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Curse of the Granville Fortune #1

Curse of the Granville Fortune

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Twelve-year-old J.B.’s visions leave him sweaty, lightheaded, and certain he’s turning into a freak—or worse, going insane.

The visions stem from a family curse. An ancestor stole the Granville fortune, and now J.B.’s entire family will suffer. To break the curse, J.B. must find and return the Granville’s stolen property.

But he’s not the only one searching for the treasure. His journey leads to a dark forest where he’ll battle his worst fears. And when he meets two others who share the missing pieces of his visions and suffer from the same curse, the three soon realize they need to work together to break the curse before it's too late.

190 pages, Paperback

First published August 21, 2014

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About the author

Kelly Hashway

110 books486 followers
Kelly Hashway fully admits to being one of the most accident-prone people on the planet, but that didn’t stop her from jumping out of an airplane at ten thousand feet one Halloween. Maybe it was growing up reading R.L. Stine’s Fear Street books that instilled a love of all things scary and a desire to live in a world filled with supernatural creatures, but she spends her days writing speculative fiction for young adults, middle graders, and young children. Kelly is also USA Today bestselling romance author Ashelyn Drake. When she’s not writing, Kelly works as an editor and also as Mom, which she believes is a job title that deserves to be capitalized.

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Profile Image for Medeia Sharif.
Author 18 books427 followers
December 6, 2014
J.B. and his sister Holly have unfortunate, unsuccessful parents. When J.B. has powerful visions about the Granville curse--something that has haunted his family for ages because some ancestors took something that wasn’t theirs--circumstances become stranger. When the two get their hands on their father’s cryptic journal and then get lost in a forest to get to the bottom of this curse, they meeting interesting characters and encounter dangerous situations.

The perils in the forest and a fast-paced storyline make this a great middle grade read. With the curse, the nature setting, and other adventurous elements, the book had an eerie atmosphere--it was a perfect fall/winter read. Many children, as well as adult readers, will be enchanted with this tale.
Profile Image for Katie Clark.
Author 20 books119 followers
October 14, 2014
Kelly Hashway's Curse of the Granville Fortune was an exciting adventure, with fun thrills at every turn. I loved the mystery surrounding the story, and look forward to the next book in the series!
Profile Image for Beverly McClure.
Author 17 books453 followers
November 2, 2014
What do you think of when you hear the words “Enchanted Forest?” Lovely fairy like creatures with transparent wings flittering about? The sound of music drifting through the air? Sweet smelling flowers and shiny leafed trees? A forest you’d love to visit?

In Author Kelly Hashway’s MG novel, THE CURSE OF THE GRANVILLE FORTUNE, J. B. and his sister, Holly, become lost in a forest, a forest where their worst nightmares become a reality. J. B. has visions. An old woman tells him he’ll be cursed until he returns what was taken. In his vision two others are with him. He doesn’t know who they are or what was taken, just that he was cursed. In their search for meaning to his visions, J. B. and Holly end up in Braeden Forest, where they might possibly find the answers.

THE CURSE OF THE GRANVILLE FORTUNE has a lot of characters, a lot of twists and turns and surprises. People are not always what they seem, and J. B., along with Holly and a girl named Noelle, don’t know who to trust in their quest to discover what was stolen, by whom, and what it means to each of the kids and their families. There’s plenty of action for young readers. J. B. is a good older brother, protective of his sister and Noelle. And you may just be surprised at some of the twists and turns in the story. This book would make a nice addition to school libraries, public libraries and your own personal library.

I was provided a copy of this book for my honest review.

Profile Image for Kai Strand.
Author 26 books112 followers
April 6, 2015
There is plenty of mystery and mayhem in this middle grade adventure. Brother and sister, J.B. and Holly run into all sorts of trouble when they decide to try to break the curse that was put on their family generations before. They are captured and escape from the thieves trying to find and steal the fortune—the reason behind the original curse—a number of times. Then their dad shows up to help the thieves! A girl they meet and befriend, also seems friendly with one of the thieves. But in the end nothing is what it seems and an unusual friendship forms that may hold the resolution to all their problems.

