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Wherever It Leads

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Smooth. Sexy. Irresistible.

Those qualities equal only one thing.

Big. Freaking. Trouble.

Brynne Calloway knows that anything that seems too good to be true usually is. Fenton Abbott and his cashmere voice, Adonis body, and a magnetism like no other clearly falls into that category. But what’s life without a little risk?

It was supposed to be a rebound, an uncomplicated escape from reality. But nothing ever goes as planned. Fenton turns out to be so much more … in ways Brynne never sees coming.

327 pages, Paperback

First published February 15, 2016

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About the author

Adriana Locke

59 books13.3k followers
USA Today Bestselling author, Adriana Locke, writes contemporary romances about the two things she knows best—big families and small towns. Her stories are about ordinary people finding extraordinary love with the perfect combination of heart, heat, and humor.

She loves connecting with readers, fall weather, football, reading alpha heroes, everything pumpkin, and pretending to garden.

Hailing from a tiny town in the Midwest, Adriana spends her free time with her high school sweetheart (who she married over twenty-five years ago) and their four sons (who truly are her best work). Her kitchen may be a perpetual disaster, and if all else fails, there is always pizza.

Learn more at adrianalocke.com.

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68 reviews10 followers
February 1, 2016
I wish I could give this book more than 5 Stars! Adriana has a way that makes you feel apart of the book. She describes book boyfriends like no other and makes them so yummy and irresistibly alpha! I think Fenton and his cashmere ways is her best to date. I was actually mad when I finished this book. I kept swiping my screen but it wouldn't give me more. I could read Fenton and Brynne all day. Brynne is a very strong, super sassy heroine with a crazy funny best friend Presley. I did not want this book to end!
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592 reviews4 followers
February 17, 2016

"No words are said, but none need to be. Our smiles say it all."

Brynne Calloway has had a string of bad luck and it continues when she realizes she's lost her phone. But when she goes to get her phone from the person who finds it and she meets Fenton Abbott her luck seems to changing but some things are too good to be true so this can only be a rebound.

"I'm not supposed to feel things when I kiss him. I'm not supposed to look in his face to see if worry lines are forming around his eyes. I'm not supposed to care. But I do."

Fenton Abbott is the perfect mix of Alpha and swoony as fuck. Between caring and dominant. He's sort of perfect. Dream up the most perfect man you can dream of and then read this. And then go and curse out Adriana because if you ever lose your phone in a bunch of fruit (accidentally, obvs.) It won't be anyone like Fenton that returns it because no one will ever live up to Fenton Abbott. *shakes fist at Adriana Locke.*

"Do you feel how desired you are? How beautiful, how sexy I think you are?"

I loved Brynne, she was the right mix between sassy and vulnerable. She knew how to push Fenton but how to he on the same level as him, to calm him as much as she pushed him. She had a huge heart and was very loyal to her family and friends. She's a very lovable and relatable heroine and that can be hard to get in books!

"I know what's behind me: safety, security, predictability. Everything ahead of me is the exact opposite, and the thought terrifies me."

And that moment Brynne was all of us! Well, me at least Lol!
---> "Because I'm spending a few days with you alone. What if your job is a Mafia hitman?"
"Then you're in more danger than you thought."
"I'm going to need you to deny that you aren't one. Now. Thank you."

I read a lot and mostly M/M lately and there are few authors who don't write it and that I'm 100% guaranteed to read. Adriana Locke is one of those authors and if she wasn't already she definitely would be after reading this. I can't really explain it but this was just... different to her other books. A different feel. A different dynamic. One of those differences was, I love the bromances in Adriana's books, We didn't get one here but we do get a rock solid, witty, friendship. The kind of friendship you wish to have. The one you wish you were apart of. The friendship between Brynne and Presley was a big part of me loving this book just as much as the romance element.
Another thing was the POV - a reason I find myself reading M/M so much is the male POV, it's my favorite and I find myself craving it in M/F books. Most of this book is in the heroine's POV and I honestly didn't find myself craving Fenton's. Don't get me wrong I wanted it but I wasn't rushing through a chapter to see if the next would be from the hero's POV. That's just purely down to Adriana's writing - it didn't matter what character was telling the story once it was being told and it was told brilliantly through Brynne.

This was much more emotional than I expected it to be. There's just so much love in this book - romantic, family and friendship. It's all there. The story definitely gave me some anxiety but I loved it! And it was sexy as hell! I also think Brynne and Fenton may be my favorite Adriana Locke couple, I just fell in love with them falling in love, it was like watching a favorite romance movie. I just completely swooned. I loved the side characters too and hope to see more from them!
June 11, 2016
1 Psychotic-Love-Interest Star

WARNING: Obscene amounts of ranting ahead!

This book has made me inconsolably angry. If I could I would set Fenton on fire. And then I would stand just close enough that I could watch his skin blister, boil and ooze away from his skeleton. His pitchy screams of agony like music to my ears, while I cackled with maniacal laughter. THAT is how much I loathe the love interest in Wherever It Leads! I hate him to an extent that I make myself, and likely you guys and ghouls reading this, just a little bit uncomfortable.

Fenton’s behavior is poisonous. He is controlling, manipulative, possessive and borderline psychotic! All of which I would be fine with if these traits were not being sold as “romantic” and “sexy”. Unfortunately they ARE being sold as that here.

I’m just going to talk rant here for a moment about possessive behaviour, okay?! (I know I’ve ranted about this before but bear with me.) I hope, with all the feeling parts of my vampiric heart, that none of you ever have to come to the realization of what the other half of a possessive relationship actually feels like. What it feels like to be possessed, to become a possession. To become someone’s everyTHING! An object, a fucking THING. And not just a thing rather than a human being, but someone else’s ‘thing’. It’s NOT romantic, it’s NOT sexy, it’s NOT FUCKING SWOON WORTHY. It is terrifying! The kind of terror that has no voice because it has been silenced, because once you allow another to treat you that way you start to lose the sense of your own free-will. You begin to EXIST for another person rather than yourself. You know what that ISN’T??? Love. Or at very least, it isn’t HEALTHY love. It is destructive on a level I find impossible to put to words.

When I say that Fenton is “possessive” I DO NOT mean in a minor, non-harmful way like using possessive pronouns such as “my”, etc. He is possessive to a point that he will not allow Brynne to wear bikinis if he is not present. At one point he HIDES her fucking bikinis so she cannot disobey him! AND IT’S LAUGHED AT! It becomes a fucking joke! I can feel myself all but foaming at the mouth with the mere thought of someone behaving this way. Of someone actually believing they have the goddamn right to dictate when I can and cannot wear something, do something, BE something. FUCK! I’m physically shaking as I’m writing this. This behaviour isn’t “cute” by any means. This is a huge red flag. This kind of behaviour is a downward spiral, the kind of spiral that can very easily wind down and leave you covering bruises and lying to your family and friends. When the novelty of your “cute little rebellions” wears off, where do you think you’ll be? Because I PROMISE YOU that it WILL wear off. And the other side of that kind of obsessive controlling behaviour tastes an awful lot like fear, an awful lot like YOUR blood. And I am not talking out of my ass here. I’m not talking “in theory”. I am telling you this because I’ve lived through it. I have watched possessiveness turn from abstractly annoying to terrifying, in the eyes of man I thought loved me. And it’s scary on a level that I cannot emphasize enough. This behaviour is NEVER okay. And it is NEVER fucking romantic.

