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Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary

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This is not an ordinary dictionary. After all, you wouldn't expect an 'Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary' to be ordinary, would you? Lots of dictionaries tell you what an 'alligator' is, or how to spell 'balloon' but they won't explain the difference between a 'ringbeller' and a 'trogglehumper', or say why witches need 'gruntles' eggs' or suggest a word for the shape of a 'Knid'.
All the words that Roald Dahl invented are here, like 'biffsquiggled' and 'whizzpopping, ' to remind you what means what. You'll also find out where words came from, rhyming words, synonyms and lots of alternative words for words that are overused.
Oxford Children's Dictionaries are perfect for supporting literacy and learning and this is the world's first Roald Dahl Dictionary from the word experts at Oxford University Press. With real citations from Roald Dahl's children's books and illustrations by Quentin Blake, the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary will inspire and encourage young writers and readers.

288 pages, Hardcover

Published June 2, 2016

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About the author

Susan Rennie

31 books2 followers
Susan Rennie is a writer, researcher and lexicographer. She was Editor of the Dictionary of the Scots Language and the Historical Thesaurus of Scots projects at the Universities of Dundee and Glasgow. She has worked on The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary and Chambers Dictionary, and is the chief editor of the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary. Her monograph on Jamieson's Dictionary of Scots (OUP, 2012) was shortlisted for the Saltire Society Research Book of the Year, and she recently discovered the lost manuscript of James Boswell's Scots dictionary, which she is currently editing for publication. Susan was also one of the co-founders of Itchy Coo Books and has written several books in Scots for children, including the award-winning Animal ABC and The Derk Isle, the first Scots translation of Tintin.

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3,614 reviews117 followers
August 18, 2019
I bought this for me - and I am an adult!! It is great which goes to show that you are never to old for Roald Dahl, especially all his great words. I am sure kids will love it too. A lovely weighty book with glorious pictures and colours and oh so many words!
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371 reviews35 followers
August 30, 2016
This is great. For anyone who has read the work of Roakd Dahl you know how he has a knack for using ridiculous, off the wall word a, and making them work perfectly. This is a collection of those words along with meanings. The illustrations s are typical to what you see in his books; wonderful and goofy. This is sure to be loved by both children and adults.
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4,638 reviews191 followers
September 2, 2016
Written by Roald Dahl and Susan Rennie
Edited by Susan Rennie
Illustrated by Quentin Blake
September 1, 2016; 288 Pages
Oxford University Press
Genre: children's, nonfiction, reference, humour, roald dahl's books

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.)


I love that this book exists! It takes words and gives it a Road Dahl twist...including novels and characters as examples. It is not a book you can sit down and read cover to cover...it is a reference sort of book you can pick up here and there. I highly recommend this book for fans and future fans of Roald Dahl. A fun book to look at with kids.
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1,998 reviews50 followers
June 3, 2016
I saw this book mentioned on television yesterday and I when I spotted it on Net Galley I had to request a copy to look through. As a real Roald Dahl fan as a youngster this was a real spectacular. It is full of the fantastic illustrations that pepper his books and in full colour. It's a gorgeous book. It would make an ideal gift for both young and old Dahl fans and a brilliant addition to sit next to the book collection on the bookshelf.

The blurb states that 'only really interesting words are allowed in this book'- and some of the definitions will delight youngsters. It also states 'Finally some words are simply here for fun, like aardvark, because just like stories, every dictionary needs a good begining'. Doesn't that sound like Roald Dahl had a hand in compiling this book. It highlights the origins of some words at the bottom -which is fun for browsers. It also has illustrations of the characters and a highlighted section for some words which make for amusing reads.

I definately need to buy this book to sit alongside my favourite childhood books. You can dip into this just to enjoy the pure fun of his books and it is beautifully presented.

It leaves you with a wonderful quote from Roald Dahl, 'If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely'. That would make a wonderful quote to live your life by.

I am delighted to have seen a copy of this book- it transported me straight back to my childhood and made me want a copy of my own.

