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Love, Chloe

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You know girls like me. You hate girls like me. The privileged blonde who skips her Ivy League classes when she's had too many Soho martinis. The one draped on the asshole's arm because he drives a Bugati and screws like a champ.

I was that girl. I loved being that girl.

Then, my door was broken in. Literally.

And in that moment? Everything changed.

417 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 14, 2016

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About the author

Alessandra Torre

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Alessandra Torre (AR Torre) is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of twenty-seven romance and suspense novels. In addition to writing, she is the creator of Alessandra Torre Ink - an online community of over 40,000 published and aspiring authors.

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2,417 reviews14.2k followers
March 20, 2018

★★★★★! Love, Chloe (stand-alone) 5 stars to both Chloe & story!

“I am a woman. I don’t always act rationally, especially when it’s a week before my period, my brain was still strung out from orgasms, and I was looking at another woman’s lipstick on my man.”

Love Chloe (stand-alone) picks up right after socialite Chloe Madison’s funds are frozen and her status goes from heiress to “in need of employment” and it follows her finding a place to live, coping with life, new job, pining after men (needing to get laid LOL!) and much, much more….

It’s funny, endearing, angsty, fast-paced, sexy, unpredictable and very entertaining! Kudos to Alessandra for another favorite heroine!

“In the world of fight or flight, I froze in place and got eaten.”

Hero rating: 4.5 stars
Heroine rating: 5 stars
Sexual tension rating: 5 stars
Sex scenes rating: 5 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 4.5 stars
Plot rating: 5 stars
Dialogue rating: 5 stars
Storytelling rating: 5 stars
Story ending rating: 4.5 stars
Overall rating: 5 stars

Would I recommend this book: Yes.
Would I re-read this book: Yes.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

THANKS to everyone who participated in our (F)Buddy-read of Love, Chloe on Shh…

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Beta copy provided to me by author Alessandra Torre in exchange for an honest review.
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3,918 reviews33k followers
March 14, 2016
4 stars!

 photo 96457148-3884-4269-B7E6-E1016C5B0DCE_zpsjzcmewhq.jpg
Life might be a bitch, but love? She kicked that bitch’s ass.

When I think of Alessandra Torre, I think of edgy, sexy and even sometimes twisty reads. I don’t think of lighter romantic comedies, chick-lit and sweeter romances. Even though Love, Chloe is different than her usual books, it was very entertaining and a story I really enjoyed.

Chloe Madison’s life has just been turned upside down. Chloe was one of those girls who never worried about anything. Her life was easy. Her parents were rich. Now, things have changed. She’s having to work for a living. She’s having her rich ex-boyfriend want her back. She’s falling for a guy she’s not sure she should be with. Her job is having her questioning her morals. Her life is all over the place. But for the first time, it feels like things may be coming together. It feels like she may be making the right choices.
Was this it? Could he be my person? Could I do this? Could I be the girl who ran toward the right instead of the wrong?

Chloe was one of those characters that really grew on me. She’s a person I didn’t think would be likable or relatable but she ended up being both. Chloe’s girl’s were fantastic and I loved Joey! He was amazing! I also love the romantic interest in the story and the path Chloe chooses to go down.

 photo 0A8949D5-C1A3-4A15-B41B-82459D79CBDC_zpsfnfltged.jpg
When I was little, my mom told me you should find a man who loved you more than you loved him. That way, she explained, you would never get hurt. In theory, that made sense.
But now, I believed half of the beauty of love was in the living.

This story wasn’t just a romance. In fact, romance wasn’t the biggest part of this book. This was a story about a woman who was doing it on her own, making mistakes and learning her worth. It’s a story about growth, friendship, and yes, love. Alessandra’s writing is always spectacular! If you’re looking for a book that’s fun, light, full of humor and hella entertaining- this is one I would recommend!
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1,059 reviews74.9k followers
March 15, 2016

“The wealth of the city lived in a different bubble than the rest of us. One where there were no worries of minor problems, the majority of which were easily solved by money. One comprised of beautiful women, powerful men, the drug of success heavy in the air, punctuated by diamond, caviar, and ego. For the first time, I was an outsider...”

Alessandra Torre is, without a doubt, one of my favorite authors. She’s such a skilled writer that whatever she writes is always a joy to read. Every sentence and paragraph is so well-crafted and always draws me in.

This book’s origins are a little different than usual though. It began as an online serial for Cosmopolitan where the author would write one episode (chapter) at a time and they’d be posted a few times a week over the course of a week. Consequently, this book actually has 100 chapters, or episodes in Chloe's life. After it was finished, she took that whole story and cohesively bound them together into one standalone book.

I actually didn’t know that fact until after I read the book, but now that I do know, it makes perfect sense. You’ll notice the pacing of this book is a little different than normal. This is more of a “life story with romance”, than specifically a Romance novel. To explain it another way, if you could compare a normal standalone book to a movie, then this book would be better compared to a TV show. Y’know? Like where the characters have episodic things they go through over the course of the story that are sometimes tangential but overall, when you put them together, create a larger story arc that makes it into a complete story. So there are things that you just might not necessarily see in a ‘normal’ style book. But it worked! It totally worked! And it kept me reading the whole day on and off. Honestly, I kind of felt like I’d just binge watched a NYC-based TV show by the end of the day. It was a lot of fun! Witty, sassy, smart fun!

The story is about Chloe — a nice but materially spoiled girl from a rich family who had come to take a lot of things for granted in life simply because she's never really had to work for anything she had. When her parents get involved in some shady business, their money evaporates and she goes from riches to rags overnight. Now, stuck with tuition that needs to be paid off before she can get her diploma, no job and no home, she has to navigate life in NYC starting from pretty much scratch. So, she gets a job as a personal assistant to a snooty socialite (*chuckles* just wait til you get to that part) and slowly but surely her life starts to come together and she even falls in love along the way in the last place she’d ever have expected…

“You know, you’re different than I expected.”

I stopped listening to the sounds of the city and turned to him, our hands still linked. “In what way?”

“I don’t know.” He looked away, back up at the sky. “I’m still figuring that out.”

“Good luck.” I let out a soft laugh. “I’m still figuring it out too.”

While this is certainly well described as a ‘sexy standalone’, you could almost actually call this a coming-of-age story too as Chloe figures our her life and navigates love’s ups and downs. Chick lit really. But I do have to admit that as much as I liked reading Chloe’s story, all my favorite parts of the book were about her and Carter. I’m a romantic at heart and a Romance genre addict so those were definitely the highlights of the book for me. And you should know that while the focus of the book is not solely the romance, the romantic parts are very hot and steamy. No closed doors here! Much sexy! Here's an intro to the hero...

I was late to work, a piece of banana in my cheek, unprepared to meet perfection. But there he stood, one hand on my doorframe, his head lifting when I opened the door. Pure beauty, dripping with masculinity. Real dirt on the work boots that shifted on the carpet, real wear on the jeans that hugged his thighs and hips, tan skin, and biceps that bulged when he pushed off the doorframe and put his hands on his hips. I stood in place, my jaw hanging, and stared.

“Miss Madison?” His voice was gruff and sexual, the drawl you wanted to hear right before he bit your earlobe, the rasp that, should he moan your name, would combust panties.

I swallowed. “Yes?”

The chapter headings and Instagram pictures incorporated throughout the book were an awesome touch! So much fun and totally fit the “personality” of Chloe and the overall vibe of the book. A few examples...

2. Interview With a Condom Heiress
7. Canines, Couture, & Conversation
10. Prawns & Porn
22. Have Morals, Will Sell
29. How to Lie Without Lying
40. Codeword: SugarTits
54. Just The Two Of Us
57. Getting Clean Never Felt So Dirty
63. Negotiation Works Best Naked
76. Breaking Up With Balenciaga
82. Finally Saying The Words
88. Chanel No. WTF
98. Chloe & Carter, Sitting In A Tree

... and so on! I liked how you really felt like you were right in Chloe’s head. We see this girl go through a complete life transformation when her privileged life abruptly ends leaving her penniless, in debt, and in need of a place to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Her struggles to find a job and pay the bills, as well as navigating her love life, made for a wonderful afternoon read. Even though this isn't typically the kind of book I'd go for, I really enjoyed it!

