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Can a romance save the world? Maybe this one could. Chakana is a historical romance novel filled with action, adventure, suspense, and intrigue.

In 1939, before the start of World War II, James Fleming, the original British secret agent, races on a high-stakes chase to track down the ancient lost treasure of King Huascar of the Incas. He must recover it before the Nazis do or the whole world will be in imminent danger.

But this is no ordinary treasure hunt. The Incas have proven their cunning and intellect in not only how they hid their treasure, but how they protected it. Fleming joins forces in the remote ruins of Peru, South America with Kate Rhodes, a policewoman on leave from the United States, her archaeologist brother, Nick, and their college professor, Dr. Charlie. Together, they must decode, interpret the clues, and face the challenges of the Chakana on their hunt for the treasure.

If this wasn’t difficult enough, the group is hounded throughout their search of the ancient Sacred Valley by international artifact smugglers, familiar with the Chakana and working with the Nazis, who are determined to acquire the treasure to help finance their war effort. Intrigue, danger, suspense, action, adventure, and even romance abound in this brave band’s quest to save the free world.


Published December 1, 2015

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About the author

W.E. Lawrence

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W. E. Lawrence graduated in 1978 from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a BS in business administration. Despite wishing he had taken more courses in journalism and communications, he has run a successful home health care supplies distributorship for the past twenty-three years.

Passionate about God, writing, reading, family, sports, politics, and America, Lawrence currently lives in Davidson, North Carolina, with his lovely wife and their two wonderful children.

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May 8, 2017
3 Inca Stars

 photo 19a3ea64dfe6ba61_zpsfbf3aysj.gif

Well this is one of those books that I didn't love and I didn't hate. The book took a slower pace for the first 70%. The problem I had with this book is it never really drew me in. I never really felt a connection with the hero and heroine. James and Kate where okay but they were very superficial. I didn't really get to know them. James and Kate also seem a little too modern for them being back in WW2. I also didn't really feel their love. They didn't really has a ton of passion. I really didn't buy James' passion for Kate. He almost never made the first move and was always kinda like "No we shouldn't". I guess I expected him to be more alpha since he was a Brit spy and all. Kate was super forward for a woman back in the 1930/40s the way she kept hopping James.

"When you're done? Kate, what's got in to you?" She shrugged. "I'm not sure. The excitement, the near death experiences, maybe residual effects from that Inca drug. This adrenaline pumping through my body has got me feeling all randy and there's only one way I know to fix it." "You can't be serious." -James and Kate

The truth is I learned more about the Incas, their gods, and temples than I did about the main couple. The Inca part was fun and all but I would have liked a little more character and relationship development. Also I really didn't like the ending. It was more of a HFN than a HEA and it felt left up in the air. Are they going to be together? Just train together and then part again? Overall I enjoyed the treasure/scavenger hunt parts but the romance not so much.

 photo pizap.com1458173804538252_zpsvffjadyn.jpg

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July 2, 2016
Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

YouTube Podcast: Next week.

This is my first book by W.E. Lawrence and I must say that I'll be reading more books by him soon.

In Chakana, the story began with a simple, yet interesting, prologue and I was drawn into the book right from the beginning. The alternating POvs kept the plot clear and interesting throughout the book. It ended on a great note and I really enjoyed the little twist at the end.

The characterization is good, but I hate to say that I wasn't able to feel a strong connection with either of the leads. The characters are built nicely, but something about them felt amiss. In spite of the author's efforts, James came out a little disconnected and crude, and Kate's character didn't have enough clarity. As a result, the romantic angle seemed dull, in spite of all the steamy make-out scenes.

My copy of Chakana:


I enjoyed the adventure on the whole and, apart from minor flaws, this book makes for an interesting and engrossing read.

This book has a great storyline and the historical settings make this adventurous novel a really interesting read. I liked the author's writing style because it had a great flow. The pacing was good too.

Overall this book makes for a really good read and I'd recommend it to all the adventure buffs.

You can also read this review at The Reading Bud.
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July 27, 2016
DNF after 122 pages!

