene's Pass Trilogy. This story is about overcoming everyday life challenges especially when you have suffered so much loss. This story like the first book, The Cover of Love is a dark, suspenseful story that will have you on the edge of your seat. You will never see what comes next!

Kayla Night is a young woman who lost her brother to an accident, lost her mother a few years later and then lost her father six months after her mother. She is no stranger to loss but it has left her alone where she yearns to belong, for companionship. She has been going from town to town since she lost her family until she finally finds a town that she likes. She has her routine set and it works for her until she meets him. He turns her world upside down. She is running one day in the woods when he runs into her and knocks her down. She finds herself instantly attracted to him. Is he what she needs? How will he make her feel? Will she find happiness and hope in her life again? What will happen when she starts see things in the shadows? Is someone really there?

Adam Sharp is a young man new to town and was in the woods hunting when he literally knocks her down. He was instantly drawn to her. Will he help her find happiness that she longs for? Will he be able to protect her from the shadows?

Kayla and Adam's story is hot, lusty passion but what will fate have in store for them? Will fate twist everything around on them? Will fate leave them hopeless and exposed? Their story will pull you into their world of passion and mystery. You will feel what they feel, you will need to see what happens to them. Will they have a future together?

This is my second read by Courtney Shockey. Courtney is a mother of two children and always had a passion to write. She is just starting her writing career and also loves to spend her spare time reading. She is excited to see where this journey will take her. This story is a fast page turner that will have you losing time while reading it. You will need to see what happens page after page. I highly suggest you read this story as I know you will love it as much as I did.
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76 reviews1 follower
September 12, 2016
The Shadow of Hope by Courtney Shockey

Book two of the Selene's Pass Trilogy will introduce you to Kayla Night a seventeen year old who's had her share of pain and heartache to contend with at her young age. She's had to live through her older brother dying, then her two younger brother being killed in a bus wreck. Not too long after her mom commits suicide, not being able to deal with the deaths of her children. Lastly, her father being murdered for the little money he had in his wallet and his pocketwatch. With no one left to call family she decides maybe it's time for her to move on. Moving around to different towns until she feels ready to settle down, she finds a job working at a music store, where she will meet some friends. When she he comes close with the boss and decides to give him something of herself she can't ever get back, he uses it against her instead and makes her feel unwanted yet again, she decides to move on to the next town. Moving into Selene's Pass, she feels she has found a place she can find home once again. Taking her daily jog through the woods one day she crashes into someone who happens to be out hunting. Adam Sharp the new man in town, the subject of everyone's business lately, turns out to the be the knight in shining armor when he helps her home after their crash which left her a little out of sorts. Feeling the need for friends Kayla and Adam become quick friends that soon leads to something more. What neither of them know is that Kayla has a secret admirer who may not be as happy about her newfound love and friend. Their relationship becomes deeper as the tension in town becomes stronger, their feelings for each other may keep them from noticing the little signs of what is going on around them, but for the first time Kayla feels hope for the future something she had long given up on. Her inability to see what is going on may lead to her downfall but the one watching her underestimates her as well. Unbeknownst to him, Kayla can hold her own when she needs to. The ending of this story will leave you wanting more. Courtney Shockey writes in such a style that you can't help but turn to the next page!
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209 reviews4 followers
February 2, 2017
The Shadow of Hope is the second in the Selene’s Pass Trilogy. Reading, The Cover of Love book one will help tie in with this story. Especially the ending. If you read the first book, then you will want to read this one!
When you give up on hope, life finds a way to make things right. But where there’s light, not far behind is a shadow.
Kayla Night is in search of a happy place. Even though she had a good childhood sometimes tragedy can empty your life of all hope, and that is where Kayla’s life has gone, hopeless. The jobs she has gotten along the way have turned out to be a disappoint in more ways than one. Determined to find a good place to live and where she can feel like some of her dreams are going to come true she searches several towns and cities and soon learns that a small quaint town is what she longs for. One where everybody knows each other and waves and smiles when they see you. But has she truly found that?
Adam Sharp has rented a small cabin in the woods where he can hunt. He has spotted his prey and is ready to take it down when something gets in the way of his view, was that a person? He rushed out of the woods to see where the deer went and runs hard into Kayla. She is thrown to the ground hard and in the process, she gets hurt. He tries hard to help her but he is after all a strange but a mighty fine stranger he is built like a tank. Why is her body betraying her like this she should be scared and running away, but there is something about Adam that she likes? Will their friendship turn into more?
From the shadows, Kayla is being watched. This is his women and no one else’s. Adam is in the way and needs to go. The pressure is building for him to make his move and finally claim the women he has idolized from a far long enough.
Mrs. Taylor is the sweetest older women Kayla has ever met. As Papa, always said “We protect the ones we love”.
I love this story and can’t wait for the third!! Courtney Shockey has written another winner!

