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Limits of Destiny #5

Limits of Destiny

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Does love have the power to overcome all obstacles and defeat evil?
Alexander Kraftberg is a man who knows how to get what he wants in life, and the most important thing to him is Alexia. He can’t imagine living without her kisses, the tender touch of her hands, her passionate and hot body, and her love. But if they are to be happy together, she must trust him – fully and unconditionally.
Her pain and insecurity must be dispelled and the demons of her nightmares have to be destroyed.
Alexia is trying to recover after the suffering which she has been subjected to. She adores Alexander, but her dream of a future together with him is at odds with his.
Fate gives Alexia what she wants more than anything – a baby. But will her pregnancy destroy everything they’ve built together so far?

260 pages, Kindle Edition

Published March 31, 2016

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About the author

Sharlyn G. Branson

9 books470 followers
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Sharlyn G. Branson writes sweet and sexy contemporary romance that will make you both laugh and cry. She is happily married and mom of a lovely boy. She is addicted to coffee and love to travel around the world with her family.

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Profile Image for Ayushi Agarwal.
84 reviews85 followers
March 28, 2016
**Received a advanced copy of an ebook from the author for an honest review**

First of all I would like to thank Sharlyn for giving me the opportunity to read this great series. Every part of the series got better and better. I loved them all. The chemistry and the love shown between Alexia and Alexander was great. They did not let Alexander's past effect there relationship, the bond just grew stronger and stronger. Now since this series has come to an end, I'm wishing for more books by the author to be published.
Profile Image for Charlene.
1,117 reviews22 followers
March 31, 2016
I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I really enjoyed this book, and the series as a whole. This book begins right from the end of the last book, and quickly moves along to a wonderful way to complete this series. I really enjoy the work of this author, and look forward to reading more from her in the future.
Profile Image for Moon Reviews.
596 reviews12 followers
April 30, 2016
*I received this book in exchange of an honest review*
I have been waiting for the last volume of this series so impatiently and wow!!!! It did not disappoint!!!! Well written with still a lot of angst and thrill, this page turner will leave you on your toes the whole time!!! Alexander and Alexia are still exposed to the fame, money, power and shady past's consequences, some new characters and old ones will drop their masks and a lot of the truth will be revealed!! A lot of hardships and obstacles will make this book very entertaining, and I loved every single minute of it!!! I do recommend to buy the whole series at once though, as it drove me mad to wait for the next one! With a very active flow, you won't be able to put it down...and yes sometimes Alexia's insecurities will make you roll your eyes but this is what makes the story so realistic! The fears, jealousy, doubts... of having and keeping such a hunk of man does exists in every woman and Alexia is the perfect impersonation of it! You will relate a lot to her and Alexander will simply make you swoon! Recommended to all contemporary romance readers!! Completely addictive, i always took a new volume coming out as an excuse to read the whole series again, and i honestly didn't want it to end!!!! Alexander and Alexia will be truly missed.... Two Thumbs High In the Air With Flaming Lighters On!!!!!!
Profile Image for April   ♥"LOS" ♥.
2,561 reviews50 followers
March 9, 2016
I thought that this book was a perfect ending to the series!

Over the last four books we have watched as Alexia has struggled through up and downs, doubting herself and Alexander's love, only to have it all come together in the end.

While trying to accept Alexander's sordid history, Alexia has been faced with numerous people from his past who have tried to pull them apart. After her kidnapping and miscarriage, Alexia is at a delicate point in her life. In order to move forward as Alexander's wife she needs to let go of the demons of his past and the nightmares that plague her, and Alexander is the perfect man to help her through it.

While Alexander is still domineering and controlling, we see a deeper side to his love in this book. Watching him comfort and take care of Alexia throughout the book is sweet and touching. Although there were times when his actions upset me, he would eventually see the error of his ways.

After everything that this couple has overcome throughout this series I feel like they got the ending that they deserved (and that the readers were hoping for).