My most favorite part of all was the epilogue. The whole book up until this point is told from Chloe’s perspective, but the epilogue is Carter’s, and it was such a beautiful, heart-felt look back on their lives together from the moment they met. I could have easily highlighted the whole thing. All the swoon!

I smiled, laughed, and swooned the whole time I was reading. If you're looking for a fun, light-hearted, sexy, and well-written story, then definitely try this!

“You could have had that life, either with him or a million other guys in this city. But you didn’t. You stayed with me. You didn’t even hesitate… I love you, Chloe. Everything else fades away from that.”

Rating: 4 stars! Standalone.

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1,461 reviews1,122 followers
March 9, 2017
wasn't sure what to expect from this book but I liked the synopsis and also the good reviews I read by some of my GR friends....and of course, not forgetting that I love this author....

Love, Chloe is totally different from the other two books that I loved, Hollywood Dirt and Sex, Love, Repeat.

This was such a fun read. It had some great characters, fabulous setting...I mean...NYC...my all time favourite place to visit....and we get a peep into the world and lives of the rich and famous...what more could I ask for!!!

So, this is the story of Chloe Madison, a totally engaging character that kind of grew on me.......
 photo c2595ba8-d7ae-4650-9118-954825181f86_zpsbmr2mwqi.jpg
In a nutshell - Chloe is having a terrible time in her life.......her parents are crooks, their assets and money frozen....leaving poor Chloe homeless and moneyless
"…the easy wealth I’d enjoyed my whole, pampered life ended faster than a Taylor Swift relationship. Our accounts were frozen, cars taken, assets seized. Including my NYC apartment."
..but wait, not all is lost...she still gets to keep her designer clothes and her JImmy Choo's!!!

No money to pay for her college tuition, to rent an apartment...she's left to take a job as a administrative assistant/dog walker and sleeping in her friend's couch.

What I admired about Chloe was her resilience....she didn't wallow in self-pity or feeling sorry for herself....she dusts herself down and moves on with getting her life...well, her new life together.
"…Maybe the cultured, confident woman I was before was just a product of my parents’ money. Maybe now, with my new life a train wreck, I would discover the real Chloe Madison. And maybe, I wouldn’t like her. "
It's a story about friendship....
"…And I really expected, in the dark parts of my soul, for them to leave me over this. For our friendship to wither away into nothing, our common ground lost. Instead, they rallied—feeding me, housing me, and distracting me in times of struggle.

They had been better friends than I deserved, our friendship turning a corner, becoming deeper through all this. I hoped, one day, I would be able to return the favour. At the very least, to become a better friend.
.. I loved the way the author used copies of instagram on top of some of the chapters...
 photo photo-21-03-16-5-13-27-pm_zpssjzynotd.jpg
Romance........hell, Chloe has some problems in this area....her ex...who just happens to be a zillionaire is determined to get her back...she gave him the kick when she found him canoodling some women...but old Vic is persistent!!! He goes out on all stops...delivers a Maserati to her new apartment (more about that later!), gives her a $20,000 Birkin bag, Tiffany diamond earrings......and you would think...she's going to go right back to him...after all, she can have her life of luxury back..right!!!

Wrong............she wants nothing to do with him..well, she kind of gives in once or twice...but then, she finds Carter, her apartment super...a beyond hot and sexy male...filling her head with some hot thoughts!!! Seriously, men........
 photo 200_zpswvl3fwct.gif
It takes a while for Chloe to make a decision....of course, the right one!!!

There are some brilliant secondary characters that are well-blended into the story......like Chloe's bff's Cammie and Benta (how are these names!!!)Joey, the movie star, Nicole, her boss........and the most brilliant of them all..............
 photo b4b170b3-97c7-45ba-adb1-9c3cd723a8bc_zpshe2lth8p.png
Chanel is Nicole's "baby" and Chloe's main function is to be her nanny. The scenes with this pooch as hysterical........from the first moment we're introduced...Chanel has her own bedroom and her own bed  photo 15877169_239052243201430_4692528847810199552_n_zpsg8thmy3b.jpg and Chloe's first job is to wait for her to wake up from her nap and then make sure precious Chanel is kept happy at all times...... photo c5af3d86926fb5c72c2ce7de10040dfa_zpsza9nbq9s.jpg
Chloe has a wardrobe to die for....she's a catwalk model in demand for fashion shows.... photo 440b614b0121194ae661079cec142473_zpsl1htlihx.jpgMy best scene with Chanel has to be her birthday party.............I was shrieking with laughter, tears in my eyes...........
 photo e2dd179bde5c4ff47e0ba7bf3b01f5d4_zpsu8oljxps.jpg
It's worth reading this book just for that scene!!!

Great dialogue...and I loved Chloe's inner monologues!!! Brilliant!!

Humorous, entertaining, witty, funny, sweet, sexy and actually quite refreshing.

Hey, did I mention that I think this story would make a fab movie!!!!

If you want to...you can see my reviews on my favourite books of AT............
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3,385 reviews1,990 followers
November 6, 2017
♬Listened on Audio♬

Get it here:
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Love, Chloe intrigued me when I first heard about it, but there was still a part of me that wasn't positive about how I would like it. I just wasn't sure how I would like a book where the heroine was a New York City princess, even one that has fallen from her thrown. I really shouldn't have doubted Alessandra Torre, though, because of course I read this book and loved it!

Chloe Madison had it all, the maids, the rich boyfriend, the shoes that cost more than most rent. Then her wake-up call came in the form of FBI at her door, seizing her apartment and all her parents' money. Now, she babysits a pampered dog, stays on her friends coach, and has to try to make it on her own. In order to do that she has to change everything about the girl she once was, but really, she's not even sure if she likes that girl.

There was romance in this story, which I loved, but it wasn't the main focus of the book. The story almost solely focused on Chloe as she tried to navigate her way through life without the help of money. She had a long road ahead of her and had to do things that she never would have even thought about needing to do in her old life. I enjoyed getting so see her grow from a spoiled princess to a strong woman that was able to survive.

One of the reasons I like this author so much is because she has the ability to make you question a lot about the story. Even in her sweeter books, like this one, I was constantly wondering something or trying to figure out what would happen, without it being completely predictable. And every book I've read by her so far has made me feel like I'm living the story right along with the characters. With Chloe, it was really amazing how she made me wonder what I would do in a situation like that. Some of the things that Chloe did, you might think to yourself, "no way in hell would I do that," but then while you're reading the story it makes you actually stop to think about it, not just make that first snap decision.

In all honesty, I wasn't too positive that I would end up liking Chloe after some of the beginning, but I actually adored her by the time the book was finished. She had a lot of spunk and passion, which drew me to her more than I was expecting. Her struggles were very relatable, and there was this one scene that made me take a pause to think, "wow she's really at rock bottom," and then to see her drag her way through her troubles after that, it was just wonderful.

There were a lot of secondary characters, and some very interesting people that Chloe meets throughout this book, and I liked all of them - even the ones I wanted to punch in the face repeatedly at times. It was great to see how characters that I didn't particularly like still added so much interest to the story. And Chloe's love interest, let me just say - wow! I loved him so much and he was honestly the perfect person for her. I'm not going to mention who it was because there's a little bit of a guessing game as to who she ends up with. But know that I highly approve of him as the Hero and he was totally swoon worthy.

Overall, Love, Chloe was a light and refreshing story that I highly recommend. It was slow building, and a lot of time passed in the course of the book, but it never got boring and there was always something interesting or funny happening that will keep you captivated.
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827 reviews1,025 followers
March 24, 2016
4.5 'Love the New Chloe' Stars!
BR with my Shhluts :D - Read as part of the Shh... (F)BR for Love Chloe.
ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
 photo Love Chloe - Alessandra Torre_zpsi4l7fldn.png

As many other AT fans, I had been waiting for this book like a crazy person! I was so happy when I recieved the ARC and I started almost right away! Of course, I waited a little bit because we have an Epic WORLDWIDE (F)Buddy-Read in Alessandra's Shh... group and I wanted to read this together with all my dear Shhluts! You can join the fun here: https://goo.gl/Btqbc3 ;)

So, Love, Chloe is a stand-alone novel written by the amazing Alessandra Torre and it comes from the episodes she wrote for Cosmopolitan's website in the section called The Bedroom Blog. This is the story of Chloe Madison when she discovers she is no longer a spoiled rich girl and has to start living in the 'normal world'. This is her growing-up journey, when she finally starts living a life for herself and not influenced by others. And also, when she finally finds true love.

