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Hidden Falls is exactly as Samantha Parker left it—small, insular, and prone to gossip. Eighteen years have passed since she witnessed her brother’s murder, but she’s still the talk of the town. Until a handsome child psychologist with haunting memories of his own arrives.

Dr. Ethan McClane isn’t exactly a newcomer. If it weren’t for his latest case, he’d never set foot back in Hidden Falls. Thankfully, no one seems to recognize him as the troubled teen from years past. Not even Sam, the delightfully sharp and sexy high school chemistry teacher he can’t stop thinking about.

When Sam and Ethan work together to help one of her students, sparks ignite. But Sam’s hazy memories of a long-ago night concern Ethan, and unlocking the repressed images reveals a dark connection between them. As the horrors of the past finally come to light, their relationship isn’t the only thing in danger. A killer will strike again to keep an ugly secret hidden, and this time no one will be safe.

316 pages, Paperback

First published July 26, 2016

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About the author

Elisabeth Naughton

78 books3,128 followers
Before topping multiple bestseller lists—including those of the New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal—award winning author Elisabeth Naughton taught middle school science. A voracious reader, she soon discovered she had a knack for creating stories with a chemistry of their own. The spark turned into a flame, and Elisabeth now writes full-time.

Though primarily known for her romantic suspense work, Elisabeth has penned over thirty books and continues to write in multiple genres, including paranormal romance and contemporary romance. Her books have been translated into numerous languages and have earned several award nominations, including three prestigious RITA® nominations from Romance Writers of America. In 2017, REPRESSED, the first book in her Deadly Secrets series, won the RITA® for best romantic suspense.

Elisabeth's work has been praised by the Chicago Tribune as being filled with "deadly intrigue, high adrenaline action, and scorchingly hot passion.” Kirkus calls her "a writer talented enough at weaving a yarn to get her readers ensnared in it.” When not dreaming up new stories, Elisabeth can be found spending time with her husband and three children in their western Oregon home, wrangling two cats, or chasing after one very rambunctious Dalmatian.

Learn more about Elisabeth and her books at www.ElisabethNaughton.com.

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1,568 reviews1,159 followers
January 1, 2019
Interesting, but predictable suspense.
Cool heroine, but after she repeatedly called her cute dog silly, I couldn't really connect to her. Lame. The dog had definitely more brain than the half of side characters...

The big reveal of mystery confused me. I could barely follow all the names. Who the fycks was the villain?... Two time reread and still doubt my skills of understanding...

The romance was too present for a thriller. It was not a romantic suspense, it was a suspenseful romance.
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2,054 reviews310 followers
August 1, 2017
3.5 stars.

Please, please, please…. Don’t hurt him. Don’t hurt my Seth.

And I was hooked.

I’ve read a couple of Ms. Naughton’s books and she is a very talented writer with unique plots. They are never boring.

On a whim via Netgalley the publisher marked it as Wish For It and I clicked it never in a million years did I actually think that my wish would be granted. Happy days!

17 years have passed since that fateful night. Samantha Parker is back in Hidden Falls to look after her dying mother and to sell her mother’s house as soon as it has sold she’ll go back to California. Too many bad memories. She works at the local high school as a teacher and one of her pupils is being monitored as he seems to have adjustment issues after moving to Hidden Falls.

Ethan McClane has come back to Hidden Falls because a former judge wanted him to take a look at a troubled teen named Thomas Adler. He has also come back to face his demons. To confront his past but with all that is going on it was the wrong time to stop smoking.

There is an intense attraction between Samantha and Ethan. They are immediately attracted to one another. I could feel the chemistry that they had. There issues and the fears were understandable and relatable.

Samantha is having trouble sleeping each night she dreams of a cabin and screams. With Ethan’s help and love they get to the bottom of the mystery of Hidden Falls. But Samantha is equally as vital to Ethan as he breathes easier when she is near.

This is a fantastic story with a great plot. We have a 17 year old murder, repressed memories, secrets and lies. But nothing ever stays secret for ever. There is the right amount of romance and suspense. One doesn’t outweigh the other which made it all the better for me. There were some twists and turns I saw coming and others I didn’t.