Despite my BIG love for Indiana Jones was this a book I could not get into. To be honest, the characters bored my quite a lot and I was forcing myself to get through the book. Not even the adventures part of the book interested me and the romance part destroyed every chance this book had to be good. Too bad, for I had hoped to get a chance to read the book...but alas, not my cup fo tea!
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January 19, 2016
A 1940's era archaeological adventure romantic suspense? You bet! After growing up on Indiana Jones, I love this sort of story so I was eager to crack this book open and get going. Not that this one should go through the comparisons because that wouldn't be fair, but it would be fair to say that it was the reason for my interest.

The story opens in the past with the two main characters meeting up when she save his life just before she is off to college to train for law enforcement and he is going back home to Britain to do his part for the war effort against the rising power of Nazi Germany.

Six years later, Kate Rhodes has all the skills to be a good police officer, but working for her dad and her own impulsiveness get in the way. So it is fortuitous that a mysterious package arrives from her brother who has been on an archaeological dig in Peru. She is worried about his mention of artifact smugglers, but follows his instructions to take the interesting box to their professor friend who specializes in the Incan Civilization. Dr. Charlie shares that it is a map to an Incan treasure and invites Kate to go with him to join Nick's expedition in Peru.

Kate and Charlie find Nick has disappeared, a wealthy artifact smuggler is aware of Nick's find and is hot on the trail to find it. Kate is now in his crosshairs and barely escapes his men when she encounters James Fleming doing work for the British government. She is amazed at how confident and skilled he has become and surprised that she is still as attracted as before when she formed a crush after their brief encounter years before. But it is important to her that he see her as a trained and capable partner, too, unlike the way her dad and brother always treat her.

James is taken aback to see young Kate grown up and a capable woman who won't be pushed aside in the effort to retrieve her brother and go on the hunt for the Incan treasure. James has been undercover working to keep Sorra and the Nazis from acquiring the treasure and using it to fund their war. It is a race to find the clues to finishing the Incan map in the box that Nick found with Charlie translating and Kate and James going to all the locations. The danger is high both from ancient booby traps and from a determined Sorra. And then there are his growing feelings for Kate that challenge his responsibility toward duty so that he can't possibly act on the attraction with the world on the brink of war.

I enjoyed this story once I adjusted to the author's writing style. There is a muted quality to it and an abruptness at times. Once I adjusted, I wasn't as distracted and could appreciate the story better. I loved the excitement of the treasure hunt with the bad guys on their tail. Unlike some books with this type story, the pace wasn't too feverish. There were moments when things were breathtaking, but for the most part, the reader has time to catch up and stay with the adventuresome group.

I appreciated the conflict in the romance between their knowledge that things cannot be even though they feel the pull. They had chemistry and there were some passionate moments snatched between all the other action times. But what I most like was their partnership and what they both brought to that relationship beyond the romance. Kate is fiery and quick to react. She has skills and is tough, but she is also nervy and lets things get to her. She gets snarky when she is afraid. Then there is James. He is the phlegmatic Brit to a core. He has been trained as an operative and he is good, but he is also one who is cool in the face of deadly danger. Never loses his head and keeps thinking. That is until Kate ends up in the hands of the enemy then the cool, calmness flies out the window.

The archaeological aspect is a strong component with all the clues about the Incan gods and the their various cities and temples. Some might find it a little tedious, I found it interesting stuff and particularly when it is laced in with a treasure hunt.

The action with the villains was another strong part of the story. Many times, James and Kate were cornered and it was fun and exciting to see how they would get through it. That last climactic situation with James having to decide Kate's fate kept me flipping pages fast. Loved the tension of it all.

Fun twist at the end and I hope the adventure continues for this pair.

All in all, after I got into the story, I had a good time on this romantic treasure hunt adventure that I can recommend to those who enjoy similar stuff.