**I received an ARC for an honest review**
Profile Image for Erica.
1,312 reviews33 followers
March 28, 2016
Volume 5 picks up where four left off. Alexia and Alexander are preparing for their wedding, yes it's quick, no Alexander is NOT a patient man. He want's Alexia to have his name, mark her as his, I love this Alpha male!!
Things seem to be going well for them, together they have overcome so much together. Alexia's breakdown and pushing him away, Alexander's past, well not quite. His past refuses to stay buried and there's yet another hurdle for these two to jump before they make it to happily ever after.
Will her pregnancy be their biggest problem?

I loved both of these characters from the beginning. At times I wanted to hate Alexander but there was always that voice in my head saying give him a break. From volume one I've been intrigued by their relationship, always hoping they would make it and neither of them would end up broken.
Throughout the series we've experienced the ups and downs, love and loss, all of which had to happen to bring us to the end. As much as I wanted to see the end I'm going to miss Alexander and Alexia, they are one of my top five favorite couples.

Volume 5 is another well told story filled with passion and twists that I never saw coming.
Profile Image for Sivutha.
634 reviews75 followers
March 9, 2016
5 Awesome Stars

Continuing from the last book, we see that both Alexander and Alexia have worked things out. They are getting married in a few days (cause Alexander is a hot alpha male and it screams MINE) but (oh no!) Alexander's past keeps coming back up. Then (Bam!!) someone sends Alexia a note at their wedding day!! They didn't think any of it until she receives a visit from Vanessa's husband and he ends up threatening her. Somehow they manage to get through with what's going on but just barely. Lately Alexia feels that no matter what she is doing, she is constantly in Alexander's bad side. Now that Alexia decided to share something with Alexander. Will the secret keep them together or will Alexander walks away from it? Also, will they know who destroyed Alexander's hotel? Curious huh?? Well read it. Wink*

Profile Image for Kristian Erdmann.
352 reviews
March 29, 2016
When two become one....with a heaping side of jealousy!!❤ This book its intoxicating. Full of suspense and emotion!!
Alexander I fell has a tendency to be a little hard on Alexia. I feel Alexander held her appeal against her and took his anger for other men being attracted to her out on her..... "Don’t make me hate you. I love you and can’t picture a life without you. I’m dependent on you, obsessed with you and I want to grow old with you. But don’t punish me anymore, because I can’t bear it. It makes me feel like you don’t give a damn about me.” With everything they have been through and Alexander's need for control and everyone elses need to interfere they cant seem to find a calm place. A place of peace and happiness.
Finally Alexander uncovers who started all this mess with the bombing and kidnapping. So once again his past came back to bite him in the rear and punch Alexia in the face. It's so obvious they love each other more than life but the world has a huge vendetta against them and they struggle to get through. On a good note Vanessa finally got the verbal punch she deserved( not gonna lie kinda wish Alexia would have gave her a real one lol).
Just as Alexia begins to heal from being kidnapped her world gets rocked again. Leaving her once again insecure and unstable, but once again she picks herself back up and keeps going. Her strength knows no bounds.
The love they have for each other is impenetrable. I love how Sharlyn made you truly feel their love. It's the kind of love everyone hopes for. The kind that comes from the bottom of your soul. Your true other half. Finally Alexia gets to a place of utter joy, and then here come Alexander and he totally drops the ball and makes her feel a little lost and confused. In true Alexander fashion he comes to his senses and realizes once again he's acted like a tool. I love their story and am so sad to see it end, but am so in love with how it did.
One a side note I'm a little in love with the beautiful mess that is Oliver!!❤

