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Sweet Love #1

Truly, Madly, Sweetly

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An inherited parking spot. That’s all it took to make Natalie Moran’s food truck dreams come true. But her dream space is attached to a bakery inherited by someone else—drop dead gorgeous Eric Schneider, a financial consultant who wouldn’t know a cupcake from a cannoli. And he wants to buy Nat out, no matter what she has to say about it.

Eric’s determined to build his own business, but he needs the super cute klutz with the cupcake truck to help. If Nat will teach him the basics of running a bakery, he’ll give her free kitchen time. Except…neither expects the heat burning between them or the possibility that their arrangement might become permanent.

When it all blows up, Nat is convinced his actions mean betrayal. It’s up to Eric to regain her trust and show her he’s a man who is truly, madly in love with her, before she disappears from his life forever.


First published April 4, 2016

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About the author

Kira Archer

20 books577 followers
USA Today bestselling author Kira Archer lives in Pennsylvania with her hubs and two kids. And 3 ridiculous cats. She's one of those people who laughs at inappropriate moments (especially overly emotional occasions like weddings or funerals), and she has an insanely overactive imagination which is great when she's writing but not so great when she's shutting all the lights off at night and then has to go up the stairs. She has a PhD in Procrastination (or would if there was such a thing and there soooo should be because she's seriously at expert level here). And if she's not writing, she's reading, or thinking about reading or writing. And running her kids around because they are busy and she's the taxi driver. She also writes historical romances as Michelle McLean.

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858 reviews442 followers
April 4, 2016


This is the second book I've read by this author and I really liked her Loving her crazy, so I thought that I'd like this story, too. Unfortunately we don't always get what we want, right?

What I liked about this story was the idea of a cute romance that you can put yourself in it. We can't all be millionaires and god knows what but a baker, sure, why not. I also liked Gina and Natalie's characters. Gina is just a BFF you'd be lucky to have and one that can kick some serious ass, if you push her too far. As for Natalie, she has this big dream of her own bakery and she definitely isn't afraid to turn her dream into reality, despite how much time and hard work it will in the end take.

She loved Hoboken, loved being so close to New York City, and was thrilled she'd finally managed to save enough to get her own food truck (scratch that - mobile cupcakery).

But sadly for Natalie she never had much luck with men. Her ex stole her cook book and made some serious money of it. And now, that her friend left her in her will a parking spot beneath the bakery that now belonged to her friends nephev, who also just so happens to be her 'gelato man', things certainly got more complicated.

"We...this'll be interesting", she said.
Gina snorted. "Understatement of the year, my friend."

Annnd this is where me and the plot went our separate ways...

From this moment on I stopped believing that these two could make a real life couple. Why? Hmm, lets see. Both want the bakery AND both kinda also want the parking spot. Add to that friends and family who are constantly telling you that the other is only using you to get what they want and in truth don't have any real feelings for you. AND then add to all that (which is already a lot of drama) some spoiled blond bimbo, who is a childhood friend and ex of H's...yeah...my thoughts exactly.


Oh, that's right, almost forgot, the H as it turns out is a real mama's boy. YES! You read that right! Don't believe me, here:

Eric stopped, suddenly acutely aware that he was about to defy his parents for the first time in his life.

Even Natalie thinks so...

His mother, or rather his inclination for running whenever Mommy Dearest called, was a bit annoying.


The only advice I would give Natalie at this point would be to leave his sorry ass. But love is love and at the end he then does the unthinkable and actually stands up for what he wants and who he wants. So some points for that but dude, that was a long time coming, that's all I'm saying...


If you like the blurb and those things mentioned abouve don't bother you, then please, go ahead and read the book! Maybe you'll like, maybe you won't but at least you'll know what's what, right?!


ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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2,739 reviews709 followers
February 29, 2016
I've enjoyed a few of Kira's other works and I liked the synopsis, so I was eager to start it.

Natalie and Eric are likable characters. They're both driven and playful when they're together. The BFFs, Gina and Jared, stole the show and I hope they get their own book. As always, there was a bout of miscommunication, parents meddling, and overreacting. Some of it was understandable, some was a bit clichéd.

Overall, it was quick, cute read. I will definitely be reading the next in the series if there is one.

**Huge thanks to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review**
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1,858 reviews119 followers
April 2, 2016
3.5 stars

Truly, Madly, Sweetly was a fun, sweet & entertaining read.

Both leads, Eric and Natalie were likable, sexy and fun characters.
They had great banter, a strong attraction and great chemistry.
It was entertaining watching them set up the bakery, especially with Natalie's OCD with her lists and her need with alphabetizing everything lol
I loved how they tried hard to keep things professional and not give into their want for each other, yeah right...