Fenton is a goddamn MONSTER! A possessive, cloying monster dressed up in a fancy suit with a fancy fucking face and a fancy bank account. BUT HE IS STILL A MONSTER. This piece of fucking shit actually offered Brynne money to come away with him! MORE THAN ONCE! He doesn’t take no for an answer. He manipulates her emotions the entire goddamn book. He uses his money and his attractiveness to distract, ALL THE TIME! And she lets him!

THIS ISN’T A FUCKING ROMANCE, THIS is a goddamn HORROR novel! I hate him, I hate him, I HATE HIM! I HATE Fenton and every poisonous, controlling love interest he stands for! Just because you’re rich and good-looking and “charming” does not make acting like a bloody psychopath okay! *growls*
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3,758 reviews32k followers
July 30, 2016
3.5 stars!

 photo stencil.instagram-post-2_zpsfwvtfaia.jpg

Wherever It Leads has an interesting storyline, a fantastic hero and a heroine that drove me completely bonkers most of the time. This could have easily been a 4+ star read for me, but every time I started to really get into it, the heroine would do or say something that really aggravated me .

Fenton Abbot was a wonderful character. I loved the way he and Brynne met and the way their lives were connected and how that came into play. I enjoyed the author's writing style and will definitely try another book from her, as I think not loving it may be a 'just me' thing!
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57 reviews7 followers
February 16, 2016
Wherever It Leads is one of my favorite books so far this year. This book just grabs your attention from the very first sentence. We quickly see that Fenton is not a man to mess with, and he seems used to getting what he wants. And after finding a lost cell phone, he wants Brynne.

Brynne has not had an easy year. After being cheated on by her boyfriend, her brother goes missing, and it just seems like nothing is going right for her. Then she loses her cell phone, and she feels like the universe is out to get her. That is until she meets up with Fenton to retrieve her lost phone.

Fenton was already attracted to Brynne from the pictures that he saw on her phone, but was not prepared for the reaction he would have to seeing her in person. Brynne was literally speechless when she saw Fenton. He was undeniably gorgeous and intense, and she was instantly drawn to him.

The day after meeting, while they're on their first date, Fenton makes Brynne an offer that she knows she should refuse, but her heart and her head are in conflict over the decision. Her BFF, Presley, helps convince Brynne that taking Fenton up on his offer would be good for her, and it would only be a rebound anyway. Brynne agrees, but after being with Fenton after only a short time, she knows that her heart is at risk of being broken once again.

Fenton doesn't believe in love. He planned to spend time with Brynne and get to know her, but he hadn't planned on the emotional pull that he would have towards her. The closer they get, the more torn Fenton becomes. He knows that there is a secret that he has to let Brynne in on, but knows that he will lose her once she finds out. Once everything is out in the open, will Brynne be able to forgive Fenton? And what will he lose to ensure that Brynne gets what she wants most?

Wherever It Leads was simply amazing. The characters were incredible, and the storyline keeps you drawn in from beginning to end. Highly recommend.
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896 reviews1,947 followers
February 27, 2016
4 “Rudo” Stars.

Brynne’s life is a mess, she’s going through some serious family issues, she just found out her fiancé is a cheating asshole and now she just lost her phone. Life doesn’t seem to be giving her a break.
After finding a phone in the bananas section at the supermarket, Fenton finds himself immediately attracted to her owner, after only seeing her picture on the screen. So, obviously he invites her for a date. And when a date just isn’t enough for a few days with him in Las Vegas. And if at first Brynne is hesitant, she soon finds herself not resisting Fenton’s charm.
But Fenton’s hiding a secret that he knows will send Brynne running away if she finds out, but how long can he keep hiding it from her?


This was a sweet and sexy book, low on angst and with just enough drama to keep you interested in the story. And it was, indeed, a good story. There was some action regarding Brynne’s brother story and it was nice to see how her family issues and her new “affair” with Fenton developed at the same time. It was my first book by Adriana Locke but will definitely not be the last. The writing style was flawless and I really liked how she wrapped up the whole story. Since this is supposed to be a stand-alone I would have liked an epilogue further in time, just to see how their lives went. Anyway, if you’re looking for a sweet and sexy romance with a sexy and powerful hero, this is a good choice for you.


Rating: 4 Stars.
Characters Development: Fenton was a sweet and sexy man. I didn’t like how he kept that secret but I loved how he handled the situation afterwards. There was times that Brynne stroke me as immature, but she was a likable heroine nonetheless. I hope Brady and Presley will end up having their own book.
Steam: Hot.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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430 reviews436 followers
February 22, 2016
This is such a great book. It's romantic, touching, funny and exciting. What more could you want? And for that the main hero... Fenton Abbott is just perfect ... Swoon!

Brynne and Fenton met when she lost her phone ... in bananas... in the grocery store. It starts ridiculus, right? He is a good-looking bastard, and she is a very attractive woman who caught his eye. Not original? There is more such a typical things. She is a woman with a ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her, so she decides to rebound to a handsome rich man who offers her a few days together in Vegas. And so far I think everything is trite. However, I hope that you are still reading this because now I'll tell you why it is different and why the 5 stars from me.

Brynne, our heroine is going through a difficult time, not only due to a failed relationship, the more by the fact that her brother had been kidnapped by a local group of terrorists in Zimbabwe, Africa. She can't do anything, these things aren't available for normal people and last for months or even years, the government can't negotiate with the terrorists. They are helpless. Without any support they try to fight the system and large companies.

Brynne, not without hesitation, takes the opportunity to get away for a few days, but doesn't intend to fall in love. He had only to be a rebound, a reset button, so she could go further and cope with problems. Of course, things get complicated as always, and additionally there are new things with the situation with her brother. Serious stuff.

The story also draws because the hero has some business problems as well that are shrouded in secret. Fenton is mysterious and sexy as hell. And his alluring and sinfulness should get from me a whole paragraph. And why not?

"He doesn’t just glance at you, he sees you. You know it. You feel it. It’s impossible not to acknowledge it."

Fent is really a sweet, sinful dream. He isn't a typical spoiled rich man. He is smart, kind and affectionate. Of course, he is the alpha male, and has his caveman ways. He is possessive and doing it in a very intense seducing way. I could drool over him forever. Because he is a very good, bright and well-mannered men. Sometimes comes to mind Gideon Cross to me ... he has this irresistible charm and everything.

"Do you want to pretend you’re not wondering what I’d feel like slipping inside you? Because I know you are."

Together they are even better. Their bickering is so funny and playful. I love those moments in which she was sassy and teasing him. And sexual tension is off the charts! It's so hot and exciting that I have no words. Lots swoon, ah and oh, wonderful and romantic moments, but as well emotional and touching. Because things become complicated and mix in quite a surprising way and the situation is not easy for any of them.

“I don’t know what it is about you and I know we will have to take it slow. But I want to take it, Brynne.”
“Take it where?”
“To wherever it leads us...”

The book has the good positive vibration. It's very well constructed story. Real emotions, situations and behavior. Sometimes is touching, sometimes is funny. And I have not even mentioned the best friend Presley. She is something else. Adds to this even more humor and fun. All this makes a great read. I really liked the characters and had a great time reading this. The cover of the book brings to mind a summer romance, which in some parts is here, but it is more and I love every moment of it.

"I want to enjoy this feeling, this stillness I feel, for as long as I can. It’s a moment that, if I could, I would hit “pause” on and live inside forever."

