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The 39 Clues #1

The Maze of Bones

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When their beloved aunt--matriarch of the world's most powerful family--dies, orphaned siblings Amy and Dan Cahill compete with less honorable Cahill descendants in a race around the world to find cryptic clues to a mysterious fortune.

Book includes game cards which the reader may use to play an online version of the treasure hunt.

220 pages, Hardcover

First published September 9, 2008

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Rick Riordan

321 books399k followers
Rick Riordan is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of many books, including the Percy Jackson series. You can follow him on Twitter and via his official website.

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63 reviews18 followers
December 11, 2015
Book one of The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones, by author Rick Riordan, is an exciting young readers adventure book that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat; your toilet seat. That's because the only place worth reading this book is while you've got a few minutes of privacy on the porcelain throne.

Amy and Dan Cahill are typical squabbling siblings who believe one another are the most annoying brother and sister in the world. However, that all changes when they get summoned to their mega-rich grandma Grace's funeral, along with the rest of the extended Cahill family. After the funeral they are all presented with a strange challenge from Grace given through her lawyer. They are offered the choice of either one million dollars or a clue to a riddle that the fate of the world depends on the Cahills solving. Amy and Dan reluctantly accept the clue, forgoing the million dollars, along with most of their relatives. This clue leads them on a wild adventure to many mysterious locations teeming with danger in an attempt to beat their rival relatives to the finish line.

And this book had me thinking about its finish line the whole time. Riordan and Scholastic, the publishers, have done an amazing job at pumping out a mass-marketed piece of crap. These are some of the shallowest, most meaningless characters I have ever read about. This book is nothing more than a horrifically written kids' version of the National Treasure films. The only credit I'll give this book at all is that it seems my students, for the most part, really liked it. It is certainly written for a kid's mentality. However, I've read many young readers books that are still extremely well written and appealing to adults as well as kids, so this simply doesn't pass the grade.
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9,566 reviews56k followers
January 15, 2019
The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues, #1), Rick Riordan
The Maze of Bones is the first novel of The 39 Clues series, written by Rick Riordan and published September 9, 2008 by Scholastic. It stars Amy and Dan Cahill, two orphans who discover, upon their grandmother Grace's death, that they are part of the powerful Cahill family, whose members constantly fight each other for Clues, which are ingredients to a mysterious serum. The novel has received generally positive reviews.
تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز بیست و نهم ماه سپتامبر سال 2012 میلادی
عنوان: هزارتوی استخوانها - کتاب نخست از 39 سرنخ؛ نویسنده: ریک ریوردان؛ مترجم: رویا خادم الرضا؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، ویدا، 1391، در 221 ص، اندازه 11 در 5/1 س.م، مجموعه کارآگاهی نشر ویدا، 51؛ شابک: 9786002910080؛ چاپ چهارم 1392؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان آمریکایی، سده 21 م
عنوان: هزارتوی استخوانها؛ نویسنده: ریک ریوردان؛ مترجم: عماد ذبحی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، آذرباد، 1392، در 264 ص، اندازه 5/14 در 5/21 س.م، فروست: 39 سرنخ؛ کتاب اول؛ شابک دوره: 9786006225357؛ شابک جلد 1: 9786006225340؛
هزارتوی استخوانها، جلد نخست از مجموعه سی و نه سرنخ، اثر: ریک ریوردن است. در این داستان امی و دن کاهیل که خواهر و برادری اهل آمریکا هستند، و تحت سرپرستی زنی به نام خاله بئاتریس هستند، پس از مرگ مادربزرگشان گریس، با خاندان مشهور کاهیل آشنا می‌شوند و وارد رقابتی هیجان انگیز و مرگ‌آور راهی پاریس می‌شوند… ا. شربیانی
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385 reviews397 followers
November 7, 2020
3 Silver Stars
with Golden Sparks

yay! Another middle grade I enjoyed.

Dan & Amy were great! & Nellie! I really liked them. & their character's developments & their relationship.
many characters were unnerving & cheaters! (not the protagonists, thankfully!) but the constant chain of chases to solve the puzzles & the Clue hunts were interesting.

