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Before borders were drawn, before treaties were signed, before wars were waged anew, before the great kingdoms of the Remnant were even born and the world of old was only a hazy slate of memory told in story and legend, a girl and her family fought to survive.

And that girl’s name was Morrighan.

In this prequel novella to the Remnant Chronicles, a girl and a boy from enemy camps meet, fall in love--and set history in motion.

121 pages, ebook

First published August 2, 2016

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About the author

Mary E. Pearson

42 books12.2k followers
Mary E. Pearson is the NYT bestselling and award-winning author of eleven YA novels and one novella. Her works include the completed trilogy, The Remnant Chronicles, which in a starred review, Publisher’s Weekly called “masterfully crafted.” Her favorite activities as a child were climbing tall trees imagining she was a hero in some fantastical world, or running along fence tops and roofs pretending she was a spy with a bagful of amazing gadgets. She was rarely herself. Amazingly, she never broke a bone until she caught a basketball in gym class. Catching real balls was not her forte. These days she continues to live in make-believe worlds she creates in her books. Her latest 2-book series, Dance of Thieves, allows her do all kinds of dangerous things without breaking any bones. So far.
You can learn more about Mary and her books at www.marypearson.com

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Profile Image for Mikee (ReadWithMikee).
203 reviews1,313 followers
February 9, 2017
"On its heels came a whispered name that was always just beyond my reach, not yet mine to hear, but I knew that one day my children’s children or the ones who came after would hear it.

One day hope would have a name."
THAT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. I can't even put my feelings into words right now. I hoped that this novella would temporarily satisfy my Remnant Chronicle withdrawals. AND OH IT DID. But it riped my heart into little, tiny pieces and now, I'm still struggling to put those pieces back together.

WHY OH WHY isn't Morrighan a full length novel? If Mary E. Pearson actually turned this single novella into even just a standalone, or bless my heart, a series, I can honestly say with utmost confidence that I would've loved it more than I loved the original books of The Remnant Chronicles. And that's saying a lot considering how Kiss of Deception and The Heart of Betrayal were one of my favorite books of all time.

Morrighan isn't a story about princes and princesses, or assassins or faeries. Instead, we have TRIBES and SAVAGES. And the ROMANCE. The romance would put Pocahontas and John Smith to shame.
Profile Image for ˗ˏˋ lia ˎˊ˗.
306 reviews387 followers
July 9, 2020
“our stories must be passed to our sons and daughters, for with but one generation, history and truth are lost forever.”

oh, the joy of revisiting a world so dearly beloved. this little story has granted me a reading session that was just a little over an hour long, but reminded me of all the reasons why i love reading. especially now knowing the background of the stories lia translates in the second book, everything makes much more sense and has led to tiny puzzle pieces being put together into the final big picture.

→ 5 stars
Profile Image for Cait Jacobs (Caitsbooks).
305 reviews14.6k followers
December 16, 2022
Thank you so much to the publisher for sending me this book!

Morrighan is an incredible prequel, with a memorable story and beautiful writing and illustrations.

This book takes place before the events of The Remnant Chronicles and the Dance of Thieves duology. It follows Morrighan and Jafir as their love blooms and is tested. I absolutely adored their relationship and watching it progress over the course of the book. They were so cute!!!

But my favorite thing about this book has to be how it expands the history and lore of the world. It was so fun to see what this world was like in the time of Morrighan, especially knowing what would happen later on. It also made me want to reread The Remnant Chronicles and Dance of Thieves, now knowing what I do and having this perspective. Morrighan added so much to my view of this universe, and really made me love it even more (something I didn't know was possible).

If you enjoyed any other books in this universe, I highly suggest picking this up!!
Profile Image for Sloan MacDonald.
93 reviews2,073 followers
July 26, 2023
“from the loins of Morrighan hope will be born”
this felt like sitting around a campfire and being told a legend of old.
Profile Image for Katerina  Kondrenko.
498 reviews841 followers
December 30, 2020
8 out of 10

I almost forgot how I love Mary Pearson's writing style and her way to tell a story. Now I remember!

