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The latest novel in the series with the “sexiest, baddest, hottest”* outlaws around, from the New York Times bestselling author of Claimed.
In the latest novel in the series with the “sexiest, baddest, hottest”* outlaws around, one woman must choose between the two men who want to claim her...
...Or does she?
Despite his magnetic personality, Rylan can’t seem to seduce Reese, the deadly leader of their town of outlaws. Winning her over is a welcome challenge, but her indifference isn’t the only thing standing in his way. If he wants Reese, Rylan must also win over Sloan, her stoic protector...
Sloan has always loved Reese, but their painful past has stolen his chances of a future with her. Rylan’s interest in Reese only intensifies the tension—until Sloan begins to wonder if the reckless man might be the one person who can bridge the distance...
The last time Reese fell for the wrong man, she had no choice but to kill him. Now, she desperately wants to take what both Rylan and Sloan are offering. But if she makes the wrong call again, she risks losing them both.

352 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published November 1, 2016

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About the author

Elle Kennedy

209 books54k followers
A New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A. in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.

Elle currently writes for various publishers. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!

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1,473 reviews450 followers
December 20, 2016
My Nook was in danger of combusting! Hot damn this book is scorching!! If you've been following this series, it's pretty much expected that the heat level is off the charts. Reese, Rylan, and Sloan definitely do not disappoint. The plot was interesting because it allowed for some growth and development to occur with each of the characters as the flawed individuals that they are. There's more to Rylan than the carefree sensual jokester. More to Sloan than the serious soldier. More to Reese than the tough bitch. The tale also connected them to one another on a deeper level and in a way that felt organic. Not only did something spark between Rylan and Reese, but also between Reese and Sloan, Sloan and Rylan, and a healthy dose of all three. I don't read a lot of M/M action but hell, it was HOT! The secondary characters played an important role in the book and had a strong presence that was executed well. As always, Ms. Kennedy's writing is outstanding. There were some major shifts in the large series-spanning plot that sparked my interest and reinforced my commitment to continue this series. Safety: No sharing outside of their trio after they get together. No rape or abuse. M/F, M/M, MFM, MMF action.
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2,770 reviews1,470 followers
November 1, 2016
4 Super Hot Hot Hot Steamy Stars

Ruled is the hottest Outlaw book and it will make you blush like crazy. Ruled is a standalone and is part of the Outlaw series. If you are looking for a super steamy Dystopian read then this series and this book is for you.

This is Reese, Sloan and Rylan’s book. Yes, all three are included and what a yummy treat indeed. Ruled begins where Addicted left off, but each book focuses on different couples. There have been some tragedies within the group and Reese is trying to pick up the pieces.

Reese is in a hard situation. Not only she is a woman, she is the leader of the group. She takes her position seriously and would do anything for the people. Her right hand man is Sloan and she doesn’t do anything without him, even if it includes bedroom activities.

Sloan has been in love with Reese since the moment he saw her, but she’s always been off limits, even now as Reese is not attached. I really enjoyed Sloan’s inner struggle. I’m a huge fan of the Hero wanting the girl he can’t have. Sloan is a standup guy because he’s loyal, fierce and brave.

Then there is Rylan who is the opposite of Sloan. He’s outgoing, laid back and just takes life where it leads him. I love the lightness of what he brings to the book and I love his cute banter towards Reese. It’s no question on how much he wants to bed Reese and that’s all he wants.

MMF are fun reads to read. I think it’s hot and very enjoyable. I really like how opposite the two main Heroes are with one is tortured and one is carefree, what a great combination right? I love how Reese is in the middle and as much as she doesn’t want to juggle two men she has a group to lead.

There’s a lot of other group stuff that goes on too, but I mainly focused on the romance because that is me.

There’s action, fighting and lots of politics.

Overall, Ruled is a one saucy and spicy read.

An ARC was provided

Claimed (Outlaws, #1) by Elle Kennedy Addicted (Outlaws #2) by Elle Kennedy Ruled (Outlaws, #3) by Elle Kennedy

Claimed #1 REVIEW | AMAZON
Addicted #2 AMAZON | REVIEW
Ruled #3 AMAZON

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1,727 reviews6,662 followers
November 28, 2016
Ruled is the third installment in Elle Kennedy's erotic dystopia series titled Outlaws. Ms. Kennedy excels at writing strong characters in story-based erotica. It's not just sex. There is a whole ongoing dystopian storyline throughout this series and every character has a significant purpose outside of the bedroom. But inside the bedroom? OMG. The world these characters have to survive in creates a live in the moment atmosphere, and Ms. Kennedy ensures each of her characters lives in the damn moment.

The heroine in Ruled is Reese, and followers of the series have already met her. She is an incredibly strong and confident woman and an equally capable outlaw leader, and she has no time to seek out what (and who) she really wants when it comes to leisure. She must protect her people always and that means not letting down her defenses. But when she finally makes herself somewhat vulnerable, we see her character open up in complexity, explore relationships with desired partners (plural), and learn to live in the moment. For fans of erotica, there are scenes featuring m/m, m/m/f, and m/f. I don't often read erotica but when I do the content is written by a tiny handful of authors who have earned my trust in the genre. Elle Kennedy is one of them. Check it out!

My favorite quote:
"She'd always liked giving blow jobs. There was real power in it even though the woman was on her knees. The man was at her mercy."

Elle Kennedy's Outlaws series includes the following installments as of November 2016:
Claimed (Outlaws, #1) by Elle Kennedy Addicted (Outlaws #2) by Elle Kennedy Ruled (Outlaws, #3) by Elle Kennedy
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1,232 reviews2,038 followers
November 5, 2016
Ruled was another steaming hot addition to Elle Kennedy's erotic dystopian series.

Reese has always been one of the series' most interesting characters to read. Her backstory was a bit of a mystery in the previous books but was given prime importance here. In this book, readers get to know the depth of Reese' motivation to take down not just the Enforcers but the whole "civilized" colony.

Kennedy has never shied away from writing a complex female heroine that knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it. Reese was every bit as flawed and as complex as Kennedy's previous heroines, if not more.

Her inner conflict was surprising though because it seems so simple and quite clichèd in some ways. But if you consider her past and her relationship with her parent, I understood where she was coming from.

In terms of romance, Ruled was a a bit subdued. I know coming in that this series was more erotica than romance so I wasn't expecting much especially since this was a mfm/mmf pairing. The sexy times were hot though.

