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Sexy Flirty Dirty #1

Magnificent Bastard

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F*ck Prince Charming. Sometimes, you need a Magnificent Bastard.

Face it, ladies: love sucks and then you cry…while your ex rides off into the sunset banging your best friend.

But why let a break-up end in tears when it can end with sweet revenge? Enter Magnificent Bastard Consulting and me, chief executive bastard. I’ve got it all—looks, brains, a heart of gold, and the killer instinct guaran-damn-teed to make your ex regret the day he said goodbye.

With the help of my virtual assistant, I’ve built an empire giving broken-hearted women the vengeance they deserve, while keeping myself far from the front lines of the heart. Life is a bowl of cherries, until my virtual assistant shows up on my real doorstep for the first time, begging for a Magnificent Bastard intervention of her own.

Damn... She’s a bona fide sex kitten.

I pride myself on being a true pro, but pretending to be her lover soon leads to giving it to her good, hard, fast, and up against the wall. And somewhere between getting balls deep in my sweet and sexy assistant and watching her ex beg for a second chance, I break every last one of my damn rules—professional and personal.

So what’s my next move? Fight for the girl who makes me want to get up on a white horse and ride to her rescue, or stay a Magnificent Bastard to the end?

Warning: MAGNIFICENT BASTARD is a stand-alone erotic romance told from the
hero’s point of view. No cliffhanger. Lots of dirty talk.

252 pages

First published April 25, 2016

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About the author

Lili Valente

136 books3,735 followers
Visit Lili at www.lilivalente.com

Author of over forty novels, USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente writes everything from steamy suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. She can't resist a story where love wins big. Because love should always win. She lives in Vermont with her two big-hearted boy children and a dog named Pippa Jane.

*Lili rarely visits this site as it is a site intended for readers, not authors. If you have questions, the best way to reach Lili is through her website contact form. Happy reading!

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1,176 reviews4,162 followers
October 13, 2016
This was a light-hearted, fun and surprisingly touching story. It was full of humor and kept a smile on my face from start to finish. It was pure entertainment.

Sebastian "Bash" Prince has made a business out of helping women reclaim their pride. As the founder of Magnificent Bastard Consulting, he poses as the new boyfriend of women that have been dumped in order to get back at their exes. In the process, they get to stick it to the guy that screwed them over, rubbing his nose in what he left behind and will never have again.

Bash started his business after having his heart ripped out by his ex, time and time again. Now, he devotes his life to helping others get over the same type of pain that he's lived through. He keeps his own personal life uncomplicated and superficial, not allowing relationships to get serious and not forming any romantic attachments. He's learned his lesson and doesn't intend to repeat history.

Penny has worked as Bash's assistant without ever jetting him in person. The two have talked frequently by phone, text and e-mail, forming a strong friendship over the years. However, the nature of her work has never required face-to-face interaction.

When Penny surprises Bash with an in-person meeting, he is immediately taken by his assistant's sexy looks. He is even more shocked when she asks him for his help and tells him her story. Penny has had her heart trampled. Worse yet, she is being coerced into serving as the Maid of Honor in that same exes wedding to her own mother!

Needless to say, poor Penny has drawn the short straw in her relationships. With a self-absorbed starlet for a mother and a diabolical, social-climbing ex-boyfriend, Penny needs all the support she can get. Despite his initial apprehension, Bash will not leave his closest friend to navigate that minefield alone.

Of course, things never stay simple for long. The attraction between Bash and Penny cannot be denied. It isn't long before the two have blurred any boundaries that they established.

When tensions run high, loyalties are called into question. A couple of misleading moments cast doubt on everything that Bash and Penny have built together. Where they are inseparable one moment, they have cut ties with one another in the next.

Thankfully, everything works itself out in the end and I was left with a satisfying feeling. The narration was fantastic and kept me engaged all the way through. This was a standalone story that will not leave you hanging. If you're looking for something fun that'll keep a smile on your face, this is a great choice.

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790 reviews2,495 followers
May 17, 2016
4 Stars!!


I love when an author or a book in this case surprises me and this one totally did. Written (almost) entirely from the male main characters’ perspective, this gem was fantastically written and entertaining from the beginning until the end. Filled with humor, steam and just a little bit of angst and drama 'Magnificent Bastard' was such a delightful, gripping read. Lili Valente is a new to me author, so to be honest I didn’t know what to expect. The title appealed to me like no other. What can I say? I love a cocky and/or magnificent bastard. But here’s the thing, our hero, Bash is not a bastard at all.

“Prince Charming is a crock of shit. Like unicorns, mermen, and other fairy tale creatures, he doesn’t exist. (…) What you need is a Magnificent Bastard, your very own one-man vengeance machine.”

Sebastian ‘Bash’ Prince walked away from Wall Street to start his own business “Magnificent Bastard Consulting”. Bash helps women to make their exes jealous, to take some kind of revenge for what they did or not did, to prove their men they are better off single. Bash accepts only cases involving 'the very worst examples of mankind, the most miserable liars, cheats, and scoundrels'. Bash is not only a successful man. He’s good looking, he never mixes business with pleasure, he has an incredible junk names ‘Incredible bulk' and he’s a commitment- phobic, not believing in fairy tales.

"The Incredible Bulk delivers on all levels—size, appearance, and performance. My cock has been called magical in four different languages and I have no doubt that if there is a single beddable girl in the Hamptons, I could get her naked and underneath me with a minimal degree of effort.”

