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My Alien Romance #1

Defy the Stars

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Librarian Note: Also published as 'How to Date an Alien (My Alien Romance, #1)'

I'd always wanted to leave small town Illinois, I just didn't know I'd leave it for the stars. 

I needed to get into Columbia College. I'd do anything to get in. With no other choice, I had my dad help me get an internship at Circe Operations Center. 

Only it's not an ordinary operations center. 

Getting attacked on my first day on the job wasn't exactly stellar, but staring into the eyes of the dark eyed boy who saved me, made me re-think every single thought I'd ever had. 

But when things like war come up, I don't know how far I'm willing to defy everything I've ever known for a future that is anything but normal. 

232 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 1, 2011

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About the author

Magan Vernon

81 books929 followers
Magan Vernon has been living off of reader tears since she wrote her first short story in 2004. She now spends her time killing off fictional characters, pretending to plot while she really just watches Netflix, and she tries to do this all while her two young children run amok around her Texas ranch.

You can stalk or...er...find her online at all of these fun and happy places.

Amazon Author Link: http://amzn.to/1Mi23I9

Website Link: www.maganvernon.com

Facebook Page Link: www.facebook.com/authormaganvernon

Twitter: www.twitter.com/maganvernon

Instagram User Name: @maganvee

Newsletter sign up: http://eepurl.com/qIJA5

FELL THE VERN (reader group): http://on.fb.me/1lVsZEo

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Author 26 books222 followers
August 10, 2012

At first I thought I was going to like it. It was fun, different; but the more I read, more seems like a satire.

The point of fantasy is to be credible but when a regular teenager, even clumsy, ends up shooting with amazing aim and flying a spacecraft you actually think that someone is teasing you.

The characters, on the other hand, ended up degenerating into stereotypes so exaggerated that I was hoping that at some point someone told me that all book was about to make fun about, precisely, those stereotypes.

A good effort that went wrong.
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1,057 reviews16 followers
August 28, 2013
To see full review click here.

I'm sort of alien junkie.

And I don't know why because E.T. is hardly sexy. And after watching all those episodes of Ancient Aliens, I sometimes find myself not sleeping thinking some grey is going to pull a Barney and Betty Hill on me but whatever.

How to Date an Alien was free on Amazon which was probably the number one factor in why I decided to read it that and it involved aliens. It's probably one of the better free books from Amazon I read, that's not saying much.

To be fair, I thought there were parts of the book that were really cute. I liked the main character, Alex. She wasn't awful as a lot of these YA characters are. Though she did seem a bit immature at times.

Okay, a lot of the time.

And she did slut slam a bit too.

Okay, so I did get annoyed with her. But for the most part we were okay.

I didn't like the boy toy though, Ace. Yes, he was an alien. But alien really was a replacement for vampire. To say this guy is an Edward wannabe is an understatement. A bland Edward wannabe.

One of my biggest complaints about YA today is that a lot of characters are just bland archetype characters. Typically people try to rip off Bella and Edward. Sometimes they might attempt at copying Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen. But for the most part, people tend to stick to the good old Bella and Edward ripoffs in YA.

Here is no exception except the Bella character is a little smarter and more interesting and the Edward character is even more boring than Edward. And that's saying something since Edward Cullen is just about the most boring character known to humankind-with the exception of the Pillsbury Dough Boy.
And now apparently Ace.

I didn't even really hate Ace. I found him weird as hell and annoying. But hate him, not so much. Because he was too boring and weird ass to hate.

I honestly would've kept reading this one, don't ask me why sometimes I'm a sucker for cute fluffy books especially if they involve aliens, if there was a semblance to a plot here other than the lame ass Rome and Juliet retelling I think it was trying to do.

I freaking hate that play.

Not the actual play because there are relevant cultural elements and some great lines in it. But I hate the way the YA world views that play. It's not a romance. It's about two idiots that fall in instant lust and get killed for their stupidity. YA tries to make you think otherwise.

Whatever though. But Romeo and Juliet plots usually insta ignore from me. Unless of course there's something else to the plot which there wasn't here.

You have aliens, freaking aliens. And there's nothing else to the plot. Nothing. Just nothing.

I mean, aliens. You can do whatever the hell you want with aliens. But this book, we never do any sort of world building at all. Okay, so the planets in the Solar system like Neptune have aliens. But Vernon never goes into any detail how life is supported in a non-goldilocks zone planet.

And the quasi Area 51 area, Circe, its purpose is really never fully explained. How did all these other interns know that there were aliens there?

Yeah, sort of a hot mess. And there's no excuse for this hot mess because just watch a couple of episodes of Ancient Aliens and hello inspiration.

But I really wanted to give this one a try for the longest time because I liked the voice of the novel. But voice will only get you so far and eventually....well, you just have to let go. Because potential will only get you so far in a book.

Profile Image for heather - NightlyReading.
683 reviews91 followers
February 23, 2012
I must say that I am very happy with this book! It actually blew me away. You know that they say to never judge a book by its cover and unfortunately, I always do. But, I am glad that I had read this one!

The book starts off with our heroine, Alex, sitting in an interview for Columbia University. She is trying to get a spot and the interviewer is not impressed with her extra curricular activities. She literally has none. Alex has always been the outcast at her school and focused more on her studies than joining clubs or sports teams. This is about the time that she decides that she would like to do an internship over the summer at Circe, which is the military base that her father works at. Little does she know that Circe is just not any ordinary base, but actually houses aliens from all different planets.