What I did love was the Sloan-Reese dynamic. Like most readers, I wasn't exactly sure about the nature of their relationship so it came as a pleasant surprise that this book really went out of its way to establish that there is something there.

Now I loved Rylan in the previous books but I'm afraid he fell by the wayside here. I didn't feel any emotional connection between him and Reese or between him and Sloan. The scenes between him and Reese and Sloan felt forced. It wasn't as apparent in the previous books but here, with Sloan in the mix, I didn't really feel like he belonged with them. Which makes me sad because I love Rylan.

But despite those hiccups, Ruled was able to move the story of the Outlaws forward. The things that happened in this book are exciting and I can't wait to see what comes next for them.

ARC provided by the publisher.
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3,749 reviews442 followers
November 7, 2016
I have been following this series since the first book and have loved every single one. Ruled was a great addition to the Outlaws series. It is a m/f/m book where the three protagonists not only physically connect, but make an emotional connection that rivals Connor/Hudson and Lennox/Jamie from the two previous books.

Furthermore, in this book, we see how far Rylan has come. The always happy-go-lucky, always up for a good time (in and out of the sheets) guy shows his vulnerable and emotional side with these two people who affect him on a deeper level. The story picks up relatively soon (2 months) after book two and as a result, we see Reese, Sloane and Rylan in close quarters/proximity again. Then the fireworks begin....

If you've read one of Elle Kennedy's books you know this author can write hot sex scenes. But if you've read any or all of the Outlaws books, you know how SCORCHING they can get. This book was no different. You could see the steam coming off the pages for miles!

I really loved this book and the love and intimacy we could see Reese, Rylan and Sloan developing. It wasn't an easy thing. They all fought it to be honest; each having their own particular issues with their pasts they needed to work through individually before realizing that they all brought out the best in one another and were strongest when together. ~ Ratula, 4.5 Stars


Rock, wind and fire… oh my!

This series is all about a world of hardship and desolation, yet the author has created circumstances and characters that bring it to life. Earth, in this new world, has lost all vestiges of so-called civilization. Hardship and death are commonplace, yet friendship and love are still possible in this raw, untamed existence. This is the third book and the heat and turmoil are rising even higher!

“As long as the men she loved were by her side…”

Yup, that’s right, men.

Reese is a kick-butt leader who knows what she has to do keep her group alive. Outlaws work on the outside looking in but not all the good guys wear white hats (or gals, for that matter). She is tough and strong but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been torn apart by love. She now has two very different men vying for her heart. The question is, will it, and her, survive the struggle?

And those men? Alone, they are a force to be reckoned with. Together, watch out for your heart and your virtue because both will be in jeopardy! Her men are all things hot, protective and take-charge - one all about control and the other seemingly happy-go-lucky. They appreciate her ability to lead and the strength and brains she must have to do it, even as they crave her heart and soul. Handsome as sin, and totally different from each other, they can agree on only a few things. One of them is definitely Reese.

Isn’t world ending conflict enough to deal with? Trust is hard-won as they deal with survival in a world where friends are counted in low numbers but enemies (and potential betrayers) are all around. Rylan, Sloan and Reese together are explosive as they try to figure things out. (I mis-typed finger but that works too at times). Raw and real, their romance is not hearts and flowers but even in the midst chaos, love is what it’s all about.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! ~ Diane, 4.5 Stars

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514 reviews181 followers
October 31, 2016
Having read Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus sports romances, I thought I knew all about her hot guys, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The men in Ruled make her hockey players look like babies on the hotness scale. Ruled takes the things I like about Elle’s writing and amps it up, from the characters to the story to the world it is set in. All of it is intense, emotional, suspenseful, and hot. Definitely can not forget hot.

Reese is the badass leader of a group of outlaws fighting for freedom against the government. Sloan is her right-hand-man, the person she trusts with her life and to give her honest advice. They are not only inseparable but also secretly in love with each other. Not wanting to ruin their friendship, Reese decides to finally give into Rylan’s advances. Rylan is a fighter from another camp who is also lusting after Reese. One night of passion between the three of them is not enough and soon they are navigating the polyamorous waters between fights with government enforcers.

I don’t often read sci-fi or dystopian novels, but I love Elle Kennedy, so when I had a chance to read this, I jumped on it. I have been curious about her work outside of her hockey series, so I jumped into book 3 without any problems. The world and the characters are clearly defined, so I had little problem keeping up. I enjoyed the intense chemistry between Reese, Sloan, and Rylan. Their developing relationship was dynamic and powerful. The element of danger definitely heightened the suspense. Also, did I mention that this book made me blush a few times? Yeah, it is H-O-T!

If you are a fan of MFM romance, dystopian romance/erotica, or just a fan of Elle Kennedy’s writing, I definitely recommend this series. Just buckle up and have a fan or a cold drink nearby. You’ll need it.
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2,018 reviews10.1k followers
July 20, 2017
Originally posted at Booklovers For Life

To say I’d been dying to read Ruled ever since finishing the previous Outlaws book would be an understatement. You have no idea how READY I was for Reese, Sloan, and Rylan’s story because hello, THREESOME!!! And SLOAN!!! And now, all I can say is that Sloan is one of my favorite heroes from Elle Kennedy, and Ruled might be the hottest book she’s written yet. If you thought you were ready for the steam thanks to Claimed and Addicted, think again, because Ruled will seriously blow your mind with the chemistry between this threesome.

Reese is the queen of her outlaw community. She is fierce, independent, badass – she will do anything and everything to protect her people. But there’s only one person she allows to protect her and stand by her side: Sloan, her quiet, stoic right hand man. These two are tied to the knot, and there is essentially no Reese without Sloan, and vice versa. But what Reese doesn’t know is that Sloan has been in love with her since forever. Will Sloan ever be able to win his queen? Or will he need the help of a new man to get her to open up to him – to them?

The only thing he didn’t like about the man was this creeping feeling he had that he was losing Reese to him. But was he really losing her? Or was Rylan the key to winning her?

Rylan – the irreverent, perpetually horny Rylan – has also wanted Reese since the moment he met her, but he’s gotten nothing but rejections from her. But when the stress piles up on the outlaw queen, Rylan offers his body as a way to relieve it. But there’s only one catch from Reese – that Sloan has to be there to watch them. So what starts off as an insanely hot exhibition act turns into so much more when the chemistry between Sloan and Reese, Reese and Rylan, and even Rylan and Sloan ignites. This is a threesome with no shortage of lust and raw desire – but can Sloan and Rylan ever get Reese to be vulnerable enough to admit to loving them?