This bonus introduces us to Morrighan, after whom Lia's kingdom was called, and to Jafir, whose name sounds Arabic, but the appearance is Viking-ish much.

They live in the post-apocalyptic world (which descriptions from previous times remind me of our own). The girl is a part of the Remnants, survivors with knowledge, honor, and love for work. The boy is a part of Scavengers, wild tribes with wild laws, enemies of the Remnants. They would meet for the first time as children and thus their story would start. Expect feelings, new facts about the trilogy's world-building, and an impulse to have the last book ASAP.

The Remnant Chronicles (Хроники выживших):
Morrighan (Морриган) #0.5/3
The Kiss of Deception (Поцелуи лжецов) #1/3
The Heart of Betrayal (Сердца обманщиков) #2/3
The Beauty of Darkness (Прелесть тьмы) #3/3
Profile Image for Yodamom.
2,003 reviews196 followers
December 15, 2016
The background information gained sheds a lot of light on the story. I had read book 1, really liked it but missed something. Well here it is, details about the before, important ones. I think it was only two hours of audiobook.
Profile Image for Stacee.
2,740 reviews711 followers
January 14, 2016
I really liked getting Morrighan's background. And of course Mary gave us some delicious kissing scenes.
Profile Image for ✧˖° lydia °˖✧ {semi-hiatus}.
195 reviews170 followers
January 4, 2023
MARY PEARSON WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY HEART?? My poor bruised, battered, BLOODY heart, and you went and SMASHED IT TO SMITHEREENS!!??



I am yours, Morrighan, forever yours... and when the last star of the universe blinks silent, I will still be yours.

This short novel is truly, soul-crushingly lovely. It's written with such intricacy and taste, every word overflowing with meaning and intrigue, that you can have no doubt the author knew exactly what she was doing. Creating a beautiful world with a fascinating history, then turning that history into a deep, personal story? If you fell in love with The Remnant Chronicles like I did, this one is a must-read. It sated my increasing need for more of her writing while also delivering something fresh and new. It's perfect in every way.

Morrighan herself, the infamous Remnant, is such a deep character. You can feel her desire and longing, wants and needs, strengths and weaknesses, and burdening knowledge of what was, and is, and is to come straight through the page. Her actions and thoughts are saturated with it. Jafir also, his love for Morrighan is indescribable and he truly functions on it. Their story is a great star-crossed romance, but through it all they never lost sight of each other.

He had changed. We both had. But we had changed together.

The journey. The romance. The magic, deeply rooted in the characters and world and shown in every turn of the plot. It's everything you could ask for and more. And then, when it couldn't get better, it did. Because there are illustrations and they are beautiful.

One day hope would have a name.

Please, read this series. I beg of you. You won't regret it, and if you do you have no braincells at all.
Profile Image for Maggie ☘.
538 reviews658 followers
February 13, 2019
“Our stories must be passed to our sons and daughters, for with but one generation, history and truth are lost forever.”

I enjoyed the story of Morrighan even more than The Kiss of Deception itself! It was just so, so very beautiful. And the romance was the most beautiful thing of all! I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with the relationship Morrighan and Jafir had in so few pages, but I did. Though I wouldn't mind this story to be standalone book instead of a novella.
Aside for the amazing romance, this short story shows reader interesting additional information about history of the Remnant.

“One day he gave me a handful of sky when he saw me gazing up at the clouds, just to see me smile. I put it in my pocket. Other times we maddened each other beyond telling with our different ways, but we always came back, our squabble forgotten. We changed together, imperceptibly day by day, as slowly as a tree budding with spring.”
Profile Image for Shauni .
320 reviews256 followers
February 9, 2023
What a gorgeous book this is! As a prequel to The Remnant Chronicles, it tells the story of Morrighan, the legendary girl who was captured and then led her small group to a new home across the wilderness. After reading The Remnant Chronicles, this book tells Morrighan's story in such a beautiful way.

