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Opaque Mirrors

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Please note, this is a dark erotic horror novel with heavy psychological elements; it is not a dark romance novel.

When the line between fiction and reality bleeds, there is no end to the lies or a truth to be found.

It was never supposed to happen. He was supposed to remain a porn star—the source of my fantasies—in my expansive collection of torture porn. But he found me, and he only wants one thing from me. He calls it the ultimate orgasm; death.
He gives me the illusion of choice—my life or his.

I thought my choice would be the end of my troubles, but it followed me to a town known for its close-minded, small population and hypocritical way of thinking.

My madness lurks in the shadows. It watches me and seduces me with pretty smiles and dirty degradation. It assures me that my fantasies aren't wrong. It tells me that they will star in all of my nightmares…and I want nothing more.

Content contains strong violence, coarse language, graphic sex, scenes of horror, and situations that most readers would find objectionable. Reader discretion is highly advised.


Published April 26, 2016

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About the author

Courtney Lane

17 books651 followers
COURTNEY LANE has been creating her own little world since she was very young.

While many of her works touch several different genres, she has an archetype when it comes to the female protagonists in her stories.

Currently, Courtney can be found either working on her next book, playing the latest role-playing game on her X-Box (preferably a game by BioWare), or spending time with her family.


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790 reviews2,492 followers
February 8, 2017
4 Stars!!


“You will end and begin with me, and you will love every fucking thing I make you feel.”

Dayum! What an enthralling read this one turned out to be. Courtney Lane delivered an unputdownable tale that will keep you at the edge of your seat from the very beginning, because trust me when I say the prologue will leave you for sure with your mouth hanging open, wanting more. Raw and twisted, 'Opaque Mirrors' was a fantastic erotic crime thriller that captivated me with its f@cked-up, depraved characters and its well-structured plot.

"Tonight, be who you really are with me, Whitney. Make me experience the final orgasm - my death.”

Whitney just needs a fresh start. After some crazy events in her past she just wants to forget about everyone and everything that happened. She moves in a bible loving small town hoping she will find peace. She tries hard to change who she is, remaining quiet not putting any effort in making new friends. All she wants is to live her new life in peace, but it seems the small town she chose is full of sinners. Maybe bigger sinners than her.


"The darkness I ran away from had returned to haunt me in an uncharted way."

What comes next is a series of events that turn Whitney’s life upside down – a couple of murders, a depraved sex tape, a weird cop who seems to know some things about Whitney’s past wanting to make her his no matter what and so much more.

This was for sure one interesting read! This story was highly addictive. With every chapter I just wanted to know more. What is real and what is just Whitney’s imagination, who is the killer? Who will be next and so on… Like I mentioned above the story has some batsh*t crazy characters. All of them were fascinating to say the least and all of them were well portrayed.

The multitude of twists will definitely will f@ck up with your head and will make you question everything. Keep in mind the story is very graphic at times, so if you are not used with these kind of reads, then this is not the book for you. There are also some very explicit, depraved, erotic scenes that maybe will make you cringe…The idea is to start this book with an open mind.

“He’s my fucked up dreams made reality.”

Overall the story was well paced and I found the plot to be layered and fascinating. Both the psychological and dark/horror aspects of the story were done really well, being blend in a very thrilling way.

All in all, 'Opaque Mirrors' was a gripping read that will blow your mind with its twists and depravity and will make you question everything and every single one of these characters.

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1,272 reviews1,910 followers
May 12, 2016
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person - Female

Whitney Tyler led a life of excess in a big city where sinning was simply an everyday life. After a traumatic event, she moved to a sleepy small town to escape her demons. But a new fresh start she craved was halted when the new place came with its own set of demons that threatened to overrun everything she held on to.

It's been a long time since I read a book that I can consider dark enough. I am happy to say I finally found one to satisfy my depraved needs lol!

The darkness I ran away from had returned to haunt me in an uncharted way. My mind had increased the brutality and extended outside the confines of my prison to punish me.

Whitney had a depraved proclivity that has been haunting her existence. She knew it was wrong but can’t help but to indulge in it and I love seeing her struggle in finding a balance without killing her true self.

There were several significant male characters in the book and they played key roles one way or another. One thing I really like when it comes to the characters is there seems to be no boundaries. It could take a story into many unexpected directions.

“You’re my bitch, and will take everything I give you. I don’t give a shit if you cry. I’m going to tear up your pussy and your ass.”

As previously mentioned, the book was dark in both psychological and physical aspect. I don’t naturally like physical brutality, but it was balanced nicely with the other aspects and those scenes did add a dimension to the story instead of being there simply as a shock factor.

Opaque Mirrors is a thrilling page turner with a good amount of depravity to satisfy any dark needs.

☠ ╪ ☠ . . . (F)BR With Javigina Twin, CC . . . ☠ ╪ ☠

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1,038 reviews610 followers
May 11, 2016


Whitney Tyler agrees to give her client his ultimate wish. Afterwards, the impact weighs heavily on Whitney and she decides to relocate and finds a quiet town to become invisible. As she acclimates, she realizes her innermost thoughts won’t stop despite her best efforts. To sate her needs, she turns to the man that stars in all her fantasies to grant her darkest desires.

