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Meet Havoc...

I was happy doing my own thing.
No connections.
No demands.
No problems.
Just me, my club and a whole lot of dirty work to take care of.
She never wanted a biker.
She wanted stability and I gave up on that years ago.
We tried to fight it.
Neither of us wanted it.
But she calms my fury and I show her a man who accepts every part of her.
Now we're trying to figure out how to be together.
Because when the need for each other is this strong, to deny it will only cause complete havoc.


If you read my other book, Destined Havoc and are waiting for the rest of Havoc's story, this is it! This book will contain his entire story and will now be book #8 in the Storm MC Series.


First published March 8, 2016

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About the author

Nina Levine

89 books6,161 followers

USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine is an Aussie author who writes alphas with a side of dirty and sassy women who don't hand their hearts over easily.

When she isn't creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.

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476 reviews385 followers
March 14, 2016
I liked this one a lot. The writing was easy, characters well done and story interesting. We have Havoc, biker nomad who has to come back to his hometown due to family issues. We also have Carla, whom he meets at the bar one night. They instantly take to each other and the rest is history.

"Jesus Fuck. She was a dirty bitch and my dick ached for that mouth of hers."

Oh yeah, it started dirty, and dirty it was. Damn, that mouth of his. Hers too by the way. Both of them didn't hold back.

"So you're saying I shouldn't trust you? Cause I gotta admit, I don't fuck men that I don't trust."
Baby, you can trust me with your your pussy. I know how to take care of that real well."

And damn right, he knew how to take care. Seriously, this book was steamy, off the charts hot.

First 30% was pure fun and sex, then it got more emotional because this book is more than just smut. The rest shows two people getting to know each other, crumbling each other's walls and falling in love.

Overall, if you like badass biker boys with a soft side, sassy heroines, hot sex scenes and whole lotta dirty talking then I recommend.

ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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3,231 reviews1,934 followers
March 8, 2016
*Amazon US*Amazon UK*Barnes & Noble*

I think I somehow forgot how amazing Nina Levine was, but this book brought it all back for me. I loved the little bit of suspense, and the sexiness that was all throughout the book. These characters were great for me too, so I really liked getting their story.

Havoc and Carla met at a bar after a shit day leads Carla to need a drink. Havoc wasn't looking to hook up with anyone that night, and especially not a woman who wasn't his type at all. But when Carla starts talking, he's instantly ready to toss her over his shoulder and take her to his place. He certainly wasn't expecting a one two-night stand to lead to something more, though.

I really enjoyed getting to know these characters, and their dialogue was amazing. They either had me laughing like a crazy person, or reaching for a cold glass of water to cool me down from the hotness. I really liked Havoc and getting to know his demons from his past, and I really felt for his character. I loved how intense he was at times, and it was sexy as hell.

Carla was a good character and I really liked that she was a badass heroine that could go head to head with Havoc. She stuck up for herself with the people that thought her relationship with Havoc was a bad idea, and I liked seeing that.There were a few times that her actions annoyed me and I wanted to see her claim her man, but overall I liked her character.

Bottom line, this was a good story that I think any fan of a dirty-talking biker will like. I've kind of gotten out of order with these books but after reading this one I'll definitely be going back to read the books I missed.
ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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3,920 reviews447 followers
March 29, 2023
ARC provided by Give Me Books Promotions for blog tour review

I first met Nina Levine's work back in May 2015 when I devoured the first 5 books in this series in less than a week! No lie, A WEEK! The woman is that good! lol She is absofrikkinglutely a #MustRead go-to author. She writes strong, independent alpha woman right along side her dirty talking, bad-ass, sexy alpha bikers!

This is the story of Havoc and Carla. Altho part of the Storm MC family, this particular book focuses more on the individuals rather than the MC family. It truly is the story of both Havoc and Carla. She's a feisty, no-nonsense, tell it how it is woman, struggling to get thru college and forget her ex who dealt her a raw deal. He's a dirty talking, sexy as f*ck, ridiculously controlling biker. A match made in volcanic heaven if you ask me ;)

OK, so Carla and Havoc both have past relationship baggage. Neither one is looking for long-term. They're not even looking for short-term LOL But neither could dispute they had incredible spark between them when they met .. it was lust, nothing more. It couldn't be more ... until it was :)
These two where fridiculously good together. Not only sexually, but also intellectually. For every wall Havoc put up, Carla threw an even bigger punch to knock it down. She was his perfect match and he was her perfect match.