With many thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for the chance to look through this book. It will definately be joining my bookshelf when it's released.
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1,863 reviews91 followers
July 16, 2016
Quick Summary: An utterly delightful resource for adults and kids alike

Review: The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary is 100%, hands down a winner in my book. I loved, loved, loved it! It was colorful, engaging, humorous and educational. I loved the word variety, the illustrations, the breakdown by section, and the associated references with word use from Dahl's collection of stories. From start to finish, it captivated me. The only thing I would like to have seen included would be a pronunciation guide with each word. (As a word lover, dictionary fiend, and advocate for and supporter of early education, I can say, in all honesty, that a guide would have been totally helpful for younger developing learners.) Bravo! Well done, Ms. Ronnie, Mr. Dahl, and Mr. Blake.

Rating: 5/5
Recommend: Yes
Audience: All (with an emphasis on family)
Status: Non-fiction/fiction, educational, general study (kids/youth)
Humor/Wit: Yes
Keeper: Yes
Hard copy or e-copy: Hard
Other: School and home library resource
Source: NetGalley
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589 reviews68 followers
June 3, 2016
A fantabulous resource for readers, from its first ordinary entry of "aardvark", ( "every dictionary starts with one"), to its last "zozimus"! Perfect for anyone who loves to "gobblefunk" words and create "spoonerisms" too. Roald Dahl fans in particular will want to snatch up a few copies to keep on hand for gifts, or for when you just can't remember what a "Knid" or "whizzpopper" means. This is one of those books that will endure for generations, like an "everlasting gobstopper". Topped off with fun illustrations by Quintin Blake and references from the many R. Dahl books too. Made me want to go back and reread them all.
Love it!

(Book provided and previewed on NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.)
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614 reviews104 followers
July 27, 2016
I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

This is beyond your typical dictionary, this is a Roald Dahl dictionary, so you can expect words such as babblement, from The BFG, and even character names, such as Augustus Gloop, to make appearances among the more normal words.

This book is a must have for any Roald Dahl fan/collector. It contains references to many of his other books throughout, which made me so nostalgic while reading.

The artwork is also fantastic, you really feel as though you are in a Roald Dahl novel, because they have got the same illustrator Quentin Blake, in for this book too.

I cannot recommend this book enough, and I think that it would make a valuable resource for Roald Dahl fans of any age.
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3,825 reviews22 followers
July 31, 2017
'Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary' compiled by Susan Rennie, illustrated by Quentin Blake, with original text by Roald Dahl is a Roald Dahl approved, actual Oxford Dictionary for children (and fans of Roald Dahl).

The dictionary starts with a nice illustrated guide to how to use this dictionary. The words that were made up by Roald Dahl are in blue. Just about all of the entries include a sentence showing how the word is used in a Roald Dahl book. The reader is encouraged to find rhymes or ways to use the words in sentences. There is a handy alphabet down the side of the page for easy flipping to the right page. There are also fun illustrations throughout.

The book starts with an entry for aardvark. Not because Roald Dahl used the word, but because that's the word that all dictionaries should start with. I found that hilarious and completely appropriate.

This is such a fun dictionary. I really enjoyed getting a chance to look through it. Roald Dahl was really good at making up funny words. I didn't realize how many he had until I saw them in this volume.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Oxford University Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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376 reviews59 followers
February 16, 2017
Children will enjoy using the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary. One can easily flip from page to page learning new words or interesting common words, all the while giggling. Every word Dahl invented, every place and character he created, and various Dahl story illustrations are only in the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary.

The illustrations are pure Dahl. Actually, they are pure Quentin Blake, Dahl’s principal illustrator. Blake includes his images from Dahl stories and then adds new illustrations exclusively for this dictionary.

Despite all the shenanigans going on between the covers, the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary is an authentic dictionary. With its dozen or so features and brightly colored illustrations kids will enjoy learning new words and inspired creative writing. The best dictionary for children this year.

