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Wingmen Inc. #2

The Matchmaker's Replacement

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Wingman rule number two: never reveal how much you want them.

Lex hates Gabi. Gabi hates Lex. But, hey, at least the hate is mutual, right? All Lex has to do is survive the next few weeks training Gabi in all the ways of Wingmen Inc. and then he can be done with her. But now that they have to work together, the sexual tension and fighting is off the charts. He isn’t sure if he wants to strangle her or throw her against the nearest sturdy table and have his way with her.

But Gabi has a secret, something she’s keeping from not just her best friend but her nemesis too. Lines are blurred as Lex becomes less the villain she’s always painted him to be…and starts turning into something more. Gabi has always hated the way she’s been just a little bit attracted to him—no computer-science major should have that nice of a body or look that good in glasses—but “Lex Luthor” is an evil womanizer. He’s dangerous. Gabi should stay far, far away.

Then again, she’s always wanted a little danger.

320 pages, Paperback

First published August 9, 2016

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About the author

Rachel Van Dyken

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Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances.

Hey guys I'm rarely on Goodreads, if you need to reach me feel free to email!
EMAIL ME: rachelvandykenauthor@gmail.com

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662 reviews2,396 followers
November 28, 2016

➦I will keep this nice and short. Really enjoyed this second installment of the series. This one's about Lex - a computer genius with a body of an athlete - who is a co-owner of Wingmen Inc. You know, the company that lets the ladies hire a hot stud to make their desired male jealous.

➦Wingman Inc. now hires Gabi to accommodate the male population. Gabi is off-limits to Lex because she is his best friend's best friend. Get it? But she's like a sister to him so I guess it would be one of those forbidden "my best friend's sister" romances. Always fun!

➦Lex did get a taste of Gabi 4 years before she got hired by Wingman Inc. and he liked it. Oh he liked it a lot. But he was warned by his best friend to stay far far away. Now he goes around pretending to hate her, teasing her and fighting with her at any opportunity. So how long can he keep up the charade?

➦All right, so obviously there's an enemies to lovers trope here. These two engage in arguing and bickering non-stop and it's the greatest from of foreplay to them lol The sexual tension was nicely done, I was a really happy camper reading this one.

➦The humor was great just as in the first book. I happened to like the first book better just because it gave me more feels. Anywhoooo, if you like romantic comedies with enemies to lovers trope I think you might enjoy this one. :)

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1,260 reviews9,898 followers
August 2, 2016
*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

Our eyes locked on each other, and a lifetime of conversations took place in the look she gave me. It wasn’t confusion, just pure want, desire.

 photo 2b75b72d299360869b40e289154e66d9_zpsbbmlkwvu.jpg

I am in love with this series! I haven’t read a ton of Rachel Van Dyken’s books but I can tell you without a doubt that this is definitely my favorite of hers. The second installment to the WINGMEN INC. series has surpassed the first book on a scale of UTTER AWESOMENESS!!! This one has the friends-to-lovers and love/hate tropes!! The perfect combination for a book that was simply unputdownable for me.

 photo 1725f3b8787272637d139ba3d281abdd_zpsqfm4jglb.jpg

We met Lex and Gabi in The Matchmaker’s Playbook and it was easy to see that behind all of the bickering and heated arguments, there was definitely some unrequited feelings between the two of them as well. Lex and Gabi have known each other since childhood, and more often than not, Lex was always there to defend or console Gabi in her time of need. Even though Ian and Gabi’s friendship may have seemed to be closer since they considered each other as siblings, the friendship between Lex and Gabi ran deep as well. But everything changed when Gabi turned eighteen and the two almost shared an intimate moment at a house party on campus. When Ian witnessed what happened between them, he gave Lex an ultimatum to stay away from Gabi, since he didn’t believe Ian would want anything more than a casual fling with her. This is when Lex started to push Gabi away and played the part of the biggest manwhore on campus, which is also when their relationship seemed to become volatile. Whenever they were in the same room an all-out battle was destined to erupt.

When Gabi becomes the newest employee of Wingmen Inc., Lex is left with the task of training her. And whenever these two are alone together, it’s hard to deny the strong chemistry between them. Lex tries to play the aloof bad boy but thoughts of another man putting his hands on Gabi nearly drive him to insanity.

There is a genuinely sweet side to Lex and it comes out whenever he is truly worried for Gabi’s safety and well-being. When he starts to notice that she’s losing a lot of weight and barely eating, he ends up leaving daily food baskets on her doorstep anonymously. When Gabi gets a second job waitressing at a strip club, he shows up at the club on several occasions to watch over her. I couldn’t get enough of sexy Lex!! You will find it hard not to fall for this guy for all the swoon-inducing things he does for lucky Gabi.

For most of the story, they try to fight the feelings that they have always had for each other. Gabi has seen Lex with hundreds of women and she has never gotten over the hurt she felt when he pushed her away at that party several years ago. And Lex, well he doesn’t think he is worthy of Gabi, which stems from his upbringing, and also he would never do anything to jeopardize his friendship with Ian. Ian was the only person who stuck by him in life and his friendship means everything to him. But when Lex and Gabi finally realize that what they have could be something truly special, will they be able to overcome their fears and give love a try?

If you haven’t read this series yet, I highly recommend that you do. I swear that once you start you truly will find it hard to put down until you get to the last page. I definitely think that every gal needs a super villain like Lex in her life.


Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1V6Utox
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1V6UCs6
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/1QS5BTc
Amazon AU: http://bit.ly/1MipuP3

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
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2,338 reviews4,595 followers
August 11, 2016
4 “Hero” STARS

[image error]

This is the second book in this fun college series which can be read as a standalone if you wish. This book is done with Kindle In Motion which can be read on any device, including Kindle E-readers. Kindle in Motion books include art, animation, or video features that can be viewed on certain Fire tablets and the free Kindle app for iOS and Android. You can switch features on or off at any time. This feature was very cool there was a cast of actors who played the roles which were randomly throughout the story. I didn’t like the characters being casted because it did differ from my imagination however I thought it was a cool option and liked the idea that I could turn off if I was so inclined. Here is a little video of what is instore for readers: http://bit.ly/2aMbT66

This is Lex and Gabi’s story where we learn the reasons for their borderline cruel banter, obvious sexual tension, and hate for one another that had followed them through Ian and Blake’s story. Lex is hot for Gabi but he pulls away their freshman year when Ian their mutual best friend lays down the law.

”She was completely off-limits, meaning the minute I’d walked away from her four years ago, she’d become nothing to be – i.e., androgynous, sexless, a really ugly dude, a brother, a goat. And girl and guys as friends? Yeah, that worked, like, never.”

Four years later and Gabi is now working for Ian and Lex with Wingmen Inc. Wingmen Inc. is a dating program that these two have created in the previous book but now they have opened it up to men needing help landing their dream girl. Lex has to train Gabi to work in the field and in doing so he realizes that she is looking thin, in need of money and has started a secret job. He’s still intrigued and does try to help her while verbally still pushing her away.