It's really hard sometimes to write reviews that convey the passion in a story without giving away every detail of the story to future readers, but hopefully I've done just that with this review. Because this story IS passionate, on all kinds of levels. It's not just a story about to people on the journey to HEA, it's a story of strength and growth and healing and family, love & loyalty. So do yourselves a favor an grab a copy of this book immediately! #TRUST
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303 reviews21 followers
March 11, 2016
PSA!! That's right, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT --->> HAVOC by NINA LEVINE is filthy, MC style dirty romance!

What do you get when the h/H both have rather bawdy personalities? Hmmm, well I'll tell you. You get a raunchy, sexual and romantic fuck fest!!

If you've been waiting for this book and following the Storm MC men then you know Nina's warning. "The Storm MC men are addictive." Well, now I have to disagree.

They aren't JUST addictive.
They're worse!
They're enslaving, hooking, obsessive, as well as addictive!

And Havoc was no different, but in other aspects he was. To me he was a wanderer, wanting nothing more than his bike, the open road, and the blood that taints his knuckles and soul. He's rough around the edges, life hasn't always been easy for him, but it's something about the woman who is the complete opposite of his type that has him going back for seconds and left unable to shake her from his mind.

And just like him in comparison to the men, she was no different to Nina's independent female characters who are strong, smart, sexy, and empowering when it comes to fighting for what they want, need, and deserve. The Storm MC women have balls just as big as the men, and I would be lying if I didn't tell you right now that is how she trapped me within the pages of this book and series!

Carla's life is in shambles. Cheating exes. Professors who want sex for passing grades. Bosses who are fed up with her lateness and calling out for school. Nothing is going her way... Until she walks into the bar and sparks up a conversation with Havoc.

Together, these two have just as many differences as they have similarities. One doesn't fit into the lifestyle the other has created, while the other has a perfectly set out plan they want to stay on track with.

The only reasonable thing to do is ignore the pull. Ignore the universe throwing them together at every chance.

But some times fate can overpower the cluster of life and set you on an new, enthralling journey. Nina Levine shows us the road less travelled-no, she wraps us up so tightly in her raw depiction of a motorcycle club romance that you can't help but feel the grit each time she takes us for a ride!
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2,154 reviews45 followers
March 14, 2016
5 dirty Biker stars

Have you heard the saying "It does what it says on the tin"?
Well if you want a foul mouth Alpha male and a female with sass, action and hotness from the moment you move on from the cover that's what you get and Nina always delivers.

"Powerful and demanding, he consumed me. I lost my bearings and he revealed his need for me. He pushed me for more and I gave it all to him."

A chance meeting in a bar that turns into a hot romance, well as romantic as it gets for a biker anyway.

Two people burnt by past relationships, love and luck definately not on their side, not looking for anything more from their one night stand but this chance meeting turns into destiny.

I'd never seen her coming. We hadn't been in each others plans. We collided and as much as we fought it we were destined to be together.

A hot fast paced read that I couldn't put down, loved the characters. Told in dual pov's you're able to get the view of each character as they embark on their journey to happiness and I loved it.

His lips crashed down onto mine and he did more than show me how thankful he was. He brought heaven to my goddamn door, again.

Great series and another great addition.

Arc gratefully received for honest review Bbbf-sizzlereads-bestbookboyfriends & L.A.B.B Facebook & Goodreads groups
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830 reviews31 followers
March 1, 2016
Storyline: 5
Angst: 2
Tissue: 0
Value: 5
Panty Scorching: 5
Over All Rating: 5

Nina freakin Levine rocks!  Holy crap Havoc was amazing! I devoured this book from the first page to the last and was still wanting more. There was no huge cliffy and if you've read the Storm books you know all about some dirty bikers. Havoc is no different.  Well maybe a little dirtier but that's nothing to hate on. I freakin love it!