I enjoyed all of the characters especially Ace. Can I say swoooon? He is amazing and there is just something about those silent types that gets me every time. I think it is because we have to figure out what they are thinking and when they finally open up, we are obsessed already!

So this ladies, is how I picture Ace:

I had a feeling you all would like that:-)
Anyhoo, there is another guy whom is fighting for Alex's affections and that is Gavin. Alex at first thinks Gavin is really cute, but, maybe not boyfriend material?
This is how I picture Gavin, I have no idea of whom this is, but chose him for the hair:

As for Alex, she is a very strong-willed little lady. She is tired of being pushed around by all the bullies at her school and she uses this experience as a chance to make up for it and stand up for herself.

I cannot express how much I really enjoyed this book!

I will try to be patient while waiting for the next book in the series, How To Break Up With An Alien, to come out in June 2012. If you love romance with a little twist of paranormal, this series is for you!

Profile Image for Tee loves Kyle Jacobson.
2,471 reviews169 followers
December 7, 2011
WOW is all I can say about this book. This is the first book I have ever read about Aliens. Magan has done a great job of weaving a story together from two different perspectives.

Alex lives a mundane life and wants to get into a prestigious college but she has no extracurricular activities to put on her college applications. She decides she is gong to ask her father for help because he is a Colonel in the army. So she decides she will do a summer internship with him at his job.

Once she gets there she realizes that her father has a very different job than what he has lead everyone to believe. He works in a top secret place where he works side by side with Aliens. Alex is intrigued and she finds herself liking one of the aliens. It is taboo so she can not tell anyone about her feelings. Plus to make matters worse she is attacked several times by aliens and someone unexpected comes to her rescue.

What is a girl to do about her feelings? Should she be afraid of the aliens? Should she follow her heart or should she follow her fathers orders. This story was Hilarious at times and sad at others. It made me laugh and cry with frustration but in the end I LOVED this book and can not wait for the second book to come out. This book has so much charisma it will leave you breathless!

Come along for the ride of a lifetime where anything goes and people show there true nature. Some maybe jealous and others may just be mean! Want a quick read a great laugh this is the book for you!

Profile Image for Heather.
347 reviews3 followers
October 10, 2019
I know, I know, who would read a book with that title? But here we are. (I did get this for free on Amazon; there is no way I would have paid money to read this e-book.) It was quite terrible, but if I'm being completely honest, I loved it. I cringed and wanted to laugh out loud half the time, but I couldn't put it down. It is very reminiscent of Twilight, but worse, so much worse. It was entertaining though. I think this book has potential, but it needs some hard-core editing to make it a complete and fully fleshed-out story. And now that I've read it, I'm seriously contemplating spending the $4 to buy the other two books in the series on Amazon. I'm weak. :)
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Author 5 books52 followers
March 7, 2012
Alien life does exist, or at least that’s what Alex discovers when she travels to Arizona to intern for the summer at Circe. Part “Men In Black,” part high school romance, “How to Date an Alien” by Magan Vernon is a quirky young adult comedy. It was an enjoyable read, but I have my pros and cons. Here’s the breakdown.


—Ace/Alex interactions: What do you say to an alien that just saved your life, especially when you just found out alien life exists? I can tell Vernon had a lot of fun writing the Alex and Ace scenes. It shows in the dialog and in the descriptions. They immediately have chemistry, even though his DNA is out of this world. These were the scenes that had me smiling the most.

—Alex’s unwavering attitude in the face of discrimination: This was a pro that I thought about for a long time. I wasn’t sure if Vernon did it on purpose, or if it was a plot device that grew to be more than anticipated. But, I love how Alex stands up to peer pressure and bigotry when it comes to first defending her friendship with Ace, and then defending her relationship with him. The logic behind the naysayers was irrational, built on fear of the unknown and of differences. However, it was a welcomed twist to an old problem, and it just goes to show that ignorance breeds contempt and discrimination. I’m glad Alex gave them all an education.

—You can never leave high school: I loved how Vernon broke down the social structure of Circe. It’s basically high school, with the popular kids, the nerds, and everyone in between. Only, it’s not based on your interests, but on your extra-solar origins. I think anyone who remembers high school, or is living it currently, can relate to the social atmosphere at Circe. It also gives a boost to the ignorant logic associated with why everyone is against Alex and Ace as a couple.


—First person POV: This has to be my least favorite POV and runs head to head with third omnipotent on my level of dislike. I’ve mentioned before my issues with it. I have a hard time reading it, especially since I want a clear picture in my mind as I read. And, when Alex is blindsided for example, it gave me moments of “wait, what just happened?” Because she couldn’t see it from her perspective, I couldn’t see it. This POV always makes me feel like I’m looking at a picture that is blurry and out of focus, so I have a hard time in general with any novel in first POV. This is my personal preference, so I don’t think anyone who likes first will have an issue.

—Typos, formatting, paragraph breaks: Most people read over mistakes in this area, but I notice the little things, such as incorrect punctuation, run-on sentences, inconsistent styles, and — a big one if you have ever lived in Flagstaff — the use of University of Northern Arizona when it’s Northern Arizona University. The errors actually pulled me out of the story, tripping me up and disrupting the flow of action, and then I have to backtrack. I few times I also lost my place on my Kindle because of some of the paragraph lengths, but that I managed to fix by adjusting the page settings. That one really isn’t on Vernon, but definitely something indie authors should consider for the e-editions. Long paragraphs are not e-book friendly, I’m discovering.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with “How to Date an Alien” and I think you will, too. Check it out.
Profile Image for Lovey Dovey Books.
626 reviews44 followers
June 5, 2012
Originally posted on Lovey Dovey Books

How to Date an Alien brings life, love, and lessons learned to readers of all ages. This young adult romance is cute and humorous making it an enjoyable read for any season.