Profile Image for Susan.
1,282 reviews15 followers
April 1, 2016
This is an outstanding ending to an outstanding series. Sharlyn G. Branson has written an amazing series featuring Alexander and Alexia that by now, we feel we know intimately. I have laughed and cried with them, and have been so angry with them at times, I wanted to throw my kindle across the room, but I didn't of course, because I had to see what was going to happen next. There have been so many ups and downs, twists and turns in this series, you know that they will not just get married happily, and live happily ever after, but you know they both love each other. Alexander has changed a lot over the series, but he is still domineering, controlling, and very jealous, of course, or he would not be Alexander. Even though he is still all of those things though, we do see his gentle and loving side also. Alexia has went through so many horrific things, you have to wonder how she is still surviving, but her and Alexander's love for each other is able to help her. This book has lots of suspense, love, romance, and steamy hot sex, all woven into a very well written story. I received this book from the author in return for an honest review, and you need to start with Volume 1, and get to reading. You will be glad you did.
Profile Image for Emma bramley.
2,483 reviews24 followers
May 30, 2022

omg, what a fantastic ending to this whole series. I have absolutely loved every book. I love all the characters in there own ways. this was a new author to me when I started the series but will definitely be on the look out for more. I loved how the author has a fab way of bringing fantastic characters, an amazing story and lots of believable drama into each book in the series, that you just keep reading. looking for a fab series this summer definitely get your hands on this series, you wont be disappointed.

highly recommended

Profile Image for Itsy Bitsy Book Bits.
699 reviews48 followers
April 3, 2016
The story takes place in Hawaii and in Switzerland. The story is about an extremely wealthy billionaire named Alexander Kraftberg which was incredibly handsome and had a dark past. Alexander has changed his ways since he met Alexia Welson. She was a beautiful woman that had stolen his heart. Alexia had been pregnant with Alexander’s baby and while she was pregnant she was kidnapped by an evil man that was getting back at Alexander and did terrible things to her that she kept having nightmares about. She lost the baby because of the kidnapper. Alexia was head over heels in love with Alexander as well. He was extremely good to her but he would snap at things because of his jealously of wanting her to be his and no one else’s.
The story is a fairytale to me. He buys her an expensive mansion in Hawaii so she can be close to her parents when she wants to. He does everything you can imagine to be a truly devoted husband only she worries about his dark past periodically.
They finally get married and have a princess wedding including diamonds on her wedding dress and on her tiara. She ends up deceiving him and getting pregnant without telling him she was even trying but in the end it works out and they have twins, one boy that looks and acts like him and a girl that is sweet and beautiful like her mother.
I highly recommend this book. I know it is book 5 but I am sure I will go and read the first four to see what I have missed. Sharlyn is a talented writer and I look forward to reading more.
Profile Image for Donna Peebles.
70 reviews25 followers
March 31, 2016
I was gifted an arc by the author in return for an honest review.

An absolutley amazing end to a fantastic series.
im actually sad that its over.
Branson did an amazing job with these characters, they became so real...it just made reading 100% better.
I just adored Alexander and Alexia.

There have been so many ups and downs, twist and turns in these books that you just had to keep reading absolute gripping stuff.....totally exciting.

In this final chapter of Alexia and Alexanders we see a future unfold for the couple that you'd never think would have one together.
But as always there will be devious little twists n turns. These two have been through it all....and its been one hell of a ride reading about it.
im really glad i got to experience it and to share my views with others...this is a true, nail biting, drama filled, sex fueled read that just keeps giving.

if i truly could give more than five stars i would, the Limits of Destiny series would
deserves every single one of them.
Profile Image for LiLiana P..
388 reviews5 followers
April 26, 2016
OMFGGGGGGG!! It's the end :(

I loved so much all 5 books <3 Alexander & Alexia filled my days and nights with their story :))

This one as all the other 4 were intense, passionate, sad, explosive.... All the bad persons paid for what they have done, but the worst was when Alexia was kidnaped....she lost the baby after running and escaped her kidnaper..I cried!

But after some time she got pregnant again and she gave birth to twins (a baby girl and baby boy) as also her step-mother and her best friend had a boy...oh how I love happy endings ;)

Everyone deserves happiness and BABIES!!