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September 12, 2016
The Shadow Of Hope by Courtney Shockey is book two in the Selene Pass Trilogy and I give this book a five star rating. The first two books in this series have sort of taken me through an emotion roller coaster ( which just means kudos to the author). One thing that I noticed is that each of these characters seemed to have gone through some type of trauma in their lives that is surrounded by family and also the main female character. This woman goes by the name of Kayla in this story and boy does it get interesting. In the beginning of her life she seemed to have what anyone would call a normal family, by growing up in a suburb type of community with loving parents to help her through life. Although things are going well when she is young her family starts to fall apart by losing a younger sibling at the age of four, along with her grandparents kicking the bucket three years later. A few years later horrible tragedy struck her family again which caused her to deal with even more obstacles in her life to try and over come. As she got older to try and regain her life she moved from town to town meeting all types of individuals. The final town she pulled was Selene's Pass in to when arriving the feeling of friendliness overwhelmed her as people passed by.When she gets to this town she is welcomed by everyone including a Mrs. Jodie Taylor who currently resides there. Of course this is not the only character in this book that makes it such a delight to read, I mean come on you cant have a strong female character without a big beautifully strong man getting involved who goes by the name of Adam. The book does dive in to the realtionship of these two of how the met and what goes on. In conclusion for this book another reason for giving it five stars is that in between the chapters you get to see the point of view fom each character in their own little section which is awesome I love when author's do that to create individuality through out the story. Kudos again and I hope to read the next book in the series to see what happens next!
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September 12, 2016
The Shadow of Hope by Courtney Shockey is an amazing five star read. It’s the second book in the Selene’s pass Trilogy, the first book was The cover of love, that was a good read and a good first book in the trilogy, but Oh my god (Something I never say and have had to pull out for this book) This book is amazing, I was literally swearing and shouting at 3am waking my husband who was not a happy bunny, because I realised I don’t have book three yet!!
The main character I this book is Kayla Night, she has lost a lot of people and is alone in the world at 17, once she is 18 she packs up and leaves, selling the house her farther has left for her. After some time moving from place to place, and only settling for a couple of months in each place, she finally finds herself in Selene’s pass, a place where you can get to know people and there is always someone to talk to. Settling for a while and starting to make roots for herself including a running track around the property she now owns. Kayla is the main voice in the story.
It’s on this running track that she literally runs into Adam Sharpe, he’s in town for a month, he is just floating around, hunting and relaxing, being the hot stranger the single girls in town are gossiping about, after seeing some odd stones in the path that put Kayla on edge, and then nearly having a deer run in to her, she runs into Adam physically after he sees her too late, when chasing the deer. They both get up a little battered and bruised, and Kayla has hair full of leaves. He takes her home and has to carry her at one point after she faints. After cleaning up, as much as you can without taking all day, with a strange man in house, she offers to take him home and one thing leads to another, which leads to a kiss and he asks to see her again. Adam is the second voice in the story.
The story then develops but as with the first book in the series and Kayla’s history it was never going to be a smooth story and there is a third voice in the story, that assures true love won’t run smoothly for Kayla and Adam.
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February 1, 2017
A 4.5 star read for The Shadow of Hope, Selene’s Pass Trilogy Book 2, by Courtney Shockey is the 2nd book in the Selene’s Pass Trilogy. I was looking forward to this book. I will be honest, at first I thought this book was a totally different story, well played Ms. Shockey!!!
This book is about Kayla Knight. She is just your typical little girl with an older brother and her parents. Life is good for them, until her brother drowns. They as a family are distraught. As years pass, her parents are fortunate and bring 2 more children into the world. Kayla loved her little brothers. There was a tragic accident and at the same time, they lose both boys. How can a family come back from that….. sadly, after that, her parents are no longer the same. Her mother takes her own life and right before Kayla graduates high school, her father is taken from her. Knowing that the family house and the town she grew up in, hold too many memories, she decides to sell everything and take off and find somewhere where she can build her own life. After a few bumps along the way, she finally finds a place that she loves and feels like home.
While out on a jog through the woods, she literally has a run in with a newcomer to the area. She meets a gorgeous, sexy man named Adam Sharp. Due to Kayla’s past, she is quite leery to let herself open up to people, but there is something about Adam that she is totally comfortable with. Little do they know, that while they are getting to know each other, they have an onlooker.
I was a little slow on figuring out exactly what was going on. I was so glad with the way this book went, the flow of this book made you not want to put it down for a minute. I am so looking forward to see what happens to everyone. I will patiently wait for Book 3. You will not be disappointed with this read, that I guarantee.
February 3, 2017
“When you give up on hope, life finds a way to make things right. But where there’s light, not far behind is shadow”

