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Lorien Legacies #6

Il destino del Numero Dieci

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«Da leggere tutto d'un fiato.»
The Times

«Un'avventura entusiasmante, che ti tiene incollato fino all'ultima pagina.»
The Sunday Times

si sentono invincibili.
sono usciti allo scoperto.
vogliono annientarci, ma
abbiamo risvegliato un antico potere.
possiamo fare la differenza.
non siamo più soli.

Questo è l’inizio della fine

Oggi è il giorno per cui ci siamo addestrati. Il giorno che tutti noi abbiamo sempre temuto. Per anni abbiamo combattuto nell'ombra, convinti di poter sconfiggere il nemico prima che il mondo scoprisse il nostro segreto. Ci siamo sbagliati. Loro ormai si credono invincibili e sono usciti allo scoperto: hanno attaccato la città di New York e non si fermeranno finché non avranno annientato il genere umano. Vorrei restare con John per aiutarlo a difendere tutte quelle persone innocenti, ma ho un’altra missione da compiere. Devo andare in Messico alla ricerca del Santuario, il luogo in cui gli Anziani hanno nascosto un potere antichissimo, un potere così straordinario e pericoloso che potrebbe salvare la Terra… oppure distruggerla. Tuttavia devo correre il rischio.
Perché loro hanno ucciso il Numero Uno in Malesia.
Il Numero Due in Inghilterra.
Il Numero Tre in Kenya.
Il Numero Otto in Florida.
Io sono il Numero Sei, anche se da oggi i numeri non contano più.
Oggi è l’inizio della fine.

336 pages, Hardcover

First published September 1, 2015

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About the author

Pittacus Lore

85 books11.4k followers
Pittacus Lore is Lorien’s ruling Elder. He has been on Earth preparing for the war that will decide Earth’s fate. His whereabouts are unknown.

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1,051 reviews1,050 followers
January 24, 2018
You can visualize the plot structure based on my reactions:

Woah!***Gasps!***Woah!***Gasps!***Okay***That’s pretty cool ***Woah!***Gasps!***Woah*** Okay***What the heck?!***Dude, no!*** What’s that crazy crap?!***Dang!***No, you didn’t!***Ho yeah!***Wooooooot ***Wait, what?***No, no, no!***Huh?***Okay, I’ m okay.***I'm good.***
Just breathe, breathe!***No, no, not again!***Please, stop***Just, don't***NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Crazy, right?

Whenever I read books in this series, I tune up my mind into thinking: “Somebody’s gonna die! Somebody’s gonna die! Somebody’s gonna die.” This way when (and not if) somebody does die, I won’t get hurt. For this same reason, I have acquired a conscious and dedicated detachment from the characters and have learned to professionally look at them as dispensable pieces like pawns in a game of Chess.

I do not care that Four has this almost perfect personality worthy of a leader. I am not affected by Nine’s charm and sense of humor. It doesn’t matter that Ella is young but wise beyond her years or that Six is a sassy kick-ass or that Seven is always gentle and moral and forgiving. I don’t see how Sarah, Sam and even Mark who aren’t even members of the Garde have sacrificed so much for their friends. I don’t care at all! Take them all away! Kill them all, you Pittacus Lore whoever on Earth and Lorien and Mogadore you really are. Leave me alone to cry for all eternity! Waaaaaaah!

I’m just bluffing though. I just don’t have any idea how to review these books. Lol!

• Looking for a real review? Here’s Donita’s.^^
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125 reviews
February 5, 2017
Buddy-reading with @Liz.

It was definitely the MOST EPIC book of the series combining CRAZY ACTION scenes that explode out of nowhere and TWISTS and TURNS, which puts the characters in danger over and over and it's so intense you have to continue reading just to know if they will survive.

Too bad Nine appears only at the middle of the book.
And you know what ? I'm starting to think Pittacus Lore hates happy couples and don't want any at the end of the series.

First, Eight, then this character ? Who is the next one ?

UPDATE : 06/27



A Year.
A fucking year to wait.

After fifth Book's END, I think everyone agree that we need the last book.
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691 reviews327 followers
July 30, 2016
“You have to know, from the moment I saw you outside Paradise High, I knew. I knew we were going to fall in love. And I've never regretted even a second of it. Not even now. I love you with all my heart. I always will. It was... it was all worth it.”