Maybe the cultured, confident woman I was before was just a product of my parents’ money. Maybe now, with my new life a train wreck, I would discover the real Chloe Madison.
And maybe, I wouldn’t like her.

Maybe it wasn’t too late for me.
Maybe all this was just my wakeup call.

I really enjoy Alessandra's lighter reads. I fell in love with her writing after reading Hollywood Dirt and this novel was no exception to that. It took a little bit to get me hooked but when I did I could not stop reading. Chloe really grows on you: she starts being a spoiled brat and transforms into an actual woman, ready to start her own life, find a job and fall in love with a man that takes care of her without being overwhelming.

Life might be a bitch, but love? She kicked that bitch’s ass.

Before talking about Chloe's love life, I want to mention the secondary characters in the novel. AT has the amazing ability of creating great characters who you will love and hate as well! As I said, I loved the building of Chloe's personality (I did not really like her at the beginning but her changes made me change my opinion), I also loved the new relationship she starts and how he treats her and I really enjoyed knowing the heroine's friends (especially Joey, you know what I mean if you have read this!).

But, of course, there are other characters that will get on your nerves: Chloe's parents (the most selfish parents in the world, I felt so bad for her..), Nicole (Chloe's boss who only I can describe as a total bitch and who made me worry so much for Clarke, her poor husband!), Vic (let's just not start talking about this character because.. OMG he is such a bad influence on Chloe and he does not accept the reality of his relationship with the heroine) and also Carter's parents (not as bad as Chloe's but almost.. I did not expect that twist!).

It felt like my old life was another person entirely. I didn’t want the Maserati out front, not when it put me back with an unfaithful man, back in a life that suddenly felt hollow and superficial.

I looked at how much better my own life was without my parents’ money, and how much richer I was with him in my life.

Now, who is this 'him'? This 'him' is Carter, the man that changes Chloe's life. Not her whole life but her vision of love. Carter is a swoony, mega-hot hero. He is a man with his feet on the ground who fights for what he wants. And what he wants is a life with Chloe Madison. I instantly fell in love with his character and I am sure you all (AT fans) know that Alessandra is great at delivering great heros. And off-the-charts sex scenes! Holy moly, these two together are so-freaking-HOT. And sweet. And did I say hot?

“Do you think I have a chance with her?” he said softly.
My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. “Yeah.” I said softly. “I think you do.”

“Right now, I get to make you scream so hard the McMullins on the fifth floor will hear you.”
“Why them?” I shuddered beneath his mouth, and his hands held me down.
“They’re deaf,” he whispered, and the hot pass of his words was another sensation I loved.

I can't deal with the hotness between these two, seriously. I really love them as a couple. And they are even better when they accept their feelings for each other. Chloe and Carter forget about all the problems around them and just focus on their lives in common. They deal with everything on their own and they finally get their much deserved HEA. I-can't-even with the epilogue: LOVED IT. And all the pictures in the book? Loved that too!

I didn’t want to be the aloof woman who had a boyfriend wrapped around her finger. I wanted to be terrified of how madly-in-love I was, ready to give up everything for him, for us.

“I love you, Chloe. Everything else fades away from that.”

Therefore, my rating for Love, Chloe is 4.5 STARS because I fell in love with this whole story, especially watching Chloe grow up as a person and finally starting a relationship with a great man. I did not rate with 5 stars because I did not like some of the things Chloe does at the beginning of the novel, besides that it was perfect! So if you enjoy Alessandra Torre's writing or if you haven't check her books out, please do! You will not regret it. I highly highly recommend :)

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1,005 reviews796 followers
March 14, 2016
As some of you may know Love, Chloe is a novel based on the Cosmo blog posts Alessandra wrote for one year. As someone who followed the blog pretty regularly at the beginning I was excited to see the story converted. I am also really excited the direction she took in the story.

Chloe is an heiress who for the first time in her life finds herself penniless. Her parents are being investigated for fraud and all her assets are frozen. To add insult to injury she has also had to end her long-term relationship to the man she thought was the love of her life after catching him cheating.

She is basically homeless and has to look for her first real job. She lands a job as a personal assistant to a girl who until recently she was equal to socioeconomically speaking. I think this really aids in Chloe’s overall growth. Seeing someone who she used to be so similar to from the outside looking in now.

I have read every Alessandra book she has ever written and loved them all for different reasons. Her books are always super hot, refreshingly sweet or have these insane twists that leave me gasping for breath. The further I read Love, Chloe I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I ended up loving the message.

What really sold the story for me was seeing Chloe grow and develop as a person. I loved seeing her change and grow into the person she wanted to be. I love that she was selfless and honest. I felt like she was so real and genuine, and her growth was so gradual it felt sincere. I loved the message that love will conquer all and that it was the most important thing.

Love, Chloe may not have the twists of Black Lies or Tight, but it still has the huge hook I am always looking for in my reads. Real, genuine, can’t live without you love. I absolutely recommend this story. It is a feel-good story that reminds you that you can start from the bottom and rise to greatness without the help of a man.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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1,446 reviews1,154 followers
March 16, 2016

I wanted to look away…but I couldn’t.

I was so excited to start Love, Chloe. The blurb was a little vague, but I knew that it was about a chick that went from the top of the food chain to way, waaaay down, so low down you’d almost see the bottom of the barrel.

Initially, I was a little taken aback…I don’t like Chloe. She comes across as selfish, egotistical and very naïve.

It seems to me that rich and famous people might not be as confident as you would think. Why on earth would they stay in relationships that hurt? Money? Popularity? Is love meant to hurt? Are the wealthy people of the world really that bad? Do they really think they are better because they have money? In Love, Chloe we see that the glamour and glitz isn't all its cracked up to be.

With no money…will Chloe survive?

Our dear Chloe had to make a lot of tough choices. When you’re sleeping on your friends couch and worrying about having enough money to eat, can you afford to stick to your morals?

Will she settle for the job of assistant/dog minder when she has a degree (kind of…just not the piece of paper) that says she is way over qualified?

While I don’t really like her, I’m completely fascinated with her and the story that unfolds. Every time she feels the shock of the changes to her life, she assesses the damage, sees what needs to be done and moves on. It was like watching a boiled egg being peeled. I know that doesn’t sound attractive…but bare with me. We see the hard shell with the cracks forming, little bits crumbling away, the bright white starting to come through, then that one crack that makes the hard piece fall away… leaving you with a little softness and bright white goodness.

Money makes the world turn round. In some ways, I’m glad to not be dealing with that world. I’m not sure I’d have the stomach for it. It was interesting to see Chloe deal with normal issues and recognise the selfish way she had lived previously. She tried to keep her head up as much as possible and with her two best friends and some unlikely new friends she manages to do it. In the end, I really liked Chloe and even admired her. She wasn’t afraid to face the truth. She didn’t try to bury her head in the sand and take the easy way out. She ended up being a better woman after her downfall and won the prize in the end…LOVE.

I received a complimentary copy of Love, Chloe via the author for an honest review.

To buy Love, Chloe from Amazon - http://amzn.to/1TH77uO

I’m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance, drink coffee, be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy. To see more of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons -

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1,107 reviews534 followers
September 3, 2021
This is one of my favourite Alessandra Torre titles!

The first one-third of this book sets up Chloe's backstory - which provides a vital contrast to the decent, lovable Chloe who emerges on the other side of her life-changing ordeal.

Shallow, beautiful socialite Chloe lands on her butt financially. No more handouts from Daddy and Mommy: the Feds have seized all of their assets and Chloe is literally tossed out onto the street to fend for herself. Chloe crashes on a friend's sofa and has to re-evaluate who she is now, versus who she has to become in order to scrape together some semblance of a future for herself.

I loved how Chloe evolved from being a (former) pampered rich girl into a woman who was able to rebuild her life, and who wasn't afraid to take chances in her quest for self-respect and independence. When she gave away that expensive purse to her co-worker, I knew that she finally understood that lasting happiness was not based on THINGS.