Originally reviewed on the New York Journal of Books. To read the complete review, go to: http://bit.ly/NYJBOxfordDahlDictionary
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114 reviews1 follower
July 15, 2016
I love this and I know I would have loved it as a kid,
It is a dictionary and as all dictionaries, it starts with the letter A and lists all words with their meanings. But the definitions are not boring, they are fun and always followed by a quote from one of Dahl's books as an example of the word in use.

For instance for the adjective -adult- we have the following:

An adult book is one that grown-ups think you are too young to read.
'But does it not intrigue you' Miss Honey said, 'that a little five-year-old child is reading long adult novels by Dickens and Hemingway?' - MATILDA

For the noun garden we find:
A garden is a piece of ground where people grow flowers,fruit or vegetables. Mrs Twit prefers to grow nettles and thistles in her garden, to keep out nosey children.

There are also lots of word which were created by Roald Dahl himself (written in blue) , for instance we have the word geraneous for a type of giraffe, maybe bigger than the giant curlicue.

You will also learn what a Giant Wangdoodle is (a type of sweet sold in the Grupper).
On top of all these you will find some activities that encourage children to use words and language
for instance by finding rhyming words or a synonymous.

The book is also peppered with curiosities and weird information for instance that so many words that describe light start with gl- (glimmer, glisten, glitter, gleam etc. ), something I had never noticed.

If that is not enough the illustrations by Quentin Blake are fantastic.
Overall this book is wonderful and a great present for any kid (of any age really) as it guarantees hours of fun, lots of learning and will give a child a love for words and reading that may last for the rest of their lives.

I was given an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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382 reviews34 followers
June 28, 2016
I adore Roald Dahl. And I'm thrilled that I had the opportunity to get hold of an eARC. Thank-you NetGalley!

Roald Dahl is a personal childhood favourite and something I cannot wait to share with my children when they are old enough. I even enjoy re-reading the novels and rhymes as an adult, so I was just besotted with this dictionary! I think it is a wonderful addition to any library and I am going to be searching for a hard copy of this as soon as they become available.

Beautifully presented (with illustrations by Quentin Blake!!!!) and full of great facts and knowledge but also displayed in an entertaining and fun way which will make kids of all ages (even the adult ones!) truly enjoy this dictionary.
Profile Image for pati.
2,409 reviews
January 3, 2017
This dictionary is a lot of fun, "only the most interesting words are allowed in this dictionary". At first I was biffsqiggled by the dictionary but then realized how clever this book is. Roald Dahl has created some really fantastic words and this is the place to find out what they mean! Best to read the How to use this dictionary page before you start looking up words.
12 reviews
November 21, 2018
De Nederlandse versie van het woordenboek van Roald Dahl is net zo goed als het Engelse. Het is niet een compleet woordenboek maar een verzameling woorden die veel voorkomen in de boeken van Roald Dahl. Met gewone woorden als afkorting, genade, overdrijven en zinken maar ook zelfbedachte woorden als gnifgnuiver ("een opwindend en FANTASTELIJK type droom"), voersel ("met voersel bedoelt de GVR eten en snacks") en wormstaltig ("een wormstaltig wezen is monsterlijk lelijk en lijkt op een worm"). Ook woorden die in de boeken van Roald Dahl anders worden gebruikt ("piepertje is een liefkozende naam die je kunt geven aan iemand die je aardig vindt") worden beschreven en uitgelegd.
Onder elke uitleg staat een stukje tekst uit een van de boeken van Dahl met het uitgelegde woord in de juiste context.
Er staan leuke en interessante weetjes tussen de woorden, tekeningen van Quentin Blake en tekstvakjes die "husselen met woorden" worden genoemd. Daarin wordt de taal uit de boeken nog verder uitgelegd.
Er staan tips in om meer informatie te vinden ("Zoek het op") zoals bijvoorbeeld: "Kijk bij GEK voor andere manieren omiemand te omschrijven die getikt is."
Grappig en herkenbaar voor fans van de boeken en schrijfstijl van Roald Dahl.
Leuk om door te bladeren en af en toe in te lezen. Niet geschikt als voorleesboek maar een "musthave" voor liefhebbers van (bijzondere) taal.
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971 reviews11 followers
November 13, 2017
This is a great book for a Roald Dahl fan. Fun way to locate those invented words that Dahl was so famous for. It's just what it says it is, a Roald Dahl Dictionary. I would note that it isn't exclusively his invented words, there are plenty of regular words in there as well to flesh it out a bit. There's a good chance your average person wouldn't have much use for this, this is more for fans.
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Author 39 books13 followers
September 3, 2018
Fijne verzameling gekke woorden. Mooi overzicht van alle woorden die Roald Dahl gebruikt, gecombineerd en bedacht heeft. Met verklaring en ook vaak met verwijzing naar een boek of verhaal. Je krijgt meteen weer zin om wat van die verhalen te gaan lezen. Natuurlijk met de bekende leuke tekeningen van Quentin Blake.
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452 reviews17 followers
September 21, 2016