Penelope ‘Penny’ Picket is Bash’s virtual assistant and has worked for him for the last two years. She takes care of everything related to ‘Magnificent Bastard’ Consulting and also takes care of Bash in some way or another. The fact that they have never met in person made Bash and Penny become the best of friends. All this time they communicated with each other via phone and emails, knowing each other pretty well, but maybe the time to know each other face-to-face has finally come.

“This woman is exactly my type, from the tip of her turned up nose, to her way-more-than-a-handful breasts, to the curve of her phenomenal ass.“

Bash never expected to be so attracted with Penny. She seems the perfect woman for him, but he has to stay away from her since she’s invaluable to his business and of course because he doesn’t want to lose her friendship. But rules are made to be broken, aren’t they? Because everything changes when Penny needs a personal favor.

“I’m going to get you wetter than you’ve ever been in your life,” I continue, “make you so hot and desperate for my cock that you’re begging me to fuck you. And then, if I’m in a merciful frame of mind and not in the mood to torture you a little more, I will rip these very nice panties down your legs and fuck you until you scream.”

If you are looking for a fun read filled with humor, steam and two endearing main characters, look no further. 'Magnificent Bastard' was highly entertaining and held me captive from the very beginning. The plot was well developed, the story line delightful and the two MC well portrayed and also relatable.

I absolutely loved Bash and I love the fact that (almost) the entire story is told from his perspective. Bash’s voice was fun and I honestly had a blast being in his head. He’s charming, fun, confident and I just loved his personality. To be honest I didn’t care much about Penny. Sure, she was very likeable, fun and I empathize with her for what happened in the past, but Bash stole the show for me. However, I loved their fun and sweet moments together. They were fantastic together and they complemented each other perfectly. The witty banter and later as the story unfolded their chemistry were pretty enthralling and the steam aspect was wonderfully done. I loved the sexy scenes between them. They were well written and hot as hell. I couldn’t get enough of these two!

The pace of the story was perfect, the writing was witty and I’m so looking forward to read more books by this author. Overall, a fantastic, enjoyable read!

“…she’s paradise, perfection, everything I’ve ever wanted and everything I’ve been too stupid to want.”
Profile Image for Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦.
662 reviews2,412 followers
October 20, 2016

➦Told primarily from a male POV, this is a pretty fast and fun read. Bash is a boyfriend for hire, he provides services to the ladies who want to make other men jealous. Penny is his virtual assistant, who has been with him for 2 years and refused to meet him in person. Well, at the beginning of the book she finally comes out of hiding and, surprise-surprise, she is sexy as hell.

❤It was funny how Bash was trying not to drool, pant, grab and keep his dick calm. His inner monologues made me giggle. I don't really give half stars so I settled on 4 stars for this one but a big part of me enjoying this was the narration by Tyler what's his name. I might even like his voice more than York's (shocker!)

❤So aside from being funny, this book was pretty steamy. Bash is a dirty talker and it definitely worked to his advantage.

➦Now, the things that didn't work and why some people might not have connected with the characters. I presume it's because you are TOLD in the beginning of the book that the MCs have been "virtual friends" for 2 years and all you get is some glimpses into their correspondence through e-mails and texts. Now, it was enough for me, but I can see how for some people this relationship might feel a bit artificial.

➦Usually in friends to lovers type of romances you would get glimpses into the main characters' past to see how they met (etc) and you would get a bit more anticipation before they get together. These two jump in bed a bit too quickly for my liking but somehow it works. I swear, it's probably this Tyler guy with his sexy voice.
➦The character development revolves around Penny pretty much throughout the whole book. Bash talks about himself only in terms on his relationship with his ex and his work. We never get to find out anything about his childhood, his family, his friends. He is very fit and he is good in bed, but it's hard to fall head over heels for him without knowing more about him. And let's face it, for female readers developing a male character is pretty important.

➦If you are looking for a fast-paced, funny, male POV book with a boyfriend for hire theme... look no further :) But don't expect this book to evoke deep feelings, take it for what it is.

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803 reviews576 followers
May 1, 2016
4 Incredible Bulk Stars

If I hadn’t had sex in nearly three years, I would be trembling in a corner somewhere, jerking off and crying in a nest I’d fashioned from a stack of old Playboy magazines and my own tears.

Meet Sebastian “Bash” Prince. He’s good looking, he’s a self-made man and he’s got the "incredible bulk" below the belt to back it all up. Gotta love a man that names his junk. After burning out at his corporate raideresque type job (do the specifics really matter?) Bash decides it’s time to take a new approach to his career and starts Magnificent Bastard Consulting.

Did you catch your douche of a man cheating with the nanny? Been spectacularly and humiliatingly dumped in public? Do you just want to exact a little revenge from the man that did you wrong? MBC can help. Bash will assist you in making your ex jealous and wishing he’d never thrown you away, if that’s what you’re after. Want to see your ex hauled away in handcuffs? Bash is your man for digging into your ex’s professional life and making sure all punishable by law offenses stick.

A little 411 on Bash: He has no use for hipsters.

I hate the thought of Penny insisting on drinking organic, locally sourced, handcrafted microbrews or dating men with questionable hygiene, tight tee shirt fetishes, and patchy facial hair. The trend toward social acceptance of men who walk the streets looking like they just rolled out of bed four days ago is offensive.


And he’s pretty specific about the beer he drinks.

