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Night Flower #2

Blood Orchid

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Tied to Justin with bonds stronger than blood, Melissa De Vire heads into her new life with fear and anger. Anger at Emily, at Katherine and most of all, anger at Justin, fuels her resolve to find a cure for the curse. From the English court in 1752 to the fires of the French Revolution, Melissa struggles to survive her new existence and find forgiveness for Justin as clues to a cure begin to surface.

372 pages, Paperback

First published June 3, 2016

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Claire Warner

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394 reviews15 followers
June 5, 2016
ARC kindly provided by Claire Warner in exchange for an honest review.


'Blood Orchid' is the second instalment in the 'Night Flower' series and it was one that I was SUPER excited to see how it would develop the story of Justin Lestrade and Melissa De Vire. After their initial, swoon-worthy romance together in book one, ‘The Black Lotus’, I felt that this was going to either break or make their relationship. And I was strongly rooting for MAKE!
The novel takes place immediately after the conclusion of book one, 'The Black Lotus'. Its setting is once again eighteenth-century England and covers a massive span of time. The novel starts off in the year 1752, the same year as book one, and then makes a MASSIVE TIME LEAP into 1772. I wasn't sure what to think of this and little changed or happened in that time twenty-year time gap. I guess it was meant to emphasise Justin’s and Melissa’s power and immortality… The timeline makes yet another jump time leap into 1792, but changes location to France. Now this is where the action picked up for me.
I, as a fan of historical-romance, thought the historical aspect of the novel could have been executed a little bit better. There was very minor or limited reference to customs, traditions and etiquette of that time period and I feel like this was a major drawback. The author could have made the world so much better if she spiced it up with eighteenth century facts. The atmosphere would have been more enhanced, the setting would have been emphasised: there were just so many missed opportunities!
The setting of place could have also been used more effectively. When the characters are in France, barely any words were spoken in French. If the author had included more French culture in her novels, it really would have enhanced the novelty of the story and made for a better read.
All of the old characters return and there are almost no new characters introduced. Slightly boring, in my opinion, as new characters would have added their personalities and made the plot more lively. It would have also allowed for more opportunities as to how the plot progressed. I felt that the lack of new characters also limited both the author and story.
'Blood Orchid' was written in third person narration but was told by several different perspectives. The choice of third person narration was a poor one, in my opinion. It seemed to further disconnect me as a reader from the characters and just didn't offer that insight and depth into a situation that first person narration would have otherwise.
A lot of 'Blood Orchid' seemed to have suffered from second book syndrome. It just lost that hold on me that it had before.
The mood was really dark and sombre most of the way through. It did create a very strong, foreboding atmosphere but it just seemed too much at times.
Formatting and typing issues ran galore in my ARC copy! There were missing commas, full stops next to commas, commas instead of full stops, incorrect tenses of words, wrong font, etc. It was a bit troubling to see, but as this was an early review copy, so I wasn't too worried in the end.
The writing style would have been more memorable if the author had chosen to reinforce her ideas with a more solid historical background, phrasing and prose. I felt like some of the dialogue could have been better said.
The conclusion was very weak. There was no cliff-hanger like in the first novel which would have made me continue reading.
Congratulations to Claire Warner on publishing a solid sequel to 'The Black Lotus'.

Rating Plan
1 star : Strongly did not like the book, writing and plot was bad. Idea of the book was against my liking.
2 star : Didn't like it, didn't find it interesting or gripping. Seemed to drag on to me.
3 star : An average book. Wasn't bad or good. Everything else was well done. Original idea.
4 star : Like a 3 star but has potential to it as a series or the book grew on me as it progressed and certain scenes captured me. I Enjoyed it and read it in one sitting.
5 star : I LOVED IT! I stayed up late until 3 am. Author is a genius, characters, plot, idea, development, EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT. Nothing else can possibly be said except that its 5 STAR!
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57 reviews
August 29, 2017
Blood Orchid is a YA fantasy novel by Claire Warner. It’s the second in the Night Flower series and picks up immediately where the first let off.