I really can’t wait for the next in the series.

Book received by Montlake Romance via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Review can also be found @ http://jerisbookattic-reviewblog.blog...
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445 reviews986 followers
February 7, 2017
Entertaining and quick. Way more sex scenes than I thought there would be. I very rarely read books that are as far into the "romance" as this one so maybe that's par for the course, I wouldn't know. The story was convoluted and a little soap opera-ish. At times I had a hard time keeping track of the characters. I really wish authors wouldn't switch back and forth from referring to characters by their first or last name. It's a lot easier if you just pick one!

Samantha Parker is back in the town she grew up in... and not thrilled about it. She returned to care for her ailing mother, and after she died had the house to deal with. The town is full of terrible memories for Sam, mostly of the brother she lost as a child. She's working as a chemistry teacher for the high school, but it's only ever supposed to be a temporary thing. She really can't wait to leave... if only the house would sell. But life in Hidden Falls suddenly gets more interesting with the arrival of handsome psychologist Ethan McClane. He's here to check up on a student of hers, one she's become a bit attached to. The young man has had some trouble in his past but seems to be turning things around.

Not everyone is happy to have Sam back... she's getting warnings to leave town, and they keep escalating. Someone definitely wants her gone, even more than she wants to leave... but she's determined to stay until she sells the house, and on her own terms.

To sum things up... romance books are still not really my thing, even when they have a mystery involved. However, this one kept my attention and had a pretty good story to it.
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2,994 reviews635 followers
July 29, 2016
An 18-year-old murder, repressed memories, secrets and lies made Repressed perfect for audio. Amy Landon did an excellent job of bringing both the story and suspenseful tones to life.

Hidden Falls, California. Samantha Parker reluctantly returns to her hometown after her mother’s passing to prepare the home for sale. She ends up working temporarily at the local high school in the science department.

The return home hasn’t been easy. Samantha has been plagued by nightmares. To make matters worse someone wants her to leave. There have been several incidents and local police keep dismissing it or worse believe Samantha is imagining it. Maybe she is losing her mind?

Ethan McClane grew up and left Hidden Falls too. Like Samantha he thought he'd left the past far behind. Ethan finds himself back in Hidden Falls when a judge orders him to handle the Thomas Adler case. Thomas is a young man who seems to be having trouble adjusting to his recent move.He soon finds himself at the center of a murder investigation.

Naughton slowly began to expose the cracks in Samantha as she reveals what happened eighteen years ago. Plagued by nightmares Samantha has very little memory of what happened the night her brother died.

Slowly the author begins to weave the past, Samantha’s nightmares, Ethan and the present day murders into the tale. Well-crafted with several twists that will please even the most seasoned of mystery readers I found myself looking for reasons to grab my earbuds. I did figure out some of the twists, but was surprised by a few. I love when that happens. Naughton made the story feel plausible while keeping the reader on edge.

We are given several perspectives including those of Samantha and Ethan. Naughton also shares those of other key characters as she begins to expose what happened that fateful night.

Ethan and Samantha have an intense attraction to one another, and slowly we see it develop into more. Their passion is heated but we are kept on edge as Samantha begins to remember. Their feelings felt genuine and I loved the suspenseful aspect of discovering if their pasts are connected.

Audio provided by publisher. This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer
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256 reviews3 followers
February 10, 2017
I won Repressed in Goodreads first reads. After reading the synopsis it sounded like it was going to be a good book, but it wasn't. I didn't even finish the book which is very rare for me.

The mystery kept me wanting to read, but unfortunately it was over taken by the romance part. I have no problems with romantic suspense but this was just way you much. All the main character thought about was how sexy the investigating officer was if he was going to show up at her house. The sex scenes were so drawn out that I thought they would never end.