The Shadow of Hope by Courtney Shockey is the second book in the Selene’s Pass Trilogy and I must say is, in my opinion, even better than the first. If you liked the first book at all you will absolutely adore this one!
After losing all her family (parents, grandparents, older brother and two younger brothers) tragically by the time she is seventeen, Kayla Night loses hope in life and love. Upon turning eighteen she sells the family home. Packing only a few belongings along with her treasured photos of all who have loved her and now passed on she travels from town to town searching for the one place she feels at home.
Eventually she arrives at a small town called Selene’s Pass. Instantly, she feels an attraction for the place and, after a couple of months, buys a property in the woods where she happily settles into the routine of her new life. Unbeknown to her however, she has attracted the obsessive love and attention of a troubled, dangerous man.
This book is very well written and flows along easily at a good, brisk pace. The characters are given depth, emotion and background and you can easily visualise and empathise with them. The Shadow of Hope is, at times and in turn, dark, humorous and sexy! Some of the sex scenes are more explicit than others but are written very tastefully and are, in my opinion, relevant and necessary to the plot.
The Shadow of Hope is a real page turner and keeps you gripped from start to finish. You will find yourself glued to it to find out what happens next. I, for one, cannot wait for the final book in the Selene’s Pass Trilogy to be released to find out what happens!
I rate this book 5 stars.
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September 13, 2016
THE SHADOW OF HOPE (Selene's Pass Trilogy Book #2)

THE SHADOW OF HOPE is book #2 in the Selene's Pass Trilogy by Courtney Shockey. It is a standalone novel, but reading the trilogy in order gives you a much better understanding of the characters that are reoccurring from Book #1. I loved this book! Courtney turns up the heat in THE SHADOW OF HOPE. It is thrilling and keeps you in suspense at the turn of every page. Courtney pens romantic suspense like no one else.

Kayla Night was a typical child with a normal loving family until the devastating loss of her family members. After the death of her father at age seventeen, Kayla was the only member of her family still living. When she turned eighteen, she sold her family home, bought a truck and set out to start a new life.

"Hope, dreams, wishes: these were merely words to me after
graduation. They were gateways to disappointment and
heartache so I didn't dare do any of them". ~~Kayla

After traveling from town to town in pursuit of a new life, Kayla finally settles down in Selena's Pass, a small, charming town with friendly people. She feels right at home and makes some friends quickly. She meets Adam, the new gorgeous hunk in town and they start spending time together. All the girls in town are swooning over him. As they begin to date, she slowly begins to believe in all the things she never thought possible for her: hope, dreams, wishes. She was falling in love with him. Unfortunately, she had a stalker that was determined to have her for himself.