I was cheering for Chloe, despite a few missteps here and there. And as for Carter!!!!! Well, let's just say he makes me want to investigate cloning. Yummy! Best sexy building superintendent EVER!!! The characters in this story jump off the page and make you care about what is happening to them. I dare you to read this one and not have a thoroughly contented smile on your face at the end. (Loved the Instagram or Twitter pics and the cute captions for each chapter.)

I highly recommend this well written, insightful romp. We need hopeful books like this one during these strange times. A couple of years ago, I bought this for my kindle, and then bought a hard copy to have it handy for cottage or quick getaway rereads! Chloe is a keeper!

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2,413 reviews4,662 followers
March 25, 2016
4 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ STARS

”Life might be a bitch, but love? She kicked that bitch’s ass.”


Alessandra Torre delivers a light, fun and entertaining story as this NYU student must learn how to stand on her own after her parent’s financial downfall and end of her relationship with her billionaire boyfriend.

”Thank God they had let me keep the clothes. I might be homeless, but I was rocking it in Marc Jacobs.”


Chloe Madison is a great heroine and I adore the Instagram posts, her POV, and though this story isn’t earth shattering it was a good time. I’m so proud of myself for not going back over friend’s reviews to see who out of the possible heroes she ends up with (will power). For some reason the love connection between the Chloe and her HEA didn’t bowl me over. I would have liked to know what could have come of her with at least two of the other men in the story but that’s the road not traveled reader in me.

Overall, I completely recommend this story after something heavy it was a great escape with my hometown as the backdrop!

“You could have had that life, either with him or a million other guys in this city. But you didn’t. You stayed with me. You didn’t even hesitate… I love you, Chloe. Everything else fades away from that.”

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634 reviews1,275 followers
March 30, 2016

I really enjoyed this one, it reminded me of some of the chick lit I used to read years ago, before kindles and emerging indie authors. Back when I was reading Sophie Kinsella, Jane Green, Lauren Weisberger and Emma McLaughlin. Women navigating the modern world, and the bumps along the way. Lighthearted and humorous, Love, Chloe reminded me of why chick lit used to be my go-to feel good books. A fun, easy read with a great balance of romance and humor, I really enjoyed this one!

So excited to have won a copy of this one!
Thank you, Alessandra Torre!
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1,353 reviews1,283 followers
March 17, 2016
Love, Chloe is a contemporary romance full of fun, romance, and witty dialogue. Set in the backdrop of New York City, Chloe is a young New Yorker just trying to make her way in the world!
"Booted from My Life"
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
Chloe, a member of New York's high society, has found herself in a precarious situation. After her parents have made some poor financial choices, Chloe is left to fend for herself. Although she has a college degree from the prestigious NYC, she cannot hang that diploma on the wall until she manages to pay her school loan. Unemployed, homeless, and now parent-less, Chloe clings to her friends and her high fashion wardrobe and faces off with the big bad city.
"Kissing a Frog"

Despite the pull from her financially lucrative (and sexy) ex Vic and her frustrations with her new job, as an assistant for a very high maintenance New York B-List Actress, Chloe discovers that although independence is hard work, perseverance brings happiness in the most delicious form. With Chloe's fun bunch of friends and a new love interest on the horizon, Love, Chloe is one coming of age journey that you will enjoy and never forget!
"Countdown to Jaw Drop"
"Well. This is Awkward"
Told in Chloe's POV, Love, Chloe is a romantic read full of good laughs and a lot of heart. The dialogue glides smoothly through the pages with ease and the characters "come to life" through each moment spent in the Big Apple. With the ingenious addition of Instagram pictures and descriptions, the read felt very natural and quite enjoyable. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed the format of the story. The timeline carefully navigates through Chloe's life and the chapter headings were inventive as they set the stage for each "chapter" of Chloe's life. Chloe is a fun character to get to know and her love interest Carter was quite a swoon-worthy hero. I found the supporting characters to enhance the read splendidly with the right mix of drama, friendship, and tenderness.
"What Had Happened Was..."
Overall, Love, Chloe is a light contemporary romance which brings an overabundance of entertainment and heart. Alessandra Torre never fails to amaze me with her diverse writing style and her ability to captivate her readers with her creativity. Love, Chloe is a true delight!

*ARC graciously provided via the author in exchange for an honest review!*

~This was a BR with my Shhluts as part of the worldwide Buddy Read for LOVE, CHLOE!~


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March 16, 2016
★It's LIVE! * Amazon US * Amazon UK * B&N * Kobo * iBooks *

Love, Chloe began life as a sexy tri-weekly story in Cosmopolitan.com. The author has since transformed this serial into a STANDALONE novel for our one-stop reading pleasure. It depicts a porthole into the life of Chloe beginning right after her privileged life as NYU Princess is over. She needs an apartment, a job and a way to survive on her own. This story is light-hearted, fun, sexy and romantic with a romcom vibe that made me smile and warmed my reading heart with the perfect level of depth weaved throughout it all. More than anything this story is about my favourite theme of all, LOVE and kept me fabulously entertained.

The Protagonists-->
Chloe is fun, sassy, beautiful, spontaneous and wears her heart on her sleeve. The first person narration told from her sole perspective takes the reader right to the heart of her thoughts and her story; she made me feel part of her gang, her friend and confidant. Carter is the hero of the hour and everything a delicious leading man in a chick-lit should be. Super strong, manly, a touch alpha and competently knows his way around the female body with his mouth and hands. His gorgeous, charismatic persona oozes from the prose and provides rich sexy and exquisitely HOT scenes with Chloe.

The story unfolds in a light easy breezy style that's low in angst and high on warmth, fun and love. There's her ex, his ex, friends, parents and employers. All of them add to the flavour of the story, the depth of the piece and are instrumental in depicting the heroines development, and her transition from NYU Princess to the girl we see at the end of Love, Chloe. There are touching moments tinged with elements of sadness but an overall sense of hope and joy to the story arc that became contagious to read and captured my reading heart, made me smile and chuckle and crave a happy ever after for Chloe.

Love, Chloe, with its fun 'Sex and the City' vibe, is not one of instant gratification, its slow to build, to set the scene of Chloe, her thoughts and feelings, her situation. Once the layers are built the reader’s patience is rewarded because the characters and story that emerge become one of beauty, one that I loved and touched my heart. Alessandra Torre never fails to entertain and engage with her story telling which is always crafted with her undeniably slick and stylish penmanship of quality writing matching the tone of her story and chosen characters. The insta messages in Love, Chloe add an extra dose of 'special' to the story, an extra element of fun and, at times, poignancy. It's that unique dose of magic that Alessandra always sprinkles onto her stories in one form or another. The epilogue and the small addition at the end are the icing on a very beautiful, fun and perfect cake. This story once again shows me why Alessandra is and always will be a very favourite author of mine.

The first Chapter is available to read here-->

Advanced copy provided for my honest review thoughts

★ Teaser created by myself with a combination Stock image from depositphotos and Pexels ★
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1,332 reviews2,013 followers
March 16, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female

Chloe Madison was an entitled princess living a cushy life in the heart of New York. When everything was unexpectedly ripped away from her, she stumbled (in her Brian Atwood nonetheless) through the horrifying prospect of non-glamorous employment to survive in the city while navigating the perils of being single.

I never got the chance to read the story when it was a serial on Cosmopolitan.com, so I started this one completely blind, not knowing what to expect. I’m glad I ended up enjoying it.

It was a lot easier to be judgmental and morally sound, back when I didn’t have to worry about money.

Chloe was generally a lovable character, but there were moment I was annoyed with her especially when she forgot her place. I like seeing how she handled her her predicament. Though I do wish she suffered more just because I like it when characters have to earn their keep lol!

In the earlier part of the book, there were several men that could potentially be her suitor and I like how it wasn’t 100% clear who it could be until later. That way it kept the readers thinking/speculating, making it more engaging.

She might not have support from people who supposed to care about her but she was surrounded by her best friends who never wavered even she could no longer do the things she did before it all crumbled down. They rallied behind her and even became voices of reasons when she was weak.