Een waarschuwing ten aanzien van 'Roald Dahl Woordenboek', van AAIEN tot ZWOEVIG, is op zijn plaats: je raakt niet uitgelezen. En het is een stimulans om alle boeken van Roald Dahl te herlezen. Precieus!

Een fantastelijke uitgave van Van Dale, samengesteld door Susan Rennie, bewerkt door Heidi Aalbrecht en Pyter Wagenaar.
Prachtige lay-out, met voorin een handleiding hoe het woordenboek te gebruiken. De Wist je dat?s leren je iets over de geschiedenis van woorden. Andere tekstblokken gaan over Husselen met woorden of adviseren je een bepaald woord op te zoeken. Er zijn ook blokken met tips voor alternatieve woorden, zodat je zeker weet dat je in de verhalen die jij schrijft NOOIT SAAI bent. Door Dahl bedachte en in het Nederlands vertaalde woorden zijn in blauwe letters weergegeven. Kortom: het woordenboek zit vol grapjes en leukigheid en het is nog leerzaam ook.

"Hurken zijn net zulke vreemde lichaamsdelen als kladden en lurven. Waar zitten die eigenlijk?"

De illustraties van Quentin Blake zijn even fraai als altijd.
Op elke pagina staat het alfabet langs de rand; de afwijkend gekleurde letter geeft aan waar je op dat moment bent. Bovenaan de bladzijden zie je het eerste en laatste trefwoord van die bladzijde, dat vergemakkelijkt het zoeken naar de trefwoorden.
Er komen in het boek zelfs weetjes voor die volwassenen niet kennen.

Bij werkwoorden is de verleden tijd en de voltooid tegenwoordige tijd vermeld: ROEPEN (riep, heeft geroepen). Bij sommige woorden staat de uitspraak: BIJZONDER (je zegt: biezonder). Zelfstandige naamwoorden zijn voorzien van lidwoord en meervoudsvorm. Voorbeeld:

"Trefwoord: de ANGST (twee angsten)
Angst is het gevoel dat je hebt als je bang bent.
Dan volgt er een blok 'Husselen met woorden', ook over ANGST:
Roald Dahls personages zitten vaak in angstige situaties, daarom kom je in zijn verhalen ook veel manieren tegen om angst te beschrijven. De passagiers in de perzik zijn bijvoorbeeld 'verlamd van angst' en mevrouw Griezel wordt 'wit van schrik' bij de gedachte aan de gevreesde krimpziekte. Je kunt ook 'versteend' of 'verstijfd zijn van angst', of 'van angst aan de grond vastgenageld staan' (zodat je je niet meer kunt bewegen). Kijk bij BANG om te zien wat er nog meer gebeurt als iemand angstig is."

Niet na elk trefwoord staat een tekstblok dat daar dieper op ingaat, maar op elke pagina staat wel iéts extra's.

Uit het nawoord: "De grootste geheimen zijn altijd verstopt op de meest onwaarschijnlijke plaatsen en als je er niet naar zoekt, vind je ze nooit. Sommige magische woorden houden zich misschien verscholen op een pagina die je eerder hebt gemist. ..."
Een boek om binnen handbereik te houden en veelvuldig te raadplegen, want stel je voor dat je tijdens het bladeren, lezen en glimlachen een buitengebruikelijk woord gemist hebt.
Het is ommogeluk alle facetten van het 'Roald Dahl Woordenboek' te beschrijven, je moet het beleven!

