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Legal Desire

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Derek Sage doesn’t mix business with pleasure—certainly not after he’s been burned. Being one of the top plaintiff’s attorneys in the Tampa Bay area requires focus and he can’t afford to lose that focus again. But a difficult case has Derek looking to a new attorney for assistance and she brings more than her legal expertise to the table.

Raina Dillon spent her first couple of years as an attorney at the public defender’s office, defending criminals and learning more than she ever imagined. Now, she’s ready to take on the legal world at one of the Tampa Bay area’s premier law firms. What she doesn’t expect is Derek Sage.

Can they put their attraction aside or will it consume them?

96 pages, Kindle Edition

Published February 19, 2016

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About the author

Jessica Jayne

15 books507 followers
JESSICA JAYNE is a born and raised small-town Ohio girl, who moved to the Sunshine State after graduating from college with an English degree. She attended law school and passed her bar exam on the very first attempt. She met the love of her life in a romance novel sort of way. They married and have three beautiful (and sometimes crazy) kids.

Jessica loves to travel and travel often! She’s jumped out of several perfectly good airplanes. When not watching her son isn't racing in a regatta or her daughters dominate the volleyball court, she watches Buckeye football and the Tampa Bay Lightning. She’s a wine-making (and wine-tasting with her girlfriends) aficionado. She loves all music. Thinks Eric Church is a rock star. Worships Jason Momoa. Believes Game of Thrones was the best show on television but lives by many Seinfeld-isms.

Life is always an adventure!

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1,025 reviews78 followers
December 21, 2018
Jajajaja es horrible. Da risa las reacciones tan exageradas de los protagonistas.
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26 reviews
February 24, 2016
It's hot! It's steamy! It's sexy!
Derek, an attorney for a prestigious law firm, has sworn off dating co-workers. No more mixing business with pleasure after his last disaster.
Raina, a new attorney at the law firm, is everything Derek wants in a woman. Is he willing to bend his rules for a chance at love?
I loved this story! There was an instant attraction between Derek and Raina that you could completely feel. As much as they tried to put up a wall, you knew it was going to crumble quickly. The scene in the conference room when they first start to work on a case together was H-O-T!! Raina's little move to entice Derek was sexy as sin.
And Derek's sassy best friend and assistant added some funny banter to the story.
Definitely a story worth reading!
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9 reviews
April 27, 2016
I am a huge Jessica Jayne fan and have read all of her books, and let me tell you that this one doesn’t disappoint! It has all of the elements that make for a steamy contemporary adult book. One of the things that I enjoyed most was the silly and sometimes sarcastic banter between Derek and Raina.

Raina is a new attorney in the law firm that Derek works with. She not only possesses beauty, but she’s extremely intelligent, and although her Mother filled her head growing up with false ideas of where women belong in the hierarchy, she has achieved this incredible new position with a very well know law firm. She does not go unnoticed by Derek, who immediately feels a connection with her, and requests that she work on a case with him. This is where their romance begins and completely takes off! I love their relationship and the passion that they share. Their conversations are real and I absolutely love their first date!! He took her to a Rays baseball game… which I have to say is my favorite MLB team. The two of them find it difficult to keep their hands off of each other, though they both feel a sense of caution with the attraction they share. Derek- because he had his heart broken a few years prior by a woman he thought he loved, but turned out that she was only toying with his emotions and using him. Raina is cautious for other reasons- she loves her new job and doesn’t want to screw things up. The wonderful thing about this is that they communicate with each other about their feelings. I hate it when characters in books hold everything inside.

The sex scenes and flirtation in this book are HOTTT and so well written!!! Derek and Raina are sexy and playful and I adore them! There’s also the element of suspense in this book with the trashy defendant in the case that they are working on- makes for some really exciting scenes!

I give this book 5 Stars! It has everything you’ll want for a fun and sexy read! And hey, it takes place in St. Petersburg, Florida- where it’s always hot… so that makes it even better!

Definitely read this book!!
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3,448 reviews64 followers
April 4, 2016
Legal Desire is a quick read with some serious steam.

Derek had been burned before and is no longer looking for love. He doesn't mix work and pleasure. He runs everything by the book until Raina.

Raina is gorgeous, smart and going to be a big problem for Derek's rules. Their chemistry is off the charts. Their sexual appetite can't be quenched.

I enjoyed it, but I wanted more. It ended too soon.