If you never read the 5 books I recommend it..you will not regret it..It may anger you, make you cry and laugh, but in the end you will have a smile in your face! So ENJOY ;D
Profile Image for Maria Costantino.
1,025 reviews7 followers
April 1, 2016
First of all I would like to thank Sharlyn for giving me the opportunity to read this great series. Every part of the series got better and better. I loved them all. The chemistry and the love shown between Alexia and Alexander was great. They did not let Alexander's past effect there relationship, the bond just grew stronger and stronger. Now since this series has come to an end, I'm wishing for more books by the author.
Profile Image for Iskra Alexieva.
5 reviews1 follower
June 23, 2016
I love this book! The whole series is full of twists and turns, but this last book is definitely my favorite! It provides a great culmination and end of the story. Really captivating. Once you start reading it you won't be able to put the book down. I love to read about the different struggles that the couple overcomes in the name of love.
Read ot, you won't regret it!
Profile Image for Crista Reilly.
6 reviews
May 26, 2016
Well I've finished all of these books and I've got to say I am truly happy that I read these books it didn't take me long cause they are so good once you start reading them before you know it you're already done thank you so much Sharlyn G. Branson you are absolutely amazing.
Profile Image for Clare Fuentes.
225 reviews12 followers
March 31, 2016
I just love HEAs. Sharlyn did an awesome job writing this last book. Love the sex, love the storyline and you just have to love Alexander Kraftburg.
52 reviews2 followers
August 3, 2016
Love this book and the entire series....what a great ending! Will definitely be following author Sharlyn Branson in the future!
Profile Image for lovestoread.
841 reviews7 followers
September 8, 2017
An end to the series. Alexia and Alexander are a match made! They are dependent upon one anther for their happiness and Alexander is always worried something will happen to Alexia. And damn, something always does!

I loved getting to see a bit more of Roberto. Perhaps there can be a spin off in the future that lets us see Roberto's happily ever after.

Enjoyable reading.
Profile Image for Atlanta Whitlock.
907 reviews10 followers
March 4, 2016
I have been waiting for a short while for this book and I can honestly say that it was worth the wait, I was so happy that Alexander finally saw sense and asked his girl Alexia to marry him. I always hoped that Alexia would get the happy ending that she always dreamed of but I still feel for her considering she has been through a hell of a lot recently.

Now that they have both worked things out and are currently moving forward with their lives, they are getting married in only a matter of days however things from Alexander's past keep cropping up out of nowhere which is making Alexander constantly worried. Then all of a sudden someone sends Alexia a note at their wedding, nothing comes to mind until she receives a very shocking visit from Vanessa's husband and he ends up threatening her.

Somehow they manage to get through everything but just barely as it feels to Alexia that no matter what she does she is constantly in Alexander's bad books.
However there still seems to be some issues and Alexia feels that no matter what she does she can't seem to keep Alexander, when Alexia decides to share something with Alexander will it keep them together or will Alexander finally realise that he can't deal with it. Also will they ever figure out who was to be blamed for the bombing on Alexander's hotel.

Honestly you will want to read this as this series has been amazing by far. I have loved each and every second of it and I would happily read it again in a heartbeat. When I first started this series Sharlyn Branson was a brand new author to me she always knows how to make you happy as her writing is truly inspiring and I can honestly say that I am honoured to have read her work as it's truly amazing, I love how she has created all of the characters.
Give this series a try and I promise you that you won't regret it.
Profile Image for Timmy Jane.
97 reviews19 followers
August 5, 2016

“When I saw you for the first time, your beauty truly enthralled me. I’d never believed in love at first sight, but on that day, I felt something in my heart click. I wanted to make you mine. I didn’t want to let you go. It was like I immediately sensed we were meant to be together. Which means that no man has the right to come anywhere near you."

OMG!!! 5 Alpha Male Stars!!!

Okay, this book is worth the wait and the perfect ending for Alexia and Alexander's story. So I re-read the first book up to the fourth book before I read this beautiful book, and I love it! But is it okay to have another book so we can see how their life goes on when they have the twins? Because I want to see and read more how Alexander became a dad, how he can be gentle and sweet when it comes to his family and most especially how he will do anything for his wife and for the twins. Sigh!

This series is very special to me because Alexia and Alexander's story made me fall in love all over again. I love how their passion and love for each other help them to conquer all the struggles in their life. It also teaches us that nothing is impossible if you have that special someone by your side. And who would thought that the most eligible bachelor of Switzerland can be gentle and sweet when it became to his family.