Alex Bianchi is the lovable character that always feels out of place and has a longing to be invisible. When the opportunity arises for her to intern at Circe with her father, the days of clinging to the shadows of anonymity are over. A military base with operations hidden under the surface, Alex stumbles into a world with rules and prejudices, and did I mention aliens? Alex is assigned to work with super-hot Caltian alien Ace, the very alien who saves her at every and any opportunity. Too bad human-alien relationships are frowned upon by humans and aliens alike.

How to Date an Alien is very romantic as it focuses on Alex and Ace sorting out their feelings for one another and standing together in the face of opposition. The romance is cute without being fluffy or sappy, which is a very big plus. It's easy to see how much Alex changes while interning at Circe. It becomes easier for her to voice her concerns, and talk about what she wants for her future, as she feels more comfortable at Circe. In a way, Alex seems to find herself among the hordes of aliens from different universes.

There's more than just a romance story between the pages of How to Date an Alien. There's adrenaline fueled action, though not very heavy and only towards the ending, but it's enough to know that this is a well-rounded story. Alex definitely has to make a few tough calls that will affect her future somehow. It's a little daunting because she's only in high school, but with Ace the future looks less murky for Alex.

Alex and Ace's story continues in How to Break Up with An Alien. There are so many questions dancing around that title, but surely the humor and fun won't stop!
Profile Image for Savannah (Books With Bite).
1,399 reviews184 followers
June 11, 2012
This is a cute and fun story. With great action and mysteriousness around every corner, dating an alien is harder than what you think.

What I adored most about this story is how much it reminded me of Men in Black but with a high school setting and teens. Alex thinking she doing an military internship, she finds herself in a whole new world she did not know exist. Alex is quick to accept it with loads of questions. I too, feel that I would react the same way. Alex is smart and knows exactly what to ask. She doesn't fool around but ask straight to the point.

The love interest developed just the way I like it. Ace is an alien who's mysterious attitude attract me right away. The way he answer questions hastily, or answer questions with questions is enough to make me lose my mind and go after him. Once Alex learns who he is, the romance sizzles up into pure love.

I enjoyed the action, especially at the end. With a girl leading the fight, it made me giddy to see Alex fighting for who she loves no matter what the cost. Plus, a girl who can fly a fight jet, who wouldn't want to be in her shoes.

How To Date An Alien is a fantastic story that engulfs the reader. Filled with a burning romance that is actually fought for, I fell for the story. Amazing descriptions of the worlds of beyond, How To Date An Alien is awesome!
Profile Image for Kayla.
53 reviews24 followers
April 12, 2012
I won this book through goodreads and I must say that it is an excellent read.

Alex the MC is trying to get into Columbia University, but is lacking some extracurricular activities. She decides to take on an internship at her dads "military base Circe", which she comes to find out aliens are working with humans. She is just blown away when she arrives and even is attacked upon arriving. However, like a knight in shining armor, Ace comes to the rescue.

Ace is an alien, and a Caltian at that. Which you learn are like the "jocks" of high school. Alex is drawn to Ace and ends up being his partner working at the base. Relationships between humans and aliens is against the rules, but that does not stop these two star crossed lovers. Things start to hit the fan when Ace and Alex start dating. People are trying to keep them away, but they end up going through a big mess to save each other’s lives. This book has a mix of a Romeo & Juliet vibe to it.

This overall is a good book; I love the way that Magan Vernon wrote and some of the things she came up with to just help get that "mental picture". I am sure I have never read an alien based book, but I am always up to reading something new. I decided to try it and loved it. Can not wait to read the next book in this series!
Profile Image for Step Into Fiction.
564 reviews152 followers
February 16, 2012
First, I must comment about how much I love the fact that the ranks of the different alien species and humans are like the same ranks of high school. I definitely think that makes this book more relateable to those of high school age, or ones that haven’t been out of high school long. Or hell, even someone like me, who has been out of high school for awhile. It shows you that it’s not just humans that act a certain way or treat people a specific way.

Review originally posted at Step Into Fiction

Review completed by: Jessica
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Author 7 books210 followers
July 11, 2012
"Well, for starters, friends should tell their friends when they have a secret alien boyfriend and not lie to them about it."
(Jen, to Alex, in HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN)