“There is nothing we won’t give you,” Sloan said softly. “Nothing you could want that we can’t deliver.”

The steam in Ruled went above and beyond my expectations. Elle Kennedy knows how to write erotica, and I’m seriously hoping this won’t be the end of the Outlaws series. I’ll admit, I really wasn’t that into the plotline regarding the evil dystopian government – all I cared about were the main characters. It just wasn’t as engaging as the love story, and some details about it were too rushed. So if you’re like me, and just want the sexy hot threesome to set your panties on fire, trust me, you won’t be disappointed with Ruled!

Thanks to the author/publisher for generously providing me an ARC to review.

Amazon Ebook: http://amzn.to/1UacO4G
Amazon Paperback: http://amzn.to/1RyBCg5

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1,274 reviews308 followers
June 14, 2018

Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2fvAtPf

Sweet. Mary. Everything that is hot and tingly is in this book. Fire, passion, a fierce heroine and her alpha males. Yes. Males. Double cocked fun! Gimmie! Add in a pierced cock and I just... yes. Hot and tingly. Whew, boy! Ruled is a scorcher!

The real quick gist is that the government has taken over and our band of warriors have escaped their grasp and are fighting to remain free and to take down the evil government entity. Life is harsh, pleasures rare. Sex though? That's definitely on the table. And indulged in whenever there's a spot of down time. Except for Rylan and Sloan. Who are both rocking a serious case of lust for their group leader Reese who won't give either of them the time of day. She's got revenge to enact, governments to topple, people to save. Two hot lustable guys are not getting in her way. Quite yet. Crazy, foolish lady. lol

I really loved Sloan, Rylan, and Reese. They were a great trio that just sizzled whenever they were near each other.

Sloan-- Strong, silent, stoic. Sloan is the guy you want watching your back. He's loyal, fierce, will do what needs doing. And he denies himself so much! I loved seeing him finally finally get what he desired so very badly. Namely...Reese.

Rylan-- OMG I WANT TO LICK HIM!!!!! I just. Yep. I sure do. He's cheeky and charming and always up for something naughty and wicked. But he's also got layers and gah watching them all get ripped away was something. Plus.... pierced cock! Y'all know how I love me some decorated peen.

Reese-- She's a hard heroine. A warrior. A fighter. Total badass. Can come across a little cold and stubborn. But everything she is is put into protecting her people. Not an easy job but one she takes on. I did like seeing her evolve over the book and, not loosen up, but show some vulnerability.

Seriously. Again with the heat. If it could be done...they were doing it. Woohoo! Things start off a MFM menage but then evolve and turn into a true menage with the guys having some action together as well. Part of what made it so amazing was the tension. These three have been panting after each other for years but kept their desires tamped down HARD. Seeing everything finally combust ...holy fucking hot. You could feel the heat flicking across your skin. Noms!

There's a lot of non-sexy action happening as well. Things have finally come to a boil and there's danger lurking around every corner. Lives in danger. Their way of life at risk. Leaps of faith taken. It. Was. So. Good. Minus one TSTL heroine moment. lol

All in all, If you haven't tried out Kennedy yet you need to stop everything and go grab one of her books. Doesn't matter the series. Or the genre. She'll rock it hard and leave you begging for the next book. Ruled? Sinfully sexy with a side of pulse pounding action. Total badassery.
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1,424 reviews86 followers
October 27, 2016
Despite his magnetic personality, Rylan can’t seem to seduce Reese, the deadly leader of their town of outlaws. Winning her over is a welcome challenge, but her indifference isn’t the only thing standing in his way. If he wants Reese, Rylan must also win over Sloan, her stoic protector...

Sloan has always loved Reese, but their painful past has stolen his chances of a future with her. Rylan’s interest in Reese only intensifies the tension—until Sloan begins to wonder if the reckless man might be the one person who can bridge the distance...

The last time Reese fell for the wrong man, she had no choice but to kill him. Now, she desperately wants to take what both Rylan and Sloan are offering. But if she makes the wrong call again, she risks losing them both.



*Don't read this review if you don't want spoilers*

I struggled to choose between three and four stars but I'm going with three since I wasn't as emotionally inspired by this story as I was with the previous books in this series.

A clash of wills and love interest kind of create an annoying love triangle drama I didn't particularly care for. Especially during the three way while Sloane and Rylan are fighting while Reese is laughing about Sloane mocking Rylan for the way he wants to make love to Reese by emasculating him. It happens through out the book. Reese finds it funny but its not funny at all. None of the sexual challenge/mocking didn't appeal to me at all.

That carried over through a large portion of the book until Rylan and Sloane become involved.

I was glad that Reese showed some minor remorse for being such a twat however it was quickly dismissed which didn't buy me over. I didn't care for how cruel and resentful Sloan was or how selfish Reese was, I didn't care for the fact that Rylan continued to take it. The anger mesh verbal abuse thing didn't feel honest or organic at all.

I didn't care that most of the book is a fight over the threesome incident instead of the backstory or the plot. The love to hate issue got old and it bummed me out.

Reese has some serious damage yet Kennedy barely taps into it and quickly returns to the sexual relationship drama, stack that on the guy on guy dynamic but that goes back to the love to hate thing again until we get two seconds of the action plot that turns that around.

I didn't agree with the x-y-z instant happy ending which didn't really fix any of the issues for me as a fan and reader of this series after everything collides.

The only thing I really felt Rylan and Sloan had in common is that they cared about Reese once she's put at risk and Reese didn't really feel like she cared about anything except herself even though she depended emotionally on both of them which somehow solves the tension and her need to avoid the commitment.

It felt a little too late for me by then.

All that being said Ruled is still written really well I just didn't care for the relationship choice and resolution which is always important to me as a reader.









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This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,422 reviews1,325 followers
August 14, 2016
I love love love this series. There isn’t a lot out there in the way of Dystopian Erotica, so when Elle Kennedy started this series I was seriously giddy because ELLE KENNEDY.

The third book in the series focuses on Reese, the leader of the town of outlaws and Sloane her trusty second hand man… and Rylan, the seemingly carefree guy who is only interested in fighting and screwing.