I received a copy of the book through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
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April 9, 2016
I will also do a video review here at my channel: http://www.youtube.com/magicofbooks

Taking place in 1940, "Chakana" by W.E. Lawrence follows British secret agent James Fleming and Ohio police officer Kate Rhodes as they track down a lost Incan treasure in ancient Peruvian temples. This mission is life or death and the fate of the world is in their hands, because if they fail the treasure may wind up in the hands of the Nazi Third Reich.

First of all, I was contacted by W.E. Lawrence's people to review this book. Thank you very much!

Let's start off with the positive. This is a fun, light, fast paced book. There's never a dull moment and the action is constantly moving. Plus the characters in general are likable. If I were to recommend this book, or give you an idea whether or not you'd like this, this book is a cross of history meets "Indiana Jones" meets "Tomb Raider." I was thinking to myself that the premise of this would make for a great game, like solving puzzles and escaping from booby-trapped temples...oh, and with a little romance thrown in for spice.

I did find myself with more negative things to say unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, this book isn't bad, but there are things about it that frustrated me a bit.

1. This is a historical fiction book. Sometimes I found myself forgetting this took place in 194o. I feel like this book could have taken place at any time. Cold War fighting communist Russians. Present day fighting middle eastern terrorists. The story itself could have fit in to any time. Didn't see any reason why it necessarily had to be Nazis. But that all being said, I also just never felt like there was an atmosphere to this book letting me know I was in a historical setting. I think that's why I often forgot it was 1940.

2. As much as I did love Kate as a character, she felt way too modern to me. Like I said, takes place in 1940, but Kate came across as a modern woman with modern ideals in regards to feminism that didn't match the time period.

3. Oh boy, the sex scenes, haha! Okay, there were four sex scenes. I think the 2nd and 4th sex scenes were okay. But the 1st and 3rd felt out of place and kind of forced. Remember when I said this book is fast paced? I think the plot is a little too fast paced for it's own good. The book starts off with a prologue when Kate/James first meet. And they form an instant attraction within a few hours of knowing each other! I had a difficult time buying that. The prologue did not need to be there. I think the story could have easily progressed starting with Kate's transgression in Ohio, then going to Peru, and then meeting James for the first time and Kate having her suspicions about him, some distrust, and slowly warm up to him, leading up to the 2nd sex scene. Obviously I can't spoil anything, but sex scene 1 had me cringing to be quite honest. If that scene was absolutely necessary it would have served better to have been moved more to the middle of the book when the Kate/James relationship had progressed.

4. The final thing I was disappointed with has to be the overall treasure hunt. Everything seemed to happen so quickly and easily, without too many obstacles for Kate/James. Even when they were in peril there was an easy solution conveniently in front of them. I was hoping to spend a lot of time within the temples, searching for the treasure, but those scenes would last for only a couple pages each and it would be time to move on to the next clue. Like I said, the novel suffers from action happening too quickly, never having a moment to slow down, explore, build upon.

Overall, this review might sound like I hated this book, and I hope it doesn't come across that way, because it was still a fun, light read that I had a good time with. I think I'm just a little frustrated because of the potential the book could have had because the author definitely explores some good stuff and has some interesting characters. And do I smell sequel? I think the book could benefit from a sequel actually because I'd love to see Kate/James again, working together to solve some other mystery.
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December 27, 2015
This book was really quite good. The plot pulled me in right away and kept me reading until the end wanting more. It has a wonderful WWII adventure with the perfect amount of fiction to history and I love that James Fleming, the original British secret agent was in this book. It was fun with just the right amount of romance, adventure, suspense to keep the reader hooked from first to last page.
Block Buster for anyone who love Indiana Jones and James Bond in one book!
ARC from Netgelley.
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July 19, 2016
Chakana: W.E. Lawrence