There were good amount of sexy scenes, but I wish they were more intense. My favorite one is actually the one that I’m not supposed to like haha!

Love, Chole follows the journey of a young socialite who falls from grace and her efforts in surviving on her own while looking for a good man. It’s a light, fun read and pair with her amusing antics, this book would keep you entertained until the last page.

❖ ❤ ❖ . . . (F)BR with the Shhluts . . . ❖ ❤ ❖
Join us: https://goo.gl/Btqbc3

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2,434 reviews4,592 followers
March 15, 2016
4-4.5 STARS

I really liked Love Chloe! Chloe is an amazing character and I enjoyed following her story. I loved how the author managed to make me feel connected with her characters, I seriously felt like I was one of Chloe's friends!!


This isn't your typical romance where girl meets boy and they fell in love.This story is about so much more. In the first chapters you don't really know who is her love interest and because I don't want to give anything away I'm only going to say that I loved the hero he is so sexy and as sweet as Chloe is. I loved how the story developed and I didn't have a problem that the first part was slow because in the second half things started happening at a much faster pace.

This story is different from Alessandra's usual kind yet so good. When I'm reading a book of her I don't know what to expect! Love Chloe is about finding yourself, I highly recommend it to everyone!

*An advance reading copy was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.*

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2,101 reviews1,263 followers
March 18, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo 55b1920b78696b0321762dcb787e33_zpsvzkisdub.gif

 photo dd055ee0c4a51568bec35c2416f62c_zpsuhry1olf.gif “ I’d spent my whole life trying to impress people. Maybe that was the start of my fall, the last two decades one plush float into the depths of shallow, insecure, hell. All I know is that when I hit the bottom, I hit hard.��

If you were to ask me who are my favorite authors then I would have gladly told you that Alessandra Torre is definitely in my top five. Alessandra has always been my go to author as she never fails to deliver stories that makes your hearts race, flutter and swoon. And in her newest release, Love, Chloe, Alessandra once again proves to her readers that not only can she grab our attention with her hot stilettos but she can leave her literary mark as she douses us with charm, laughter, sass, and one palpable love story.


Love, Chloe was breathtakingly beautiful, stunning, smart, and insanely entertaining!!! This book was a breath of fresh air. It was light, fresh, modern, and had that Alessandra Torre signature of sexy. Yes, Love, Chloe was ridiculously S-E-X-Y in that fun, flirty, and sassy way that only Alessandra can deliver.

 photo 63c7bc86884b0626027a13b6a1c538_zpsrk7favhp.gif “There was a time in my life when I found FBI agents sexy. Let me assure you, they aren’t.”


As a bonafide city girl, I love that Alessandra took readers on one entertaining adventure as we navigate the concrete jungle of NYC as the heroine, Chloe Madison discovers that not even this season Louboutins can make you feel any better when you find yourself pinching pennies to have a roof over your head. And it definitely does not help that you have to take a job working for a second rate version of the Devil Wears Prada or in this case Devil has Chanel.

 photo dd055ee0c4a51568bec35c2416f62c_zpsuhry1olf.gif “The man had no fear, no hesitation, and I dug my hands in his hair as I tried to stay in control, tried to stay coherent. The sensation …it was building, spreading outward from his mouth, every muscle tensing, my body clenching in preparation for what was coming, and he groaned my name in worship and in that sound, raw and primal…in the clench of his hands on my skin…in the wet, perfect flick of his tongue…in the dark look of ownership and confidence in his eyes…in the buildup, a hundred pieces of arousal climbing together…I lost words, I lost thought, I lost every single piece of myself.”


Chloe Madison went from New York socialite to homeless in a blink of an eye when she discovers that her family is B-A-N-K-R-U-P-T. With very little money and lack of job skills, Chloe finds herself doing what any reasonable adult must do. She gets a job. With the help of her mother’s acquaintance, Chloe gets a job as a personal assistant/dog sitter. What goes up must always come down couldn’t be any truer as Chloe finds herself trading in her designer clothing of Jimmy Choo, Louboutins, Chanel, and Givenchy for everyday wear. But don’t fret, Chloe Madison always lands on her feet and she does it was class, style, and sophistication.

 photo 63c7bc86884b0626027a13b6a1c538_zpsrk7favhp.gif “ Instantly, I could taste his need, his want. It was in every stroke of his tongue, the growl in his throat, his hot hands rough on my skin.”

Love, Chloe is definitely a story of self discovery and finding that strength to carry on. On this road to self discovery, Chloe discovers on what it means to be a friend and learning to accept things as they are. For Chloe Madison, her journey may have been filled with small minor bumps but she took it with stride as she learned on what really matters in life. And along the way, Chloe Madison was able to discover the biggest revelation of all. L-O-V-E.


 photo dd055ee0c4a51568bec35c2416f62c_zpsuhry1olf.gif “ Because of this—if what Carter and I had was stronger, then that meant the fall would be harder. And right now, I felt so brittle. So exposed. So afraid.”

I absolutely loved and adored Love, Chloe. I LOVED everything about this book from Alessandra’s wicked sense of humor, sass, charm, and of course, we cannot forget her added touch of glam and high fashion. Everything about this book was stunning. Right off the opening pages and till the very last page, Alessandra had me smitten with Chloe Madison and her dramatic flare of adventure and self discovery in the concrete jungle.


 photo 63c7bc86884b0626027a13b6a1c538_zpsrk7favhp.gif “I can’t live without this woman. She is my best friend. She is the second half of my heart. She is the blood that pumps through my veins. She is my everything. She is my future. She is my Chloe. She is my Love.”

Alessandra Torre did an amazing job with this story. She brought a fresh modern spin on the beloved Sex in the City as she treated her readers to an honest, beautiful, and heart-tugging tale of friendship, self-discovery and love. So if you are looking for a book that weaves and sprinkles romance, fashion, friendship, sex, and that happily ever after then I would highly recommend you to read Love, Chloe.

 photo 01dec9259b2f611c7de4aa42d02e6d_zps8eww8cyq.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Alessandra Torre
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March 31, 2016
3 Stars.

Chloe was a privileged girl that grew up used to have everything. Until the day her assets are frozen, her life turned around and she now needs a job, desperately.
So she becomes the help (or a glorified dog-sitter) for a woman that weeks ago was pretty much herself. And it’s not easy to see life from the other side.
The cherry on top of the cake? She now needs a place to live, a better job, pay college loans and her ex-boyfriend is an asshole.
But the good thing about a new life is that you can meet new people and learn a lot about you that you had no idea you had it in you.
Sometimes you have to go down in order to go up again.


I have to say, that despite loving Alessandra Torre writing contemporary, this one wasn’t my favorite. It was very well written, it was funny and the story was refreshing it its own way, and it’s a good book if you’re looking for a solid romance.
Unfortunately, for me, the beginning was slow, so slow I almost considering stop reading it because I felt nothing was happening. Then it started to pick up and towards the end was really sweet, but it never picked up enough to make me completely focused on the story. There was something missing, maybe as the romance part was slightly replaced by the “Chloe’s second chance at life” part of the story, I missed the fierce romance part of it. This was more of a empowering book about second chances than a romance itself.
But in the end of the day, if you’re looking for a sweet and emotional book this book is a good choice. And those Instagram post in the beginning of the chapters don’t hurt as well!


Rating: 3 Stars.
Characters Development: Chloe was sweet, even if sometimes she was a little spoiled and immature (I guess those are the results of growing up privileged). But I liked how strong she was and how she eventually turned her life around from nothing. Carter was a really sweet (and sexy) guy, my only problem with him is that he was such a calm and passive character that I just wanted so see him riled up. Vic was an asshole under the sweet billionaire facade, but then again, that wasn’t that much of a surprise.
Steam: Hot.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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March 16, 2016
4 NYC Life Lessons in Love Stars
* * * *
Full Review- It's Live!
Ever wonder what would happen if those pampered since birth, glorified in the Society Trades and presented as The NYC Dream Girl had the tables turned???
You know, had it all taken away...
Had to live like the rest of us....
Working for those who instruct their "assistants" on the correct way to pick up dog poop..
or drawing a line on the glass to show exactly where the morning smoothie must hit...
Yeah, those types of jobs, the dehumanizing kind...
Well, Chloe Madison is about to find out...