First, I’ve loved Rylan from the very first book for reasons… but in this book we find out so much more about his past and the things that have shaped him into who he is. We’ve also learned bits and pieces about both Reese and Sloane as well, and I became incredibly intrigued by their situation/relationship in the last book because you know they obviously care for each other, but there are things that are keeping them apart.

Who knew Rylan would be the person to bring them all together.

Of course, the steam in this book is off the charts. Rylan, Reese and Sloane are combustible and their connection is undeniable. However, if I had one complaint, I think I feel like the bond was built a bit more between Sloane and Rylan than it was between Rylan and Reese. And maybe complaint isn’t the right word because for the most part, I was all in with this threesome, but I think I just felt the emotional connection more between Sloane and Rylan…. And honestly there’s nothing wrong with that, but I think I wanted more vulnerability from Reese with the guys.

It was wonderful to find out the story behind Jake and what happened between him, Sloane and Reese and see what it was that really brought them to where their relationship is… the denial of anything between them, but the utter devotion to each other was hard to understand until the full story came out.

I’m also super happy that there was some very definite plot progression in this installment… the outlaws are definitely making their plays and the war is getting closer so it will be interesting to see who the next book is about and where this group finds themselves.

There is a ton of action… and I mean that in all kinds of ways. If you’re a fan of this series, you’re definitely not going to be disappointed.

If you haven’t started this series and you’re a fan of erotica, I urge you to give it a try! I promise Elle Kennedy writes wonderfully emotional, sexy characters and the overarching story is intriguing and well-paced. I’m definitely looking forward to the next in this series!

Thank you to the publisher for an early copy in exchange for my honest thoughts.
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864 reviews101 followers
November 29, 2016
Thank you to BERKLEY for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve been with the Outlaws series since the beginning, and I have been a huge supporter of it. Claimed was one of my Top Reads of 2015, and Addicted is definitely a contender for my 2016 list. I love the idea of ‘outlaws’ in a dystopian world, and the sex scenes have been amazing. Sadly, this installment did not measure up to the first two.

Reese and Rylan’s story has been built up from the beginning, and I had high hopes for them. I love Rylan’s scenes with Connor and Hudson, so I’d expected Rylan and Reese would be hot together. And to be honest, with the addition of Sloan, I was sure they’d be even steamier. Elle Kennedy is, after all, half the duo who brought us one of my favorite M/M stories of all time, HIM. I was very surprised at how awkward and un-sex the sex was. There were moments for me that were cringe-worthy, and the addition of Sloan being bossy about what Rylan could and couldn’t do when he didn’t have an sexual history (or present, for that matter) with Reese was just creepy. And Reese was portrayed to be level-headed, a quick thinker, and an all around badass in earlier books. I didn’t see a hint of that Reese here. This Reese was confused about everything going on around her and making snap decisions that put her people in danger. It just didn’t jive with what I’d already read. When you add all that to the fact that the ending was way too easy and anti-climactic, this book was a bust for me. If you haven’t read this series yet, start at the beginning with Claimed. It was a solid installment and I highly recommend it. Don’t start with Ruled, or I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

Having said all that, I am desperately hoping this is not the end of the Outlaws. There are so many more stories that could be told, and I would love to read them!

This review was originally posted at Badass Book Reviews.
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Author 13 books848 followers
August 17, 2016
EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! This is my new favorite Elle Kennedy book! It's amazing!!!!
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1,132 reviews354 followers
November 6, 2016
More Reviews Here: Readers Live A Thousand Lives

Just when I think Elle Kennedy’s books can’t get any hotter, she goes ahead and gives us Ruled. Ruled is a ridiculously hot read. I’m not usually one to care what I read in public, but Ruled should not be read in public. It is downright dirty and I loved every single second of it.

I’m not gonna lie, Reese has never been my favorite, even though her full name Teresa is made of awesome. But because she wasn’t my favorite I was worried about her having her own story. I shouldn’t have worried though. While Reese still makes me crazy at times, I truly admire how strong of a character she is and that she is the one making the calls. For me though, it was Sloan and Rylan that stole the show here. I knew going in that I adored Rylan. I’ve loved him from the get go and I loved seeing him get more page time. He is so funny and I love his banter, but I also loved getting to know him better. Sloan is awesome too and I love his quiet strength and small smiles. I also love how domineering and alpha the guys are, but the moment Reese says so they fall in line. I really love that about this series. It delivers the alpha guys but it leaves no doubt about who is really in charge here.

Rylan, Sloan, and Reese make quite the trio and their relationship works well. And yes, the three of them, so if that’s not your jam then this isn’t the book for you. This is an interesting dynamic and it’s hard to make this work and balance all the aspects, but it works for these three. They each bring something to the table that makes it all balance perfectly. And it isn’t just all about Reese. Honestly, I think my favorite part was the relationship between Rylan and Sloan. I never thought Sloan would want to put up with Rylan, but Rylan brings out a funnier side of Sloan.

All in all, Ruled is a seriously delicious read and fans of this series will not be disappointed. I love the balance of the steam and sexy with the dystopian world. The stakes are high and that makes everything more intense and keeps you turning pages.
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1,282 reviews140 followers
November 5, 2016

The Outlaws series is an uber-erotic adventure in post-apocalyptic America that pits Outlaws (free people) against the Global Council (government officials and residents). Unfortunately this third installment, Ruled, didn't tickle my fancy quite as much as the earlier books. However, it is sure to be a hit with my smutty friends who love a book with over-the-top smexytime with some danger thrown in.

Advisory: this is a MFM/MMF menage situation with two alpha males, an alpha female, fun piercings, and lots of time between the sheets, on the ground, against the wall, on a futon, etc.
If you have been reading this series since the first book, Claimed, you will already know who our heroine is. Reese is the tough-as-bones leader of the town/colony known as Foxworth. I admired Reese for the most part. She was a good leader and caretaker of all the misfits at Foxworth. However, I also found her to be overly cold and selfish. I didn't care for some situations she forced Sloan into when she knew he had feelings for her. She either denied or ran away from her feelings a lot, and she definitely wasn't warm and fuzzy with her leading men. I wish there would have been some cracks in her facade to show a warmer, or more human, side of this tough chick. While there was a meltdown or two, I didn't feel the emotion and wasn't drawn into her character's plight.