It was not as great as Camp Half-blood chronicles (the whole Riordanverse is a masterpiece!) & in this world there are no magic or myths (not yet at least) & just mysteries needed to be solved, But with all the riddles & ancient mysterious premise, sometimes It gave me a series of Unfortunate Events & Nicholas Flamel vibes & Book of the Dead (which I haven't read the whole Tombquest, but it's in my TBR, waiting for me to continue.)

It was fun & cute.
with an intriguing plot.
a quick read.

I probably would enjoy it more if I’d discovered it in my teenage years.
World building: ★★★/5
Characters: ★★★★/5
Written style: ★★★★/5
Plot: ★★★/5
General idea: ★★★/5
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706 reviews28 followers
September 19, 2008
I've signed up for an online account, and am told I am a Lucien. Let the hunt begin. One of my 7th grade teachers read aloud the first chapter to her 130 students on Friday. Guess how many requests I have for the book now?

I finished the book last night, have entered one set of cards and unlocked my first clue, and have mastered the first five tasks the online game has presented to me. I wanted to be able to answer student questions about how to play or what was required. I plan to raffle off (for free) the other card sets to interested students and circ the books without cards. I'm planning to display the one card that can be reused by every player in a plastic stand near the computers with the website listed and I'll see what the interest is.

Riordan did a good job of kicking off the series, although I will agree with some other comments that it certainly is predictable in many places (our heroes do all the work to unearth a clue and the rival teams show up just at the right moment to steal it from them...) but I loved the history included. For instance, in their Ben Franklin research the boy learns that Ben wrote a whole essay about the importance of farting (true) and the magic number boxes that Franklin did for fun are part of the game (the kids say, "you mean Franklin invented sudoku?") They're leaving Paris now and are off to Vienna in the next book to follow the clues that lead to Mozart. I'll be there with them.
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1,485 reviews192 followers
March 6, 2023
2.5 Stars

Obviously the plot is absurd with two super precocious kids but it's a fun adventure story for intermediate/middle school kids. I think this will be okay for NZ Y9 as Amy is 14 years old and it would suit someone looking for a quick read. There are lots of near death scenes and dastardly villains. There is an online game component but I am not sure if that is still something that can be played given how old the book is now.

I found the link but don't have the time to explore this game though.

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1,183 reviews375 followers
July 5, 2017
Adventurous and exciting treasure hunt with great humor. The information about Benjamin Franklin and the scenes in Paris were interesting. A really intriguing start of the series.

A few minutes later they stood in a muddy graveyard, looking up at the dark silhouette of St-Pierre de Montmartre. The church was made of gray stone slabs. A single square bell tower rose from the left-hand side, topped with a lightning rod and cross. Dan thought the building looked angry and resentful. If churches could frown, this one would.
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24 reviews17 followers
September 26, 2016
an easy read, very nice, refreshing and relaxing! certainly not a difficult book but nonetheless enjoyable. I am already starting the second one.
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195 reviews99 followers
June 5, 2019
The Maze of Bones "Is this book for me?" Checklist

☐ I love clue hunts and solving puzzles!
☐ I want to feel like a child again
☐ I was once a ninja
☐ My grandmother is crazy but pretty cool
☐ My family constantly fights over money
☐ I have social anxiety
☐ I wish my cat had silver fur
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Author 15 books228 followers
September 17, 2008
Grace Cahill changed her will moments before she died. For Amy and Dan, the loss of Grace, their grandmother, is a terribly sad event. They will miss their weekends spending time at the family mansion hearing stories of Grace’s past adventures and exploring the many rooms.

After the funeral, certain family members are invited to the reading of the will. Amy and Dan are included. Everyone is anxious to find out what their inheritance will be. No one expects what happens. Everyone is given a choice - take one million dollars or give it up for a clue. A clue that will lead to a deep family secret. The one who follows all 39 clues and uncovers the secret will become the most powerful Cahill in the world.

