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Tall, Dark, and Texan #2

Taking the Score

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A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

His office temptation is now his full-blown fantasy…

Paying down her sister’s debts has left Emma Strickland with little more than the thrift store suit on her back. And as if the suckfest couldn’t get worse, she’s forced to moonlight as a waitress to support herself and her cat. At a strip club. Her uptight, sexy-as-hell boss Brody Kane can never find out.

Texas property tycoon Brody Kane hired Emma for her spreadsheet skills, but her prim and proper demeanor sealed the deal. There’s no room in his life for a sexy distraction … and yet, he can’t stop lusting after the delicious Ms. Strickland. And then he takes an important client to a Chicago strip club and gets the worst lap dance in adult entertainment history. From Emma.

Now that he knows his office good girl has a naughty streak, Brody makes it his mission to uncover her secrets, one steamy, illicit, over-the-desk encounter at a time. But Emma is hiding more than her side job, and her final secret could end up destroying them both.

192 pages, ebook

First published February 15, 2016

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About the author

Kate Meader

45 books3,047 followers
Kate writes sexy contemporary romance with strong guys and amazing women and men who match their heroes quip for quip. In her latest series, Rookie Rebels, a new generation of players take to the ice and learn that all’s fair in love and hockey.

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The Tall, Dark, and Texan series about sexy tycoons:
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... however each book can also be read as a standalone novel or novella.

For excerpts, news, and giveaways, visit: http://katemeader.com

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790 reviews2,492 followers
February 24, 2016
3.5 -4 Stars!!


Kate Meader delivered a sexy office romance with a nice vibe of enemies to lovers story that I found really enjoyable. Like all the Brazen books out there “Taking the Score” was for the most part a light read and while the plot is nothing new, the execution was fun and entertaining. This second installment in the series fallows the story of another tall, dark and Texan man, Brody Kane, character we met in the previous book in the series.

Texas property tycoon, Brody Kane is a sexy nerd who doesn’t look to get involved with someone in any kind of relationship anytime soon. However, he can’t keep his eyes off his prim and proper PA, even if she’s not exactly his type.

“You don’t know me, Mr. Kane. PA by day, T&A by night."

Emma Strickland is a former bad girl who has two jobs. She’s working for Brody as a PA and at night she’s waitressing at a strip club. She hates what she does at night, but she will do anything to keep her baby sister save, so she’s forced by circumstances to work for Ray, a dangerous man to pay her sister’s debt. Brody has the shock of his life when he finds out that his PA is also working in a strip club. But everything gets worse when he has to pretend he doesn’t know Emma. Both of them are mortified when Emma has to perform a lap dance for him, but what starts as something awkward becomes quickly something sexy and irresistible for both of them.


“He had never fucked angry before, and now he knew why. A fuck like this was the kind of experience a man doesn’t recover from easily. Finding pleasure in an unexpected place coupled with the raw emotions coursing through him was a dangerous combination.”

I liked this one! Honestly the storyline was predictable, but the dynamic between these two characters and the steam factor, which btw was pretty high made me enjoy this story. Both Brody and Emma were likeable characters, well enough developed. I loved Emma’s loyalty and also her determination to help her sister no matter what.

“You lost it at the club. You lost it in that shower.” She tiptoed up so her breath fanned his lips. Provoked. “And the way your erection is pointing at me like a divining rod tells me you’re not in control now. Ding, ding, ding, Brody. Your cock just found a wet spot.”

Brody was great too! He’s a sexy, sweet and caring and I have to say I loved with protectiveness towards Emma. They complement each other pretty well from the beginning. Even is the story was fast-paced, the relationship between Brody and Emma didn’t feel rushed and I liked that. There was a certain familiarity between them that was endearing and the chemistry between them was off the charts hot. Loved it!

“Taking the Score” was a great blend of witty banter and steam and if you are looking for something light, sexy and easy to read, then you won’t be disappointed reading this one!
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802 reviews572 followers
February 20, 2016
4 Stars

Because she liked it dirty, and the challenge of getting this buttoned-up man to give it to her was almost too much to resist.

Emma Strickland is trying to make a fresh start in Chicago after ONCE AGAIN bailing out her addict of a sister. This means leaving her checkered history with men behind and adopting a new and frumpy staid persona. Bye bye short skirts and low cut tops. Hello two sizes too big pantsuits and thrift store shabby. The only exception to her newfound rule is the nights she works as a waitress at a strip club to help pay down the debt she owes. Though she wants nothing more than to show her new boss just how naughty she can be, she knows keeping herself dowdy is her only option.

She was thrift-store Dumpster diving; he was designer-label personal shopping. What had happened between them was a product of proximity and her inner bad girl trumping the woman she was trying to become.

Brody Kane can’t seem to get his efficient but drab personal assistant out of his head. Brody’s no stranger to being betrayed by the ladies in his life and he realizes ignoring his growing attraction and fascination with Emma is the safe road to take. Easier said than done. When an important client orders a round of lap dances at a strip club and Brody comes face to face with his frumpy little assistant, I don’t need to tell you what happens.

Please tell me I don’t need to tell you what happens!?!

Let me share a little something with you; I love a sexy, dirty talking nerd. Not this nerd, mind you.

Though those are some pretty sweet moves. I’m talkin’ about THIS kind of nerdish hotness!

You know what I mean. There’s just nothing sexier than a highly intelligent, seemingly conservative and buttoned up hottie busting loose and letting his freak flag fly.

The chemistry between Brody and Emma was palpable and when both of them finally decided to let the other one in, the sexy times were hot as hell.

Honestly, I didn’t encounter a whole lot of issues while reading Taking the Score and I definitely appreciated the fact that the drama that did occur didn’t get out of hand due to easily cleared up misunderstandings. It didn’t offer anything new but it’s exactly the kind of quality, go to read I’ve come to expect from the Entangled Brazen line.

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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2,303 reviews704 followers
February 2, 2016
4.5 - "Keep your socks on, Mr. Kane." Stars!

Book Two in Kate Meader’s Tall, Dark and Texan series provides a sexy and entertaining few hours of reading, whilst giving the 'rich man/poor woman' trope a slightly different spin.

One thing that you always get from Kate’s writing is stellar banter and internal monologues, and that can certainly be said for Brody and Emma. The uptight, strapped down assistant is hiding a lot more underneath her frumpy suits than Brody ever imagined, even in his fantasies!

PA by day, T & A by night.

Throw in plenty of diverse and dirty talking sexy-times and Taking the Score is probably one of the best Brazen releases I have read for a while. A nice easy-going story-line, likeable characters and the familial drama was kept on the down-low, although relevant it wasn’t overplayed to the extent that it got on my nerves.

"Stop thinking so hard… and let this beast be in charge for once."

I have to admit the other thing that takes this book from mediocre to marvellous, is the verbal sparring between Brody, Flynn and Hunter.

"I’m just here for immoral support."

And I am interested too see where the author takes Flynn’s book seeing as he was dumped by his fiancée in this one, and has a ‘fremeny’ situation going on with the sister of one of his best friends.