This is the tale of a woman who had been pampered materially, been part of the in social set and on her way to having it all... A career, a marriage with one of the Beautiful People/ Billionaire Trust Fund Man and not a worry in the world... she was celebrating her graduation from University with flying colors only to have a rude awakening....

No, not figuratively...

I am talking a for real rude awakening of the FBI pounding on her door informing her the Co-Op she had been living in was in their possession along with all of her funds due to her father playing fast and loose with insider trading. While G-Men were taking inventory of everything in her home, Chloe began to see the writing on the wall...and it was not pretty.

Her business career was to be put on hold due to the annoying fact the college would not release her diploma until her outstanding 5 figure tuition was paid in full.
This hiccup meant no up and coming position in one of the firms she had planned on pursuing.
This also meant her living for a while on one of her bestie's couch until a job and apartment was secured.

This was not the way Chloe saw her life happening...and most of all, she did not see the man she thought was the love of her life...cheating on her.

With determination, Chloe knew things had to change...and after sucking it up and no work in sight, she landed an interview as the personal assistant to someone who's claim to fame was some B movie and latex birth control. Chloe had joined the group of employees she had taken for granted in her past life... the ones she would see running to Starbucks for others while she sat and enjoyed her Lattes gossiping about the next party she was going to with her friends.

Like all stories... this has so many things to ponder...Chloe goes on a forced journey of self discovery...and because of it, ends up much happier in the long run. We see her first trying to have it all... be the society girl she was on the beer budget... and the eye opening stumbles and falls...
But with these experiences... She grows... she becomes more of herself...more kind and giving. More self assured...and finally more understanding of what real love is...

Like all Alessandra Torre novels... this woman has the pulse on giving us sexy times, some humor and always heart. This was an idea of a young woman discovering herself in NYC...and along the way falling in love with a man that is an A number 1 winner.
A Fun, Flirty and definitely Torre Sexy Read.

A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review.

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March 17, 2016
4.5 ~I Love New York~ Stars*****

(ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review)

If you are looking for a good time, read this book!! Packed with romance and tons of fun; designed to make you smile and inspire you. I gotta praise Alessandra Torre for always being innovative with her stories. Even though she's known for the dark and twisted books, I could tell she doesn't want to belong to just one category. And I'm so happy she's writing these contemporary romances that I always enjoy so much.

 photo image_zpsst2br7dz.jpeg

Chloe Madison's life has crumbled around her. The once heiress to an empire now lives on her best friend's couch and can't even collect her education degree due to lack of funds.

Chloe's situation is bad! Not only is she homeless and unemployed but she's also heartbroken after her gorgeous millionaire boyfriend cheated on her. Even though Chloe is terrified of this unknown new life, she's decided to try and make it on her own, since her very selfish parents are no help at all.

She finds a job as a personal assistant to another heiress. Chloe is less than thrilled to be a graduate student who is using her education to play babysitter to a rich puppy. But a job is a job and she needs money and a new place to live.

Her work is hectic as she has to deal with a ton of drama from her boss. Add to that the conflict her ex-boyfriend brings to her life by constantly calling and showing up everywhere she is with expensive gifts and full of charm, trying to win her back.

 photo image_zpsiyav6cap.jpeg

Chloe is finally able to move into a new place and the apartment is great, plus it comes with a really hot super.

Chloe's friends have been great throughout her whole ordeal and their friendship has been the one thing keeping her grounded.

As Chloe runs around the city running errands for her new boss, she will also find trouble and a ton of new lessons that will show her that she is stronger and more capable than she ever thought possible.

I love finding inspiration inside my reads. Just like Chloe sometimes we sell ourselves short and it's not until we are slapped in the face with tough situations, that we look and find the strength to fight to survive and move on.

This romantic standalone was everything I was hoping it would be. Starting with the gorgeous cover, the fun plot and uplifting message; a fabulous book that I would definitely recommend to all my friends...

My Love, Chloe music playlist:
*Ex's & Oh's by Elle King
*Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
*HeartBreakCity by Madonna
*Not a Bad Thing Justin Timberlake

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
March 14, 2016

3.5 stars

 photo A16BBFC0-276E-4C5E-A649-C867F1A501E6_zpswppxgce9.jpg

Love, Chloe is based off a mini series Alessandra Torre did for Cosmopolitan Magazine. I hadn't seen it so I was happy to get the episodes in a lump sum within the covers of this book.

Chloe Madison has fallen quite hard from grace. When her very wealthy parents get into trouble with the Feds for insider trading, her once posh lifestyle quickly turns to a life of wondering how her tuition at NYU will be paid...of how she's going to put a roof over her head or food on the table. How does one go from the top of the food chain to dead bottom? Fast, especially in New York City.

When Chloe gets a job as an assistant for a debutante Nicole Brantley, she thought she'd hit her lowest...until she turns into the help.. But bills gotta get paid...

A big bulk of this book is Chloe's day to day floundering to survive after having so much in life and with the snap, so little. The people she used to rub elbows with are now looking down at her, especially considering her parents are felons- guilty by association and all that jazz. I do commend her two besties, even as high society as they were, their loyalty to Chloe never faltered. So many people disappoint when the going gets rough but not her besties! Because of them, Love, Chloe had a of a Sex in the City feel to it- the friends, the city.

Chloe's life was given lemons and dammit, she made lemonade. I think in her situation many people would've been bitter and b*tchy, the whole "the world revolves around me" attitude. Not with this heroine. She was tough and swallowed the bitter pill life had given her. I loved her quick realization that life isn't about things but more so the people surrounding you and just being happy in your skin. There's a lesson here.

One aspect of the book I wish I could've seen more of (and sooner) is the romance angle- the love story. I remember being at 50% and wondering if there was even a hero involved here or was this just a journey of sorts for Chloe. More importantly, I didn't even know who specifically would be the hero. We do eventually get the love story but because it flourished kind of late, I didn't quite connect with them the way I could've if it was more focused on him and grew more early-on.

Love, Chloe has a very chick-lit feel to it- the steam factor virtually non-existent until the second half. So if you're looking for the Alessandra Torre erotica you got with her Innocence series, this is not it. That being said, Ms. Torre has still proven she can write all kinds of tropes and definitely pull it off. Brad Deluca is still my favorite AT hero though....

Love, Chloe is a standalone novel.

Advanced copy received by author in exchange for my honest review.

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March 19, 2016
3.5 stars

Chloe was rich and had it all. Now, things have changed. She’s having to work and deal with the everyday expenses. Thank God she’s got her colorful circle of friends to keep her sane, plus an ex-boyfriend who wants to get her back and a new, charming guy who drives her crazy.
I love an easy, humorous story. Love, Chloe reads like chick lit--easy, breezy--but lacks depth in the story and the characters are shallow. The romance is very slow-moving and the plot isn't too complicated.
Maybe my expectations were really too high. But in the end I was disappointed and didn´t know what to think of it. I have mixed feelings about this book. For the most part I thought it was boring, predictable chick - lit. However towards the end of the book it really gained pace and I started to enjoy it! The writing style is very clever, very humorous and very effortless. Some people will say it is an ok read and other will say it was a great read and they loved it. I recommend you pick it up and give it a read.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

 photo 12665771_584238145059887_1835520696_n_zps3xqoyoc0.jpg
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664 reviews835 followers
March 19, 2016

Title: Love, Chloe
Series: Standalone
Author: Alessandra Torre
Release Date: 14th March, 2016

Love, Chloe is the fun and flirty novel from Alessandra Torre based on her Bedroom Blog for Cosmopolitan magazine. Had I not been so enamoured by the cover and visuals, I would have known this prior to delving in. In the spirit of the novel, I think my shallowness can be forgiven.
The set up for the story was a great one. Chloe Madison is young, rich and fabulous, her main concerns consist of making sure she has the latest fashions, living the highlife with her two best friends and documenting it all on Instagram. Due to spot of bother her parents find themselves in with the FBI, her life turns from haute couture to hot mess in an instant.
  photo 84B20528-3103-4835-88CB-737B9283E80B_zps1ldzwd1e.gif
Determined to make her way up from the bottom of the social food chain, Chloe gets a job as an assistant to bratty New York Heiress, Nicole Brantley. It’s both a humbling and humiliating experience for her and a test of character to what she previously held of value.