I really wanted to like it cause the mystery was good but just couldn't bring myself to finish it.
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518 reviews65 followers
September 6, 2017
It is a good KU pick for those readers who like RS with an emphasis on the romance. HTH:/

#stand-alone #insta-steam # push-and-pull heroine # really nice hero
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2,144 reviews274 followers
August 8, 2016
The Bottom Line
A story I really wanted to connect with more than I did, but I feel it’s a case of “it’s not you, it’s me.” If the romance doesn’t click, the rest tends to fall apart which is what happened for me. Awkward at times, the writing was serviceable, but it was way too easy to put it down. However, if you’re a big fan of romantic suspense, you may enjoy this more than I did.

**ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review**

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4,638 reviews190 followers
October 29, 2018
(Deadly Secrets: #1)
Written by Elisabeth Naughton
2016; Montlake Romance (318 Pages)
Genre: series, fiction, mystery, suspense, romantic suspense

Samantha is back in town trying to settle her mother's estate and takes a job as a chemistry teacher. She cannot wait to sell her mother's home and get back to her life, and it seems like someone else wants her gone too. Enter Dr. Ethan McClane - therapist for a troubled student - and soon Ethan has fallen in love with Samantha. Samantha is attracted to Ethan but something from her past keeps her from fully committed to anyone. Throw in some cold murder cases and new fresh bodies and the small town of Hidden Falls seems to be the place to avoid!

First - this is more of a romance story with mystery and suspense thrown in. Second - the characters aren't exactly realistic and are a bit cliched. Third - too many things are happening at once then it is all tied up with just enough left unsaid for you to pick up the second book.

YET...the mysteries in this book kept me reading even thought I had kind of figured out where it was going. I still wanted to read and see how it came out. I didn't find Ethan and Samantha that great of a couple as the romance was a bit clumsy but I still rooted for them. In my opinion, it was Thomas Adler that seemed liked the more intriguing character of the bunch. It is his journey that will probably get me to read book two. The next book will probably be Alec McClane as they kept hinting to his "past". A good beach read for something light and entertaining.

***I received an eARC from NETGALLEY***

My Novelesque Blog
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350 reviews49 followers
September 23, 2016
Неплохой романтический (или, скорее, эротический) триллер, вполне в духе автора.
Напряжение присутствует, искры тоже. Т��агедии прошлого, тайны настоящего, попытки дожить до будущего.
Герои каждый со своими тараканами и проблемами, но вполне симпатичные. Чувствам веришь, за всех переживаешь.
Остросюжетная часть тоже удалась.
Главный минус - слишком много хотелок и секса. Нет, не больше, чем обычно у Нотон, но именно в контексте этой истории несколько напрягает.
Впрочем, как начало серии - цепляет. С удовольствием почитаю следующую книгу)
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814 reviews76 followers
February 6, 2017
Straightforward romantic suspense novel. More emphasis on the romance than the suspense. Characters were a bit too clichéd and the plot too predictable. The narrator made the characters sound too alike. Some male characters sounded way too feminine.
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529 reviews238 followers
December 1, 2018
I like this one. 4.5 rounded down. Here's why I like it:

* There's actually mystery and suspense! Even tho I always knew who was the good guy, since I read this series from the 4th book backwards, I haven't read closely enough to recall who was the bad guy, or maybe that was never revealed in the other books. It didn't exactly turn out the way I thought it might, so having me keep guessing at all the connections and who did what was good for me.

* The heroine is nobody's fool. She's been through some real trauma, but she's tough and self-reliant. I like that.

* The hero knows who he wants. He's truly a GOOD man. I liked that a lot too.

What I took half a star off for:

* The romance was actually lacking in this one in some ways. There was a lot of whiplash going back and forth betw the H/h. Yes, I get that at some point the H looked suspicious, but that wasn't the only time there was whiplash in their relationship. I thought that was a little too stilted, maybe too much "dramatic effect."

Other than that, no real complaints. Everything wraps up a little too neatly, but then I'm already familiar with the author's habit of doing this, so it didn't bug me much this time.

I'd recommend it but wouldn't be reading any of these books again. Good for a quick read one-time tho.
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2,640 reviews609 followers
August 1, 2016
4.5 Intriguing Stars!