Reviewed for Reviews from the Heart
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370 reviews
November 19, 2016
Un libro corto de 100 páginas pero que me aburrió.
La relación entre ellos muy apresurada, me salté al final y la historia desde el principio ya era predecible así que no tuve sorpresas. El final me pareció muy simple.
Un libro que no pasa nada si se deja de leer. Le doy 2 estrellitas.
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723 reviews10 followers
April 18, 2016
Title: Legal Desire
Author: Jessica Jayne
Publisher: Jessica Jayne
Reviewer: Mollien
Release Date: February 19, 2016
Genre(s): Legal Romance
Page Count: 96 pages
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Derek Sage doesn’t mix business with pleasure—certainly not after he’s been burned. Being one of the top plaintiff’s attorneys in the Tampa Bay area requires focus and he can’t afford to lose that focus again. But a difficult case has Derek looking to a new attorney for assistance and she brings more than her legal expertise to the table.

Raina Dillon spent her first couple of years as an attorney at the public defender’s office, defending criminals and learning more than she ever imagined. Now, she’s ready to take on the legal world at one of the Tampa Bay area’s premier law firms. What she doesn’t expect is Derek Sage.

Can they put their attraction aside or will it consume them?


Legal Desire is a short story packed full of passion, jealousy and drama. This book is sure to keep you entertained while you lounge at the pool or on a quick trip.
Plot - Derek Sage, partner at one of Tampa’s premier law firms has a self imposed rule, don’t get romantically involved with anyone in the office. After his disastrous romance with one of the partners when he first joined the firm, he has kept his women to random pick-ups. He doesn’t want to risk his heart again. All that goes out the window when new associate, Raina Dillon joins the firm Derek may have to break his own rule. Working together trying to get the nephew of one of the senior partners a fair trial on a personal injury case, things get a little tense as well as dangerous.
Hot chemistry between Derek and Raina make this a scorching read. This is a fast paced book and even though it is a shorter story, there is some serious stuff going on. There is a dramatic ending with no cliffhanger. It is wonderful watching Derek open himself up to a new romance.

SCORES on a scale of 1-5 Stars rate each of the Following 5 Categories
PLOT: 5 Stars
PACING: 4 Stars
ENDING: 5 Stars

Review Copy of Legal Desire provided by the Jessica Jayne and Tasty Book Tours for an honest review. Reviewed by Mollien from Alpha Book Club
description description
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Author 3 books24 followers
April 16, 2016
To read this review and others like it check out my site at www.homelovebooks.com

I think I secretly have a thing for high powered lawyer types or something, because almost every hot alpha guy attorney romance I read I kinda just like, or at the very least I like the guy. So when this book came my way I was completely on board with diving right into it.

So after reading this book I will say one thing that is for sure, my streak with hot alpha lawyers is still going on. I really liked Derek , he a young guy, very successful, good at his job, all of that, but there's also a lot more going on with besides all of that. I liked how he hired one of his closest friends as his secretary, they have a great dynamic together and you can tell how much he cares about her and values opinion. I also liked that he was like portrayed as some mindless player or something, he is leery about relationships and getting back into one, but because he was hurt before, not because he's a commitment-phobe. I really just liked him.

As for Raina, I liked her less, and I think that is mostly due to the fact that I felt like sometimes her actions weren't in line with her character. She's a hard working woman, looking to make a name for herself at the firm, easily a woman to respect and admire. But even after she makes it clear that she wants to do well at the firm and be a professional, the second time she is alone with Derek at the office she basically propositions him, I'm not saying she was flirting, I'm saying she full out just lays it all out, talks dirty, acts of the dirty talk, and they end up enjoying the conference table. It just didn't fit for me. I mean it's so clear how much she values her job and I can't believe that she would risk it all by doing that in the office conference room (not even a private office). There are a couple of other instances where I felt like this was an issue, that I thought I had a handle on who she was as a character and then the actions just didn't come together.

This book is really fast paced, I think because of the length, and to be honest, I felt like it could have benefitted from slowing down a bit. There is a bit at the end that I didn't really like, not the scene itself, but how Raina acts afterwards. Also after the big climatic scene the way the book just wraps up just felt way to fast and not like the ending I wanted. But that being said it was a good read, and if you like hot lawyers like me, this might be a book for you to check out.
341 reviews21 followers
April 18, 2016
When we are introduced to the insatiable Derek Sage, you cannot help be drawn to his sexy but straight to the point nature. After being burned in the past, he has always had the motto of not mixing business with pleasure, until the beautiful Raina Dillon walks into the firm, he is ready to throw that all away.

