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Surviving 7/7 London Bombings & Beyond

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After recent Terror Attacks & 10 years on from the Bombing that rocked London, SURVIVING reveals a heart-wrenching life-story of triumph over adversity.
Using first person narrative, interspersed with timely flashbacks, SURVIVING takes you beyond the savage terrorist attack and brutal media onslaught that followed, to connect with an intelligent, courageous, kind, spiritual and bubbly human being. Holness survived the challenges he faced using the positive, balanced thinking he was widely appreciated for during the many interviews given from his hospital bed during the chilling aftermath of the London Bombings; he is a living testament that happiness is indeed an inside job and available to us all!

380 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published December 21, 2015

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August 14, 2016
A truly inspirational story that saw me experience the full range of emotions (from tears to laughter and back again) every few pages. The personal descriptions of the aftermath of the 7/7 terrorist attack were of such poignancy that no film could have conjured up better visual images. With graphic accounts of coming to terms with life as an amputee interspersed with moments of humour, tenderness and utter couragousness, I have not and suspect I never will read a book quite like this one. A must for anyone who wants to be reminded what the human spirit is capable of achieving in the most adverse of circumstances.
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July 9, 2016
The range of emotions I felt within the first few pages of this book literally took my breath away.
This book had me captivated!
The author Garri went through so much and managed to keep refocusing and pushing forward through extreme loss, devastation and continued "tearing down" by the press.
His determination and resilience throughout this book are testament to the power of staying positive.
Thank God for his life!
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November 9, 2016
So I have been given a book by Garri Holness, his autobiography ‘SURVIVING 7/7 BOMBINGS AND BEYOND'.
Well as I start to read this book i get lost as there are multiple stories from 'SURVIVING 7/7 BOMBINGS AND BEYOND to Prison, Tabloids and the death of his parents (more poignantly his mother who died whilst Garri was surviving from the 7/7 Bombings himself, but as I continue I get to grips with this book and it holds me, I can't put it down so off to Brockwell Park to be by myself and indulge with the passion that grips me, so at the beginning when Garri talks about the lady who helped him in the carriage I start to feel upset and sad of the trauma he's going through and find my eyes filling up as I progress to the part when his brother Hector comes to hospital to inform Garri his mothers decline on earth not knowing that her own son was in near death himself i suddenly find a tear appear rolling down my face, I put the book down and meditate full of sadness I decide to open the book up another day.
Next day still gripped with this book I continue reading about the great staff the NHS have and the friends who send their condolences with cards and flowers from across the world, but as I read on through the media attention a grey cloud starts to appear as the media pick up on Garri's past and the haunt begins, to me this now shows the character and strength of the individual (perhaps in all of us). Due to his past Garri has decision to declare to the media what and how this came to be a very dodgy part to his past, fortunately Garri has been very transparent on this issue and draws on the law of ‘Joint Enterprise', a law that was brought back to focus from the 18 Century (mainly to stop the gangs who were committing crimes in the inner urban areas of London.
this becomes a down full for Garri, but the transparency shows how the law can make misjudgements and label wrongfully someone, as I read on gripped by this book you start to see the draining it has on Garri and where he starts to find out who his real friends are the new one (such as two in the media and one from his solicitor) a vicious time and how Garri turns to the well-wishers from the many, many cards he received.
As I continue to read I discover Garri's dad was a friend of mine Albert the caretaker (Angel Town) feeling sad about the loss of his leg it suddenly feels good to know he is alive and now he's off to the Para Olympics such a gripping book I can't put it down, then all of sudden (again) Garri's work decide they want no part of his past convictions that took place when he was 17 and seeing at that age in police custody brutally treated ( a young boy in fear of his life from the authority who are supposed to be protecting him -Streatham Police Station) forced to sign a statement that would later in his life put a grey cloud over him
The special girl called Halle seems to be a person that we all need I would say even Garri's rock towards the end of the book with Sanj and the music you see how Garri has to deal with the wishes of his late mother by returning her ashes back home to Jamaica a miraculous journey Garri has had with the 'SURVIVING 7/7 BOMBINGS AND BEYOND', a very interesting book one of which I encourage everyone to read as you will in some parts see yourself.
Solomon Warsop
B.A. Honours Education
WADADA SU WAH (peace and love)
January 16, 2021
Picking up this book had me hooked, I couldn’t put it down. Every journey went on I felt like I was there, experiencing every emotion with him. Gary tells his story very well, taking his reader in his journey right from the beginning and explaining the trials and tribulations he went through living in Brixton as a young black man and the politics he had to deal with during this time, he acknowledges the time’s he went wrong and how this impacted him as an adult. Gary’s journey isn’t an easy one but he shows that determination and positivity goes a long way. This book is inspirational, spiritual and definitely political. An all round good read.
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April 13, 2021
An eye opening account of a young man growing up in Brixton -South London over the last 40 years and facing huge personal challenges throughout. The book is both shocking and inspiring as it charts his journey from early gang culture, a conviction, a prison sentence to being blown up in the 7/7 Kings Cross terrorist bomb attack, losing a leg, personal grief, the two sides of the media and his journey to rehabilitate. Despite all the adversity Garri turns all that is negative into a positive with his inspirational reflections and thoughts towards the future.
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June 12, 2017
I've just finished reading this book and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Garri has been through so much in his life, he is an inspiration! I feel honoured to have met someone like him with so much admiration and such a beautiful soul. When he smile he light up the World! I'm so glad we had a chance to meet and are now friends! XX😇
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January 27, 2021
This book had me on an emotional rollercoaster. First book I've read that made me cry. So much detail throughout this book as i read I'm saying to myself "I didnt know Garri went through all this" one hears stories but to actually read his day by day in his own words was an eye opener for me.. Highly recommend this book. You are a true inspiration Garri... One Love
June 2, 2020
I Admire Your Strength & Abilty To Inspire The World Garri And As Someone Who Grew Up With You I Already Know You Are More Than A Survivor. "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE" Buy This Book...It Is Truly An Amazing Story 💯 Big Up King & God Bless 🙏
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July 15, 2020
This book is an amazing read and was good to know what h has been through and has not given up on life.. He definitely has inspired me and others. I know he wouldn't call himself brave but I take my hat off to Mr G Holness
1 review
June 3, 2020
A completely riveting read about a truly amazing inspirational human being... Nobody will be disappointed reading this account.. Definitely 5 stars
April 23, 2022
Very inspirational. Your strengths and determination shines..Thankyou for allowing me to read your story.
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September 29, 2016
The initial impression was an “easy read”. This book is an easy to read but…………. eh “Nah Easy”