ARC generously provided via Netgalley, and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review.
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1,987 reviews11.7k followers
February 10, 2016
4.5 Stars

No problem with women on top, Mr. Kane?"
"You've always been the boss of me, Ms. Strickland."

Who accidentally deleted their published review? This idiot. So allow me to try and sum up my thoughts once more for this wonderful book.... le sigh.

I adore Kate Meader and everything she writes. Sizzling hot enemies to lovers? She did that flawlessly with Even the Score. I loved that book HARD. It's the one that first began my love affair with this author and everything she writes. I knew right away I needed more from this series with the introduction of Hunter Dade's friends and business partners, and I definitely got that with Taking The Score. If you want a smoking hot read with laugh out loud humor and enough witty banter to keep a goofy smile on your face the entire time reading it, this is a book you need to read.
...unless She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named gave you some sort of dick-shriveling disease. Oh God, is that what's wrong? Is that why you haven't been using your penis?"
"Liv, I'm not talking about this with you."
"Because as slutty as my bridesmaids are I can't knowingly inflict my syphilitic brother on them. Well, maybe Jess. She HAS been pissing me off lately-"

Brody Kane is the more demure and quiet (or so they think) of the business partners in his company. His glasses and sexy nerd look gives off that vibe at first. But beneath the suits and all-business demeanor is dirty talking devil. After a disastrous previous relationship left him jaded, Brody isn't interested in getting involved with another woman...so why is it that the star of his nightly fantasies is his prim and proper PA with her thrift store business suits and buns?
You don’t know me, Mr. Kane. PA by day, T&A by night."

Emma Strickland isn't quite what she appears to be either. She's beaten down her inner bad girl years ago in order to take care of herself and her slightly younger sister. Now that her sister's drop habit has not only put them in a bigger hole financially, but in a debt to a man that you certainly don't want to be owing anything to, Emma finds herself working for Mr. Brody by day, and as a cocktail waitress at a strip club by night. All is going well, until Brody decides to bring in a client he's trying to woo into the club she works in and realizes that his prim and proper PA is not as prim and proper as he thought...
You're trying to detour this conversation from what's important, Ms. Strickland."
"You've had your hands on my ass and I ground my lady lips into your dick. I think you can call me Emma."

The set up sounds utterly delicious, right? Well that's because it was. I loved Emma and Brody individually. But together they burned up the pages and the sheets. Oh man but these two were hot together. Their chemistry practically crackled with electricity with every turn of the page. The humorous banter between them stoked the fire, and the kinky hot sex filled with even sexier dirty talk took it from sizzling to explosive!
You think you're the to make me lose control, Emma?"
"I think I already have. You lost it at the club. You lost it in that shower....
And the way your erection is pointing at me like a divining rod tells me you're not in control now. Ding, ding, ding, Brody. Your cock just found a wet spot."

But let's go back to the banter for a hot second, because damn but does Kate Meader know how to give good banter. Between Brody and his business partners and friends, Brody and Emma, and my favorite part definitely had to be between Brody and his soon-to-be-wed sister.
I'll be staying at a suite at the Peninsula so there's no need to interrupt your masturbation schedule. I'd just like to see my sad, pathetic brother- and maybe offer one of the F-Troop in sacrifice."
"For fuck's sake."
"Exactly. I'm doing this for the sake of your wang."

Taking The Score was filled with humor, witty banter, and enough steam to set every ovary within a 50 mi radius on fire! I loved every entertaining page of it. This book was exactly what I've been missing with the Brazen releases as of late. It's exactly what I love about Brazen books and precisely why I'll read any book this author writes.

I absolutely cannot wait for more in this series. I'm hoping the next book will be Brody's sister and Flynn because the hate/lust force is strong with those two.

If you're looking for a light and steamy read that's as entertaining as it is sexy, you honestly can't go wrong with this one!

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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303 reviews
February 17, 2016
I have no regrets about this one, because Ami and I created another br memory. I didn't care for the characters or the story really, but I have to give the book points for humor and creativity. The sensitve flesh between Emma's thighs clenched and sighed. Her clit bloomed, her nipples pouted, and then her eggs "shrieked in pleasure". Then, Brody's shaft "pulsed inside her like a raging beast snarling at a cage." I've never read a book where sex organs were so active! We kept reading just to find out if they were going to start talking....
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501 reviews454 followers
February 17, 2016
3 stars

I don't even know what to say about this book. It reminds me of the time I read about Chloe in Forked with Jeanne. I thought the choice of words the author used was very interesting and it was entertaining. Didn't really like the characters though. But it was steamy.
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2,799 reviews617 followers
July 8, 2022
Taking the Score is less HOT than other books in this series. I did not read the book in order. I am bit surprised that Miss Meader does not kick in the punch for the sexy smut department. The story line is standard. A damsel in distress being saved by billionaire hero.
The banter, the conversation is also standard. I have to admit, I am bored and skipped several minutes on the audio book.

I want more kick in the plot/ story line. The chemistry is standard. Nothing arousing from the sexy scenes.
Overall a OK book to pass my Friday at work.

3 stars
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957 reviews200 followers
July 26, 2017
“I’ve had a taste of you, Emma, and it’s hard to imagine going back to before.”

Brody Kane has been fantasizing about his prim and proper PA for months. He hired her because he was sure her dowdy appearance would in no way temp him, but after merely a week she fueled all this private fantasies. After the disaster with his ex, he has no desire to complicate his life, and he’s determined to keep his lust to himself. Until he takes an important client to a strip club, and gets the worst lap dance of his life. From Emma, his PA.

An attraction to her boss was a distraction she could not afford, not when her life was a complete disaster-piece.

Emma Strickland’s life has not been easy. She swore off her bad girl ways of her youth, and in order to pay off her sister’s debts, and provide for her grumpy cat, Kevin, by day she works as the PA for the broody, uptight and so very sexy Texas property tycoon Brody Kane, and by night she’s forced to work as a waitress at a strip club. And she’s determined that Brody will never find out what she has to do to survive. But her luck has never been that good, and when he finds out her life changes in ways she never imagined.

Brody wants nothing more than to save Emma from her job at the strip club, uncover all her secrets, and explore the naught streak his good-girl PA hid from him. But Emma is hiding so many secrets, and Brody has so many trust issues, that what they have has the potential to destroy them both.

This man. How the hell was she supposed to resist him?

I loved Emma, her good-girl office persona, and her inner wildness she revealed when she quit hiding. She hasn’t had an easy life, but no matter what happened, she kept her head held high, and got the courage to move onwards. I loved her grumpy cat and how much she loved him, and her sister. She’s loyal and brave, and her wild side was just perfect for Brody.

“But Emma, you wearing all these clothes is about the only thing keeping me from biting that sweet little ass of yours. The more fucking layers, the better.”

Brody was amazing. I liked this grumpy and growly man from the previous book, and he did not disappoint in this one. He was so sexy with his nerdy glasses, suits and muscles, and so damn hot with his bossy streak in the bedroom.