From Bash: Let’s talk about the monkey piss you were drinking last night. It has come to my attention via your last e-mail that you have been subjecting your taste buds to the unfiltered night sweats of an unwashed homeless man— aka Bud Light— with your pizza. That shit will cease immediately.

Double preach!

Penelope (love that name) “Penny” Pickett has worked for Bash for the past two years as his virtual assistant. She vets his clients and makes sure the crazies stay far, far away as well as scheduling his day to day life, including his online dating profiles. Penny and Bash spend hours communicating via phone, text and e-mail (see above quote from book) but after two years, they’ve yet to have a face to face meeting. That all changes when Penny needs a favor and Bash steps in with some MBC help.

From their very first encounter, Bash and Penny were magic together. The friendship bond had been growing steadily and then BAM! Bash is sucker punched by the awesomeness that is Penny in the flesh. The story’s mostly told from Bash’s POV and getting to experience him falling hard for his girl was just entertaining as hell. Of course there are the standard “I’ve been hurt once before so I’m not going to get close” issues and of course they work themselves out by the end.

The mix of humor and heat in Magnificent Bastard upped my overall enjoyment. I’ve come to expect a certain level of funny from the standard male POV romance books, but this one had the added bonus of being just a little sexier than the others I’ve read. And I aint complaining.

On a side note, these two love their ice cream. Like, a lot.

Magnificent Bastard is a little bit cute, a whole lot funny and sexy as hell. Perfect for those times you just want to kick back and be entertained.

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337 reviews991 followers
February 7, 2017
4 stars!

Full Review for 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Nine at Of Pens and Pages.

I had a hoot reading this one! Plus points for the little fake relationship aspect and the tireless friends-to-lovers trope! After getting his heart broken by his ex, Sebastian “Bash” Prince founded Magnificent Bastard Consulting where he helps women scorned stick it to the men who dumped them. He has help in the form of his virtual assistant, Penelope “Penny” Picket, and although they’ve never met, they’ve become close friends through their digital correspondence. But when Penny makes a surprise appearance, Bash finds out how sexy his assistant, his friend, actually looks. Now Penny’s the one in need of his services when she was forced to become the maid-of-honor of her ex who left her for her very own mother.

I love Bash! He’s so charming and funny, and it was fun to read most of the novella in his perspective. I love their relationship and found their banter hilarious, and sexual tension steamy. And two words: Dirty. Talk. It was hot and not too wordy; just right to make me fan myself and hope to be the receiving end of Bash’s naughty words.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, steamy, and funny read with a charming hero and heroine. This was my first Lili Valente read, but I’ll be sure to read her other works soon!

*Read as part of the 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Nine anthology
*ARC received in exchanged for an honest review.

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1,543 reviews1,367 followers
May 20, 2016
Sometimes, a book has a plot with great potential but it somehow ends up to be something ordinary, not anything special...

Sometimes, a book cannot make you feel... at all.

Sometimes, everything feels forced in a story. Emotions, thoughts, actions... they sometimes all feel unconvincing, lacking spirit or reason.

Sometimes, a book feels like the product of a recipe:
*Put some fun banter/texting
*Add some hot sex
*Now stir them with some annoying drama

Well, a little fun banter and some hot sex may colour a story but they do not guarantee a good book if it lacks other elements.

So, all this happened to me while reading this book.
Maybe it's me...
Maybe, it's the book...

(I gave my 2 stars by comparing this book with Tangled by Emma Chase, Cocky Bastard & Stuck-up Suit by Vi Kieland & Penelope Ward, Play and Dirty by Kylie Scott and such similar books that are perfect examples of fun hot romance for me)
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1,097 reviews386 followers
May 13, 2017
Es una verdad universalmente conocida que un hombre soltero poseedor del nombre SEBASTIAN es como mi próximo Book Boyfriend casi asegurado.
Y sí... usé la frase de la Austen.
No me importa, estoy enamorada...


Es que en serio, tengo algo con los Sebastian que me vuelven loquita, y como si el dichoso nombre no fuera poco, la autora va y le pone la típica actitud seductora, canalla e irreverente que me encanta en mis protas masculinos.
Uffff... Es que no tenía nada más que hacer salvo caer rendida. Porque bueno, aunque los príncipes azules no existan yo también quiero a mi magnifico bastardo pero ¡YA MISMO!

Regresaremos a la ciudad, de vuelta a nuestras vidas separadas y finalmente olvidaré que, por un día o dos, estuve bastante seguro que me estaba enamorando de mi mejor amiga.

En verdad no esperaba nada de un libro con una portada como esa, pero para ser sincera estoy gratamente sorprendida. Esta historia fue una mezcla sorprendente de todo lo cliché que más me encanta en el mundo mundial...


¿Un romance friends to lovers? ✔
¿Romance de oficina Jefe/secretaria? ✔
¿Noviazgo fingido? ✔
¿Un prota Hot as hell? ✔

Y si se me olvidó algo, seguro que lo tiene porque este libro me gustó mucho, fue divertido, encantador, dulce, conmovedor y muy hot. No es muy de mi agrado cuando las historias se llenan del factor "S" (sexo) en cada página, pero sabiendo de que iba la historia lo puedo pasar por alto.