This book fucked my mind completely. I have nothing to say, I'm just - please let me die alone. It's too much, still too much even though I have tried to compose my thought and write this review, I can't stop my hands from shaking. What happens in the last chapter was insane. Although I'd known all along that Lore must do that thing to me again this time, yet I never expected this incident to happen. My mind was wrecked. My body was destroyed. My heart was shattered.

“Five swoops down, flames extinguished. Instead of going in for another strike, Five catches Nine by the wrist in midair. He lowers him gently to the ground. In response, Nine punches him right in the face. Because of course he does.”

This book is so good, albeit slow during the first half. The actions rose my temper and hung it right there until I finished. The characters are striking and the twists are insane but quite unreasonble at some point. However, I didn't mind that because the other things added by Lore in the end compensated those mistakes and made me look over it eventually.

Despite the face that The Fate of Ten has already fucked my mind, it also led me up to the highest point of my hope for the next and final book. There're two storylines being told by John and Six and they didn't confuse me as much as the previous books, or maybe I was accostumed by the narrative by now. I love Adam, he's good to look at and I don't have other reasons for this kind of obsession.

“This is war, and people are going to die. Friends are going to die. I've come to accept the pain, to take the ugliness for granted. So it can be a little stunning when something good actually happens.”

More at http://goo.gl/KXis30
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Author 8 books161 followers
September 9, 2015
Having just found this book's entry on GR - already? Holy Lord, I'm amazed! - this is how I feel:

I'm still hunting for the time machine on this one. Final book? That's what I thought, especially since Revenge of Seven finally began the long-dreaded Mog Invasion Apocalypse.

Oh wait, you didn't read The Revenge of Seven? If not, then get a copy immediately and join me in eagerly awaiting this next example of supreme excrementum sanctum-raisage.

Buckle up, mis amigos y amigas.

Yes, I'm gonna rate this one five stars a full year in advance. And why not? There's no way it's gonna end on anything but a high note of amazeballsness.

Update #1: Holy shit nugget, the title's finally here! The Fate of Ten...please, please, please let this mean we get to find out what happens to Ella! :O

Update #2: Cover at last! :D Love it, too. Not exactly the cloud theme I've been hoping for, but the chalk on stone is really cool too. Now again, I'm wondering how this is not gonna be the last book at all - 'cause let's face it, one should be enough to wrap everything up at this point.

Update #3: I've placed my library order - and by a sheer miracle, I'm first in line! :D

Update #4: I've got my copy! YES! Unfortunately, I have many other books waiting to be read, but this one, I'll read soon enough. :D

And now, my review:

Again, I had to wonder going into this - why is this the second-to-last book? The apocalypse has already begun, and there's no way it can take them until Book 7 to finally take down Setrakus Ra...right?

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find something with which to drown my feels.
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9,564 reviews33 followers
February 15, 2021
The Fate of Ten (Lorien Legacies #6), Pittacus Lore

The book is primarily narrated in first person, from the perspectives of Four (John), Six and towards the end of the book, Ten (Ella). A prologue in third person narrates briefly the story of an unnamed human-turned-Garde (later known as Daniela) as she survives a Mogadorian attack on New York.

Prologue: An unnamed 15-year-old girl, and her 57-year-old stepfather, are watching the news of the Mogadorian invasion on TV (the girl is hinted to have a crush on Four) when they hear the Mogadorian soldiers breaking into the apartments on the lower floors of their building.

Despite his poor relationship with his stepdaughter, the man sacrifices himself to save her and she flees via the fire escape. Cornered by Mogadorians, she discovers her telekinetic abilities and manages to kill her three attackers.

Four (John) narrates chapter 1, which picks up after the end of the previous book, Revenge of Seven. Together with Sam Goode and other survivors, they flee from the Mogadorians, but Four is exhausted from excessive use of his healing legacy.

A cop leads the group to safety, but Sam and Four stay behind to continue looking for Nine, who was last seen fighting Five in front of the UN.

John realizes that the videos posted online by Sarah and Mark about the Mogadorian invasion have made him into a celebrity, the face of the resistance against the Mogadorians. Sam and Four seek refuge in a deserted apartment where Sam experiments with his telekinesis.