Amy and Dan are 1 of 7 teams competing for the clues. The other teams may be made up of family members, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Everyone wants Amy and Dan out of the way. They think they have inside information since they were Grace’s favorites. The problem is, Amy and Dan know even less than everyone else. They were never told how much influence the Cahill family has had in the world throughout the years. Because of their lack of knowledge and kind natures, Amy and Dan’s lives are put in danger several times as they fly to Paris and search for Clue #2.

39 CLUES: THE MAZE OF BONES is a fast-paced, adventure-filled, mystery. Each book comes with a set of clue cards. You are encouraged to visit the website, create an account, and begin solving the puzzle. You can win over $100,000 in prizes. The second book in the series is called ONE FALSE NOTE and is written by Gordon Korman and will be released December 2, 2008. Book Three is THE SWORD THIEF by Peter Lerangis and will be available on March 3, 2009. Seven more books are planned and the series will be completed in 2010. OH - and if this the clue cards and interactive website aren’t enough, the books have already been optioned for a movie. Word has it, Steven Spielberg is going to direct. WOW!
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96 reviews717 followers
October 3, 2010
In Which Rick Riordan Attempts Another Harry Potteresque Cash Cow.

Good God, is this man the most shameless author currently working in children's literature? First the highly derivative (but at least marginally entertaining) Percy Jackson, and now this - a hokey National Treasure meets Amazing Race mash-up? 10 books, each written by a different author, that follow a sibling duo as they globetrot, attempting to piece together the titular clues in order to reveal a single earth-shattering prize that will restore the power of their family name? Come. On. I'm all on board for books that tantalize reluctant readers, but this is just one more poorly executed, paper-thin Money Train that sacrifices excellent ideas and promises of excitement for soulless character building and trite, episodic adventures.

For the sake of arguing about plausibility, I'm going to suspend all disbelief at the patently absurd plot, and pay attention to the most egregious errors - errors that cannot be cast aside simply because the book will appeal to many children. Reluctant readers aren't stupid. Aliteracy isn't the product of stupidity. But this book treats its readers like they're stupid and that's what I resent more than anything else.

The one dimensionality of Dan and Amy is insulting enough; they should have more development than Good At Math And Typical Male Impulsiveness (Dan!) and Loves To Read And Is Scared But Determined (Amy!). What's even more repulsive is the 'development' of the secondary and tertiary characters. Nellie, the au pair, is a lazy, iPod-attached twenty-something who suddenly starts speaking Spanish. Is it an attempt for Riordan to show off some of his linguistic know-how? Is it an attempt to create a multicultural character? Who knows? Nellie argues on the phone with her father in Spanish and then it's never brought up again, except for her to admit quite casually that she also speaks French, which comes in handy when the kids go to France. In Nellie's words: "Duh. My mom taught French. She was, like, French."

Perhaps the most insulting endeavor to add a 'multicultural' spin to the book is the character Jonah Wizard. A swaggering reality television star, Wizard is a crass attempt to create a thuggish, streetwise black character who plays up his "cultural identity" to the cameras, but is actually much less "black" around people he knows. Witness as he says, in front of the paparazzi, "Yo! My peeps!" and then, inside a car without the flashing bulbs of the press, speaks without any vernacular whatsoever. Even when the reader is first introduced to Jonah Wizard, we are told that he tries to act like a 'street punk', which makes his patois even more caricature-like. "Hand me the clue, homes!" he demands to the executor of the will. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And then we learn his reality show is called Who Wants To Be A Gangsta?, that he has an album called Gangsta Life, and that France has just released his pop-up children's book called... you guessed it... Le... Li'l Gangsta Livre Instantané. Jonah Wizard is a disgusting stock character who is one freshly-rolled joint shy of being completely racist. The fact that author is a middle-aged white man makes the character even more insulting and less authentic. Riordan should be ashamed of himself.