Havoc and Carla are amazdballs together. They are so much fun to read. Their banter had me rolling laughing. That woman is as dirty as Havoc and that says a lot. I loved her! Shes a bad ass heroine that doesn't take shit from anyone. She has some backbone like the other storm women. Which makes her even better in my book. And Havoc... hot damn that man is smoking hot. Not only that though he's real. He may be a stubborn asshole but he loves with all he has. Which is freakin swoonworthy! 

5 amazing stars for this book. NINA LEVINE is a freakin rock star! If you haven't read the storm books what the hell are you waiting for?! Each book gets better and better! Way to go Nina! So glad to say I've been a huge fan since your first book and loved every single one since.  
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2,474 reviews170 followers
March 7, 2016
Holy Hell I love me some shiz talking bad arse bikers! Nina knows how to write a story that will keep you hanging on till the end. This is book number eight in this series and I swear the more books she writes the more I fall in love with these bad arse bikers who do what they want when they want and underneath it all they love hard when they fall for a girl.

Havoc is no different. All he wants to do is club business and live day by day in the club. But what he gets is something so different he is not sure what has hit him.

Carla is having a bad day and she goes into the bar for a drink. It is there she meets Havoc and as they are talking they decide to go home together. That is it for Havoc because Carla brings something out of him he never knew was in him. As the two get hot and heavy and lord knows it is hot as hell they will go through some rough things but at the end of the day Havoc will do whatever it takes to protect his old lady.
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1,053 reviews33 followers
March 8, 2016

Reviewed by Claire Rose

Rated Five Loving Stars

There is not one I thing I don't love about Nina's books. All pure alpha biker men, this one is no exception and became my favourite biker read. Even though this novel is a standalone, the events take place after book four in this series.

I have to say while reading this that I did think that it would be another dark and dangerous man who meets another woman with her walls up…with a past. Well, I was totally wrong! Both have baggage but it’s mainly to do with our sexy biker. There were times my heart was breaking for this poor man, then I wanted to slap a certain person for doing what they did. I can certainly understand why he chose to lead the life he now does. I’d be lying if I said my emotions weren't involved in this novel because there were. I laughed, I got angry, my eyes had tears, my heart was pounding. I even found myself saying, oh no, please don't go back there. However, I sighed with relief at the end.

Havoc is a dirty mouthed, closed off biker who has a dark and violent side to him. He has become a nomad for his MC club after events tore him apart. He now lives for the open road and won't open his heart up or let anyone get close to him. He still helps out at the club and does the stuff no-one else can and believe me, he's more than capable of doing it. So my man meets a young woman at a bar. Despite the fact that she’s like no other, he still refuses to open up believing one night will be enough. Yet we all know one night is never enough for our bikers! Family problems and his club wanting him to stay doesn’t distract him from getting her out of his head.

I loved Carla’s strong-will and the way she says it as she sees it; nevertheless, I worried about her approach to solving a personal problem. Dulling the pain, she starts knocking back the shots. She’s also the sister of a club brother which is only going to complicate matters more. After one night with Havoc, she can’t seem to get him out of her head, either. Carla sees that there is a dangerous side to him and agrees to a relationship of sorts without feelings and emotions being involved. But as we all well know, it never works out that way. Carla's brother finds out about the two and isn't happy about it. He warns her, no… he tells her to end it as Havoc is a no good man. Her life is taking a downfall and she doesn't know what she’s doing. So when Havoc asks her to go with him, she excepts on a few conditions which he has no option but to conform to.

Do they encounter troubles and problems? Yes! Does he realise he is not on his own, that he does have family? Can Havoc open his heart? Many unanswered questions that will only be revealed by reading this fabulous book which I highly recommend.

“Why won't you let me in?”
“Why the fuck do you want in?”

I rate this book five loving stars. Well done Nina, I can't wait for more from you.
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6,949 reviews827 followers
March 14, 2016
Paige's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

3.5 stars

I had issues with the first few chapters. Havoc and Carla met and had an instant physical connection but that was it. After the early chapters the author started to write about the relationship building between the couple.

Havoc is a wanderer. He decided after losing his business and ditched the fiance he would go where his club needed him. That gave him the ability to be free but still be part of his MC family.
Havoc was tough and he would always be there for his MC family and his sister and dad. His club name was given since he caused Havoc but I thought he was mild compared to some at the club.