“You’re inviting the monster who wants to defile you. Don’t wake him. Make the right choice.”

As Whitney makes some friends, mysterious events start to occur that make Whitney cautious about who she can trust. Knowing she cannot rely on anyone, she tries to discover more details about this powerful group but it only complicates her situation and she catches the attention of a powerful family. With too many eyes on her every move, Whitney plans her escape.

“I’ll take you on and make you into someone you never thought you were. I will fuck up your world and make you like the wreckage I leave behind.”


What ensues is sexually charged and darkly rich in deviance. Adding to the mix, is the continual build-up of tension with layers of questions that surround many characters and their motives. The evil that lurks knows no bounds but Whitney is forced to trust someone who appears to be trustworthy (and quite hot) on the outside. The twists and turns are many but it is deliciously addicting and intriguing.

This author is new to me, but when I read the blurb, I was intrigued. Needless to say, I was captivated from the first page by her words. The characters are diverse and carefully constructed to ensure just enough detail is revealed while maintaining an air of mystery. The plot moves at a steady pace with peaks that lead to the grand finale! This book offers the perfect blend of dark, mysterious and erotic themes. I highly recommend!!

*This was a (F)BR with Twinsie Javigina!!
May 13, 2016
4* psychotic dream STARS!!

Courtney Lane never ceased to amazed me. Her brilliant story always phenomenal and not healthy for sane people. Read the warning before you go any further. Bear in your mind, this is not your average dark romance. He's not your usual anti-hero and she's not your usual heroine.
“You’re inviting the monster who wants to defile you. Don’t wake him. Make the right choice. Whether or not you decide if you can do this, I won’t allow you to leave this room if there’s still life in my body. It’s either your life or my death.”


Meet Whitney who ran into a small town and runaway from her past. It has never been easy for Whitney to free from her mother's influence. Whitney is slightly awkward and guard herself very well. Also, she has dark deep secret and couldn't stop it. She imagined and wanted it so badly. Whitney isn't a vanilla person, obviously. She has different taste with pain and pleasure. It feeds her demon. But when some murder happened and everything pointed in her direction, there is he. The man who promised everything will be alright if she agreed to be his. She's afraid of him. Afraid of wanted every dirty imagination with him.
“You know what I think?” His chin touched his chest, the shadows added to his daunting presence. “I think you’re very fucking interested in me. Keep fighting it. Keep misdirecting. I’ll chase you and fuck you sore for the game you’re playing.” His teeth sank into the plumpness of his lips, lips I couldn’t steal my gaze away from. “The way you can’t stop drooling over my cock, you can’t tell me you don’t daydream about me plugging it down your throat.”

Officer M. Reid aka Mason couldn't take his eyes off Whitney from very first time. I kinda despised him at first. He's a bully with crud mouth and keep pushing Whitney. He's annoyed me very much. But it changed since the murder and involved Whitney. Mason believe that she's innocent and start to show his 'softer' side. Not the douche kind. He gives her more attention and strange affection. Mason drives her insane with his own filthy thoughts. He claimed her in hell-no way a normal man would do it.
With Mason, he’d collared me with an invisible strap of leather and tugged whenever I thought about revealing my unfiltered thoughts with him.
“Every time I close my eyes, you are the lead actor in all my dirty, fucked up fantasies.”

If you think this kind of dirty and intensity to make you horny? Very wrong. But if you're really into it, I'm not gonna judge. For me, this one has intense and crazy vibe. Mason and Whitney has hate-love relationship. Mason always appear like he knows everything about her. But whatever Mason did to her, Whitney really enjoyed it. The story was getting darker after 60% and I still couldn't guess what will happened. Really mindfucked me when the truth unveiled and it was so twisted with what's really happened.
“If I have to enter your nightmares, make them your fantasies come true, and kill your demons for you, I’ll do that.”

Definitely not an easy story. Well, all Courtney Lane's story really attempt my sanity. There is no right and wrong. Only then and now. Confused? I'm not gonna lie about how insane this one. So much blood and death. There is no hero. No knight in shinning armor to save damsel in distress. Opaque Mirrors was a delirious read. Very engaging until the end and I liked it! Especially with the ending. GAH! The amount of craziness pushed to the max. Would love to recommend this for thrill seeker who doesn't afraid with gore stuff and overrated amount of sex.
She was mine for fucking eternity. Always would be, and no one—not even the afterworld—would stand in the way of that.
I would always be Whitney’s anti-hero. I had one last time to do right by her and become the villain.
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3,265 reviews2,272 followers
April 26, 2016
The review for this TOTAL mind fuck of a book will have to wait until after...

I have bathed in holy water...


Looked at kittens on the internet...


Read something with unicorns farting rainbows..


And unclench my ass...

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286 reviews593 followers
April 24, 2016
3.5 **red dreams** STARS

“You will end and begin with me, and you will love every fucking thing I make you feel.”

