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Life Won't Wait #2

About Damn Time

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Winnie DeVita has never known normal.

After her latest stint in rehab, which she actually completed, Winnie is ready for a change. Normal won't find her now. Her actress turned country singer sister is married to the biggest name in country music. All she wants is a fresh start and to bond with her toddler-aged daughter, but Winnie is now thrust in the limelight by association.
Failure isn't an option, but now the world is watching her every move which includes faces from the past. People who won't let her forget where she came from and what she's done...

And they don't want her to succeed.

Single father Parker Hennison isn't sure he wants to step back into the spotlight. Reeling from the death of his fiancée, he took a step back from the spotlight to focus his attention on his young daughter. Nearly a year later, the struggle to return to his career weighs heavily on his mind.

The last thing he needs is a woman with her own set of problems, but he can't stop thinking about Winnie. He knows a thing or two about toxic people and the powerful hold they have.

Two people from different worlds are trying to make their way in life, but can they find love and happiness together?

First published January 28, 2019

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About the author

Nikki Lynn Barrett

97 books1,248 followers
No matter where she goes, USA Today Bestselling author Nikki Lynn Barrett hears voices in her head. Instead of calling her crazy and locking her up, her family realizes it's just a product of being an author and allows her to write the stories so that the voices shut up.
But they don't. And probably never will. There's no need to lock her up, Nikki knows she'll never escape the voices, not until each and every last story is written. And for every story she writes, about ten or more ideas pop up.

When she isn't slaving away at her computer writing books that will probably make you cry and keep you in suspense, Nikki plots to take over the world one book at a time. What? It's a sickness. One she can't escape!

Books aren't her only addiction, though. Nikki can be found making up parodies to drive her son crazy, and bantering back and forth with her husband, who somehow manages to steal her away from the fictional world she lives in all the time.

Nikki lives in Arizona with her husband and son, where she can be found using every creativity outlet she can find through music, photography, handcrafted things, and random interests that she may pick up from time to time.

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Profile Image for Becky Claxon.
1,723 reviews8 followers
January 22, 2019
I loved this book. It started off a little depressing, but the emotions were so heartfelt. I can’t even imagine Winnie taking drugs and her mother encouraging her. Luckily I have never been in the drug scene, but have heard horror stories. It was awful how Winnie and Quinn’s parents treated them since they were little. That was no way for children to be treated. It was so encouraging to watch Winnie try to get better and fight the demons and her mother and Mitch. I was glad she had her little girl Piper to make her want to be a better person. Quinn and Tucker were so selfless when they took Piper in when Winnie was caught by the police and went into rehab. Little Piper was adorable. The parallels with Parker’s ex-fiancé and Winnie were scary at times. I could see that Parker was attracted to Winnie, but didn’t want another person that couldn’t control herself, especially with having his little girl to take care of. There are so many emotions, ups and downs, and victories in this book. The love that is found with so many different people here made my heart sing. I strongly encourage you to read the book. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book.
726 reviews
January 21, 2019
Do you want to "feel" while reading? Then this book is for you. Ms. Barrett certainly seems to understand the scars in people's pasts, the insecurities in their present and their undeniable hope for redemption in the future.

I liked that the relationship of the protagonists, Winnie and Parker, was not rushed. It just percolated throughout their story and the connection between them just couldn't be broken. Sprinkle in their adorable tiny tots, the devoted love of Quinn and Tucker from the first two books, a great set up for Stacey's story next and you have a remarkable series.