Los protagonistas son grandiosos y a mi, Sebastian me conquistó desde que abrió la boca.
Lo que significa como desde la primera página, ups...💅🏻
¿Qué puedo hacer si soy así de facilota?😍😍😍

*Perdóname señor que he pecado* 🙈🙊🙈🙊

Ok, ya en plan "serio" el libro tiene fallas, están ahí; pero en mis reseñas me dejo llevar por las sensaciones que el libro me provoca, porque al fin y al cabo cada persona es un mundo distinto y lo que a mi me gusta a ti puede que no.
Así que, como mis sensaciones fueron puros emojis como estos ➡ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 mi calificación tiene que ir acorde.

Recomendado si lo que buscas es un romance deliciosamente sexy, divertido y muy, muy ligero. Con un bastardo encantador🔥😍 que tiene entre sus posiciones más preciadas al Increíble bulk (si lo lees me entenderás)
Por cierto, ¿lo de los mails? ¡¡¡me fascinó!!!
***4 Sebastian “Bash” Prince STARS***
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1,181 reviews286 followers
November 12, 2016
Oww, this was so damn sweet!

I really didn't have high hopes for this one. Way too many people had great reviews about it and typically I'm really unlucky with these books. I'm so happy to see that everyone was right!

The only thing that I didn't really like was the ending. It was a bit too much for me...
But still, a really sweet, cute romance! The MCs are wonderful, they have everything they should. And the guy is awesome!
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3,749 reviews441 followers
April 29, 2016
Guys, there’s really only one way to say this (and I am, of course, quoting the great Sebastian “Bash” Prince): Before Magnificent Bastard

"My life was a fart without a cute animal attached."

*Snicker* That is, perhaps, a tad extreme, but also 100% accurate. Because this book was so damn funny, racy and freakin’ adorable that I was grinning from ear-to-fucking-ear as I read it. The emails and texts. The flirty, innuendo-laced banter. The hotter-than-hell kissing, touching, dirty-talking. And Mr. Whiskers.

And don’t even get me started on the ending. The perfect(ly ridiculous) ending, which had me nearly in tears—of laughter, rest assured—as I tried to be inconspicuous in the waiting room of my daughter’s gymnastics class…

Of course, if anyone had asked me what was up (and to explain my awkward I’m-not-crying-I’m-silently-laughing face), I’d have keep it pretty simple. I’d have said something along the lines of, ‘Magnificent Bastard and Bash and Penny4YourLobsterPot and Aidan and all the things are making me happy and you need to read this book and then you need to help me harass the author into writing Spectacular Rascal for Aidan because OMFG, I’m so amused and so happy and so about to pass out from not having taken a breath to explain all this to you.’ <<-- See, totally simple.

*Deep breath* On the (very) off chance that I’ve failed to make myself clear with this flaily-armed rant, I ADORED this book. From the prologue to the last page, I was all about Bash (oh, sweet baby Jesus in a basket, he’s the perfect blend of sexy and sweet, no lie) and Penny, and MB Consulting. And now, I am all about getting a book for Aidan (and also, trying to find some farting animal emojis). Because, let’s be real, what is life without them both?! ~ Beth, 5 stars


OMG! I haven’t laughed out loud quite so much while reading a book in a long time. And it was not only funny, it was sexy, and fun, and amazing!

“Believe me, if I’d tripped and fallen onto a penis, even a hipster penis, I would remember it.”

Penny is a shy, broken woman who works for a man without meeting him for two years. Her boss is Sebastian “Bash”, the Magnificent Bastard. He ruins men for women, but only for the ones who deserve it. He’s actually quite a caring bastard. And he is damn good at what he does.

After two years, Penny finds herself in need of Bash’s services personally, and the two finally meet. The attraction between them is sizzling and off the charts!

“And for a second, the world stands still and there’s just her and me, two people who have a connection that sizzles across time and space and humidity-soaked summer air.”

Throw in an ex-boyfriend marrying her mother, twin sisters, and a whole lot of crazy and this book was so good that I couldn’t put it down. I absolutely loved that the majority of the story was from Bash’s point-of-view, and it really felt like it was a guy talking the entire time. I certainly hope that Aidan will get a story too! ~ Tiffany, 5 stars
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821 reviews415 followers
July 31, 2017
Otro DNF
Otro que abandono.


Estaba leyendo este libro como parte de una dinámica de intercambio, que como ya les había contado soy muy mala para cumplirlas.

Le di una oportunidad, pero la primicia me resulto demasiado molesta.
Mujeres le pagan a un hombre para que les ayude después de un rompimiento. El servicio por el que este hombre les cobra, es hacerse pasar por su novio y ellas se den el lujo de botarlo enfrente de alguien más. Y creo que también les daba apoyo emocional.

Exacto, la primicia de la historia es que las mujeres necesitamos de un hombre para recuperar la autoestima, al parecer no somos capaces de amarnos a nosotras mismas sin la ayuda de un hombre.


Trate de dejar pasar esa situación problemática, pero luego la historia se empieza a desarrollar por medio de emails, y a mí no me gustan este tipo de historias, yo no leo ni mis emails, y la autora quiere que lea todo un libro con esta mecánica.

En fin, en total este libro y yo no conectamos.
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2,645 reviews3,216 followers
January 5, 2018
4 Lives Up To The Promise Stars
* * * * Spoiler Free
Lili Valente has become an author I really enjoy. She sets up her premise, lays everything out there and allows you to buy in. She promised Sexy Flirty Dirty and delivered. She also gave more than that, too.

This had everything you could want for a fast read. Quick wit, snarky fun and all from a male POV. What it also gave was a man who didn't realize what a romantic he actually was...and it was delicious to see him fall hardcore. He had had a broken heart and thought never again.

