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Katrina Williams #1

A Living Grave

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The first in a gritty new series featuring sheriff’s detective Katrina Williams, as she investigates moonshine, murder, and the ghosts of her own past…
 Katrina Williams left the Army ten years ago disillusioned and damaged. Now a sheriff’s detective at home in the Missouri Ozarks, Katrina is living her life one case at a time—between mandated therapy sessions—until she learns that she’s a suspect in a military investigation with ties to her painful past.
The disappearance of a local girl is far from the routine distraction, however. Brutally murdered, the girl’s corpse is found by a bottlegger whose information leads Katrina into a tangled web of teenagers, moonshiners, motorcycle clubs, and a fellow veteran battling illness and his own personal demons. Unraveling each thread will take time  Katrina might not have as the Army investigator turns his searchlight on the devastating incident that ended her military career. Now Katrina will need to dig deep for the truth—before she’s found buried…

336 pages, ebook

First published September 13, 2016

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About the author

Robert E. Dunn

15 books238 followers
I wasn't born in a log cabin but the station wagon did have wood on the side. It was broken down on the approach road into Ft. Rucker, Alabama in the kind of rain that would have made a Biblical author jealous. You never saw a tornado in the Old Testament did you? As omens of a coming life go, mine was full of portent if not exactly glad tidings.

From there things got interesting. Life on a series of Army bases encouraged my retreat into a fantasy world. Life in a series of public school environments provided ample nourishment to my developing love of violence. Often heard in my home was the singular phrase, "I blame the schools." We all blamed the schools.

Both my fantasy and my academic worlds left marks and the amalgam proved useful the three times in my life I had guns pointed in my face. Despite those loving encounters the only real scars left on my body were inflicted by a six foot, seven inch tall drag queen. She didn't like the way I was admiring the play of three a.m. Waffle House fluorescent light over the high spandex sheen of her stockings.

After a series of low paying jobs that took me places no one dreams of going. I learned one thing. Nothing vomits quite so brutally as jail food. That's not the one thing I learned; it's an important thing to know, though. The one thing I learned is a secret. My secret. A terrible and dark thing I nurture in my nightmares. You learn your own lessons.

Eventually I began writing stories. Mostly I was just spilling out the, basically, true narratives of the creatures that lounge about my brain, laughing and whispering sweet, sweet things to say to women. Women see through me but enjoy the monsters in my head. They say, sometimes, that the things I say and write are lies or, "damn, filthy lies, slander of the worst kind, and the demented, perverted, wishful stories of a wasted mind." To which I always answer, I tell only the truth. I just tell a livelier truth than most people.

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1,561 reviews5,819 followers
June 27, 2017
A young girls body is found in the Ozarks and Detective Katrina "Hurricane" Williams is the one that is first called when the body is found.
Katrina has lots of back story in this book. She really doesn't like her nick-name of Hurricane..but my mind totally went here. (And yes I know that she is called that because of her first name..but I'm old. Humor me.)

Katrina has lots of issues. She was in the Army but some very, super bad, ugly stuff happened and now she isn't. The Army didn't believe her version of the events that traumatized her either. *insert bad word of your own choosing right here.*
She does like her job but is forced to go to counseling because of her past. Hurricane's past is shaping her future too though. She reacts with either drinking or beating the crap out of anyone that gives her grief.

Pure love for this character. There is a ton of backstory on her so you get to know her..kinda too much honestly because the talky-talky is high in this book. I did feel like it rambled on way more than was needed.

There is lots of juicy goodness besides the main character..like moonshine, bikers, and violence.

Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review.
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3,882 reviews1,627 followers
December 22, 2016
The first in a gritty new series featuring Sheriff’s Detective Katrina Williams, as she investigates moonshine, murder, and the ghosts of her own past…

Katrina left the Army 10 years ago after a harrowing experience. She still has flashbacks of that time. Her nickname is "Hurricane" and she not only has an anger management issue, she also has a drinking problem. She does see a shrink, but only because the Sheriff has ordered her to do so.... if she wants to keep her job.

Being in a small town in the Missouri Ozarks, there's not too much criminal activity going on... a little moonshine here and there, Friday and Saturday brawls in the bars. But that's about to change.
A teenage girl goes missing, and later found brutally murdered. Katrina is going to have to dig grave-deep to solve this one. She will have to investigate teenagers, moonshiners, motorcycle bikers and men from 'back East'.