“You are the woman I was meant for, the sun in every room I enter.”

From the previous book the attraction between these two were palpable, and I was so happy with their romance. The chemistry between them were scorching, and the sexy times off-the-charts hawt! Especially with Brody’s love of dirty-talk *swoon* and his dominance in the bedroom. Or against the wall. Or over the desk and railing ;-D It was so much fun seeing Brody trying to get Emma to reveal her secrets, and watching them fall for each other.

I am really loving this steamy series, and Kate Meader definitely knows how to write engaging and sexy romance. A must read for all romance fans.

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2,101 reviews1,251 followers
February 15, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo 70a7745801d33ca45a3691d7ddae0c_zpsxoxziqzq.gif

Sizzling. Erotic. Sensual. Beautiful. And oh so fucking sexy. If you must know I love and adore Kate Meader. She is one of the authors who I know I can turn to to help satisfy any romance craving I have. And in her newest installment to the Tall, Dark, and Texan Series, Kate blew my mind on how fabulous Taking the Score is. Seriously, I devoured this book in one sitting and couldn't wait to reread this book again. That is how much I LOVE THIS BOOK HARD!!!! If I could shout to the romance community to read this book, I would.

 photo c814ccdee51388786c9c5d6385853f_zpsxeu20dqq.gif “No kiss had ever tasted this good. No kiss had ever incited her in this way. His tongue swept through her mouth with possessive, velvety strokes that sent swirls of desire eddying in her gut. Her fantasy of kissing him had always been tame. Guy was a dweeb, after all. But this kiss… Brody Kane had skills in the mouth-to-mouth department.”

Taking the Score was just perfect. It had sass, sizzling chemistry, a fun and sexy storyline to keep readers entertained. Everything about this book satisfied my Brazen junkie addiction. If we are taking the score, then I will have say that this book is 5 stars worthy!!!! And how could it not be when you have a geeky alpha hunk, a tabby cat named Kevin, and a hot gorgeous heroine who is in touch with her inner sexy bad girl.

 photo 5a09ee9867e64832724551b3fb6698_zpsgzwsflzd.gif “Mojo firmly restored, and the one woman he wanted to use it on was out of bounds. Worse, she had turned everything upside down— a homeless stripper-slash-assistant with an unhinged cat. ”

Emma Strickland is just trying to stay afloat financially as takes on the responsibility of handling her baby sister's debt. In the day, Emma works as the personal assistant to Texan property tycoon, Brody Kane. She is on top of her game when it comes to organization and making sure that everything is in order for her boss. But when it comes to her personal life, Emma is just struggling. All of her savings went into helping paying off her sister's debt and on top of that, Emma has to take another job. A job that she dreads with a passion. She becomes a waitress at a strip club.

 photo c814ccdee51388786c9c5d6385853f_zpsxeu20dqq.gif “She ran her tongue along the sensitive vein on the underside, a teasing lick, and then, she took. Swirled her tongue around the swollen head and sucked what was hers. His cock, his essence, all of him. Inch by magnificent inch, she stole down his length, wishing she could take more without gagging. Arousal pulsated through her in an inexorable build. ”

While Emma lacks the right wardrobe with her frumpy and thrift store attire, Brody Kane can't help but be drawn to Emma. He fantasizes what his mouth, his hands and his cock could be doing. Brody knows to keep his fantasies about Emma to himself that is until he runs into her at the strip club when he takes a potential client there. His mousy good girl personal assistant turns out to be a sexy vixen. And Brody Kane soon discovers that the girl he has been fantasizing is the woman made for him as she gives him a personal lap dance that he would never forget.


After a taste of Emma's mouth and body, Brody wanted her to be his only. And so he does what any possessive alpha male would do, he is willing to pay off her debt and compensates the strip club of having Emma to himself. Brody is well aware that Emma is in dire need of money and financial help but she is too proud to accept a helping hand. And in such, Brody is forced to work a deal with Emma.

 photo 5a09ee9867e64832724551b3fb6698_zpsgzwsflzd.gif “You are the most beautiful woman I know, inside and out. In bad suits and sexy stripper threads. In your giving heart and in every single thing you’ve done to protect the people you care about. I was hurt once and my knee-jerk reaction was to assume I’d be hurt again. I’m usually a better analyst of a situation, but my sore heart wasn’t up for another pounding.” He laced his fingers in hers and placed them over his heart, now slapping violently against his rib cage. “This bruised ticker belongs to you, Emma. You own me, body and soul. Every piece of me is yours to love or destroy. I love you. God, how I fucking adore you.”

Brody doesn't like the idea of Emma being homeless so he takes her to live with him. Along with Emma comes her lazy cat, Kevin. As Emma and Brody cohabitate as roommates,they soon find that they have one thing in common. Sex. Hot steamy passionate sex that will make your toes curl.

Together Brody and Emma are just perfect for each other. They balance each other out intellectually, physically, and sexually. Their chemistry was tangible and palpable from the start. The heat between them was explosive since both of them love their hot and dirty sex. And as Brody and Emma begin to spend more time with each other, deep feelings begins to emerge. Cracks were beginning to appear in Emma's armor and Brody was finally able to see that Emma is unlike any woman he has met. There is no hidden agenda and motive when it comes to Emma. She doesn't see Brody as her golden ticket to money but what she does see is a man that she has fallen hard for. But will Emma be able to let Brody in fully into her heart? And will she be able to accept his help financially?

 photo c814ccdee51388786c9c5d6385853f_zpsxeu20dqq.gif “Me inside you. This is the truth, your truth. Not what you were before.” He withdrew and stroked again. Long, thick, consuming . His mouth, set to torture, claimed hers and destroyed every last barrier. “It’s this honesty you show me when I’m inside you. Nothing else matters. Just this.” On his face was a look of such tenderness it gave her no place to hide. Love for him bloomed in her chest, and with each pump of his powerful hips, she recited an internal mantra. No regrets. No regrets. Because no matter how it ended, she would never forget that he loved her with his body and his acceptance, even if he’d never said the words ”

Taking the Score had the perfect balance of heat, friendship, sexual tension, drama, and hot passionate sex. I loved everything about this book from it raw characters and sexy storyline. Kate Meader has truly cemented herself as author who knows how to deliver romance with heat and a sexy erotic twist to satisfy any brazen junkie addicts like myself. So if you are looking for a hot passionate love tale that was sinfully written then I highly recommend you to read Taking the Score.

 photo f544def8d211d44a605781042433c7_zpsfjdnsqte.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Kate Meader
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670 reviews
February 24, 2016
I loved Taking the Score I fell for Brody Kane in Even the Score the bossy specs wearing Texan and I could not wait to read Brody and Emma's story and I was not disappointed.

Emma is having a tough time thanks to her sister working off her debt at a strip club who comes in one night but her day job boss Mr Kane who Emma gives the worst lap dance ever to.