Samantha Parker witnessed the murder of her older brother when she was 10 years old. She's also having nightmares that she can't explain that involves the cabin in the woods.

Repressed begins 18 years later when Samantha is back in town temporarily taking care of her mothers estate. While she waits to sell her mom's house, she takes a temporary job as a Chemistry teacher in the local high school. There have been a few scary incidents while she has been in town and Samantha believes some local kids are responsible, trying to scare her out of town. What we soon learn is that the past is coming back to haunt her.

This was an intriguing "who did it" novel that keeps you guessing until the end. Some of the players in this was a bit predictable but I believe that was the intent of the author. However, you soon learn there is more to the story than what you first believe. I think a good suspense novel keeps you guessing and that's exactly what Repressed did for me.

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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2,153 reviews84 followers
January 13, 2020
This mystery was really good and it kept me guessing until the end. The setting is Hidden Falls, Oregon. It appears to be a fairly small town where everyone knows everyone and the history of a mystery that occurred 18 years previously is known to everyone.

Samantha Parker, a chemistry teacher, witnessed her brother get murdered when she was a young girl and it's affected her a great deal. She is seeing a therapist, Dr. Ethan McClane, who has three siblings. There are several characters who play major roles in Amy's life: Will Branson, Kenny Saunders, Margaret Wilcox, Jeff Kellogg, and Thomas (a troubled teen).

As it turns out, there is another mystery that needs solving and Sam cannot let it go. She wants answers and she wants to know everything that she can't remember.

What I love about the characters is that they are hardly what any of them seem to be. So they themselves are mysteries and it's fun to try to figure out who is really who.
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963 reviews88 followers
August 13, 2016
Sami, returning to her small home town of Hidden Falls to help her sick mom and staying to sell her the family home, has taken a teaching position at the high school where she herself graduated. It's not what she wants and she really wants to get everything taken care of and move back to California. A new student is transferred in and comes with a court appointed therapist, Ethan. Sami doesn't really like therapists due to her past repressed memories that are tied to the death of her brother. The initial meeting between Sami and Ethan was a little cheesy and a bit of an eye roll, but I was able to get past that. This book is really focused on the relationship between Ethan and Sami which was a slow build even though there was insta-lust. With both of them being less than upfront about their past you know there are going to be communication issues.

But their communications issues aren't the only problem they are dealing with. Sami has repressed memories that some people in the town don’t want her to remember. This is where the suspense plot comes in. What really happened the long ago night that Sami's brother died and who are the people in Sami's recurring nightmare? Most of the characters in this book aren't really likeable, but then due to their past actions, you're not really supposed to like them.

This is a town where everyone has secrets; some you are told and some you can guess and some aren't quite as obvious. The story was a little predictable and a little slow but I did enjoy reading it. I do wish that there were a few more characters in the book to like. I did, however, like Ethan's family but we didn't see enough of them. His parents adopted four troubled teens and the good news is that this new series focuses on each of them and I definitely want to read the next books.

Thanks to Net Galley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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1,157 reviews36.4k followers
July 18, 2016
Thank you to Netgalley and Montlake for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Samantha “Sam” Parker returns to Hidden Falls after an 18 year absence to care for her ailing mother, who passes away shortly after her return. If Sam had her way, she would hightailed it right out of town as the memories of her brother’s death surround her wherever she turns. In addition, someone else has made it clear that they too, want her gone - as they fear that she is keeping secrets about the past that they want hidden forever. Psychologist Ethan McClane who spent time in Hidden Falls as a young boy, has returned to town to treat one of Samantha’s Chemistry students. Upon his return, he remains unrecognized by the town folk, a secret he is happy to keep. While working at the High School, Sam and Ethan’s paths cross and though they have every reason to stay far away from each other, they can’t fight their feelings.

During her time in Hidden Falls, Sam’s recurring nightmares return, prompting Ethan to try to help her uncover her past only to realize that it jeopardizes his. Unfortunately their pasts put both of them in grave danger as the people in Hidden Falls would like to keep the town’s secrets buried forever.