I’ll admit, that’s one of my favorite tropes; if the immediacy is done well, it multiplies the suspense without the reader catching on. It was hard not to catch on in Blood Orchid. It begins with the same wandering perspective as the first book, briefly touching each character’s mind to remind the reader of “tragic” ending of Black Lotus.

And then Warner proceeds to dwell on those events for the first half of the book. Without warning, at that halfway point, the narration jumps forward twenty years. The characters are still single-mindedly focused on one task, but have yet to have any rational discussion about that task on the page.

As a reader, I don’t generally mind being left in the dark about the protagonist’s intentions — it can often lead to engaging discoveries down the road — but when those characters continue to make the same mistakes and have the same conversations over the course of twenty years, I start to wonder what the plan is.

More so than The Black Lotus, it seems that Warner, too, lacked a plan for Blood Orchid. Like many middle or sophomore books, it was simply a string of events, without an overall arc to the plot.

Full of copy errors and without well developed characters to make those events interesting or entertaining, the book as a whole falls flat.

The Black Lotus left room for redemption and possible success for the Night Flower series, but Blood Orchid failed to seize that opportunity.
March 18, 2017
'To be continued' was not how I wanted this book to end. Blood Orchid is the second book in the Night Flower series. I had just finished Black Lotus and couldn't wait to read this, the excitement is real!

We continue to follow the story of Melissa, Justin and curse. Except now 20 years later, they're a team joined up with Justin's ex-lover Emily, and the one who cursed Melissa and Marcus, Melissa's older brother.

In this book they visit multiple places, the author added enough detail about each so you can envisage and understand the times they were in without drowning the story. I think this book could be read as a stand alone, but I wouldn't recommend it as you do need to know a few key issues that happened in Black Lotus.

The book is just as fast paced as the ending of Black Lotus. You get a few more answers to questions but then new discoveries and more details come to light which leaves you with just as many unanswered questions.

I can't wait for the third book to be released. I highly recommend this book series to people trying to get into reading or for those after a quick romantic story with a twist.
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106 reviews11 followers
March 8, 2017
"Blood Orchid" continues right where "The Black Lotus" left off, Melissa damned eternally, and throwing a minor temper tantrum that she has to stay away from her family. Her beloved Justin is on the verge of dying, or what the curse considers dying; think of it as a walking dead situation.

Marcus, ever the valiant, honor-keeping brother once again decides to go take on Montjoy for once again, attempting to defile Melissa, and seek vengeance for his mother's death. Marcus, and friend James, decide to pay Montjoy a visit at his home.

Emily is on a mission to retrieve Justin's stolen brooch from John. And to get to John you must go through Katherine. Katherine reluctantly gifts Emily with an address; which will unintentionally run her into Marcus and James.

Throughout the whole book readers switch perspectives. You jump from one era, to 20 years in the future, attempting to accomplish one menial task. . .continuing to search for a cure for the black lotus. Justin continues to search for ancient tomes while evading John and his associates.

Will they find a cure? What does the blood orchid bring to the table? What exactly does John want? I'd love to tell you all these questions will be answered in this book, but they will not be.

After finishing "The Black Lotus" I left it with the only saving grace "Blood Orchid" will have for me if I see it was truly edited. . .

I am actually quite disappointed with this book. I read it on the kindle, and at 33% I was finished. . .no, it was not a "Did Not Finish" the story was LITERALLY over at 33%. At first I was confused, thinking I just received a sample of the book, but as I flipped forward, a sample of another book was listed, and then the ENTIRE book of "Blood Orchid" was repeated.

And once again, we have a book that I fail to believe made it through an editor. I understand a few mistakes. But once again, we have several mistakes in each chapter- to me that just detracts from the story. Maybe other people don't have a problem with that, but that's the glory of opinions, and this happens to be mine.

At this point in time, I don't really care to find out how this series ends.
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382 reviews33 followers
June 2, 2017

I received books one and two of the Night Flower series from YA Bound Book Tours. I hadn't heard of the series previously but the premise interested me immensely and the fact that this was a historical PNR was the clincher. I'm going to be reviewing books one and two together and I will not include any spoilers.