Carla was sweet but she was naive and too childlike. Seeing that her brother is part of the MC world, she didn't know how it worked. Her insecurities in the relationship with Havoc was a major part of the early storyline.

While I liked the book, it was a but predictable. It needed a bit of a shake up.

Review copy provided for an honest review.
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3,900 reviews395 followers
March 8, 2016
This is book eight in the Storm MC Series but can be read as a standalone which is how I read it.

Havoc and Carla are such a great pair. Due to their past experiences both are reluctant to get into a relationship. When the meet in a bar they end up getting more than they bargained for. A one night stand ends up even more when they find fate bringing them together.

Havoc is a hot, dark and sexy biker. Carla is a strong character who can certainly stand up for herself.

I read this in one sitting. I found it to be a great MC read. I'm looking forward to going back and reading more of this series.
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2,714 reviews
March 8, 2016
4.5 Dirty Talkin' Stars!!

“Were we really as stupid as we sometimes appeared? And then my life flashed before my eyes and I was reminded that, yes, sometimes we were. Sometimes we were blind to what was in front of us.”

“She was my refuge as well as my bliss and in that moment, I embraced it all.”

Havoc is the eighth book in the Storm MC series by Nina Levine and I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t read any of the other books in this series….And boy, I gotta tell you, I have been clearly and I mean clearly missing out. So, even though this is the eighth book in this series, it reads so well, that you will not be lost at all. It can totally be read as a stand-alone.

Havoc is told from dual points of view and sucks you in from the very first page. This book is hot and sexy and totally delicious. The chemistry between Havoc and Carla is off the charts. These two fight and challenge each other like no other. Carla’s life has been anything but easy, but let me tell you, with everything that she has been through, Carla is not your typical damsel in distress. She is smart, tough and a total bad ass. She doesn’t put up with anything and that is something that Havoc finds hard to resist. And Havoc, well he was content to keep living the life as a Nomad. He only returned home because his father’s health was failing. The last thing he planned on was having Carla walk into his life. From the moment he met her, she awoke something inside of him. He’s afraid of putting himself out there again, but can’t deny or fight the pull he feels towards Carla. And these two together are a force to be reckoned with….if they can just get past a few more hurdles.

I have to say, I really enjoyed Havoc. I thought this book was well written and entertaining. I devoured it in just one sitting. The characters were a lot of fun and made me want to know more about them. This book had lots of sexy good times, romance and action. There was some drama, but for the most part, the drama was pretty light. If you’re looking for a sexy as sin, alpha male biker with a dirty mouth and a badass female lead, then look no further, this is the book for you. I loved every second of this book and I honestly can not wait to dive into the rest of the series to see what I’ve been missing out on.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*
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2,551 reviews47 followers
March 10, 2016
Author: Nina Levine
Series: Storm MC Series, Book #8
Release Date: March 8, 2016
Genre(s): M/C Romance
Page Count: 200
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Meet Havoc...

I was happy doing my own thing.
No connections.
No demands.
No problems.
Just me, my club and a whole lot of dirty work to take care of.
She never wanted a biker.
She wanted stability and I gave up on that years ago.
We tried to fight it.
Neither of us wanted it.
But she calms my fury and I show her a man who accepts every part of her.
Now we're trying to figure out how to be together.
Because when the need for each other is this strong, to deny it will only cause complete havoc.

“Closing the distance between us, I pulled at the dress she wore. A moment later, it lay on the floor, along with her panties and bra. As she opened her mouth to speak, I pressed a finger to her lips ‘Don’t speak.’”