I have heard people describe this book as "part Twilight, part Men in Black" and that is EXACTLY what it is (maybe with a teeny bit of Independence Day thrown in near the end). But don't get me wrong - HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN is not just a mashup of these other works. It's entirely its own thing - a delightful, well-paced story with memorable characters (including an extremely hot alien). Thank you to Magan Vernon for introducing me to Ace, my new book boyfriend - the very first alien I have ever found sexy :-)
Profile Image for Jessie Harrell.
Author 5 books258 followers
February 23, 2012
I'd never really thought of aliens as sexy and lovable before, but Ace sure changed my mind. I love how he had such deep, black eyes - it really made him seem soulful. And I also loved how Alex was like a typical high school teenager, who wears glasses and is concerned that her Italian hips are too large. She was a total kick-butt heroine and didn't back down from anything! If you can root for a human and supernatural being to make it against all odds, then you'll enjoy rooting for this human-alien couple, who have a universe of problems to contend with.
Profile Image for Emily.
42 reviews
July 2, 2012
This book had funny moments and I liked the whole alien/human relationship. I love Ace and Alex! I ordered it online and I was surprised to see how short it was, like, it's a small book, but other than that I loved it! It is a little similar to twilight and a little sappy; I hated how the comparison made it a bit cheesy. Overall it was great, so give this book a try :D
Profile Image for The lady in Red.
62 reviews1 follower
Shelved as 'dnf'
May 3, 2019
dnf became toooooo predictable. started on a nice note and even kept me interested...like in those chapters it looked like a good solid 4 or 5 star fantasy book but then ....... somewhere around 40% i knew and started guessing what what gonna happen cause it became too predictable. like no twists......what kept me engrossed in the start was now dragging like fine they cant be together its forbidden blah blah blah predictable and boring in the end so left...life is too short for books which dont kept the pages turning
Profile Image for Caroline.
Author 6 books55 followers
July 26, 2013
This book was.... meh....

I didn't have a problem with the writing itself, the author is capable of stringing together words just fine, and the sentences make sense. However, the story did not.

I like to indulge in fluff as much as the next girl, but I can only suspend disbelief for so long!

OK, what I did like about the book:
- The concept. I love the concept of this ordinary teenage girl falling in love with an alien.

- The writing itself (as stated above.)

Problems I had with this book:
- Continuity. The first chapter of the book Alex (our protagonist) is in an interview with an admissions officer from Columbia, her dream college. She knows that she's losing her chance at this college because of her lack of extracurricular activities (can't blame her, I had none myself!) and she blurts out "I'm doing an internship at Circe!" (Circe is the Alien Operations Center, which she believes is just an air force base, at which her father is a colonel.) LATER in the book she says something insinuating that the internship was her DAD'S idea. Erm.... that's not what you told us in the first chapter!

- The cafeteria food. OK, yes, there are aliens all over (apparently...) but apparently the only thing to eat in the cafeteria is weird Alien Jell-O? And cereal...

- Twilight. I loved Twilight, but this is a blatant rip off. Notorious boy at "school" takes up interest in the new girl. Saves her life. She's head over heels in love. She describes herself as unattractive and yet, she talks about an ex-boyfriend AND she has one of the other interns throwing himself all over her (*ahem* Mike Newton and Tyler from Twilight!) There's the girl who HATES her (*ahem* Lauren from Twilight...) there's the best friend figure (erm... I guess that would be Jessica?) Her father is a government official (Charlie Swan was a cop, Alex's dad is a colonel in the air force.) Mom is kind of an airhead (Bella basically took care of her mom in Twilight, here the mom is described as a romance author who is basically what you'd think a stereotypical romance author would act. My mom is a romance author, that's not how she acts FYI.) Anyway, you get my point. The difference between this and Twilight, is that Twilight was entertaining and made sense.

- Alex. Ugh.... this girl was SO stupid I wanted to rip my head off!!! She's supposed to be super smart, straight A's, whatever. I get that she's socially awkward because she basically said she had no friends, BUT that doesn't excuse her stupidity! She talked about the manual she got as an intern and how would she find the time to read it? Then she says that she never got around to it. Everyone is telling her "Don't get involved with the aliens. It's dangerous" blah blah blah... And do you THINK the girl cracked the dang book open? NO. Of COURSE she didn't! Even Bella Google'd vampires!!! She's supposed to be 16-17 but acted like she was 12 throughout the entire book. She gave us NO reason why Ace would be attracted to her at ALL!

- Everyone knows everything.... except for Alex. Seriously. Day 1 for the interns: "You gave a thumbs up, that's super bad, that's why she tried to kill you" um.... OK? How do these people know this and not Alex? Why wasn't she briefed and forced to sign confidentiality papers prior to working there? And for that matter, why was there NO security at this "top secret" base??? Seriously! She was able to do pretty much anything she wanted and got away with it! Nobody seemed to notice or care that she was sneaking off to her secret alien boyfriends bedroom every night (just to cuddle of course.) Nor

- The Classics. Ugh. Again with the classic novels. Having your heroine read old books doesn't make them interesting. Nor does it make YOUR book timeless. It's just annoying. And flat out comparing your characters to Romeo and Juliet? Lame. Seriously. At least in Twilight they didn't throw it in our faces every other chapter.

I could keep going. Seriously. But I won't.

To the author: A for effort but.... keep working. The writing is fine, but you've got to get this book to a point where it makes sense.

The reason I gave this book 2.5 stars was because despite how terrible the plot was, I couldn't put it down. So... that's something. It also didn't have many (if any) typos/formatting issues.... so that's a plus. But... yeah. I won't be reading the rest of the series unless they're free. And maybe not even then.
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227 reviews8 followers
March 1, 2015
A very believable Story about a human girl and an alien boy meeting by chance. The best, it is the first book in the Young Adult Sci-Fi series "My Alien Romance" which will be three books long and is the début work of Magan Vernon.