Elisabeth Naughton’s Repressed is both a mystery and romance novel all rolled into one. While romance novels aren’t typically a genre I would read, the fact that this book was also a mystery kept my interest. Further, the characters were well written and the book was enjoyable and easy to read. If you’re looking for something more than just a romance novel, then this is the book for you. 3.5 Stars

Published from July 13, 2016 to the Present;
Published on Goodreads and NetGalley.
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28 reviews21 followers
January 10, 2021
I won Repressed in a Goodreads giveaway and, although I was excited at first, I quickly learned this is NOT my type of literature. At times, the mystery was thrilling and had me flipping pages like a mad woman, but I was completely turned off by the drawn out sex scenes (see what I did there :)) and I admit that I rolled my eyes more than once at the "Does he like me?", "Does she like me?" drama that finally became so repetitive that I almost put down the book for good. YA romances move beyond that awkwardness faster than this book did. However, I did get a good chuckle at the phrase "warm in the belly" or "heat in the belly" to indicate arousal. I must be doing something wrong because the only heat I've ever felt in my belly was from a wicked case of indigestion.

Had the book focused more on the plot and less on the sex, I think I would've walked away at least somewhat pleased since the mystery itself was not awful. It certainly had flaws, but found myself interested when the main plot was the focus. At least I learned to avoid this type of literature. Erotic mysteries/thrillers (can I call it that?) are just not for me.
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195 reviews44 followers
February 9, 2017
I first started reading Elisabeth Naughton when I discovered her Eternal Guardians series. I enjoy the heck out of that series, but holy cow!! Repressed is amazing. It took me a bit to get past the first two chapters- not because there was anything wrong, but because I felt as though I was there and, frankly, I had to stop occasionally so my heart rate would slow down. Once I got past those initial chapters and as Sam and Ethan got past their initial meeting, I found myself unable to put this book down. Thank goodness for summer break and a respite from responsibility!! I am always wary of saying too much in a review, but let me say that Repressed will keep you on the edge of your seat! This is the perfect end of summer read!
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502 reviews113 followers
May 11, 2018
The book started slow for me and I had difficulties getting into the story. But once I was in, it was good. Sam and Ethan as well as the secondary characters are really good and the plot well thought.

Ms. Naughton manages to keep you on your toes and guessing until the end.
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2,131 reviews
January 22, 2020
2.5 rounded up to 3. This was a relatively short book but wow did it feel long with those sex scenes... Within the first few minutes i could tell that i would probably not like ethan, like it's dudes like that that are scary af, hes just super objectifying and creepily possessive.... I found this on kindle unlimited which doesn't really make genres clear all the time lol so i didn't realise just uh how sexual it would get, but this book could easily be 50pgs shorter just without the sex scenes lol but i mean, other than that the book was alright just annoyingly sexual lol
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2,056 reviews140 followers
October 29, 2018
I'm not a fan of angsty, TSTL heroines. When your throw in plot holes to numerous to count, I usually start skim reading just to get through the experience. Because I haven't read much by Elisabeth Naughton, I hung in there and am glad I did. The last half of the book made the slog through the first half worth it. Books about small towns tend to fall into two categories: 1) It takes a village - where everyone knows everyone and the gossip train runs continually and everybody loves everybody with a few eccentric exceptions. 2) Evil walks the streets - where everyone is a backstabbing nasty and there are real evil secrets under the placid surface. In "Repressed", evil walks the streets.

Samantha Parker's return to Hidden Falls, OR is not exactly a happy homecoming. Her mother was far sicker and passed not long after her return. She took a short term substitute job as a science teacher figuring she would need the money for her mother's care. Now, she is stuck here and reliving all the reasons she left and didn't look back. Gossip, clickish behavior, backstabbing and horrible nightmares about the night her brother was murdered.

Child psychologist, Dr. Ethan McClane, has had his own nightmare experience with this town and now he is back to put his own demons to rest in addition acting as a Court appointed psychologist for a troubled teen. A lot has changed about Ethan and he goes unrecognized in the town, but the baddies from his youth have just gotten better at hiding their evil.