5 Havoc stars! Obsessed with this series, and this book is just one of the reasons why!

What a sexy, dangerous, and hot book!! Let me start this off by saying I love Havoc…..there’s not enough words for me to describe him. I will say he’s a dangerous, sexy biker….what more do you need to know?? His relationship with Carla is insane and you almost feel jealous over what they have and share. I never thought I’d ever be more obsessed with this series and then this book comes out and changes that opinion!!!

me alphabookclub
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club description
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1,388 reviews16 followers
September 25, 2016
If you want to impress Havoc, flirt with him, he likes the chase. It's not a challenge if you throw yourself at him. Enter Carla, she's basically the female version of Havoc, she's dirty, filthy mouthed and she knows exactly how she wants it and has no problem telling him how to give it to her.
Havoc is still dirty, sex is earth shattering and Carla is his match in every way. You will also find out why Havoc is the way he is.
Nina is amazing at matching her alpha male with their old lady. He's dominant and of course it would make his life easier if Carla just did what she's told but where would the fun be in that. Once he gets his head out of his ass, he will know what he has in Carla.
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1,230 reviews24 followers
September 15, 2020
Another winner!

Nina Levine is one of my favorite authors for motorcycle books. They have everything I enjoy about a MC hero. This one had some humour, lots of hot sex, filthy talk and a great heroine who did not take shit from anyone! This couple, Havoc and Carla were perfect in every way. Loved it.
395 reviews9 followers
March 6, 2017
I tried so hard to like this book but it didn't happen. The way it started out was very unappealing to me, there was so much sex going on and there was a story don't get me wrong, albeit not one that kept my interest. It started out with sex and that usually doesn't go very well with my taste. I don't mind those scenes but I need some substance and a connection to the characters before I can enjoy them. I skipped all the sex scenes because I didn't feel anything for Carla and Havoc, it was all very blasé. The whole foundation of their relationship is sex, sex, sex. Everything was always about sex. The word c*ck was splattered all over, practically almost every page of the book. There's only so much c*ck and p*ssy talk I can take before I get fed up in annoyance and consider dropping a book. I didn't believe that they had a forever relationship because everything always came back to sex. This book felt so long and took me a bit to read but when I think about it, there wasn't really much of a story to this book as the pages lead you to believe. Everything that happened could have been cut down in half, take out the majority of sex scenes, and my review would have been the same.

Carla was not the kind of heroine I like reading. She was too brash for my liking, her judgment for a twenty-three year old woman is not up to par, her behavior was that of a wild child. She just didn't work for me personally. Havoc was meh, and the way he treated Carla and his foul attitude didn't sit well with me. He was too moody and his woe-is-me behavior was depressing and annoying to me. I think I've read more than enough of the miserable, grumpy hero lately, I'm a little over it at the moment. His whole demeanor bothered me and if I were her, I'd always feel insecure with how he responded that he usually went for blondes with a big rack before meeting her. Also, why does the cover have a blonde girl with big boobs when it's made known as a point that she's not his usual type and she's the exact opposite of that?

This book really didn't do anything positive for me but I'd be open to reading the other books in their series and giving those a fair chance. Normally I wouldn't, but the genre on iBooks listed this as erotic romance and some of the others are labeled as contemporary romance so I'll take a risk and hope for the best, as of now though, I'm glad to be done with this. It was actually quite a task to get it over with but I won't let my judgment of this affect the others when I get around to reading them. Hopefully, this one was just a rotten egg.
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948 reviews94 followers
March 7, 2016
Havoc is the eighth book in the Storm MC series. When I read the blurb for this one I noted that he was Nomad so intrigued me even more as not often you come across this in MC story lines.

Havoc is all about control, he takes no nonsense from anyone and he rules by his fist. His road name matches his dangerous nature when he sees red and creates havoc to those around him. Having been bitten shy by his conniving ex two years back at the same time he loses his beloved Mom, he took off from his hometown and kept his distance. But now he is back in town to look in on his Dad and also do some work for the Brisbane chapter.

Whilst sat in a bar he is intrigued by the woman who strikes up conversation with him. There is something different about her that draws his attention. Not his usual type of T and A but she has something he wants.

Carla is one feisty woman. Struggling to put herself through college she takes time out at a local bar and hooks up with Havoc. She has been through countless rejections in past relationships so now won’t let herself fall into that trap again. She is however, happy to have some fun with the sexy biker. When they get together the sparks fly and the action between the sheets is smoking but the lust and passion soon turn into something neither were looking for. How far can they take this ‘thing’ they have going on?