While I enjoyed reading Truly, Madly, Sweetly there was a few things that held me back from rating it higher.
I didn't care much for Eric's parents. They had such high expectations and would guilt him into doing what they wanted.
Eric was too nice, he found it hard to say no to them. To me this came across as weak and I wasn't impressed with some things he was asked to do. Dear lord his mother was manipulative, sneaky and very annoying.
I loved it when Eric finally stood up to them. This was his life and he was going to follow his dreams and be with the woman he loved, whether they liked it or not.
Now this is the kind of man I can appreciate and love :)

If you're looking for a quick, fun read with a heartwarming epilogue I recommend Truly, Madly, Sweetly.

Thank you Entangled Lovestruck via NetGalley for the advance copy.

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3,000 reviews170 followers
February 28, 2016
Thanks to netgalley and Entangled for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I always had a soft spot for books about bakeries, restaurants or hotels. This is kind of weird because I neither have a cooking/baking passion nor the whish to open a business myself.

This book came as a wonderful surprise. It is the perfect feel-good romance you need for a cosy reading day.
I loved the characters. Natalie is wonderfully normal, a woman trying to stand her own but still dreaming about the man who is sweeping her off her feet. Eric is a man you could just swoon over...he is coming from money but still wants to build up his own business without his parents help. Those things he did for Natalie brought hearts to my eyes.
I absolutely loved Natalie and Eric together. They were so sweet and I had a constant smile on my face.

I also loved the humour in the story, there were quite a lot of scenes which made me laugh out loud or smirk. Humour and romance is the perfect combination for me.

I enjoyed Kira Archer's writing style a lot and will definitely have a look into her other books.
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948 reviews125 followers
June 24, 2016
4 Stars!!
What a stinking cute book!
Natalie Moran has just inherited a parking spot for her cupcake food truck. The only problem is Eric Schneider, a business man, has inherited the bakery attached to the parking spot. Such an odd situation! Both want both spots, both refuse to sell…the only thing left is to work together. Natalie and Eric work out a plan where Natalie will help Eric set up his bakery (since he knows nothing about baking) in exchange for using his kitchen. The more time they spend together, the more things heat up. Their chemistry is on fire, but is it wise to cross the boundaries while both want something the other has?
Heck yes they should cross the boundaries! =) Natalie and Eric are the most adorable couple. I love how they meet…cupcake and gelato… what perfect nicknames for them. They are perfect for each other in every way…the way they both love chocolate, their kind hearts, and the way they both wear their heart on their sleeves. I was never worried about them using each other for their business assets because they liked each other before they even knew what they both inherited. They both jump all in when it comes to relationships; so of course, they’ve both been burned in the past, especially Natalie. I can’t blame either of them for their initial caution of each other. But eventually, their hearts take over and they know what they have is real.
“Nothing else going on in their lives mattered. Just him, just them, just this moment.”
“He kissed her gently on the temple and let his eyes close, his heart beating in time to hers.”
They chemistry is on fire. I love how they become friends first before officially trying to date. The time they spend together laughing, playing, and fighting got all the butterflies churning in my stomach. I love the buildup in their relationship; it just makes their union that much sweeter.
There is a misunderstanding in the end and I don’t blame Natalie at all for the way she reacted. Eric is such a mama and daddy’s boy that I was frustrated too, but in the end, he comes to his senses and does the right thing. I love how he fights for Natalie. It’s so damn sweet. Natalie has a lot “quirks” and I love the way he celebrates her uniqueness. He gets her, knows her, and loves her. I just adored this sweet book. I think I’m becoming a Kira Archer fan. =) Happy reading!
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1,878 reviews1,308 followers
December 27, 2016
Natalie owns a cupcake truck. She has seen Eric before and liked him immediately, but they never had the chance to talk. Until she accidentally bumps into him. Shortly afterwards they meet again. This time because Eric has inherited a bakery and Natalie the garage right next to it. Natalie's dream is to have her own bakery, but she has to sell a lot more cupcakes before that can ever happen. Eric knows nothing about baking as he's a financial consultant, but he wants to reopen the place and he loves the idea of being his own boss. He needs Natalie's help and she could use his kitchen space to bake her cupcakes. Eric also wants the garage to expand the business though. They might be a good match, but is there too much that's standing in their way?

Truly, Madly, Sweetly is a cute and fun story. Natalie is a sweet girl who's been hurt in the past. She's careful, but she allows herself to have dreams again and to fall in love. Only she and Eric are sharing a business space, so it isn't the smartest thing to do. They have great chemistry, but they don't know each other that well and they both want something that the other has, so there are trust issues between them. That's a good topic for a story. Natalie and Eric both love sweet food and I loved Kira Archer's descriptions, especially the chocolaty ones.