Rylan is the fun-loving flirt who borders on being a sexaholic. He served as the third in the Connor-Hudson pairing in Claimed and Addicted... and he never hesitates to whip out his pleasingly pierced appendage for female and male enjoyment. Only one woman has ever repeatedly turned him down, and that's Reese, our too-serious leader. Rylan pursues Reese with a single-minded determination that bordered on desperation, and I didn't like that look on him (probably because I wasn't viewing Reese as worthy of the effort). Rylan is somewhat of a tortured hero, and I think there could have been more information on his backstory that would have helped me connect with his character. In the earlier books, I loved Rylan and his playful nature... but I lost some of the enjoyment when he was pitted against Reese's stubborn aloofness.

Sloan is Reese's right hand... a brawny stoic alpha male that always has her back no matter what (even if she needs him to chaperone her in the bedroom). Sloan was probably my favorite character in this story, and I felt like we got to know him better than Reese or Rylan. His turmoil over Reese and his feelings came thru clearly as I was reading, and I got really ticked off at how he was treated at times. Sloan is the steady supportive guy that everyone wants in their corner, and I was feeling that he was under-appreciated by the unreasonable Reese. I enjoyed it when Sloan lost control and took some relief for himself because I couldn't understand his self-imposed celibacy. Again, this takes me back to my feelings against Reese and thinking that Sloan could do better than pine away for such a cold woman.

The menage relationship was sex over substance for the most part. I didn't feel emotion from 2/3 of the triad, and only glimpsed it from Sloan on occasion. While I will admit that there was great chemistry between Sloan and Reese, it felt a bit one-sided at times and totally lacking when it came to Reese and Rylan. I enjoyed when the three worked together, particularly with Sloan giving the orders. However when it came to the interactions between Rylan and Sloan... I didn't like these two paired as M/M, and I can't quite put my finger on the reason other than to say that it felt forced. Not to say that I wouldn't take these two men in a heartbeat, but I felt like they needed that female between them as a buffer and to soften them up a bit and provide focus for their chaotic (and sometimes angry) lust.

The Outlaws are still battling the Enforcers from the City in this installment, and the revolution plans are progressing. There were some minor skirmishes along the way, but the majority of the action was reserved for the last 20% of the book. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the Revolution/War. I have an inkling of who our next romantic pairing will be, and I am very much looking forward to that story.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from the publisher, Berkley.
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October 31, 2016
4.5 stars - My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: http://witandsin.blogspot.com/2016/10...

Elle Kennedy’s Outlaws series is raw, edgy, and seriously hot. In the increasingly dangerous world of the outlaws, the tension is high, passions run hot, and – in Ruled – three people who face death on a daily basis will have to be brave enough to risk their hearts for a chance at happiness in a world on the brink of war.

Reese is the queen of the outlaws; a strong, brave woman with a generous heart and a thirst for vengeance. She’s out to destroy the Global Council and their Enforcers who keep people under strict control. Anyone who lives outside their rule is an outlaw, and Reese will give everything she has to keep the men, women, and children under her protection free. But the burden she carries as a leader and the weight of the ghosts of her past are slowly crushing her. She’s increasingly tense and worries that the wildness in her will make her lose control, putting everyone at risk. I loved Reese for her incredible strength and quiet vulnerability. She’s a powerful, flawed heroine with a loving heart and invisible scars. It’s easy to root for her, even when she makes mistakes, because she’s such a well-drawn heroine, one who deserves to find happiness with the two men who would stand by her side if she would let them.

And speaking of those two men… Ms. Kennedy writes the best dirty-talking alphas around it’s double the fun in Ruled . Sloan is quiet and serious; Reese’s rock and right-hand man. He’s also head-over-heels in love with her and neither are willing to risk their friendship or dredge up the ghosts of the past by giving into their desire. It takes Rylan to push them both over the edge. Rylan is a cocky risk-taker who can always crack a joke, but to dismiss him as shallow would be a mistake. I’ve been waiting to see Rylan find someone who sees him more than a good friend with incredible skills in the bedroom and he finds not one, but two people to appreciate him for all that he is. As a trio Reese, Sloan, and Rylan are unstoppable. They strengthen one another because they know they can be vulnerable behind closed doors. Each of them learns to lean on the other and even though it’s a rocky road to happily ever after, their growing love for each other makes every bump in the road worth it. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that their chemistry is out-of-this-world erotic – be sure you prepare yourself for a filthy good time ;-)

Romance aside, I loved getting to delve deeper into the world of the Outlaws. It’d be a spoiler to talk too much about the developments that take place in the book, so I’ll leave it by saying that the outlaws’ burgeoning revolution continues to develop in exciting ways. I can’t wait to see what happens next and there are a couple of characters whose stories I am practically salivating for. The Outlaws series is insanely addictive and I finished Ruled both satisfied and hungry for more of this dark, erotic, dystopian world.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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October 25, 2016
These books are so unique, addicting, and HOT and I have been dying for this third book! I have been intrigued by Reese's character ever since we met her and I couldn't wait to see how her story would turn out.

Rylan is always the carefree guy ready for a fun time, but no one really knows what he's been through or what he wants. Neither does Rylan, for that matter, until he finally wins over Reese and breaks down her resistance to him. Rylan knows, though, that if he wants anything to do with Reese, he has to win over Sloan, Reese's right hand man. Sloan will do anything for Reese, but both Reese and Sloan could never give into their desires for one another if it meant putting their friendship in jeopardy. Reese knows she should be focusing on taking down the Enforcers and protecting her town, but she can't seem to get Sloan or Rylan out of her head.

Whoa, this book. It's no secret that these books are hot. And I mean HOT. But this book definitely took those other books to another level. I absolutely loved Rylan's character in the first two books and how carefree and playful his character is. In this book, though, we get to see a much more vulnerable side of him as he finds himself becoming connected to both Sloan and Reese. He opens up much more about his past and what happened to him before he came to live with Conner at his camp. Reese, on the other hand, has always been the kick-butt, serious woman who has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. Like Rylan, we get to see a much more vulnerable side of Reese and I absolutely loved her character. She had a rough past and it was so sad watching her struggle with certain things in this book and trying to resist confiding in someone, or two someones in this case, and showing that she doesn't actually have it all together.