Brody Kane goes nuclear when he sees his frumpy PA working in a strip club in a skimpy outfit for all the men to ogle and touch, in his anger he drags her away and they have hot angry wall sex.

The sex between these two is scorching they don't need a bed, they discover they are very compatible Emma can handle Brody being in control not like his ex. I love the banter between these two they are sexy and funny while they get to know each other outside the office and I love Kevin the demon cat.

What will happen? Do these two have a future together?

I love Brody he is very caring and protective of Emma the way he wants to look after her.

I loved the epilogue and the visual I had while reading of a naked Brody only in his TARDIS socks, what a geek. Thank you for that image Kate.

I wonder about Flynn's book??? Do I know his love interest???
122 reviews14 followers
January 27, 2016

I loved this book,this is not typical billionaire story and whole book is so sexy and fun and I want more Emma and Brody :(

Emma and Brody together with that amazing chemistry!!!!
 photo 15588129_zpslw6kc3sd.gif

 photo tumblr_mjtowtGVpF1rkfsoso1_250_zpsu4sylfra.gif

Emma works for Brody - he is her boss.
And well Emma needs extra cash so she's taking second job - as a waitress at a strip club!!
One night Brody take out important client out and guess what they go to the strip club where Emma works and that night is full of surprises for both of them.

 photo 7183228_zps6qccwpd8.gif

ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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609 reviews852 followers
February 8, 2016
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Copy received via netgalley in exchange for an honest review

★Book Basics★

Genre : - Cont. Romance
Series : - 2nd in series, can be read as a stand alone.
Love triangle? -
Cheating? -
HEA? -
Would I read more by this author/or in this series? - Yes
Rating - 4


This was a hot fun short read.

It is chock full of humour, with a bit of a geeky hero, who has an inner caveman, and a heroine who is hiding who she really is, but cannot stop the bad girl coming out.

The hero has been fantasizing about his dowdy PA for months, and then gets the shock of his life, when he takes a client to a strip club and gets the shock of his life, and possibly the worlds most awkward lap dance.

After that, neither can control themselves.

But, neither have really moved on from their past, and find it hard to trust and let the other in.

I enjoyed this so much, it is a fast, fun sexy read, and I adored the hero and the heroine.

My only complaint is down to its shortness, both of their pasts, for me could have been explored in more depth, and it could have been longer, just so I could enjoy reading about them a bit more.

I will definitely read more by this author.
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502 reviews309 followers
May 16, 2016
Note: billionaire trope, so not my thang

hell no

Setting / Time / Genre: current, Chicago

Length: No idea. Could care less.

Series: Apparently so. And apparently, not for me.

Sexy times: Yea. But I only got through 1.25 of said sexy times before clicking the return to sender button on my Kindle (wouldn't that be nice if that really existed?)

Plan on reading more by the author: I would have to go out on a limb and say Hell No!

Synopsis in one sentence or slightly more: Tacky thrift shop, polyester wearing heroine works in accounting during the day and at night masquerades herself as a stripper / lap dancer, runs in to boss at said strip club, ends up lap dancing him to a Happy Ending and he rescues her from her predicament of owing said strip club guy some ungodly amount of money. By the by, said employee is camping out in her work building with a cat because she has no where else to go and loses all her clothing.

I. Can't. Even.
Can't Even

I'll stop there. This was STOOPID. Straight up dumb. It wasn't funny except for one comment. It was not hot. Nope. This guy's supposed dirty talk? This girl's supposed bad girl bit? Not. Even. Close.
Profile Image for Kate Meader.
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January 26, 2016
Ready for some illicit office romance with a twist? TAKING THE SCORE, the next entry in the Tall, Dark, and Texan series from Entangled Brazen will be out in February 2016. This sexy tale features an uptight, specs-wearing, nerdy Texan billionaire with a dominant streak and the frumpy, thrift suit-wearing personal assistant he can't stop fantasizing about. And that's before he finds out about her second "job" ... at the strip club! The things a gal's gotta do to make rent.

In the meantime, you can catch up with the first book in the series, EVEN THE SCORE, a hate-lust-love story between a trailer trash Texan tycoon and a down-on-her-luck actress.
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February 16, 2016
3.5 stars.

***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***

Taking the Score by Kate Meader
Book Two of the Tall, Dark, and Texan series
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Publication Date: February 15, 2016
Rating: 4 stars
Source: eARC from NetGalley

***Warning: this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers***

Official Summary:

His office temptation is now his full-blown fantasy…

Paying down her sister’s debts has left Emma Strickland with little more than the thrift store suit on her back. And as if the suckfest couldn’t get worse, she’s forced to moonlight as a waitress to support herself and her cat. At a strip club. Her uptight, sexy-as-hell boss Brody Kane can never find out.

Texas property tycoon Brody Kane hired Emma for her spreadsheet skills, but her prim and proper demeanor sealed the deal. There’s no room in his life for a sexy distraction … and yet, he can’t stop lusting after the delicious Ms. Strickland. And then he takes an important client to a Chicago strip club and gets the worst lap dance in adult entertainment history. From Emma.

Now that he knows his office good girl has a naughty streak, Brody makes it his mission to uncover her secrets, one steamy, illicit, over-the-desk encounter at a time. But Emma is hiding more than her side job, and her final secret could end up destroying them both.

What I Liked:

I didn't love this one as much as I loved Even the Score - that is pretty difficult - but I enjoyed this addition to the series. I don't think I've read a single book with a stripper as a protagonist, so this was a bit different. And yet, the book had the same magnetic quality that Meader's books have. It was fiery hot and well-developed and hilarious. Brody and Emma are such a great pair!

Brody Kane is a rich and very successful property tycoon, working with two close friends and fellow Texans. Part of his success is due to his excessively organized secretary/assistance, Emma. Emma dresses like an old lady and doesn't ooze sex appeal, which is why Brody hired her. But some part of him has been attracted to her, and he wants to know why. Emma has good reason for dressing the way she does - she works at a strip club, as a waitress, to help pay for her younger sister's debt with the strip club's owner. But the owner thinks she isn't making enough as a waitress, and so one night, she decides that she'll have to swallow the revulsion and try something new. The night just happened to be the night that Brody takes a sleazy client to the strip; circumstances have Emma giving Brody her first - and worst - lap dance. Brody knows Emma's secret now, and there is one thing he's certain of - she is never working at the strip club again. Brody takes her in (she's a bit homeless), despite knowing that she has more secrets besides working at a strip club. But will those secrets destroy their budding relationship?

So I guess you could say this book isn't quite about a stripper - Emma works as a waitress in the strip club, but she isn't really a stripper. She's never worked a pole or given a lap dance for anyone. Her first (and only) lap dance was for Brody. And after that disaster, she never does anything in the strip club - she never goes back. Brody is furious that she works there, so he "buys" her - offers the owner several grand for Emma to do private things with him, outside of the strip club. And when Brody finds out that she's homeless, he takes her in (his penthouse is enormous and has at least five guestrooms).