”Friends. Enemies. We were both. No need to add any more labels to what was already turning out to be the most confusing relationship of my life.”


Lex and Gabi had fabulous banter as enemies and even when they cross the line into lovers. Their feelings for one another only grows stronger as they spend more time together. This is a sexy, funny read that was as good or better than the first book of this series!


“Because my weakness has always been her, it would always be her.”

The Matchmaker's Playbook (Wingmen Inc., #1) by Rachel Van Dyken The Matchmaker's Replacement (Wingmen Inc., #2) by Rachel Van Dyken
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3,088 reviews1,890 followers
December 9, 2019
US: https://amzn.to/355G0T9
UK: https://amzn.to/2PuZBVX

Audio "re-read" 12/9/19.
It took some time to get used to the male narrator but this was still a great book to listen to.

4 'Big girls don't cry...they kick ass' Stars
This book was one big mixture of best-friends-little-sister, friends-to-lovers, and enemies-to-lovers tropes, and I loved every second of all these thrown into one book. It sounds like a lot, and it was, but it never got to be too much going on. I really loved how the author put so many things into this one book and somehow made them work together. Not something I would think possible, but I'm pretty sure Rachel Van Dyken is some kind of author wizard.

We were introduced to Gabi and Lex in The Matchmakers Playbook as Ian's best friends who just can't get along. Well in their own story we get to see all the sexual tension that's hidden behind that hate when they're thrown together for however long it takes Lex to train Gabi in all things Matchmaker. Now that his and Ian's company has grown larger they need the help Gabi can provide, but Lex isn't happy about it and he doesn't want to deal with Gabi in his business. Gabi has a secret she's been hiding from everyone, though, and she needs this job more than they think. So if she has to put up with Lex trying to make her life hell, she'll do it. She just wasn't expecting him to start being nice to her, and now she doesn't know how to react. And suddenly she doesn't want to stay away from him.
"When every time you look at me, it's like seeing the sunrise over the mountains, it's rays lighting up everything around it so even if someone wants to stay in the darkness, they won't, not for long, not when you're around."

Lex's character was a complete shock to me when I started this story. We didn't learn too much about him in the last book, but the little hints we got had me thinking he would be a lot different than the character we got. I guess I was just expecting an asshole Hero, but he was far from that. Sure he had a lot of moments where he wasn't the nicest to Gabi, but overall he was actually very sweet.I loved that his character could shock me, especially in those moments when he was being really adorable. The cute nerd is how I would describe him, but don't let that stop you from thinking he was a total babe, because he was. I think I need to head back to college and find me a Lex.

I very much enjoyed getting Gabi's side of the story. Heroines aren't always my favorite, and most times I just tolerate them, but Gabi was the exception. She was self-sufficient, which is rare for a book set in college, and I loved that about her. The way she buckled down and took responsibility for other people, when most college students wouldn't dream of doing something like that, made me admire the hell out of her. She was an easy person to relate to also, so that definitely helped with me liking her.

Together Gabi and Lex were this perfectly unperfect couple that I think most people will love as much as I did. It was great to see how their differences are what brought them together, and how they didn't let those differences hold them back. They say opposites attract, and if you don't believe that, read this book and you will be proven wrong.
"And the damsel fell for the villian."

Not only did this story have a trope for everyone, it had the emotions that will draw everyone in. Gabi could be a sassy chick, but also hilarious, and Lex brought the sexiness to the story. Really, when I say this book had everything I am not lying. I don't think anyone could be disappointed with a book about a Gabi, this hugely independent woman, and Lex, the hot geek that looks like he could be the sexy jock you dream about.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for a honest review.
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2,394 reviews7,259 followers
February 8, 2017
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

3.5 Stars

Palm Springs commercial photography

Welcome to Tired Trope 101. In this edition we’ll be covering a classic: the “I can’t cross the line with my best friend and make the sex with his sister/cousin/childhood friend or he'll hate me 4-evah.” When I saw that’s what The Matchmaker’s Replacement would be tackling I was in. And thennnnnnnnnnnnnnn I found out that the two leads pretend to hate each other while really wanting to make with the mmmmmmmmm-bop and I was all . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Despite two of my fave tropes being covered, I still had some fear that I would dislike this selection due to the storyline . . . .

“We, as wingmen, help girls find their happily ever afters. We keep them from settling for complete idiots. And in doing so help them achieve self-confidence.”

The above failed horribly for me in Firsts. The good news is, the whole “wingman” plot wasn’t covered too deeply so I didn’t have to get my hackles up over sexing randos and pretending it was for a greater good rather than just admitting to being a manwhore.

The story focused mainly where it should – on the evolving relationship between Lex and Gabi from frenemies . . . .

“I’m not worried. I’m a genius.”

“And yet you still managed to get herpes.”


To lovaaaaaaaaahs . . . .

“I would rather punch your mouth than kiss it.”

“I’ll let you do both if you don’t draw blood.”

You know what comes next, right????

Palm Springs commercial photography

That’s right. Sploosh.

Rachel Van Dyken . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

I have read a handful of books by this author and have 4 Starred all but one, which is pretty rare for me in general and even more rare when it comes to YA/Romance/Whateveryouwanttocall this. I’d say I’m growing gentler in my old age, but all of you who know me would immediately narc me out and say I’m more horrible than ever. If you’re looking for an author who delivers the romance along with the funny and not a whole lotta unnecessary angst along with quality smex without the squick then you might find yourself in the same position as me – unable to resist clicking the “yes please” button even if you already have eleventy thousand liburrrrrrrry books checked out. I just can’t stop myself . . .

ARC provided in NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley!
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802 reviews572 followers
August 27, 2016
4.5 Make Love and War? Stars

As a partner in the successful Wingmen, Inc., Lex has never had a problem finding a willing woman. Just give him five minutes and he’ll tell you all about it. In all fairness, he’s ripped, he’s hot and his genius level IQ insures his success in the classroom as well as the business world. Who needs a relationship when you can have your pick of any female that crosses your path?

I never approached, I never offered my name, and I sure as hell didn’t shake a girl’s hand when I could be flicking her nipple with my tongue.

In the midst of all that lady action, our boy Lex has been carrying around a little secret for years; He’s in love with his best friends other bestie, Gabi. And he’s been warned with the threat of impending castration if his junk gets anywhere near Gabi’s virginal self. How does Lex handle this awkward situation? Why not be a total and complete asshole to her so she wants nothing to do with his junk in the first place? That should do it.

Since reconnecting in college, Gabi’s had a love/hate relationship with Lex. Well, if she’s being honest, it’s mostly love, but Lex’s asshole self can’t ever find that out. With a new family crisis to deal with and some responsibilities she’d rather keep to herself, Gabi’s just happy to be working for Wingmen, providing help to clueless, lovelorn college dudes throughout the greater UDub campus.