Our gal in this story had a horrible experience... one which takes the reading to see how crushing it could be... But with the help of our fella...and her seeing herself through his eyes and then her own as strong and worthy, things turn out A-OK. They do have their hiccups but for the most part everything works itself out.

The humor and sexy times made the pages fly by...Lili Valente, you do have a way with words... Keep writing them.

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Let's See...
A Very Catchy Premise from the Blurb....
An Author I appreciate more and more...
And the Best....

It is Free!!!!

Ding, Ding you have a Winner...

For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

 photo banner_zpsb3ab83a0.jpg
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3,662 reviews114 followers
April 25, 2016
5 Stars!

Lili Valente is not a new author for me. In fact, she is the sexy alter ego of a bestselling author. And I just love and adore her naughty side. Lili Valente has a way with her writing, her words. And each book I read reminds me why I keep coming back.

Magnificent Bastard was amazing. It was sexy, sweet, fun, hilarious, passionate, intense, and had the best storyline for a romantic comedy I have read in a while and bonus it is a standalone. I laughed. I smiled. I swooned. I fell head over heels in love.

In this book, you will meet the sexy Bash and Penny. They will take you on an unexpected journey that will stick with you. From their banter to their sizzling chemistry to their undeniable connection, fall in love right alongside Bash and Penny.

I highly recommend this book.

Review Post---> http://reneeentress.blogspot.com/2016...
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2,101 reviews1,252 followers
April 25, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Sexy, witty, and cleverly written!! Magnificient Bastard by Lili Valente was a magnificently fun read!! Right off the opening pages, you are taken on a fun-filled crazy humor male POV of a man who runs a service that helps women gets back at their ex and help them find that confidence to get back out there in the dating world.

“When you’re down and out and your heart has been ripped to shreds by an asshole with a dickish-side a mile wide, you don’t need Prince Charming. You need a man who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, a man who can teach Mr. Wrong a thing or two about what it feels like to be deceived, betrayed, and laid low by the one person in the world you thought you could trust. What you need is a Magnificent Bastard, your very own one-man vengeance machine. Love isn’t a fairy tale, sweetheart; it’s war, and now you’ve got a soldier with an anti-asshole missile on your side.”

So what happens when Bash aka Magnificent Bastard finds himself doing a personal favor for his virtual personal assistant, Penny? Well what happens is a riot of humor, banter, and romance of course. Bash never thought he would love again or want to love again that is until he finally meets Penny in person and tries to help her out by being her date for her mother’s wedding. Did I mention that Penny’s mother is marrying Penny’s ex-boyfriend? So yeah…hot mess of a situation!!! And so Bash will do what he does best be a magnificent bastard or will he find himself being the magnificent real life boyfriend?

If you are looking for a fun read that has humor, steam, and oh yeah a magnificent bastard, then go read this book!!!!

 photo 911303a765b565b8f200a63d5ff264_zpstk20wwrd.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Lili Valente
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1,452 reviews327 followers
May 25, 2017
4 Para el Increíble Bulk STARS

Cuando una persona dice que lo que importa es lo que uno lleva dentro y no la apariencia es verdad, pero cuando una te dice que se fijó en sus sentimientos primero que en la apariencia MIENTE

Así de superficiales somos y esta aplica a este libro, yo primero vi la portada y me lo salté no le puse atención me valió ni la sinopsis leí, hasta que por ahí vi que tenía buenos comentarios y tenía todo lo que me gusta y le di la oportunidad y es totalmente cierto que la frase que dice No juzgues un libro por su portada It´s True.

Y es que este libro me encantó no es la gran cosa, porque no lo es, puede ser hasta normalito PERO la personalidad de los protagonistas valió totalmente la pena, eran adorables. A demás póngame un Friends to lovers, una relación fingida, y un espécimen sexy y encantador entonces ahí estoy pegada como una abeja al polen.

Sebastián “Bash” y su compañero de batalla el increíble bulk, me conquistaron todita, Bash no pudo ser más perfecto, con esa actitud de conquistador de magnifico bastardo, sexy, sin ser arrogante en plan quiero ayudar a los mujeres necesitadas, ¿para qué quiero un príncipe azul? Y por si fuera poco era una muy buena persona sin un pasado tormentoso como muchos, sólo un poco de miedo al compromiso.

Lo que más me encantó fueron los mails y mensajes de texto, me encantan cuando interaccionan así y se ponen en modo divertidos y sus emojis me mataban de la risa, y como sólo con esa interacción se convirtieron en best Friends, aun sin verse en persona.

Odié a la mamá de Penny más que al exnovio, con una mamá como esa ¿para qué quieres una enemiga? Lo bueno que tenía a Sebastián para ayudarla y que ayuda ¿Por qué no tengo un amigo así?.

Conclusión y Moraleja(aunque no es fábula) No te guíes por la apariencias no seas superficial.
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1,512 reviews489 followers
April 12, 2016
Magnificently hot, and wonderfully written! The humor had my sides aching constantly, and the romantic elements had me swooning right after! Who needs Prince Charming when you can have a magnificent bastard!

Bash and Penny were amazing characters, both separate and together. The dynamic between the two sparked from the very beginning, and kept growing throughout the story. The quirky and flirty banter via text and email was the perfect set-up for when they finally meet, and their relationship progresses. Misunderstandings and lack of communication were never an issue until the most important times when both of them should have known better. It had me shaking my head and yelling "what is wrong with you two?" at the book! Bash and Penny have both been hurt by the ones who were supposed to love them the most, which makes them connect with each other so easily. But it's that hurt that causes them both to run scared and push each other away.