I would have been more inclined to Love, Chloe if I felt her story had more of a redemptive feel to it. Maybe I’m being a bit too harsh but I felt as though it was almost too easy. The romantic element added another dimension to the story which I did enjoy, even though I did feel it was slightly rushed towards the end.   

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review for Relentless Romance*

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March 14, 2016
Now live!

3.5 Stars

 photo CityGirlLove_zpszmzqckox.gif

Love, Chloe is like a mix of Sex & the City, The Nanny Diaries, and The Devil Wears Prada.

Primarily told in Chloe’s POV, she comes from a life of privilege before it is all ripped away from her. She is forced to be on her own, find a job and apartment without any of the luxuries she once had. In the midst of this, she has to deal with her cheating ex, crazy bitch boss, and a sexy superintendent she didn’t plan to fall for.

I really loved Chloe’s voice, she was snarky and witty and sweet. I didn’t get tired of reading from her POV as I sometimes can when a book is primarily told in the heroine’s perspective. For me, her relationship with Carter was the highlight of this book. I LOVED HIM. And I LOVED them together.

It did take about 60% for me to be fully invested in this book. The first 50% was rather dull to me, and I wasn’t sure where the storyline was going and nothing significant really occurred. But after the 60% mark, there was so much drama, twists, and most importantly so much more CARTER (did I mention how much I LOVED HIM?!). The later half of the book was SO much more entertaining and I really wish it would have picked up a lot sooner. I also would have loved if this could have been dual POV – though I understand why it wasn’t. This story was about Chloe finding herself and creating a new life she enjoyed. But I seriously loved Carter so much that I wished we could have gotten into his head more throughout the story, along with introducing him and having more scenes with him earlier on in the book.

All in all, I did enjoy this. I was debating whether or not I even wanted to finish, but once I hit the halfway mark, I'm glad I did.

*ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review*

Love, Chloe is out today! | http://amzn.to/22dC7aK

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828 reviews331 followers
March 16, 2016

Chloe is a rich girl who lives in NYC and one disaster comes on top another. The cherry on the top seems to be her being evicted by her apartment by the FBI who announces to her that she's no longer rich and she's also homeless. Chloe doesn't give up though. She tries to get back up on her feet and finds a job as a puppy nanny/assistant, tries to pay for her tuition and finds herself a new apartment, according to her current life's expenses. Add to all that an ex who won't give up on her, a sexy handyman and a flirty actor.

"We were all running around this giant city trying to find love, trying to find soulmates. Looking for an all- encompassing, scary love just like this one."

Love, Chloe, was the personal exploration of a girl who has reached rock bottom in her life in every aspect. We get to see her journey to her true self, a self well hidden behind an expensive mask that would previously hide her character and her personality. But when the mask drops down, Chloe gets to fight and struggle and eventually come in terms with her situation.

I have to admit that I was surprised by this one, mostly because of the twists and also because I expected to see some stereotypical behaviors and when I didn't, I was pleasantly surprised. Like for instance, her besties. They were supportive and freaking awesome and not the snob bitches who would abbandon her or make her feel lower than them, like I expected.

So many amazing characters and so many hateful characters. I could feel so many emotions with them. I wanted to hug them and strangle them at the same time, like Vic for example. I truly didn't know who was her love interest at first and for a big part I wondered about it. It makes you think that maybe that's not the purpose of the book and it's not a romance after all. But trust me when I say that there is some romance in there and a lovely/sexy one that is!

I found this one similar to the show Sex and the City and to the movie the Nanny Diaries. Instead of a kid though, there was the adorable puppy Chanel. But overall, Love, Chloe was a really amusing, funny and entertaining read with sexy and sweet moments that would totally melt your panties, but also keep you on your toes with questions from the first pages.

ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! :)
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March 20, 2016
Wow what a ride AT,thank you for this book if compared it gave me A Devil Wears Prada vibe specially in the begining,I realy liked the NY atmosphere, made me want to hop on a plane,and the riches to rags story,what keeps the reader intrigued is that from the begining you can only guess,who the hero is and we are given 3 even i thought for a bit 4 hot choices,who woud be the lucky winner of Chloe's heart, at Shh a lot of us including me for Team Carter the hot Superintendent with a twist,but to find out,if team Carter wone youd have to read the book (wink). I realy liked,that this book was an easy and fan read,but still had major charecter development,Chloe grew up before our very eyes,from a Snobby girl who was used to geting evrything she wants,handled on a golden platter,to a girl,that values feelings,more than goods and can take care of herself.I also liked all the hot man Clarke her bossess huby and Carter being my faves and i tottaly woudnt mind a Clarke book. I didnt like Vic the cheating ex especially after his last stunt,that caused major drama,Joey the hot actor i loved the banter and love -hate reletionship and thought theyll make a hot couple,but,than i coud only see,them as friends
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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June 7, 2016
This was my first book of Alessandra Torre! Really first, I don't know how it happened. And I wasn't disappointed. Now I know why her books are so popular. It is very well written page-turner.

About the plot: Chloe wakes up and her life completely changes. Her parents get into trouble with the law and she lost her entire financial resources. She is without an apartment, money and with unpaid student tuition. Not that her parents care... Now she must live with a friend, look for a job, and deal with a former rich boyfriend. Slowly Chloe gets on her feet, she works for crazy Condom Queen and aspiring actress Nicole Brantley as her assistant, finds her own apartment and trying to learn to live in a less favorable world. Pleasant is the fact that her neighbor and the super building is a handsome guy, with whom she would not regretted spending a few hot moments. And she is quite determined to do it, and by the way finds herself again.

"We were all running around this giant city trying to find love, trying to find soulmates."

Final thoughts: The book was written from the mini series, which Alessandra Torre has written for Cosmopolitan Magazine. First the book sells the cover, and although you don't judge a book by its cover, it is so beautiful, and fits perfectly into the story. The second thing is that it is write in a really modern way like some TV show. It consists a large number of short chapters with ridiculous titles, and is happening within more time than a year. Additionally, it has sensational pictures from Instagram, what is a brilliant idea! And the story strongly pulls in, so you can quickly read it, despite a full length.

I think I just like such a books. Young modern woman, The Big City, glamour, funny friend, ex-boyfriend, who doesn't give up, and a new mysterious hunk form the neighborhood. I got to like Chloe, and it was cool to read how she finds herself in a new difficult life situation. Because I have to say it was not easy. She has old nad new problems from the beginning and does really well in day-to-day situations that face her. I can admit that it can be inspiring.

My problem with this book is mainly based on the main character. Don't get me wrong. Carter is amazing. But in the beginning, as he appears more and that is somewhere around a half book, I probably more understand the former boyfriend Vic then him. And you must know that Vic is a possessive, manipulative devious ass. This is because Carter was quite passive. And to the end, while I didn't meet his side of story and is only happens in a short epilogue I was lost and not fully understand him. This time is she who had to be more determined. Only when the situation resolved further he stood firmly by her side. And it was very amazing.

In summary it was a very modern chick lit and enjoyable love story. There is a lot of threads that happens quickly so you can enjoy your time and know the story of Chloe form New York. And I think even be inspired.

***Quick Review:***

Series: Standalone.
Grade: Contemporary Romance. Chick Lit.
Release Date: March 14th, 2016.
Main characters: Chloe Madison, the graduation girl in real estate development who loses everything and starts working as a personal assistant.
Secondary characters: Chloe has a very entertaining two best friends. Several other interesting characters, including the ex-boyfriend Vic and her crazy boss Nicole Brantley.
Location: New York.
Sensitive topic:
Love triangle:
Next in the series? No.
If I'd recommend? Yes. Especially if you like love stories of young modern girl in The Big City.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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March 16, 2016

Chloe Madison has fallen from grace, well not exactly, but she is in a situation she never expected to be: penniless, homeless and jobless! Even though her parents have emotionally and financially abandoned her, Chloe has a good support system in her friends. Due to her newfound status, Chloe must enter the real world however daunting the task and as unprepared as she may be. This book is about coming of age and just how Chloe deals with her adulting responsibilities. Not only does she find a viable job to pay rent and tuition, but also she also learns about friendship, love and ultimately realizes what kind of person she aspires to be.