If you're looking for a light and enjoyable read Truly, Madly, Sweetly would be an excellent choice. The story is sweet and the main characters are easy to like. Kira Archer knows how to tell a romantic story. She describes her characters well and there's always something going on. The story is fast-paced, it's vivid and it has a lovely ending.
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3,490 reviews110 followers
March 18, 2016
As usual, for every novel I have read by this talented author, my advice is very simple - if you enjoy superbly written romance, don't bother reading this review, just get yourself a copy of this book and read it instead! All of the stories I've read from Kira Archer have kept me enthralled with her excellently developed characters and plots with plenty of twists and turns, making the story an enthralling roller coaster ride from start to finish. I'm very pleased to say that this one maintains her usual exemplary standard and lives up to its tagline in being 'a sweet love story'!

Natalie Moran had been a good neighbour and tenant but was astonished to discover that, when her landlady and friend died, she had inherited a garage. She was amazed to discover that the hunk she nicknamed Mr Gelato, Eric Schneider, was the nephew of the old lady and he, in turn, had inherited the bakery with which the garage was associated. The two are attracted to each other but both have friends warning of the possibility that the other may just be out to gain greater access to the other's inheritance. With his controlling parents, their friends warnings and a new business to set up, will their love stand any chance of developing into an irresistibly tasty HEA or is doomed to the bin as a burnt offering? Can they work together to create some mouth watering Tuscan tasty treats or will their cakes just fail to rise to the occasion?

A fantastic, sweet romance, highly entertaining, with superb character development and plot, this is definitely a novel to savour IMHO!

Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too, for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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2,699 reviews657 followers
April 4, 2016
ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Truly, Madly, Sweetly done! This was a sweet,fun and slightly angsty read. Natalie and Eric pretty much fall in love at first sight but are both hesitant. Eric's aunt passed away and left him her old bakery while leaving the garage to Natalie for her food truck cupcake business. Natalie's wants to rent the kitchen of the bakery to make her cupcakes while Eric wants the garage to use for deliveries of the bakery's treats. Despite the instant attraction, both are worried the other is using them for access to their piece of the inheritance. Throw in overbearing parents, nosy best friends and an interfering ex and you get fun and crazy read!
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752 reviews9 followers
May 6, 2019
Siempre me divierto mucho con los libros de Kira Archer y este no iba a ser menos. Muy entretenido, bonita historia y personajes encantadores
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2,203 reviews82 followers
May 18, 2020
Reviewed for Wit and Sin

An energetic baker, a handsome businessman with a sweet tooth, a quirky meet-cute, and a little matchmaking from beyond the grave – Truly, Madly, Sweetly has all the elements of a cute and fun romance. Unfortunately, Kira Archer’s first Sweet Love story left a sour taste in my mouth.

When baker Natalie Moran inherits the perfect parking space from a kindly woman, she doesn’t expect that the man who inherits the bakery the spot is attached to – sexy businessman Eric Schneider – to decide to quit his job and start a bakery. Eric knows nothing about baking or running a bakery, so what does Nat – a hardworking woman putting all her time and money into growing her mobile cupcake business – do? She shoves almost her entire operation onto the shoulders of her best friend while working her butt off to renovate and set up Eric’s bakery, and also teach the man how to bake. For me, it took a herculean effort to suspend disbelief that any person in Nat’s situation can afford to be that careless with their own business just to get some free baking time in a kitchen. However, I could have gone along with this plan because Nat came across as the sweet and overly generous type. At least, I could have gone along with it if it weren’t for Eric.

It’s been a long time since I’ve come across a romance hero who has zero redeeming qualities. Eric decides on a whim that he’s going to quit his job and start a bakery, even though he knows nothing about baking, which is illogical, but again, I can go along with it for the sake of the story. What grated on my nerves was that he was so condescending toward Nat, assuming that being a professional baker is so easy that anyone could learn it in a day. He uses Nat, then is distrustful of her but never has the guts to actually ask her why she’s letting him suck up all her time. This was only the beginning of my problems with Eric. Despite being an adult, successful in his job, and living on his own, he drops everything to come running whenever his demanding mommy calls him (which is often). He continues to do this throughout the book, to the point where I never believed he’d be able to stand up for himself. The final nail in the coffin was Eric’s casual sexism. Despite being an adult living in a major city, apparently all women are the same – demanding, manipulative, shallow users who conform to some outdated sexist stereotype. To be fair, aside from Nat and her best friend, most of the women in the story are portrayed this way. When the hero is knocked off his feet by the fact that a female can actually enjoy an incredibly popular action flick, you know there’s a problem. By the end of the book, I felt like Nat would be better off cutting her losses instead of ending up with Eric.

