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Grace of the Monarchs & her Miraculous Journey

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Escape the rat race! Awaken the butterfly within!
You are about to embark on a miraculous journey. You need no baggage, no heavy backpack, not even a walking stick. On this journey you will travel light.
Like many of us, Grace lives in the midst of a hectic rat race. On the surface, she seems to do well: she lives in a beautiful home, drives a luxurious car, and has a promising career in the most prestigious law firm in Toronto. But inside, Grace is dying.

Recent tragic events bundled with years of pressure to achieve, to impress, and to be recognized, have taken their toll. Her once genuine smile is now forced. Even the fastest rat eventually gets tired. Just when she’s at the end of her rope, Grace meets something she didn’t expect…a light rider! A master of change! A monarch butterfly of fall, ready to embark on the most miraculous of all journeys. Grace’s life is about to change forever...

This book will spark the fire of change within you.
Wake up, butterfly! Wake up! Burst free of your limited shell and emerge with your butterfly wings. The world around you is filled with color and light. Flap your golden wings. Fly- and you shall see for yourself.

147 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 2, 2015

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G.H. Babaglio

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January 31, 2016
“Grace of the Monarchs & Her Miraculous Journey” by G.H. Babagilo is a wonderfully engaging book. I decided to order this book after reading the fascinating summary. “Grace of the Monarchs & Her Miraculous Journey” was just what I was looking for and I thoroughly enjoying reading this very well written and expertly crafted work of fiction. This book takes the reader of a magical journey with the main character, Grace, as she awakens her soul and transforms her life. This book will have you looking at your life in a different way and appreciating the beauty & majesty of life itself. Grace has suffered many loses but things soon change when she meets Luxrider who comes into her life to enlighten her about possibilities that exist beyond her current existence. This book lifted my soul and I flew right along with the Monarch butterflies. It was a pleasure to read such an inspirational and uplifting story. I don’t want to give away too many details of the storyline because readers need to buy this fantastic story and take this journey with Grace for themselves. “Grace of the Monarchs & Her Miraculous Journey” will encourage you to free yourself from your shell, spread your butterfly wings and FLY! I highly recommend this book and I’m looking forward to reading more works by G.H. Babagilo in the future.
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February 1, 2017
Absolutely, "precious and amazing"!

I concur! The subject of this book and this story truly are precious and amazing. I found this wonderfully written book instills the same feelings of awe and magic I experience when I observe a monarch or any of its relatives and friends.

We use to see many monarchs and an extensive variety of others in the valley where I live and even more in the nearby mountains; the declining numbers of our winged beneficial insects is a shocking tragedy. Whether we are talking about butterflies, honey bees, preying mantis, lady bugs, our precious mammals, or even fish and reptiles, the rapid decline in numbers is due to the same sad, preventable reason: destruction and/or contamination of vital habitat.

I hope this book will generate more awareness and interest so many more people will take action -- outrage is wasted without an action! Pass it on! TELL your children, grandchildren, Sunday school class, friends and neighbors; SHOW them how to be involved and take action!
February 5, 2016

In other reviews I'd read, this book was likened to The Alchemist. So true! I absolutely loved both these books. They're on my top five books......They will be reread over and over again!!!!
Thank you, G. H. Babagilo!
February 20, 2016
Priceless tuths

This priceless little book identifies many truths that resonate to those who have hearts to see and hear. Shall we ever realize the depth of our connection to and dependency upon nature?
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January 31, 2016
Absolutely beautiful!

This is one of the stories i would recommend to everyone no matter how young or old.

Beautiful story about life and love.
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January 31, 2016
A Beautiful read

What a wonderful story of believing in ones self. If only everyone would think of all these lessons and believe in ones self like Grace.
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