They watch the news on TV and are see Nine and Five both battling the Mogadorian soldiers, but they are also fighting each other. Four and Sam leave for Union Square to find them.

تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز پانزدهم ماه آگوست سال 2015 میلادی

عنوان: میراث لورین کتاب ششم: سرنوشت ده؛ نویسنده: ییتاکوس لوره؛

خط اصلی داستان این سری، درباره ی یک گروه «نه نفره»، از موجودات بیگانه ی فضایی است، که مجبور به فرار، از سیاره ی بسیار دور خود می‌شوند، و سر از زمین درمی‌آورند؛ آنها زمانی تصمیم به فرار می‌گیرند، که گروهی از موجودات رقیب، به سیاره ی آنها یورش، و آنرا اشغال می‌کنند؛ این «نه موجود فضایی»، که در روی زمین پنهان شده‌ اند، خود را به شکل «نه دانش‌آموز دبیرستانی» درمی‌آورند، اما زندگی آنها روی کره ی زمین، با آرامش همراه نیست؛ «موجودات فضایی رقیب»، که متوجه فرار آنها، به کره ی زمین شده‌ اند، راهی زمین می‌شوند، تا آنها را پیدا کرده، و دوباره به سیاره ی خود برگردانند

تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 26/11/1399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا. شربیانی
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244 reviews186 followers
September 1, 2015
Just finished this book and I think my heart is broken....

This one definitely felt like a built up for the next book but was actually really enjoyable and we definitely learn a lot about the past in this one.

Also the ending killed me and I need the next book now :(
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965 reviews48 followers
September 3, 2015
“I’m not putting myself before the whole world, John. I wanted to see a future where Setrákus Ra is killed, no matter the consequences.
I wanted to see a future where someone has the guts to do what needs to be done.”







*MC’s Corner*
Note: Spoilers.
• I mean… I’m not a big fan of her, even if she dead it’s not that big deal for me. *shrug*
Well… just don’t make ‘him’ go berserk.
I do feel like, in some way that she is kinda hindrance to what the Garde’s mission. Its better this way.

• And then it turns out she just passed out. #notreallydead

DUH! There’s another book coming… it can’t not have a villain.

• Speaking of the next book. How many months are going to wait exactly? UGH!
Damn Pittacus Lore’s cliff–effing –hangers.


• And the war is like… starting to be real. Though I wish Pittacus Lore, the author, will make it bloodier. You know? The gorier the more fun. #BLOODTHIRSTYME

• I kinda wish that Mark had powers/Legacies too, like Sam. Lucky Sam.

• John’s Legacy–YES! I knew he’s more than just that. *thumbs up* I approved.

• *crossed fingers*
I hope that the whole gang will finally REALLY meet.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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102 reviews71 followers
January 28, 2018
4/5 Stars



These books always have major cliffhangers but this one was just wrong, my heart can’t take this kind of emotional damage anymore....

This book was definitely more enjoyable than 'The Revenge of Seven' but it wasn’t perfect.

Nine only appears around half way through the book which is a shame because he’s honestly the main reason why I read this series.

A change of narration would be nice, it would be interesting to be in the other characters heads instead of reading in John, Six and Ella point of views again.

But overall this book was great and definitely won’t be over this ending for a long time.

Also does Pittacus Lore not like happy couples!? Cause it seems like it. *Crys*
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45 reviews38 followers
June 5, 2017
Now I have something to do this summer :P

ALSO, LORE announced that this WILL NOT BE THE FINAL BOOK. The series will be seven books long! This has been confirmed from several sources, including the publisher.
That means more Nine!
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153 reviews79 followers
November 11, 2015
This is one of my favorite dystopian series,and as usual..it is still fantastic! The entire series is beautifully written from the first book(I am Number Four),and definitely 'til the final book of this series(I do hope)!

The ending of this book though is a total cliffhanger and shocked me completely! I just hope,I'm right with my own assumption and conclusion to what will happen next, on the next book.

Thanks to my sister,for knowing what books I love best reading.^^
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499 reviews374 followers
October 25, 2018
Temí que conforme pasaran los libros la historia decayera, pero no sucedió, la historia sigue avanzando, teniéndome al borde de la histeria. Esta es una de mis series de ciencia ficción-distópica favoritas, y como algo es inusual después de varios libros...aún es fantástica! Toda la serie está muy bien escrita desde el primer libro (Soy el número cuatro (aunque este es el libro más flojo)), y, espero que definitivamente sea hasta el último libro de esta serie (en verdad lo espero)!