I really struggled with a rating for both of these books (both three to three and a half stars from me) because I did really enjoy them and they were great entertainment value for me. They kept me reading until late in the night and while some of the great reveals weren't hard to guess, I just enjoyed the books for what they were. Unfortunately both books suffered from editing issues and while I don't mind a spelling error or two or a grammatical faux-pas here and there I also think that both of these books could have had some scenes cut and some re-writes done in order to make the plot tighter and to make the books even more engaging.

The books are set in the 1700s with Melissa as our main protagonist. A woman before her time and a young debutante she is not happy being shunted off into the best possible marriage by her parents and is jealous of the freedom and autonomy of the men of her era.

The historical aspects of the story seem to have been researched and represented well although we could have had even more detail in order to give us a broader scope of the setting. The paranormal facets are both unique and interesting and I love the idea of the curse and how the characters deal with their immortality.

The writing, while not perfect, was vivid and I loved the descriptions that Warner gave us and I was able to envisage the world with great clarity. Characters were developed satisfactorily in book one and by the second book I think Warner really hit her stride and I enjoyed learning more of their backgrounds and seeing their interactions.

The romance started off as a bit of insta-lust but I think that it turned into something sweeter and more believable as the books went on and this wasn't a problem for me at all.

Overall the second book was better than the first being more tightly plotted (and shorter), better character development and faster pacing however it's obviously necessary to read them both!

If you're a fan of YA PNR and/or historical romance, give this one a try!
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252 reviews18 followers
June 19, 2016
This is the second book the the Nigh Flower series, that follows Melissa as she learns more about the curse that has know been bestowed upon her. Melissa stays teamed up with Justin who she was captivated with, Emily who cursed her, and Marcus her brother. The story follows the four main characters as they are trying to cure the curse. The story is told over a longer time period so we get a lot more details. The book also switches in between different perspectives so as a reader we get a very complete picture.

I enjoyed reading the first book in the series, but I felt it was building up to something much bigger then what it turned out to be. So I wasn't sure how book two was going to go and in my mind it was a complete turn around. The story flows a lot faster and we cover a lot more ground. I feel like you could almost jump in and start reading the second book as a stand alone book. Plus this ending of this book will leave you wanting more! The story had a lot more action and more explaining of exactly what was going on. Since we skip time in between some of the chapters we get a bigger picture. We learn a lot more about the curse and get a much better understanding of how the curse works.

In regards to the characters they each have their own issues and they seem to become more prevalent in the second book. Melissa is really discovering herself and coming to terms with what happened to her. She is trying to grow as a character and provide more to the group. Justin is just trying to focus on finding a cure and treating Melissa as a delicate flower. Marcus is just the protective older brother, who also doesn't know what his feelings are for Emily. Emily is in my mind the most complex character in the book. We do get to hear her perspective at some points in the book, but I still can't figure her out. I have no idea whose side she is on and what her end goal is. She is easy to switch up her emotions and hard to get a read on. I love when you can't figure a character out it leaves them with a lot of potential for future books!

The background and details for this book is a lot better too. It is set in multiple locations and I felt like as a reader I had a clear picture of where the characters where going. I was able to use my imagination and envision what the characters where seeing and going through. The author did a great job with the details in this book and allowing the reader to imagine the struggle they are going through.

The one thing in the book that gets me is that although this book read a lot faster and we got a lot more answers to question I could have used a little more suspense. There were parts of the book that I wasn't sure what was going to happen to the characters, but I wasn't far enough in for one of them not to make it or them to disappear. The ending leaves you with so many questions and suspense I would have loved to have a little more sprinkled throughout the book. I also would have gotten a little more out of Emily as a character and saw what she is really up too.

I would suggest this as a nighttime read. It was an easy book to read and easy to follow along. There are some points where it picks up and you kind of want to immediately know what is going to happen. I can't wait for the next book in the series!!