The letters from Winnie are so introspective and well written. They're poignant, appealing and oh so hopeful. Nikki outdid herself in exposing and portraying all of Winnie's gripping, raw emotions and feelings. What a truly beautiful book!
Profile Image for Carol.
1,605 reviews48 followers
February 7, 2019
Chillingly realistic, impeccably plotted, and
utterly compelling storyline.
This story is power packed with emotion and
family issues, fear to love again, loss and
grieving, forgiveness, personal growth,
friendship plus love.
I thoroughly enjoyed Winnie’s journaling. It
gave her and the reader a new view on the
ups and downs in not only her life but those
surrounding her.
Winnie DeVita is out of drug rehabilitation.
She is trying to make a life with her young daughter.
Winnie’s mother and ex-husband are trying to
bring her down. Her mother is a druggie. She has
gotten beaten up and almost died. Her mother has
been trying to compromise both Winnie and
Quinn’s reputation. Winnie’s ex-husband
is trying to blackmail Winnie into supplying him
with stories and pictures of her sister, Quinn Winters
McGinnis and her famous husband, Tucker
McGinnis. He also threatens her and their daughter
with harm.
Parker Hennison lost his finance’ to her habit. Her
parents are always blaming him for her demise but
he was always clean trying to care for her and help her.
Parker is raising his daughter on his own and trying
to start over in life if he can find a different job.
When Parker and Winnie met a connection develops.
But to what and where will their feelings lead??
Another powerfully written story by the author. Her skill
at drawing the reader into the story is amazing.
A Highly Recommended Read.
I volunteered to read It’s Always Something.
Thanks to the author for the opportunity. My opinion
is my own.
Profile Image for Angi.
225 reviews3 followers
January 23, 2019
I have been waiting for Winnie's story since she was first introduced. Her struggles continue as she works to rebuild her life but she faces those struggles with maturity and strength. Ms. Barrett writes her characters with such care and understanding. The author chooses to not gloss over the struggles of her characters which makes them more real. This book will hit you in the feels and make you go through a range of emotions. This series is one of my favorites and this book adds another layer to it.
Profile Image for Lindsey Kramer.
708 reviews14 followers
January 30, 2019
I’m so glad that Winnie got her own book. I think I’ve come to a better understanding of her character and what makes her tick. I can’t believe I had to wait so long! Nikki is a jerk!
Profile Image for Michelle.
161 reviews3 followers
October 5, 2018
Winnie gets her story!! YAY!!
Winnie has been working hard to stay clean and sober and to foster a relationship with her young daughter. She struggles daily but her drive and determination to give her daughter a better life keep her on the right path...
Another great book by Ms. Barrett....I recommend this as well as her whole back list.
Profile Image for Debbie Kolins.
348 reviews7 followers
January 23, 2019
This book has a lot of up's and down's and love in it!! This book also brought back memories of my struggles with my own mother [her constant abuse of me and forcing me to drink [wine] with her constantly] and my drug use [I was in the drug scene when I left home and it was not good]. Winnie and Quinn’s parents treating them the way they did since they were little was terrible. Winnie's mother getting Winnie hooked on drugs was so horrible. Winnie is working hard to stay clean and sober and to build a relationship with her young daughter Piper. Reading how Winnie is trying to fight the demons, her mother and her ex-Mitch was very encouraging. The journal Winnie's doing is great and I believe it helps Winnie. I believe that if it wasn't for Piper, Winnie wouldn't have gotten clean and sober. It was great the way Quinn and Tucker got temporary custody of Piper when Winnie got caught by the Police. Piper is so adorable!! It was awesome when Winnie met Parker. Parker is a single father of an adorable little girl Anya. Parker has been dealing with Anya's grand parents and guilt over the death of his fiance'. Parker has an attraction to Winnie but, was afraid to act on it as he wasn't sure if he wanted to get involved with another female with problems. I truly enjoyed reading Winnie's story!! This is a MUST read book!! Nikki did an awesome job with this book!! I truly Loved it!! I truly want to read more from this series!!
Profile Image for Cindy.
883 reviews28 followers
February 2, 2019
I absolutely LOVED About Damn Time by Nikki Lynn Barrett. Watching the slow burn relationship of Winnie and Parker was beautiful to watch!! These two have a hard past, come from different histories, both have had tragic heartbreak. But both of their sweet adorable kiddos give these two more strength then they can imagine. Plus we see Quinn and Tucker standing by them both!

I have a become a HUGE Nikki Lynn Barrett fan through the years. She always gives us characters that we will ADORE! Plus she writes stories that are passionate, and so realistic. Showing her characters strength, and perseverance.

I can't wait for the next book in the series!!