When her burden becomes too great and Lex realizes Gabi’s predicament, he can’t help but let the asshole façade drop and help the girl he’s always cared for. That doesn’t mean Lex and Gabi are in for smooth sailing, but it was a hell of a lot of fun for me as a reader.

“I’m coming!” I called just as I reached the doorknob and jerked.
Lex poked his head through the door. “In that case, should I leave you to it?”

It’ll come as no surprise based on my rating that I absolutely adored these two together. It’s rare to find the perfect mix of sarcastic snark and banter coupled with true heart between a couple, but RVD managed to do just that. I’m not gonna lie; Lex was a total asshole to Gabi in the beginning, but it never seemed to pack a punch and once I realized his motivation, I got it. I would’ve junk punched at some point, but I got it. Once these two crazy kids finally came together, I was expecting more of the same. Instead there was a sweetness and a genuine affection that took over and it absolutely made the book for me. The snark was still there, thank gawd, but it managed to morph into something else and I was rooting for everything to work out. I mean, come on! Ian threatened to remove Lex’s manhood! That’s nothing to sneeze at.

I can’t tell you how much fun I had with Lex and Gabi’s story. Dare I say, I even enjoyed it more than Ian and Blake’s. This can most definitely be read as a stand alone so if you haven’t read the first book in the series, don’t let that stop you from trying this one. Good stuff all the way around.
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1,361 reviews713 followers
October 23, 2016

I was looking forward to this book so much I had an alert set in my iPhone for the release date. I was hoping to recapture the funny smart banter from book one with Ian and Blake. I was very disappointing with this one.

Warning unpopular opinion ahead!

The hero is Lex (as in Lex Luthor the villain which he total lives down to here) and he is totally a manwhore who slept with everything including the heroines friends, roommate and many many others. Can't count how many this would take too long.
It was almost like an ATM with him making his deposits all over the campus. I think he said he slept with 90% of the good looking women on campus with the faculty including here the "hot" teachers of course.


Basically, If you are cute and you have a hole then he had to fill it! And He has a weird thing about some handbook he gives to his sex sheep. They are to follow that so that they can have max pleasure. Cause it's not about intimacy it's all about how many orgasms you can have.
4,5, no it was 6.
Just wow!


And he says to her how he has always wanted her!? Really I must have missed his longing with all his f*cking around here.
The heroine is sassy but naive to the point of stupid because she fall for him and his bullshit lines.
She wanted him from the start but because of her best friend zone thing with a sister like twist she was a big taboo. She was off limites until he decided to tap that.
Basically they have a funny/abusive banter relationship.
He tells her that she is fat and that she is sexless (which is mean and hurtful and untrue) and she calls him a manwhore (which is true and he goes out of his way to slap her in her face with this fact).
But whatever!

So since she has always wanted him, she decides why not sleep together as he had already slept with everything else here!
Now that he wants me too.
Yay Me! I finally made the cut and I am worthy of a sex session from LEX!


OMG and she is a virgin of course!
Now here is where I have a Big issue as he did not use a condom with her! He is sooo not safe.What kind of a moron goes bareback with this manwhore? Seriously he literally stopped having sex with other women two weeks before!!!


When was the testing done... Honestly he just stopped having casual sex with multiple partners!?
So what did I miss about him being safe?
She totally falls for it as she is an innocent on the pill. Cause all you can catch here is pregnancy when you have bareback sex I guess!
Is she nuts!?
So basically she went from this:
To this:
Well she is not actually a slut here guys but you know what I mean!

She actually saw and heard him having sex so many times that I was grossed out and I really should have stopped reading at this point but since I loved the first one book so much I was thinking it would be ok!?
Boy was I wrong.
I really will have to learn to DNF books.
Thanks to KU I did not have to buy this book.
I was glad to remove it from my kindle.
2 stars for the funny banter, great secondary characters and an epilogue for Ian and Blake.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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987 reviews1,799 followers
July 30, 2017
I've always enjoyed an enemy to lovers story. It's always interesting to see how the author will twist and turn the story and how much they'll make us burn for what we crave in the end. And this book does that, very well =))

This one was okay for me. I didn't love it, but I really did like it. Enjoyed the heck out of it too!

❤️Definitely a series I'm glad I read❤️
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2,101 reviews1,250 followers
August 9, 2016
ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

 photo e092eed26ddb592c40f04af0873520_zpsbmek45os.gif

 photo 6a77317a81b6c66b522a39939e1781_zpsusewixwt.gif “Sex was just another formula I excelled at. And orgasm? A simple mathematical equation that I’d mastered, and when a good -looking guy actually knows where to lick, when to pause, how to suck—well, word spreads fast.”

All hail Rachel Van Dyken and her newest release, The Matchmaker’s Replacement. Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Ok, let me say it one more time I LOOOOOOOVE this book to pieces!!!


This book was the perfect summer read. The writing was flawless. The story line was entertaining. The characters were a riot of fun. And most importantly, RVD wrote her own Disney and DC Comic ending. There is no superhero or prince charming getting the girl. Because in this fun, sexy, and wild romantic comedy, the villain is the star and this time he gets the girl. Move over superman because Lex is the only superhero/villain who I want rescuing me.

 photo 6a77317a81b6c66b522a39939e1781_zpsusewixwt.gif “My response was primal, with this instinctual need to mark her, make her mine, and be the very first guy to do it. The only guy to touch her. Ever. Heat surged between our bodies as I gripped her hips, moving her harder against me.”

If you read the first Wingmen Inc book, then you are all aware of Ian’s best friend Gabi and his business partner, Lex. If Ian was Superman, Lex was the Lex Luther of the duo. Lex is the boy who had it all from money, looks, and sex appeal. And oh yeah, he was a cocky manwhore. But this playboy also has the brains. Don’t let his good looks fool you because Lex is the brains of Wingmen’s success with the app and matching program. With countless supply of money and women, Lex should be living la vida loca. Well there is one thing that Lex doesn’t have and that is the affection of his best friend’s best friend, Gabi. Well he almost had Gabi but Lex destroyed any chance of romance four years ago because he didn’t want to ruin his friendship with Ian.

 photo MatchMakerReplacement_zps9rphimkd.gif

Gabi is in need of money badly. And so when her best friend, Ian recruited her to join Wingmen, Gabi was thrilled to have the job but dreaded the fact that she would have to work with Lex. You see Lex and Gabi have somewhat a history, well sorta of to be exact. They had kissed in the past but Lex has always put his distance from her. And so their so-called friendship was mostly about bickering and making fun of each other. But like any good frenemy love stories, it was only a matter of time till Lex swoops in and saves the day.

 photo 6a77317a81b6c66b522a39939e1781_zpsusewixwt.gif “I wanted you then.” I cupped her face. “I want you more now, only because now I know you. And every day since knowing you, I’ve fallen a little bit harder, a little bit deeper, a little bit more . ”