It's a story of forbidden love, sacrifice, and hope. And I loved every page. From the beautiful illustrations to the whimsical writing, this book took me away on an enchanted adventure. For fans of The Remnant Chronicles, this is a must read!
Profile Image for Sara Saif.
544 reviews224 followers
July 31, 2016

I have a question; where the eff is the "fantasy"?

I love companion stories and novellas so I enjoyed reading it. BUT...
Frustratingly, it still doesn't provide the kind of detail I wanted and since the author wrote this to explain the backstory, mazel-tov to my hopes of a fulfilling explanation in the third book. It tells of what happened after the Remnant were born or whatever. I didn't want to know what happened after as I already deduced that much for myself funnily enough. I wanted the before. Just what gods are we talking about? What mythology is this? What freaking happened? A novella about that would have been better.

Morrighan was a tale of how Morrighan led the Remnant to a safe place? and how she met Aldrid or Jafir de Aldrid. Harik was her father.

-Gaudrel was Morrighan's maternal grandmother and Venda was Gaudrel's sister. She hated Harik but Harik hinted a different side of the story. He hinted and that was it. I think we are supposed to deal with it.
-After years of wanting to take Morrighan with him, he just gave her up for a sack of grain because apparently the mighty scavenger who raided and stole and even killed innocents softened up when his daughter's lover came to take her back. Just like that. Again, the "deal with it" vibe.
-The huge joke that is the "gift" was exactly like the one Lia had. So, I can stop expecting it to develop into something awesome. It is repeatedly described as a way of knowing. In your gut. Well then...I HAVE IT.
-There was nothing about Venda except that she was taken (according to Gaudrel) and came willingly (according to Harik) when Morrighan was six. Exactly what happened between them? Was it just the fact that Morrighan's mother had died in childbirth?
-I ask again, where is the fantasy?
-My questions are pointless.

Morrighan sounded more like a historical romance than a high fantasy. And it's also sadly something I easily could have lived without.

Profile Image for ✨ Helena ✨.
382 reviews1,009 followers
January 5, 2023
I’m increasing this to five stars just because I enjoyed it so much the second time around. I love everything about this novella. My most favourite part being when Morrighan teaches Jafir to read. It’s sooo cute!

Despite coming from two very different tribes, backgrounds, and upbringings, the bond between Morrighan and Jafir is so strong...and it’s absolutely beautiful. The best part of their relationship is that it develops naturally over the course of many years. No instalove, yay! They literally grew up with one another. They meet reservedly as children, they connect deeply as teenagers, and then they bond completely when they establish their own tribe...a place that puts no emphasis on whether or not you are a Scavenger or a Remnant. It’s a place of peace, and no longer a place of fear from raiding. It’s a place where you can tell stories once again. <3

Morrighan is a curious, intelligent, resourceful young woman. Jafir is a protective, loyal, and strong young man. They also make a wonderful couple, making this a lovely backstory to the creation of Morrighan, the setting of the Remnant Chronicles.

In all honesty, I wish that Mary E. Pearson had made this a spin-off novel or origin novel, rather than a short novella. I love Morrighan and Jafir, and I wish that we got to spend more time with them than we did.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for nuin giliath.
201 reviews56 followers
May 13, 2020
I am really enjoying the way this author writes YA romances between individuals of different cultural backgrounds. There's always an element of forbidden connections which increases the stakes (and my personal stress levels.) This was such an engaging enemies-to-lovers tale told in approximately 100 pages. While it worked well enough in the novella format, I also think the story would have made an amazing full-length novel. As might be expected with a novella, parts did feel rushed or resolved too neatly. But for what it was, I liked it a lot.
Profile Image for Ann (annreads).
243 reviews312 followers
February 7, 2017
“I felt the magic of it, the beauty of a moment that would soon be gone, and I wanted it to last forever. I turned and I looked at the prism of light coloring Jafir's hair, the ridge of his lips, and my hands on his shoulders, and I kissed him, thinking that perhaps one kind of magic might make another last forever.”