*I voluntarily read an advance copy. This is my honest review.*
1,292 reviews5 followers
January 30, 2019
A real emotional book. As the story starts to unfold, you feel like you are really part of the story. As I was reading the characters seemed so real. Some of us can relate to problems in our past and trying to overcome them.

I am glad that Winnie has gotten her story and highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you Ms. Barrett for continuing to bring us these remarkable books to read.

Profile Image for Sandi.
523 reviews
January 28, 2019
I loved this book. The characters are great and they have a lot of depth. I really felt for them. I love the letters that Winnie writes to help her heal. They feel real and raw. This book had me hooked from start to finish. I can wait to read what this authors writes next. She is one of my favorites and this one confirmed that even more.
Profile Image for Cherie Melbourne.
850 reviews9 followers
January 30, 2019
About Damn Time

Nikki Lynn Barrett never fails to amaze me with the stories and the characters she creates. Winnie 's story is a hard one to read, I couldn't help feeling sorry for her and the life she was born to. Well written and as a bonus it has all the characters I've grown to love.
9 reviews
April 9, 2019
Another amazing book by Nikki Lynn Barrett. I love how the characters come to life and have real life problems. I'm so glad Winnie got her own story! Love your cliffhanger, now you have me wanting the next books in this series already!
1,353 reviews
January 30, 2019
About Damn Time is book three in the Life Won't Wait series. Winnie and Parker's story hooked me from the start. The emotions portrayed in this book are so real, you literally feel like you are part of it. I loved their interactions, especially with their daughters. This was an excellent story, and I highly recommend it.
Profile Image for Rebecca Austin.
2,986 reviews3 followers
February 14, 2019
Winnie DeVita has never really had an easy go of life. Growing up with her sister, Quinn, bringing in money as a childhood actress she always felt not good enough to her father and then struggled with her mom. Soon enough her mom got her hooked on drugs but now with a daughter, Piper, being raised by Quinn and her husband Tucker, she is ready to get sober.

Parker Hennison is a co-star of Quinn and a single father to Anya after his fiance, Leslie, died. He is struggling with what he wants to do with his life and whether he wants to continue on the TV show, Little Max, or put his career in a different direction.

When Parker and Winnie meet through Quinn, both are struggling with aspects of their lives but can not deny their chemistry. Is Parker willing to let Winnie's past affect his feelings for her and when it is clear how much pressure both are under will they be able to rely on each other to make it through or is it just another heartbreak waiting to happen?

This was a great story about second chances, following your own path and finding the strength within yourself to get through the hardest times and come out on top.

I could relate to certain aspects of Winnie with not feeling like you are measuring up and I could understand how her life spiraled out of control after that and it did not help that her mom got her hooked on drugs. That to me is so heartbreaking and it speaks volumes about her mom. I was so proud of her when she decided to get sober and how hard she worked at staying that way.

Parker was a great character who was dealing with his own struggles after the death of Leslie. I also saw resentment building with him and the pressure that he was under from her parents when they didn't see the same person that everyone else saw. He was an amazing father to Anya and was really trying to do right by her and that was influencing which career path he was taking.

I loved Quinn and Tucker in this book and how supportive they were of Winnie and how they truly wanted her to succeed and did what they could to make that happen.

One of my favorite parts of this book were the letters that Winnie wrote to the people who had impacted her life, positively and negatively. These letters were emotional and the author did an amazing job with them and getting you to really see the vulnerable side of Winnie.

I thought the relationship between Winnie and Parker was really well done. The two started off as friends and developed a trust before anything happened. They both knew that they had to be at a certain place before anything happened and it was super well done!

I hated Winnie's mom, Meg, and also her ex and Piper's father, Mitch. Those two were cruel and dangerous in their motives to bring Winnie down.

I loved the relationship between Quinn and Winnie and how close they got through the book when Winnie was truly able to see the person that Quinn was without the influence of her mother.

I also really enjoyed Parker when he finally told Leslie's parents the truth about her and everything else! It made me happy and I was so happy that weight lifted off of him!