Since Ian is busy with his new relationship, it leaves Lex watching out for Gabi. And soon, lines of friendship begins to get blurred when old feelings for Gabi resurfaces. Everyone might think Superman is the real hero but in this particular story, Lex is the real hero. When Lex is made aware of Gabi’s financial problems, Lex is the one who secretly helps her out by providing baskets of food. He is the guy that Gabi finds herself calling when she is in need of help. And like a moth to a flame, Gabi can’t help her feelings for Lex. As Gabi and Lex embark on their secret relationship, how will Ian react when he discovers his two best friends have been lying to him? Will Lex be able to salvage his friendship with Ian?

 photo 6a77317a81b6c66b522a39939e1781_zpsusewixwt.gif “Four years ago, I had fallen in love with Lex and given him my heart. And I was beginning to think it was his turn to do the same. ”

In The Matchmaker’s Replacement, readers are in for a special treat. This book was everything I expected and so much more. I love RVD’s humor and insertion of pop culture. Lex and Gabi are the epitome of two characters who truly belongs together. They had banter, steam, passion, and love. I cannot emphasize this enough but this book was truly a gem of a read. I love that RVD wrote a story that reminds us all sometimes villains needs a happily ever after as well. So if you are looking for a story that had humor, romance, friendship, sexual tension, banter, and steam then I highly recommend you to read this book. RVD will have you smiling big as this Lex will steal your hearts.

 photo ab4ac9587a3ec65dd0d195acb6f08d_zpsiq3vbniz.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Rachel Van Dyken
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699 reviews128 followers
August 22, 2016

Once again, I was rewarded with one of my favorite tropes, the enemies to lovers kind. It also had a fell of the brother's best friend trope too, even though there were no siblings, two of the characters grew up together and felt like brother and sister. Either way, it was a fun, light read that kept me turning the pages.

If you've read The Matchmaker's Playbook, then you've met our main characters Lex and Gabi. Lex and Ian are best friends who also run a dating service of sorts called Wingmen Inc. They help other college ladies get the guy of their dreams, but since Ian fell in love he has backed away from doing any hands on work. Lex is the brainchild of the business. He's a total nerd and has even written code that created their app, but he's also a huge player.

"Sex was just another formula I excelled at. And orgasm? A simple mathematical equation that I’d mastered."

He has no problem getting any girl he wants. He just doesn't want to keep any of them, which is fine with him because the only girl that he really wants he can't have. So while Ian may be Superman, Lex is his Lex Luther.

Gabi is best friends with Ian. They grew up together and are so close that Ian sees Gabi as a little sister. He's always looking out for her. Gabi is in need of money, but she doesn't tell Ian just how bad she needs it. Instead she convinces him to let her join Wingmen Inc and work with the male students who are seeking love too. After looking at the numbers it's obvious that there are plenty of clients for them. The only thing is Lex has to train Gabi first before she can start work and the problem with that is, they hate each other.

"Four years ago, I had fallen in love with Lex and given him my heart. And I was beginning to think it was his turn to do the same."

Their relationship is comical to watch because you know that they are both fighting extremely hard to deny the feelings they have for one another and I'm not talking about hate. See, four years ago at a party they kissed, but because Ian declared Gabi as off limits, Lex walked away. And what better way to keep someone away from you or convince yourself that you don't like them? By fighting with them.

But no matter how much Lex insists he is the villain, he proves to be the hero several times over. I loved how he used his snooping for good and would leave the food baskets for Gabi.

I can't blame Gabi, I'd fall for this Gillian too. Another great read by RVD that was funny and sexy. For all RVD fans, I'm sure you will love this one! For anyone who hasn't read anything by this author het, this is a good series to start with. Again, this book had the Kindle In Motion feature full of pictures and videos for added entertainment.
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845 reviews447 followers
December 7, 2016
December 2016:

I am so dissappointed. And so sad. I was looking forward to reading this book since I absolutely loved Lex in the first book but I feel like RVD didn't make use of these cool characters and the plot that could've been amazing like she could've. The story got repetitive and the whole "hiding because Ian will kill us" seemed quite stupid and childish. It's your life, not Ian's for God's sake.


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370 reviews145 followers
July 27, 2016
It kind of makes me a horrible person, but I'll admit it and hang my head in shame: I judge a book by its cover. Or you know what? No, let me reword that. I will buy a book based in its cover. If it has a good cover and the synopsis sounds interesting, sure, get in my cart, please and thank you. Now here's the thing, if a book happens to say Rachel Van Dyken on it, it goes in the cart immediately. I don't care what the synopsis says. I don't care if the cover is a picture of a bird sitting in a wicker basket while riding a surfboard into the sunset. If her name is on it, I'll buy it, end of story. There's really no need to be surprised by her level and quality of work because it's all amazing, she has never let me down. I have very few auto-buy authors but Rachel is right at the top of that list. Want a book recommendation? Here's an author to check out, she has something for everyone!

“Be the Cinderella at the ball and the prince takes you home, right?
Isn’t that how life worked? Instead, the prince kissed me, then insulted me, rejected me, and so started the war.”

Everyone who loves a good enemies to lovers romance, look no further, this is the book that you want. Trust me when I say you won't deny the hatred between these two! The line they walk is a fine one, fuelled with passion that will have you burning through the pages. My favourite part with this trope is when each character starts to acknowledge that they may not actually hate the other as much as they let on but can't give in without a fight. Being Gabi and Lex, it's guaranteed this feud won't go down quietly and it's quite the adventure to watch unfold.

“Only you could make something so asinine sound somewhat sweet. Okay, point me to the Fortress of Solitude, and I’ll try not to sweat estrogen everywhere.”
“Upstairs. And Gabs, I really mean it when I say . . . If you ever leave a tampon in my room, I will cut you.”
“Aw . . .” Gabs placed her hands against her heart. “That’s just so”—she wiped a fake tear—“thoughtful.”

Not only is this book hilarious, but the banter between the hero and heroine is spot on. The battle for power is addicting and what they say/do to aggravate each other will have you shaking your head. Even when you get a break from the bickering and banter for some sweet and swoony moments, it comes right back at you because that's just who Gabi and Lex are.

“Hey!” He chuckled. “I was just trying to help.”
“Grabbing your penis is not the answer, Lex!”
“Weird, because it so often is.”
“I hate today.”
“Is it the rain?” He frowned.”
“It’s not—”
“It is.”

Sometimes in a book, you fall in love with the hero; these become our book boyfriends. Other times, you bond with the heroine; she becomes the kick ass girl we want as our BFF. But what about the times where you fall in love with the characters as a couple? I loved every single second of the relationship in this story. From the present to the quick flashbacks, the fighting, the bickering, the laughing and loving, it was perfect. There's times when everything just feels right and this was one of those times. I finished the book with no questions or qualms, and having never doubted this relationship. Man, I wish they were real people!