El final de este libro, aunque es total intenso, me sorprendió por completo! Honestamente la muerte del personaje que sucede en este libro la he estado esperando por mucho tiempo, se me hacia un personaje bastante flojo y con pocas atribuciones, espero con ansias las consecuencias que causara este deceso, ya estoy creando mi propia hipótesis y la conclusión de lo que sucederá después, en el siguiente libro.

Aunque sin duda se sentía como un acumulado para el siguiente libro, pero en realidad era muy agradable y las historias de acción aunque algo alargadas son increíbles, haciéndote que comas el libro rápidamente.

Ame aprender mucho sobre el pasado, la historia real de Pittacus y Setrakus Ra.
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38 reviews94 followers
May 12, 2016
Tengo que decirles que este libro ME ENCANTO, este 6 libro de la saga me encanto, me fascino y hizo que mi corazón se rompiera en mil pedazos.

les tengo que confesar que esta saga es una de mis favoritas, los personajes de este libro me encantan, la trama me fascina, y en este libro hubo de todo un poco, los personajes me siguen encantando Nueve, Ella, Seis, Adam son definitivamente mis personajes favoritos, sufrí demasiado con lo que le estaba pasando a Ella, Cinco se me hizo un personaje muy bueno, pero no se, el tiene algo que me fastidia un poco le falta mas para ser un buen lider, al igual que Marina, me hubiera gustado ver un poco mas de Sam con esto de sus legados, y conocer un poco mas la historia de Setrakus Ra y si en este libro vemos algo, pero siento que no es suficiente, aun quedan cosas que no entiendo mucho, y se necesitan una explicación un poco mas extensa, el personaje nuevo de Daniela no me gusto mucho se me hizo un poco insoportable, Cinco es otro personaje que vemos que esta cambiando aunque así se vuelva bueno no lo voy a perdonar por lo que hizo, me gusto el papel de Mark en este libro pero bueno no se me hizo tan relevante, y estoy impresionada con la evolución que tubo el personaje de Sarah en los anteriores libros se me hacia muy débil, aburrida, ñoña, pero no en este libro la vemos mas fuerte, decidida, sin miedo y .

La acción en este libro nunca falta, siempre esta pasando algo que te va a dejar con el corazón en la boca literal, y estoy muriéndome por saber que va a pasar en el ultimo libro que de verdad siento que va a estar épico, saber que va a pasar con Ella, con Marina, con los "nuevos garde" porque siento que esto no se exploto muy bien el libro, y estoy emocionada por saber que papel tendrán estas personas en la conclusión de este libro, en fin, este libro me ENCANTO salvo unos cuantos aspectos que no me gustaron, pero igual no hicieron que dejara de disfrutar esta lectura, es por ello que les recomiendo mucho esta saga de Los Legados de Lorien que esta muy buena, y que te va a mantener pegado hasta la ultima pagina, el autor de este libro sabe como darte una buena historia de acción, aventura, tristeza, alegría, dolor, con una escritura ligera que no te va a aburrir, con unos personajes fabulosos y una trama espectacular.
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177 reviews49 followers
October 1, 2015
"I wonder what will be left of us when this is over, Six. What we will be like"

"If there's anything left of us," I reply. "Big if, at this point"
So The Fate of Ten, 6th book in I am Number Four Series. Seriously, this is one of the few books that no matter how tired I'am at waiting yearly, I still can't get enough of it. I just have to get my hands on the new releases, every freaking year. How can I not? I started this series when I was in college and I never get the chance to move on. Sure, I get disappointed along the way, but seriously, no matter rant I do, I'm sure as hell still going to read the next book, I'm sure, I'm still going to anticipate for the next release, like I know I'm going to do now that I finished Reading this book.

What I learned after reading the other 5 books, is that, every book in this series is a total page turner, and this book is no different. I think it's kind of unfair how I spend a YEAR, waiting on the next book, only to finish reading the book, a month after it was released. and that's me pushing it, totally struggling just not to finish it right away.