I love how dominant and alpha Brody is. He's an alpha male in every way, but he's also very professional and sweet too. He's commanding and muscled and HOT, but kind and thoughtful and always trying to help. What really got me going? He's a huge science fiction nerd. He loves comics and Star Wars and it's adorable! An alpha male who is really into basketball and Star Wars - winning combination!

Emma is working at the strip club as part of an agreement she made with the strip club's owner. Her younger sister owns the owner thousands of dollars, so Emma is working at the strip club while Daisy is in rehab. Emma hates that Brody throws a bunch of money at the owner and "buys" her, but he doesn't do it to be sleazy, and he doesn't even fire her (remember, she's his PA by day). And letting her stay with him while she finds a place to live? Emma has a lot of pride, but even she knows a kind man and sweet offer when she sees one.

Still, her pride and stubbornness makes nothing easy for the two of them. They are like fire and ice (although I'm not sure who the ice would be, in this example). They clash over many things (her night job, her living with him, him paying the owner), but one thing they both agree on - their fiery chemistry.

I love hot these two are together! Maybe not as hot as Tess and Hunter in Even the Score, but there were a lot of steamy scenes in this book. I think the book could have benefited from one or two more, but then, I pretty much always say that, with most Brazen novels. They're so short!

The conflict revolves around Emma's sister's debt, as well as Brody and Emma's relationship. I like how they work things out! It takes a lot for Emma to truly accept Brody's help, and the insight of a very wise friend helps Emma see that Brody does what he does not to try and own her, but because he cares about her and wants to help her. Nevertheless, I really liked watching the pair bump heads and slowly trust each other (on both sides).

Overall, a good companion sequel to the series. I am very excited to read Flynn's book (and I so hope his lady is going to be who I think it is)!

What I Did Not Like:

The premise of the book really threw me, in terms of Emma and her sister's debt. I was pretty infuriated that Emma would start working a second job in a STRIP CLUB to pay for her sister's debt (which Daisy accrued because of her drug addiction). And then the owner tells Emma she needs to bring in more money, which is how Emma ended up giving Brody a (terrible) lap dance - that is awful. I love my own sister, but I don't stripping is what I do to pay her debt. Especially since Emma is swallowing bile as she considers stripping and giving lap dances. Not. Okay.

Not to mention the sister is doing NOTHING to help pay her own debt. Sure, she's in rehab, but this is her 3584395843095th time in rehab. Selfish. So selfish. Meanwhile, Emma is working two jobs, she's hopeless, and she hasn't slept more than two hours per night over the last three months.

If you can get past this, the book is great (which was the case for me). But it's hard not to want to launch the book far away and through a window when you read about Emma's sister and this whole debt thing to start with. Stripping? Seriously? By any means necessarily is too demeaning for Emma - she doesn't want to do it. It's not empowering to her.

Sigh. The book was lovely, except it's backstory with Emma's sister, which is basically the premise for the book.

Would I Recommend It:

I love Kate Meader's books, and I do really like this one! I much more recommend Even the Score, but this one is good, a quick and steamy read. I like this series, and this book doesn't disappoint. I wasn't sure I'd like it (like I said, I don't really read books involving a stripper as a protagonist), but Meader is pretty much an auto-read author for me!


3.5 stars -> rounded up to 4 stars. This one was good, maybe not a favorite Brazen, but part of a series that I recommend. I can't wait to read Flynn's book. Hot Texan businessmen for the win!
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February 3, 2016
Boss-assistant romances. That tried and true fantasy of your hot, billionaire boss looking past your frumpy facade to the smokin’ hot heroine underneath it all. Add to that a classic stripper fantasy and you’ve got the makings of a fun and sexy romance.

Emma is fighting for agency in her life (which props), even when it drove me crazy: She refuses to be the damsel in distress, even if the entire world (and her sister’s raging coke habit) are against her. She’s working as Brody’s personal assistant, keeping his life humming right along, even as hers crumbles all around her. Since her sister Daisy got in deep with a scummy strip club owner, Emma’s had to wait tables at Club Girl to pay off that debt. She’s barely keeping it together, but in the classic “doesn’t know when to ask for help” way, Emma keeps digging herself deeper. It drove me a little batty, but even if it was frustrating and a bit wacky at times (Chardonnay?), Ms. Meader gave me enough so that I did understand why Emma felt the way she did.

Brody’s hot for his assistant: Brody Kane certainly cannot help his slightly caveman reaction to his assistant, the frumpy Ms. Strickland. When he sees her dancing oh so awkwardly at Club Girl, he can’t believe his eyes and I couldn’t help laughing at the entire scene. Also, he can’t control himself around Emma. He has to make sure no other man sees his Ms. Strickland like this. Also, he will protect her...with his penis. He’s a great, adorably nerdy, super protective hero that I liked alot. Honestly, so many titillating tropes converge here that I loved it. Politically correct...well, Ms. Meader dances a fine line and to her credit, like Tim Gunn, she makes it work. Mostly.

Not sure how I feel about the ending: Now the strength to this tale is in the fantastic chemistry between Brody and Emma, the slightly forbidden romance and the characters themselves. The story’s major plot points are fairly straightforward, yet I will admit I’m not sure how I feel about the final obstacle. It’s in keeping with the rest of the book, but I wasn’t sure whether I agreed with it and I was a bit torn that Emma made Brody work so hard. I certainly enjoyed myself throughout, Chardonnay and all, so all’s well as ends well.

Brody and Emma were fun, sexy and another enjoyable entry in the Tall, Dark and Texan series. I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment.

**ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review**

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February 17, 2016
5 stars

What a great read Taking the Score turned out to be, loved it.

Sometimes you start a book and you know from the first page this is going to a winner.
Taking the Score ticked all the boxes for me. It had an interesting & entertaining storyline, characters that were lovable, passionate, fun, sensitive with chemistry that made my kindle sizzle!

*fans self*



I'm a big fan of Kate Meader's work and once again she's delivered an awesome read. I highly recommend this book.

A big thank you to Entangled Brazen for the advance copy.
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February 15, 2016
This was such a fun read! So entertaining (the burst-out-laughing kind!) and super sexy (the holy-wow-that's-super-hot kind!). I totally enjoyed it!

I totally loved nerd-boy Brody and his little geeky nuances. They were just so endearing to me. Loved that connection he had with Emma, the looks, the pull, and after running into each other out of the office, the animosity that ensued and how the hotness level ratcheted up. I mean super hot! *fans self* I really loved Emma's strength and how much she cared for others. And Brody and Kevin... omg! So hilarious. Loved those little moments. They just made me smile!

Wonderful connection between the main characters. Nice back stories of both, good build throughout. Loved the epilogue though I thought it was a tiny bit predictable. A lighter read, a bit fast paced but it had good development, storyline, and characters. A nice bit of tension, some light drama, and emotion, a whole lot of sexy. I’m really looking forward to the next book. I’m hoping its Flynn’s story because I felt some serious foreshadowing happening in this one and I can't wait to see if I'm right.