I find myself at a complete loss for words. With ever new book Courtney Lane manages to make it harder and harder to review her work. Her books are to be experienced and not really to talked about. I can tell you Opaque Mirrors is twisted, edgy and raw, just like its predecessors, but that doesn’t really capture how truly brilliant and somewhat depraved the author's mind must be. I mean that in the most positive way imaginable, but I am yet again astonished by the sheer brilliance with which she weaves a net of deception and pushes way past my boundaries and I don't mind one bit.

I had a few issues really connecting with the characters - hence the somewhat lower rating compared to her other books, but I can tell you one thing this is a page turner. It is nearly impossible to put this book down once you start. You just have to figure out what is going on and try to keep your sanity while you fight through.

“You’re inviting the monster who wants to defile you. Don’t wake him. Make the right choice. Whether or not you decide if you can do this, I won’t allow you to leave this room if there’s still life in my body. It’s either your life or my death.”

In an effort to escape her past and mostly herself, Whitney hides in a bible loving small town only to run into more strange and dangerous situations that make her previous life working for her mother, a retired porn star and madame seem like a walk in the park.

A weirdly possessive, slightly stalkerish and definitely weird cop, people being killed, depraved sex tapes, sinners as far as the eye can see and so many mysteries my head was spinning.

And yes, that is all you are going to get regarding the plot and characters. Even if I wanted to I wouldn’t even know where to start describing all that went down in this town. And why on earth is Whitney in the middle of this nightmare? Who knows what is real and what is not? Who can you trust? Is she losing her mind?

Read and find out. ;P

“He’s my fucked up dreams made reality.”

Opaque Mirrors was probably the most difficult Courtney Lane book I have read so far. It is highly convoluted and layered - which in this case is both a good and a bad thing. As a result I never really felt a connection to the characters, but on the other hand once Courtney pulled the story and all the plot lines together it all just works. That ‘aha’ feeling you get when the puzzle pieces come together can’t be matched by anything else. She truly is gifted in constructing a deceiving and highly complicated story. That alone makes it a win in the end. Just the journey had me at a loss sometimes.

As always the writing is excellent, gripping and on point. I believe Courtney Lane fans will enjoy this standalone read and for fans of mysterious, boundary pushing reads, that can dive into the sexually depraved, Courtney is your author and Opaque Mirrors might be a big win for you. I sure enjoyed having a twisted Saturday reading this gem.

Trigger warnings:

**ARC very kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

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854 reviews131 followers
April 3, 2016

Deep. Check. Dark. Check. Dirty. Check. Psychotic. Check. Complete. Total. Mind. Blowing. Clusterf*ck. Check.

Mason. Whitney. Hayden. Nick. What in tarnation has my mind in a fog so thick I can only accept the impossible? Opaque Mirrors.....the games people play! Opaque Mirrors is the EPITOME of gritty, dirty, dark, and depraved. What kind of mind does it take to write a novel this depraved? A freakin' BRILLIANT one!

Whitney is running away from something dark, something dirty, something she was paid very well to do. She "relocated" to Bible Belt, USA where she could start anew. Of course things are not as they seem and as a reader, you can't begin to imagine the level of deceit and evil that plague the town! Mason is Whitney's saving grace! He's sexy, dominant, and he can protect her. As a cop in this small town, his influence is limitless. Or is it? Hayden is hellbent to flex his muscles and package to anyone interested.....and to a few not interested as well! And what about Nick? What's his game? Mason. Hayden. Nick.......eenie meenie minie mo which of the three is the sick psycho?

OM is the ultimate game. Every single word is straight word porn! It's graphic, it's not for the kid playing the adult game, and it's not for the adult not comfortable outside of pansy and vanilla dreams! Adhere to the warnings! For the adults who dabble in adult things such as mind games, extremely hot sex, and all things extremely dark.....ding a freakin' ling! You hit the jackpot, baby!

Five gazillion trillion stars because I love a dominant, I love mind games, and I love a good super dark psychological thriller! OM hit the mother load of all mother loads!

Read it. Absorb it. Then attempt to recover from it. Group therapy sounding pretty good right now!!
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1,018 reviews209 followers
June 27, 2016
Courtney Lane is the master of manipulation, the maker of mayhem, the mistress of mind-fuckery.

Characters: 5 Stars
Story: 5 Stars
Twists: 6 Stars

OMFG! You might as well take your brain out and hand it to Courtney Lane to play with. This is all sorts of fucked up. Just when I think she can't write any more twisted... She wraps her belt around my neck and chokes the life out of me. She manages to make me sweat, I was pacing my house, kindle in hand, turn the page, don't turn the page, turn the dang page. Read the warning. I'm seriously warning you.

The story is complex, the writing exquisite. The detail in which Courtney Lane writes is spellbinding. I was hooked from the prologue, she started this road trip with an epic beginning. The story is told from Whitney's perspective, we take a ride into the land of delusional thoughts and depravity that blew my mind. I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, and loving every disturbed bit.

"I wanted more—something so disgusting and devoid of any mark of humanity it made me question my morality."