The Fate of Ten, is told on a dual POV between Four/John and Six. Oh, actually Ella's got the chance to have her own POV, but it was only once, and short, majority of story was an alternating POV between the 2 strongest Garde. John is scared as shit, after what happened to New york, after the invasions, everyone is almost loosing hope. The appearance of the human Garde isn't much of help, mostly because each and everyone of them are still scattered throughout the world and not everyone are willing to volunteer, signing in to save the world.

There are a lot of things that happened, and I want to say it all, but I can't because this is the kind of book that readers will perfectly enjoy without reading any spoilers, I know because this book left me shell-shocked, I can't believe that... happened. There's a reason why the healer doesn't have to fight on the front-line, they're supposed to be a support, so when someone get hurt, they can be healed right-away, I learned that on a few games I played and some war-animes I watched, and I must say, what happen in this book, proves just how smart and effective that tactic should be. Well, I really can't blame them, aside that them being basically kids, they didn't have time to regroup and make tactics, plus, they're a little bit short with man-power.

The Garde is at war. Well technically, they have been at war for a long time but hidden, now.. no more hiding. It's an all out war, this has becomes everyone's war and everyone's going to suffer with loss. This is the beginning of the end.

I'm still not sure if this is going to be a 7 book series, I may get tired with the waiting, and get disappointed at times on how the story goes, but I can't deny that this book is still enjoyable, each and every book in this series, that is. I can't wait to see this book to end, not because I don't want to wait anymore, but mostly because, I just want those kids to have the happy ending they deserve, I want them to live happy on earth, **Whispers poor John, to settle down and to end the war.

I'm just going to end this review w/ this GIF, which is basically me, after that cliff-hanger and that ending.


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Author 3 books738 followers
September 27, 2015
Though I am no longer a paid critic and have no professional obligation to finish this turd of a series, I figure I might as well for completion's sake. I must be a masochist at heart. I mean, there's only one book left, and something might actually happen in this one... I hope. I think the series probably already hit rock bottom somewhere during books 3-5, so there's only one way to go now, right? Wait, what? It's not ending on book 6 like we were promised back when the series began? *&%$ *&%* &&^%$&^ *&&^*^^** %^$&^&*!!!!!!!!!!1!11!!111oneoneexclamationpointone!

*takes crazy pills*


Soooooo, I don't exactly see how this series could possibly move on to a seventh book, it seemed pretty well set up to end with book 6 at the end of book 5. You know... everyone complains like crazy when Hollywood splits the final book of a series into 2 movies, now the authors are doing it for them. Hurray. I just can't wait. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go look up if it's possible to die of sarcasm poisoning.

And then the book came out, and I sat down to read it... and I started to remember why I absolutely hate this series. First off, present tense. There are few things an author can do to make me hate them and their story more than write a book in present tense. And then, the first chapter is about a girl whose name is, apparently, "The Girl". Okay... why does this character not have a name? Is the author THAT lazy? The chapter is from her point of view, and she thinks of herself as "The Girl". WTF man. Let me give anyone out there who is aspiring to be a writer a little hint. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to keep a viewpoint character's name from your readers. Whether she is in one chapter, or throughout the entire book. If there is a chapter from her point of view, she damn well better have a name. There are very few valid reasons for characters not to have names given. Most of them are BS anyway, and absolutely NONE of them apply if the character in question is a viewpoint character. If you can't work a character's name into the story, or even think of one, it's time to find a new profession, my friend, because this whole writing thing just might be beyond your abilities. Here, let me show you how easy it is... Jan. Her name is Jan. Jan, is in her apartment when aliens attack, and tries to run, only to be caught. Then she discovers that she has super powers, and this, somehow, defeats the aliens who utterly destroyed an advanced civilization fifteen years or so ago who had these same super powers, and a whole lot more experience in using them, but hey, what's just one more plot hole to the pile, right?

It was about this time that I realized no one was forcing me to read this book. At which point I took it out into my back yard and set it on fire. This was no easy thing, seeing as how I was recently in a car accident and broke six ribs, both my arms and one of my legs. As you can imagine, indulging in my pyromania with three out of four limbs in casts, and unbelievable pain whenever I breathe, takes a bit of doing, but it was worth it. Watching it burn was probably more entertaining than actually reading it would have been. Why burn a perfectly good book that I could have taken back to the book store for a perfectly good refund you ask? Am I some sort of Nazi or something? No, I'm not an advocate of genocide, mass subjugation, and the destruction of all knowledge contrary to what I wish people to believe. That's not cool. But with this book... It's just the principle of the thing. Something that horrid just had to be killed with fire. Ask any pyromaniac. Some things just need to burn. That first chapter was terribly and lazily written, and pretty much emphasized each and every complaint I have ever had about this series, and about the authors who write it. F this series. F "Pittacus Lore". I'm done.
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916 reviews162 followers
July 25, 2017
That was a crazy ending! Had excitement and sadness. Now on to the series finale tomorrow!