***Quick Review:***

Series: Standalone.
Grade/Tag Tabs: Contemporary Romance.
Release Date: February 15th 2016.
Main characters: Brynne Calloway, twenty-four, student, works in a bookstore. Fenton Abbott, twenty-nine, a businessman, the owner of several companies from various branches.
Secondary characters: Totally awesome best friend, Presley. She is funny and our heroine can always count on her. Great story in the background Brynne's brother, Brady.
Location: California.
Sensitive topic:
Love triangle:
Next in the series? No.
If I'd recommend? Yes. Especially if you like romantic and funny stories about the rich man and girl with sensitive theme in the background.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

Follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you!
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Author 59 books13.3k followers
April 25, 2016
"Locke has a way of always adding an element of danger and intrigue to her stories that’s just understated enough to allow the love story to shine through. This one is no different. I loved it and the ease in which she writes believable characters." - Mandi Beck author of the Caged Love series

If you would like to help spread the word about Wherever It Leads and are a book blogger, you can do so by signing up with the links below! Thank you for your consideration.

Release Day Blitz (Feb 15th) -http://bit.ly/WhereveritLeadsRB
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455 reviews94 followers
February 6, 2016
Get ready to get #BentWithFent. Hands down Wherever It Leads is Adriana Locke's best work to date. **gasp** I know you all have your favorites, but you haven't met Fent yet! Fenton is deliciously sexy, utterly irresistible, completely devoted and all consuming. Brynne is strong, loving and hilarious heroine. Presley her devoted wonderful BFF is my kinda gal. If you thought you were in love with Adriana's other books, buckleup buttercup because you are about to fall in love with Fenton Abbott. Head over heels, stuck on stupid kinda love with this man.

This authors writing continues to evolve into more awesomeness, she continues to deliver exceptionally sexy stories, intriguing characters, new plots that suck you in and consume you and has proven she can write about ANYTHING. You want a book that has it all, well Wherever It Leads, will LEAD you right to that!

This is more than a 5 star Read!! Fenton is one of those characters that will permanently have a place in your heart. Full Review to Come!
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1,493 reviews3,627 followers
July 30, 2017
3 Stars

Overall Opinion: This was an ok read. I found it really predictable, but it was a pretty light and sexy read. I had annoyances with both the h and H, but nothing major to where I feel the need to rant....overall it was just ok.

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Brynne and Fenton's story. Brynn is convinced the world is against her. She caught her boyfriend of 2 years cheating on her (1 year ago), her brother is a doctor that is MIA in Zimbabwe, she had to take time off school, and now she lost her phone that is full of memories. Fenton finds it in the produce section of a grocery store, and is instantly drawn to her picture. He asks her on a date when he returns the phone, but their date is cut short and he ends up proposing that she accompany him on a long weekend business trip. She goes and they start a physical relationship that turns into more. There are some sexy times, some funny moments, some major family drama...but they get their HFN ending.

POV: This was told mainly in Brynne's (with a few sections told in Fenton's) POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Good. I never skimmed, and it flowed well.

Instalove: Yes. They had developed pretty strong feelings over a long weekend together.

H rating: 3 stars. Fenton. He was hot, but too secretive at times.

h rating: 2 stars. Brynne. She was funny at times, but I had major issues with her "woe is me/the world is against me" attitude at times.

Sadness level: Low. No tissues needed.

Heat level: Moderate/high. They had some hot chemistry and sexy times. There was a good bit, and it almost got to the point that it was the only thing they had for a connection IMO.

Descriptive sex: Yes

Safe sex: Yes and no. Brief mention of h using birth control shot, but no mention of condom use or std status between them (that I remember).

OW/OM drama: Mild

Sex scene with OW or OM: No. Both are all about the other once they meet.

Cheating: No

Possible Triggers: Mild

Closure: This had ok closure and maybe a lead into another book, but not enough closure for me. I would call it a HFN ending.

How I got it: It was part of my kindle unlimited subscription.

Safety: Safe with exception
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1,159 reviews84 followers
September 17, 2021
Recensione in Review Party sulla mia pagina Bookstagram

Brynne aveva perso il cellulare, e mai si sarebbe aspettata che a ritrovarlo sarebbe stato un uomo sexy e affascinante, capace di incendiarla con un solo sguardo.

Fenton era rimasto colpito dagli occhi luminosi e dalla bellezza di quel volto che aveva visualizzato non appena era riuscito a sbloccare quel cellulare che aveva trovato per casualità.

Su quel dispositivo c’erano ricordi ai quali Brynne era molto legata, soprattutto quelli che riguardavano la sua vita prima che tutto andasse a rotoli. Perché Brynne stava vivendo un momento terrificante, un dramma che condivideva con i suoi genitori, per il quale sembrava non ci fosse alcuna soluzione.

Quando Fenton si fece avanti per restituirglielo a lei non sembrò vero.

«Quando ho visto le tue foto mi aspettavo… diciamo che non mi aspettavo te», gli aveva confessato lui non appena l’aveva incontrata.

Il suo voleva essere un complimento.
Gli erano bastate solo poche parole pronunciate da Brynne che subito aveva ammesso di trovarla una donna intelligente e spiritosa. E bellissima.

«Ho le guance in fiamme. Sono cose che mi sono già state dette in passato, ma mai con quella sincerità, e mai da un uomo come lui. Non sono neanche sicura che esista un altro uomo come lui. Riesce a incenerirmi i vestiti senza dire una parola».

Il dramma familiare che stava vivendo la stava devastando, e una nuova amicizia, forse anche una nuova avventura, senza complicazioni, non poteva farle che bene. Riuscire di nuovo a catturare la sensazione di essere viva e felice di esserlo, l’avrebbe aiutata a non pensare. Era però necessario che qualcosa funzionasse da scintilla, e la leggerezza con cui Fenton le aveva proposto di trascorrere alcuni giorni insieme sembrava la perfetta soluzione.

Ma quello che sembrava essere un week-end magico, passionale e all’insegna della spensieratezza, subì all’improvviso una brusca interruzione.

Fenton doveva essere colui che le avrebbe permesso di dimenticare e fornito qualche piacevole distrazione ma quando fecero ritorno a casa l’idea di non rivederlo più la fece riflettere.

«Mi sento sconfitta, in ogni senso del termine. Sono Cenerentola e l’orologio ha scandito la mezzanotte. In un solo colpo sono passata dall’essere felice, dal vivere un vero e proprio sogno, all’essere scagliata di nuovo nel vile mondo reale».

Non era pronta a lasciare andare quell’uomo sexy e predominante che le aveva fatto vivere momenti di pura magia e lussuria.

Il morale era a terra, e la possibilità di venire risucchiata di nuovo nel vortice dell’autocommiserazione spaventava non poco Brynne, ma questa volta non avrebbe ceduto al dolore.

 🖋️Questo romanzo racconta di un amore predestinato.
Due personaggi che in comune hanno solo una potente attrazione che li lega, ma le loro vite risultano intrecciate ancor prima di conoscersi. Il destino li ha fatti incontrare, lo si percepisce man mano che si prosegue nella lettura e alcuni avvenimenti e azioni trovano la loro giusta collocazione.

🖋️L’autrice è stata molto brava a descrivere l’alchimia che si è sviluppata in modo veloce e vigorosa tra i protagonisti, facendo ben percepire al lettore le loro emozioni più recondite.