The characters are deeply disturbed. They make BDSM look like cupcakes and rainbows, they want the ultimate orgasm. They want the things we don't talk about. Delusional. Psychotic. Gasp-Worthy. Who's the killer among killers?

"The aspiration to adopt a different life— the life of a person who hid her cold-blooded monsters in a secure place— disintegrated in front of my eyes. The malignant spirits hidden inside me were no longer hungry to play god. They wanted exquisite devastation."

I can't begin to tell you about the dark you will experience. You're going to have to trust me on the level of twistedness I rated this. It's bloody, it's sinister, it's perplexing, trust me, it's 5 black stars.

I bow, Courtney Lane.
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537 reviews40 followers
May 1, 2016
A gripping, twisted, dark, sadistic mind f*ck.
It took me a while to get into this and eventually when Hayden and Mason appeared things started to make sense in the story. Very clever plot never expected that ending.
I would of given it 5 stars if I wasn't so dam confused at the start. Maybe I should go back and re read the first 20% and then things might become clearer!!!!
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1,337 reviews369 followers
April 26, 2016
 photo newreviewbannerfeather_zpspga5dbag.jpg

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

 photo rosebuttonsmall_zpsrpi6fijr.jpg  photo rosebuttonsmall_zpsrpi6fijr.jpg  photo rosebuttonsmall_zpsrpi6fijr.jpg

Title: Opaque Mirrors
Author: Courtney Lane
Category: Erotic Thriller
POV: Heroine's POV
Plot: 5
Scorching Level:4.5

The blurb of this one captured my attention at once! Whitney is a woman with dark needs and a seedy, dangerous job. When one of her elite clients, an infamous star of torture porn, comes to her and forces her to choose between her life and his death, her world is turned upside down. Nick kent will be the start to her torment.

"Make the right choice. Whether or not you decide if you can do this, I won't allow you to leave this room if there's still life in my body.
It's either your life or my death."

When she decides to leave her dangerous job and her home to start a new life, she never expected her past to catch up with her. Nick's ghost follows her to her new life, but is it just a ghost?
Whitney is a woman who tries to stay hidden. She doesn't want human connection, she fears it.

Friends meant attachments.
Attachments resulted in sources of my private anguish.

Working three jobs, she never expected someone to discover her dark needs, the ones she has managed to hide so well in the closed community she lives. Her uncovering will happen by two men, Mason and Hayden. Two brothers that will play the catalyst in our story.
Mason is a police officer in charge of the murders that have shaken Bebletown, but underneath the law abiding facade, lurks something darker, something that has been waiting for Whitney.
Hayden, Mason'r brother is hiding secrets of his own and Whitney will be pushed and pulled towards every direction. But the question is: will she break or become stronger?
When danger comes closer, Whitney will have to decide if she wants to give in to her wicked desires or face them and live with them.
The writing is captivating and the book is a war between fantasy and reality. Fair warning: this is dark and it involves abuse and gory snuff films.
The book was unlike anything I've ever read. Great storyline, multi-dimensional characters and plot twists you will never see coming.
Courtney Lane manages to make a dark story captivating to the reader and the unique plot will have you guessing all the time. I had a hard time figuring out what was actually going on and until the 90% mark everything was still blurry. The amazing twists and turns make this book.
Unpredictable, excellently written and raw, Opaque Mirrors is a book that will stay with me forever.
If you are not easily offended or faint of heart, I highly recommend this book! You will not be disappointed by the clever plot and fantastic characters.

5 Stars!

 photo newbanner2_zpsjiptvrlr.jpg
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634 reviews345 followers
May 2, 2016
4.5 stars !!!!

Reviewing a Courtney Lane book for me has always been akin to speaking in tongues ... Like , OH MY GOD ! HOW DOES THIS FREAKING DO IT ?!?!?!

Opaque mirrors follows Whitney , a somewhat weird somehow awkward kinda girl stuck in bible town . Well, not exactly stuck , but more like trying to hide in plain sight kinda thing . Whitney has ... certain specific tastes when it comes down to what gets her on .. you know like donkey Kong. .. ! And whitney thinks it's sooooo not okay for her to be that way . It's here that Whitney meets Hayden and Mason . Hayden is weird. . And Mason ? Well Mason is something. .. something in its own ... like I might have to find new words to describe him .. He is THAT something !!!!! Both Hayden and Mason behave a certain way when It comes to Whitney . Almost like giving you whiplashes ! Why are they like that? How are these people connected ? Well you'll just have to read this book to find out.

Coutney Lane is a master manipulator when it comes down to her story telling technique . True to her style , Opaque Mirrors also manages to twist and turn the readers thought process and emotions . You are literally thrown into the chaos that is Whitney's life and have to figure which way is up and out . The story at first may seem to be all over the place , but every dot finally connects when all the puzzle pieces fall in place !

Brilliant. . bloody brilliant!
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1,982 reviews22 followers
April 2, 2016
Read the warning this book will not be for everyone.

Arc for Honest review

Well Courtney has Done it again wrote yet another book that has had me hooked from page one!!!! Messed with my head!!! Twists and turns my head was spinning, I loved every minute of it.