In the beginning, Chloe acts like a spoiled rich and entitled snob, but when she is treated like “the help,” she starts to slowly realize just how shallow and materialistic her former existence used to be. To Chloe’s credit, she makes a positive change, but when it comes to love, her heart remains her biggest challenge.

The men in this book provided for some interesting entertainment and swooning. First, we had Vic - the wealthy and successful EX that could buy anyone or anything. While his package looked good from the outside, Chloe didn’t want to return to a relationship where she couldn’t trust her partner. So, bye-bye to jewels, fancy cars and Balenciaga! lol!

What Chloe does find is true love with Carter. He appears to be an ordinary working class guy with solid morals and solid other things. lol! As Chloe and Carter’s friendship/relationship takes seed, she truly learns how to trust with her mind and heart. Carter is one of those characters that you know is an honorable guy from the outset. I have to say, there was one moment I almost switched sides for Vic, but in this story, nice guys (Carter) don’t finish last!

The format of this book is based upon serials previously published as an online column featured on Cosmopolitan.com; therefore, the pacing is quick but the chapters read with a cohesive book quality. Each chapter begins with a clever Instagram photo foretelling what sort of predicament Chloe will encounter in the upcoming pages. I must say that I enjoyed that whimsical element and it actually added to Chloe’s character and the overall plot development. As always, Alessandra’s storytelling is lyrical and a pleasure to read. If you’re looking for a fun, sweet, romantic and whimsy read, look no further.

(F)BR with the Shhluts during the week of March 14th!
Join in the fun! https://goo.gl/18vLuj

*Note: An ARC was generously provided by the author! Thank you, Alessandra! xo
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April 10, 2016
1.5 stars

Never in my life have I encountered such shallow characters. This book is more than 350 pages long and we literally don't get a real glimpse into these characters' minds. I've also just read that this was some sort of serial on Cosmopolitan's site which makes perfect sense because this is just like Cosmo - stupid.

Let's break it down:
"You know girls like me. You hate girls like me. The privileged blonde who skips her Ivy League classes when she's had too many Soho martinis. The one draped on the asshole's arm because he drives a Bugati and screws like a champ.

I was that girl. I loved being that girl.

Then, my door was broken in. Literally.

And in that moment? Everything changed."

Guess what? Literally nothing changed. She's still a dumb-ass, except now she's a dumb-ass who babysits dogs and lives in an apartment. Wow, what a drastic change.


The romance is absolutely forced, they go from "we just met" to "he/she totally understands me" in just a few chapters. There is literally no chemistry whatsoever between them and FOR GOD'S SAKE, do these people know how to do anything except oral sex? It was starting to get b-o-o-oring. Oh, and there's one more thing:

If there's anything I hate it's the "he's my drug and I can't say no to him" type of relationships. And you know what the stupid part is? SHE HAS MORE CHEMISTRY WITH THIS GUY THAN WITH THE "END GAME" GUY. But, don't think for a second that I was rooting for either one of them - oh God no, these two are basic cardboard cut-outs. They have zero character development and are basically more like a draft than like real people. But, wait, there's more...


-DRAMA LLAMA IS BACK! Yes, the drama in this book is so over-the-top and the whole situation with her boss and her husband (which Chloe also has a crush on. SHOCKER!) is completely rushed in those last few chapters. Not that I cared about either one of them.

Why the 1.5 stars then? Joey deserved half of a star. Literally the best character in this whole goddamned book. Write a book about Joey, Alessandra. This is definitely not a great start for me and you. I just want my wasted time back.
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March 14, 2016

**Love, Chloe generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**

4 "You are." Stars

Alessandra Torre writes so eloquently. With each book from this author I have the privilege of reading I'm continually amazed at the breadth of her story-telling skills. For me, Love, Chloe is different than any other Torre title I've read. It's chick-lit and contemporary romance bundled together telling the self-discovery esque story of Chloe Madison. With a much slower build to the romance than I'm used to from Torre plus the real, meaningful changes in Chloe's life we see a new side to Alessandra Torre's writing that we've not seen before.

The book started out slow for me since it took me a while to really invest myself in Chloe's story. She's selfish and materialistic, a spoiled brat really. Her fall from "it" girl to "regular" girl was ungraceful at best and it showed. As the story progressed though I realized the point was absolutely to show Chloe's inelegant transition. The maturation and growth of this character only would come from seeing her at the bottom both literally and emotionally. So the beauty of the story really came from Chloe's discovery of her actual wants and needs not from what she born with and fortunate to always have. She makes honest mistakes, she begins understanding them as such while caring for others in an organic way she never has before, and she learns. Chloe Madison makes you fall hard for her in a way you wouldn't ever expect to fall. Once the romance begins to bloom there's a fun, quirky, charming side to Chloe that's expressed very honestly for Carter and it makes her that much more likeable. And while I LOVE Carter and his feelings for Chloe I really feel like this story is Chloe's. She doesn't become the woman she does because of her man, she's on that path and sees it through with his unwavering support and belief of her.

While Love, Chloe was a definite departure from the twisted tales I'm used to from Torre it was a very enjoyable story for me. This author's writing and penchant for story-telling always intrigues me. It's very interesting to see that intrigue be in a totally different realm from her usual with Love, Chloe. As a forever fan of Torre's I think in addition to the story itself, Love, Chloe shows her diversity as a writer quite keenly. She always does something just a little different setting her books apart from others in her class. If you love contemporary romantic chick lit - books you can easily spend a day reading in your favorite chair - with a heroine for whom you'll feel a vast array of feelings for then you'll really like Love, Chloe. And just as an ending side-note, Torre included social media in her story in a very unique way; one that I really enjoyed the inclusion of as though it was an extra special glimpse into Chloe's life making her story all the more fun and real.
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March 17, 2016

4,5 Chloe stars

Meet Chloe, a rich spoiled socialite

living unbothered, pampered, superfical life not really knowing herself as a person

I'd spent my whole life trying to impress people. maybe that was the start of my fall, the last two decades one plush float into the depths of shallow, insecure, hell.

until the unlightly, unthinkable happens...
our accounts were frozen, cars taken, assets seized

and she's fallen from grace
...and that's what I had become. Desperate.

accepting the first job in her life as an personal assistant to
Nicole Brantley - sole heir to the inventor of the latex condom.
she lingers on the borders of her "old" life yet she's trying to cope with the fact that she's alone and new to this, struggling with money, working, thinking differently and actually trying to comprehend "life"

"I was so focused on my own life, my own issues, that I forgot everything else."

she gets involved with the superficial drama around her that only yesterday she basically was a huge part of...
and now she was torn between all that she's ever known and what she has to learn...
"It's ok if you don't know. That's what this time in your life is for - to figure it out."

between her cheating ex-boyfriend Vic and a thrilling new hottie in sight Carter on whom she still can't help but look down on cause of his line of work.
BUT she's learning along the way as she still falls for the passionate drive between them...
...he groaned my name in worship and
in that sound, raw and primal...
in the clench of his hands on my skin...
in the wet, perfect flick of his tongue...
in the dark look of ownership and confidence in his eyes...
in the buildup, a hundered pieces of arousal climbing together...

"I needed to embrace my relationship with Carter and stop being a wimp. Whether I'd told him so or not, I loved him. He made me realize how empty my old life had been. And in his eyes, I saw a future that I wanted more of, a future where I was a better person."

Wow, I might have just become a grown -up.

and the "finally happening" love - from Carter's POV explains it all, all that is Chloe

I can't live without this woman. She is my best friend. She is the second half of my heart. She is the blood that pumps through my veins.
She is my everything.
She is my future.
She is my Chloe.
She is my Love.

So, Chloe, with love!

Love Chloe has a touch of a little bit of everything...it reminds you of Sex and the city, Gossip girl and yet it's the one and only Alessandra Torre's magical pen touch that counts...
Light, funny romance, easily enjoyable.

read as a part of the Epic WORLDWIDE (F)Buddy-Read for Love Chloe on Mar. 14th! on Shh… [Smut, Heroes & HEAs…]
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