A solid read, entertaining, and hot! Just a fun and enjoyable story. If you need some off the charts sexy with laughter mixed in, this is the perfect choice.

Complimentary copy received for honest review.
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October 16, 2016
4.5 Sexy Stars

This is my first read in this series and I loved it. The storyline was great, it moved along seamlessly and at a fast pace. I LOVED Brody and Emma!

Brody was THE best. He was a total alpha all the way, he was sexy, he was so sweet and caring underneath that tough exterior and he made my heart melt:)

Emma, hmmm, I loved her and then I would question her decisions, then I would love her some more, then wonder what the hell she was thinking but overall and by the end, I was in love with her as much as I loved Brody! They made such a great couple and I sure hope to get more about them in the future!

I am curious too about one couple in this book and if they get together in the future, wink, wink! Hope so:)
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February 17, 2016

"A copy of this book has been provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Brazen) in exchange for an honest review"


His office temptation is now his full-blown fantasy…

Paying down her sister’s debts has left Emma Strickland with little more than the thrift store suit on her back. And as if the suckfest couldn’t get worse, she’s forced to moonlight as a waitress to support herself and her cat. At a strip club. Her uptight, sexy-as-hell boss Brody Kane can never find out.

Texas property tycoon Brody Kane hired Emma for her spreadsheet skills, but her prim and proper demeanor sealed the deal. There’s no room in his life for a sexy distraction … and yet, he can’t stop lusting after the delicious Ms. Strickland. And then he takes an important client to a Chicago strip club and gets the worst lap dance in adult entertainment history. From Emma.

Now that he knows his office good girl has a naughty streak, Brody makes it his mission to uncover her secrets, one steamy, illicit, over-the-desk encounter at a time. But Emma is hiding more than her side job, and her final secret could end up destroying them both

5 Never let the nerdy look fool you stars!

This was such a nice surprise!
So...I have a thing for nerdy, strong, smart, sassy characters... image how thrilled I was to discover that the lead character in this book met all my nerdy fan-girl requirements, except in this case the honor went to a male lead.

YES! In this book Broderick (Brody) Kane III is described as

"Not handsome in the classical sense, he radiated something more compelling. On the day the goddess was giving out the hawt, Brody Kane received an extra helping of sensuality instead of pretty boy. His lips were too full, even when sealed together in their customary grim disapproval. Mahogany hair flopped over his right eyebrow in a way that screamed, "I need a cut but I'm too distracted (making money) to care."
But his most attractive feature was his eyes. Silver grey like moonlight over a calm stretch of water. Eyes that could cut you to pieces and rebuild you with a single look. To add sexy insult to hot injury, he wore glasses.
Yep, total dweeb.
He also happened to be the brains of Score Property, the numbers guy, and wealthier than sin."

He's also loyal, compassionate, and a Doctor Who-loving, Star Wars-quoting geek.

 photo who 1.gif

This is my Brody

 photo brody.jpg

Emma, our lead female character describes herself as "better than trailer park trash".
She loves her job working for Brody Kane.
She smart (both book and street), sassy, independent, stubborn, loyal, and compassionate. She's also re-invented herself to look dowdy and prim & proper so no one would suspect her 'true roots' or of the wild-side she's trying to tame.

This is my Emma

 photo emma.jpg

Right from the start the reader in engaged with these characters, and the incredible heat and chemistry they have for one another.

And OH NO, the author doesn't wait til half-way thru the book before Emma and Brody give into their desires, it starts around the 20% mark and continues to get better (and dirtier) from there.

 photo sexualpassionrenandally.gif

Their story is one of extreme passion, and learning to trust one another with their deepest fears and secrets.

 photo http3A2F2F24.media.tumblr.com2F192f7d011fa910fb56336a363ba351462Ftumblr_moprc8vXCO1rum7cgo1_500.gif

Brody wants to fix all of Emma's problems by paying her debts

 photo who 2.gif

.. but doesn't realize Emma doesn't want to have to owe/or be in debt to anyone, especially Brody.
She's a survivor.
She's always worked her ass off to take care of herself and Daisy (her sister), and she doesn't want "a debt" to be between Brody and her.
In her mind, it would make the scales of their relationship unbalanced.

I really enjoyed this story, and I loved the epilogue (I love a good epilogue, and think every romance should have one .. my opinion of course).

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January 25, 2016
"You've had your hands on my ass and I ground my lady lips into your dick. I think you can call me Emma."

I put this advance copy on kindle with the intention of reading it a lot closer to the release date . . . and then I read that blurb and could not hold out. Emma is the organized and repressed assistant to Brody and she is safe. With her dowdy clothes and business only attitude there is no way he will cross the line with this assistant . . .and yet she still occupies a lot of his thoughts, especially when he is alone (if you get what I mean.) You can imagine his surprise when he is entertaining a somewhat sleazy client at a strip club and the sexy as hell dancer to walk into the room is none other that his up tight assistant. Now all bets are off!

"You don't know me, Mr. Kane. PA by day, T & A by night."

Brody and Emma's story is erotic and fun and was just the right way to spend a Friday night. While nothing can come easy the chemistry between them is never hard. Emma fights between being the person she wants to be and doing what is necessary to keep those she loves safe. I admired her determination and conviction. She never lets anyone put her down and she is so incredibly strong willed she won't even let the millionaire man she is sleeping with get her out of a bad situation. Brody was so incredibly sweet and attentive, even if he at times oversteps the lines she drew to do what he thinks is right.

'So what if the man could yield orgasms with a steely-eyed look through those sex-nerd glasses. Orgasms were a dime a dozen. Well-paying, respectable jobs were thinner on the ground.'

Together Brody and Emma have an intensity that explodes off the page and you will find yourself falling in love with these two mismatched people. Kate's writing is fast paced and light when needed but trust me that there is plenty of action and drama to keep the story constantly moving. I loved this book and hope you all do too!

4.5 Smooches
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January 31, 2016
4.5 stars

Taking the Score is a fun, sexy, feel-good romance with a low dose of drama and angst. If you're partial to a nerdy billionaire then Broderick Kane III is one to love, whilst his frumpy personal assistant, Emma Strickland is hiding a few surprises behind her unflattering office attire.

"You don’t know me, Mr. Kane. PA by day, T & A by night."

Strong-willed and with a real sense of determination in doing what she feels right to keep her sister safe, I really liked Emma. Brody has a bit of a hero complex, but his heart is absolutely in the right place and I adored him for that. And with a perfect chemistry that is not only heated but filled with sarcasm and wit creating some great humour, their deeper issues brought an emotional angle, without being overly dramatic.


Kate Meader has been hit and miss for me in the past, but with fabulous characters and engaging storylines, she's really hitting the spot with her Tall, Dark and Texan series. I won't lie, Flynn's story can't come quick enough.


Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion.
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July 20, 2017

Originally posted at Booklovers For Life

I’ve only read one other book by Kate Meader, but I freaking LOVED it (and the alpha male) so I was excited to read another book by her! Plus, this is an office romance between a boss and his assistant, a trope I adore, so Taking the Score is pretty much just pure fun and sexiness. If you love your books hot and filled with chemistry, with a dash of humor, you need to get your hands on this book! Brody and Emma rocked my socks off in Taking the Score.