*Ringrazio la CE per la copia ARC



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24 reviews3 followers
February 16, 2016
I was lucky enough to read this book! Just wait until you all meet Fenton & Brynne ...amazing . Another 5star read from Adriana Locke. Make sure you add this one to your list to reads ....full review to follow

Update - Full Review
I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of this book early in exchange for an honest review and if I must be honest, this book was amazing! Wow. Fenton Abbott is hot, sexy, alpha but OH SO FUN. Brynne is one of my favorite Adriana Locke heroins~Brynne is funny, smartmouth, not scared to tell Fenton where to go...their chemistry is so dynamic they suck you in and don't let go. I mean an alpha male attached to woman that has no problem telling him where to go??? You can imagine the fun, right?

This book had me laughing, smiling, choking up and so many other emotions I cannot explain. It had me asking questions like who did it? what happened? where is he? Of course, I can't spoil it - This is something you should experience on your own.

Congratulations Adriana for another fantastic new release. Can't wait to see what's next...
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826 reviews405 followers
March 19, 2016
Why, Helloooo Fenton!

"That cheeky fucker."


Lol.. That's Fenton. I really enjoyed his character throughout most of the book. It's that perfect orb of brash alpha sexiness, smooth gentlemen charm, and irritating egocentricity that just makes you equal parts hot and hot.

I Promise I Won't Fall In Love With You


There is an argument on the merits and existence of love at 23%. Fantastic dialogue. A snippet of the end of the argument...

"I guess it's good for you that I'm not looking for love. Just a good time."

"No, that's good for you because a great time is all I'm giving you."

Anyway, I enjoyed that this was pure insta-lust as it built up to *more* and *more* & *more* moment by moment for both characters.

The author took the time to invest you in the characters through reading time as she built an insane chemistry and report between the characters. Yet, this was done over the course of a couple weeks, not some long 20-year bullshit.

The dialogue was very well done.

The transition of feelings for the FMC was well done from rebound lust with a hottie, to actually liking him, to discovering she loved him.

Given we do not get a Fenton POV here, Fenton's transition from "I don't believe in love" to "she's the one" was much harder for the reader. He initially took such a hardline on what he was offering (fun fucking) and what he believed (no love) through his dialogue. Then, as his feelings changed, we don't have a POV nor dialogue that ever steps up through the phases on how he changed from such a hardline stance. We are just told it happened. If not for his actions, such as the necklace he gives her, helping to make me believe, I would've had a very hard time connecting to the evolve in the relationship ON HIS PART.

Basically, it worked, but I think a Fenton POV would've been the difference to make this a 4-5 star romance vs the 3 1/2 stars I'm willing to give it.

Brynne, AKA Rudo

The FMC is well done for most of the book. The author created the perfect blend of slightly insecure; realistic prudence; clever, wanton minx; neurotic girlie-girl; and a fun, but level head in Brynne.

For once, I enjoyed inner thoughts...

That kiss wasn't a reset button kiss. My fingertips fly to my mouth and I gulp back a sliver of fear that this fuckfest, for lack of a better word, is starting to evolve."

For once a FMC's witty dialogue is actually witty...

"You know, I thought I had you figured out. Now I'm not so sure."

"You'll never figure me out. I'm a woman."

I even liked the BFF talks... Go figure;) awesome BFF by the way!


Behind the fuck buddies find more than they bargained for romantic plot, is a fairly predominate subplot of kidnapping.

Brynne's brother was kidnapped by terrorists while working with her ex in Africa. He has been gone for "months." They get videos demanding American ransom for his return.

She and her family are unsure if her ex had a sinister, negligent, or no role at all in the kidnapping.

They are unsure if his employer is at fault...nor what the employer is doing to get her brother back, if anything.

Coincidence is a cruel fucker.

Kidnapping Plot Fell Apart At The End

It felt like the author came to a cliff in her plot line once Brady is rescued. Instead of weaving her way to the bottom on foot, she just decided to take a blind nosedive off it and pray the water wasn't too shallow.


Newsflash: It was a mud puddle.

Beware .... Spoilers Ahead

The connection between Brynne; her brother, Brady; and Fenton becomes obvious to the reader long before it comes out in the story, which is fine because you still aren't sure Fenton's role within that connection. That's not the problem.

I can get behind the coincidence of it.

Her reaction to finding out who Fenton is .. Believable enough.

His reaction in becoming Brady's hero... Also believable enough.

It's that final push where the author loses her shit.

Problem 1:

Brady comes home AFTER BEING TORTURED AND BEAT BY TERRORISTS FOR MONTHS and behaves like he's been away on a club med vacation.
He has a slight limp and grimaces when he shrugs but is otherwise physically a-ok.


Don't pay my f'ing head like I fell outta a Disney movie.

None of that sounds like he has been fucking tortured by terrorists for months. He's a smiling, happy as a lark, big brother giving love advice THE MOMENT HE ARRIVES HOME. I'm like waiting for the fucker to start skipping and bust out song...


Shit was odd & just downright unbelievable.

Problem 2:


This kidnapping is such a focal point of the book for sooooo long, like 85%, and then the resolution is that we are just told Fenton hops on a plane and sends a rescue team out to get him. Bam... She calls home and Brady is there & all is right in the world and with him.

Problem 3:


The resolution...

• It's anticlimactic

•It's not believable

•It lacks details

• It's devoid of emotion and flat

• It's incongruent; the Brady resolution scenes take up maybe 2% of the story, but if you were to combine all the woe over the kidnapping, that shit took up at least 35-40% of the reading material.

Problem 4:

Fen claims to have been working on getting her brother, HIS EMPLOYEE, back since he was kidnapped. So, he clearly knows the brother's fucking name. He clearly knows the FMC's last name. He clearly knows her ex's name since he worked for him too and was directly involved in the clusterfuck around the kidnapping. Yet, he never puts all these names together and questions or connects the dots before she tells him specifically about her brother. Ehh, that's some weak shit.

Problem 5:


All the suspicion about Brynne's ex are confirmed. Yet, nothing is done. No confrontation. No showdown. No justice. Nada. Hell, not even an affirmative 'he's a mofo.' Brother just says, 'Hey, yall were right to suspect him, but I'm not real sure just how bad he is, but he was doing illegal shit and bad.'

Problem 6:

My brother has been returned home following being kidnapped by terrorists and gone for months. I've been so worried as to have multiple break downs over it and missing him and all...


Just TWO WEEKS after he returned from this supposed hell I'd be on a yacht with my man docking into a nameless harbor in a nameless country in the middle of a 'lets just sail around the world alone for a couple months get away.'

Uhm, okay. Missed us, bro!

Bottom Line


I'm going to rate this book on two accounts:

• Before Brady returns home = 3 1/2 stars. Dialogue was great. Character development on point. Only deduction is that I felt a MMC POV was needed to carry the jump from zero emo to love.

• After Brady returns home = 1 star. A bad ending killed this story. Aside from the romantic connection built, I felt like the conclusion was unbelievable and anticlimactic. Disappointed.
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157 reviews74 followers
May 23, 2022
They did have amazing chemistry, you can really count on Adriana Locke in that department. But.
I love a confident hero, I really do, it’s sexy, but Fenton was just too much. So he invited her for dinner and just assumed she would go home with him afterwards. Since he had an emergency and it didn’t happen, he invited her to go to Vegas with him. And offered to pay for it (!). They had just met! Like literally, that day!