I loved this book! From the very first page I was drawn into the atmospheric and smouldering tension this pair created between them. Havoc was everything I want in a deep, dark, gritty but sexy biker. His controlling attitude had me panting when he went all Alpha! Rawr! As for Carla she did not take any crock and kept pushing at Havoc to open up to her. When he eventually does? Oh WOW gotta love him more.

I have to admit I have jumped in and out of this series, but going by this one it has definitely got better and better. Definitely a winner, definitely a must read and an absolute five star MC read for me.

*ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review
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3,036 reviews1,747 followers
March 7, 2016
Favorite Quotes:

“Against all my better judgements, and against the voice screaming out no in my mind, I nodded, got on my bike and told her to get on behind me.”

“If you bring me back fruit cake of any kind, there will be hell to pay.”

“Havoc’s hands were one of my favorite parts of him. They were large and strong. Powerful. But to me, they were also safe. I always felt protected in his hold.”

“His eyes watched me with an intensity that caused my lady bits to start dancing with joy.”

“It’s this feeling of being overwhelmed, of being unsure of where it will end up and hoping it won’t ever end… And it’s a relief to have found my person, the one who accepts me in all my screwed-up glory and loves me in spite of it. My soul mate.”

“Because sometimes life worked out differently to the plan in our head, and that wasn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it was the best #*ing thing in the world.”

My Review:

These characters are a smokin’ hawt combo and cannot speak without using expletives. Profanity flows from their mouths like a water fountain, so if that would make you uncomfortable – pass this one by. Written from a dual POV – which I adore, the story is highly erotic and starts off as a fun fling only a sex thing – and they both resist letting it building up to far more. I adored the character of Carla, she is feisty and not afraid to hold her own and sass back to a dark and scary biker that even his fellow club members keep at a fearful distance. However, she sees his soft edges and works her way inward, despite his efforts to the contrary.
A generous sprinkling of highly erotic sensual scenes had me gasping and sputtering, I think it is safe to say that Ms. Levine has certainly mastered the sexy.
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4,031 reviews443 followers
March 3, 2016
ARC received from author to honest review in Portuguese and English.

Amei a história e a autora nos presenteia com um casal explosivo.
As cenas de sexo são muito quentes.
Comecei a leitura e só parei quando cheguei ao final do livro e fiquei com vontade de continuar lendo mais ainda.
Adoro esta série e cada livro é realmente sensacional e nos envolve de tal maneira que vivemos a história junto com os personagens.
Os personagens são bem estruturados e suas personalidades interessantes e complexas. Os membros do clube participam e suas participações são muito legais.
Recomendo muito!

I loved the story and the author presents us with an explosive couple.
The sex scenes are very hot.
I started reading and I only stopped when I got to the end of the book and I was willing to continue reading further.
I love this series and each book is truly sensational and involves us in such a way that we live the story along with the characters.
The characters are well structured and with interesting and complex personalities. The members of the Club have special appearance and are cool,
I highly recommend!
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1,233 reviews74 followers
March 8, 2016
You have no clue how much I waited for Havoc ride. Well, maybe you do, if you had read Destined Havoc.

I'm still in high after finished reading. All giddy and in dream like trance. Damn, that was an emotional, dirty, sexy ride.

If you read DH, you know what fun it was. What a fun Havoc and Carla had. But everything changed in the middle of the road. Turmoil, disquiet and other emotions got involved between them. Just the fun become something more. Maybe it never even been just a fun time for neither of them. When they realised it, the fight with themselves begun. A fight to not let go old wounds. A fight to not let go plans that was made. A fight to close doors for the feelings.

I wasn't in the middle of the story yet, and I already understood, that Havoc and Carla are similar. With theirs wants. With theirs needs. They just didn’t saw it yet. Or maybe again, they felt it, that's way they fought it.

I wish to talk and talk about Havoc. But I just again can't find enough words to describe, how incredible this story was. This for sure should be on your TBR list.
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220 reviews
March 8, 2016
*ARC for and honest review*

Let me first say that this the first book I've read by Nina Levine. I did not know what to expect when I started Havoc. With that said I finished this book in one day. The chemistry between Havoc and Carla was electric and steamy. Havoc is a nomad from the MC Storm who returns home due to family illness. Havoc is the guy that the MC calls on for dirty jobs to be done. Doing what he does best Havoc loves the dark side and enjoy doing his job. Once being scorned by love he erected a barrier around his heart to that he never has to go thru hurt again. Carla works as a waitress and is going to school for fashion design. Going to a bar and meeting a member of Storm Carla decides to have fun with no strings attached. Together Carla and Havoc are a prefect fit but those around them wants them apart. With danger around can Havoc protect Carla or will she finally see that the darkside is not where she wants to be.