I won't spoil the ending. I didn't see it coming. What a fantastic book!
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April 13, 2016
The Shadow of Hope by Courtney Shockey ~ 3.75 Stars

Kayla has a seemingly perfect life – married parents, two younger brothers until one tragic day when she found out her two younger brothers died in a school bus accident.  Grief and sadness proved too much for her parents, so three years after the accident her mom drove off the overpass and killed herself.  But tragedy did not stop there – Kayla’s father was murdered soon after from an armed robbery.  Having nothing left of the old life Kayla picked up and moved away from her painful past hoping to start a new life.  At first Kayla moved from town to town but finally settled in a small town.  The first time she met Adam, she was knocked off her feet when they crossed paths on a run.  Adam is also new to town.  He is sexy, funny and sweet.  The way he carried her all the way home – swoony!  The two slowly became friends and then some more…. Kayla does not know Adam very well but the attraction was undeniable – they fell hard for each other.  But this story has a big twist.  I remember having goose bumps when I read that part.  It was a little eerie and there was suspense toward the end.  Adam came to the rescue but I can not say that there is HEA because the epilogue sets up for the next book , which I can tell will be more of thrilling and suspense.  
This book has a little of everything – emotions, friendship, love, and suspense.  I felt like the first part of the book (10%) where Kayla moved to Novas and has a relationship with Jeff was maybe extraneous because the main plot really starts when Kayla settled to the next town.  But overall it was a nice short read - I enjoyed the storyline and the twist.
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September 12, 2016
Every time I read a story by Courtney Shockey, I know she is going to take me to a dark and twisted place, but this time, she has gone above and beyond! This story will take you to a dark place, and make you feel all the emotions that Kayla feels. You'll cry, you'll feel scared, you'll feel every ounce of Kayla's struggle and pain. I would recommend reading the first story before starting this one, because Courtney Shockey weaves these two stories together perfectly.

We first meet Kayla, who wants to overcome her past and be better. She's looking for her home, a permanent place where she'll feel wanted and loved. She wants to live and have people who want to be with her, instead of just letting her life pass her by. Kayla purchases a house in Salene's Pass, where she runs into a handsome stranger, Adam, he makes her feel more alive than anyone she has ever met in her life. She never thought she'd be able to catch the eye of someone who looked like Adam.

Adam who happens to be the town hottie, everyone wants him. Soon rumors are running around town that Kayla is getting involved with him. Kayla not wanting to be the center of attention is getting a little concerned about all the attention that it seems to bring. Adam who was only planning on staying in town long enough to do some hunting and relaxation, but that doesn't stop him from trying to be in Kayla's life and realizing he wants to be something more to Kayla.

The story moves on we meet more characters and find more twisted turns and secrets then anyone ever say coming. Courtney Shockey has created such an amazing story that keeps you guessing throughout the entire story.
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September 12, 2016
The Shadow of Hope (Selene's Pass Trilogy Book 2)
By: Courtney Shockey
5 out of 5 stars

The story The Shadow of Hope (Selene's Pass Trilogy Book 2) by Courtney Shockey is a psychological thriller. It tells the tale of Kayla Night who has lost her entire family. She sets out trying to find somewhere to belong. She finds the place she is searching for in Selene’s Pass. She comes to know the townspeople and sets up a home there. One day she meets Adam Sharp. Kayla, while at first hesitant, begins to have feelings for Adam. However there is something Kayla doesn’t know. She has attracted the attention of someone else in town. Someone what believes her to be theirs. Then there are the strange things that start to happen. Will anyone be able to protect Kayla from this unforeseen danger?

Book two of Selene’s Pass is just as wonderful as the first. It is told from the POV of Kayla. I really love the details that are given about the town of Selene’s Pass and the townspeople in it. Kayla and Adam are happy together and are a good match. There are others who Kayla meets every week at the diner in town and her employer. She looks forward to seeing them and are a large part of the reason she is so comfortable. Of course then there is that one townsperson who has an unhealthy attraction to Kayla. This person looms in the shadows always out of reach and threatens Kayla and Adam’s happiness. I love to read psychological thrillers and the really good ones can send a shiver up my spine, especially if I read at night. This is a really good one!