He had always enjoyed puzzles, working things out, moving pieces around until it made sense. Ms. Strickland did not make sense.
He would learn her.

Brody Kane has been having fantasies about his prim and proper assistant, despite the fact that she never wears form-fitting clothes or even offers a hint of desire back to him. So to say Brody is shocked to see Emma working at a strip club where he’s entertaining a client… well, it’s an understatement, to say the least. Never has he seen her so sexy and revealing, and all he wants to do is unveil every part of her, starting with her clothes.

Emma Strickland has taken on her sister’s debt and is paying it off at a strip club, where it just so happens she gets found out by her boss. As embarrassing at is it, this is also the one time where she can show who she really is to Brody and act on the craving she’s had for him for months. But the last thing she expects is for their sexual relationship to continue, and for her heart to start falling for her gorgeous, rich boss.

“You won’t way it, then I’ll say it for you.” He slammed into her. “Me inside you. This is the truth, your truth. Not what you were before.” He withdrew and stroked again. Long, thick, consuming. His mouth, set to torture, claimed hers and destroyed every last barrier. “It’s this honesty you show me when I’m inside you. Nothing else matters. Just this.”

I loved Brody and Emma. These two are fantastic, unique characters, even if the boss/assistant trope is clichéd. They have some wicked sexy banter and Brody has the dirtiest mouth on him. Kate Meader knows how to write alpha-males, but what I loved most about Brody was his nerdiness. He’s a bonafide glasses-wearing, Star Wars-loving, Doctor Who geek, and I LOVED IT!! I just don’t read enough sexy nerdy heroes, so Brody is such a refreshing change. And Emma herself is a head-strong, intelligent, independent woman. She doesn’t let Brody and his slightly overbearing ways run all over her, and instead gives as good as she gets. The two of them make a wonderful couple that I enjoyed reading about so much.

Taking the Score is the perfect read if you’re in the mood for something light-hearted yet crazy steamy. I had so much fun reading this quick, sexy book, and I’m definitely looking forward to more in the series.

Thanks to the publisher for generously providing me an ARC to review.

Quotes are taken from the ARC and are subject to change in the final version.

Amazon Ebook: http://amzn.to/1nwYC8m
Amazon Paperback: http://amzn.to/1nwYDJx

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February 18, 2016
 photo TAKING THE SCORE_zpssktmrca6.jpg

I LOVE Kate Meader’s books! Period! She surprises me with every book she writes, they are always authentic, original and so damn hot! And this book had a thing I love so much: IT WAS HILARIOUS!!

Taking the Score is the story of Brody, the sexy nerd and domineering billionaire and Emma, his personal assistant. They had a secret attraction on each other but the “taboo” of having an “affair” with the boss/employee was a NO NO for both of them. Until Brody got a awful but arousing lapdance from Chardonnay—Emma’s new name as a strep dancer. That dance lead to a very angry fucking against the wall, and then to a Pretty-Woman-Kinda-Purchase with lots of more sexy moments, jealous nipples, a crazy love/hate relationship with Kevin the cat, lots of lies, secrets and possessive actions between these two great characters. Did I mention the sex was hot? Well, I can guarantee some kinky—not hardcore level I might say—demands from my new nerd book boyfriend Brody ;)

 photo doctor who_zpsahyjyzgm.jpg

Like I said before, I loved this book. The writing was awesome, well paced and the descriptions were super cool, especially when Kevin was on “scene” hahahaha. Also, I was laughing my ass off with this book. Every joke was so nerdy and perfect for me. One of the nerdy things was the geek collection, including some Tardis clothing. And of course, the development of the characters was great. I admire Emma’s sense of independence and her need to be the best big sister ever, even though I wanted to KILL Emma’s sister UGH! Brody’s domineering tendencies were a little asshole-ish at some point. Not that I’m complaining about, I need my dose of bastards in my book boyfriends collection. The way Brody asked for forgiveness at the end of the book was simply AWESOME. I really thought everything would end in a different way, but, as I said, Kate always surprises me, and I totally loved it.

All in all, I recommend this book for a funny, sexy and almost angst free read. 100% recommended.

 photo ARC REVIEW_zpseu9cd4hh.jpg
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January 21, 2016
 photo LIASOM_zps9e498f89.png

“You’ve had your hands on my ass and I ground my lady lips into your dick. I think you can call me Emma.”
Shock enlivened his grim features. Had she really just said “lady lips” out loud? This was not their standard repartee around the office.

ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 4.5*

Trope: Boss/employee, "stripper"

Chemistry: Off the charts Scorchio

One-Sentence Summary: Brody's "cat lady" personal assistant becomes his personal sex kitten after an encounter at a strip club.

Review: Another stormer of a book from one of my favourite romance authors.

Contemporary romances are oddly lacking in one of my favourite tropes "rich millionaire rescues down-on-her-luck stripper" so as soon as I heard that the second book in Meader's Talk, Dark and Texan series combined this trope with an office romance and a strong female lead, I couldn't wait to get my paws on it.

Boy it didn't disappoint. Man this book was HAWT! Brody and Emma heat up the pages from the moment of their first encounter in the strip club and their chemistry keeps building and building, with plenty of my favourite laughs and banter that I love about this author.

“You chose to do this?”
Indignation rose, swift and sharp. “Why shouldn’t I choose to do this? Is there something wrong with doing this?”
That stymied him. He opened his mouth. Closed it before he shoved his other foot in.
“Every woman who works at this club is choosing to exercise agency over her body and gift the world with her beauty and talent.”
Pure disbelief greeted that. “And the dancing? Was that your gift to the world? Because if so, I hope you kept the receipt.”

I liked the way the "debt" arc was wrapped up and the way that .

I absolutely can't wait for the next book in the series - Flynn/Olivia's story I presume.

Originally posted @ Love's A State Of Mind
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July 7, 2016
This book was basically amazing.

Brody has definitely just earned his way onto my favorite book boyfriends of 2016 list. It's like Kate Meader went down my checklist of favorite traits and created him. Smart? Nerd? Rich? Jaded curmudgeon? Sexy? Alpha? Check. Check. Check. There is something super sexy about the combination of his prim and proper upbringing and his unbridled passion and need for control in the bedroom that really does it for me.

Emma was basically the woman I'd like to be. She's not perfect but she doesn't give up on trying either. She works hard but know how to play harder. She's feisty and quick-witted.

They were basically a mismatch made in heaven and brought out the best in each other. Their sexual chemistry was so ridiculously hot. If it wasn't 6 degrees outside I would have been sweating for sure.

I absolutely adore Kate Meader's writing style and just can't seem to find a bad thing to say about any of her books, other than I wish that I had a never-ending supply of them to read for the first time. If you haven't read anything by her, you are really missing out.