Kate Rhodes is a trained marksmanship and is quite capable of taking out criminals and saving hostages with one quick shot. When bank robbers take over the bank in Athens, Ohio, her father, Chief of Police wants her to remain at her desk. But, after being on the force for two years she insists that she can be of help and he allows her to come but only if she remains in a position where she can see the action but not take part. Things get out of hand and the robbers take hostages and eventually kill two when they get the upper hand and the police force is made to retreat. Forgetting that Kate is there she uses her good judgment and manages to take out all of the robbers and safe the hostage. Thus begins the real story as her father suspends her from duty claiming she should never have taken things into her own hands, not giving her the credit due she is about to embark on a mission that will change her life forever. The year is 1940 and the time period is when the Second World War is about to begin and the Nazis have taken over Germany. Receiving a package from her brother Nick who is on a dig in Peru she opens it to find that it is part of a lost Treasure of King Huascar of the Incas and if she does not find the rest or understand what the symbols mean on this blue box the world will be in danger. Bringing the box to her college professor, Dr. Charlie is a start as she is capable of decoding and interpreting the clues that are written within this box called the Chakana and hunt for the treasure. Fired from her job or at least on suspension Kate feels that she needs to find her brother, go to Peru and learn more to help him guard this precious box and the treasure that is hidden within it. Dr. Charlie pays for both of them to got to Peru but when they get there, travel many distances they learn that her brother has been kidnapped by a dangerous man named Joseph Soros who is working with the Germans hoping to create this dangerous weapon to destroy the enemy. Enter James Fleming a British Officer working for the United States and for Britain as he remembers Kate who rescued him from a marshy bog and now years later shows up in Peru to look for her brother an archaeologist. Kate and Dr. Charlie are now a team and hopefully with James they will be able to find her brother. Smart, cunning and definitely conniving, James manages to find out from the very men who kidnapped Nick where he is and takes out the guards. Rescuing him is just the beginning, Dr. Charlie using his medical skills to heal his wounds as a professor of antiquities he is smart, astute and able to unravel the puzzles that the Inca’s set out to create to hide their treasure. Only certain people who understand the clues that are hidden beneath certain structures will find out where the treasure is. With the help of a machine that can decode the markings and create the messages that lie within the box marked by the Chakana, an Incan cross shape . “An ancient polytheistic cross, used in Andean art, as a template for architectural design, as a meditation aid, a calendar, an almanac, and an aid for farmers. Four arms” The four 'cross' arms represent: the four directions of the compass: The four classical elements of earth, air, water and fire are each represented as the Kate, James, Nick and Charlie try to decipher each clue they receive but not before both James and Kate find themselves where the Incas marked their clues, dangerous terrain, steep mountains and hills. Searching for the four main stars of the Southern Cross, an important constellation for the Inca, who believed it to be the center of the universe. The Chakana is also called the Cruz Andina or Andean Cross and appears on four clues and the places where they need to go to find the ones to bring back and place within the blue box and solve the mystery of the treasure. At the heart of the symbol is a circular hole, which means or stands for the city of Cusco the capital of the Inca Empire. As the story continues you learn that around the circle are four corners with ridged with three steps each one having a meaning. Each one represents one of the three worlds of the Inca belief system including the underworld, Ughu Pacha, meaning the snake, the middle world, that of humans called the Kay Pacha and represented by the puma and finally the upper world of gods, Hana Pacha represented by the condor. These three animals and the chakan are represented in Inca architecture and artwork. James appears to be hunting for the treasure when in reality he is an undercover agent or spy working to catch Soros dangerous big time smuggler posing as an artifacts dealer with powerful allies in both Peru and Germany. Soros is bent on finding the gold, giving it to the Nazis and stopping James even if it means taking Kate prisoner. Each symbol when found has to be turned like a key and then three quarters to the right in this way the system works. The Incas turned the entire Sacred Valley into one giant Chakana. The element of water to the left, or west on your compass, is where James and Kate went first to Choquequitran to get the symbol. The element of air at the top or north they found when they went to Ollantatampo. The symbol of fire on the right or the East in Pisac. All of this leads these leads to the south and final symbol Earth. The symbol is probably in the shape of the Chakana but the doctor states much larger. On page 266 he describes it in detail as Kate and James do after the final symbol but will they survive this time? But, not everything goes according to plan and Soros and his accomplice Braun find them and then the action takes on a different meaning as Kate is captured, James is in danger and the race to save them both is on. As James and Kate search Huscar’s chamber where are the guards? Losing their foes but getting caught again they who miscalculated? Who finds out the true power of the Chakana? What is the fate of Kate and James as the author takes readers straight to where the treasure is found but who gets it and who learns that they do not control the power of the earth or the Chakana? Heart stopping ending with two characters that could make for a great series if the author brings them back again. Lies, betrayals, deceits and manipulation are just some of the strategies used to create the illusion of trust that James needs if he is going to survive. Will they be back again or will Soros and Braun win as they face off for the treasure of a lifetime. Don’t underestimate the Inca!
Fran Lewis: Just reviews/MJ magazine