Truly, Madly, Sweetly wasn’t the book for me. I had a number of issues with the story, the pacing, and the characters, but I don’t wish to belabor the point. I haven’t read any other books of Ms. Archer’s, so I don’t know if this story is a good example of her writing style. I might try a different book of hers in the future, but I’ll be passing on the rest of the Sweet Love series.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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7,013 reviews835 followers
April 4, 2016
Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

2.5 stars

Have you ever read a book where you wanted to slap a character up the head like Olympia Dukakis did in Moonstruck? Well, that was me about 15 times in this book with the hero, the sad thing is I rather enjoyed this story it could have been a great story with some minor tweaking but to the hero I want to say, "Grow the hell up! You are a well educated, well employed young man and you need to tell your parents to back the hell out of your life." Whew, okay I feel much better now. To the author Kira Archer I want to say," I've really loved your work in the past and I could have loved this book, but sadly the hero brought this book down."

Two people meet in a very unusual way, one that had me laughing out loud and one that had me feeling the heat between them from that first moment. They meet again under later under again unusual circumstances when Natalie's landlady and Eric's aunt bequeath them some interesting property that has them spending a lot of time together and while this worked on some levels on others it didn't work at all. I loved the heroine in this book, it was evident Natalie had been hurt badly and that she was skittish about men and relationships, but it was also clear that she planned to make something of her life despite the raw deal she got when her ex screwed her over. She's smart, funny and a hard worker. There were moments when I adored Eric; he was so even keeled all the time, he was caring when Nat was having a really awful day and he honestly appreciated her sassiness and tenacity, but he let his parents constantly run roughshod over him. I also had to wonder about someone with such business smarts making some really questionable decisions. I might have given him that had he had more of a relationship with his late aunt, but it was obvious he didn't so I couldn't even give him points for sentimentality.

If you took the overbearing parents out of this book and focused just on the relationship, this was a good book, in fact it was pretty damn fantastic. These two had chemistry in spades something they acted on right away and then backed off on when they ended up working together for a common goal. So they form a friendship of sorts, they get to know one another, they drive each other a wee bit crazy with their antics and get to know one another. They also learn to appreciate each other's strengths and start to realize they want each other in their lives until of course Eric's parents call and he runs off to do their bidding...ACCCKKK!!!!!

It's always a shame when a book has such potential and it doesn't live up to it. While this book was a disappointment, I have enjoyed Ms. Archer's work in the past and I will most definitely read her again.

Review copy provided for an honest review.
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963 reviews4 followers
April 7, 2016
Truly, Madly, Sweetly is a sweet, feel-good romance! It's a perfect quick, satisfying read in-between those long novels! I loved the characters both main and secondary too! Natalie is a normal girl, wronged by an ex, just working her way through life. She has some of the normal hang-ups girls get when they have been dumped or wronged in some way. Eric is a loveable man whose still living under his parents thumbs. He's content to let them manipulate him because he feels it's not worth his effort to correct their actions. Plus they have the ability to make his life a hell, so he meanders along.

Eric and Natalie have been scoping each other out for months. She watches him from her mobile cupcake truck and he watches her when he is getting gelato from the truck next to hers. When Eric's aunt passes, she leaves a bakery and building to him, whilst leaving a parking garage to Natalie for her truck. They come to a business arrangement to help get the bakery up and running, and delivering baked goods around the city.

I really enjoyed Eric and Natalie's story! The attraction was immediate! There were quite a lot of scenes that I snickered at or plain made me laugh! They were good together and no matter how much they fought it, I knew they would eventually buckle!

I liked that Eric wanted to resurrect his Aunt's old bakery because he had fond memories of the bakery and of her. Plus he wanted to do it without any help from his parents. I took an instant liking to Natalie and felt she could be one of my friends. Very nice, a bit clumsy, and anal about being organized, she was perfect for Eric. Their besties, Gina and Jared, always showed up at the most inopportune times! They seriously stole the show in a few scenes and with their bantering back and forth-I can see the next book laid out!!

This is the first book by Kira Archer I have read and it definitely won't be the last! She's got a quirky sense of humor that comes out in her writing style and endears you to her characters quickly. You can relate to them and that's what hooks you for the ride! Grab this one and settle in for a fun, adorable love story!

4 stars/3.5 flames

This story was gifted to me for the express purpose of an honest review. The rating and review are solely my opinion and in no way was I compensated.
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2,484 reviews246 followers
April 4, 2016
I really loved the last book by Kira Archer that I read, Loving Her Crazy, which was one of my best of 2016 books so I was looking forward to reading this first one in her new series. It revolves around Natalie and Eric inheriting a combined piece of property from Eric's aunt who happened to have been Natalie's landlord. Natalie's portion is a parking space that is perfect for her food truck from which she sells gourmet cupcakes. Eric's part is the building that housed an old bakery. They strike a bargain, wherein Natalie can use the kitchen in Eric's building in return for helping him learn how to cook as he plans to start his own business. It doesn't hurt that they share an attraction to each other too. But can they take a business deal and turn it into something more?