Voor wie dat nog niet wist: van alle inkomsten uit de Roald Dahl-boeken gaat tien procent naar goede doelen, zoals specialistische verpleegkundigen voor kinderen, toelagen voor families met zieke kinderen en onderwijshulpprogramma's.

Roald Dahl zei:
"Als je fijne gedachten hebt,
zonnestraalt dat van je af
en zie je er altijd mooi uit."

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325 reviews293 followers
June 3, 2016
Very playful and fun dictionary that encourages kids to be creative with words.

The pages are filled with bright colors and Quentin Blake's very recognizable illustrations. Only words that Ronald Dahl used are included in this dictionary. It has regular words like allowed ("If you are allowed to do something, it means that grown-ups will not try to stop you from doing it."), but it also has words unique to Ronald Dahl's books like gloriumptious ("A gloriumptious experience is one that you find wonderful and exciting."). The words unique to Ronald Dahl are in blue, while common words are black. Each definition is accompanied by a Ronald Dahl sentence using that word. Some words, like bad, are featured. In the feature block, there are explanations the different ways bad can be used and all the different words you can use to convey it. Many of the word entries are accompanied by some fun features which are coded by color:

• Did You Know?- Word histories. "The aardvark is an Afrikaans word which means 'earth pig', though aardvarks are not related to pigs at all."
• Look it Up - Encourages you to learn more about related words. With alter: "When a person is altered into a mouse, it is called metamorphosis."
• Don't Be Biffsquiggled!- Teaches you to be on the lookout for tricky words. "The words allowed and aloud sound the same, but they mean different things."
• Sparky Synonyms - Other words and phrases you can use that mean the same thing. With joke: "If you are joking, you can also say you are pulling someone's leg."

This dictionary has really fun features that encourage kids to have fun with language. The Gobblefunking With Words sections explain how Ronald Dahl creates new words and it encourages the reader to do the same. For example: "To make the word dreadly, Ronald Dahl blended together dread and deadly, which works well because the two words share some letters and sounds. You can try this with other words that share letters or sounds, for example bugly is a blend of ugly and bug, and slashpan is blend of saucepan and slash." At the bottom of some pages, there are tips on prefixes and suffixes you can use to create new words: "You can add -land to words to make up new countries: the coast of Whangdoodleland." Some of the entries are accompanied by Ringbelling Rhyme tips, with suggestions for rhyming. With ablaze: "Try rhyming with amaze (as well as mayonnaise, of course)."

This is not your average dictionary! It has a very playful and humorous tone that makes language fun. If I had a dictionary like this when I was a child, I would've wanted to read the entire thing from front to back! I would recommend this for all children, Ronald Dahl fans, and budding writers!
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1,336 reviews16 followers
August 22, 2016
One of my earlier memories as a reader is of me sitting in my mum’s car (which was stationary on our driveway) and refusing to leave because I was reading a really good book. That book was Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. The reason I mention this rather quirky reading location is because that memory has stuck with me and I think that great books can do that to you. If I have a memory of reading a book then I think it must have been good.

I loved Roald Dahl’s dastardly books. They were not your usual happy go lucky fairytales and when you reread them as an adult you can see that there are some pretty sinister things happening. I think that is what made Roald Dahl so successful. In a weird way he told the truth…not of witches turning children into mice (although just because I’ve never seen it happen doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen) but by showing children that the world and the people are not always nice and sometimes people don’t always get their happily ever after. I think that is why – 25 years after Roald Dahl died – that his popularity has sustained.