Both Sam and Ethan have secrets, but that doesn't stop them from having an instant attraction that neither of them wanted. Someone is threatening Sam and Ethan feels strongly that she is in danger, but Sam is determined to uncover the reason for her nightmares and someone is just as determined that she doesn't.
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1,256 reviews106 followers
July 25, 2016
Samantha Parker never wanted to go back to Hidden Falls, seventeen years after the death of her brother. But she had to. Hidden Falls was small town surrounded by familiar people, old memories and apparently, a deep dark secret involving one of its beloved citizens.

Dr. Ethan McClane, a psychologist, got a new assignment, and that’s acting as the therapist for a juvenile delinquent Thomas Adler. He didn’t realize though that he’d be traveling back to Hidden Falls. Nearly two decades had passed, no one recognized him, but he still couldn’t forget that one night that changed it all for him.

Strange things started to happen right after Samantha got back to Hidden Falls. Her windows were vandalized, her chemistry lab got broken in, a skull was dug not far away from the cabin she’d seen when she was a child, and a number of people fell dead inside her house. And her nightmares seemed to have come back. Nightmares that she never understood.

Repressed really has a very interesting plot. The killings were mystifying. For every suspect I had in mind, each fell down one by one. When I thought I finally knew the killer, in the end, I was proven wrong again, left dumbfounded, shocked at the turn of events. The characters were also outstanding. Samantha didn’t get easily scared, despite the mess she’d been in. And Ethan McClane, he makes me want to go get a shrink and have myself psycho-analyzed. I would love to be adopted by the older McClane, too! The suspects surely got me twisted. That’s how good the story was, and man, did it really got me riled up.

This is my nth book by Elisabeth Naughton, and like always, I am in awe of her stories. Repressed is a mystery/suspense/romance thriller that got me grunting, hyperventilating, cursing and screaming for more. Every chapter promised anxiety, anticipation and blood-curling tension that only Naughton could deliver.Great job, Elisabeth!
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1,942 reviews117 followers
May 18, 2022
Schon eine ganze Weile befand sich „Düstere Geheimnisse“ von Elisabeth Naughton auf dem Tolino, da ich mir nie ganz sicher war, ob mir das Buch, das gleichzeitig der Auftakt der „Deadly Secrets“ ist, tatsächlich gefallen könnte. Da ich allerdings letztendlich nichts zu verlieren habe, habe ich mich endlich auf das Buch eingelassen und muss sagen, dass es mir überraschend gut gefallen hat.

„Düstere Geheimnisse“ erzählt die Geschichte von Samantha und Ethan, einer Lehrerin und einem Kinderpsychologin, die eher unfreiwillig wieder beide zurück in ihrer Heimatstadt Hidden Falls sind und fortan zusammenarbeiten müssen. Während Samantha gerade den Tod ihrer Mutter verkraften musste und Hidden Falls seit der Ermordung ihres Bruders gemieden hat, kehrt Ethan in die kleine Stadt zurück, um einen anfälligen Jungen zu helfen, der immer mehr abzurutschen droht.

Da die Geschichte unter anderem aus der Sicht von Samantha und Ethan erzählt wird, lernt man beide gut kennen und ich konnte mich meistens gut in sie hineinversetzen. Sie sind größtenteils sympathisch, besitzen Ecken und Kanten und haben in meinen Augen gut miteinander harmoniert. Durch den Perspektivenwechsel erfährt man auch sehr viel aus der Stadt selbst, denn in dieser Stadt gibt es weit mehr als nur ein Geheimnis, das aufgedeckt werden muss.

Neben einer gut inszenierten und oftmals prickelnden Liebesgeschichte von der Autorin gibt es in „Düstere Geheimnisse“ auch jede Menge spannende Momente, die oftmals sogar mit überraschenden Wendungen überzeugen konnten, sodass ich bei diesem Buch oftmals gut unterhalten wurde.