I loved every chapter, every page, every sentence of The Matchmaker's Replacement. It's lively and will keep you on your toes, it puts a smile on your face and will make you laugh out loud. It deals with all too real issues and shows the lengths you'll go through for the people that you love. You'll swoon, you'll laugh, you'll devour every word and you'll fall in love with Lex and Gabi just like I did.

“I gently placed her back in the passenger seat. “Buckle up, Sunshine, I’m about to rock your world.”
“Hmm . . . I wonder how many girls you’ve said that to?”
“That line? Too cheesy. I saved it for you.”
“Touched.” She smirked, then reached for my hand. “And Lex?”
“Yeah?” I was shaking, but I squeezed her hand back.
“Tonight.” She licked her pink lips. “You were my hero.”
I had never realized how badly I wanted her to see me in that light—until that moment.”

This is the type of book that's so easy to read, you breeze through it. You give yourself goals while reading like, "okay, I can read *x* many pages before getting back to the real world." Or whatever the case may be. But when you finish those designated pages, you keep going. Soon enough you finish the chapter, then the next. Possibly even the one after that before you realize what has happened. It's addictive.

“Don’t play with fire, Sunshine . . .”
“I’m made of fire.” I licked my lips as his eyes narrowed. “Don’t get burned.”

What happens when the villain turns into a hero? Lex Luthor happens. Man oh man this guy is perfect! He knows when to be light and fun or serious and swoony. He has no problem saving the damsel in distress and is loyal to a fault. Lex is THE definition of what a book boyfriend should be.

“I didn’t ask you to save me!” I shouted.
“You didn’t have to!” He matched my tone as he charged toward me. “Because I always will!”

Gabi was a pretty damn cool chick. She's sassy, confident, completely selfless and I really enjoyed seeing her character grow. Ultimately, who else could possibly keep up with the super villain genius boy otherwise known as Lex Luthor?

You know what's awesome? Life doesn't always have earth shattering, soul crushing, character dying/being kidnapped conflicts and neither does this book. What I can tell you is it's certainly a doozy, but there isn't some large fabricated issue just used as a plot point in the story. It's a real issue that affects both characters equally. Even better, it's then dealt with by character who are acting like adults. Wait! Can that happen in a NA book? I kid. You know what I hate more than overused and predictable plots? Miscommunication which leads to a breakup of characters. You know what doesn't happen? That! Hallelujah, thank you Rachel

“The front door slammed. And Lex Luthor, super villain, my hero, boyfriend, and the strongest guy I’d ever known, crumpled into my arms and didn’t let go.”

I love the Consequence series by RVD something fierce, but I think the Matchmaker series may have just overthrown the Consequence guys and gals. Dare I say that? I loved every second of The Matchmaker's Playbook when I read it earlier this year. It's funny and charming, intriguing and entertaining and yet holds depth to make you passionate about the characters. Thinking back, I believe I rated the first book as 5 stars and I really wasn't sure what Rachel would do to top Ian and Blake's story. Not thinking much about it, when offered, I jumped on the chance to read The Matchmaker's Replacement while expecting about the same amount of enthusiasm for this story. I was wrong. I was dumbfounded. With stating how much I enjoyed the previous book in the series, this one blew it out of the water! I was IN LOVE with this story immediately, Gabi and Lex stormed their way into my heart and refused to leave. This book right here is not only favourites shelf material, but may just be my favourite Rachel Van Dyken book to date.

“And the damsel fell for the villain. Write that, Disney.”

*An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.

Check out the blog for graphics in this review!
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August 31, 2016
5 Superman Awesome Stars

I love Rachel Van Dyken. I’ve been trying to read up on all of her reads. I also love this series. The Matchmaker’s Replacement is a standalone and is part of the Wingmen Inc. Series.

So you all have heard of the buzz around this book right? There’s a movie with this one. Yes, you heard this right. As you read the book, there are gifs/ movies that relate to the story. No, there’s no audio, but the graphics will leave you panting and wanting more. Let’s just say the character casting of Lex is very yummy.

This is Lex and Gabi’s story. Now that Lex’s best friend is shacked up with a girlfriend, its Lex’s job to kind of take control of the business. He’s the nerdy guy though. He wears glasses and is majoring in Computer Science and to me there is NOTHING wrong with that. I love a man in thick dark glasses, so much, I married one!

I love the banter and tension between Lex and Gabi. Gabi is the tough best gal pal you want to be friends with. Her family is in a tight money situation and she’s taken a job with the boys for the extra cash. Meaning, she’s going to be the first wing woman! However, Gabi is a virgin and you know, how can she actually be a wing woman? Well, I guess she will need Lex’s help for that.

The story isn’t really all about Lex and Gabi’s lessons, which I am happy about. It’s more like daily interactions between the two and it’s really funny, witty and completely addictive to read. I really like flipping the pages of the book and waiting for the next gif to pop up. It’s a nice little treat and if it’s not your thing, you can turn off the function.

The book is like the series, really light and comical. I laughed so hard and it put a smile on my face. The tension was mild and perfect for me. I really liked the storyline and just everything about this book. I really do think everyone should read it, just for the movie!

The Matchmaker's Playbook (Wingmen Inc., #1) by Rachel Van Dyken The Matchmaker's Replacement (Wingmen Inc., #2) by Rachel Van Dyken

The Matchmaker's Playbook AMAZON | REVIEW
The Matchmaker's Replacement AMAZON
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July 24, 2016
ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.

Ian, Gabi and Lex were friends when they were young until Lex moved. Ian is like a brother to Gabi and very protective of her.

When Gabi started college (same college Lex and Ian went too) she went to a party that Lex and Ian attended also. Lex noticed a very attractive young lady and made a play for her, come to find out it was Gabi and Ian let it be know Lex was to stay away. And so to save his friendship with Ian, Lex had to play the incident as though she wasn't anyone special and just a lay for a night. Of course Gabi was hurt, and struggled with her continued infatuation with Lex all through college. Each had to survive and fight their attraction, and so a love hate ensued for fours. Four years of sparing, fighting and sexual tension. Four years of pretending they didn't care for each, except those few times that it wasn't possible. Lex continued in his manwhore ways, never "feeling/having emotions" for any of the women he bedded. Gabi did all she could to fight her feeling for Lex and one way was to let it be known what she thought Lex and his "ways".

Drastic change came when Wingman now decided to take male clients. So that entailed hiring a female and that said female was Gabi. This is were Lex and Gabi now have to face their feelings for each other and what has been brewing for years. Lex needs to "train" Gabi in the art of seduction and this is when each has to face what they have been fighting and confront their true feelings.

This was a fun, sexy read. These two had some funny, sassy and hot dialogue together. I wasn't too excited about Lex at first but he redeemed himself and you saw a whole different side to him. Gabi, I loved her and her sass. She had a good heart and loved her family and friends. The process of how these two worked through their past and opened up to each other was done well and was fun to watch. They were a good match and had some funny and sexy moments that had me laughing out loud. A great read!!!