I received a copy of this book from YA Bound Book Tours for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of this book.
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453 reviews44 followers
June 22, 2016
Mama Says: Another lyrical read from Claire Warner!
Although neither book delves deep into the period in which they are set, I enjoy the author's decision not to distract us with minor details. Picking up immediately after the end of The Black Lotus, Blood Orchid is rather fast paced for the most part so there aren't too many dull, winding moments. There was a slight lack in the mystery department, but since this isn't a mystery novel that's a minor disappointment on my end and I don't think everyone will have the same experience. We do learn quite a bit more about some of the things that happened in book one, as well as grow to know Melissa more deeply. She faces even more obstacles searching for the cure, and we get a glimpse of what's happening in the world around her (during the French Revolution.) Overall I enjoyed the read and will definitely be continuing the series.
3.5 stars
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95 reviews
July 7, 2016
A little frustrated with the time delay of 20 years and not being able to read about the romance of Justin & Melissa, it just happens in the past. In the first book its the central theme. Still intrigued by the story line and will of course read the final book.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
58 reviews12 followers
April 4, 2017
A really good book with a nail biting mystery, witty and lovely characters, flowing prose and captivating plot. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone. I can't wait to read the sequel. Find out more awesome books at http://READDAYANDNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM
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1,925 reviews
April 22, 2017
Black Lotus & Blood Orchid by Claire Warner are books one and two in the Night Flower Series. While I love a good vampire story, I feel like this one is a been there done that kind of story. The copies I received felt more like a proof copy that still needed a final edit because there is a lot of writing errors. I felt that the author set the books up so that you have to read the next book in order to continue the story. There really is not an ending to each book. The plot was mediocre at best (been there done that). The characters and their development was ok. The dialogue between character sometimes fell flat or seemed awkward. If some of the conversations were reworded it may have been better and evoke a more emotional response from the reader. The pace of the novel changes from page to page making it hard to keep up. I feel like this was an ok read but will need editing before I would pay for the next book
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1,471 reviews1 follower
April 29, 2017
Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
Blood Orchid by Claire Warner has Melissa and Justin opening the story with the ending events of The Black Lotus. Marcus searches for and finds Melissa after discovering the death of their mother. He fights for her to go back home with him and then finally realizes that she can't and is now dealing with the same curse as Justin. This book is genre bending and includes historical fiction plus all the mystery, suspense and paranormal fun of The Black Lotus, the first book in the Night Flower series. 4 stars for this supernatural young adult book with a touch of romance!
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123 reviews9 followers
April 29, 2017
I read this book immediately after finishing the last one, and, in hindsight, I think this may have lessened my enjoyment somewhat. There's a little bit of second book syndrome here, where the story just didn't grab me and hold me the way the first one did.

Whereas I really liked the 18th century England historical setting, the times jumps in this one that placed the characters in the middle of the French Revolution were a bit jarring. Whereas book one felt like it was set in ye olde England, this one didn't feel like it was set in revolutionary France. The author clearly knew her stuff with the first setting, but it felt a little shaky with the second one. Little details about French life and culture in that time period sprinkled through the story would really have made this book come to life! I loved seeing the characters move out of their comfort zone and experience their powers in the wider world, but Blood Orchid suffered by comparison to Black Lotus, probably because I read them back to back.

I kind of went backwards on Melissa and Justin as a pairing too. She's proven herself to be a strong and capable character, but he continually treats her like a child who needs to be sent to her room while the grown ups talk, despite the fact it's pretty much his fault she's in this horrible situation. But, as with many books, she's stuck with him. Magical bonds are something of a pet peeve of mine in fantasy. I much prefer to see characters together because they want to be, not because they're forced to be. Bonds of genuine love and desire carry more weight with me than ones of obligation and necessity. Ultimately one tends to lead to the other in the story, but I personally find the relationship somewhat tainted by how it started. Conflict and tensions are great, but invisible leashes and ties nobody asked for are not. Melissa has got enough fire and determination to make it on her own, especailly after such big time jumps, and I failed to see why she would choose to stay with Justin. especially after what he did.

I really hated the implacation - true though it was - that Justin needed Melissa to be cursed in order to really make an effort in finding a cure. It's the kind of lazy characterisation that makes it seem like the guy's brain is in his pants and he's not capable of really trying to fix himself and his friends unless he's getting laid at the end of it. I found myself kind of rooting for Emily - who was a bit of a bitch - because at least she seemed to have everyone's best interests at heart, even if she went about things with all the subtlety and sensitivity of a bull in a china shop.

Overall, this was a solid read, and I'll definitely be continuing with this series, but it did suffer a bit from second book syndrome.
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