This novella was so amazingly beautiful, I can't even express how much I loved it!
Now can I have a full book about Morrighan and Jafir, pretty please?!!❤️

*I would highly recommend to read this one before The Beauty of Darkness, because it explains a lot of the things mentioned in the series*

Profile Image for Ronda.
861 reviews141 followers
April 24, 2016
For a short story I struggled! I found the book boring, the characters boring and I'm still kind of looking for the fantasy aspect... Not sure I'll be picking book 1 up because of this!
Profile Image for moniqueॱ◌̥*⃝̣ ⋆.
185 reviews94 followers
April 4, 2023

This was a gorgeous short story. Honestly I even wish that it was longer than that and that if there were a few more illustrations! Other than that though, it was so good!

I’m a sucker for forbidden romance and that was just the case in this book. Even though it was short, it was so well written and the characters were so loveable and the chemistry was so well written!!
The betrayal was also so heartbreaking and almost made me cry!

The illustrations were also so beautiful! I loved the detail and the art style! Just a bit disappointed that there weren’t that many in it than I hoped for :/.

Overall, it was a nice little novella and I believe it might’ve been even nicer if I read it before reading the kiss of deception but that was my mistake lol. So if you plan on reading the kiss of deception I recommend reading this novella first! But either way should be fine :)
Profile Image for h o l l i s .
2,477 reviews1,895 followers
January 15, 2021
This wasn't quite the backstory and worldbuilding I had longed to have properly explained in this world however.. this did set the record straight a bit as far as some of the mythology that had been passed down regarding the way the world of The Remnant Chronicles had become what it was. I liked that it perfectly encapsulated how things get twisted over time and enjoyed this true story much more than what everyone thought it was. Definitely more satisfying to read after the whole series, despite the fact that it technically comes first.
Profile Image for Maria Angelica.
365 reviews343 followers
February 5, 2016
Querida Mary E Pearson, eu quero um livro inteiro sobre a Morrighan. AMEI! Minha única reclamação é que termina um pouco abruptamente. O meu coração ainda está batendo forte pela Morrighan e o Jafir.
721 reviews3 followers
May 30, 2016
4,5/5 stars

This was sooo good! If you are a fan of The Remnant Chronicles I highly recommend for you to read it! This novella literally made my heart ache. I was invested in the story from the beginning and was rooting for the characters so hard!
My only complaint is the fact that the ending felt super rushed, but other than that I LOVED IT!
Profile Image for Eliza.
190 reviews14 followers
March 14, 2023
This book was sooooo pretty.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
It had so much beautiful artwork in it and I'm amazed. If you are a Remnant Chronicles world fan, I would HIGHLY recommend it.
I loved the story. It was a short novella but it gave us so much insight into the world. I would actually consider buying it if I already owned the other books.
Profile Image for Francesca ❆.
456 reviews84 followers
August 4, 2022
I hoped it would give some insights on how the world of Remnant was born...it did, but the characters were so boring and the writing was so messy I think I’m gonna quit this series.
Profile Image for Meli  .
1,103 reviews202 followers
February 19, 2018
Bevor die Königreiche der Verbliebenen entstanden, gab es die Stämme der Verbliebenen, die mühsam ums Überleben kämpften. Morrighan und ihre Familie haben Angst vor den Plünderern, die ihnen schon Venda genommen haben und die friedlichen Stämme terrorisieren. Doch auch sie sind von Hunger geplagt ...

ist ein junges Mädchen, das jeden Tag arbeitet, damit alle genug Nahrung haben. Dass sie auf ihren Ausflügen dabei manchmal Jafir trifft, ist ihr einziger Makel. Sie ist neugierig und wissbegierig, was in ihrer Lage gefährliche Eigenschaften sind. Sie lauscht gerne Amas Geschichten und möchte mehr über die Welt erfahren. Sie glaubt, dass es hinter den Bergen fruchtbares Land geben kann, aber Ama verbietet ihr solche Gedanken, da diese Hoffnungen umsonst sind.