And on top of everything else, an Army Investigator shows up and wants to re-open the case that ended her Army career.... the very thing she wants to remain unknown to her family and friends. She comes across another injured soul .. an artist whose days are numbered. They both have scars .. inside and out.

This is one of those books that the reader won't forget any time soon. Storylines run parallel until they meet. The characters are finely developed and literally leap into life. A fine blend of mystery, suspense, with personal lives full of love, anger, sadness. There is just so many emotional sides to this story.

(Possible Trigger - although only in remembrance, description of rape is graphic)

One of the best books I've read all year. Many thanks to the author / Kensington Books - Lyrical Underground /Netgalley for the digital copy of this novel. The opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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Author 52 books951 followers
July 16, 2016
I think I'm in love with Katrina Williams. Tough as nails, she's a woman troubled by her past trying to deal with a host of lunatics in the present. This is hardboiled fiction at its best. We're talking Elmore Leonard territory. A fantastic read and I hope there's more to come.
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3,385 reviews978 followers
February 21, 2018
A Living Grave was a pacy and considered thriller with a truly intriguing main protagonist in Katrina (known rather aptly as “Hurricane”) one I thoroughly enjoyed and was a great entry read into what is a three book series.

This is a story where the past comes back to haunt the present and the present ain’t that great either – it is a completely compelling read especially as you begin to realise the demons Katrina is facing. The cast of characters are all beautifully drawn, her relationships with those around her are engaging and the writing is gritty and realistic and cleverly immersive.

The mystery element is great – the author weaves the small town vibe around the central themes very well, Katrina’s issues are emotionally resonant and hard hitting, with an authentic edge that digs deep. Admittedly I was more taken with her back story and the current problems she is facing in relation to that than I was with the murder she is investigating – but that took a tumultuous turn that was absolutely riveting. The eventual resolution is cleverly heart wrenching so overall both strands of the story work well together to make a banging good read.

Yes I liked it. I’ll be reading the others as soon as I can find time..

Profile Image for Cobwebby Eldritch Reading Reindeer .
5,030 reviews260 followers
July 26, 2016
Review of THE LIVING GRAVE by Robert Dunn

At the core of this novel is Fear: fear of dying, fear of living. Some characters are torn between giving up on the way to an assured demise, others block out joy and pleasure and happiness in order to dwell on horrific memories a decade in the past. Some refuse to acknowledge their personal responsibility, others internalize victimization into guilt and shame. All of these options are emotionally and psychologically crippling.

In the beautifully scenic Ozarks, under a surface of scenery, contentment, simple joys and peace, stirs a monstrous conspiracy fueled (as almost always) by greed. Whiskey, illicit drug operations, and violence rumble under that pleasant surface, as does out-of-town criminal muscle and a cultural phenomenon which is often dismissed as "urban legend" and in Martin Reaves' A FRACTURED CONJURING is given the coined term "Chronic Mysticism." From a metaphysics viewpoint, this involves the use of mass thought forms to create a "tulpa" of the mind and of the culture, bringing to life a construction of the mind and propagandizing belief in it in the minds of the public (or a subculture).

Sheriff's Detective Katrina Williams carries a horrendous weight from her past. In addition to the thoughts and memories that constantly trouble her, she must battle her own as-yet-unacknowledged addiction to alcohol, and the occasional bullying of male law enforcement determined that she is "less" than they. She experienced this over and over during her tenure as an Army officer, a tenure which resulted in the PTSD with which she daily struggles.

I have not found a story so troubling since I read Lee Child's THE VISITOR, which also deals with military sexual harassment, and all the way back to Thanksgiving of 1975, Susan Brownmiller's AGAINST OUR WILL: MEN, WOMEN, AND RAPE. Author Robert Dunn (whose books RED HIGHWAY and MOTORMAN I have reviewed and found immensely moving) has elicited all the emotional trauma, the victim's shame and guilt, the rage for vengeance, by making "Hurricane" Katrina Williams a vibrant, even larger-than-life, individual, in this very moving mystery.
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381 reviews20 followers
August 17, 2016
I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this book.