The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary is the work of scholar Susan Rennie; she celebrates the work of Roald Dahl in this wonderful book which includes so much more than dictionary definitions. She explains literary techniques such as spoonerisms, malapropism and alliteration among many others. She also looks closely at certain characters and stories. It really is a wonderful reminder of all the fantastic stories: from Matilda to Esio Trot, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to James and the Giant Peach. Rennie also included books of Dahl’s that I have to admit that I haven’t read (but they have swiftly been added on my to-be-read pile). On top of all of this, the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary includes the fabulous and instantly recognisable illustrations of the wonderful Quentin Blake.

Reading the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary is best described using one of Roald Dahl’s made up words – GLORIUMTIOUS! No children’s bookshelf is complete without it!

Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary by Susan Rennie is available now.

For more information regarding Roald Dahl please visit www.roalddahl.com.

For more information regarding Oxford University Press please visit www.global.oup.com.
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266 reviews19 followers
September 21, 2016
I love Roald Dahl because thanks to him and Johnny Depp with his spectacular Willy Wonka I discovered Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and an imaginary world interesting and captivating. I read all the Wonka books and I continued with many others as well.

So I requested without any kind of hesitation apart a Road Dahl biography for trying to understand much better who this author was in real life, The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary by Susan Rennie and Roald Dahl published by the Oxford University Press thinking just later...

Bloody hell, I am italian and now?

When I opened this dictionary at first I was a bit "scared."

Well, I can tell you I would have wanted a similar italian or English or Latin or Greek or french dictionary like this one!

It's truly truly, truly funny, humorous, and your children will fall in love for it.

It is completely colored, funny, thanks to Quentin Black's illustrations and captivating. Thanks to a lot of anecdotes, stories, new words created by Dahl your children will learn with joy and happiness not just the most common English words, but also other funny new ones inserted in Dahl's books. Dahl was a creative like PG Wodehouse.

So be careful when they will speak to you after that they will have read this dictionary. Maybe they will use Dahl's words...
You can't never know..

So, dear parent don't worry, be hopscotchy! ;-) and buy this dictionary without any kind of perplexities to your children. Money very well spent trust me because, for once, I can tell you this, they will open the dictionary with love and curiosity and they will read it with interest!

I thank NetGalley for this book.
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301 reviews233 followers
September 18, 2016
Happy 100th birthday, Roald Dahl!!!

And what better way to celebrate this day than with a new book!
But not just any book! A DICTIONARY with all of all the ridiculous, silly words that Dahl ever used in his books!

This book is not to be read from cover to cover since it is meant to be used as a dictionary. It not only has all of Dahl's made-up words, but many additional words that Dahl used in his writing and what he meant them to mean. Many of us forget that most words aren't meant to be taken so literal... However, my children and I did read the majority of it in chronological order, and although it is not a story to follow along, it was very amusing to come across all the amusing words we have grown to use, love and admire.

Filled with Quentin Blake's illustrations - the perfect touch to make you feel right at home in Dahl's stories and worlds. Where I was able to reminisce all the memories I have reading Dahl's books and my children were able to recall recent readings and add more of Dahl's books to their "soon to be read" lists.

Our favorite part was that the dictionary comes with instructions in how to use it - implying that "only interesting words are allowed in it" and that the pronunciation of a word can be misleading to what it may actually mean.

A fun book for everyone! Especially Dahl-followers who want an in-depth knowledge of how and why the author used the words he used... gobblefunking at its best!!!
14 reviews
Want to read
November 21, 2016
Citation by: Adriane Watt

Type of Reference: Dictionary

Content/Scope: A dictionary targeted to 9-12 year olds or grades 3rd-7th. This book has 288 pages of fun words that not any ordinary dictionary would have. It is for students who love the Ronald Dahl books and with students in the elementary setting that is a lot of them.

Accuracy/Authority/Bias: This book is from the Oxford Dictionary setting and is set aside for students that want more creative words that not any other ordinary dictionary would have. ANy student would love to get their hands on this book because it is funny to see the words and their meaning.

Arrangement/Presentation: Arrangement is alphabetical. Included in the 288 pages are words that give vocabulary a new meaning and help explain the works that might be found in hie other works.

Relation to other works: There are many children's dictionaries available. This dictionary goes into a new realm of them. Sharing new words that are expressed in his other works.
Accessibility/Diversity: The illustrations include a diverse population. The language is non sexist. This will be of specific interest to children who are visual learners.