While there wasn't as much action in this book as there was in the other books, I still loved the suspense and anticipation of if the Enforcers would catch Reese and take down the community she has worked so hard to build. I kind of wished there was more action in the end instead of a kind of easy solution to what happened (sorry for the vagueness…I don't want to spoil anything!), but I still enjoyed the moments we got with Reese acting as the leader and having to make some serious decisions regarding how they were going to try and defeat the society the had hurt her so much when she was little.

This was definitely another hit in Elle Kennedy's Outlaws series and I am so sad I read it so fast because now it's over and all I want is more. Ruled turns up the heat and gives a real look into the emotional, vulnerable lives of characters who seemed like they had it all together. I fell so hard for Rylan and Reese and their tragic pasts. While I wasn't as huge of a fan of Sloan's character, I still enjoyed the trust and comfort he brought to their relationship. Needless to say, anyone who has not started this series yet is absolutely CRAZY. If you love action, heat, and extreme steam, you have to pick up the Outlaws series!
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October 30, 2016
A darkly seductive thrill ride bursting with intense emotion and crazy HOT sex scenes! This series just keeps getting better and better! Another 5 STAR read from one of my favorite GO TO authors!

Reese, Sloan, and Rylan...these characters were EVERYTHING together! We have Reese, the bad ass chick with a killer instinct and revenge on the brain. Then we have Sloan, her fierce protector in all things. Then, of course, we have fun-loving, thrill seeking, horny as hell, Rylan. No matter had hard Reese pushes Rylan away, Rylan never gives up. He is determined to be a fixture in her bed. War is imminent and it has Reese stressed to the max. Sloan knows exactly what she needs, and unfortunately, he is unable to give it to her himself, due to the past that they share. Sloan feels a connection with Rylan, and he believes that Rylan can calm the storm that is Reese. Even though Sloan can't touch Reese, doesn't mean he can't participate in more ways than one. The first night they all share together acts as the tipping point to something spectacular. They just all have to get past their demons to see that it's something real.
Reese has her hang ups about this type of relationship, but when she is surrounded by her men, everything else washes away...at least for a little while.

Meanwhile, a war is still brewing and revenge is at the forefront of every shot they take. You can only contain a woman like Reese for so long. A love story that rivals the ones that came before it, RULED was a mixture of danger, eroticism, and HEAT! It was a unique, romantic suspense that had me bursting at the seams for more. This was my favorite of the series, by far, and I can't wait to see what Ms. Kennedy comes out with next!

RULED teaser

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June 4, 2021
Again, this was Ok, still not my kind of genre. I just felt that the whole Jake thing was a little unnecessary and really dragged the rest of the book.

With that said, these books are hot.
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November 1, 2016
Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads.

I dropped everything to read this book when I got the ARC in the mail way back in August. I've not even been able to get it out of my mind since I finished. I've tried to think about how to review it and do it justice, but every time I sat down to put my thoughts out in the world, it never seems like enough. The truth is, this book and the entire Outlaws series will forever be among my favorites. Books like these are why I love reading so much. They're not just words on a page, they're a total experience.

Ruled FINALLY gives us Reese's story. It's the one that has been building the longest and, truth be told, one I was most intrigued by. Despite her position as leader of the group, she was super mysterious. We got bits and pieces of her backstory, as well as of things that happened with her now dead husband, Jake, but I wanted the full story. I got it... and it was surprising in a number of ways. Through the first novels in the Outlaws series, she's rarely been seen without her right hand man, Sloan, and she's been the focus of Rylan's obsession. I couldn't wait to see how the story with these three unfolded — and I just hoped it wasn't a triangle. (Spoiler alert: It was not. Holy shit was it ever not.)

Reese, Sloan and Rylan were combustible together. The chemistry between these three was insane. (And the chemistry between any combination of them together was pretty great too — sexually and otherwise.) I've read books with threesomes before, but this is the first time I've read what I consider to be a menage. I was a little iffy going in because it's a new concept and one I was unsure I'd be able to believe in, but Elle made a convert of me. I thank her for opening my mind up, as well as for an incredible book. Ruled is, hands down, one of the hottest books I've ever read. Jaw-droppingly hot. Text your friend who has read the book with reactionary emoticons hot. Just wow. Sometimes three are better than two... and sometimes things are just as hot when you mix up the pairings a little bit. *fans self*

Along with all the sexy times, there was plenty of action and answers. There were moments when I was literally on the edge of my seat with suspense. There were feels and swoons. I fell in love with each of these three characters and couldn't wait to see how things would work out for them. Fans of the Outlaws series will be very well pleased with this book. Of course, I loved getting more of my favorite characters from earlier in the series. The characters are so complex and interesting, I just can't get enough of them.

Despite all the attention I've paid to them, let me just say that this book is about so much more than the hot AF sexy times, but I'd be lying if I didn't say those were an important part of the book. Those sexy times definitely aren't the only reason I loved Ruled and the rest of the Outlaws series, but they're a big part. If you're not open to hot and dirty, these books aren't for you. But if you're cool with reading about a society in which sex is one of the last true indulgences and conventional relationships have, for the most part, gone by the wayside, look no further. That, combined with the incredible world that Elle has built, has made this series a favorite. I can't wait to see what's next... assuming it's continuing beyond three books. (Oh please oh please oh please.)

I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

"Use me tonight, Reese. Use me however you want. Fuck me however you want. Just... say... yes."

"Open your throat, sweetheart. Man wants to fuck your face. Let's see what he's got."

"The real kicker would be taking you at the same time. Can you imagine how tight you'd feel? How full? There'd be no room in your head for any kind of guilt or worry or concern. There'd only be me and Sloan and every goddamned sensation we could wring from your body."

"Look, you and I... we're a lot alike. I don't think either of us believes in love. We can care about someone. We can owe our loyalty to them, but we can't give them more than that."
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November 6, 2016

BLOG: http://www.owlalwaysbereading.com/201...

OOHHH. EMMM. GEEEE!!! This book is HOT! Just when you think that Elle can't possibly outdo herself, out comes RULED and knocks your panties off! LOL Just so you know, this is not for minors. It has strong sexual content and is not suitable for kids under 18. So thank goodness I am past 18 so I could read it! YAY! LOL But seriously, this book is amazing. Yes, it's hot, but there is also a story. It's not just steamy sex scenes, it's an actual story and I can really appreciate that.