This book has adult themes and situations. I would recommend this book if you are 18 years of age or older.
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September 19, 2016
The Shadow of Hope by Courtney Shockey did not leave anything to be desired as far as a thriller romance is concerned. I read this book easily in one day, hooked from the beginning on Kayla’s story and wondering what would happen next.

Kayla is the sole survivor of her family, after tragedy points it ugly head at her relatives. On her own, she travels from town to town until she finds peace and tranquility in Selene’s Pass, a small lake/mountain town. Adam has led a similar life, jaded by his parents, he's bouncing from town to town across the country, he finds himself renting a cabin as he passes through Selene’s Pass. However, when Kayla and Adam meet on accident, sparks fly and they can't deny their attraction. Little do they both know, another man feels as though he's staked his claim on Kayla, and he will stop at nothing to make Kayla his and his alone.

The Shadow of Hope is the second is Ms. Shockey’s Selene’s Pass Trilogy. While this book can be read as a stand alone, book one of this trilogy was the first book by Ms. Shockey that I had read, and I hadn't been as impressed as if hoped. However, this book took me for a completely different ride. The depth that I missed in the first installment, was totally present in this tale. The writing was very similar to the first installment, written in the first person, however I really appreciated the alternating POV between Adam, Kayla, and the Stalker. This story kept me on the edge of my seat from page one until I'd finished the whole book. It was exactly what I wanted to see from a psychological thriller/romance. The best part was the cliffhanger ending! I cannot wait to see what will happen in book three!
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February 1, 2017
This is the second book in the Weekend Selene's Pass Trilogy. I read three first book and want sure what to expect from Courtney Shockey this time around. The Shadow of Hope wasn't as nerve racking as the first book in this series. It was more romantic than thriller. The author remained true to the theme of hopelessness that was prevalent in the first book.

Kayla has had a hard life. Everyone she knows and loves has died by the time she is 17 years old. Her family home holds memories that she'd rather not deal with. As soon as she is able to she sells it and begins a nomadic existence, traveling from town to town, searching for peace and a place to call home. In her travels she meets Jeff and Sam who teach her about good music at the record store where they all work. Jeff teaches her how to handle a bow and arrow, while Sam reunites her with disappointment.

She moves on and travels until coming to Selene's Pass. It has a welcoming small town atmosphere that makes Kayla feel right at home. After a few weeks she purchased a home and begins to build a life for herself amidst the other residents. The home she has chosen is secluded providing her with the privacy she needs. One day while out jogging she gets the impression she us being watched. When she bumps into Adam she's cautious and attracted to him. They soon develop a relationship. Unbeknownst to them, Adam isn't Kayla's only admirer. She has caught the attention of another man who sees Adam as a threat. This man is determined to do whatever it takes to make Kayla his in spite of the warnings to steer clear of her.
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February 1, 2017
Shadow of Hope Selene’s Pass Trilogy Book 2 – Courtney Shockey – 5 Stars
This review will not have any spoilers
This is book 2 in the Selene’s Pass Trilogy. Book 1 is called The Cover of Love. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you stop reading this review, go one click Cover of Love and read it right now. You are back? Oh good… pretty amazing, right? I knew you would like it!!!
Book 2 has more romance with a background of suspense. It was a very quick read and while some of it was predictable, it also shed light on some thoughts I had while reading Book 1.
Kayla has moved to Selene’s Pass after being a nomad for a bit. She settles in to this town because it feels like coming home. The people are so kind and warm. The town is very picturesque and she can be who she wants to be. The detailed description of the porches of her house made me want to go rock and have coffee with her.
Adam is visiting Selene’s Pass and wasn’t sure how long he would be staying. He meets Kayla and… “As strange events unfold, their paths will cross in unlikely ways. Fate will twist everything around, leaving them exposed and hopeless. But hope was never meant to be in this story. Just its shadow.”
If I could have reached in and given 17 year old Kayla a hug, I would have. I also would have assured her that she CAN feel hope again someday. That SOMEDAY, everything will be ok. I would have to cross my fingers behind my back as I said it, though, because Ms. Shockey writes such a fantastic story, I’m not sure where the third book will take us.
I look forward to reading the conclusion of this gripping trilogy.
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February 2, 2017
The Shadow of Hope is book two in the Selene’s Pass Trilogy by Courtney Stockey.