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June 28, 2016

Matchmakers Replacement + Rachel Van Dyken = UTTER PERFECTION

That's how I describe this book. What can I say more? She just delivered yet another beautiful masterpiece that made me invested from beginning 'til the end. I can go on and on with this book but to be honest no words could best describe the book except it's utterly perfect. I enjoyed every moment of it devouring every words and lines and I sooooo love it!

I admit, Lex and Gabi's story is one of those I am waiting patiently/impatiently to be out. When I met them in The Matchmakers Playbook, I was so intrigued to their story and if I love them from the previous book? I became more in love and addicted to them now. There's just something in their chemistry that got me and made me more interested in them. Their witty banters and conversations and that sexual tension are just the one you keep on rooting for because it feels so damn real and so natural. NO scratch that! Everything really feels so real and natural that will make you feel lost in the story, keep on turning the pages until you realize you're almost done but you don't want it to end coupled with a smile that's permanently etched on our faces. Not just smile but a laugh that will give you happy tears and voila made you want to have your own Lex Luthor.
Because the Lex we met in the first book? He's so much more in this story and he's just perfect to Gabi in so many ways just like how this book is perfect for us readers.

Really, as I said, I could write more to this review but no amount of spoiler could give justice to the book. This is best read and experience personally. Take a beautiful ride with Lex and Gabi and find out Childhood Lex and Asshole Lex. ;)

So, if you're looking for a lighthearted romance read that will make your day and more? This book is just what you needed. Trust me she rock it off with Lex anf Gabi's story in The Matchmaker's Replacement.

*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review*
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March 16, 2018
RECENSIONE COMPLETA QUI: https://thereadingslove.blogspot.it/2...

"L'amore è una sfida meravigliosa" è un libro piacevole, frizzante e pieno di ironia. Mi è piaciuto molto, lo consiglio e consiglio l'autrice, che è sempre capace di scrivere un libro bello e appagante. Gabi cerca di nascondere i suoi problemi economici, ovviamente sono evidenti, ma non si sa fino a che punto. L'autrice è stata capace di scrivere un libro semplice arricchendolo con particolari importanti e forti. Lex è il salvatore di Gabi, colui che le dà una spinta ma la tiene per il braccio per non farla cadere. Un amico, un amante, un fidanzato. Potete immaginare che Lex sia tra i miei preferiti e Gabi non è da meno. Una ragazzina con tante difficoltà da affrontare ma sempre con grinta. Il carattere è la via d'uscita, un carattere forte e allo stesso tempo fragile. L'autrice è una garanzia! Lex e Gabi mi sono piaciuti molto più di Ian e Blake. Sarà che non resisto alle relazioni di odio/amore.
Chi di voi ha letto 'L'amore è un gioco pericoloso' ha conosciuto Ian e Blake, la loro storia e il fantastico modo in cui si sono conosciuti. Ian e Lex, amici da sempre, hanno fondato Wingmen, un'agenzia che si offre di aiutare le persone a conquistare l'anima gemella. Questo secondo libro parla di Lex e Gabi, migliore amica di Ian, quasi una sorella. Lex e Gabi si conoscono da una vita, andavano d'accordo da piccoli, si aiutavano e giocavano insieme fino a quando Lex non ha iniziato a far disperare Gabi. Insulti, scherzi, bravate hanno portato Gabi a odiare quello che era il suo amico.

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August 11, 2019
5 +++++++ Lex Luther and Sunshine Stars!!!! (but I had to turn off the Kindle Motion Mode... it was just too weird)

"Be the Cinderella at the ball and the prince takes you home, right? Instead , the prince kissed me, then insulted me, rejected me, and so started the war.

What's it about?: A delectably good-looking, extremely cocky, utterly hilarious man-whore and tech genius falls in love with the one woman he can't have... his best friend's sister.

The best bits: Wow. Absolutely everything. Yep. I loved EVERYTHING about this book.
The hero.
The heroine.
The comedy.
The romance.
The lack of angsty filler.
The writing.
The banter....

Recommended for: fans of forbidden love/ enemies-to-lovers romances, filled with terrific banter and underhanded romantic gestures.

"My weakness had always been her, it would always be her."
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July 8, 2018
5 stars

I smacked him.

He shook his head. "Page five specifically states that if you slap me during foreplay, at least one of five dirty words must follow."

"I'm not calling your penis 'womb raider'"


That's more like it..

Love/hate relationship (enemies-to-lovers-to-friends-to-whatever always gets to me), hot computer genius guy with glasses (yes please) and a heroine i don't wanna smack on the head all the time.. I have the happy feels :3

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November 1, 2016
Ever since I had a blast reading Book 1, I had a high expectation for Lex's story. He is such an incorrigible manwhore and a walking STDs, I totally wanted to junk punch him one too many times. I wonder how will RVD going to soften up my heart towards him. But oh, she definitely did a marvelous job with Lex and Gabi's story. I'm totally in love with Lex, despite his earlier misgiving. In fact, I might even like him more than Ian. Sorry, Ian.

While Book 1, I find myself enjoying the romance, but what I really love is the bromance and the laugh out loud humor. Ian and Lex's bromance is super funny and awesome and I totally wish for them to turn 'gay for you'. Anyway, what I like to point out is, in Book 2, the feeling is different. I have to admit I miss Lex and Ian's interaction. Ian is around, but his engagement level is pretty low and he mostly act like a father towards Lex and Gabi. But fear not, the enemies to lovers angle between Lex and Gabi totally kickass and keep me hooked. I just love their relationship development and is a long time coming for them two.

As we know, Lex is a manwhore who bang half the campus or maybe more. I don't blame him for spreading his awesomeness around because despite his attraction to Gabi, he never plan to do anything with her... ever. I can understand his reason for not wanting to piss off Ian who threaten him castration and death. Eventhough Lex and Gabi hated each other, and threaten bodily harm on daily basis, we knew they are just acting like a bunch of juvenile. And when shit hits the fan, we know they can rely on each other. That's what make me soften towards Lex. His action show how genuine his feelings is for Gabi. Worrying about her, caring about her, annoying her, stalking her etc... Although whenever he open his mouth, I still want to smack his face and then kiss it all better.

Overall, I find the romance development is just sorta perfect. We have them bickering like enemies in the beginning, then we started to see how Lex get invested into Gabi's personal life, their feelings blossom and continuous bickering, Lex's sweet thoughtful gesture, hiding their relationship from Ian and a great epilogue to wrap things up for both the couples.
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August 13, 2016
5 Lex and Gabi Stars

I adored The Matchmaker's Playbook when I read that earlier this year and I had been excitedly anticipating the next book in the series which focused on Gabi and Lex.
This is an enemies to lovers story, although there has always been a chemistry between these two characters. Having said that, at one point in the book I seriously felt the urge to slap Lex for his behaviour, or rather his reaction, to Gabi. But our gruff, sharp, smart and sought after hero more than redeems himself. His gentler side to his character is so well written , I would forgive him anything.