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March 4, 2016
Posted originally on my blog:
The Writer's Inkwell

When I first read the description for this book, it reminded me of how I felt as a child when I was watching the Indiana Jones movies. I always wanted to be an explorer and archaeologist, so these kinds of pieces of literature are always something I look forward to reading. What I couldn’t have known from the description is that this book held no resemblance to Indiana Jones, with the exception of a few basic core plots. For example the budding war with the Nazi’s, seeking a lost treasure and having to battle a group of men who want to steal the treasure for themselves.

Instead, this a story that is fantastic in its own merit. This is the kind of adventure I would have dreamt of as a child. While my interest in archaeology has always been geared more towards Ancient Egypt or even the Jurassic era, this book opened up an entire new world of history for me. Sure, I knew the same basic spiel about the Incas that every American child is briefly taught in one of their history classes. But W.E. Lawrence’s book has shed a light on the mystic and inventive side to this ancient culture that I’m curious to see if it truly exists. I think the author’s choice of the Incas over another ancient civilization was smart and I even found myself wondering if it was a way to bring to life the myth of El Dorado. Either way, I really enjoyed each time the duo uncovered another piece of the secret mechanism, because you never knew what they would have to overcome. Each situation is completely different from the other and yet, seemed realistic.

So you already know I really enjoyed the adventure aspect of this story. But I suppose I should take a few moments to explain my thoughts on the characters.

I found the introduction to the two main characters, Kate and James to be charming. Taking place six years prior to the main plot line of the book, Kate is fortunate enough to find James stranded and in great peril in an Ohio bog. Though they only knew each other for that one day, it’s clear there is chemistry between the two. One of my favorite parts about this pairing is the fact that James isn’t always the one saving Kate. In truth, as many times as he helps her, she’s able to return the favor. She’s a strong female character, in a time, when the belief was a woman should be meek, mild and looking for a husband. She doesn’t think twice about going to help out her brother in Peru, even before she knows he’s in danger. Even the one scene where you see her as a cop, she has no problems keeping her calm and doing what needs to be done to protect the people of her town from being murdered by a group of bank robbers. At no time did I feel like she was just tagging along to be the nagging sidekick, who always winds up needing saving. This was such a fantastic choice by the author.

If you love historical fiction, adventure or historical romance novels, then I would highly recommend you immediately add this book to your TBR. There are so many great and interesting things going on in this book and for the sake of not spoiling, I’ve really had to hold back my excitement and enthusiasm in this review. I just hope if you do get a chance to check it out, you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.
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6,765 reviews583 followers
February 11, 2016
Adventure! Danger! Hidden relics! Ancient prophecies! Romance! The race between good and evil for the prize! Grab your hiking gear, anything you think you might need to survive, no matter what, including Duct tape, W.E. Lawrence is taking us on a journey through ancient hidden vaults, dug deep into mountain sides, through booby-trapped locks all to find the missing keys to an ancient lost treasure that could bring the world to its knees if it falls into the hands of the Nazis.

Travel back to 1939, before World War II and head to remote ruins in Peru as Kate Rhoads, expert marksman and police officer teams up with her brother the archaeologist and a former college professor. Old documents must be deciphered, codes broken and a puzzle solved. Enter James, a spy and we have a romance in the making as Kate’s brother disappears and no one is left to find him but them, as they also hunt against evil and time for the keys.