This book is a definite MUST READ! I'm really hoping we get to see more from these two, and there's a second book in the works...Aiden's story, perhaps? *hint, hint*

5 Magnificent Stars!

*received ARC in exchange for an honest review.* ~Kelly
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2,115 reviews54 followers
May 28, 2017

Magnificent Bastard es el primer libro de la serie Sexy Flirty Dirty de Lili Valente y tiene como protagonistas a Bash y Penny, ademas de ser mi primera lectura de la autora.

Reconozco que si no hubiera leido la sinopsis y la reseña de Viri ( a quien acoso en mi tiempo libre xDD ) no me hubiera decidido a leer esta novela, la portada no me parecia nada atractiva y a primera vista pense que seria un libro mas del monton, por eso no esperaba que la historia me sorprendiera tanto, fue mucho mas divertida y entretenida de lo que imaginaba, obviamente no es la lectura mas profunda o compleja pero es original y llamativa, ademas de tener una pareja protagonista simpatica y graciosa.

Es una historia entretenida, interesante, divertida, atrapante y muy agil de leer, con el plus de que la trama tiene algunos toques diferentes a lo que encuentro ultimamente, ni que decir que la profesion del protagonista masculino es bastante " singular " pero en parte me resulto muy tierna la idea de Bash de ayudar a las mujeres que habian sufrido por unos hombres tan desagradables.

Al principio pense en ponerle tres estrellas porque habia algunos detalles que no me resultaron del todo realistas pero los ultimos capitulos fueron tan tiernos e hilarantes que no podia ponerle menos de cuatro estrellas sorry not sorry, fue una maravillosa lectura, en cuanto pueda voy a por el siguiente ( probablemente dentro de unas horas ).

Recomendadisimo, no podras parar de reir y suspirar.

4 Estrellas!!
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February 4, 2017
I absolutely loved this story. LOVED IT!! Being inside Sebastian's head (Bash) was a blast! He made me think, laugh, swoon, and gasp from the intensity of his feelings. Whether he was helping a woman find her inner warrior, figuring out what he really wanted out of life, casually observing the behaviour of complete strangers, or falling in love with Penny, there was never a dull moment. And damn, but Bash was incredibly hot when it came to the bedroom. Or floor. Or wall. Or shower.

Honestly, I could continue to rave on and on about the gloriousness of this story, but I won't. Because I gave this 5 stars and that should be enough to let you know how awesome I think it was. And should give you some incentive to try the book out for yourself. Enjoy!

Release Date: April 25, 2016
Genre: Romantic Comedy
POV: Male - 1st person
Steam: 4 out of 5
Book Type: Standalone
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December 10, 2018
Get it here:
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Magnificent Bastard was a fun and enjoyable read. Bash and Penny had a great dialogue between them full of hilarious banter that had me cracking a smile during most of the story. I loved how close they were as friends and how that turned into something more after their first in-person meeting. Definitely a book I would recommend reading.
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May 2, 2016
First time read from author Lili Valente. The story was told 99 percent of the time in the Hero's point of view. Loved the concept of the story. Loved Bash (the hero of the story). It also had lots of humor.

This was a friends to lovers story, Penny works for Bash in his Magnificent Bastard company. Bash helps woman get revenge on their ex lovers and helps them gain confidence to move on. Penny works as a "virtual" assistant too Bash's company. They have never met in person, even though she has worked for him for 2 years, and she lived fairly close (not like she was across states or something) which was a bit of a stretch to me but it is what it is I suppose. Penny needs Bash to help her so she shows up in person to ask. Instant attraction. Really enjoyed how they were with each other, really enjoyed the joking around, Really LOVED the getting down and dirty parts! You could start to feel the deep attraction even though it was from just Bashs pov.

With that all said I did NOT like the betrayal (of sorts), I was so ashamed of Penny's mother (she kissed Bash, No Bash did not like it or anything) and it sucked it happened because the story was going sooooo good (because guess who saw it??). I did NOT like the fact the kiss was misinterpreted (even though i would think the worst also) and Penny goes and runs to her ex for a kiss also to hurt Bash (which guess who saw this one??). I really did NOT like that they could NOT talk at all about this situation (even though they were suppose to be best friends, lovers, etc) for 2 damn months! (WTF)

When they finally see each other again after all that time it just didn't have the same intensity as before. I didn't like Penny that much anymore.

Anyway they do get their happily every after. Really liked the writing and wouldn't hesitate to read another one of Lili Valente's stories. I would like Aiden's!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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May 25, 2016
3 'Sometimes email and text message archives are the best' Stars

Sometimes emails and text message archives are the best bit about a relationship. And in Magnificent Bastard they are also the funniest.

This was a fun read about a guy who loves himself so much he starts a business based on his ability to treat women well and make other guys jealous. And he is so used to believing his own sex-addled mind that he tries to convince everyone around him that this is a deeper, more noble pursuit than any thing he ever did before on Wall Street.

He of course becomes enamoured with the only woman paid to be at his beck and call: his (virtual) assistant. She's funny and sweet, but more importantly she is obligated to follow his every whim.

It's also handy that she turns out to be an incredibly hot assistant who doesn't mind sexual innuendo from her boss at any given time.

It's a match made in heaven.