This series is exciting with amazingly written characters. I love the plots and the series does not get boring for a seven book series.
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95 reviews
Want to read
May 6, 2015

and stop it, it was supossed to end in The Revenge of Seven and now we are going to have two more books? Are you trying to kill me?


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432 reviews12 followers
October 13, 2017

Siempre lo he dicho, es lejos, pero lejos, la mejor saga "juvenil" con fantasía y ciencia ficción del mundo mundial. Lástima que cada libro salga con tanta distancia uno de otro. Es tanto así que para poder disfrutar de este PEDAZO de historia, tuve que releer el libro cuarto y quinto jajajajajajaja pero valió la pena, leerse de un tirón los tres últimos libros me hizo perder un poco la cabeza porque ahora hasta llego a soñar con los mogos (¿o habré desarrollado un legado?)

Para que no me volviese a pasar, acabo de escribirme un resumen con personajes y el argumento de los últimos libros como recordatorio de cara al próximo título, fueron las 4 páginas que más rápido he escrito en mi vida jajajaja

Amo con locura a esta saga y tengo que decir GRACIAS a que Marina no sea una chica de hielo a lo Frozen xDDDD nada de libre soy libre soy jajajajajaja
Profile Image for Lauren.
539 reviews80 followers
November 22, 2015
I'm sorry, but what the FUCK was that ending?! Gahhhh!!

Okay first of all, I love that we finally got some back story to everything that happened. Not as much as I would have liked, but enough that I'm happy for the time being.

I love the new characters that were introduced and I think the next book is going to be insanely good. This one felt more filler-y and more of a set up for the final book, which I totally get, but it did also have a lot that happened.

I'm so happy about certain things and actually extremely sad about others. This book was fantastic.

This book flew by and I'm so sad I didn't put it off longer because waiting for the last book is going to be torture.
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1,808 reviews797 followers
June 25, 2017
This has by far been my favourite book out of the series! Not only do you get the insane non stop action from the previous books, but you also get back story on how it all started which I've been dying for since the first book in the series!

It was so interesting to see the relationship between Pittacus and Setrakus and to see how Pittacus' actions inadvertently put the Loric into the mess they're currently in. I also really loved getting to see the beginnings of Setrakus and seeing how he evolved and became such a despicable character!

Another aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was seeing how much the Lorics Legacies have evolved. They really start coming into their powers in this book and it's truly a sight to behold! Especially towards the end, the Ximic power totally blew my mind and I just love that despite being 6 books into the story, the author still finds ways to totally surprise you!

Last but not least, can we all take a second to appreciate the REAL hero of this story, Bernie Kosar aka BK! Seriously, forget all the Lorics, BK is constantly coming to their rescue and totally saving the day! The other Chimaerae are extremely badass as well and definitely one of my favourite parts of this series!
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888 reviews346 followers
November 16, 2017
I am losing interest in this series unfortunately. I only really continued it because my friend Katie wants me to finish the series, and I am glad I did. I think my issue is that I spaced out the books too much. I really enjoy the content of the series, but the space between me reading the books is making me disconnect. I am, however, able to get back into the story easily.

I found this book a bit slow. This book is clearly setting up the grand finale in book 7 and therefore this was just a slower addition to the series. I still enjoyed it, and I think it sets up the finale well, but overall I think it was a slower paced novel.

The last thing that happens in this book, what is effectively a cliffhanger, made this book for me though. I can't say anything, because spoilers, but am I ever happy that event happened!