It certainly twisted my head, I didn’t know who to trust who to believe! Sometimes I was questioning myself, my own sanity. Because the book really had me thinking in some parts what was real and what wasn't.

Whitney Works for her mother who is a Madame,

Anyway when something Happens Whitney moves away to a new town,
She blends in by fading into the background and acts like she is shy and quiet.

We meet Mason….
We meet Hayden….

Murders start to happen in the town.

Just Remember Things are never what they seem.

If you love Dark Twisted messes with your head books and leaves you questioning yourself then this is the book for you.

When the line between fiction and reality bleeds, there is no end to the lies or a truth to be found.

If you love Courtney’s book you are going love This one

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441 reviews
May 2, 2016
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"There Are Books That Simply Scare You, And Then There Are Books That Actually Get Into Your Head." -Unknown

Well, done, Mrs. Courtney Lane! You are one captivating, magnificent and wicked story teller!! You definitely got into my head! Bravo. *Clapping*

I am not one to go into a lot of details when I do a review. Or be a spoiler. But this book was demented and gave me one mindf*ck and you need to definitely go into this one blindly (don't read reviews) so you can get the full dosage of depravity! There were times, I didn't know what the hell was going on. I felt like I was going crazy! Like I was part of the movie "Girl Interrupted" but staring the characters of this insane book; "Nick, Whitney, Mason & Hayden." I honestly feel like I've been confined in a padded white cell in an mental hospital! This book was beyond disturbing. With all the secrets, darkness, deception, & twists. You think you know what's going on and *BAM* something else happens!! And don't get me started on; Officer Mason Reid - I love that frickin sexy. possessive sociopath! *Sigh*

“I am the man who owns you. You’ve been mine from the second I laid eyes on you. Tell these people who you belong to.” - Mason Reid

Deals with: Abuse, Bdsm, Blood/Gore, Knife Play, Snuff Films, Psychological Edge, Rape, & Torture Porn.
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231 reviews127 followers
Want to read
May 26, 2016
My gals CC and War got me intrigued and im in a psychological thriller mood plus erotica is an aded bonus
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269 reviews665 followers
April 17, 2016
5 STARS! ★★★★★

What an absolute mind trip this book was! Seriously, Courtney Lane deserves a standing ovation because this read is sheer brilliant with twists that will blow your mind. I'm not even gonna apologize by sounding like a broken record every time I speak about this author's work but truly, Courtney has done it again by just knowing how to mess with your head. Absolutely loved it till the very last page.

I basically finished this read in one sitting which is a testament to exactly how much I devoured every last page of this depraved, twisted read. Opaque Mirrors definitely had more of a crime thriller feel as compared to her other reads which makes it feel like part crime-mystery, part erotic thriller. We have Whitney, the heroine of the story who moves to a small town and tries to run from her past. Suddenly, dead bodies are piling up wherever Whitney seems to go and one sexy mothafucka of a cop named Mason steps into the investigation. Also there seems to be a rich man's son, Hayden who seems to know more than he's let on.

But in a small town where people talk and secrets are buried ten feet deep, you start to wonder who's telling the truth and who you might actually be able to trust. Bodies are piling, time is ticking and we may have a killer who's hiding in plain sight.

This is the kind of read you can't stop flipping the pages even if you try to put it down because you're just DYING to know what happens next. That's the beauty of a crime thriller read when it sucks you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat. And that's what I got from this amazing dark read over here. Courtney doesn't even give you a chance to put your mind at rest because just when you think you know what's going on, you're wrong.

"Tonight, be who you really are with me, Whitney. Make me experience the final orgasm - my death.

Be ready to put your sanity to the test and heed the warning that comes with the read. Courtney's books are for those who dare to venture into the deep far end of the dark side. There will be twisted, sick and depraved things that are graphically depicted in this read. Things that really should be sending me running for the hills but heck do I enjoy reading them because Courtney knows how to push you past those limits. Give me all things dark and twisted over the vanilla any time because dayum were those scenes still extremely hot.

"You will end and begin with me, and you will love every fucking thing I make you feel."

Another brilliant, dark mindf*ckery twist of a read- Courtney did not disappoint again. She just further proved she can write all things dark even if you throw her a crime mystery genre. I wouldn't even be surprised if she'd be able to pull off dark humor next time and probably still manage to send my mind into a tailspin.

Read this book, my dark lovers or in fact, just read all things Courtney Lane because trust me when I say that no one writes the dark ones as good as her.

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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298 reviews99 followers
April 24, 2016

Not going to lie, I've been putting of writing this review for a while now because well, I just have no words to describe the mind fuck I just read.

Take the warning seriously, this is some dark, fucked up, twisted shit. And me in all my dark, fucked-upness ate it up!!

Courtney Lane.... Bravo. Opaque Mirrors is one of my TOP reads for 2016 so far. You feed my dark, twisted addiction like none other. I crave this womans' words like a crack addict craves their next hit.

She was one of my first ever, real dark authors that I thoroughly devour and Opaque Mirrors was no different. Her work is perfect for fans of Mary E. Palmerin, Ashleigh Giannocarro and Yolanda Olson.