This was such a great book and I look forward to whatever the author has for us next!
855 reviews
December 3, 2020
Having read Tucker and Quinn's story I was looking forward to Winnie's. She's had a hard life for sure with a VERY toxic mother. Based on the lies her mother told her, Quinn is someone who she's HAD to rely on, but isn't someone she'd want to be involved with. But given the fact that Quinn and Tucker are caring for her daughter, Piper, and helping her out as she builds a new life post-rehab, she's forced to face a lot of truths... about herself and her past. Parker is a single dad...his fiance died from an overdose... and no one really knows if it was on purpose or accident. This story may be a trigger for some so caution if you have issues with addictions, etc. Plenty of drama to this story as Winnie's mother and her ex (Mitch) are toxic influences in her life - and with Mitch - threatening influences in her life. WInnie and Parker have a connection that they can't ignore, even though they both know the timing isn't great and there are MANY reasons NOT to get involved. But the heart wants what the heart wants... and they both want a future that brings joy to their lives, and the lives of their daughters. Looking forward to seeing where their relationship goes in future stories... next up is Stacey's turn...
Profile Image for Sarah.
1,002 reviews5 followers
January 30, 2019
I really loved this book it was a much anticipated book from the others in the series. Winnie is faced with a ton of life choices at such a young age and she is very vulnerable throughout the whole book. I loved how she was this fighter and realized that she wasn't always strong enough to fight her demons, my heart truly ached for her in some points of the book. I loved being able to catch up with Quinn and Tucker and I loved being able to see where they are now. I liked Parker he annoyed me a little in the beginning, but in the end it all made complete sense. I loved how the author took "rich famous" people and made them feel like the average person and made the feel more like friends. I have really enjoyed this series so far and can not wait to read the next book in the series.
This book does have adult situations so it may not be suitable for all ages. If you have never read anything by this author grab this series you will not be disappointed.
133 reviews1 follower
December 4, 2020
This book was one of the most emotional stories I have ever read. Winnie is a young woman that has a drug addiction - courtesy of her mother- who loses custody of her daughter to her famous sister. The current opiate problem in the world makes this extremely relevant. I have met very few people that were not touched by the epidemic: most people know someone that had been in a similar situation. It was sad, but it gets happier as you go along.

The only thing I have to criticize is the legal technicalities that were incorrect. I know in real life a child cannot be put in a different state without a long process, yet it happens without anyone blinking in this book. There were just things I know are incorrect, because I have personal experience with these situations. Other than getting frustrated about that, I liked the book a lot.

I received a free advance review copy of this book in exchange for my open and honest feedback.
1,328 reviews4 followers
December 5, 2020
Finding peace and love
Alcohol and/or drug addiction can change a person completely and turn their life upside/down and inside/out. Winnie has gone for another stint in rehab, and this time she successfully completed it. All she wants is to bond with her toddler daughter; however, she is not only thrust into her sister’s limelight, but also her mother and ex are again trying to use her. When she meets Parker a connection develops. He is raising his daughter alone since his wife died from her habit. Will they be able to ignore the outside forces in their lives and find happiness together?
This is the first book in the series I’ve read, and I’m anxious to read the first two.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
548 reviews2 followers
June 3, 2021
Nikki Lynn Barrett's best book yet!

Though I wasn't sure about an overcoming addiction story, I was pleasantly surprised by this story especially with it's happy for now ending and the reminder that everyone has things to overcome in life as long as they can move forward rather than get mired in the past. Well done!
13 reviews
June 27, 2021
One day at a time

This was an interesting book with details that kept the plot from being trite. Characters were well drawn. Winnie’s ordeals we’re touching and how her sister and brother in law, as well as their friends banded together to help, made for a rewarding plot.
Profile Image for Paula Barto.
36 reviews
April 8, 2019
Winnie and Parker continue to find themselves and each other. With the love and support of family anything is possible. Another must read from Nikki Lynn Barrett! ❤️
Profile Image for Nate.
16.3k reviews19 followers
April 20, 2021
I loved Quinn & Winnie's book. This was such an emotional read. I just wanted to hug these characters. I got a copy of the book. And am voluntarily leaving my own opinion.
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