Alex just got 17 years old and has already a lifetime dream: She wants to be a journalist and for that the Columbia University is her College of choice. Unfortunately, she is not much of an extracurricular activity person and consequently severely lacking in this department for her college application. Good thing that she has an Air Force father working in the classified Circe Operations Center.
Circe can be her onetime chance to establish a better impression for the Columbia recruiter but she could really have done without all this alien stuff. Because now, she is paired off with this gorgeous alien Ace, with whom she is sitting for hours alone in a closed room and who was her lifesaver from her first day at Circe. He happens to look 18 years old but, of course, he is already longer on earth than Alex father. When two people spend so much time together than feelings have a way to arise, even when unwanted. Alex needs to find out whether Ace really is worth all her troubles. So, not everyone is okay with a human dating an alien, especially not Ace's crazy mother who will probably blast the day, literally.

Alex is a cute girl of mixed lineage who is still greatly unsure of herself and until Circe felt always out of place. However, I found her quite refreshing with her sarcastic and blunt comments. She is not beating around the bush with her opinion but rather she addresses problems face on. This takes a lot of courage first of all in a relationship and with friends. Also until now, noone was really paying attention to her but here in Circe, besides aliens, she is the outstanding one. Alex needs to change her timid existence and find her centre.
Ace is awesome but it is clear from the beginning that he is looking for something genuinely. He is older and already more secure in his character which stands in stark contrast to Alex. This made their interaction convincing considering everything.

The setting is playing out in a secret base, called Circe Operations Center. The Air Force and various alien races are trying to work together where Caltians seem to secretly hold all the power and of course, Ace is one of them. It is easily to imagine that this is not sitting well with everyone and now, the love between Alex and Ace is complicating the situation.
The pacing of the story is underlining the action without going in too much detail or adding great gaps in the story flow. While Alex is telling the story in first person perspective, there is enough inside into Ace personality since he is quite honestly talking about his feelings.
All in all, Ms. Vernon delivers a very harmonical plot with comedian elements thrown into and a not always perfect heroine.

I was so happy when I came across this Kindle-Freebie. The romance is awesome, the story is engrossing and the writing so lively. When I finished reading this one, I went out immediately looking for volume 2.
Profile Image for Jessica Reigle.
541 reviews29 followers
February 13, 2012
I want to thank the author, Magan Vernon, for giving us the opportunity to read and review her highly enjoyable HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN. I enjoyed reading this and I look forward to the second book, as much as the title might scare me, I know it’ll be great!

First, I must comment about how much I love the fact that the ranks of the different alien species and humans are like the same ranks of high school. I definitely think that makes this book more relateable to those of high school age, or ones that haven’t been out of high school long. Or hell, even someone like me, who has been out of high school for awhile. It shows you that it’s not just humans that act a certain way or treat people a specific way. Ace, who is the alien love interest in this story, happens to be in the highest class, the popular, snobby ‘I’m better than you’ types where humans are just the loners/losers – so you can see just by that how interesting a love story between these two cliques would be.

Alex is a seventeen year old girl living in a small town of Illinois with her younger half brother, mother and step father. She hasn’t spoken to her father in seven years, he is in the air force. When an Ivy League school comes to her school interested in her, they notice she doesn’t have much to her transcript except amazing grades so she blurts that she’ll be doing an internship at an Arizona air force base. Thankfully, her father is able to pull strings and get her registered. Circe is supposed to be just a regular air force base but when Alex gets there, she things are completely not normal. Especially since she is strangled by an old lady who definitely is stronger than what an old woman should be. But have no fear, Ace, one of those popular kids, a Caltian, saves her and she later learns that she’s been assigned to work with him.

That’s just the beginning of this amazing story. There’s a slight love triangle, if you want to consider it that. One of the interns, Gavin, likes Alex but she really doesn’t like him back, at least in a romantic sense. I like most of the interns except for two of them. At one point, I felt let down by them but they came back and restored my faith in them.

Who knew aliens could be so attractive, right? Well, Ace puts any questions to rest about how could someone like or want to date an alien. I want to know if he has a brother, by chance? Besides there being an extremely hot (though, not literally as he’s really cold) alien there’s also plenty of drama, action and suspense to get you through. Though, most of the action is toward the end but it’s worth it.

This was a quick, easy, fun read and I recommend it to anyone who is, like most of my reviews, a fan of YA fantasy. Especially of the supernatural sorts. And if you enjoy this, get ready for it’s sequel later this year!

Review also posted at: Fictional Distraction
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257 reviews39 followers
December 8, 2011
See the full review at: Read My Mind

My Review:
The cover for HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN hints at a quirky YA science-fiction romance, but there is so much more to this novel than I originally thought. The star-crossed lovers theme is there, but science-fiction lovers that have been looking for a YA in the genre, will not be disappointed by Magan Vernon's debut. Alex Bianchi discovers the existence of aliens when she asks to intern at the Air Force Base where her father is stationed. Little did she know how much meeting Caltian, Ace, would change her future.

This book has a great pace because, while it never dragged, there was a real sense of time passing. As Alex learns the in and outs of being an intern at an alien base, her relationship with Ace also develops. Though the attraction is evident when they first meet, Vernon does a great of having regular teen-age flirting involved. Neither one is a perfect partner; Alex has doubts, and Ace sometimes personifies the arrogance it is said that his alien race holds over the whole universe.

Magan incorporates romance and adventure into HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN, as well as some danger (mostly to Alex) and the threat of intergalactic war (from Ace's home planet). Even with the different strings that she has dangling, the plot doesn't neglect any of the parts. There are some great scenes between Alex and Ace while they are alone together in the security room monitoring aliens around earth. But, there are also some great scenes when Alex interacts with the other interns, who she becomes close with, and some fantastic scenes where Alex has to face the very powerful leader of Ace's homeworld (who's also his mother).