The reader is taken on a comfortable journey that opens present and past realities to what it means to be Male, Black and British (first generation).
This book cleverly presents the story on various levels of understanding and experience. Between the lines it quietly tells, much about what is often unsaid, about the Black British / racial experience.

The unique colours of the political, social and cultural landscape of the time and place provide conflicting and contrasting backdrops, from which the authors take the reader on a parallel journey that explores what means to be a human being navigating life’s, obstacles, challenges, experience’s and the devastation of loss and trauma.
Do not be misled, this not a book of woe, that tells a story sad. Not by any means. Oh no, this is an account of how we all have the potential to nurture love, forgiveness, self belief, knowledge, wisdom, self awareness and a self determination that strives for all that is positive and resilient. Inspite of life, fate and the world we live in. The Iconic “Rockers” movie, provided an historical account of a time and place. This book, in my opinion does the same.
Inside a gift is presented to all readers open and ready to receive the rockets and pockets of spiritual wisdom and practical guidance that spring from the very source.

Read and Reviewed: Anita Jarrett
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September 12, 2016
Do yourself a favour and read this book.

It's not easy to covey in words how immense the experience contained within these pages is...

If you think you can imagine what it must be like to be blown up, and what that 'actually' means, think again. If you think you might imagine what it must be like to be the subject of press interest - both positive and negative - think again.

Having said that, this is not a book of salacious, negative details: it's a book about a man, who's journey through hell didn't change him for the worse. On the contrary; each moment of perceived adversity seems to have ultimately brought out his over-riding focus on the positive and level-headed reasoning which is truly astounding.

Like any good book, it left me wanting more: to find out what the last few years have held for this extraordinary man. Bring on the next instalment.
September 24, 2016
This book inspires me, I love it so much that I have read it 3 times ( I also may have cried a little)!!! The author is such an amazing guy and a great role model. The book is full of imagery, I can picture exactly what is happening in detail. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read this book, it is absolutely amazing! I'm sorry this took so long to write because I forgot the website address. I just want to tell you how great your book is and how much it means to me. EVERYONE READ THIS BOOK!!!! IT'S A MUST.
March 25, 2017
Wow, what a brilliantly written and insightful book into the survival of an everyday guy, this book will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, fear, pain, strength and love flows through like a river swells after the rain. Capturing my attention from the start at page 100 I had to stop and just be thankful, thankful that Garri had the courage to share his very personal journey and continues to inspire others in theirs. A true gentleman and an inspiration. Thank you x
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