Although I read this as a standalone, I am looking foward to reading more work from this author. I would recommend this book for MC lovers.
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March 8, 2016
Holy **bleep, bleep, bleep**. I am in LOVE with Nina Levine and her Storm Series. This book was so freaking hot that it certainly rocked my world, especially in the panty melting department. I mean, who doesn't love a hardcore, dirty talking, alpha biker? This book will leaving you wanting to find a Havoc of your own.

Havoc and Carla fit together like a pair of gloves even though neither one of them wanted to admit it. Carla has a dirty talking mouth that matches his and a sex drive that drives him wild. They both thought they were in it just for a little fun, but they soon found out differently after they received the surprise of their lives.

This book drove me wild. It was so damn incredible that I struggled to sit still while reading it. Havoc and Carla's story is wonderful and one you so don't want to miss out on. Once again 5 Sexy, Jaw Dropping, Stilettos for the amazingly talented Nina Levine and Havoc!
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March 8, 2016
I am a huge fan of this series and Havoc was just as amazing as the others. I think I might have even bumped my Book Boyfriend Kick to the side for a bit for Havoc.

One of the best things about this series is the strong female character this author writes. I love a smart, intelligent, witty female character and Carla did not disappoint.

In some ways these two are very much a case of opposites attract. Carl has plans, goals and dreams and she working her way towards a point she wants to be at. Havoc is a nomad, a road warrior, he gave up on dreams a long time ago. Together they seem to be everything the other needs, but working past everything and figuring out how to have a relationship is much easier said then done.

If you are no caught up on the series, no worries this book can easily be read as a stand alone.
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April 2, 2021
OMG, Scott has been my favourite Storm Alpha all the way through the series but I think Havoc has come out on top!!!!!! Holy crap Havoc was to die for, seriously that good! I had so much trouble putting this book down, I wanted more!!!
Havoc and Carla are awesome together, loved Carla and their banter had me giggling at parts. She was such a surprise and suited Havoc and his dirty ways perfectly lol! She had plenty of sass and yet a vulnerability from her father abandoning her before she was even born that made her very likable.
Havoc... where to start, was so delicious and I wanted more and more of him. Love how he loved Carla and his family and Carla's maturity in understanding him and their mutual needs. AMAZING!
Did not want this one to end and am impatiently waiting for the next one in this amazing series!!!
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March 6, 2016
I find with each storm book that is released the stories just get better and better this for me has definitely been the hottest storm book to date. I love the fact that all the storm men are pure alpha's and Havoc is no exception. The best way to explain my feelings on Havoc is this "Hose me down with holy water because that man would make any woman want to sin with his dirty mouth" . I also love that Nina writes her heroine's as strong independent women with just a touch of Vulnerability and Carla definitely has all these and would also match any storm man with her dirty talk.I love this series and honestly don't think I'll ever get enough of it. So if you like your dirty talking alpha's and your females strong and sassy I highly recommend this book.
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February 21, 2019
Havoc charmed me—I am not talking just about the hero here, but the whole story. It was fun to read and I didn't want it to end. Carla and Havoc were made for each other and it showed right from their first meet.
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April 28, 2021
This is the 8th book in the series, but the story takes place after Revive. Carla is Nash's little sister and Havoc is a nomad for the club.
March 6, 2016
Havoc - 1. Widespread destruction
2. Great confusion or disorder

Havoc is a nomad, earning his road name for the destructive force of his fist he is called upon by the storm MC to deal with club business that involves payment in blood. Happy to be on the open road with no ties or roots Havoc is called home by his sister when his father's health declines. Before dealing with business he pulls into a bar for a quiet drink and meets the unexpected.