Gabi is a gorgeously written heroine. She is vulnerable but strong and so determined to get by despite the difficult situation she's in. She is so likeable.

This story is funny, romantic, pretty spicy in places, low angst and surprisingly sweet. The ending was adorable. Really lovely book.

Dual pov. HEA.
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May 6, 2016
Laughter + Sassiness + Hotness = The Matchmaker's Replacement by Rachel Van Dyken.
151 reviews20 followers
July 23, 2018
His name was Lex Luthor so at least he's not painted as the hero. And he wasn't. Gabi had no self respect at all. This double standard is so wearing. Why does she have to be the virgin while he runs around sleeping with everybody? And all that time he claims he was in love with her? Yet he is just mean. Yes. I know. The villain. Her internal dialog was sad to read because she was holding a torch for him.

At least give her a lover. Just one lover. And let him find out about it so he understands even a fraction of what she's feeling.

Then the

It is really time to join this century and stop with these double standards.

Promiscuous men and virgin heroines are so so dated. And the way the other women he sleeps with are treated is really unpleasant. As if they are disposable but Gabi is special. Why? Because she is pure.

Then there is the subplot of her parents. Ian is supposed to be like their son and he is of course mega mega rich. His not helping either Gabi or people he consider his parents is just manufactured drama to make Gabi even more helpless and pathetic.

At least have her ace her classes and not have Lex be the one to save her there too.

I'm sick and tired of the helpless women trope too.

I do not recommend this book at all. Sad because it's well written and constructed. It's just the people are awful.
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July 9, 2016

I have loved Lex since book 1 and his bantering, verbal sparring with Gabi had me rooting for them from the get go. Will Gabi tame the villain?

The Matchmaker's Replacement is a fun romantic comedy that had laugh out loud funny dialogue that put a smile on my face throughout my read. With a sassy, smart-mouthed heroine and a sexy nerd hero, witnessing this relationship evolve was a real treat.

Full review to come!
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July 3, 2016
Having loved the first book in this series, I was eagerly anticipating the next installment and I couldn't wait to read Lex and Gabi's story. Let me tell you - I was not disappointed! This is RVD doing what she does best - snarky, witty romantic comedy at its best. I totally loved it and flew through it in no time.

Lex is a total manwhore and not shying away from that fact. Gabi and him share Ian as a bestie and they are constantly sniping at one another. Except they both secretly lust after the other and their constant bickering is only a front.

Ian has sworn Lex off his "sister" so Lex has consciously steered clear. Until now. He has actually been pining after her for years and their sexual chemistry is off the charts.

Lex is a fantastic character. A total manslut tech genius with a heart of gold underneath. Gabi is a bit of a contradiction - innocent and inexperienced but well able to stand her ground and enter into a constant battle of wills with Lex.

Their sexy back-and-forth had me roaring with laughter and smirking at my Kindle. When they finally get it on it was explosive without being overly graphic.

Most of the plot is centered around their romance and the Wingmen plot pretty much took a backseat. But it worked and there was never a dull moment.

It would be easy to get mad at Lex's blatant sexism and hurtful barbed comments, but you just have to take it tongue-in-cheek and go with the flow. The same could be said for the premise. Lex has lusted after Gabi for four years and they spend a fair amount of time together given Ian is their BFF. I found it hard to believe that he stayed away from her for that long, or that he would allow his bestie to dictate his heart for such a lengthy period. But I tossed logic out the window and just went with it.

The writing was great and pacing was spot-on - no skimming in this book!

All in all, this is another fab, funny, warm, sweet, sexy read from the amazingly talented Ms. Rachel. I'm sad to see this series end but I've no doubt she's many more fantastic stories lined up for us.

Actual 4.5 Stars.

Thanks to Insklinger PR and the publisher for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This review will appear on my blog at the end of July: http://myyanabookobsession.com
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August 10, 2016
I didn't think it was possible but I think I loved Lex even more then Ian. Lex and Gabi's banter was just so well written that you fall in love with them as a couple right away. I'll admit that in the first book Lex had me a little worried but once I started this one and I got to see stuff from his POV I immediately got aboard the Lex&Gabi train. A really great NA series that I definitely recommend, not sure if there will be more but we got a nice little epilogue so even though I would love more, I'm content with the epilogue being the end. A really funny, well written new adult romance and if you're looking for something that will just put a smile on your face and keep it there the whole time you read it, then this is the book for you.
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June 6, 2016
4.5 Fantastic Stars!
Review by Jen Hagen

The first book in the Matchmaker’s series focused on the co-founder of Wingmen Inc, Ian. This second book focuses on his partner in crime – Lex, aka Lex Luthor. Is Lex Luthor the villain he claims to be or does he turn out to be the hero?

I loved Lex. He was a walking sexscapade. I don’t even want to know how many women he has been with over the course of his life. He lost his virginity at the young age of 13 and from there on out has been a very busy guy with his one night stands. No repeats…Ever. He even has a manual for his bed partners!! The reason for his emotional distance from women is because his parents are part of a cold and loveless marriage. Meaningless sex with no attachments is his answer to stay away from getting involved in a relationship.

Lex and Ian have been best friends since forever. They have a gold mine with their Wingmen business. They have done so well with the business they have expanded their clientele and need to take on a new employee. The new employee? None other than Ian’s best friend, Gabi.

“You start tomorrow.”
Gabi’s cheeks turned red. I was betting on her backing out. She should, after all; she was innocent, hardly dated – hell my grandmother had more sexual experience than Gabi.
A turtle had more experience.

Gabi is a no nonsense girl. She’s also lacking severely in the sexual experience department. She has so much on her plate…college, work, and worrying about her parents being able to financially support themselves. She worries so much about her parents she is willing to work extra jobs to make certain her parents can pay their own bills. Bless her heart.

Lex is very loyal to his friends. If you are in his circle, you are golden. He will do anything for you…including hacking into your bank information to see where your funds are going. Enter the hero version of Lex. He and Gabi fight like oil and water, cats and dogs, and everything else that just aren’t meant to get along, but deep down Lex cares for Gabi and he wants to make life easier for her. He just can’t have Ian finding out that his feelings are moving away from annoyance into love interest.

She wasn’t just off limits.
She was untouchable. The one object between Ian and me that could destroy our friendship, create a chasm so deep and wide that I’d never be able to come back from it.

I loved the quick and witty banter between the group. Ian shows up periodically, but the story is mainly Lex and Gabi. The humor is off the charts hilarious! Of course I also have a teenage-boy sense of humor.

“Lex is Lex! It’s like controlling a horny tomcat! Eventually it’s going to break out of the litter box and get some.”