A Living Grave is quite possibly the best book I have read by Robert E. Dunn so far. The story is both heartbreaking and beautiful. Detective Katrina 'Hurricane' Williams is a fantastic main character, easy to care about and identify with as she hunts down the killer. The problems and issues of living with PTSD from a violent and horrifying event are so sympathetically and realistically portrayed that you can feel Katrina's pain and anger. Parts of this book moved me to tears while others made me want to cheer out loud at Katrina's kick-ass-atude. The twists and turns in the story kept me on the edge of my seat until the entirely satisfying ending. I'm so happy that this is just the start of what promises to be a totally addictive series! I highly recommend this phenomenal 5 star read.
Profile Image for Kristine.
700 reviews15 followers
August 30, 2016
Original review can be found at http://kristineandterri.blogspot.ca/2...

** I received an advanced readers copy from Kensington via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!**

This book sounded like it would be full of twists and turns and that there would be enough excitement to keep me turning the pages. Early reviews (although I didn't read them) were all very positive so it was exactly what the bookworm in me was hoping to get.

I guess I must be the odd man out because I did not enjoy the book as much as others have. It felt like one giant identity crisis to me. I couldn't decide what kind of book it was wanted to be. Was it a murder mystery, an overcoming adversity story, a love story or a gang war story?

It started out quite strong with great writing and the discovery of a dead body. I was settling in for what I thought would be a great mystery. Just as quickly, the story got overpowered by the writing and rabbit trail after rabbit trail started appearing. It also felt like the dead girl was forgotten for quite a long time while numerous other plots appeared. In fact, the murder mystery was only a small part of the story and anti-climatic at best.

Throughout the entire book I felt totally disconnected from all of the characters. I really disliked Katrina and therefore found it hard to enjoy the book. She felt almost robotic and I couldn't relate to her as a woman at all. I did not feel that she was the tough heroine of the story that she was suppose to be. She had major issues and problems that were never fully dealt with and she got away with stuff as a cop that made me cringe. With everything going on in the news these days it was walking a fine line with the stuff she did and got away with. I didn't look at her as a good person at all.

This book was just too much yet not enough for me. However I do encourage people to form their own opinion. I seem to be in the minority (so far) with my opinion on this book. At this point I don't have the desire to read any more of this series.
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496 reviews26 followers
August 11, 2016
Katrina Williams is an Iraqi War veteran turned Sheriff's Detective. "Hurricane" Katrina is one woman that can take care of herself. A LIVING GRAVE author Robert Dunn's first entry into the series market.

A LIVING GRAVE was extremely well thought out and the characters were very well developed. I really appreciated Dunn's character creations and how they stayed true to form. There were unexpected twists and turns to the storyline that made for an exceptional read.

I received my copy of A LIVING GRAVE from the publisher and recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries.
2,796 reviews49 followers
July 16, 2016
I would like to thank Netgalley and Kensington Books for an advance copy of A Living Grave, the first in a new series set in rural Missouri to feature Detective Katrina "Hurricane" Williams.

Detective Williams is sent out to a rural location on an unspecified call as she is the only officer available, everyone else is out looking for a missing teenager, Angela Briscoe. What she finds is Angela's body. As she attempts to investigate the murder she gets involved in hunting a biker gang who are causing general mayhem and in particular threatening the local moonshiners and her new boyfriend, Nelson and tangles with the mob. It's all go. At the same time a military policeman is revisiting her past with a view to prosecution.

Told in the first person the reader gets an intimate portrait of Katrina Williams. Due to a terrible incident in her past she has flashbacks, a fear of close relationships and an uncontrollable anger in certain situations which leads to violence and binge drinking. She is undoubtedly troubled but you can't help rooting for her because she is also dedicated, feisty, caring and unafraid to face down the bad guys.

The plot ranges fairly wide and soon moves on from Angela's death, which more or less becomes the subplot, to her efforts to work out what the bikers and the mob want and then to thwart them. There is plenty going on and the novel held my attention throughout as I read through the night to get to the end. I found it unputdownable.

A Living Grave reminds me of James Lee Burke's writing. I think it lies in the location descriptions, the first person narrative, the author's ability to make all his characters seem authentic and the combat vet struggling with her experiences and the ensuing violence and alcohol abuse. It's interesting to see another author use the same themes in a different way.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Living Grave. It captures life in all its compromises and venality and yet manages to remain fairly upbeat so I have no hesitation in recommending it as a great read.
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Author 49 books1,624 followers
August 27, 2016
I was given an arc of this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

I'm going to start with the things I loved about this book...and that would be EVERYTHING!