This book would appeal to science-fiction fans, YA fans, and romance fans. There's a little bit of everything, and it's a pretty fast read because I wanted to stay in Alex's world from the beginning to the final confrontation. Snappy dialog abounds. Ultimately, HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN is a humorous and engaging novel that had me enjoying every page and looking forward to the future adventures of Alex, Ace, and the other inhabitants of the base.

4.5/5 for plot
4/5 for characters
4.5/5 for language

My Rating: 13/15 (4 stars) Highly Recommended

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55 reviews
January 27, 2012
E-Book: How To Date An Alien by Magan Vernon
Pages: 127
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Source: Sent from author

Short Synopsis: High school senior, Alex Bianchi's life is about to be turned upside down when she agrees to work at an internship at her father's military base, in order to amp up her college applications.

My Thoughts: I'm usually not a fan of the alien genre, but this novel was a pleasantly surprising fast paced, entertaining read.

Alex Bianchi's life is about to fall apart if she doesn't add any extra curricular activities to her college applications, and fears she will not be able to get into her dream school. She decides to take up an internship at her father's military base at Circe Operations Center. Before she even sets foot into orientation, Alex is attacked by a huge foreign monster.

Alex soon learns that Circe is not your normal military base. It is in fact a place that combines both humans and aliens from other planets, working together. Alex must learn the ropes of what is considered acceptable and not acceptable in the alien world before she gets hurt once again.

As Alex is thrust into the world of aliens, the internship places Alex in security. Alex meets a boy named Ace, and together they have an immediate strong attraction. Alex gets to know Ace better and starts to think of him as more than just a co-worker. But everyone soon finds out, and Ace and Alex is caught in a battle of staying together for love, and causes a rift between two worlds. Can Alex and Ace survive their relationship without causing a war?

At first I was a little skeptical about this book because I am not a big fan of the alien genre. But as I started reading, I really enjoyed the novel. There were a lot of interesting characters, and I loved how open Alex seemed to the situation and how she wasn't quick to judge anyone.
I really enjoyed reading the chemistry between Alex and Ace and was sympathetic towards what they were going through. Vernon does an excellent job of disliking the characters Gavin and Riley. The drama was interesting and kept me engrossed through out the whole novel.
There were a couple questions I had with the novel however. The first thing that kind of bugged me was the first alien attack that Alex had, when the alien called her a traitor and wasn't really explained why. I also didn't get why Alex went through all that trouble to save Ace, but wasn't too keen on marrying him. There were a lot of interesting twists to the novel, and I can't wait to find out what crazy ideas Vernon comes up with next. Overall, a really enjoyable read, and I can't wait to read the next installment.

Would I recommend this book: Yes

Rating: I give this book a 4/5.
Profile Image for JennRenee.
387 reviews69 followers
January 30, 2016

I was really excited to start this series. I have seen the book around a few times and was very curious. I did enjoy the first book, it was a quick and light read into an alien romance with a bit of drama.

Alex wants to get into college, the only issue is that she doesn't have any extra curricular activities to put on her college applications. She believes interning at her father's government job will do just the trick. She isn't close to her dad and has no idea what he really does for living, only that he works at Circe, a government agency. She finds out she is in for so much more when she finds herself in trouble the moment she steps into the building. Circe is actually an alien operations center, full of, yes, aliens and humans. After a very hot alien named Ace saves her life, she finds that she will be working closely with him for her time at Circe, what she doesn't expect is falling in love.

I love sci-fi, I love aliens, I love alien romances. I can't help myself, they seem just so fun. This book was fun. I found it to be a very light read, nothing really serious and very amusing in so many parts. It wasn't quite what I expected, but I was not disappointed. The story was fun, the pacing was fast, and the characters were very interesting.

I did like the storyline. It was new with kind of an old edge. I liked the forbidden romance and for some reason all the cliches worked well with this story. I felt the storyline and the writing were a bit in between a parody and a ya novel. There were no real surprises or awe inspiring moments but I was ok with that. It was a nice break from some of the deeper books I have read lately.

I really liked the main character. She was the average clumsy, smart-mouthed, science geek that I know so well. I liked her quirkiness. It gave her the every day Jane feel that I don't seem to find in many books. I also liked Ace. He was definitely the quiet brooding type that I seem to find dreamy. He knew all the right things to say at the right time. It was a quick romance, the insta love kind, but they never seem to bother me too much. It was sweet but passionate and I couldn't help but to root for Ace and Alex.

It was fun, enjoyable, and a great book for a quick smile. A great vacation from heavy reads.
Profile Image for Barb Lie.
1,754 reviews4 followers
June 17, 2012
How to Date an Alien by Magan Vernon is the first book in her My Alien Romance series, which is considered Sci Fi Young Adult. When you read this book, you know right from the start that this is indeed a more youthful book, not to mention just by the title.

Surprisingly this turned out to be a cute story. I liked the heroine in the book, Alex. She was not your normal teenage heroine. Alex was pretty, but she wore glasses, and she was a bit more on the plump side. But that did not matter to the hero, Ace.

This is a story of a human teenager, who gets her father to arrange for an internship at Circe, what she thinks is an army base. Alex plans to go to Columbia University, and this internship was her ticket there. She meets Ace almost as soon as she arrives, and from that moment on, Alex begins to realize that Circ is not what she thought it was. The Circe center is filled with aliens, who work among humans, as they learn to share on various technologies. Ace, of course, is an Alien.