She had refused at first, as any sane person should, but he just assumed she would change her mind and asked one of his minions to take her shopping for the trip. That’s not just confident, that’s presumptuous and overbearing.

But guess what, she did change her mind! She was convinced by her best friend, because “what’s the worst that can happen?”. It’s mind blowing that a girl whose brother had been kidnapped by terrorists can’t come up with potential things that “can happen”.

Obviously bad things didn’t happen (except him going all caveman cause she wore a bikini - I can’t even) because it’s a love story with a HEA, but ... Just please don’t fly to Vegas with strangers, girls! Please!
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590 reviews132 followers
April 1, 2016
*ARC gifted by author in exchange for an honest review*

4.5 'Rudo' Stars!

The hype that was created around this book? Yeah. It totally lived up to it expectation.

Let's go to the very beginning.... Once upon a time in a land far away, a story about a man and a woman, let's call them Fenton and Brynne, started with bananas.

Oh yeah, you read that right. BANANAS!

I'm gonna be honest here. When I started, this book didn't immediately capture like the rest of Adriana Locke's books. It took me at least until 15% before I felt that proverbial BAM! But DUDE!!!! Fenton 'Cashmere' Abott is hot! Like H-O-T and the moment I got into the story, I was, as usual HOOKED! It went above what I had expected, actually.

There is something unique about Adriana's work. The stories are sexy, funny and always with a twist and a mystery that just demands to be revealed. She writes about female character that are bad ass and the male characters are just so damn sexy and irresistible.

Okay, so back to bananas! *insert minion voice*

Brynne didn't know that losing her cell phone at the supermarket would lead to the hottest encounter of her life that would change her world entirely. Enter Cashmere, I mean Fenton Abbott, the man with the cashmere voice and oh-so lickable body to go with it. *LeSigh!
That was also the night Fent proposed Brynne an absolutely crazy idea, but one that she needed the most. Well, that's what Presley said.

Fenton Abbott was supposed to be just a rebound.
Brynne was just supposed to be on a weekend date in Sin City.

But you know what they say about well though out plans... They come crumbling down one by one. Piece by piece until nothing is left to hide.

It's already a given how Fenton Abbott is made to be every girl's dream guy. He's hot, smart, sexy with his cashmere voice and lickable abs, basically the complete package. What attracted me the most was the vulnerability that came out so frequently. The way his hands shook or how is voice trembled when he saw Brynne in anguish. THAT is what made me love him because let's face it, we all love a guy with a soft side, especially where is woman is concerned... Sigh! I want one too.
Apart from his vulnerability, the love, care and respect that he has for his people is admirable. His generosity and tenderness and his ability to go above and beyond for the people he cares about and pair it with his alpha tendencies... He is the perfect Locke man.

Brynne Calloway is a lot different to Locke's previous heroines. With what she and family went through and still go through, it was very admirable the way she woke up everyday to conquer one day at a time and just hope that everything would be okay. Brynne is quirky, witty, feisty, loving and sure of herself and her wants and needs and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in [ A marker of Locke's heroines]
Through all thick and thin, Brynne found a support system in her best friend Presley. She is was literally just perfect for Brynne. The Yin to her Yang. They were poles apart but complemented each other so well!

There is an underlying mystery that runs throughout the story and Brynne and Fenton are right in the center of this mystery. I wish I could tell you what all was happening but then I would reveal the perfectly laid out plans. [ I suck at mystery reading because I ALWAYS figure it out! Just like I did here and I was't even 20% in!]

Fenton doesn't believe in love.
Brynne is breath of fresh air in his chaotic life.

He isn't what she expected.
She wasn't supposed to be 'The One.'

He is an open book for her. But what happens when they find out that they are more interconnected in a web than they could have ever perceived?

I really enjoyed reading this story so much! Brynne and Fenton complemented each other so perfectly. They both were sexy, smart and sassy! I loved how Brynne just didn't roll over when it came to Fent. She held her ground and went toe to toe with him and calling him out every single time when she thought he was being unreasonable. Fenton was protective and bossy but in the most fun way possible

The story was quote different to Adriana's previous ones and once I was engrossed in the book, I didn't put it down until I finished it!
#BentWithFent #Cashmere
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February 15, 2016
This was really a great and exciting story. My first book from Adriana Locke and it didn't disappoint. I was hooked and intrigued from the first chapter. I thought it was a different approach and it really captured me.

The female of the story Brynne is at first a calm and put together woman, who's trying to rebound after a shitty ex boyfriend cheated on her. She's from a family where work and education matters if she wants to get ahead in life. She lives with her bestie Preslie, who's fun and doesn't think twice when it comes to speaking her mind. 

When Brynne meets the mysterious Fenton by accident it turns her world upside down. It also changes who she is for the better. Brynne thinks Fenton is the perfect rebound. She becomes more feisty and brazen. A side I really enjoyed seeing from Brynne. 
Fenton holds his cards to himself and doesn't share much about him. But he's very attentive to Brynne and really knows how to pleasure her. In every way. Their chemistry was off the charts! Let met just say, that the first time they're intimate with each other I almost dropped my kindle. The scene was so erotic and sensual. I loved how Fenton was with Brynne and he surely got some skills.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Also because there was another storyline besides Brynne and Fenton's growing relationship. That fitted very well and gave me some different emotions but it all came together nicely in the end. Adriana Locke's writing was flawless and I'm definitely watching her next move.

4 BadAssDirtySexyBikiniStars

Arc generously provided by the author for an honest review
February 15, 2016
What did I think of this book ? In all honesty I'm at a loss of words. This by far is my favorite book by Adriana Locke . It's fresh and unique totally different from her previous books.
The whole time I was hanging on by every word I read. Anything you would want in a book you got it humor , suspense , steamy sex scenes.Fenton Abbott is everyone's next book boyfriend.Loved all the characters.
That cheeky fucker
Thank You so much Adriana for making me laugh and cry, reading this book was simply amazing you have out done yourself . If I can give you more than five stars I would.
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416 reviews280 followers
February 15, 2016
4.5 'RUDO' STARS!!!

This book was everything and so much more! Sexy...funny...romantic...angsty...hilarious... heartmelting and most of all the chracters were adorable you'll get to love them the moment you meet them.

I love Adrianna's books and so far this is my favorite of them all. I love how it was written flawlessly and that storyline? Awww...fab!!! I was smiling and swooning while reading this story. I was so invested right from the beginning. Hell I it got my interest the moment I read the blurb. This is just so damn perfect read to a busy and shitty day because why the hell not???Hot...sexy...too beautiful... intoxicating and a partial alpha Fenton Abbot just got me. And oh? I CALL DIBS ON HIM.

"His smirk is delicious. So delicious, in fact, I almost want to just say fuck it and be at his mercy in the middle of the produce section. But I hold my ground."

Then there's Brynne Calloway a strong heroine with a love for family that was so great with an awesome bestfriend you want to have. Ahhhh...what's not to love?

Their journey started with bananas!!! Yes bananas book whores!!! Like what the hell??? And this banana thing really made me think differently with bananas now. Or will I have my luck with other fruits instead??? ;)
Bananas that leads to a date then a proposal/invitation to Vegas. Brynne as she put it...not a date but a rebound.  A way to boomerang from before, to after"..but that was okay because Fent doesn't do love, he doesn't even believe that love exists.