The setup of the story was an interesting premise, but I felt like the execution fell flat. I had a hard time believing that Eric would just decide that he was going to start his own restaurant/catering business simply because he's inherited an old bakery (having had no experience in this field). Also, Eric and I didn't start off on the right foot when he showed up an hour late for his first official date with Natalie with the excuse that he couldn't make time to call or text her because he was in a meeting with his parents and some investors. Really? He couldn't excuse himself to a bathroom for 2 minutes and text that he was going to be late? In this day and age, that just didn't fly with me. And it didn't get any better, as Eric caters to his parents too much for my tastes. He and Natalie shared some good chemistry and there are some steamy scenes between them, but ultimately I found that it took too long for Eric to wise up and prove to Natalie that he was the man for her. 2.5 stars for this one, but I'm going to overlook this glitch in an otherwise positive record and hope for a better experience with the next one.

Note: a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review.

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2,354 reviews110 followers
March 11, 2016
Cupcakes and Gelato.

Truly, Madly, Sweetly by Kira Archer is about what happens when 2 people meet, which is true of almost all stories told in romance novels. But, it is also about people who have different goals, who are at cross purposes and who actually have wants and needs that interfere with those of the other person. There is no great, dramatic conflict, rather a slow simmer of the issues that both are encountering and that both need to resolve in order for any relationship to move forward.

They are cupcakes and gelato. You wouldn’t think they would go together, but somehow they work. Somehow, people who like different things, who want different things, can discover that what they want above all else is a life with each other.

The charm of the story is also the conflict in the story, that Eric and Natalie are attracted to one another in spite of their differences, and sometimes against their own better judgment and that of their friend’s.

The story is light-hearted and fun while still romantic and emotional. Archer shows the ways in which each fall for the other not only by telling, but also by showing the reader as the story unfolds.

Truly, Madly, Sweetly is well-written, engaging and fun. It is a perfect mix or light-hearted humor and emotional depth. You meet the characters at their best, their worst, their most engaging and their most vulnerable. It will leave you wanting to find a way to mix cupcakes and gelato.
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3,749 reviews455 followers
March 30, 2016
Listen up! If you're in the mood for a sweet and sexy romance—one of those feel-good ones that leave you with a smile on your face—then Truly, Madly, Sweetly is one I'd recommend. It’s aptly titled, easy to read, laced with sexiness, silliness and confusion, and marks the start of a fun new series.

I picked it up having loved one of Kira Archer’s previous books—Loving Her Crazy—making this only the second book I've read by this author. And while it didn't capture me as quickly or as vehemently as the last one, I most definitely enjoyed Eric and Natalie. Eric was charming—a nice guy who still turned me on, a man on the very good side of bad, and completely lovable. Natalie was sweet—a little downtrodden and heart sore, but endearingly clumsy and the type of heroine it's easy to imagine being friends with. And the two of them together made for a totally adorable love story.

It was cute, funny in places—most often courtesy of the scene-stealing friends of Nat and Eric, Gina and Jared—and I closed it with a light heart and a satisfied grin from getting an ending that was wholly fulfilling. Parts of Truly, Madly, Sweetly might have been somewhat cliché and predictable, but in my mind, there are FAR worse things. It wasn't over the top, rushed or nonsensical. It was a well-written, easy to follow, rewarding and engaging first book in a series I am really looking forward to continuing. Bring on more of this SWEET series! ~ Beth, 4 stars
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Author 33 books688 followers
April 4, 2016
​I can't remember when a book has made me laugh so hard. Nat and Eric make gelato, bee-stings, fender benders, and the reading of a will (yes, even THAT) absolutely hilarious, and that's only the beginning. These pages are packed with laugh out loud moments, awesome banter, and the kind of sweet, steamy, sexy encounters that make it a one-sitting read. (Although you may need to break for dessert. Cravings become an issue here.) Between that and the totally addictive characters (I'm looking at you, too, Gina and Jared...they're wicked fun!), TRULY, MADLY, SWEETLY has just become my go-to for a good time. I wanted to crawl inside this book and stay a while, and not just for the food. Rating: a delicious 5 star romance!