I have been listening to the last few books on audio and I have the last one on hold so I will hopefully finish this series before the year is up!
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August 16, 2017






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September 11, 2017
No tengo palabras para describir lo genial que fue este libro.
Me encanto y ame todo de él, pero sin duda alguna los capítulos que más me emocionaban eran los de Elli y es que aunque sufría mucho por ella en sus capítulos, amo en lo que se convirtió.
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Me molesto mucho que 5 y 9 se la pasaran peleando entre ellos durante la mayor parte del libro (cuando obviamente había cosas más importantes que hacer y la testarudez de 6 y no poder dejar en paz a Strakus Ra cuando era obvio que tenían que alejarse. Definitivamente no me esperaba lo de Sarah y no me imagino cómo se estará sintiendo 4.
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Gracias Dios por no dejarme llegar a esta saga hasta que estuvo terminada.
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June 12, 2023
First Read: September 10th 2015
Re-read: June 12th 2023

for years the grade have fought the mogadorians in secret. now all of that has change, the invasion has begun.

i am an emotional reck, the ending of the book has got to me with one character in particular that i will not mention because ill spoil the ending of the book. this book was the all on war book from start to finish so much action that i managed to finish this book under a day.

I honestly thought there was going to be more death because thats just how it goes in these types of novels but i was dead wrong, i can say that every single character got off pretty lightly in terms of not more people dying during the book.

i have to now wait a whole YEAR until the next book im not sure how i will cope with this but i was try to keep my mind off how this book ended.
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June 7, 2017
This was my favourite book of the series so far. Two books in I was not sure I wanted carry on with this series, but I am very glad I did for book is really picked up steam. In this book the invasion is just starting. The battle lines are being drawn, and secrets origins from Lorien are revealed. This book is narrated by John (Number 4), Six, and Ella. Six is her usual tough as nails self, John is settling more and more into the command position. Something that annoyed me about him in book 2 the power of 2 was John's whining in this book it fit as battle fatigue pushing his power to the limit, and fight after fight.

Since the last story the Mogadorians have revealed themselves to the world in the form of having war ships in the sky and attacking New York. John's exploits have made him the face if the resistance. Whereas Six, Marina (Seven) and Adam have unleashed the power of the Lorien "entity" and suddenly humans have been given the Legacies. However with the Mog army already in place and the Grades (Lorien and human), spread all over the world is it too little too late?

This book has it all great character development coming together, revelations, new grades, new legacies, politics and sacrifice. All this mixed together in a fast paced, action packed cocktail. As soon as I finished this book I pre-ordered the next book in which I am expecting and all out super powered, sci-fi war.
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December 8, 2015
Fafa's Book Corner (Wordpress)
Fafa's Book Corner (Blogger)

After reading the last book I was excited to see what would happen in this book! As soon as I got free I picked it up. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this.

This book begins with a prologue. An unknown girl is watching the news as the Mogs start attacking New York. She hears some screams below and her step-father urges her to ran away. She takes some stuff with her and makes a dash for it. Unfortunately she is found by some Mogs. On some reflex she throws her hands up. Some how they are thrown against the wall. She hears them mutter 'Garde'. Taking this as a distraction she runs away. She realizes that she has some powers and she is going to use it on the Mogs.

Sam and John are still fighting along with some survivors they saved. John is completely exhausted and assumes that they have been fighting for hours. Eventually he collapses from pure exhaustion. They manage to convince the police officer to take the survivors with him. The two of them find an abandoned building and rest. When John wakes up again he finds that the news is reporting two Garde fighting. He assumes that it's Five and Nine. Sam and John go to get them.

Six, Marina, and Adam exit The Sanctuary. Six doesn't feel any wiser, in fact she feels far more confused. Adam is weirded out and uncomfortable. While Marina is sad yet at ease. They find Dust paralyzed and their ship won't work. After some investigating they realize that Phiri must have done something to Dust and their ship. Adam comes up with a plan. He proposes that they split up and make sure Phiri finds Marina. Marina gets mad at Adam because she thinks he is suggesting that she is weak. He retorts saying that they want to make Phiri believe that.

Adam's plan works but in the process the missing part of their ship explodes which leaves them stranded with Phiri. Adam tries to kill Phiri but Marina says that it isn't fair because she isn't armed and is tied up. Six agrees and they make it back to their ship with Phiri captive. Adam thinks that he might be able to build them a new part.

Sam and John don't find Nine or Five. Instead they find Daniela the girl in the prologue. She demonstrates her abilities and asks why and how she has them. John and Sam are in complete shock. They assumed it was only Sam that developed Legacies not other people on earth. They are interrupted by the Anubis. The three of them decide to run because they will not be able to fight of all of them. Once they reach safety Ella contacts John.