It was fun to see Lex move from his sex-only status and into the world of an adult relationship. The story is told from both Lex and Gabi points of view and both of them will have you laughing! Lex is caught in a conundrum though…he risks losing it all…He will lose if Ian doesn’t approve of him and Gabi, and he will lose if he lets Gabi go.

“We’re done!” Ian screamed. “You hear me? We. Are. Done!”
He stalked out of the room.
The front door slammed.
And Lex Luthor, super villain, my hero, boyfriend, and the strongest guy I’d ever known, crumpled into my arms and didn’t let go.

Can Lex Luthor pull off one more superhero stunt and convince Ian that he truly cares for Gabi? There’s nothing in the Matchmaker manual to help him in this situation. Lex is on his own. Let’s hear it for Lex…Good Luck Lex!!

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April 20, 2018
This is childhood friend/protector to enemies then to friends then to lovers story. It was a truly entertaining book with good writing and well developed plot. The dialogues in this book are to die for . I loved their witty banter which always consists of innuendos,threats,bodily harm and affection. The author is truly talented. I especially loved hero’s POV.
And what I didn’t liked, I HATED!
Manwhore hero of epic proportions. I read the first half gritting my teeth. But couldn’t resist from completing. Even though after sometime it was TMI about his se* life, so l skipped. ALOT. The remarkable thing was heroine was never jealous of this. There was even a scene where another woman he met randomly fondled him publicly infront of heroine. And she was angry but not hurt. And in the first chapter itself he insulted the heroine and she wasn’t as angry as one should be in similar situation.But he also cared for her when she was sick and we can see he had a high regard for the heroine, which only made his sleeping around with ‘everyone’ that much worse. He even had a One night stand with her roommate and she was like the roomie said it changed her life.
Dear God.... really? Like I said too much information. And i also had a problem with him losing his virginity at such young age. Even though he was looking for love and had a dysfunctional family and all that. Doesn’t mean i have to like it. Still I liked both of them. They had something which charms you.
No OW se* scene except previously mentioned fondling scene but hero not celibate after their first kiss( that was in the beginning, 4 years before & at the time he didn’t know she was ‘that Gabi’).
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 7, 2017
Their back and forth is boring. It is frustrating! This isn't as interesting as the first one. I really don't understand what's their problem! They are just fighting, literally. And unlike first book it wasn't funny. The bigger issue is Ian. He is their best friend. So?!?! This must be their decision and it's non of Ian's business!
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June 7, 2017
Mais um manwhore que se rende a uma mulher inocente e cheia de charme.
A experiência com o Kindle In Motion é muito legal e recomendo a nova ferramenta que deixa a leitura mais divertida.
More a manwhore who surrenders to an innocent woman and full of charm.
The experience with the Kindle In Motion is very cool and I recommend the new tool that makes reading more fun.
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August 9, 2021
At 40% this was a DNF for me. I just didn’t like the H and the story was boring. I watched The Matchmaker’s Playbook (book 1) on Passionflix and enjoyed it, but I just couldn’t connect with this one. Below are the thoughts I had leading up to my DNF.

Four years ago Gabi and Lex met at a college party. In the nick of time, Lex discovered the gorgeous creature he was about to ruin was the girl his best friend viewed as a sister. She’s all grown up, so Lex didn’t recognize her. But whew - that was a close call because an “almost” little sister is a definite “hands off” situation.
In order to make a hasty escape, he says something mean to Gabi and that sets in motion an “enemies” type relationship.
For the next four years of college, these two definitely try to stay out of each other’s orbit. When Lex’s company (Wingman Inc) grows and needs additional help, his partner hires Gabi.

~ “Ian had hired her so she could pay for school. He knew she needed the money, but she was too proud to take it as a gift from either of us—not that I’d ever offer. So instead he gave her a job.”

With his attraction still simmering just below the surface, Lex is irritated to be in such close proximity with Gabi. He comes up with an idea that he is sure will force her to quit. But, Gabi is full of surprises and quitting is not something she will ever do - even if it means working with the most frustrating man on the planet.

~ “This is the job, Gabi. If you can’t do it, I’ll find someone who can and will.” And there it was, the perfect plan. I could fire her for refusing to do her job, and we’d both go our separate ways.”

** The following are my thoughts about this book: **
* * Even though Gabi had a crush four years ago, I could definitely see how she would really dislike Lex now. He was a bit of a jerk to Gabi.

* * I really struggled with liking Lex. He seemed like an immature manwhore at times. His thoughts were somewhat helpful in understanding his character a little bit. But his manwhorish ways were a turn off for me. Maybe he would have redeemed himself later, but at the point I quit (almost halfway through the book) I really didn’t like him much.

* * sometimes the banter was cute and fun but other times the banter ended on a bad note - usually because Lex said something mean or Gabi was being naive and innocently clueless (which made her seem really immature)

* * by 25% I was just not feeling this book. I didn’t feel anything other than annoyance and certainly didn’t feel a connection between the H/h.

* * I did appreciate the extra visual elements the author included with the digital book. However, the male cover model on the book cover doesn’t look anything like the male model used in the “movie” aspect within the book. This threw me off. Plus, the Lex model in the book was not what I was picturing in my mind, (the digital book model was a bit wimpy looking 🙁). Also, based on conversations with her parents, my assumption was Gabi was of Latin decent. But once again, the female model in the digital book didn’t look that way. So, the digital book (although a good idea) didn’t help me connect with the story and actually had the opposite effect.

- Setting: University of Washington-Seattle
- Do you need to read previous books in series?: no. Characters from the previous book are mentioned but they don’t play a big role in this book.
- POV: Dual POV
- Tropes: enemies to lovers

- Who is the Hero? Lex (age: 22). In his final semester of college and co-owner of Wingman, Inc
* The following words/phrases were used to describe Hero: computer genius, loves numbers, bad boy, Mensa member (for us normal people that means he’s highly intelligent), the Devil, smooth talker
* H likable? Not really.

- Who is the Heroine? Gabrielle Sava (aka Gabi) (age: 21). College senior (I think) and working for Wingman Inc.
* The following words/phrases were used to describe Heroine: very organized, stressed, dealing with financial problems, naive, innocent
* h likable? she was so-so.

- h virgin? I think so
- First time they kiss: 1%
- First time they sleep together: i quit at 40% and they hadn’t made it to the bedroom yet

Wingmen Inc. was exactly what it sounded like.
We, as wingmen, help girls find their happily ever afters. We keep them from settling for complete idiots. And in doing so help them achieve self-confidence.”

“Up until now we’ve been helping women find their perfect matches. Basically acting like a wingman so that the idiots of this world see the girl who’s been standing in front of them all along.”

“Gabrielle Sava was making me soulless. Hell, by the end of the semester I was going to be either a demon or a vampire.”

“I tried to block out the fact that he was a good-looking ass who offended me with every single breath he took.”

“I should buy stock in aspirin, that’s how often I get headaches after hanging out with you.”
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