This is a sweet romance, with two very likable characters in Alex and Ace. In fact, Vernon does a good job creating many of these characters, some you like and some you don’t. I liked Alex’s friendship with Jen, and not so much with Riley and Gavin. Alex and Ace begin to work together on computer security, and despite the taboo on human/alien romances, they cannot ignore their attraction for each other. This was the crux of the story, trying to keep their feelings a secret, and this is what leads to the more exciting last 1/3 of the book, when everyone finds out about them, and it almost leads to an alien/human war.

The story was a fast read, cute, as well a having a lot of humor in it. Though this is not my typical read, I was impressed with Vernon ability to create excellent likeable characters, her humor, and being able to use her trademark humorous comments even with the tense and exciting parts. For those of you who want a light romantic read, not a lot of action, though there is some, and don’t mind an alien storyline; then this book is for you. I feel Magan Vernon has a wonderful future ahead of her.

The Reading Cafe
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352 reviews616 followers
January 13, 2013
I really enjoyed this book because it was unique and charming. The theme of the "star-crossed lovers" was played out to perfection and the romance was heart-felt. It was cute and fun with great action, mystery, and suspense. The best part of this book is the concept, and even though this is one of the rare YA alien books out there, it sure put the genre to good use. It's a pinch of sci-fi, an ounce of romance, and a quarter of humor, together making the perfect blend.

The main character Alex is snarky, witty, sarcastic, and strong, having exactly what it takes to win a reader's heart. She's not boring, and reading from her POV is sure to bring lots of fun. I found myself laughing alongside her antics, and swooning at her descriptions of her alien lover, Ace. Speaking of Ace, he is too dreamy. He's like the perfect package all wrapped up in one! Sweet, mysterious, charming, and protective, not to mention smokin' hot XD He was a likable character who protected Alex from the abrasiveness of the other interns at the Circe Operations Center who were down-right rude to her. So you can say he was her "Alien in shining armor". Some of the other characters such as Gavin and his sidekick along with some other evil interns got to me with their evil ways of trying to keep Alex and Ace apart.

Ace and Alex's relationship is a hilarious one. When they start dating, they have to keep it secret from the people who run the center unless they want shit to hit the fan. But of course, everything goes crazy when the secret falls out and people are suddenly all up in their faces about them not doing the right thing and how they should be breaking up. They don't listen though, and if anything, the relationship they have together becomes greater when they risk and save each others lives during the intergalactic war being waged. Yes, I know what you're all thinking, this even puts the whole "Romeo and Juliet" star-crossed lovers to shame doesn't it? Ha ha.

So I definitely enjoyed this book thoroughly with its humor, suspense, and sweet romance. At first I judged it by it's cover, but I recommend not doing that because it blew me away with how good it was! I can't wait to pick up the next one in the series to see if it lived up to the first :)
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274 reviews24 followers
July 14, 2012
The concept for this book is just fantastic, isn't it?! Straight after I read the blurb I knew I just had to read it. I, for one, was definitely not going to miss out on something so unique and different. And I can tell you right now, you shouldn't either. Everyone just has to experience this book for themselves.

I only recently found out that apart from being a science-fiction book, this is also a romantic comedy. Now that I think about it, I did find myself laughing when reading it! Oh yes, and before I say anything else, let me just tell you that even though quite a lot of readers don't really like sci-fi (sometimes me included!), this definitely is one you should try - I really enjoyed it!

The main character, Alex is really snarky, fun and sarcastic. One of my favourite personality types for characters! Some of the things she comes out with are quite funny and I'm pretty sure that if she was real, then we'd be pretty good friends. The love interest, Ace (aka. the alien) was also a really likeable character. I loved him straight away and absolutely despised some of the interns (Alex was one out of a group of interns) who were horrible about him. Especially Gavin. I didn't like him one bit! He was horrible and just really jealous of Ace because Alex didn't show she liked Gavin in that way. Him and Riley definitely made one evil pair!

The way the story was introduced at the beginning I really liked too. It was different and unusual and showed how Alex was telling her story from the present. Meaning everything had already happened. Overall, Vernon's writing style was really enjoyable and witty. And not only can she write romance, but she's pretty good at writing action scenes too!

So overall, How to Date an Alien was a really fun and loveable read. I would totally recommend it to all! You're seriously missing out on something very unique if you don't read it! With a snarky narrator, likeable love interest, some amusing dialogue and even some action scenes thrown in, this book should really be more popular. I managed to finish it in just one sitting!
Profile Image for Aimee (Getting Your Read On).
2,931 reviews242 followers
January 26, 2012
It was just destiny for me to read this book. Magan says it was written in the stars. (tee hee) Magan sent me an email asking me to review her book and then I won it from a giveaway on somebody else's blog. See what I mean? It was meant to be.

First off, I have to tell you that I love this cover. I think it fits this book perfectly. It's fun, light and you just know you will have some good romance coming.

I loved Alex. She is such a normal girl, wearing glasses and toting a few extra pounds. She blogs and she is working hard to get into a great college. Her normal is perfectly juxtaposed with Ace, who is anything but normal.

Ah, Ace. Oh, sorry. Ahem. Ace is awesome. You should really read the book so you can sigh too. He is heroic and super strong and hot too. Well, he's cold. But, he's hot. You need to read it.