Cost: $21.50

Professional Review: Rennie, S. (2016). Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary. Oxford University Press. New York, NY. 978-0192736451.
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228 reviews21 followers
October 25, 2018
2018 // 215 | Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary - Susan Rennie (ed.), Roald Dahl, and Quentin Blake | 2016 | 288 pp
This is not your ordinary dictionary - it features all the wonderful made up words Dahl does so well. Peppered throughout with ‘Did you know’s, quirky little lists, and Quentin Blake’s illustrations, this would be a fun gift for any young Dahl reader.
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924 reviews67 followers
June 15, 2016
When I first read the title, I thought that this would be a dictionary of characters and terms found in Roald Dahl's books. Those are included, in a delightful way, however this is more than merely a compendium of Roald Dahlisms: this is actually a very functional dictionary of the English language.

It is appropriate for all ages because of the Dahl characters and terms, but seems to be aimed at younger readers and writers. Encouragement for young writers is found throughout the book. This is an inspiring dictionary for children from primary school through high school. I actually caught myself going page by page, until I realized that I was reading a dictionary like it was a novel. This dictionary rightfully refers to itself as "extra-usual."

Bonuses include synonyms for words that are overused, illustrations of characters and terms (the same illustrations that appeared in his books), a wonderful introduction, tips on writing and an entertaining explanation on how to make the most of the book.

I adore this book. Definitely a must have for families with younger children and any fan of Roald Dahl.

**eARC Netgalley**
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July 3, 2016
Just as the masterful writer's books were very sensible and reasonable ones tinged with a strong element of craziness (and craziness of the good kind, as far as I ever read them and can remember), so this dictionary seems to be quite daffy but is probably full of a lot of serious sense. It limits itself to the words the editors think are useful and that Dahl himself used, or just plain invented, but that's enough to be going on with. Everything has a definition and an example of usage, and often a box-out will include synonyms and/or antonyms. There are rhyming guides, suggestions for further browsing within these pages, trivia and more – who knew the real derivation of barmy, or even corridor? I didn't know whether this was a concordance, or homage to Dahl, but it's both and more – it's pretty much a fully serviceable dictionary for the wordsmith who would be reading Dahl anyway, and dipping into this to use it as inspiration to go off on her or his own literary adventures.
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August 25, 2016
The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary is a wonderful companion to his books; an excellent addition to any library, in fact.

This is without question an ideal book for young readers who are reading, or have read, Dahl's books. The fun nature of the dictionary coupled with his delightful books will help to make young readers into lifelong readers and learners. Reading and learning should be fun and this definitely makes it so.

Adults will also enjoy the playfulness of this dictionary, as well as taking you back to your childhood and how the newness of words so often led down completely new avenues.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.
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July 5, 2016
What a perfectly wonderful tribute to a wonderful author (if not always a wonderful human being). This book combines the recognizable illustrations of Dahl's books with the wonderfully creative language of the author himself. This book not only teaches about the language that Dahl used, but how he created his words. A nice combination. I wish that there had been more live links (for instance, being able to jump to a specific letter of the dictionary or being able to jump to a section when the book said "see [this] for more details.")
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June 10, 2016
It may seem funny to review a dictionary, but when it is put out by Roald Dahl it is a must read. This is a dictionary like no other. It includes real words, Dahl special invented words, characters, you name it. It is laid out in a fun way and includes illustrations. There are actually instructions in the beginning of the book that tell you how to use a dictionary, plus “did you know” facts and “look it up” clues for various words. A very well done dictionary.
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June 12, 2016
A Roald Dahl dictionary? This is pure genius. The dictionary, aside from having definitions (duh), include sentences with examples of the words from many of Dahl's fabulous books. Some definitions also include a "Did you know?, rhymes, synonyms and tons of other quirky information. This is truly an enjoyable dictionary that children will enjoy.
*I received an ARAC via NetGalley & Oxford University Press in exchange for an honest review.
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