Carla is a feisty smart mouthed woman who doesn't hesitate to tell it like it is. Having had her life plan thoroughly screwed by not being screwed ironically she has just split up with her cheating ex, failed college and has no idea what to do next aside from maybe the sexy stranger in the bar. He's part of Storm and Carla has sworn to herself that's not the type of man she wants for herself but just for one night fun where's the harm? Carla takes no prisoners and decides he is the solution to ease her burdens. After one night of hot explicit sex they part ways but looking for more from each other yet Fate decides she enjoys playing with them...

Circumstances keep throwing them together and the pull Havoc feels to the dirty mouthed sexy vixen cannot be denied. Something he hasn't felt in a long time, not since his heart was frozen. Yet Carla starts the thaw from the very moment she sets her eyes on him. No filter and plain speaking is something Havoc really can appreciate but can she cope with his pain and only unleashing the brunt of it in the name of club business is Havoc a danger to her? Is he stable and able to keep a tight leash on the monster lurking underneath his skin? His past is kept buried under the same block of ice encasing his heart but with the thaw slowly melting it drop by drop can be deal with his feelings of betrayal, guilt and grief? Can Carla be the woman that helps him reconnect with himself? Or is he too lost in his own storm of destruction.

Havoc, the eighth book in this series, can be read as a stand alone as the plot is self contained to this wonderfully raunchy couple. It's great to catch up with some of the Storm men especially my favourite dirty mouthed biker. It's another great emotive read of loyalty, family and love. They really are driven by their need to protect those they care about and do the right thing for their loved ones. Yes I'm purposefully keeping if vague as I don't want to ruin the plot lines! This story is a little less about the MC and more focused on the family drama, dealing with the harsh reality of losing a parent to ill health and the change of dynamic of the parent child relationship when they become ill and need to be cared for. Dealing with the abandonment issues and whole heap of emotional distress Nina works her magic to make these characters real and oh so very human with their insecurities and motivations and that really is key to Nina's writing. She creates diverse and wonderfully flawed characters that you would love to meet yet can identify strongly with. A fantastic addition to the series.

A four and a half star read.

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October 12, 2018
I have really fallen for Nina's Storm series, man the lady can write. Each book of this series (& i wonder how many more she will have in the series?) I have fallen more for each of the biker guys (men) ... who do I love more? Havoc, Donovan (Blade) or Nash? In all honesty who is not to love in this series ... I love how she made them ALL fall in love with ladies who are strong, great personalities, fashion styles, these are NOT WEAK ladies, they can totally stand on their own but they pick to back (or walk) these strong men. They can (& do) put them in their place if they step out of line, like a good woman should do if the men does step out of line. ( :

that is so weird. I did review Havoc ... but completely forget the others. sorry about that NINA. did it now. 3/9/2017 .. fixing me ooopies!!

I think there are so many spoilers, that I could pulled out of this series, but I won't!! that would be so wrong and rude of me. great read!! ( ;

OMG ... there is a war between Havoc, Donovan, Nash and Griff ... these Storm Men are wild. OKAY, it took me a minute, but my memory is so back, Donovan is my 1st fave, then Nash. Cue the whistles and cat calls, I can imagine in my mind what Donovan looks like and heck yeah, I would say wanna meet him and pick his mind. drool!! Nash is definitely one of my most faves of the characters in the series, But darn it does Goodreads and Amazon ever work the same? their numbering system of this series is freakin' nuts!! OMG, I thought for sure I had written reviews for these book, darn it ... Sorry about that Nina. Each of Nina's books a jammed packed full of biker hot dudes. For me, it made me think of SOA. This for me is the biker series that started it all, there are so many ladies who have written such great biker series, but for me Nina will always be the one I look back on with such fondness, which might be a weird word to use??!! She gives it her Auzie kick for sure, she is Australasian (is that spelled right, doesn't look right??!) ... did u know that? Love her accent. Lots of wordie dirty words, if you are okay with that, then so worries but wanted to say it out there just in case? I read these books, the series probably 2 to 3 years ago, could have swore I reviewed them at the time ... I could re-read them to figure my fave ... they are extreme, intents, hot, steamy, love this series!! When I have more time from my other books on my TBR I might re-read them. ( ;
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