I think the reason I adore all her books and completely stalk her (in the best way) is because her books are so unique. Unlike anything I've ever read. Her storylines and plots are so different. Her writing style is magnificent. The clarity in which you can picture things and the beauty that she weaves in her tales is utterly mind blowing.


Just look at that cover! So damn UNIQUE! I've never seen anything quite like it and it just looks so fucking pretty in my Kindle. The woman is mad talented.


It's just one of those books that you wanna stare at and stroke and pet and one of those books that you need to re-read over and over again.

Whitney, Mason (MINE!), Hayden, Nick.... everyone just fucking mind fucks me into oblivion! These characters are exquisite!

Courtney Lane is a master of mind fuckery. Each book she writes blows me away just as much as the last. Now I'm gonna quit rambling so you guys can pre-order this fucking brilliant book which will be released VERY soon (26/04/16)!


P.S. Feel free to find me and rant whenever you need to while reading this ladies work.

P.P.S. Mason Is Mine! The author gave him to ME! But don't worry I'll let you drool over him ;) #MasonIsMine

Pre-Order Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DV38BI0
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01DV38BI0
Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebo...

Add it to your TBR here:


Release Date: April 26, 2016


*ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review*
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395 reviews9 followers
October 17, 2018
3.5 estrellas.
Cuando empecé a leer este libro tuve qye regresar una o dos veces a la sinopsis para ver si seguia leyendo el mismo libro que me prometieron.
Y esque creo que al principio mi mente imaginaba de manera diferente la historia. Hizo que los primeros capitulos me preguntara que diablos estaba yo leyendo. Porque no le encontraba sentido o coherencia.
Sin embargo habia algo que me impulsaba a seguir y seguir.
Y debo decir que no es un libro para todo el mundo. Si tienes una sensibilidad hacia temas tabu demasiado marcadas...mejor no lo leas.
La historia toca toda la deprevacion mas jodida que he leido...muestra los deseos mas oscuros del ser humana. Tambie muestra la parte psicotica mas escalofriante que el mundo conoce.
Talvez al principio te preguntaras que rayos con esto...no tiene pies y cabeza...y estaras en toda la razon. Pero hay un porque.
Los ultimos capitulos amarran cada cabo suelto. Responden a todas las preguntas que te formulaste con anterioridad....y es donde se desata toda la locura y paranoia de los personajes y de ti como lector..que haran cuestionar que es real y que ficcion.
El final...aunque claramente hay una advertencia de qué no es una historia de amor....pues al final si lo es. Y eso me decepciono un poco porque había acabado bien si no hubieran existido los dos capis finales.
En fin. No es para todo mundo. Hay que tener una mente Super abierta.
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796 reviews
April 28, 2016
Deliciously Dark

This is definitely the best dark read I've read so far this year! I can't put into words how twisted and demented this is. Courtney really knows how to mess with your head. I seriously recommend this sexy gritty dark ride to everyone. I promise this will not disappoint you.
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281 reviews62 followers
November 28, 2017

this one was love-hate read for me. Mason feelings for Whitney was sweet. and to be honest i need more sexy times of this two. Ha

I won't suggest those with faint heart to read this tho, it's gruesome, but hey! if you're into dark read you gotta try this.
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436 reviews59 followers
April 17, 2016


Clarified that, let's begin.

I'm so excited that I don't know how to start, haven't given a 5 stars rate in a very long time. XD

okay, now, I'm fine : Let's roll.

So what is the book about?
Better said what the book is not about.
Please meet Whitney,

A New Design

she's not, by all means, your girl from next door. She comes from a family and an education where the only art is the master of pain, where she becomes the Mistress and makes submissive men fantasies come true.
That until she meets : NICK

A New Design

The yummy bad boy, that any girl would want to put her hands on; but in this case the word bad it actually comes for: DANGER! RUN AWAY!.
Nick is a porn star of where he's more than the master of pain, he lives it, loves it and craves it til the extente where he'd also crave for it.

A New Design

point where our dear Whit will come in handy, not knowing that she'd also have more than just one similitude with Nick.


After this megaevent in Whitney's life...she decides to not let herself sink in her hidden cravings so she'll go to the most safeful place she could find: Bebletown, as if the names wouldn't deceit ha!
Anyway where she'll ...
“If you behave a certain way, you’ll be labeled a certain way. It’s a perfect way to reinvent yourself if you know how to work the small-town grapevine system.”

But she'll be so far away from being safe, given that a series of murders start to take place in the small town, and everything related to them apparently has everithing to do with her red cravings, taking her to the point where she...

A New Design

And in the middle of her crazy journey she'll meet:Mason her knigh in BLACK armor

A New Design

A town police officer with an obsession when she is concerned, and will do eveything to get her.

And his brother: HAYDEN

A New Design

Your average sweet boy next door that hides within himself the more dark and delicious fantasies you can ever come with.
But too bad for him that his ideal companion is his brother's obsession.

So the killings give path to a serial killer, where Whitney's mind will be more than implied on them

A New Design

having only Mason and Hayden as her only allies and trust worthies, she'll have to endure a a journey where reality will be just another name to call a world inside your head


you thought Alice was crazy? Try again!