Want more bad character development? Meet the pumped-up Holt family (who wear matching athletic gear and whose patriarch shouts ridiculous things like, "Company, FALL IN!"), the Kardashian-like Kabras who jetset around and smuggle weapons onto planes, and Irina, the former KGB spy who hides poison-tipped needles in her fingernails. It's like Riordan sat down and pulled together every single unlikely but cliched character possible and thought, "But how can I cram them all into one book?" It would be a satire if it weren't written so damned seriously, which is a problem in itself.

The writing. Oy. The plot-driven storyline, filled with the typical "I-don't-know-how-to-write-a-mystery-so-I'm-just-going-to-have-the-characters-make-silly-guesses", is so ludicrously bad that it feels like it's been cobbled together by eight different ghost writers and smooshed into perfectly contained danger-filled episodes. During a house fire, Amy and Dan are crawling on their hands and knees below the smoke line (yay, fire safety!) when Amy notices ornate dragon carvings on the wall that all seem to be leading to an exit. They are. A secret passageway that leads the duo to safety. Seriously? Even Dan Brown, Grand Poobah Of Bad Action-Oriented Writing, would call shenanigans on that. Then there's the bombing of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia that decimates one team but leaves Dan and Amy curiously unscathed, even though they were inches from the detonation. Add to this that book is insanely predictable. Every time Amy and David find a clue or a scrap of information that will lead to a clue, one of the other teams has sneaked up on them and either hears the clue or steals it. Then there's a fight, both physical and vocal. That plot contrivance doesn't get old at all.

Riordan's final failure is his inability to capture a solid tone, which gives the book a truly obnoxious inconsistency. Panicky episodes are carelessly turned around with unbelievable sibling banter that paints Dan as a goofball and Amy as a shrill harpy (after being told that sedan chairs are not meant to be occupied by his scrawny 90-pound frame, Dan proclaims, "RESOLUTION: Start eating more ice cream.") Riordan must think that reluctant readers like corny humor because his misunderstanding of what young adults believe is funny is peppered throughout the book: a dog that rolls over and plays dead when commanded to pay attention, a hotel in Paris whose name translates into House of Roaches, and Dan's incessant ADD-laden distractions and quips will only provoke eye-rolling from much of its intended audience. It all smacks of Trying Too Hard.

Also Trying Too Hard? The heavy-handed Harry Potter copping. First in Percy (where the similarities were so obvious that even the names had the identical number of letters - Harry/Percy, Ronald/Grover, Annabeth/Hermione), now in The 39 Clues, where we read about a House divided into quarters, with each house representing a particular archetype. The houses are governed by a dying-then-dead figurehead whose encyclopedic knowledge is cherished by some and scorned by others. Additionally, the protagonists are reluctant heroes who realize their fate is to protect the world from falling in the hands of ne'er-do-wellers.

The fact that Gordon Korman, another author of dubious talents, writes the follow-up guarantees that I will definitely not continue with the series.
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August 18, 2017
Još jedna knjiga koja mi je žao što nisam čitao kada sam bio mnogo mlađi. Napušteni brat i sestra sami protiv sveta u borbi za kontrolom nad istim. Pa skoro sami, par saveznika imaju (od kojih je jedna čangrizava mačka :) ).

Čist stil pisanja, sa relativno jednostavnim likovima koji su skoro čisto crno/beli mada imaju malo zatamnjenja čisto da ne budu dosadni, interesantna pričica sa fokusom na pronalaženje i režavanje zagonetki i tempo koji kreće odma od početka i ne popušta do kraja.