ist zwar ein verfeindeter Plünderer, aber Morrighan sieht in ihm keinen Bösen. Er hat sie einmal verschont und auch danach ist ihr nichts Schlimmes in seiner Nähe passiert. Jafir plündert zwar, aber je besser er Morrighan kennt, desto schlimmer findet er es. Aber auch bei den Plünderern gibt es hungrige Mägen und sie selbst bauen kaum was an, sondern nehmen es nur den anderen ab oder jagen Wild. Die Methoden der Plünderer sind definitiv falsch, aber Jafir will auch nicht, dass sie hungern.

Handlung und Schreibstil

Diese kurze Geschichte hat mir recht gut gefallen. Sie erklärt, warum sich die beiden Geschichten über Morrighan widersprechen. Beide sind einerseits richtig und gleichzeitig auch falsch, was ich sehr gut fand. Es hat die Anfänge von Venda und Morrighan gezeigt und nochmal die Verbindung dieser beiden Königreiche betont, die sich so anders entwickelt haben. Nun kennt man auch Ama und ihr Leben ein wenig besser und es hilft mir, die Passagen aus Gaudrels Vermächtnis besser zu verstehen.


Die Geschichte zu Morrighan und den Anfängen der Königreiche der Verbliebenen hat mir gut gefallen, sie erklärt vieles und bot noch eine süße Liebesgeschichte.
February 21, 2018
3.5 stars

“Our stories must be passed to our sons and daughters, for with but one generation, history and truth are lost forever.”
― Mary E. Pearson, Morrighan

As far as I understand, this is the prequel to "The Remnant Chronicles" and it was published actually 2 years after the first installment. So I am sort of reading it out of order, but I decided to start here.

Short and sweet: Morrighan has lived with one clan in hiding from a different tribe. Unaware for the longest time of who she really is, she is befriending and falling for a boy/young man from that other tribe. However, this is exactly from whom the Morrighan family is hiding.

"He shook his head. “I’m not like your kind.” And then more sharply, almost as an accusation: “Why don’t you carry weapons?”
I bristled, pulling back my shoulders. “We have weapons. We just don’t use them on people.”
“Maybe if you did, you wouldn’t be so weak.”
Weak? My fingers curled to a fist, and swifter than a hare, I punched him in the stomach. He grunted, doubling over.
“Does that seem weak to you, mighty scavenger?” I taunted. “And remember, our numbers are twice that of yours. Maybe it is you who should follow our ways."

— Mary E. Pearson (Morrighan (The Remnant Chronicles, #0.5))

Through trial and test of their budding love in later years, they have to learn to trust each other and are to married. This is where this little novella ends.....to be continued with "The Kiss of Deception".

"From the loins of Morrighan, Hope will be born. On its heels came a whispered name that was always just beyond my reach, not yet mine to hear, but I knew that one day my children’s children or the ones who came after would hear it. One day hope would have a name."
— Mary E. Pearson (Morrighan (The Remnant Chronicles, #0.5))


If anything, I am curious at the moment :)

Profile Image for Lindsay (pawsomereads).
782 reviews421 followers
March 26, 2023
It was really nice to get Morrighan’s story and learn more about the background of The Remnant Chronicles. This featured a star-crossed lovers romance and I liked getting to see Morrighan and Jafir as they grew up together and had to find their way to one another.
Profile Image for Lars Dekker.
136 reviews32 followers
March 19, 2023
I love this book so much. The book itself is beautiful and the story of this book is so amazing. I love it. This was definitely a comfort read. Loved how we got to know the Remnant universe and the orgin story. The main couple was also very cute and I hope I will see them back in the Remnant Chronicles. Can't wait to dive in those.
I definitely recommend reading this gorgous book and thank you, Mary E. Pearson, for writing this amazing book.
- Lars
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