So at this point, you reader, will be as crazy as dear Whitney here...but the truth comes at the end in a shocking hit that will leave you ...

And the message of this tale?, at least for me

A New Design

PS. If you like dark erotica, then you're gonna love this one 'cause this characters cravings go beyond chains and whips, way beyond that, so if you're reading this humble review before to get to the book, just consider yourself warned. BUT the crazy journey in this fucked-up, twisted version of naughty red Whitney in Crazyland, surely worths it!

------------------------------------------ ---------
Usually I give 5 stars to books that get me trough more than just one or two emotions, rather books that make me laugh, scream bloody murder, cry, excite me and a of course that give me a message.

So this one didn't make me cry at all, or laugh hard either... but I can tell you that throw me to whirlpool of feelings including fear, where all my senses were so messed up as the heroine's...so why do I give it 5? 'cause this is a master piece to ring every single alarm in your head, is so twisted that at the end you'd be feeling such a great peace & ease and also saying : WTH all of that just for those reasons!!! seriously? what?

But it was a hell of a great, twisted and dark journey!
Review coming
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2,551 reviews44 followers
April 13, 2016
Title:Opaque Mirrors
Author:Courtney Lane
Release Date:April 26, 2016
Genre(s): Dark
Page Count:200
Heat Level: 5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

It was never supposed to happen. He was supposed to remain a porn star—the source of my fantasies—in my expansive collection of torture porn. But he found me, and he only wants one thing from me. He calls it the ultimate orgasm; death.
He gives me the illusion of choice—my life or his.

I thought my choice would be the end of my troubles, but it followed me to a town known for its close-minded, small population and hypocritical way of thinking.

My madness lurks in the shadows. It watches me and seduces me with pretty smiles and dirty degradation. It assures me that my fantasies aren't wrong. It tells me that they will star in all of my nightmares…and I want nothing more.

“The sigh of bumpy ridges and lines outlining his eight-pack stomach pulled me to turn away from him. A shocking electric jolt of lechery left my skin tingling with a renewed awareness. ‘Jesus Christ,’ I muttered”

5 what the f@#k stars!!! If I could give it a million stars I would!! Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride!!

opaque mirrors mine

Whitney has a dark past, works for her mom who’s a madam, and has dark tendencies. After a job, that turns deadly, she packs up her bags and moves to a small town. A small town that seems to be peaceful. But not is what it seems. While working three jobs, she meets Hayden and Mason… who are different but certainly dark. The quiet town starts to show itself, when murders start occuring, but no one knows who’s doing it. All the while Whitney is battling feelings for Mason. What’s to believe, who should she trust?

“‘You didn’t say anything about… you. That I’m not safe with you.’ Leisure in the way it spread across his lips, a dark smirk contorted his delectable mouth. ‘Define safe.’”

This book is a twisted mindfuck!!! You think you know what’s going on one minute, and then in the next it goes a different direction. Courtney has outdone herself with Opaque Mirrors. My head was battling my heart the entire time I read. And quite frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way!!! If you like a good, dark, gritty book (that takes you on an epic ride) then this book is for you!!! Bravo Courtney!!!

me alphabookclub
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club description
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896 reviews7 followers
April 25, 2016

Ok, so reading this book was quite an adventure. Let's say my mind was completely mindfucked by this book. It is like when a bomb explodes or when chemicals react, thats how my brain was feeling. It felt like it wanted to explode and react because Opaque Mirrors was just bloody fantastic. Written by the Queen of Mindfuckery, Courtney Lane, Opaque Mirrors proved to be a book that really made me lose my mind. I was truly amazed and spellbound by this book.

I am not going to tell you what Opaque Mirrors is about in my review. Do not want to spoil it. You have to buy this book and read this book and go for a ride. This book will make you talk other languages. It make you not know who you are. It will make you lose your identity for reals Lol.(Well not really your identity but well you lose yourself a bit by becoming part of the book). The drama and suspense in this book is so damn good that keeps you guessing all the time. What you believe is true turns to be wrong. What you believe is wrong is right. It was truly magnificent. (Oh there goes my fangirling).

I have read a few books by Courtney Lane and by now her writing is just is simply a masterpiece. She has a way of bringing out emotions of characters, a way of making your heart beat fast and a way of bringing in suspense. In Opaque Mirrors, her writing spoke so many volumes. It was beautifully written showing different dynamics of scenes and cohesive dialogue that made the story flow so effortlessly. I mean I was blown away by the skill of writing that was conveyed. Page by page I was attacked by different scenes that each held a significant to me. I was able to feel the emotions, feel the action, suspense and danger and also how each character just molded together. It was just perfection. I mean this book had so many dark elements that the writing stepped up notch allowing me to be sinked into the dark. It made me want to be bad even though the book was 100 shades of fucked up.