Preporuka za svakoga, naročito ako ste 15 ili manje :D
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43 reviews17 followers
September 15, 2020
این کتاب برای من نبود.
حتی اگه اون رو ده یا پانزده سال پیش می‌خوندم.
پلات حفرات زیادی داره. شخصیت‌ها اصلا ثبات کافی رو ندارند. داستان منطق کافی رو نداره و اصلا به خواننده اجازه پیشبینی حل مسئله رو نمیده و جواب معما‌ها یک آن از اسمان نازل می‌شه :)
خلاصه که کتاب من نبود.
و ۵ جللد دیگشم دارم :) شاید بعد‌ها به جلد دوم یه فرصتی بدم.
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7 reviews
January 8, 2016
I really don't plan on ever reading this series again I'm just not a big fan anymore
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109 reviews14 followers
May 29, 2021
بعد از چند ماه ک این کتاب نصفه مونده بود امروز وقت کردم کاملش کنم😐💔
صادقانه بخوام بگم این کتاب چیزی نبود ک از ریک ریوردن انتظارشو داشتم! کتاب سطحی بود و نسبت ب کتابای خفن دیگه ی ریوردن میتونم بگم هیچ بود هیچ!حالا کاری ندارم این کتاب قبل از اونیکیا نوشته شده باشه و حالا ی جورایی دست گرمی بوده باشه کلی میگم دوست داشتم بیشتر ازش لذت ببرم....البته اینم کم تاثیر نیس ک نویسنده هر جلد با جلد بعدی متفاوته و باید این داستان زنجیره ای ادامه پیدا کنه و هر نویسنده قبلی باید داستان رو طوری بنویسه ک نویسنده بعدی بتونه ادامش رو بنویسه.
مشکلی ک اذیتم میکرد این بود ک من توی این جلد نتونستم اصن چیزی رو حدس بزنم ب هیچ وجه!حالا چرا؟!بخاطر اینکه سرنخ هایی ک نوشته میداد خیلی پراکنده و دور از داستان بود کتاب کم حجم بود و اطلاعات کافی از داستان نداشتیم بخاطر همین نمیتونستیم دانسته هارو کنار هم بزاریم و وقایع رو حدس بزنیم!که این مشکل توی کتابای دیگه ی ریک ریوردن مثه مگنس چیس و پرسی جکسون اصن دیده نمیشه شایدم ب این شدت نیس من با ریتم اون کتابا همراه شدم و هرچند خیلی از حدسام غلط بود ولی خیلیاشم درست بود!
ایراد بعدی اینکه بنظرم سن کرکترای اصلی واقعا کم بود و من نمیتونستم با داستان خو بگیرم چرا؟چون باورم نمیشد ک دوتا بچه فسقلی بتونن از امریکا برن پاریس! 😐نوجوونا نقش مهمی توی داستانای ریک ریوردن دارن و برای مثال ما پرسی جکسون رو هم با سن پایین داشتیم اما باید اشاره کنیم ک اون داستان اسطوره ای و افسانه ای بود و حداقل توی ذهنمون میگنجید اما اینجا ما دوتا بچه عادی رو داریم ن نیمه خدا مثه مگنس ،پرسی، آنابت،الکس و...!
ی چیز بخوام بگم اینه ک شاید این داستان حالا مناسب سنم نبوده باید ده دوازده سالگی میخوندم ک با شخصیتا هم سن و سال بوده باشم و لذت ببرم ازش چون این موردم خودش بی تاثیر نیست🙂
بخوام نقاط قوتش رو بگم اینه ک ریوردن همیشه ماجراجویی رو قاطی جادو و تاریخ میکنه و من از این ب شدتتتتت لذت میبرم چون عاشق تاریخم و وقتی میام میبینم چیزایی ک بلدم توی فلان کتابش اومده ب شدت ذوق میکنم😁😂🌱
این از این حالا یکی دیگه اینکه:
نقطه قوت این داستان شخصیتای نمادین هم بودن میتونم بگم تقریبا تمام شخصیتا سبملیک و دارای نماد بودن اما اینم میتونم بگم اونقد ک باید بهشون پرداخته نشده بود و شما اونارو حس نمیکنین😐👌💔 ولی خب برای مثال امی اخرای داستان از ی دختر خجالتی و کم حرف ک وقتی کسیو میدید دست و پاشو گم میکرد تبدیل شد ب ی دختر شجاع!
ب هرحال نمیگم کتاب خیلی خوبیه ولی خیلی بدم نیس واقعا متوسطه!برای وقت پرکردن و لذت بردن توی تایم کوتاه خوبه و میتونه وقتتون رو پر کنه و جرقه هیجان و ماجراجویی کوچولویی رو درونتون بزنه و روشن کنه!🎆
پ.ن۱: دوس داشتم ۲.۵ بدم ولی گردش کردم ب ۳ دلم نیومد ۲ بهش بدم...
پ.ن۲:نمیدونم دقت کردین یا ن ولی ریوردن اینجام داستان رو از بوستون شروع کرده بود و من برام جالب بود ک اسم این شهر توی داستانای ریوردن هی داره تکرار میشه😶
پ.ن۳:من پی دی اف این کتاب رو از مترجمای ناآشنا و متفاوت خوندم میدونم نشر ویدا چاپش کرده ولی حقیقتش من خودم اگر باشم ۳۳هزار تومن پای این جلد نمیدم جاش ۲۰ تومن دیگه میزارم روش باهاش کتاب بهتری رو میگیرم اینم نصیحت من حالا دیگه خودتون میدونید...!🙂🤚😁
ب هرحال امیدوارم از خوندنش لذت ببرید من ب اندازه ای ک باید بردم شمارو نمیدونم😁
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4,559 reviews177 followers
September 24, 2008
Reads like Luke W. was the ghostwriter. (Which means it's really good!) Starts with a bang!

