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Crazy Beautiful #2

Mad Addiction

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Kelley Brooks is saving herself for Prince Charming.

Ryan Blake, while charming, is definitely not a prince.

Always straightforward and realistic, Kelley Brooks and Ryan Blake know they are not right for each other. Kelley believes in fate and waiting for “the one” while Ryan prefers maintaining distance and control with unattached one-night stands.

But after indulging in a single, meaningless wedding hookup, unexpected circumstances force them into one hell of a complicated situation.

After agreeing to a fake engagement, both Ryan and Kelley must confront their pasts — and true feelings — causing them to question everything they thought they knew about family, commitment, and most importantly, love.

A lie brought them together, but will the truth tear them apart?

And what the heck does happily ever after really mean, anyway?

**This books is for readers over the age of 18 due to strong language and explicit sexual content**

Published May 8, 2016

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About the author

Jessica Serra Huizenga

4 books40 followers
When she’s not making confetti as head honcho over at The Confetti Bar (theconfettibar.com),
co-dreaming with creative women through Monarch Workshop (monarchworkshop.com), and
blogging about her health & wellness journey going sugar-free at Simple Unsweet
(simpleunsweet.com), Jessica loves to spend her nights getting caught up in imaginary worlds.
She lives in central CT with her husband, Clifford, and the cutest cat EVER, named Curious.
She loves colorful things, making people smile, things that smell good, and is obsessed with
lemon water. And glitter. Lots of glitter.
She also loves, well…love. (She’s a sucker for a sweet story.)
You can check out what she’s up to at jshbooks.com and on Instagram (@jshbooks)
Want to know anything else? Feel free to say hi at lovejshbooks@gmail.com!

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May 8, 2016
"The good news is I will always have a piece of Ryan Blake to hold onto. The bad news is I will always have a piece of Ryan Blake to hold onto."

Mad Addiction is the story of Kelley Brooks and Ryan Blake. Our introduction to our Hero and Heroine is a typical one off hook up between the playboy and the girl who wants a happily ever after. They have an unconventional start to there relationship but my does it ever work!

"Ryan goes rigid and I see his jaw tick, but he remains calm and laid back when he speaks. “Addiction is a sign of weakness. It’s selfish and reckless. I promise you, when it comes to women I am nothing if not straightforward and controlled. Sex can be anything you need it to be if you’re honest and up front about it—hot, dirty, warm, loud, wild, and downright liberating. You can’t knock it till you try it, sweetheart, so until you do I can’t take what you say too seriously.”
Then he winks."

Mad Addiction is my first Jessica Serra Huizenga book and I regret that I waited so long to read her incredible writing and that I didn't read Crazy Beautiful first! I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved her writing style and how well written Mad Addiction is seeing as it's only her second novel! Jessica has a unique style that spoke to my heart, my soul and my funny bone! The characters she's created keep you invested in there future and the storyline had me sucked in after the first few pages!

There were parts of this storyline that I absolutely adored! I'm not the type who likes soul crushing, tear jerking stories. I love romance, I love unconventional beginnings and I love a little bit of angst with a ton of hilarity! Mad Addiction is exactly what I look for in a favourite book. It had all of my favourite things and it absolutely worked.

There was one chapter in this book that spoke to my absolute heart and soul and was so perfectly written I actually went back and read it 3 times before I continued the story. Chapter 23 was incredible. One of the most touching and beautiful chapters I've ever written. There's a quote I've highlighted that isn't spoken by either of our main characters but by someone named Edward Brown and there are no words to describe how much this one beautiful quote spoke to me. When you read this beautiful story and you come across this beautiful quote I hope you are as touched by it as I was.

Mad Addiction has been the starting point for my love of Jessica's writing. I can't wait to sink my teeth into Crazy Beautiful and everything else she writes next.

4.5 Stars
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218 reviews3 followers
May 15, 2022
If you’re in the mood for a smidge of enemies to lovers and a whole lot of swooning with a dash of pregnancy, go download it now!

Still not sure? Alright stick around. Kelley is convinced Mr. Right is out there and Ryan has convinced her he’s Mr. Right Now. She goes along with it and is wooed in the storage closet of her best friends wedding. When Ryan and Kelley find out they’re going to be parents they do the only thing you can do. Fake an engagement and an entire relationship. Tangle up the lies because they’re more fun when you can’t possibly undo them. Add in some heartbreak and working through past trauma (check TW) And we’ve got a proper roller coaster ride. I was hooked from page 1 and could not put this book down.

Warning: Adult responsibilities will cease if you pick up this book!
Happy Reading!
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418 reviews9 followers
May 16, 2016
ARC received for an honest review.
Another manic book rambling brought to you by April,
Read & Share Book Reviews.

5 friggin' fan-fucking-tastic Stars

Jessica Serra Huizenga is back with her stellar followup standalong, Mad Addiction, aaaaaaaaand I am beyond giddy with excitement for this book!!!! I fell in love with Jessica's writing a few months ago while reading her debut novel Crazy Beautiful. BUT, after reading Mad Addiction I'm completely, irrevocably infatuated with her works of prose...in a manic fangirl sort f way--so it's not creepy *LOL*...right?!?!