The world around us simply ceased to exist. My life was filled with our children and my beautiful wife, who’d made me understand what it meant to love someone.

Totally swoon worthy!

Thank you Ms.Sharlyn for giving me a chance to read and to meet this wonderful characters of yours. I will miss them! And I can't wait to read more books from you. This series have a special place in my book of fame.

You guys have to read this series now!!!
957 reviews17 followers
July 13, 2016
Sad to see this series end cause I loved each volume more and more each time I read a new one. Alexander and Alexia have come along way though and while they have their doubts at times and have the evil side speaking to them they don't let this destroy their relationship like they have in the past.

Alexia is still struggling with the past events and Alexander is right there to pick her up as always. Swoon! I love how he was so dark and gritty in his past cause looking at him now you would never know it. They both have grown so much in their relationship and at times you still wanted to shake them together, but in the end the epilogue couldn't have been better. Alexia finally got her dream and Alexander is getting paid back hehe with the babies. Though they do say your kids are twice as worst as you were with your parents so these two are in for the ride of their life.

I will agree with the author on the fact that Alexia is an angel and her BF, Lily is the devil. Francesco had his hands cut out with that one. Though he became smart as well when it came to the relationship and keeping your girl happy. Glad we got to see Oliver in here as well. Wow, the twist on that story was not expected, but oh so good. I may just have to take a trip to Switzerland and find me an Alexander. haha.

If you haven't read this series yet, please do cause you will not regret reading it. Each book continued the story and kept you in suspense, swooning and panting from the sex scenes. It did not drag on. I will miss this series and hope to hear from these characters down the road even in a crossover series.
333 reviews5 followers
March 7, 2016
This series has been fantastic from book One!
I loved that Alexander and Alexia finally got married, especially as they have both had their fare share of problems throughout their short relationship, even on their wedding day someone was trying to destroy the love that they had for each other.
One day the evil Vanessa's husband holds her at knife point demanding everything from the safe but thankfully Alexander comes to her rescue, at this point I wondered if they would ever be free from evil.
This young couple finally find happiness at the end of the book but you will need to read it to find out what happens.
Sharlyn Branson I would like to thank you for writing such a brilliant series, I have loved each and every book!
Profile Image for Blanca.
436 reviews2 followers
September 26, 2016
**Received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

An undeniably remarkable ending to a fantastic series!

After everything Alexia and Alexander have been through, it seems that their destinies have finally been fulfilled.

The attraction and the love shown between Alexia and Alexander grew stronger and stronger throughout the series it was most definitely not an easy task considering all the obstacles in their path but their love and commitment allowed them to achieve their goal of true happiness.

This story has come to an ending but I look forward to reading more by this amazing author her writing is absolutely mesmerizing.

If there was any way to give more than five stars I would, the Limits of Destiny series is an exceptionally fantastic series!

Profile Image for Jacquie.
500 reviews3 followers
March 21, 2016
This is the 5th and final book in the Limits of Destiny series, and it does not disappoint! After everything Alexia and Alexander have been through, they are finally getting married and moving on with their lives together...until, once again, Alexanders' past comes back to haunt them!

The ending of this book (and series) left me happy and excited for Alexia (you'll have to read it to find out! ;) ) Thank you Sharlyn, for writing such an entertaining, sexy series that I will re-read again and again!

***ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review***
18 reviews
March 21, 2016
Limits of Destiny has been one of my favorite series! I really enjoyed following the journey of Alexia and Alexander. Each volume had it's own exciting story that lead to answers and a perfect ending in Volume 5. Thanks Sharlyn for putting so much into Limits of Destiny and I am looking forward to reading more from you.
150 reviews
March 26, 2016
I received a free copy in exchange of an honest review. I really enjoyed Alexander and Alexia's story. At last, with everything that happened, they're able to strenghten their relationship and move on. No an easy task, but with love and commitment, you see them achieve their goal for happiness. A great love story that will sweep you off your feet. Thanks Sharlyn !
Displaying 1 - 30 of 59 reviews

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