Kayla has lost her whole family, moving around looking for the one thing she craves, company, a place to belong. Finally settling in the town of Selene’s Pass she feels like she has found her home, her place in this world. Kayla buys her first house, her forever home, whilst out running the grounds of her new property she runs into a stranger who is easy on the eye. She should run from this stranger but he has lit a spark in her that has been missing, and she does not want this to go.

When the town catches wind of who Kayla is spending time with, the once friendly town, who made her feel so welcome becomes cold and unforgiving towards her.

Adam was like Kayla, wandering from place to place, but only because his parents had the money to fund this trip. Never staying in a place longer than a month, he stumbles across Selene’s Pass, whilst out on a hunting trip, he runs into a woman who changes his world.

Is everything as it seems to be? Is there danger waiting around the corner? Will Kayla and Adam be together?

Courtney Stockey has once again given up a book that has move to it that a simple story, with twists and turns and dark and dangerous content, whilst still having some romance thrown in there. The Shadow of Hope was a well written book that flowed beautifully. It was a page turner, that had you sitting on the edge of your seat, with your mouth hung open. This book can be read as a stand-alone but personally I think you must read book one, not for the characters but for the sense of the thriller of the books. I give this book 4 stars.
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April 15, 2016
This is the second book in the Selene's Pass Trilogy series, and it can be read as a stand alone. Although, you may want to read the first book in the series, The Cover of Love, to have a better understanding of some of the characters.

Growing up, Kayla Night had a great life. Little by Little, she begins losing all the people she loves. By the time she is seventeen, she is alone. Her father is the last person she loses, and he leaves the family home to her. As soon as she turns eighteen, she sells the house and gets the heck outta dodge. She travels from town to town until she finds one that feels like home. For the first time in a long while, she is happy. She has fallen into a normal day to day routine. Her little quiet life is turned upside down when Adam Sharp shows up. The attraction they have for one another is instant, and it doesn't take long for things to really heat up between them. Kayla can't believe how lucky she is to have caught the eye of such a handsome man. Little does she know, there is another man in town who has had his sights set on her for a while now, and he will go to any lengths to have her. Can Adam protect Kayla from this unknown threat?

Wow, I really enjoyed this book! The writing was great and the characters were well developed. The unknown threat to Kayla kept me on the edge of my seat with anticipation. And then that cliff hanger? AH!! I need the next book in this series now! I can't wait to see how this story plays out! Great work, Courtney Shockey!
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September 12, 2016
The Shadow Of Hope By Courtney Shockey
5 Stars *****

The Shadow Of Hope starts at the beginning of the main character Kayla’s life. Filled with tragedy with the death of both brothers, her mother who cannot cope with the loss of her sons kills herself and the death of her father brought on by heartache. Kayla is left with nothing so decides to start a new life somewhere new.
Each place Kayla tries to make her own she cannot settle so drifts from town to town until she finds the quaint town of Selene’s Pass. Once settled into her new home Kayla goes for her routinely morning jog..the path looks different to the day before which forces Kayla to be knocked off her feet and this is where she meets the handsome and delightful Adam who comes to her rescue. Adam carries Kayla home and this is where we see the story blossom.
The book is very dark at times ad the story unfolds a stalker who will do anything to make Kayla his. He will not stop at anything until she realises she should love him not Adam.
The book is written from the point of view of Kayla, Adam and the stalker and it’s nice to see that character’s perspective on things as that and the descriptive way of events make the character’s more believable which draws you into the story
As the story progresses it’s filled with so many twists and turns that keep you on the edge of seat making you gasp. There was certain point in the story where I found myself saying “oh my god” out loud, I shan’t say where as I don’t want to spoil the book for other readers. I think this is Shockey’s best book yet!
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