In Katrina "Hurricane" Williams, Robert E. Dunn has given us a heroine worthy of rooting for. Suffering from PSTD from a horrific incident she went through while on active duty in the Army 10 years ago, Katrina now works as a detective for her hometown sheriff's department in the Ozarks. Wicked smart and savvy, she's also damaged emotionally and holds most people who try to get close to her at a gun's distance away, as she just tries to survive day by day. When she discovers the body of a murdered girl, her past, present and potential future all collide, forcing her to face her demons and fight for what she truly wants.

The secondary characters who surround Katrina are all male, something I found interesting while I was reading. There were no women in her life to offer guidance and support, or to help her navigate through her confusing and ambivalent emotions, save for a psychotherapist whom Katrina despises but is forced to see, mandated by the sheriff's department. Their relationship is tenuous at best.

As for the male characters who do surround her, they range from her career army father and uncle, the sheriff, a deputy whom she calls a friend but who she really knows nothing about, and a crime victim who rapidly becomes something much more to Katrina than she wants to admit.

Dunn's lyrical descriptions of Katrina's inner struggles and demons read almost like poetry as he weaves an intricate and deadly plot of motorcycle gangs, the MOB, cancer survival, and child abuse into a novel so rife with complex feelings and life-situations, you are compelled to read it slowly, so you don't miss a nuance of the gut-wrenching emotions he elicits from his characters.

Mr. Dunn was a new author to me, but since A LIVING GRAVE is hailed as the first in a series featuring Katrina WIlliams, he has now become an author whose work I am going to look for and forward to.
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676 reviews15 followers
August 15, 2016
One of my friends recommended this novel and I am so glad she did and I understand why. I literally did not want to put the book down and really got involved in the complex character of Katrina "Hurricane" Williams. Her character is so well developed and I really became attached to her and didn't want the book to end.
Katrina left the Army after a horrible betrayal and became a sheriff's detective in a small town in the Ozarks while trying to come to terms with her life and what happened in the Army. The story begins with the disappearance of a local girl from town. I really don't want to give away more as I do not want to spoil it for anyone.
Suffice it to say, I became absorbed with Katrina, her world, and the colorful people around her. This is really an amazing start to what I expect to be a fantastic series. Very highly recommended. I received a copy of this book from the publishers via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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1,132 reviews29 followers
January 10, 2022

If hard-boiled crime thrillers with a main character who has survived all the horrors and betrayals that the world has thrown at her and continues to punch her way through life because l better than the alternative, then come and meet Katrina Williams, an army vet who is now a Sheriff's Detective in a small town in the Ozarks.

'A Living Grave' is a remarkable start to a four-book series. The writing is grown-up and hard-hitting. The plot is twisty and drags you through some bad places where you meet truly terrible people. There's a strong sense of place, in this case, a small town in the Ozarks but most importantly, the main character, Katrina Williams is someone you are not going to forget.

She's a woman whose present has been dramatically shaped by her past. Her life is the 'living grave' of the title but she refuses to lie down and die. She is powered by anger, bowed by grief and finds relief mostly in violence.

The book opens with Katrina in mandatory therapy after an 'incident', which she described as a 'justified adjustment of attitude', that ended with a wife-beater being hospitalized. Here's the opening paragraph:

Therapy is not for the weak. It is spine-ripping, devastatingly hard work that shines a light on all the secret parts of your soul. We are all vampires at the center of ourselves, I think. Those bits of ourselves, the secrets that are protected by ego and self-delusion, burn like phosphorus flames when the light finally pins them down.

Dunn, Robert E.. A Living Grave (A Katrina Williams Novel Book 1) (p. 1). Lyrical Press. Kindle Edition.

Although there is a solid mystery at the centre of this book, what it mostly does is provide a framework for getting to know Katrina Williams and for her to come to terms with her past and decide what she wants to do with her future.

Katrina's past is a nightmare. Most of that nightmare is about the violence done to her while she was in the army and the cover-up and betrayal that followed. The backstory is skillfully woven into the plot and revealed a bit at a time. This is achieved partly by having Katrina's history catch up to her in the form of a live investigation by the Military Police. Be warned, when we finally find out what happened to Katrina, Robert Dunn pulls no punches. The violence is graphic and horrifying but not in the least bit gratuitous. My main reaction after reading it was, 'How does anyone cope with having lived through that?'