I can't even begin to describe how much I loved reading this one! The story line and characters are the bomb! The flirty, sexy, witty banter and internal dialogue made this story an absolute delight to read. Just the whole realness and rawness of the "situation"...GAH!!! I just can't even. OMG! It's sweet, soulful, spirited, sexy, madly addictive and will swoon the panties right off ya! HOLAAY! I'd totally scrunch the cheeks right off this book and maybe give it a lil hump de hump action. I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Book. HARD!

"Addiction is a sign of weakness. It's selfish and reckless. I promise you, when it comes to woman I am nothing if not straightforward and controlled. Sex can be anything you need it to be if you're honest and up front about it--hot, dirty, warm, loud, wild and downright liberating. You can't knock it till you try it sweetheart..."

Two words:
Ryan. Blake.
...and I'm calling dibs!! He is -THE- book boyfriend of 2016! Damn, if that boy doesn't melt my heart into a swoony pile of goo. *dreamy sigh*

His reputation isn't exactly soulmate material, he's more of a one night stand, wham bam thank you ma'am, definitely not the type to settle down and play house...but he has his reasons. Damn that baggage!!!

Kelly Brooks is a sweetheart. Having had her heart crushed 7 years ago, she's waiting for her prince charming, -THE ONE-, to sweep her off her feet. A hopeless romantic. But, she too, has her reasons.

"One night-- tonight. You and me, unattached, random, meaningless sex. We both go in knowing exactly what it's meant to be-- a brief fling to make each other feel god-- and then tomorrow you can go back to waiting for Mr. Right and see that the world is still spinning like nothing ever happened."

Easy, peasy.
Simple, right?! Bahahhahah!!!

After an unexpected twist that side swiped me, Ryan and Kelly agree to a fake engagement. Both have baggage and pasts to confront and now a future to plan. EEEP!

"Fate could be pounding down your f*cking door, Kell, but you'd be too busy dreaming to even hear it. Although apparently unless a guy is riding some sissy f*cking white horse it means nothing. You think this sh*t is real? Maybe love is supposed to f*cking hurt and that's how you know it's real."

SQUEE!!! ALL. THE. FEELS!!!! There wasn't a single thing I didn't LOVE about this story. The story line itself is amazing but coupled with the hilariously compatible and realistic characters takes it to that next level of awesome. The whole package encompasses an epic, feel good love story. I cannot wait to get my booknerd hands on JSH's next book. She's definitely an addition to my "go to authors" list. I believe it was fate that put her debut in my hands, her books were meant to be read by me *cheesy grin* They're beyond perfect, so easy to get lost in and they're everything I love in a sweet, swoony romance book.

A lie brought them together, but will the truth tear them apart? And what the heck does happily ever after really mean, anyway?"
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379 reviews24 followers
April 17, 2016

In Crazy Beautiful the reader is introduced to Kelley and Ryan, respectively as Kinsley and Lucas's best friends, two incredibly loyal and determined people that would do anything to ensure their best friends happiness, unfortunately that's where the similarities between the two end, where Ryan has mastered the art of the hit it and quit it move, Kelley dreams of Prince Charming and happily ever afters. Ryan is content to sow his oats as it were as far and wide as possible, he never promises anything more than he's willing to give which is sex only, no strings attached, he doesn't need to, he's smart, attractive and has enough charisma to make even his toughest female critic swoon, and Kelley would know, because despite her absolute vehemence for his lifestyle she can't fight her attraction to him, even Kelley can admit that despite his sexual activity he's a good guy, he may not be boyfriend material but he's kind and considerate and he's there for his friends without a word, Ryan has become a quasi friend, but she's not looking for one night, Kelley is desperately seeking the kind of love that will light up her life, the kind of passion and need that will change her world, and she's not willing to settle for anything other than that.

One moment of weakness however changes everything, when the King of One Night Stands and the Queen of Happily Ever Afters collide, everything they had planned shifts, now pregnant and expecting their child, Kelley is forced to put her dreams of a White Knight riding to her romantic rescue on hold, and Ryan is forced to confront his worst fears, parenthood and being accountable for someone other than himself. Desperate not to face judgement and ridicule from those around them, Ryan and Kelley come up with a deal, a fake engagement so that Ryan doesn't appear to be reckless, and Kelley isn't just another notch on his rather large bedpost. They've already had sex, she's already pregnant, what could possibly go wrong?

"I just didn't realize how comfortable I would get around you. It's sort of how I always pictured my life, but twisted and backwards."