Add in a superstar mother, an ex in a lobster shirt, and two super sweet, and super witty, little neices and you've got yourself one hell of a friends-with-benfits, soul-mate-in-denial adventure.
Chuckle at the insanity and enjoy the adventure!

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August 13, 2017
The two star rating is really a result of this being okay overall. It did several things right, but kind of fell at the end, kind of like baking at a high altitude.

The H is big hunky nice guy; I mean he really is a nice guy. He left soul-sucking Wall Street and is now a vigilante Robin Hood for the oppressed women of New York. Wherever there is injustice, bad ex's, unfaithful creeps, 0r inside traders the Magnificent Bastard is there to help the little women on their way. He pretends to be their big hunky rebound so they can save face in many/most cases. (If you have ever been dumped, this would actually be a great service.) He's no manwhore or at least not with his customers so we are spared his penis' inner monologuing, but he does bag the babes away from his day job. He was hurt in his past and can't trust anymore blah, blah, blah.

For a couple of years he's carried on a cutesy banter with his invisible PA, kind of a Charley's Angel in reverse. Guess who his next client is?

When H and h meet, there is a lot of chemistry. There is a kind of cute montage of her trying on clothes for the wedding weekend which would be fun in a movie.

Passion explodes for both and it's sexy times for the reader. This where it goes a little downhill for me. Once the tension is gone, the heroine starts doing stupid stuff, jumping to conclusions and losing her cute winning character status.

The H stays pretty stalwart and honorable throughout the book.
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February 5, 2018
This book started out with a bang. The first third of the book was outrageous, and exactly my kind of outrageous. I keep picking up books with crazy premises hoping to find the right combination of ridiculous and grounded. Most of them are complete flops but not this one. It is kind of hard to describe what makes it work, but I loved the back and forth emails and texts, the unbelievable job of the hero and the interactions between the characters.

Then it went down to merely good, when they decided to add 'benefits'.

But we're also friends and coworkers so we know attraction will never become something more. Which is why what I'm proposing makes perfect sense.

Like that ever worked *eye roll*. But it makes for lots of hot scenes.

And the last third was commonplace.

It is too bad because I loved the beginning and it could have been great.
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May 23, 2017
3,5. Ágil, entretenido y divertido (el increíble Bulk es un punto), sus dos protagonistas son un amor. No cambiará mi vida, pero proporciona un buen rato de lectura.
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May 6, 2017
When Penelope walks in on her boyfriend Phillip, and gorgeous mother, ex-actress Anastasia - screwing like rabbits, she breaks. When invited to their wedding, it hurts even more and she enlists the help of her boss, and employer Sebastian "Bash" Prince, the "Magnificent Bastard" - who is "guaranteed to make your ex regret the day he said goodbye".

This entire book in written in Bash's POV, so to some extent, I expected uber-douchebag behaviour and cringe worthy dialogue. It didn't disappoint, and here lies a timeline of my feelings towards the 'MB'.


Bash was horribly cocky - a weird combination between caring about women, but not allowing them to get too close due to a heartbreak in the past. A commitment-phobe, and a serial womaniser known for casual sex, and "dating." His personal sex tape with one of his escapades was a real turnoff, and though not addressed, he better have burnt that sh*t at the end of the book.

⭐️ ⭐️
I felt more at ease knowing Bash didn't sh*t where he ate. Women he screwed regularly, and women he "faux dated" never overlapped. What was greater was knowing Bash has never met Penny; she is his virtual assistant and all of their interaction to date from two years ago has been via a flirtatious exchange of emails. He hasn't even seen her face, but their email banter was heartwarming.


⭐️ ⭐️
The avoidance of feeling for Penny, and his disillusionment at points was irritating. The generally obnoxious need to mention women as a general norm a little annoying. The added detail of knowing he beat off to an early rendition of her mother's movie a turn off. I cringed! What catapulted my dislike was learning that Penny hadn't had sex in 3 years. It wasn't a reflection on Bash, but it rubbed me the wrong way. Especially as Penny hopes Bash will be the screw of her life after all the stellar reviews another pet peeve.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
This was the peak of my feelings for Bash. He's met Penny, is undeniably attracted to her, and even got his nails painted when she was with her younger twin sisters just to please her! I just felt like it was so sweet like he'd do anything to spend time in and out of the bedroom with her, breaking all of his usual boundaries. The feet scene gave me the feels. He recognises he's falling in love with her.


⭐️ ⭐️
The KISS! No. No. No. It would be scarred into my brain forever. FOREVER. Penny's mother (who I detested, she was a frivolous excuse of a human being) topless, sticks her tongue in Bash's mouth. It was Penny's worst nightmare come true. After the shock - Bash moves away, but I was so unnerved by the fact he agreed to keep it a secret so the relationship between Penny and her mother didn't further destruct. I found it so horribly insensitive, and deceitful. It only came to light later that Penny saw and was devastated and in turn kissed Phillip leading to a two month separation.

I personally quite liked Penelope. We get one chapter in her POV and she says that she knows Sebastian's MO: he runs when things get too deep and she was falling in love with him. But she also says that whilst she loves him, after the hurt, she loves herself and would walk away if she didn't get what she deserved. She wouldn't wait, and maybe someday would find somebody. I thought it was a really mature response.