I read this one pretty quickly, as it is definitely a page-turner. My expectations may have been excessively high, due to the fact that I like Rick Riordan and I've heard so much buzz about Scholastic's hope to keep themselves big in the post-Harry Potter market with this new "multi-platform" series (books, trading cards, internet game, and cash prizes). I'm giving this four stars and not five for the facts that 1) all these efforts seem a bit forced, 2) they require purchase and/or computer access, 3) Rick Riordan still has a knack for capturing the middle-school mindset and dialogue, but this book's frequent mention of iPods and celebrities like Kanye West are going to date it, and 5) dang the cliffhanger ending, because in spite of it all, I want to know what happens!!!

What I really like about this book, as with the Percy Jackson books, is the seamless integration of a fair amount of historical fact and nonfiction. The main characters, Amy and Dan, spend a lot of time in libraries (much to Dan's dismay). This book does not have an alternate world like Hogwarts, and while there are sometimes *too* many ties to the world of 2008 (again with the iPods), Riordan takes full advantage of reality to draw upon history and science.

I'd call this a little like "The Da Vinci Code" for kids. Incidentally, I did join online (www.the39clues.com) and found that I am a member of the Lucien branch (I have a bad feeling this is the equivalent of being sorted into the Slytherin House, but we shall see). I also got a confirmation that said "check your email and if you don't see one, check your junk folder. You may have been sabotaged." Ha!
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72 reviews7 followers
May 27, 2021
I'm just glad 7 yro me put this down bc a lot of years later this was still thrilling 😂
Anywayssss really good and fast book! 😌
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185 reviews42 followers
October 24, 2019
3.5 stars!
There might be spoilers
A thrilling treasure hunt! I enjoyed this book a lot. It was fast paced, with good characters and intriguing plotline. But I guess this was not what I was expecting (hence the rating). To be clear, I enjoyed every moment in the book but that's it. After finishing it the feeling didn't last long. And maybe I'd thought they'd get some sort of treasure in the end or there would an actual maze to explore (that's the reason I started reading it in first place).
Anyway, it was only a set up for the upcoming books and it holds a lot of potential. There are so many secrets to unravel along with a world tour and scavenger hunt. I'm definitely sticking with the series.

Recommended for middle grade reading.
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509 reviews173 followers
February 13, 2023
I decided that I really need to know how this series finished, who cares that I'm almost 25 years old.

I was a kid when these series first came out and, while I red first 6-7 books, I was too impatient to read them all, I decided to wait until they all came out. Then I got busy reading other books. But lately, it has been on my mind and I realized I simply have to know how it finishes. Do we find out what lies on the other end of the 39 clues?

This is such and interesting and fun series, I would like to know how the authors came up with it. Plus, I love to learn about history this way, from books when it doesn't feel like learning. I am aware that some of the facts about these historic figures were made up, like the fact that they all belong to the same family. but it is simply more fun this way.