“Are you denying it? You think you wouldn’t go home with me tonight? Do you want to pretend you’re not wondering what I’d feel like slipping inside you? Because I know you are. You want me so badly you can’t think of anything else. And right now, my cock is so fucking hard for you I’m tempted to toss you across that chair over there and indulge.”

Call it rebound but their chemistry and want for each other is so undeniable that they finally wanted to take a chance...to see how their feelings go Wherever It Leads. But just how cruel fate is that when finally everything seems to be okay came barging in a revelation that rocked the boat their in. Ahhh..what a twist that got me broken. But I was just so glad that the love they had is much more stronger. OMMISIONS OR LIES BE DAMNED!!!

“So have a little faith in the world, rudo . Have just a little faith that the current will take you wherever you’re supposed to go, that wherever it leads is where you’re supposed to be.”


*ARC kindly provided for an honest review*
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September 14, 2021
Dopo le letture lente e meditative con le quali mi sono crogiolata durante le vacanze e aver ripreso a pieno regime il lavoro e la quotidianità con i suoi ritmi frenetici, avevo bisogno di un romanzo adrenalinico ma anche molto romantico per essere pronta a ricominciare nel migliore dei modi.

I due protagonisti si incontrano per caso, lui trova in un supermercato il cellulare che lei ha perso, vede la sua foto, rimane colpito, la rintraccia… Sembra il preludio di una storia d’amore banale e scontata, che inizia con del sesso fantastico, poi i due protagonisti si conoscono meglio, scoprono che non possono fare a meno l’uno dell’altra…. e invece ancora non sanno, Fenton e Brynne, che le loro vite sono già intrecciate prima di conoscersi e il modo in cui entrano in contatto è solo la fine e allo stesso tempo l’inizio di una relazione che li porterà lontano.

Non so che cosa ci sia in te, e so che dovremo fare un passo alla volta, ma voglio seguire questa strada

L’attrazione tra loro è subito fortissima ed entrambi sentono il bisogno di avere un’avventura sentimentale e fisica: Fenton ha molte responsabilità nel suo lavoro e ha bisogno di lasciarsi andare con una donna che non lo cerchi solo per i suoi soldi e la sua bellezza, non crede nell’amore, pensa che non esista nonostante l’esempio del rapporto felice vissuto dai suoi genitori. Brynne, delusa poco tempo prima dall’uomo che pensava fosse l’amore della sua vita, spinta anche dalla sua migliore amica e coinquilina Presley, decide di dare una chance a Fenton per “tornare in pista” e accetta di passare un weekend con lui a Las Vegas.

“Non sono sicuro di credere all’amore”

“Cosa? Come puoi non credere nell’amore? È reale come l’aria che respiriamo o l’acqua che beviamo!”

“Se l’amore esiste, dovrebbe essere qualcosa che viene concesso dopo attenta considerazione”

“L’amore esiste e viene concesso perché non puoi farne a meno”

Cos’hanno in comune Brynne e Fenton, due perfetti sconosciuti, a parte l’attrazione innegabile che li unisce? Non sono un’amante di romanzi gialli ma se inizialmente il libro sembra scontato e prevedibile, man mano che i capitoli si susseguono, emergono alcuni particolari, parole, sensazioni che attirano l’attenzione del lettore, e si comincia ad intuire che ogni frase va letta attentamente perché ha un senso non solo per i protagonisti, ma ci fa capire che davvero la loro storia non è nata per caso, ma il fato li ha fatti incontrare in quel preciso momento della loro vita. L’autrice è bravissima a far scoprire piano piano dei dettagli che ti incuriosiscono e vuoi leggere di più, più in fretta, continuando con piacere a condividere gli sviluppi della relazione che cresce tra loro due.

Mi fai venir voglia di essere migliore, di correre dei rischi. Mi piaccio di più quando sei con me

Nonostante i misteri che Fenton porta avanti sulla sua vita professionale, lui e Brynne si legano sempre più, innamorandosi e condividendo momenti indimenticabili nei quali si dicono, con il corpo e con il cuore, quanto sono diventati importanti l’uno per l’altra fino al momento in cui…
Continua su: https://bit.ly/3AdsXhK
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227 reviews21 followers
February 17, 2016
This is my first Adriana Locke book and I’m happy to say that I was extremely impressed. I’m impressed by her writing, I’m impressed by the unique story line and above all I’m impressed by the way Adriana Locke has given depth and complexity to her characters and plots. Successfully avoiding any romance novel clichés, Wherever It Leads is filled with distinctive mystery, angst, passion and heartache.

Meeting both Fenton and Brynne early on in the book, the connection between characters AND the readers is instant. Blanketed with mystery and strategy, their individual backgrounds and their calculated interaction is attention-grabbing from the get go. With the intention of engaging in some ‘summer lovin,’ both Fenton and Brynne start out wanting something light and fun. As they both try to use each other to escape the hardships and complications life has brought to their doorstep; their chemistry explodes into something they were not expecting.

As each chapter passed, I was desperate for more and effortlessly, Locke’s writing knows how to pace the story to give readers exactly what they need. Using a rainbow of emotions Adriana Locke has created characters that will resonate well with readers. Fenton has a myriad of traits that make him a memorable book boyfriend. Attentive, passionate, compassionate and endearingly dominating, he exudes all that Brynne, didn’t know she was looking for. Brynne is a perfect leading lady. Strong, confident, assertive, witty and loving, Brynne’s adoration for her friends and her family makes her unforgettable.

With an unravelling of twists, turns and revelations that will shock the readers as much as they did the characters, Wherever it Leads is refreshingly heartwarming. Beyond the growing relationship between Fenton and Brynne, Adriana Locke’s use of secondary characters and a marvelous side story, is what allows Wherever It Leads to go the distance.

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562 reviews56 followers
February 26, 2016
DNF at 17%. This had a very juvenile tone to it that became unbearable to me very quickly. The first thing that really bugged me is when they went to dinner, after trading about 15 lines of dialogue, Dude claimed to love her wit...when in fact, she had said nothing witty at all. I think he also mentioned her intelligence and again, where was that gleaned from?
Second thing that bugged me (as it did other readers) was the next day trip to vegas and the shopping spree by his dictates. Haven't we been there and done that enough already?
Last thing that made me put the book down was Chick's immature nature. She claimed that her first real boyfriend (at 20 years of age) who cheated on her was, "the love of my life". I suppose that would be true is she was dying by age 25. Now, while that was realistic in the sense that at that age, we are all pretty stupid and think our first love is genuine, true love; I just don't want to read about that type of heroine. If she's that short sighted, then I just don't care. Shortly thereafter, she's beside him on the private jet, super nervous so she moves forward in her book to a sex scene...right, because reading a sex scene in a book next to a person I am nervous around always put me at ease.

One positive thing I have to say is that the visual she gave about how her ex pulled himself out of the chick he was banging on the floor was truly a horrific visual and will stay with me forever. Thankfully, I have never experienced that nor have I had an author point out the harshness of that detail in a betrayal. That little bit was well done.