I didn't find the ending satisfying, however the resolution indicated marriage and a HEA. Safe. I will be continuing - I liked Aidan.
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May 9, 2016
Want to make your former lover green with envy? Make him wish he’d never kicked you off the love wagon, spat in your face, and walked away? Well, that, cupcake…
That’s what I’m best at.
I’ve been blessed with a face that turns heads, worked hard for a body that inspires shudders of lust at twenty paces, and honed my envy-inspiring skills into a razor sharp weapon I wield with ruthless efficiency. I will make you feel like a queen and ensure your ex doesn’t miss a minute of it. You’ll be treated like a treasure, pampered like a princess, and kissed like a slut who can’t get enough of my magnificent dick.

A hilarious and entertaining read from a very cocky hero’s POV.

This is my second book that I’ve read this year where we get an entire book from the hero’s POV. And just like the other book, Big Rock, Bash is sexy and very skilled when it comes to the ladies. And he knows it. After getting his heart broken by his ex, Bash leaves his very successful career on Wall Street to open Magnificent Bastards Consulting. Assisting broken hearted women getting their revenge on cheating or lying exes.

With help from his wonderful virtual assistant, Penny, who he has never met in person Bash has managed to create a very successful and high-in-demand business. Then one day, after working together for more than two years, Bash is blindsided by Penny at their first face-to-face meeting, because not only is she the image of his perfect woman, she also needs his help as a magnificent bastard in her mother’s upcoming wedding to her ex-boyfriend. Now suddenly Bash not only has to get control over his overwhelming lust for his very sexy assistant, he also need to pretend to be her new boyfriend. When both of them can’t deny their intense chemistry, they decide to add friends with benefits to their relationships, stating that they will go back to just being great friends when the charade is over. Yeah right.

Suddenly there is nothing pretend about the heat between them, the closeness that comes from being good friends with combustible chemistry. But both have been hurt in the past. Can they trust that this time what they have will last?

I really enjoyed things from Bash’s POV. He’s sexy, funny and too confident for his own good. There were so many funny moments, and I was thoroughly entertained. There’s just something about these OTT cheesy and hilarious books, which is exactly what I need to just relax and enjoy the ride.

Bash was very sexy, and I just loved his dirty talk. And I laughed myself silly that he called his penis Incredible Hulk :-D I really enjoyed the banter between him and Penny.

There were some OTT moments, and the drama at the end felt a bit rushed and didn’t really work for me, but for some comic relief, with sexy times, this book hit the spot.

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April 24, 2016
Sebastian “Bash” Prince, 32, is the public face of Magnificent Bastard, his vengeance company for jilted lovers that he abandoned Wall Street to launch. Penny Pickett, 25, is the behind the scenes face of Magnificent Bastard that Bash has never seen.

Till he does.

And then he can’t unsee it. So it turns out that a romantically jaded Bash is more than smitten than he knew possible, which causes the lines of their employer-employee relationship to become blurred.

“I’m not sure what this is anymore, a declaration of love or an announcement that she plans to sue me for sexual harassment but I’m certainly hanging on her every word.”

Faced with the ultimate douchbag ex-boyfriend, Penny needs the services of the very company she works for, and Bash takes on his new role like he’s never helped a client before.

The romantic aspect of the story had a lot of potential and was really cute in the beginning. Though they had a burning attraction that on the surface would seem like insta-lust, as the background evolved you could also feel a deeper, more solid, level to their relationship.

“After all the things I’ve seen, I’m pretty sure romantic love is the stuff of fairy tales and bad porn, but friendship is real.”

Sadly though the closer the story got to the climax the more it fell into tired cliché and predictable plot turns. Really most readers should be able to see it coming and have already read it before. Overall, this was a solid 4 decent star read for me till the ending, and then I deducted a major point for how it all plays out with a gaggle of silly OM/OW drama that certainly didn’t deliver the romance and made the heroine look immature. (See their ages above. There really was no excuse for that.)

I also had one picky complaint—the number of times that Bash references/adores Penny’s “curvy” body. (We get it already!) The description was highly over used and distracting.

Told via Bash’s (with one chapter by Penny) first person point of view, there’s sufficient dirty details and steamy scenes and the writing/prose is engaging, but the last part didn’t live up and the resolution just wasn’t enough (or maybe too little, too late) for me.

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review
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3,703 reviews
May 9, 2016
I didn't like this book. I was expecting epic revenge for the heroine's ex. Instead, the heroine's mother ruins her revenge (just like the heroine's mother screwed her daughter's boyfriend and was planning to marry him)

The whole thing made me so angry. Why set up your readers to hope the heroine gets her revenge and then SHE DOESN'T GET REVENGE?

You know what makes it even worse? The heroine's mother also ruins the surprise of the hero's wedding proposal. She finds out the hero is planning propose and TELLS HER DAUGHTER. So upsetting.

Don't read this book.

Honestly, I was hoping that Aiden, the fixer tattoo friend gets a book.
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April 30, 2016
Genre: the blurb says ER but I say rom-com
Sensuality: X

32 yr old specialized consultant finally meets his online PA of 2 yrs and poses as her BF at a wedding.

This was cute. Clearly a Tangled wannabe and lacking that bk's bravura but few can match up anyway. I like it enough to try the author's other works.

Rating: 3.5
Tags: Self-pub, Needs proofreading, Dick-lit, NYC

P.S. To Robin who did the edits (according to the Acknowledgements) - your edits suck!
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537 reviews37 followers
July 7, 2019
Penny and Bash have some HOT chemistry. I loved their humor and the cute chapters with emails and texts.
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