Ruled can not be read as a standalone. There is too much back story in the first two books that you need to know about in order to really understand and appreciate the world and characters. Ruled picks up right where Addicted left off. And if you remember, Rylan is still after Reese, but she still wont give him the time of day. But perseverance will prevail and soon Reese's walls start to break down. Only that her very loyal "bodyguard" and right-hand man, Sloan, also starts to let his walls come down.

This is such an amazing series. Claimed was my first book by Elle Kennedy and I am so glad I decided to read it because it made me discover her other books and she is now one of my favorite authors. Anything she writes, I will read and there aren't too many authors that fall in that category for me. I really hope that Elle decides to do a spinoff of this series or maybe a little novela because there is so much more she can do and characters she can write about.

I hope you decide to pick this series up now that all the books will be out tomorrow. I promise you will thank me for it!

Happy reading!

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August 7, 2016
RULED is one of those books that I wish I could read again for the first time.

Review to come closer to publish date.
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November 4, 2016
Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: RULED (The Outlaws Series) by Elle Kennedy http://wp.me/p3d0RZ-71U
Publication Date: November 1, 2016
Genre: Romantic Suspense/ Science Fiction
Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Cori
Rated: 4.5 Stars

Cori 4.5 Stars

I loved it! RULED is a scorching hot romantic suspense set in an apocalyptic world that kept me flipping the pages. It had not one, but two hot alpha heroes and a heroine I rooted for. The story took some twists and turns that surprised me. I couldn't choose  between the two heroes and fell in love with them both. I just love this series. Elle Kennedy has a writing style that draws the reader into the story. Anytime I pick up one of her books I know I'm going to get swept up in a good story. RULED is part of Elle Kennedy's Outlaw Series, but it can be read as a standalone. It's set in apocalyptic world but I think romance readers that do not normally read this genre would still enjoy it. It's a great romance and I highly recommend it.

*Review copy provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review. 



Kindle $7.99 http://amzn.to/2bKs3xp | Amazon Series Link http://amzn.to/2fBXZLH
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November 1, 2016
This is an Elle Kennedy book, so I don't need to tell you it's well written, engaging, that it's going to suck you in from page one, that you are going to be invested in the story and the characters....you already know all that. No surprises there.

The thing that did surprise me? I am in LOVE with this story, this world she's created, this intricate alternate reality that has me completely enthralled. I don't like dystopian.....correction, I didn't like dystopian until now. NOW, I love it. As much as I read this for the romance, the phenomenal action, intrigue and complex storyline is what blows me away. You could literally take the romance out and it would still be an amazing read.

But lets NOT take the romance out because it's freaking fantastic. Holy hot boys and one tough as nails heroine. This books surprised the heck out of me (and trust me when I say that doesn't happen often). It went places I did not expect it to go and I was ecstatic to be along for the ride. Elle Kennedy writes some crazy hot love scenes and this book might just have the hottest. But more importantly, she writes believable romance and this is no exception.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is not the last of these characters and this world. Part of what sets this series apart is how completely engaging the supporting characters are. I want more of their stories. I want to know if they achieve what they are fighting for. I just want more.
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October 26, 2016
This joint review with my co-blogger, Ana, was originally posted on The Book Hookup here .

*Disclaimer: A copy of this title was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. However, that did not influence this review in any way. All thoughts, quotes, and opinions will be of this version and not of the published edition.

Quick Thoughts and Rating:

Ana:   4 Stars!! Is it hot in here or is it just me?!?!  I'm starting to blush just thinking about writing this review.

Christina: 5 seriously scorching stars! If you've read Elle Kennedy's new adult contemporary Off-Campus series (which if you haven't, I can't even with you right now, okay?), then you certainly know she can write the pant's off her characters sex scenes, and then you read her Outlaws series and you start to wonder if you've ever read anything so hot in your life before. . .  or if you'll ever recover from the heat sizzling on the pages or if that flush on your face has become a permanent stain. As for Ruled specifically, it was deliciously dark and dirty, and I couldn't get enough of the tantalizing trio that was Reese, Sloan, and Rylan. I'll always want more!


♥ Review:

Ana:    OK...confession time...this is the first book I've read in this series.  I struggled with the decision to start here because I was afraid I'd miss something but, in the end, I did it anyway.  And, you know what?  Beginning the series at book three didn't affect my enjoyment of it and I didn't feel confused by the plot at all.  In fact, all it did was make me run to buy the first two books so I could enjoy them as well.

This book had a strong female lead and two very sexy, dirty-talking men.  The chemistry was undeniable and the steam was through the roof.  As these three broken people battle the dystopian world around them, they also learn to be more vulnerable and connect with each other.  As we see them get closer to each other, we also learn about each of their pasts.  Rylan...sigh...appears to be an easy-going, carefree guy but, in reality, he's been through a lot of tragedy in his life.  It's amazing to see how he's overcome his sad past.  I fell head over heels for him from the very first page!!  Sloan has been in love with Reese, and has been her second in command, for a long time.  Keeping his feelings to himself hasn't been easy but he's always more concerned about her than he is about himself which, of course, made me love him too!  Reese is a fierce character...a woman who leads her people and loves them all in her own way.  She needs to appear in control at all times and it's only through her relationship with these guys that she can be totally herself.

This story is about surviving a scary world, being strong, and being smart.  It's also about being vulnerable, opening up, and giving all of yourself.  These characters must push themselves to do all of this and they take us along for the ride.  Definitely an enjoyable read!

Christina:  *floats into the room on a book high* This is by far my favorite book of this series! I'm not even going to lie, I've been waiting on this Reese/Sloan/Rylan sex sandwich long before I ever knew is was actually going to be a real thing. The restrained chemistry between Reese and Rylan combined with the loyalty with a hinted dose of "something more" between Reese and Sloan in the other books had me all grabbyhands for it. Then I get it, and I don't even think my brain was fully ready to comprehend what Rylan and Sloan would be like together. Perhaps I always thought Reese would be the common denominator between them, but hell, half the time I felt like she was intruding on them... not that they (or I) minded at all. Say it with me people: SEXUAL. CHEMISTRY. And this trio had it in spades. SPADES! Plus, I'm not even going to lie, every single time one of the guys said "our man" or "our woman" I died from the feels just a little. *le sigh* But more than the united front they present (in epically delicious fashion, might I add) is how great I think these characters are independently. While they're all a little broken in their own way, Kennedy writes them in with sound strengths, quality personalities, and vulnerable aspects that make them totally relatable as characters–people that you want to know, befriend, root for, rely on, and respect.