Copy provided for review, but I bought it anyway.
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1,983 reviews28 followers
February 11, 2016
A truly light, fun, enjoyable read. A predictable storyline that's stood the test of time. Love rom coms, and this is up there with the best of them. Eric's aunt leaves her old bakery to him in her will, unfortunately she leaves the garage alongside the bakery to cute cupcake maker Natalie. Natalie and Eric strike up a truce to get the bakery on it's feet again. Natalie helps Eric get the shop up and running in exchange for kitchen time. Their chemistry is fantastic, however I was a bit disappointed at how much of a mummy's boy Eric was. Natalie, though, was a brilliantly strong character with high morals. A light, easy, fun read
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1,003 reviews
April 2, 2016
This was a nice read, though I felt I didn’t love it as much as I wanted to.

Here Nat and Eric inherit a parking spot and a bakery, respectively, from Eric’s aunt. Because it’s an odd arraignment, they have to make it work somehow; so Eric lets Nat use his kitchen to bake the cupcakes for her food truck, and Nat teaches him what is necessary to start a bakery of his own.

As the story advances they start realizing they had more in common than they thought, and they share similar professional goals. This is a bit of a problem, and is the main source of trouble for them. There was also a misunderstanding that didn’t help at all, lol.

I liked these characters, particularly Natalie. I loved how hard she work for her dreams, even though she gave up there for a bit, I could see how she saw no way out at that moment. I had a bit of a trouble with Eric, though. He wasn’t a bad guy, I just felt he listened to his parents too much (man, her phone calls were so annoying), and I never really understood his desire to continue with the bakery. I felt it came out of nowhere, just because it reminded him of his aunt? Yeah, I don’t think so. It felt more like a whim than anything else.

Still, it was an entertaining story, and waiting for the next in the series.

*Thank you to Entangled Publishing for providing an ARC in exchange of my honest opinion*
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188 reviews21 followers
April 3, 2016
Jaime's Review
I liked Kira Archer's Crazy Love series so much that when I saw this book, I didn't even bother reading the blurb. I just dove right in and I don't have a single regret about it. This just become my new favorite of her books so far.

The meet-cute between Natalie and Eric was so funny and well, cute. It really gave a good glimpse at their character right away. Natalie is the clumsy girl who wears her heart on her sleeve but is slow to get involved for fear of getting burned...again. Eric is the good guy who wants to pave his own way but is loyal to his family, almost to a fault.

The path to their HEA ran a bit on the predictable side but the story was so well written and the characters so easy to fall in love with that it made for an awesome ride anyways.

This is one of those sweet stories with very little angst but just enough sexual tension to keep you wanting more. I can't wait to read more about Jared and Gina and hopefully get a little more of Eric and Natalie to boot.

*I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis review was originally posted on Fiction Fangirls
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1,894 reviews5 followers
April 5, 2016
I laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more :)

Natalie had been watching the sexy stranger buying his gelato from the food truck next to hers, while she dreamed up fantasies about what they could do with that sweet treat. The next thing you know she has an embarrassing encounter with such person after she accidently bumps into him and shove gelato up his nose.

Eric finds the woman from the cupcake truck easy to look at and after a rather funny meeting, he begins thinking more and more about her. The next time they meet it's another awkward encounter and this time it looks like they are destined to be a part of each others lives thanks to a will that leaves them each a portion of a business/garage. Yeah, I won't explain that you have to read the book to get the whole story.

The chemistry is definitely sizzling but can business and pleasure mix? Not if his family has anything to do with it or Natalie's insecurity issues. There are so many laugh out load moment, some great heated encounters, along with some issues to over come, but never give up on what can be a very SWEET romance.

A page turner than you will have a hard time putting down.
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5,059 reviews37 followers
March 25, 2016
Laugh out loud funny, sweet, heart touching. This book is all that and more. The characters will stay with you long after you read this light quick read. It's wonderfully written with a great pace to it.

Neither Eric or Natalie know that their worlds will collide at the reading of a will! They may have noticed each other more than once when he took his gelato break daily but never have they met until that day. Eric has been guided by his parents his whole life. They pushed to have him join the family financial consulting company but he longs to start something of his own. Inheriting his aunt's old bakery seems to be the sign he needs to finally do something about it. Natalie has worked hard to get her cupcake business up and running and now inheriting a parking garage which will save her a ton in monthly fees is a godsend. Too bad it's attached to a building the new owner is planning to open as a bakery. Maybe the two of them can strike a deal!!

Grab this one and find out how that works out for them! I highly recommend it.
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802 reviews85 followers
December 13, 2016
3 stars.

Here's a confession: I've always wanted a food truck. So I really related to Natalie and her food-truck dreams. :D

My experience with Kira Archer has been hit or miss, and I'll say that Truly, Madly, Sweetly is a sweet, fast-paced story. A wannabe food truck owner and a wannabe bakery owner, Eric and Natalie were relatable and had good chemistry. There's miscommunication and a little unnecessary drama, but overall I liked this story.