Jessica Jayne does a great job in creating chemistry between the two, leaving readers wanting more. When Raina throws herself at Derek after working together one long night, the chemistry between the two is scorching hot. Not being able to stay away from each other, both are forced to make a decision. Can Derek forgo everything that he has promised himself and is Riana willing to take the chance?

Jayne does a good job in creating a storyline that will have readers wanting more. If you are wanting to read a book that has great chemistry, hot love scenes and characters who love to challenge each other, then Legal Desire is for you. Make sure you add it to your To-Be-Read Shelf.
Author 65 books773 followers
April 21, 2016
Derek Sage is a young plaintiff lawyer, all business and no pleasure, at least nothing with a commitment since being burned. Acquiring a new case, defending a rapist who happens to be one of the founding partner’s nephews, he asks for some legal expertise from one of his firm’s newest attorneys.
Raina Dillon has spent years dealing with the worst thugs of the streets while working in the public defender’s office. Her upward move to one of Tampa Bay’s top-notch law firms was just the career move she’d aspired to attain.
This novel, though short, was as complete as it was hot. The author did well in revealing the depth of each character, which is sometimes difficult to do in a shorter novel. She also dealt with some sensitive issues in a way that was realistic and thoughtful.
I enjoyed this story. Told from multiple points of view, it was always clear whose viewpoint you shared. The pacing was good. The story line was a little predictable but the characters’ personalities kept you turning the pages.
I’d give this book four stars.
Profile Image for Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog.
3,694 reviews114 followers
April 19, 2016
4 Stars!

Short. Sexy. Sweet. Passionate. This book was the perfect read for a warm sizzling afternoon. Jessica Jayne jumps right into the action in this book and doesn't skip a beat in this love story until the very last word. I swooned. I smiled. I fell in love.

This is Derek and Raina's story. He doesn't fall or hook up with colleagues anymore but one look and moment with Raina is going to change all of that. She is new to the office and trying to get her footing. Will they take a chance on love?

I really liked these two. They had tons of sparks zinging between them from the very beginning. I liked watching Derek fall in love... oh yes the man made me melt into a puddle. And the chemistry... yowza off the charts between these two lovers.

I recommend this book.

Review Post---> http://reneeentress.blogspot.com/2016...
Profile Image for Crystal.
375 reviews
May 6, 2016
I love insta-lust. That sudden spark of chemistry... The sudden energy pulling the hero and heroine together... The moment when you know that the hero would do anything to be with the heroine, even if it means breaking his own rules. That moment was what sucked me in and would not let me go until I finished the novella. Legal Desire had a little bit of everything from a sizzling office romance to just the smallest hint of thriller. The characters were fun to meet and get to know. I especially loved Derek's intuitive assistant. I actually loved Jessica Jayne's writing style so much that I immediately picked up another novella that she wrote. All in all, Legal Desire was a super quick and sexy novella that I devoured in one big delicious bite.

I received an ARC copy in exchange for a honest review.
Profile Image for The Book Junkie Reads . . ..
4,864 reviews138 followers
April 18, 2016
There was one thing that I did not like about this one. There was so much hot chemistry, sexy flirtations, one on one, smoldering moments, and enough steam to fill a sauna, but it was over just too darn fast. This was a quick read. All the above kept you attached to the pages all the way to the end and wanting more of the alpha high powered attorney.

There were things that just simply had you gravitate to Derek. Being alpha, hot, sexy, smart, and male were just the obvious things on the surface. Read it and find the other things that made him more.

Raina was able to keep up with this round. She brought much to the table all on her own. It was maybe more than Derek could handle or should I say wanted to handle.

Thanks Jessica. I enjoy my read from you. Keep crafting more. I'm waiting.
**This ARC was provided via Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.**
789 reviews6 followers
April 19, 2016
This book was smokin! It grabs you right from the beginning and keeps you involved and interested right to the very last page. My only wish is that it would have been longer because I felt that there was a whole lot more we could have learned about the couple and experienced with them. Derek has been burnt before while mixing business with pleasure but his rule may fall quickly when he meets Raina. Derek needs to decide if rules are made to be broken when it could mean finding the woman of his dreams. Raina is new to the office and is trying to make a good impression, but getting involved with a partner may not be the right way to show what she has. Really loved the added suspense with their client and it did add another layer.
Profile Image for Pame.
463 reviews10 followers
January 25, 2017
Creo que le faltó historia. Fue muy al punto.
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