Mad Addiction is at times uproariously funny, and yet tender and sweet, the more Kelley reflects on her past failed relationship and what she wants from her future, softens to the idea that there could be more to Ryan than what he's willing to admit, the more Ryan unpacks his past struggles, his sense of abandonment and fear of repeating the actions of others when responsibility became to heavier burden, the more he grows as both a man and a soon to be father and partner. For fans of Crazy Beautiful, the glimpses of Lucas and Kinsley throughout made me smile, but mist of all what I truly adored was the scope and growth you see for both Kelley and Ryan, the moments of pure anguish as you see two people shackled to their pasts, and the absolute soaring joy or seeing them look at what their future could be if they are brave enough to chase it.

"We're real. This is real. You spout all this bullsh*t about true love but I don't think you even know what that f*cking means."

The author shows a talent for drawing in the reader, for crafting a story that is witty and smart, and funny and sweet, where Crazy Beautiful grabbed my attention, it's follow up Mad Addiction had me grinning like a goon, desperate for more of these characters that I couldn't stop thinking about. Engaging from the first page, captivating to the last line, Mad Addiction quells the theory that the follow up never measures up to the first, for an author who is new to book world, she has cemented her place on my MUST READ list.
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Author 38 books527 followers
March 4, 2017
Another read with all the feels and all the laughs.
After you meet Kelley and Ryan in Crazy Beautiful, their story unfolds in the best possible way in book 2. Two opposite people, a force in their won right, pulled together by something like fate. Ryan is a self-proclaimed playboy while Kelley is a hopeless romantic, so naturally the two would be like oil and water, right? When a fake engagement is proposed (see what i did there?) the pair finds out that neither one of them is what meets the eye.
This book was a little more emotional for me than Crazy Beautiful, but I loved it. Again, broken people who heal each other are my favorite. Jessica Serra Huizenga has a way with words that makes you get lost in the story completely, and I can't wait for more from her.
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135 reviews10 followers
May 7, 2016
I'm going to be honest straight up here. This story felt a little forced, the concept is there and the character personalities helped eliminate that feeling to a certain degree.
Kelley is the ever romantic optimist. While holding out for mr forever she caves and takes a wild chance at a bit of fun. Ryan the out and proud playboy doesn't do commitment, we do learn why and well okay if it works for him then who are we to judge. The events that follow are predictable but still fun to read.
With a plan in place I couldn't help but be a little annoyed at Kelley seeming only interested in protecting herself and not Ryan, where's Ryan wants to protect them all even if it's for selfish reasons.
The flow of family meetings is both painful and funny. Meeting Ryan's mother really does help explain why he is the way he is and Kelley, haha she's just like her parents with the blunt approach. They're comically inappropriate.
Seeing both Ryan and Kelley war with their true emotions and feelings shows a side of both of them away from the teasing sarcastic fun loving banter. It definitely helps level the story out and injects connection into it.
The couple of glimpses into Ryan's battle with alcohol give the story a bit of serious content.
I will admit at the beginning I struggled to connect to Kelley but she grew on me as I neared the end. How easily she left was very immature, it just felt that she couldn't see past herself and get out of her own head that she didn't appreciate Ryan and his efforts.
But what's any story without some drama.
Im definitely interested in the next story and who's it will be.
3.5 stars
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Author 18 books429 followers
April 15, 2016
I was so glad to find out that Ryan and Kelley had their own book. In Crazy Beautiful these two intrigued me and I was hoping they would get it together. And boy do they! These two are so HOT!

Ryan and Kelley's budding friendship was quite beautiful to watch grow. The witty banter and insults they threw at one another made it quite a fun read. Though neither of them were ever completely honest with themselves or each other and I got a little frustrated with them; with all their missed opportunities for telling the truth about how they really felt. They couldn't see what was right in front of them! Grr! That's okay, I loved going along for the ride as they worked it all out. Especially as that ride involved the delicious Ryan Blake! *swoon*

A sweet, romantic, sexy and fun book that also dealt with two slightly broken people in real life situations. I definitely recommend this series and look forward to more from this fantastic author!

243 reviews4 followers
February 4, 2017
4.5 stars

This story throws you right back into all the feels that crazy beautiful left you with,
Kelley and Ryan both restrained when it comes to love and opening up Ryan a slightly cocky play the field type of guy fighting inner demons and Kelley holding out for Prince Charming because of her past are at times both too stubborn and blind to see what's in front of them and the arrangement that is supposedly going to make everything right.

The chemistry between the pair sparks from the pages and the story line flows well, keeping you engrossed, there are moments in this book that will have you laughing out loud and moments when the tears sneak out of your eyes and roll down your face as you get caught up in the emotion that flows from this story.

Another fabulous read.
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224 reviews20 followers
May 31, 2016
have given Mad Addiction by Jessica Serra Huizenga 5 out of 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It was just the type of contemporary, romance book I needed to sink my teeth into! Such a sexy, laugh out loud, easy book to read - I enjoyed the story and the way Jessica intertwined the characters from the first book of the series 'Crazy, Beautiful'. The only thing that I didn't like was that the book finished! I could happily read about Kinsley, Lucas, Ryan and Kelley's lives every day! I can't wait to see what the third book is going to be like!!!
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