So, I clearly got to a point where I knew there would be nothing redeeming about this book. In all honesty, I know the rest of the book may have been fantastic so do what you will with this review of the first 17%. This book is on Kindle Unlimited so a free read and many didn't feel the same way I did.
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1,295 reviews12 followers
March 6, 2016
2.5 rating. I'm definitely in the minority on this one. It had potential but in the end it just fell short. I found myself bored out of my mind. It was difficult to connect to the characters like I usually do. I enjoy feeling my emotions through theses characters rather than just read them. Just my opinion.
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947 reviews13 followers
September 15, 2021
4 stelle e 1/2

💋Recensione per il blog New Adult e dintorni💋

Adriana Locke torna in Italia con un Romance meno drammatico rispetto al solito, dalle tinte più erotiche ma per questo non meno emozionante. Andiamo dunque a conoscere Fenton e Brynne i protagonisti di questa storia.

Fenton Abbot si trova inaspettatamente in un supermercato, di solito non ha tempo per la spesa ma la sua governante è fuori città e non ha alternative. Nel reparto orto frutta, si accorge di un cellulare lasciato incustodito tra i caschi di banane e questo strano ritrovamento lo incuriosisce come l’immagine che appare sul cellulare. Attratto e incuriosito non solo restituirà il telefonino alla legittima proprietaria ma non esiterà ad invitarla a cena, e questo sarà solo l’inizio di un’intensa e peccaminosa frequentazione. All’apparenza frivola ma in sostanza molto inappropriata perché sarà difficile tenere a distanza quella ragazza caparbia quando le cose si faranno più serie e complicate.

‘Non sono neanche sicura che esista un altro uomo come lui. Riesce a incenerirmi i vestiti senza dire una parola, e quando parla le cose non fanno che migliorare.’

Brynne Calloway sta faticosamente riprendendo in mano la sua vita, tra college e un lavoro in libreria per poterselo permettere. Scottata da un amore finito male, lei e la sua famiglia sono alle prese con un dramma che non le permette di essere serena, il tutto riguarda il fratello Brady che lei ama incondizionatamente. Ritrovarsi a gestire una scappatella, un viaggio di puro sesso a Las Vegas con un uomo ricco ed estremamente sexy è un contrattempo che l’amica Presley la spinge a provare ma le conseguenze saranno deleterie perché il destino ha in serbo altri contraccolpi per lei.

‘Nascondi bene la tua vulnerabilità nei tuoi occhi verdi, un pezzo di innocenza che proteggi con il tuo modo di fare. È una parte di te che mi ha attirato quanto il tuo bellissimo corpo, ed è qualcosa che voglio proteggere.’

Mi era mancata la scrittura emotivamente importante della Locke e, anche se soprattutto la prima parte del libro è incentrata sull’erotico approccio dei due, non rimarrete deluse dai risvolti spaccacuore della seconda parte della narrazione.
Fenton si fa desiderare e lo si brama sin dalla prima pagina, il suo corteggiamento è un preliminare continuo e nel gioco della seduzione è un maestro che impartisce ordini e sa come soddisfare la sua donna.

‘Un sorriso malizioso gli piega le labbra. Io ardo di un desiderio che ho lasciato bruciare troppo a lungo, e il modo in cui mi guarda non fa che alimentare quel fuoco.’

Riserva a Brynne attenzione e reverenza ma non sa cos’è l’amore e non vuole assolutamente una relazione duratura e per Brynne innamorarsene sarà un passo inevitabile, nonostante i presupposti leggeri e divertenti della loro frequentazione.
La parola Rudo è il modo con cui Fenton si rivolge a Brynne, è un nomignolo strano ma ad un certo punto prenderà il suo significato.
I pov sono prevalentemente femminili e si desidera sapere di più sui pensieri di Fenton che appare sempre così enigmatico ma questa è la sua forza e gli regala ancora più fascino se possibile.
Ho provato grande empatia e gran senso di protezione nei confronti di Brynne, la sofferenza l’ha toccata troppe volte nella sua breve vita e anche se avevo capito dove la Locke volesse arrivare nel trascorrere della trama ho veramente tifato per lei e perché tutto finisse nei migliore dei modi.
Mi è strapiaciuto, se volete una lettura erotica ma non esageratamente incentrata sul sesso, con una buona dose di emozioni e un po’ di suspense questo è sicuramente il libro che fa per voi.
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March 6, 2016
Another sweet read by Adriana Locke! <3 She has a way with words especially when it comes to the characteristics of the alpha males in her books.

When things seem to good to be true Brynne Calloway always feels that something unexpected will happen. That is just the way her life has repeatedly been especially when her brother suddenly missing. Although staying strong for family sake and her constant attempt to stay positive, she continues to live her life as best she deems works for her. Thanks to also her best friend, Presley to keeping her in check and watching out for her. So when irresistible sexy Fenton Abbott comes into the picture she takes his encounter and chance meeting in another way after some persuasion by her BFF. Hesitant at first but eventually living for her and hopes that he will be someone to keep her mind occupied.

This author knows how to make us SWOON with her lead male characters in her books because WOW Fenton Abbott! *FANS self.* Holy alpha hotness! <3 With an undeniable personality and his mentality, he was just perfect and so much more. Not just with his career and success but the way he lives and why he does the things he does.

“Sometimes the things that are the hardest to get aren’t material. They aren’t things you can bust your ass for.”

An unexpected meeting leading to a weekend getaway needless to says things will get steamy. However, this read was just not another love story, the author threw in some mystery and wonder with good measure making the read that more hard to put down. ~Cristina, ★★★★✩ 4.5 stars


That was just utterly beautiful and I couldn't be more in love with Fenton Abbott. I was seriously expecting so much from this book and let me tell you—it just went above and beyond that. Adriana Locke continues to capture my soul and make my heart swell with her stories and her hot, sexy alpha men. She stunned me with this one. She definitely made it so much more than it seems and it paid off so well. I knew it was going to be fun and hot and quirky, but there was so much more going on that you wouldn't know unless you're already in the middle of it. The story went so much deeper than that. And I devoured every moment.

It's already a given how Fenton Abbott is made to be every girl's dream guy. He's hot, smart, sweet and good looking with that cashmere voice and sexy smirk. And did I mention that he smelled divine? Oh yeah. Panty-melting. What the heck more could you ask for? Though what enthralled me the most with him was his heart. How he always put the needs of the people he loves and cares for before his own. Every time his vulnerable side shows, you'll just fall for him a little more. It's just that his tenderness and generosity, paired with how much of an alpha he is, it's enough to get you to cloud nine. Or should I say, cashmere nine?

Brynne Calloway's strength and will is unbelievable. With what she and her family went through, I would've lost it. I probably never got out of my hell hole and just moped and cried. I was so happy she had Presley as her best friend. She was the perfect person for Brynne to lean on at times where she needed to nurse a broken heart. They may have been complete opposites, but they indeed complemented each other. I also loved how quirky and witty Brynne is. And the way she just stands up for herself when it comes to Fenton. It may have wavered at some point—because I mean, come on it's Fenton—but she stood her ground more times than I've expected her to. I also admired how much she valued her family. And I loved how they took in Fenton as their own after. It just filled my heart to the brim.

I think I'm going to be on a Fenton high for days. Just like Adriana's other books, this one will stay with me for a very long while. If you haven't read any books from her yet (and I wouldn't know why you wouldn't have already), you better start with this one. You will definitely adore the crap out of Mr. Cashmere and Rudo just like I have. That's for sure.