The characters of Opaque Mirrors were cleverly written. I mean there was so much suspense and there were all fucked up in their own way. Sometimes I did not even know whst was going on because I was in a state of confusion. The main characters Mason and Whitney were such a unique and different couple. For Mason, I could not get a good read on him but I loved him. He was dominanting, hot and alpga. All the good things I love in a guy. I was in awe. For Whitney, she was strong abut a bit naive. She could not not see what was happening in front of her. Too slow but she was kinda wacked in the brain. She was crazy. I did not believe their chemistry for a while but as soon as the drama started, everything was perfect.

Overally Opaque Mirrors is a book you must not underestimated. Fast paced, intriguing and deliciously dark, it is a book that grips and drews you in from the start to theebd. I loved that it was well balanced and for once it was more about the plot than the sex. I loved every part.

ARC kindly provided by author Courtney Lane in exchange for an honest review.
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620 reviews348 followers
April 20, 2016
I'm speechless... but this time I'm not sure it's in a good way this time.

If I have to rate this book only for the twisted idea, I would give a 5! For that I know now that nobody can exceed Courtney Lane! I don't know where she finds her book ideas but there are the most disrupt for sure. After the prologue I wanted to scream at how genius and original her story was going to be!

But somewhere along the way she lost me. And to be completely honest I don't know exactly where. I read the whole book waiting for the end and to know the truth. Opaque Mirrors is a sort of a suspense thriller. I would compare it to Seven for the suffocating atmosphere I felt. The more you read, the more you become crazy.

Whitney is trying to escape her less than ideal life and a mother who make her do things she doesn't want. Whitney has also a dark and twisted craving to watch people have sex while they are being tortured.
She thought to find refuge in Bebletown but she quickly realizes that murders are happening every time she is in a place.

Why I didn't rate the book

By GR standards , a 2 stars rating means it was ok and a 3 stars rating means I like it.
Did I like it? I don't know.
Was it ok? I don't know.

It's really unsettling for me to not know what I felt towards the book. I don't want to say I felt dumb most of the time but it's the only way I can put it.

I was waiting to know what would happen. I was waiting to understand the characters better. I was waiting for some sort of real connection between the MC, someone I could understand and relate to.
And I didn't have it. So I can't rate it.

This book won't deter me from reading Courtney book again. You can't love them all...

~ARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest review ~
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Author 1 book10 followers
April 26, 2016
Opaque Mirrors and the creator herself, Courtney Lane is the very epitome of a clever, dirty, gritty, depraved, psychotic and yes DARK thriller of a twisted and complex erotic fever! Your mind will be bent, flipped, tossed, and shattered, be prepared for every nerve to fry, every muscle to seize and every brain cell to shrivel, this is not for the faint of heart!

This story will show you the lengths people will go through to find their fix, to get their kicks, to seek their vengeance and to come to terms with how revenge will sustain them in the end. These characters all have one thing in common, GAMES. The way they play the game and the end result will leave your heart pumping at an uneven gate and you really don't know whom you wish to win. From Whitney, Nick, Mason, Hayden or even the Madame, you don't know who to love, who to trust, who to root for?

This is a deeply twisted tale.. a uniquely refreshing tragic, WHO-DUN-IT sorta mind warp that will leaving you thinking long after its over. Each character has this tragic family past that just sucks you right in and makes you wonder how many people are out there living the life of those that are portrayed in this clever dark thriller. How many survivors are out there that have lived this life? Yes I think Courtney Lane has delved deep within the crevices of the depraved and brought some awareness and maybe even closure to some that might still be reliving this horror to mankind!

Profile Image for S.M. Harshell.
Author 5 books39 followers
May 4, 2016
**I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**

Opaque Mirrors is one crazy dark ride. It is a complete mind blowing read from start to finish. You must, and I can't stress this enough, you must read the warnings. If you have any triggers, don't like sitting on the edge of your seat and don't like abuse within your reads...this one is not for you.

"Make the right choice. Whether or not you decide if you can do this, I won't allow you to leave this room if there's still life in my body. It's either your life or my death."

We get everything from Whitney's POV. Whitney alone is the perfect mix of dark and twisted, add in Mason, Hayden, Nick and you are completely blown away. With so many characters there is some confusion as to who is who but as always Ms. Lane puts you on the edge of your seat and keeps you there throughout the entire read.

Opaque Mirrors is definitely the top of my lists for dark, raw sick and disturbing.

Wicked Reads Review Team
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572 reviews6 followers
May 3, 2016
*I received a free copy to read & review for Wicked Reads*

This story was an intense, suspenseful, crazy ride.
I had no idea what to expect, but I got so much more than I bargained for.

This is NOT a sweet romance, not by any means. This is an insane, dark (SO freaking dark I don't really know how to classify it) tale of three seriously depraved individuals with roots so twisted there is no end in sight.
The characters are truly made for one another -
The erotic scenes are scary, the characters themselves are freaky, the story build-up is wild and fantastic. I just couldn't put this book down. Each scene had me guessing and second guessing. The twists and turns were frequent, but well timed.

I don't want to spoil anything, hence why I'm not summarizing ANYTHING. I will say if you're a fan of DARK books, this is an awesomely haunted tale that will keep you guessing/wondering and searching for the truth!
Wicked Reads Review Team
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