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1,048 reviews17 followers
April 5, 2016
I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.

3 1/2 stars rounded up to 4.

Where to start. First of all, the romance part of the story I LOVED. The angst etc, among Eric and his parents, not so much.

Both Nat and Eric are in their 20s, with lots of heartache and heartbreak behind them and seriously not looking for anything romantic when they meet. Yet, there's a spark and a little alcohol and dirty dancing leads the couple to more.

Taking a step back, they agree to get to know each other, but keeping their hands to theirselves is easier said than done.

What I didn't like was that every time Eric's mom called, he literally dropped everything to do her bidding. I can understand Mama's boys, but this was a little much for me.

~~Wicked Reads Review Team~
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Author 18 books21 followers
February 18, 2016
This is such a great story. It had me laughing. It's a fast paced book because you get sucked in with the characters. Natalie is working hard to have her dream of owning a bakery but is having to start over. Eric comes from money but is wanting to do something different with his life than what his parents expect from him. When his Aunt died she left him a bakery that hasn't been opened in years. She also left Natalie the garage. So when they both have something the other needs they come to an arrangement. Will they only be baking or will things heat up between them? A must read book with great characters and storyline.
539 reviews13 followers
March 29, 2016
Arc been gtanted from Netgalley

Cute, nice, sweet contemporary story.
The angst is pretty minimum and the steamy scenes are nice. Its wasn't very memorable and I would like to read more story from that author, if the MC will have more spunk.
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1,654 reviews136 followers
April 4, 2016
Natalie has accomplished her dream and now has her own mobile cupcakery. (I'm picturing a cupcake shaped food truck just motoring down the road, dropping crumbs and sprinkles as it goes. LOL) She has now also acquired another piece of the plan needed to continue achieving the success she's hoping for, thanks to her friend, landlord, and mentor, Franny Lambert. While floating on air thanks to how well things are going, she runs right into her obsession, Mr. Gelato, which is her nickname for him, referring to his obsession as she ogles him every day when he treats himself to one.

Eric, aka Mr. Gelato, is in awe, and messy from the gelato, as he is almost accidentally  tackle hugged by Natalie, or as he's named her, Cupcake. Yeah, that's adorable. While Natalie is living her dream, Eric, however, is living the dream his corporate minded Dad wants him to live. Eric, meeting with his favorite Aunt's lawyer regarding her will, is surprised to see Natalie at his aunt's building, he's especially surprised when she runs into him again...this time in the form of her food truck hitting his car. *head desk - just build a blanket fort and escape from reality now Natalie.* In her defense, all the blame lies on an evil people stinging bee.

Thankfully for Natalie, not only is Eric eye candy worthy, he's also a nice guy and doesn't stress over the gelato incident nor the cars becoming acquainted. *snicker* So how will they both handle realizing Mrs. Lambert, Eric's Aunt and, as mentioned before, someone Natalie had become close with, left them connecting items in her will. Eric, the building, and Natalie, the parking spot, well garage. Eric, ready to do something for himself for once, decides he wants to reopen his Aunt's old bakery, but there is the little issue of him having no experience whatsoever in regards to owning, let alone running, a bakery. In fact, he doesn't even like cake. Oh, the horror.

Now how can they settle their problem? See, Eric has the building, but Natalie now has the garage where his customers would park. Natalie has a stable, coveted spot to park, but Eric now has the building, meaning the kitchen where she would need to do her baking. A solution to keep them both happy seems impossible until Gina, Natalie's best friend and sometime business partner, throws out the suggestion of them sharing the building and a compromise...kitchen time and a paycheck for the occasional delivery in exchange for Natalie giving Eric some baking lessons and helping him get the bakery ready for business. Hmmm, well played, Gina. That could work. But this compromise may not be good in the grand scheme of things down the road.

Eric also intends to collect on the dinner date Natalie agreed to prior to the whole bakery/garage reveal. While it's sort of a date, Eric is also hoping to fine tune their new business arrangement. Now the question is what do they do with all this intense chemistry between them? It isn't long before it sparks a fire that won't be denied. It's obvious that there's something more between them than mere attraction, except upon waking the next morning, Natalie worries that he isn't feeling the connection that she is. But after making plans to meet up again soon, she's feeling good until Gina points out the potential problems of continuing to see him. Eric, feeling good about where things could go, is dealing with Jared, his best friend, who feels the need to point out Natalie may only be cozying up to Eric to stay on his good side in regards to their "partnership." While their respective best friends are urging caution whenever they get the chance, Eric and Natalie continually grow closer, strengthening their connection and attraction.