I love Amy and Dan. They're not perfect, but they have each other's back and complete one another in this hunt. It is kind of funny that all the other contestants seem to be familiar about the hunt and the clues for centuries, but still feel so threatened by these children who are so much more resourceful than them.

I love that Dan is still an immature 12 year old (so many of these novels make the children behave in much more adult ways than their ages suggest). I cannot wait to see Amy grow and become more confident and self-aware.

On to the next book, ahoy!
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January 7, 2016
Grace Cahill has left behind her will and she has given those on the list a choice to take one million dollars or to be given a clue. That clue is one of 39 keys to unlocking the Cahills' greatest secret. Her grandson and granddaughter Dan and Amy are surprised their grandma gave them no warning given how close they were to her. Pitted against distant relatives, the siblings embark on the clue hunt which proves to be dangerous as they are seen as the prime contenders to solving the whole mystery and their relatives will do anything to be the ones at the very end.

The book was fast paced and exciting from the start. The characters were quirky and fun. Even the 'baddies' were kind of likeable even though they did some pretty crazy things to harm Dan and Amy. The whole plot line felt far-fetched but reading the book felt like watching a cartoon. There was never a lull in the story. I also learnt a few things about Benjamin Franklin and his fascinating achievements. It was a history lesson delivered in an interesting way. Mr Riordan masterfully intertwined history with fiction here just like he did with mythology and fiction for Percy Jackson. The next book is passed on to a different author and I'm looking forward to what they have in store for Dan and Amy!
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July 26, 2008
Well, I've read MOST of it. The ARC is missing the ending. Scholastic did that on purpose because it is all part of the game, the cards, etc.

What I read was fun, but not amazing. It appears to be an Amazing Race sort of book --- a bunch of different groups all chasing around the world for clues that will solve a big mystery. This first one sets things up. Two kids (younger boy is a gaming/computer guy while the older sister is a shy bookworm) and their au pair (just happens to know the right languages and is easily convinced to do this whole thing, dangerous as it clearly is). Then there are all the other competitors --- nasty families, nasty siblings, nasty single uncles and cousins, and an annoying celebrity from all over the place. The book is about the two main characters looking for the first clue. It is fun, quick, undemanding reading. Rick Riordan evidently has designed the whole series and wrote this book. The rest will be written by others (the next by Gordon Korman). It will be interesting to see the ending of this one and how the series plays out with the different writers involved.

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December 8, 2020

This one gets more immature each time. I appreciate that I'm no longer the target audience, and accept I'm too old for it now, but I do really love the action and fast-moving pace of it. I like the multi-POV and the narrator's accents, and I like Amy's social awkwardness and anxiety.


Read this one a few times now, and still enjoy it every time :) I've just never gotten around to finishing the series, and I hope to this time. Sometimes I find it quite childish, like with the Holts, but I love the whole mystery aspect, and the suspense with the other teams and the danger and it's all so exciting!
July 8, 2015
Pues para ser el primer libro de una serie de 11 no está taaaan mal. Aunque creo que se hace un poco lento porque sabes que la historia no va a avanzar mucho, precisamente porque la serie es taaaan larga. Pero no estoy diciendo que la premisa no sea interesante, es decir, ¿que un libro empiece con la muerte de una persona, la lectura de su testamento y una decisión entre un millón de dólares o la posibilidad de participar en una carrera que puede resultar mortal para buscar un tesoro gigante? Eso a mí me parece muy cool.

Eso sí, leer este libro es como estar leyendo una versión súper light de Endgame combinada con las películas de La Leyenda del Tesoro Perdido de Nicholas Cage, jajajaja.
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October 22, 2016
Wow, I have been wanting to read this book since fifth grade, but I just never got to it. I always was reading 'I survived' back then.