Kurz gesagt: „Düstere Geheimnisse“ ist ein spannendes und prickelndes Werk voller Geheimnisse, das mit interessanten Figuren und einer gut ausgearbeiteten Kleinstadt überzeugen kann.
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746 reviews66 followers
June 25, 2016
Samantha Parker is back in her small hometown of Hidden Falls, 18 years after her brother's murder. Sam witnessed the murder, but has managed to repress the memories to retain her sanity and get on with her life. Now that she is back, strange things are happening to her, letting her know that someone wants her gone. When a troubled student at the high school where she works needs a clinical evaluation, in comes Dr. Ethan McClane into her school and her life; and Ethan is a man who has his own secrets.

The story wasn't bad, it just wasn't all that good. The setting was claustrophobic and unpleasant; and the town was populated with sleazy, gossipy, lowlife’s. Honestly, there wasn't a pleasant person in the bunch. Even the leads weren't particularly likable - Sam herself could be catty and gossipy; and Ethan was withholding a rather unappealing secret.

The worst thing was that is was so very slow. Nothing really happened but backbiting, secrets, gossip, and some vandalism until at least halfway into the book; and the major action where it finally became interesting didn't begin until after the 80% mark.

2 Stars for the first ¾ of the book; and 4 stars for the last ¼, when the action finally started and built to a climax in the book.
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218 reviews17 followers
May 7, 2018
Hmmmm....I was looking for a mystery and I didn't notice that it was shelved mostly has a romance or romantic suspense, which it is. The book concentrate mostly on Samantha and Ethan's relationship...sex life more than anything.

I found the characters to be lacking and acting in stereotypical ways. I was vested in any of them and found details in the book that didn't add anything to the story. These include Ethan's nicotine withdrawals and Thomas' grandmother's dislike and general negativity towards him.

How the mystery of Seth's death and the missing teacher came together in a clumsy manner and with all the death that happened in Sam's house within days I'm am not convinced that anyone would have continued to stay in that house or the town.
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1,443 reviews31 followers
July 27, 2016
4.5 stars

Repressed is the first book in a new series from an author I have come to love, and if it is any indication, this series is going to seriously kick ass! Repressed is filled with secrets, lies, twists and turns that kept me furiously flipping the pages from the second I picked it up until I reached the last page.

Samantha Parker reluctantly returned to her hometown of Hidden Falls when her mother fell ill and needed her help. This town holds far too many painful memories for her, and now that her mom has passed, she just wants to finalize the estate, sell the house and escape back to California. Unfortunately for her, someone in town seems to have a different idea about Sam's intentions as strange and creepy things start happening to her and around her.

Ethan McClane left Hidden Falls far in his rearview mirror years ago, but a favor called in by a judge who has helped him in the past has Ethan returning to the scene of some of his worst memories. He never expects to find a connection with sexy chemistry teacher Sam, and within minutes of meeting her, Ethan finds himself trapped in the school with Sam as circumstances go from strange to heated in no time at all. Despite his intentions to get in, get the job done, and get out again, he can't deny that he wants to know more about her. Sam has learned to have a complete distrust of anyone in his profession though, and with her fierce protectiveness of the student he is in town to evaluate, Ethan has his work cut out for him. He quickly realizes Sam's nightmares are more than just a dream and his trepidation grows as he wonders if she may be somehow connected to his past.

Small town secrets never remain buried, and this story most definitely weaves a tangled web of secrets and lies mixed in with a healthy dose of confusion thanks to name changes, cover ups and repressed memories. Thomas, Ethan, Sam, Seth and so many more characters in this intriguing tale are tied together in unexpected ways, and each new reveal left me wondering what else the author had in store for us just around the corner! Through it all, Sam and Ethan form a connection that brings them both back to life but its strength will be severely tested when the truth is finally revealed. Repressed was an excellent and engaging read, and I cannot wait to find out more about Ethan's brother Alec and the rest of his family.
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July 26, 2018