I had a really good time reading this romance. It was all the things I look for in a good, happy, light chick book. I loved the interesting take on aliens and even some of the deeper messages about prejudices and judging others to quickly. I'm so happy I got to read this book.

For all those who are interested, there was some infrequent, mild swearing in this book.

I am having a giveaway on my blog for an e-copy of this book if anyone is interested. And an author interview. :)

Profile Image for Sarah Gonzalez.
207 reviews38 followers
July 23, 2012
Review originally posted at http://thatbookishgirl.blogspot.com/2...

It's rather difficult for me to categorize this book, because it spans several genres. Obviously it's a young adult science fiction story, but it is also a romantic comedy. I guess I'll go with sci-fi-romance-romp. How's that? At any rate, I certainly enjoyed it.

Although the story centers around an Alien plot line, I would recommend it to readers who don't normally enjoy sci-fi stories. Vernon injects enough comedy, heart and romance within the book that it should appeal to a variety of readers.

I'm not sure that the character of Alex could be categorized as particularly unique, but she's likable nonetheless. She's quirky and snarky; traits I happen to adore in characters. As the book progresses she really comes into her own and shows a great deal of determination and gusto.

Ace, Alex's love interest, is also rather likable. Although we didn't get to know him as much as I would have liked. The book chugs along at a quick pace and unfortunately it causes some of the character development to suffer. I hope that in the next book we'll get to know more about Ace. From what we've seen, he is a great character, but I'd still like to get to know him better.

How To Date An Alien is a delightful comedic romp that readers are sure to find enjoyable. It's a quick, light read that will keep you entertained for a few hours.
Profile Image for Chiara.
144 reviews23 followers
September 9, 2015
The first part of this story was def 3-stars worthy, but then it all just went downhill. As soon as the plot (???) started to develop, everything just went south. It's like the author didn't think her story through and just went with it as the story continued. The queen wants to start a galatic war because her son has fallen in love with a human girl but when he says that he really loves her, she's like "ok never mind that war ha ha let's negotiate peace instead". That doesn't even make sense? Also, what the fuck is going on with the main character? She's pretty dumb for someone who is 'sooooo smart." SHE WAS GOING TO LET HIM SPIT IN HER EYE I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK.
She has no experience flying a plane, and somehow her friends let her fly a plane and give her instructions on how to do it? Yes, I do want to see that happen in real life. And then Ace lets her fly back and shoot drones when he's AN ACTUAL PILOT? "HERE SWEETIE U DO IT BC I CAN'T REACH THE CONTROLS BC YOU HAVE TO SIT ON MY LAP."
Doesn't. Make. Sense.
Did the author actually do some research whether some things were possible or did she just think "oohh that looks cool ima do that."
I must admit that some sentences in this book were bloody brilliant and hilarious, but shit son, this book was an absolute joke besides that.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Cat.
1,248 reviews9 followers
December 25, 2012
The premise of this book was really interesting - and the various aliens included in this book is probably just the tip of the iceberg - but unfortunately the story quickly became repetitive. I lost count of how many times Ace was described as a Grecian statue, and I'm so fed up with the Romeo and Juliet references (Helen of Troy and Tristan and Isolde come in a close second and third) that I wanted to throw my Kindle down in frustration.

I do give mad credit to the author for making Alex fairly realistic in terms of being a teenager. She's headstrong, thinks she knows everything, and can only think about things from her own perspective. Not to mention being pretty disrespectful to her father, and almost every authority figure in the book. I also liked the confusing romance formed between Alex and Ace, though the pace of their relationship seemed to escalate really quickly.

All in all, this is a good book with lots of romance and aliens, a fair bit of humor, and pretty much everything you expect from high-schoolers (though, for the most part Alex is the only high-schooler).
Profile Image for F. A..
473 reviews5 followers
August 23, 2014
Alex is the smart girl who always felt awkward. Summer internship at her dads company proves to be an adventure Alex will never forget. First day and she is almost killed until a handsome man with dark ink eyes saves her. Getting the grand tour and now finding out her assignment and guess who her new partner to work with is. None other then her rescuer Ace.

Ace looks human but the gorgeous Greek God chiseled type of human. He is faster and stronger. Everyone around Alex starts to notice the protective stare Ace always seems to posses over her. This has all the interns in a tizzy. Relationships with other species is unheard of and considered gross by the masses.

I loved this fun cheeky story. I was glued after diving in a bit. I found Ace and Alex's attraction adorable. I also liked the side story of Alex and her emotional relationships with each of her parents. I can not wait to finish reading this series. I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars just because it started a little slow.
Profile Image for Andrea M..
111 reviews4 followers
August 10, 2012
The moment I saw this book I knew I had to read it. Not only is the cover art adorable, the story itself is awesome. I enjoyed it, even though it was relatively short, and I wish that there were a few more chapters to it. How to Date an Alien is of course about Aliens, and I’m always up for a good science fiction YA book that involves some romance, and I’m proud to say this book isn’t lacking.
Alex Bianchi doesn’t know about the aliens at first until her father gets her an internship at Circe Operations Center. Right-off-the-bat, she makes a mistake that almost gets her killed, but Ace—an alien comes to the rescue. I liked that it wasn’t an insta-love where they immediately fell in love the second they set eyes on each other, and that it was drawn-out. Overall, How to Date an Alien is a really good book and I recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of the science fiction genre.
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