The book starts of boring then gets better and better. It is about two kids and when they go to there grandma's funeral. They get invited to a 'scavenger hunt' to be the most powerful cahill ever. Benjamin Franklin was a cahill, and the two kids have to go around finding his clues to the thirty-nine clues. It is actually a very good story, authors take turns writing the book too. I highly recommend this.
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April 3, 2018
After starting this one way back in on Christmas, my 8-year-old and I finally finished this one up! This was a really great book to read out loud. The story was entertaining for both of us, and we're ready to move a little faster in the series now.
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August 14, 2022
What do you do when its too hot to do anything - well in my case its find a cool corner and read a book. This is part of a bundle of books passed to me for donation - something that happens to me surprisingly a lot. Before I pass them I thought I would give the book a go and I have to say it grew on me.

yes it is aimed a different age group so I have to keep that in mind but the action was fast and didn't feel too sanitized either which I guess some of these books can suffer from (and I mean it complexity of story, language and settings rather than blood and danger).

The story itself has elements of many (if not all great) mystery adventure stories - however rather than feeling like a re-hash of the same stories it rapidly grew its own identity and considering who wrote this volume (I believe there are multiple authors in the series) it does not surprise me.

For a random read I have to say it was jolly good fun
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May 14, 2020
A million dollars or 1 peace of paper,a clue!
When grace Cahill dies she uncoveres the big secret of the ancient Cahill. In her funeral you get a choice rather a million dollars or 1 clue that can make you the most powerful human being in the history.
I would truly recommend this book to my family, friends and tweenagers with a taste of mystery fiction
The 39 clues is a truly adventureous story brought to life by Rick Riordan.
One of the best things about this book is its adventureous content and action spilled pages. In most books there is only 1climax , only 1 most exciting part. But in the 39 clues that rule doesn't apply.Rick Riordan has put twist and turns in almost every part of the book.
Another thing I like about this book is its characters and settings. Even though this book doesn't have pictures I am still able visualise what is happening and what is the situation. I am also able to tell how the settings are. That is because this book has given heartfelt words that helps you visualise. When grace died I could truly tell and feel how Amy Cahill felt,the sorrow,the anger and a thirst to fulfill Grace's dreams. I can tell how childish and curious dan is, I can tell how lonely Alister is and how cruel Isabel is.
My favourite character is Dan because even though he seems childish and puts on a brave face. He is sad too, for their parents dying, grace dieing. He knows that if he puts on a brave face it will help Amy recover fast. The second thing I like about dan is that he knows how to lighten everybody's mood, he will try telling jokes,he will act and he will think on the positive side.
My favourite part is when grace appears on the screen and tells about the Cahill legacy. She invited people who have Cahill blood to a room and gave them the choice. Rather a million dollars or 1 peace of paper containing a clue that can make you the most powerful human being in the history. I like this part because it is really interesting and I didn't expect it at all. My heart started beating fast because I really wanted to know what choice they make. Do you want to know, if you do you are gonna have to read the 39 clues😄
Overall I think the 39 clues is a great book explaining the loss of two children and their thirst to prove themselves. This book is suitable for ages10+. Anyone who likes Artimous foul, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter will like this book. I will definitely recommend this book to all my family and friends.
That's all from the other side with
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October 23, 2008
If you liked The Westing Game, Chasing Vermeer and enjoyed the movie National Treasure, this book will at the very least not put you to sleep. But if you're looking for a piece of kids' fiction that will knock your socks off the way Harry Potter knocked most of our socks off, this ain't it.

This is the first in a series that publishing house Scholastic hopes will buoy its financial success along after the conclusion of the Harry Potter series. If only this book were nearly as complex, well-written, imaginative or captivating.

It was ok...and it was written by Rick Riordan (of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series which I love). My major issue with this book is that it is so blatantly derivative of many other works of fiction while at the same time being at times almost mind-numbingly dull.

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December 13, 2020

کلیشه‌های زیاد و عدم پرداخت مناسب به جزئیات داستان و شخصیت‌ها!
شاید اگر چندسال قبل‌تر می‌خوندم جذاب‌تر بود برام :(
البته هنوز سفر ایمی و دن تازه شروع شده و چند جلد کار داریم باهاشون
امیدوارم بهتر و بهتر بشن :))
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