RUDO! ~Renery, ★★★★★ 5 stars
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2,154 reviews359 followers
February 15, 2016
Byrnne hasn't had the best time of late, in fact it's been horrible and sometimes traumatic; cheating boyfriend, kidnapped brother. But when the charming, domineering, handsome and powerful
Fenton finds her phone and returns it to her with a surprising proposition she decided maybe fate might be rewarding her. She takes a chance but will it really be that easy? And is Fenton hiding something that could break whatever they were building?

“When I saw your picture this morning, there was something in your eyes that reeled me in. Yes, you’re insanely beautiful. And now I know you’re intelligent and funny. But there’s still something behind those blue—or is it green?—eyes that I want to discover.”

This is honestly one of the best stand alone romances I have read in a while. Such engaging characters, an exciting romance, intriguing and attention grabbing plot line and just an all round brilliant read!

“Are you denying it? You think you wouldn’t go home with me tonight? Do you want to pretend you’re not wondering what I’d feel like slipping inside you? Because I know you are. You want me so badly you can’t think of anything else."

Both Brynne and Fenton were brilliant, engaging characters. Brynne was beautiful inside and out; a strong young woman going through a really hard time and although she has her moments where she needs to cry and let it out she remains strong throughout and determined to find out answers and not let anyone walk over her!

“The last few days have been some of the best days I’ve ever experienced. I want you to know that,” he professes. “You are such a special person, Brynne. I’ll always be grateful for the day you lost your phone.”

Fenton was delightfully frustrating; mysterious, broody, domineering, protective and strong. He is keeping a secret but the way he wants to protect and look after I keep praying throughout the story that whatever the secret is, it won't break her or what they are building!

“So have a little faith in the world, rudo. Have just a little faith that the current will take you wherever you’re supposed to go, that wherever it leads is where you’re supposed to be.”

This was the perfect romance story. The chemistry between the two main characters flew off the pages, the danger element added by the kidnapping of Brynne's brother Brady and what role her ex Grant has to play, adds a sitting-at-the-end-of-your-seat-nail-biting element which keeps you hooked; needing to know if Brady will ever be rescued? Is Grant dangerous? and what is Fenton hiding? Exciting, sexy, heartbreaking, beautiful, romantic and hopeful; this story has revived my passion for contemporary romantic stories by bringing together characters you will fall in love with (and hate!!), with a plot that will get you hook, line and sinker.


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February 9, 2016
I am blown away.

That was just utterly beautiful and I couldn't be more in love with Fenton Abbott. I was seriously expecting so much from this book and let me tell you—it just went above and beyond that. Adriana Locke continues to capture my soul and make my heart swell with her stories and her hot, sexy alpha men. She stunned me with this one. She definitely made it so much more than it seems and it paid off so well. I knew it was going to be fun and hot and quirky, but there was so much more going on that you wouldn't know unless you're already in the middle of it. The story went so much deeper than that. And I devoured every moment.

It's already a given how Fenton Abbott is made to be every girl's dream guy. He's hot, smart, sweet and good looking with that cashmere voice and sexy smirk. And did I mention that he smelled divine? Oh yeah. Panty-melting. What the heck more could you ask for? Though what enthralled me the most with him was his heart. How he always put the needs of the people he loves and cares for before his own. Every time his vulnerable side shows, you'll just fall for him a little more. It's just that his tenderness and generosity, paired with how much of an alpha he is, it's enough to get you to cloud nine. Or should I say, cashmere nine?

Brynne Calloway's strength and will is unbelievable. With what she and her family went through, I would've lost it. I probably never got out of my hell hole and just moped and cried. I was so happy she had Presley as her best friend. She was the perfect person for Brynne to lean on at times where she needed to nurse a broken heart. They may have been complete opposites, but they indeed complemented each other. I also loved how quirky and witty Brynne is. And the way she just stands up for herself when it comes to Fenton. It may have wavered at some point—because I mean, come on it's Fenton—but she stood her ground more times than I've expected her to. I also admired how much she valued her family. And I loved how they took in Fenton as their own after. It just filled my heart to the brim.

I think I'm going to be on a Fenton high for days. Just like Adriana's other books, this one will stay with me for a very long while. If you haven't read any books from her yet (and I wouldn't know why you wouldn't have already), you better start with this one. You will definitely adore the crap out of Mr. Cashmere and Rudo just like I have. That's for sure.

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February 15, 2016
Wherever It Leads by Adriana Locke

Wherever It Leads was all of the things! It’s not just another love story. It’s an amazing love adventure that enveloped me quickly within the pages! I did NOT want this experience to end!

Fenton Abbott. Whoa. God almighty. Holy hell. I am so bent, I don’t think I’ll ever get over him! I was addicted to this fine man from the first sentence he spoke. Jesus! I swear I could hear his cashmere voice. And with every word, I felt his presence. He’s a sexy, alpha, dirty talker. He’s magnetic. He’s altruistic. He’s a protector. He’s an Adonis. He’s every fucking thing! And I. Was. Mesmerized. Brynne is one lucky lady. Mmmhmm.

When Fenton and Brynne met for the first time...I swear to god, I felt his gaze slam me just like Brynne did. I could FEEL their attraction INSTANTLY. The chemistry between these two was like bombs dropping everywhere. BOOM. I was intoxicated with lust....I couldn’t look away, I was entranced. I felt weak in the knees. I felt desire and NEED. And I NEEDED things to happen with these two, like NOW. Well let me tell you Adriana did not disappoint. Whew! The steamy scenes were hot as sin! I swear I felt the heat searing me from the pages. But their love story was more than just the sexy moments. It was sexy, fun and heart warming! The story line was original and intense at times. It was mysterious and gripping. It was gut wrenching and emotional. There were a few scenes that brought me to my knees. My heart shattered, I felt like I was right there with Fenton and Brynne. I definitely felt all the feels! And I LOVED it! I couldn’t put this book down!

Adriana is such an artistic and skillful writer, I can never get enough. I love her style. Her writing holds me captive from beginning to end and elicits such emotion from me, I feel like I am submersed in the story with her characters. Her words. Make. Me. Feel. Thank you Adriana Locke for another beautiful love journey. I’m utterly addicted to your magical words. I know I will always get the swoony swoons and the squishy guts every damn time I see the bananas at the grocery store. Fent and Brynne stole my heart. They’ll forever be my rudo.
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February 20, 2016
I'm always excited for a new story from Adriana Locke. I was given the opportunity to early read this book and I have to say I loved it.

I feel like Adriana maybe gave us the best of both worlds because Fenton Abbott is a perfect combination of Cane Alexander and Max Quinn. He's unapologetically alpha, wealthy and really sure of himself. But he also has some really down home qualities about him, a playful edge and a really sweet disposition. So hold on to your hearts ladies because Fent's coming for them.

I have a huge girl crush on Brynne Calloway! First of all she has one of the best friends ever in Presley. These two kept me smiling the entire book. If I could choose characters to be bff's with it would hands down be these two. Brynne was a firecracker! She never allowed Fenton's alpha personality to intimidate her and that led to some really great dialogue and some hella hot sex between these two.

I really loved how these two characters came to life! Fenton's non traditional alpha personality was absolutely refreshing. And Brynne is really a little bit of all of us. She holds her own and knows when she should take the reins or relinquish them where Fent's involved. I loved that all he could do sometimes was sit and shake his head at Brynne because he knows no matter how much alpha shit he pulls she's gonna find a way around it, if she deems necessary. I loved these two and know you will too! Mark your calendars in anticipation of getting bent with Fent!
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