Chakana may take a minute to hit full speed, but the wait is worth it as W.E. Lawrence builds his world, paints his back story and sets us up for a sometimes rapid fire adventure that keeps on taking us deeper into its thrall. Do you like historical fiction, or suspense? Ever wonder how the ancient societies did things without the machines of today? You will find you get a brief lesson there, too. A quick read that will leave you caught between returning to reality and staying in Mr. Lawrence’s world.

I received this copy from W.E. Lawrence in exchange for my honest review. I have no personal or professional relationship with this author.

Publication Date: January 4, 2016
Publisher: W.E. Lawrence
Genre: Action/Adventure | Romance
Print Length: 346 pages
Available from: Amazon
For Reviews & More: http://tometender.blogspot.com

8 reviews1 follower
August 21, 2016
***I received this in exchange for an honest review***
I was so excited to read this book I am a history buff and World War II has always interested me. Add in the fact that it is similar to James Bond and Indiana Jones and I was sold. When I received it in the mail I started to read it immediately. I could not put it down. It was just as good as I thought it was going to be if not better. I was really happy about that because sometimes you get a book and you think it's going to be great and then it isn't, well that wasn't the case with Chakana.

I really liked the character of Kate, she was a strong female and I liked how she would do anything for her family. She's a policewoman who goes to Peru to help her brother with a mystery, but ultimately finds that he's missing. Her and Dr. Charlie are trying to solve the mystery of the box that her brother sent her before he went missing.

Enter James Fleming a British secret agent who has met Kate before. She saved his life and then he saved her from artifact smugglers. They grow closer over the course of the events that happen. They make a good team, and they were quite cute together.

I highly enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes World War II era novels, Indiana Jones, James Bond, or action packed novels. W. E. Lawrence crafted a lovely story that had me on the edge of my seat.
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715 reviews1 follower
August 27, 2016
I received this book in exchange for a honest review. This was a very exciting action and adventure story! Perfect for fans of Indiana Jones. I'm a huge fan of Nancy Drew computer games and this story had a lot of the same elements- discovering ancient secrets, following clues, and trying to find a treasure.

The story takes place shortly before WWII. Kate's brother, Nick, sends her a mysterious artifact and asks that she give it to their old professor for safekeeping. Upon receiving it, the professor believes the artifact may be a key to a long-lost treasure. They soon realize that Nick may be in real danger and travel to Peru to find him. After arriving, Kate meets up with an old friend and love interest named James and she finds out they aren't the only ones interested in looking for the treasure.

Pros: The book moved along at a good pace. I liked that there was background about the characters before they were thrown into the action. This book made me excited and made me want to have my own adventure. It kept me engaged. The mystery/adventure plot was well-written and had some surprises.

Cons: The love story seemed a little cheesy at times and I would have liked to see more character development.

All in all, I enjoyed this adventure story (mixed with some romance and mystery). I would recommend it for those who like historical romance and action/adventure.
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542 reviews300 followers
February 8, 2016
This was a good old fashioned adventure story

I enjoyed the adventure and the puzzle of finding the treasure, I enjoyed the descriptions and the Inca reference s- I found the characters likable - and the writing was good.

It was a bit repetitive and followed a pattern and much was revealed through the inscriptions instead of in the actual temple where the action was taking place.

I had a problem with the time sitting though, it didn't feel at all like 1934 or 1940 - especially Kate's character-
And I had a problem with Kate and James relationship development- the love scenes were completely out of place, the would have rather have the tension and occasional show of affection, it would have been so much better.

I hope there will be another adventure with Kate and James during the War, hopefully it will be more period appropriate.

This review is for a copy courtesy of the author and NetGalley.

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2,242 reviews65 followers
February 29, 2016
I loved, loved, loved this book! There is nothing about this book I would change; the opening, the character development, the plot, the imagery, and all the settings! I loved the good guys, and hated the bad guys. I really enjoyed the way I was brought into the adventures of the movie; even though I couldn’t put it down, and missed a lot of sleep. The ending was perfect. I look forward to reading more of James and Kate’s adventures!