Katrina's present is full of violence and isolation, except for her contact with her father and her uncle. She's working on it but that doesn't mean anything is getting better any time soon.

One of the things I liked about this book was that it gives an unromanticized view of anger and guilt and violence. Katrina's past is never given as an acceptable excuse for her actions. It's not her violence or her hard-as-nails way of policing that makes her a hero. It's that she hasn't given herself up to it entirely. She's still trying to have a life.

For me, 'A Living Grave' was a very satisfying read and a great start to a series that I'm keen to read the rest of.

I think this is a book that deserves to be much more widely known. I recommend it to you.

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332 reviews11 followers
August 2, 2016
This is the first book by Robert Dunn that I have read, and I hope to read more from this promising new series. "Hurricane" Katrina Williams is a sheriff's detective in the Missouri Ozarks. At the beginning of the book she has painful and disturbing flashbacks from her time in the military. Katrina is an alcoholic with a bad temper, and sometimes she lets her temper get the best of her as she dishes out justice. Demons from her past keep creeping in, threatening to unhinge her at any moment. She constantly battles to overcome her past demons and failures to focus on her new cases. This book is actually two stories in one. The plotlines parallel each other and blend together flawlessly. With the help of her friends and family, Katrina proves that she is good at her job, and that good can conquer evil. I received this as a free ARC from Kebsington Books, Lyrical Underground on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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1,367 reviews39 followers
September 19, 2019
I am always glad to find a new book that is set in the Ozarks, especially when the story takes me down roads I have traveled and to places where I have been. This series is set in Taney Co, near Branson Mo. The author has developed a strong female detective; she is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, and carries physical and emotional scars from her time there. In this first book, there is mystery, violence, romance, and complex family relationships to navigate. I want to continue the series, to see where the next challenge takes "Hurricane".
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Author 10 books78 followers
January 27, 2017
A Living Grave was a really, really solid read. Dunn can flat out freaking write and paints scenes that jump out at you. Combine his writing ability with great characters and you have a well-paced story that keeps you engaged. I look forward to the next Katrina Williams novel. Consider me a fan!
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355 reviews7 followers
December 14, 2016
Well-written book. The characters were well-rounded and showed growth over the course of the story. Don't want to give any spoilers; if you like small-town police procedurals, give this one a read.
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1,448 reviews10 followers
September 6, 2018
A Living Grave

The Katrina Williams series currently has three books following sheriff detective Katrina Williams. For true enjoyment, I think this series needs to be read in the appropriate order. This series is about Katrina so everything is tied together and follows a storyline.

The first book in the series is A Living Grave. This first book introduces us to Katrina Williams, her life currently and her history. It shows a sheriff detective struggling with the memories and flashbacks of what happened to her during her time in the Army. Katrina is working a case of a teenage girl who is killed. Katrina is on a cliff, violent and trying to unravel the mystery surrounding the girl. Along with the mystery of her case, we also meet the people in her life and her town.

I thought this story was very well written. The first book in a new series can be overwhelming when there are a lot of characters to learn. I didn’t feel that way with this book. Characters were naturally added throughout the story so I never felt like there were too many all at once. The story around the characters and their relationships never felt forced, or done just to create a storyline. And there are a lot of characters and stories that are discovered as Katrina is investigating.

I liked Katrina but I really thought she should have lost her badge many times. She’s dangerous and her first reaction is violence. Whenever she would have a flashback she was looking for a fight and alcohol and was a danger to herself and everyone around her. It was easy to excuse her behavior because we know the reason she acts this way, but the other part of me was thinking, she’s a police officer. She should absolutely not be allowed on the streets and her Captain should have known better than to allow her to continue working with her out of control behavior.

If you like books that really follow the detective working a case, this is a must read! The author does not shortchange that part of the storyline for others. There were no half measures when it came to the investigating, and I absolutely loved that! This story pulled me in and I had to find out who the killer was. Pretty early on I had suspected who did the actual killing, but I never guessed the motive for the killing. This isn’t just a mystery/police detective book. There’s also a small side of romance for Katrina. I definitely recommend giving this series a chance!

