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Behave: What to Do When Your Child Won't

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Review: 'A book with clear signposts and helpful, practical tools to guide parents in a non-judgemental, positive way. Through a combination of "real-life" stories and easy-to-follow techniques, Val Mullally's book tackles parenting challenges by enabling the reader to look at the wider dynamics of each situation. She encourages parents to perceive "bad behaviour" as an opportunity to strengthen relationships and create a co-operative, connected family environment. ... If you seek a mindful, long-term approach to parenting that builds your child's self-esteem and supports their inherent ability to make positive decisions, this will be your bible.' Billie Browne, Editor, Oh Baby Magazine, Ireland Do you wish you had a map to guide you successfully through the ups and downs of parenting? Are you wanting to discover how to parent without the power struggle or continual family conflict? Do you want to discover how to talk so kids will listen? Here's a light-hearted read that shares effective parenting strategies and core principles on how to create a happier home. Whether you're parenting toddlers, tweens, pre-teens, or in between, in this book you will discover practical, step-by-step, parenting solutions to raise happy children and create a calmer home. Mindful Discipline (11) made easy. Here's what's inside: How to respond (rather than react) to children's challenging behaviour How to set limits with children How to reduce parental stress through self compassion and understanding your child's perspective Key elements of today's findings in brain research to create a whole brain parenting approach Practical parenting tools to create better connection, communication and family cooperation Read this book now if you want easy-to-implement, practical steps to parent with love and logic.

120 pages, Paperback

Published November 3, 2015

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About the author

Val Mullally

4 books14 followers
Val Mullally is founder of Koemba. She is an accredited Relationship Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Course Presenter face-to-face and online courses) .
Her passion is supporting people to:
think more clearly
connect more compassionately
behave more response-ably
and live more joyfully.
She is an experienced teacher, principal and trainer. She lived for many years in Southern Africa, and now spends her time between North East England and County Cork, Ireland - two equally beautiful areas.

For more about Val see:
MEDIA KIT: https://www.koemba.com/about/media-kit/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Koemba
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ie/valmullally
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ValMullally

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4 reviews
February 12, 2016
Some very wise advice that will help both parents and kids. As a child psychologist, I will recommend this to many of the parents I see.
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247 reviews5 followers
May 11, 2016
The main goal of the book is to improve ones parenting skills by connecting better with your child. It focuses on the parents reaction (response) to the childs behaviour and explains steps from both the childs and the parents view. The "steps" (if you can call em that) get acronyms to make them more memorable and are described with little stories and exaples.
The book is well structured, the chapters build on each other and it reads well. Good for parents is that it is short (only slightly more than 100 pages); but it still is complete. I like that it is honest in telling that getting better at parenting is not easy but requires work; and the sugestion to look for a learning-"buddy".

I took the most benefit from the second half of the book (minus: the description of the competence model is a little too long - I think its pretty obvious from the names of the 4 stages; HALT desciption can be shorter, because it's more obvious - ensure the basic needs; SURE remains a little vague for me ... but that might be me and english not being my native language).

Altogether I can thoroughly recommend the book; and will most likely reread passages to refocus.

Note that I received this book as a goodreads giveaway (i.e. for free)!
Profile Image for Nita.
22 reviews1 follower
July 3, 2016
This is one of the best and good book i've had here in good reads. First, I am really so thankful to be one of the winners of this book, to get a chance to read it. Thank you! Second, I'm not a mother yet, nor even have kids, I'm 101% single, living with my parent to be exact, though i have 2 nieces and 2 nephews, this book really helped me to understand how to deal with youngters, who mostly hard to to discipline nowadays. This book explained and showed how easy to teach them to be good, and to behave especially when they need to bring out their high energy. I actually relate to this book and I can use it to develop not only myself but to understand other people's behavior not only those kids, but for adult also. From now on, I'll use Halt be SURE I use FLAC. This book taught me so much!! I'll be writing more reviews about this book on my blog sooner or later ( I have lots of list to blog though) it's one of those that I'll focus on too. Thank you! Learnt a lot! Hope to get more books from you in the future!
February 15, 2016
Read this book slowly! There is so much to absorb. It is not simply about "good" behaviour,though there is much excellent advice for those trying to do the most difficult jobs there is - being a parent. And the advice is realistic. Val Mullally knows how tricky raising children is. However, "Behave" is based on respect for children and their needs; not about slick ways of controlling them. The goal is a harmonious family where parents help their children grow into capable and confident people.
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Author 1 book8 followers
May 16, 2016
This book is a helpful, well written, concise wealth of information. The advice is based on years of the author's experience and research.

As an American pediatrician who enjoys studying cross-cultural parenting, I note some cultural examples that are British / Irish in origin. (I won't state them here and spoil your analysis!) Delightfully easy to read and gives parents hope to solve the problem of perceived misbehaving.
Profile Image for Priyanka.
222 reviews39 followers
February 15, 2016
I have read a couple of books and articles under the "Parenting' category and most of them speak the same. This book has some simple and effective ideas. Only once I bring them into practice will I know if they work or not.
Profile Image for Alan.
305 reviews
April 12, 2016
I won this book in a recent Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

This book made interesting reading and one that I feel may help my daughter cope better with her young children. Recommended.
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