This is a really hard book to rate. It fulfills all the requirements of a nail-biting romantic suspense. The writing is good and tightly woven. It was extremely predictable, though. Nothing was a big surprise and I was able to accurately guess the villains and the true nature of the heroes very early on. I also had a hard time with Samantha’s character. She just wasn’t very nice to Ethan and those who truly cared about her. Yes, there is a reason but it still made for a hard character to really sympathize with. See? The drawbacks could be strictly personal and others may absolutely eat this story up.... Ultimately I would recommend readers try it and judge for themselves.
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October 31, 2017
Book: Repressed

Author: Elisabeth Naughton

Series: Repressed #1

Main characters: Samantha Parker, chemistry teacher and unwilling returnee to her hometown of Hidden Falls. Ethan McClane, a psychiatrist and also a native of Hidden Falls who doesn’t count on falling for the chemistry teacher.

Plot: Samantha Parker is back home in Hidden Falls trying to sell her late mother’s house. Once her business is finalised, she has every intention of getting the hell out of there and heading back to California.
A series of events designed to intimidate her happen in quick succession, and Sam’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Dr Ethan McClane is back in town to take on a special case concerning a troubled young man. He has his own share of unhappy memories from the town and can’t wait to get out of dodge before the town gossips put two and two together. But he didn’t bank on meeting Sam. She captivates him from the beginning and it’s not just the myriad secrets she’s guarding either. He wants to know her, and when he finds she may be in danger, he’s fixated on keeping her safe.

Why you should read it: oh my goodness! This was high octane intrigue with some steamy romance thrown in. Piecing together the clues was fun and I couldn’t put the book down. Sam was strong, determined and vulnerable in many ways. I felt for her and she does the best she can.
Ethan is a complex character too. Their chemistry worked for me and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for all the secrets to emerge.

What you may not like: there’s some pretty gruesome scenes in the book and a bit of violence but other than that, it was exciting, romantic and engaging.

Rating: 4/5 – for a good old suspenseful yarn and a damn good romance thrown in too!

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October 3, 2017
Did not finish -- the plot moved fast enough, but the small town secrets were so unbelievable! Take your dog for a walk and he's sure to dig up a skull. And the high school intrigue stuff was fall down laughing funny. A high school English teacher who looks like Kate Upton and acts like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz! Most of the high school English teachers I know look more like Willie Nelson.

Then there was the sexual tension. Oh, there's lots of it. The hero and heroine get locked in a chemistry closet at school in the first chapter. Because that happens all the time, you know. And she ends up begging him for a cherry Life Saver, and sucking on it like it's some erotic seduction. Eww!!! Is this really how you generate sexual tension? I suppose it's better than when the wicked blonde witch blows cigarette smoke in the hero's face. I don't know, I just totally hated this book.

Probably more than I should!
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August 10, 2016
This was a good story, very interesting and kept me guessing. Narration fail with hero's voice. (audible review)

I liked Samantha and Ethan, they made a good couple. The chemistry between them was good and there were a couple of well written sex scenes.

The story line and plot was good. Some mystery, murder, and secrets. It also flowed very well and did not get confusing. Lots of dialogue throughout the story. And some interesting secondary characters that could probably lead to another book.

As for the narration. It really could have been great had the narrator made the men sound like men. Bummer, because everyone else sounded good.

Please Amy Landon work on your men's voices. Particularly the hero of the story. Ethan sounded just like a woman. You should have at least used the voice for Ethan that you gave his father. That was at least manlier.

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October 13, 2016
We have little bits of everything in this book romance,humor,mystery and suspense.

Samantha Parker witnessed the murder of her older brother when she was young but she has suppressed the memories.Sams mothers dies and she returns to hidden falls she is staying to finalize the estate sell the house and return to california when all is done.Sam has taken a job in the local school while she is staying there.
Ethan McClane is a psychologist he left the town years ago but has also returned to help a young juvenile to adjust to living with his grandmother in a small town.Sara has nightmares about what happened to her brother can Ethan help her?
Sam and Ethan develop a relationship though neither was looking for one.
Who can same trust what secrets are being hidden.
This story flows well a good read.

Thank you Netgalley the Publisher and Author for a chance to read this book.
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