Mark, Sarah, Five, Bernie Kosar, and GUARD (Marks contact) do make any appearance in this book. I have to admit it was interesting. Well except for Five because he was annoying. Do not fret Nine is alive and well. Although there is a death at the end of this book. There are new characters introduced at the end of this book. John also develops a new legacy.

When I started reading this I was surprised by how the writing style bothered me. I didn't realize until now how plain the writing is. I guess it's because I was invested in the plot so it didn't bother me. The inconsistencies and abrupt character changes really bothered me in this book. There has always been inconsistencies with the plot (this becomes more evident when you read the novellas) as well as the character change but it really got on my nerves in this book.

I did not like the idea of Lorien coming to earth. It was a possibility in the last book but I didn't think it would become a reality. A few years back I had the whole plot predicated. While it isn't bad that my predication isn't true (it's happened before) I do not like the plot direction. It feels redundant that Lorien is on earth and now there are new Garde. Like a lot of people I just assumed that Eight was able to transfer his Legacies into Sam. Which is what happened with Adam.

The Entity was utterly useless! The only thing the Entity did was give humans legacies, show them Ra's and Pittacus's past, and show the characters what Pittacus's Legacy is. In the process of this Ra has seen the faces of these new Garde and has promised to hunt them down. I really hope he doesn't have photographic memory. Otherwise these newbie's are screwed.

Adam and Walked were still treated badly in this book. They have done a lot to prove themselves but the others still don't trust them. It was stupid and unfair.

Up until now I never realized how perfect the authors have made John to be. I personally found that Adam is more capable of leading them. Considering how he knows some information on the Mogs and his experience. He's also a good strategist. Although John is very good at keeping everyone's faith and keeping them together. But seriously it's like John has no flaw. I'm honestly baffled that I am only realizing this now.

Marina was incredibility annoying and frustrating to read about! I was so fed up of her preaching. She develops this religious affiliation with The Sanctuary. I was surprised considering how much she hated Church and the Nuns. You'd think that she would have had that when she was in Church. But apparently because The Entity wanted to talk to her and gave her some closure with Eight, she only started caring now. Then she kept on telling Adam and Six not to kill Phiri. She even stopped Mark from killing her. This got them in trouble because Phiri ended up going back with Ra. I was happy when Six and Adam ended up giving it to her.

Overall this was frustrating and disappointing. I am still going to read the last book so that I know how it ends. I recommend this to fans of the series. I hope you enjoy this more than I did!
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February 14, 2017
Wowza. That was a satisfying ending in my books. I have had my ups and downs with this series but this book hit the in between mark. It wasn’t superb like how I found the second instalment in the series (Power of six) but it also didn’t suck as much as some of the other novels did. At first I thought that The Fate of Ten would deserve a 3/5 stars, but I am now more inclined to say 3.5/5 stars. The second half of the book really drew me in. I enjoyed the book just as I enjoy this series.

Side note: Have you guys heard the conspiracies about the writer(s) and company that produces these novels?? Google/youtube it, it really through me off of this series for a while.

Spoilers below!!
I always thought Sarah was just an okay character, so her death actually was very satisfying because I know it’s going to derail John (number 4) and perhaps some new relationships will emerge (although he may just throw himself into learning new legacies and helping train the new grade). I’d like to HOPE that new relationships emerge. The last chapter was very movie-esque, in the sense that I could picture everything going down in the final scene of a film. It was very visual, not really my favourite type of writing though. It just shows that the book series is very adaptable for a film/tv career. I personally liked the I am number 4 movie and was dismayed that it didn’t warrant a sequel. BUT that could just mean that it could become a really cool tv show. Sort of like heroes, where they have multiple story lines going on at once! Of all the different garde. I think it would be cool if it was done right. ANYWAYS I liked that 5 turned around but I was a little disappointed in how 9 was portrayed and how very little we saw of him. Mainly because I love 9 so.

The last couple months I had been reading lots of contemporary but this summer has hit me as an overload of fantasy reads. Fantasy is my favourite genre but now it has me debating whether to pick up a book like the orphan queen or the way I used to be. SO MANY DECISIONS.
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