Rating: 4 stars
1,173 reviews5 followers
January 21, 2020
Who would say that such an unassuming book is such a delight? I was not ready for this underdog - based on a cover, I thought it would be a mediocre mystery. Yet this one is a fierce Ozarks noir, firing on all cylindres. A tough-as-nails heroine (and believable as such, which is not always the case!) with a hell of a personal story is fighting crime in her mountain county while meeting love after the long time of painful solitude. Yeah, I know - but this baby will fight your prejudices strongly and convert you into a fan quickly. In my case, it had me literally on the first sentence.
But, be warned - while this is a police procedural (and not bad), it is much more - a strong psychological story. Katrina´s own demons are realistic, her protective mechanisms are believable and all her tendencies to live under the weight of her past are so raw and conectable in their effects, that one can only admire the maturity and vulnerability of the author here for the understanding of the depth of the human soul. My respect.
And the lovely sidekicks of the Dad&Uncle team! And sheriff, Billy and all the community of the salt-of-the-earth people. While not a fan of Nelson much (or, more eloquently, the way he is written - he is simply in the shadow of Katrina, a manly "prop" of sorts, even if it is done smartly), I see how can he catch her eye.

All in all, this is a firestarter and now I am devoted follower of this series. Well done.
Profile Image for Teri.
3,919 reviews31 followers
August 9, 2018
It's already established Katrina had issues from her time in the military which left her major scars from a horrendous incident. She has now with the sheriff dept and evidently known for just slipping away and burying herself in her bottle, so they know exactly where to find her and watch over her. Now there is a mystery going on and she is pretty much the lead detective on the case. That's all I will say about it because I don't do spoilers and I have said enough. Now I went into this expecting a little romance (got that) and one better it was clean and not graphic. Score. I expected some suspense and intrigue around the death of the girl well we got that and there is a lot of twist and turns and unseen involved which makes that great. What you don't expect is the kit gloves an officer of the law is treated with when she is clearly a problem and allowed, encouraged to continue working with a slap on the hand and being ordered to see a psychiatrist. This is the part of the story I had a huge problem with and yes it is because of my own issues I can't get past. My own form of ptsd so to speak. I will leave it at that.

The writing is good and yes this author does whip a twist and you have to dig deep to understand and catch the killer which to me is a plus. I am new to this author so I really want to read more of her work and hope that this is a one off.
Profile Image for Phil.
193 reviews7 followers
September 22, 2018
Dunn has created a very real protagonist in Detective Katrina Williams, known throughout as "Hurricane" for her badass attitude. He also provides the harrowing back-story that put her in a "bad place."

He also writes vivid landscapes of the Ozarks, as summer proceeds to autumn.

It is a fine police procedural, but also leaning into chick-lit.

As the plot is narrated by Hurricane in the first person, it is difficult to know where the author is speaking or the character.

Several examples come to mind. "Whomever" may sound educated, but it is never correct as the subject of a sentence; the murdered girl was wearing a cross, not aa crucifix - there is a major difference; Parmesan is not a cheese for melting, as mozzarella or fontina is.

Such cavils are minor. It is a great debut. And the Kindle price is affordable
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3,183 reviews96 followers
August 26, 2017
A Living Grave is very well-written and has excellent character development. The story does start out a bit slow with the introduction of various characters, but even with the slow pace, it is a compelling read that gets better and better as the story progresses. There is a lot going on, but the writing style is one that pulls a reader in and holds on. I was so immersed in the lives of these characters that I had to see how it would all play out. Katrina is such a complex character with her tough side, her past, and her own personal demons. The story is the perfect mix of gripping suspense, heart wrenching tragedy, and even a bit of hope and humor to lighten things up.
139 reviews1 follower
October 21, 2021
This book was my husband’s choice

I had run out of things to read and this was sitting in kindle so I decided to give it a try.
Very good book, really well written. Somewhat on the dark side but characters are well developed and the good people will have you cheering. Bad people are pretty bad. I really hope that what happened to her was made up and no woman actually suffered what she did. Parts of the book are hard to read.
9,356 reviews78 followers
November 23, 2016
Really well done procedural with a unique protagonist in Katrina. Dunn has done a great job of creating a sympathetic female vet coping with PTSD while moving onward and upward. I'm pleased that this is the first in a series, as I'd like to spend more time with her. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. Try this for a quick, suspenseful read.
Profile Image for Margaret Sweet.
29 reviews1 follower
May 28, 2018
Gripping start to finish

I don't generally like novels with profanity and violence. This book had solid reasons for both. The mental imagery helps to carry a very solid storyline filled with believable characters. Excellent police procedural all the way through.
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