As with the other reviews I've had for this series thus far (Claimed and Addicted: here and here ), these books are more about the sexytimes than the plot to me. Yet, I am happy to report that there is definitely plot progression made in the overall arc of the series. This is a large source of where the action outside of the bedroom comes in to play. I'm always super anxious during those scenes, and Ms. Kennedy definitely knows how to up the ante when it comes to the tactical militia moments that make my heart pound uncomfortably. Still, I like that she never drags out those scenarios too long, and that she doesn't over-complicate the moment for the sake of extra word count. However, with all this said, I'm going to be super sad if this is all we get from this series. I think there's still so much story left to be told and more characters to hear from, and that's only from Connor's camp and the Foxworth folks. That doesn't even touch the other outlaw territories we haven't even really discovered yet. Though, if this is the end, I could definitely envision on my own how the continual rebellions will eventually manifest into an uprising of revolutionary proportions. It will be incredible. . . but I would much rather see it through Kennedy's words if that's still an available option.

♥ Teaser Quote: I'm pretty sure we've already established this, but it still bears repeating: There is some pretty serious hotness to be discovered in these pages. However, I'm going to save that for your personal viewing pleasure when you go out and get this book.
    She could face it all, conquer it all, because she wouldn't have to do it alone. Sloan and Rylan would be there with her. Her right hand. Her left hand. The rock and the wind. Unshakable strength and soothing sunshine.
     As long as the men she loved were by her side, she could handle anything the future decided to throw at her.

–quote taken from the ARC of Ruled, pg. 327


♥ Rec It?

Ana:   Yes...if you love to blush and you love to bite your bottom lip, this book is for you!! :)  The chemistry is hot, there are twists and turns and adventure...and it's action packed (in more ways than one)!!   Can't ask for more than that!!

Christina:  Oh hell yes! That is to say, if two sexy men who fiercely love a woman and each other is your cup of tea. Add in the dystopian touch and the pulse-pounding moments of angst, and you have you a rock-solid story. I'm only sad that I ran out of pages about this trio! I wasn't finished with them by a long shot. I also hope there's more to this series; I haven't had my fill of it either!

♥  A very special thanks to Berkley (especially one of their lovely publicists, Jess) for providing us with ARCs of this title.
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November 20, 2017
J attendais cette suite avec impatience et je n ai absolument pas été déçue

on retrouve évidemment Rylan et Reese , le jeu du chat et de la souris continue mais RN plus on en apprend aussi plus sur Sloan

le danger est aussi plus présent et l action aussi . C est toujours aussi sensuel et passionnant

chronique complète à venir ...
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December 26, 2020
Ça conclut de manière très satisfaisante cette série littéraire!
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1,778 reviews45 followers
October 31, 2016
"Life was so much easier when there was nobody around you to give a damn about."

FINAL DECISION:  I think this might be the best menage book I've read.  There is a relationship between all three characters and I truly felt that these three had a real relationship by the end of the book.

THE STORY:  Rylan has done everything he can think of to attract Reese, the leader of a group of outlaws.  Despite an outlaw society that has no problem with meaningless sex, Reese won't have anything to do with Rylan.  Rylan realizes that the key to Reese might be her second in command, Sloan.  Reese won't give into her attraction to Rylan because she wants him too much and doesn't trust her instincts with him.  Reese knows from experience the dangers of an attractive magnetic man.  She prefers to concentrate on her people and get her sex from meaningless encounters.  Sloan has stood by Reese's side for years.  Although he has always wanted her, he knows that any hint of sex between them would destroy their relationship.  As Rylan, Reese and Sloan work to defeat the Enforcers that threaten the lives of the Outlaws, they are also drawn into a relationship that might destroy all that already exists between them.

OPINION:  Boy, this book is hot!  And even better, this book has a great emotional connection with all three of the menage partners.  Unlike the previous menages in the Outlaws series, this is not merely an extra sexual partner.  No, indeed, these three characters have an emotional connection to one another that leads to a true relationship between all three of them.

Reese was my favorite character.  She is a strong and dominant leader but her strength comes from her caring nature.  Reese is the matriarch of her people.  Reese puts her people above her own needs, which is one reason she has refused Rylan for so long.  Part of Reese's journey is this book is finding out that she can be a whole person with relationships without it threatening her leadership.  In reality, her being whole can enhance her leadership.

Rylan initially seems like a happy-go-lucky fellow.  But he, as is true with all the Outlaws, has a darkness in his past.  Rylan is important in the story as the catalyst who changes the relationship between Reese and Sloan.  He is funny and sexy and the most outwardly emotional of the trio.  While he starts out wanting some good times, Sloan and Reese bring some needed stability and purpose to Rylan's life. He's a man who has hidden his caring under his devil may care attitude.

Sloan is the quiet rock of the trio.  He has stood by Reese being her right hand man while desperately wanting her.  He knows that any hint of sex between then would destroy their relationship. Sloan is not willing to risk what he has.  He is self-sacrificing, willing to do anything to help Reese even if that means denying what he wants most.

This book does a great job of balancing all the relationships.  Most menage books I have read focus on one couple or the woman's relationship with each of the men.   This book is a perfectly balanced triangle.  Rylan's introduction into the group allows the relationship between Reese and Sloan to develop even as Rylan creates his own relationship with Reese and Sloan.  The emotional and sexual relationship develops between all three of these characters -- there is no emphasis on one part of the trio.  I got the real sense that these three need all of them in order to work.

The hotness of this book just keeps on:  Reese with Rylan (Hot!), Reese with Sloan (Hot!), Rylan with Sloan (even hotter!), Reese and Rylan and Sloan (blistering hot!).  What I liked best was that all the hot sex was really grounded in the emotions that developed between these characters.  All three of these characters have experienced pain and loss but in their relationship, they find happiness and completeness.

I loved this book and can't wait for more Outlaws books.

WORTH MENTIONING:  This is a true menage relationship with both an emotional and sexual relationship between all three of the participants.  This book has MFM, MM and MF.

CONNECTED BOOKS:  RULED is the third book in the Outlaws series.  The book can be read as a standalone but there is an overarching story that is richer if you have read the other books in the series.

STAR RATING:  I give this book 4.5 stars.

NOTE:  I received an ARC of this book in order to provide a review.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions contained herein are my own.This review was originally posted on Top10RomanceBooks.com
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