But are Jared and Gina right? Will Eric and Natalie's business arrangement be impacted? Is Eric playing Natalie for his own selfish reasons or does he truly care? Is Natalie getting close only to suit her own purposes? Will Natalie be able to accept that Eric wants her because she's his Cupcake? What if things don't work out? Will those trying to interfere in Eric and Natalie's relationship get their way? Or will Eric finally stand up for what, and who, he wants? Will they get their HEA, achieving everything they've always wanted, both personally and professionally?

One-click this cute story now and find out. The characters and premise are interesting and you can't help but feel along with the characters, their excitement, frustrations, sense of betrayal, the love that's growing, and the feelings of loss they experience when they think they've missed their one chance at true love and happiness. I'm curious to see if book two will involve Jared and Gina striving to achieve their HEA. That will definitely be interesting to watch. LOL

On a side note, I will say that Eric's constant instantaneous action whenever his Mom called got old. I know it was a part of his character, but he's a grown man, almost thirty, and yes, I understand she's his Mom, but regardless of what was going on, if she called, he stopped what he was doing and did whatever she needed. Not to mention, he wouldn't just tell her no when she asked him to spend time with another woman, a long time family friend and daughter of his Dad's business associate, because it was "easier" and beneficial to his Dad's business to just agree to it and spend a couple hours with a woman that drove him nuts and made no qualms about letting him know that she wanted to be with him. How is it "easier" when it means spending time with a woman you don't like, while the one you do like is given the impression that said witch woman is your girlfriend/soon-to-be fiancée, or cancelling the date you just made with Natalie, because your parents want you to take this other woman instead, even after you told them you're taking Natalie? That's not what I would call easy. I'd call that extremely hurtful to the woman you're supposed to have feelings for, as she hears, yet again, that you're letting your parents dictate what you do, impacting your relationship with her, and you're taking another woman, one that has repeatedly made attempts to come between the two of you, instead of her. I wanted to reach through my Kindle and strangle him for that. Yes, I know that's the point because it means we're invested in what happens, but no woman should have to go through that, fiction or not. I wouldn't think it's something you'd ever forget. I understand that it was a part of the plot, yet I wanted to hurt him for his actions. Okay, I admit, mission accomplished as I did become invested in their relationship. LOL Thankfully, when Eric did make a stand for the woman he loves and himself, it was epically done, so he did redeem himself. Phew, that was close though.

**I received a copy of this book from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**
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4,420 reviews214 followers
September 10, 2019
Reviewed by Danielle U
Book provided by the publisher

Truly, Madly, Sweetly by Kira Archer is truly just that. Her novel will turn readers into addicts for this sexy sweet yet highly funny read. This contemporary romance will leave readers feeling good. The characters are real and are easy to connect with...in real life things get just as complicated and messy as the situations that occur, inside this delightful story. Kira Archer has a way, with adding just the right amount of heat, humor, and adventure to every novel. I loved the female character inside Truly, Madly, Sweetly . As for the male character he too is great but minor details on him are a bit messy...Other than that, I found this new novel entertaining and exciting.

Inside Truly Madly, Sweetly , two different business people who have the hots for each other are soon brought together in one business deal that may change the rest of their lives. One man's grandma gives him the bakery and the woman of his dreams the parking spot...but he needs the spot if he wants his bakery business to succeed and the other needs the spot for her business to run well. Soon, a solution pops up and both of them are spending more and more time together. The more they are around one another the hotter their chemistry burns and mixing business and pleasure may work out for either one...or will it? Kira Archer is indeed a talented writer. Her novels are quirky but fun to read. I enjoyed getting to know these new characters and following their journey to the end. Overall, I recommend this romance to readers everywhere.
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1,786 reviews29 followers
August 14, 2018
Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.

A super cute story, but it took me a bit to get into it. Once I got to the half-way point, though, I couldn't stop reading. Nat just wants to run her cupcake truck, so when she's left a garage, she's willing to work with the overbearing nephew to make it work. Eric doesn't want to live the life his parents have set out for him and decides to open the bakery. Sharing a plot of land leads to some fun, and definitely hot moments.

All in all, a decent read, but I'm giving an extra star for the fight they had. That was insanely realistic.
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394 reviews14 followers
November 14, 2018
A little frustrating at times, but aren't the best of new relationships. I loved Natalie and Eric, and Courtney brings just the right amount of nastiness in her attempts to thwart the budding relationship.
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1,003 reviews3 followers
January 7, 2020
Sweet read. She has a cupcake food truck and his aunt leave her a garage that is attached to the bakery that she leaves him. He has no idea how to open and run a bakery so they make a deal. A deal is deal until the chemistry starts and then well you will have to read.
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