I enjoyed the perils of the imaginative forest where anything bad, said aloud, comes to life. J.B. is a clever and enjoyable main character that kids should be able to relate well too. The Curse of the Granville Fortune is a pleasurable first installment in the series.
Profile Image for Angie.
252 reviews3 followers
February 23, 2015
My daughter and I read this book together. I gave it four stars and she gave it five. This is a good mystery and the story keeps you on your toes. My daughters review: I liked the book because mystery is my favorite genre and I liked it at the end when JB, Noelle and Edward realize their part of the curse.
Profile Image for Shauna.
38 reviews
October 23, 2014
A great adventure, fast-paced, fun, and easy to read for middle grade readers. This story will have you running along with J.B. and his sister through the forest, trying to stay one step ahead of the various creatures within. Can't wait to see how this adventure unfolds in the next book!
Profile Image for Diane Coto.
389 reviews9 followers
October 24, 2014
JB (nickname for Jack Beaumont) has been having visions since he was only four years old. He’s nine now. The visions are always the same. An old woman is saying, “You three who bring disgrace to your families shall suffer great misfortune. Your lives shall be cursed until you return what was taken this night.” But the vision doesn’t make sense to JB since he hasn’t stolen anything and who are the three? JB and his eight year old sister, Holly, were playing in the park backing up to woods. They run when they see a frightening man walking out of the woods.

Their dad had been acting strange lately, spending more and more time at work and making less and less time for JB and Holly. They take his journal to see what he’s been up to. In it is a note written in their mom’s handwriting about Braedon Forest and warnings of the scary beasts within. They set off to find out what Dad and Mom have been hiding. Into Braedon Forest they go.

The recommended age for this is 9 to 12 (lower middle grade), which would make sense since the protagonist is also nine. It’s an action / adventure story with some fantasy. It can get a bit scary at times, but honestly I don’t think it is out of range for this age group. It’s pretty fast paced with no time for boredom to set in. Amazon shows the total pages at 300, but I think this is a mistake for the number of kindle pages. I’d estimate the total pages at about 100 or so for the kindle e-book. The paperback has 300 pages but perhaps there are pictures – just guessing as I’m not sure. I did think it was more open-ended than I’ve seen most middle grade fiction. There’s a definite feeling of ‘to be continued’. Some things don’t entirely make sense, like how were two kids away from home for a couple of nights without the police force looking for them. I rated Curse of the Granville Fortune at 4 out of 5.

Profile Image for Erika Messer.
176 reviews15 followers
November 2, 2014
Very cool book for young adults! J.B. is a typical young man until he starts to have visions and can't figure out why they are occurring. Turns out he is cursed by the Granville Fortune that was stolen, and his entire family is cursed because his ancestor was accused of it. So he sets out on a journey through a dark forest with all kinds of danger, and when he meets others who have been having the same visions they continue the journey together to try and discover the truth. It is a thrilling adventure book with lots of twists and turns around every corner :) Along for the ride is J.B.'s sister Holly, who helps him try to solve the case and find out what really happened to the fortune. I hope there will be another book in this series that continues to unfold the saga. A great read for any age even if geared towards young adults. Definitely pick this one up for your youngster and give them something awesome to read :) I received a complimentary ebook to do this review :)
Profile Image for TJ.
977 reviews118 followers
November 5, 2014

Why this book?
My sister entered a blog tour for me because she thought i'll be interested

What I thought

This book was a fast paced read that I enjoyed. The Creepy fear inducing forest was an interesting concept, and the search for the fortune kept me interested. Though at times the story dragged a little I was intrigued enough to read this in one setting.

If you'll looking for a fast paced adventure this book is for you
Profile Image for Stephanie Faris.
Author 13 books90 followers
November 5, 2014
Kelly Hashway has a true talent for middle grade action. The story pulls you in and keeps going throughout, with not a single dull moment from beginning to end. Best of all, the young people in the story don't rely on adults to save them. They're true heroes. This is a great read that I recommend to anyone looking for a great middle grade read!
Displaying 1 - 11 of 11 reviews

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