*I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

**See more of my reviews at www.fictionfangirls.com
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March 1, 2017
I really really liked this one ! It was so funny and Super hot!
She was great a head strong stubborn woman . He was funny and amazing in his ways :) the cat was awesome
A really cute fun read:)
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February 15, 2016
Emma Strickland is all about order—keeping order in Brody Kane’s business life. She’s perfection personified as a Personal Assistant by day. But due to the need to help out her sister and pay the debt her sister owes, Emma takes a second job— as a waitress—at a strip club, and prays no one, least of all her boss finds out.

Broody Brody has been fantasizing about his buttoned-up, tight-laced assistant for months. Brody thinks Emma is sexy as hell and often finds himself wondering just what’s hiding under her thrift store suits that are two sizes too big. But Brody wouldn’t dream of acting on his fantasies—he doesn’t need the distraction.

Until one night that changes everything—one night when he’s given the worst lap dance ever… by Emma. But Emma’s not going to be that easy to peel the layers back on like an onion… she’s got deep seeded secrets. Secrets that Brody is hell bent on finding out—one orgasm at a time.

Damn you, Kate Meader, and your ability to SUCK the reader right into a story! I devoured Brody and Emma’s story in just a few hours as I purposely ignored the world around me. I LOVED Brody and Emma’s relationship! A bit friends-to-lovers and a whole lot of sexy.

Emma is bound and determined to make it on her own after the shitty hand that she was dealt in life. She didn’t want to rely on anyone to help her—she didn’t want to owe anyone anything. But Brody and his persistence. Damn that man. He’s a hot and sexy nerd, with a penchant for crazy socks and just so happens to want to help the damsel in distress and her crazy-assed cat named Kevin. Plus, I got to catch up with Hunter and Flynn. And meet the all-out crazy of Brody’s sister Olivia.

Now for Flynn’s story—please don’t make me wait too long, Kate! ~ Missy, 5 stars


Holy Hell!! This is the second book in the Tall, Dark, and Texan series and I loved it even more than the first! I literally read it all in one day because I couldn’t put it down!

Taking the Score focused on Brody, another of the business partners in Score Productions. He has had a hard time with past relationships, but can’t seem to stop fantasizing about his assistant, Emma Strickland.

“Hike up that skirt and show me your sweet ass-ets, Ms. Strickland. Open your mouth, Ms. Strickland, I’ve got something to dick-tate. And the always classic: Over the desk now, Ms.Strickland.”

Emma Strickland has decided that she needs to change her bad girl ways and take care of her sister. So, she hides behind cheap thrift store clothing and works hard to be the best assistant she can be. Even if she is attracted to her insanely sexy billionaire boss.

However, when her two worlds collide, Brody can no longer fight the attraction to Emma and the two of them together are hot as fuck.

“That’s it. Squeeze me tight, baby. Give me a preview of what my cock can expect.”

Seriously, the two of them can’t keep their hands off one another and it is HOT! You will need a cold shower, to jump your hubby or b-o-b, or both!

“Sometimes you have to take what you need and hope the other person can handle the invasion.”

Together, they are finally able to open up until all hell breaks loose and secrets are exposed.

This story had it all! It was sexy; it was sweet; it was emotional; it was full of drama. I loved Brody’s sister, Olivia and Emma’s cat, Kevin. I adored seeing Hunter for a bit and can’t wait for Flynn’s story! ~ Tiffany, 4.5 stars
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February 15, 2016
My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: http://witandsin.blogspot.com/2016/02...

Taking the Score is a fabulously wicked and oh-so-fun office romance. Kate Meader knows how to write snappy dialogue and sizzling sexual tension, and both are on full display in this second Tall, Dark, and Texan story.

Emma Strickland is no buttoned-up good girl wanting to take a walk on the wild side. No, she’s a down-and-dirty bad girl at heart who has made a new life for herself. I respected Emma for her hard work and strong will. But I loved that she owned her sexuality and smart mouth. The boss/assistant romance is a well-known trope, but Ms. Meader gives it new life with Emma being a fun and refreshingly different kind of heroine. Emma is working herself to the bone trying to pay off her sister’s debt. She has never been able to rely on anyone but herself, but things get even complicated when her boss sees her at her second job and turns her life upside-down. Emma has the hots for Brody Kane, but she’s never let him see it. Until now…

I have a weakness for sexy nerds, and boy does Brody fit the bill. He’s a sci-fi geek with a sharp mind for business, but buried beneath that is a hot-as-hell lover. When he sees Emma in the strip club he’s shocked, turned on, and loses all control. The sexual tension between them explodes, and that’s just the start of their adventure. Brody is protective, but even though he’s got Emma’s best interests at heart, he can be autocratic. He’s used to Emma the personal assistant, who does whatever he asks. He’s at a loss when she won’t let him simply fix her problems, and the push-pull between them adds drama to Taking the Score . The story does hit a snag because Brody and Emma create a lot of their own obstacles simply because they don’t talk to each other. They both need to learn to open up, to trust, and to truly listen to one another. When they do, it’s clear they’re made for one another because Brody and Emma just fit each other like lock and key.

Taking the Score can be read as a standalone, but fans of the first Tall, Dark, and Texan book, Even the Score, will be charmed by the brief appearances of Brody’s partner, Hunter (I definitely was). Both books in the series are fast-paced, red-hot, and high energy. I adore Ms. Meader’s hot Texan heroes and I’m looking forward to seeing what she has in store for the final Score Property partner, Flynn.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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February 15, 2016
Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4.5 stars

A hot, crazy sexy romp in which I had to tell myself that normal rules don't apply, that the attraction between these two was so strong they threw all common sense out the window and they simply went for it.

Lord save me from women who won't ask or take help even when they really need it and men who want to save them and in all honesty these two both exhibited behaviors that drive me crazy but it somehow worked and worked well. When Brody Kane finds his buttoned up PA Emma Strickland working at a strip club they share a night drunk on lust and each other and while they both think they can move forward without it affecting their working relationship, it proves much harder than they expected. This book contains two people with chemistry to spare, a lot of secrets, one pissed off cat and just enough conflict to make it interesting but not enough to bog down what turns out to be a fun, flirty and extremely sexy good time.

Since the moment Brody Kane hired Emma Strickland he knew she was special; as his PA she's been nothing but efficient and hard working yet he can't deny he wants to know what she's got going on under her boxy, ill-fitted suits. His self imposed celibacy is taking its toll and when he finds her moonlighting in a strip club, he knows that the thought of any other man putting his hands on her isn't something he can let happen. Emma has her reasons for working the second job from hell but it is something she plans to share even with the man she works for during the day and the one she can't seem to stop seducing now that she's had him.

I enjoyed these two together a lot, they drove each other crazy in more ways than one, they both were way more invested than either one wanted to be, and they were perfectly matched both in and out of the bedroom. They challenged one another and despite their stubbornness they worked.

Taking the Score is everything I've come to expect from author Kate Meader; entertaining characters, supreme sexiness and a whole lot of fun.

Review copy provided for an honest review.
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