This was definitely a smooth and quick read. Even the editing was great; I found only ONE mistake, the use of the work quiet, instead of quite, which means it was a typo. This rating is a HUGE 5 boundless stars!

P.S. I love that Lawrence chose to set Chakana in Ohio at the beginning, and even more that Ohio University was included. Go Bobcats! The fact that I’m alumni didn’t affect this review at all, it was just an awesome plus to an already perfect book....Beth


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August 20, 2016
Chakana was given to me in exchange for an honest review. I wasn't sure about it at first but when it was described as being reminiscent of Indiana Jones, I was in. I really enjoyed it. I love archaeology so as soon as the plot was revealed, I was hooked. I loved the journeys to find the different pieces of the artifact and the bad guys following the good guys, always a step behind until you get closer to the end. It was also a lot of fun to see the booby traps and how the characters got through them. Kate and James were likable characters and the romance in the story was a perfect accompaniment to the adventure. My only complaint is that their first encounter together was kind of corny and Kate seemed to recover from being scared out of her wits extremely quickly. But when you look at the big picture, the story was a lot of fun and wasn't really meant to be perfectly realistic. I enjoyed it and if you like adventure/romance, you will too.
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1,288 reviews64 followers
June 14, 2016
CHAKANA: ENCOUNTER IN THE SACRED VALLEY is set in 1940 as James Fleming, a British secret agent, is on the trail of a lost Incan treasure trying to keep it out of the hands of smugglers and Nazis. CHAKANA: ENCOUNTER IN THE SACRED VALLEY is Indiana Jones, James Bond, and Lara Croft all rolled into one. James and Kate Rhodes, a police officer from Ohio, race to find the treasure with the help of Dr. Charlie and Kate’s brother. This is an action-packed, but lighthearted, story with enjoyable characters and a dash of romance thrown in. The book could have been longer in order to flesh out some of the relationships and the treasure hunt itself, to make it a little more challenging for our heroes. Overall, CHAKANA: ENCOUNTER IN THE SACRED VALLEY is a fun and quick read. Here’s hoping for a sequel or two!
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Author 61 books657 followers
July 12, 2016
This book has excitement, danger, action, and a strong heroine- which a I loved! I read Guardian of Paradise by W.E. Lawrence so I knew the writing would be impeccable and I wasn't disappointed. Kate heads to Peru to help out her brother and the treasure hunt begins for her and James. The chemistry between the two of them was undeniable from their first meeting and is still there years later when they meet again. I love how strong of a character Kate is! She's not a damsel in distress. There are times she's the one doing the saving. The action and adventure scenes are intense and exciting as well as the sex scenes between Kate and James. I definitely recommend this book! Loved it!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*
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Author 17 books43 followers
May 5, 2016
I loved Chakana: Encounter in the Sacred Valley, a fast-paced adventure set in the 1940s in which British spy James Fleming teams with suspended Ohio police officer Kate Rhodes and her archaeologist brother Charlie as they hunt for lost treasure in Peru. Will they find it before the Nazis do? This novel has it all: suspense, romance (James and Kate have a past involving a quicksand rescue), and fascinating details about ancient Inca society and the evil Third Reich. What’s not to love? The author clearly has more adventures in mind for James and Kate, and I look forward to reading them!
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1,146 reviews71 followers
May 24, 2016
I absolutely loved this book.

This book is a action-packed Indiana Jones style book that got me hooked from the beginning.
I love that this book is full of action, adventure, mystery, and romance that will keep you keep reading and won't want to put down.

If you are looking for a fun read I highly recommend Chakana.
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March 2, 2016
The object of the story was to create an entertaining, fun adventure, filled with action, suspense, danger and romance. I hope you all enjoy it.
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May 3, 2020
Chakana is a historical novel set in the 1940’s that is before WWII. Starting from the prologue, I liked the flow of the novel. It is well balanced-neither fast nor slow but unnecessarily the story is hurried according to my POV. What drew me to read the novel in the first place was the treasure hunt and being ahead of the smugglers and winning over them. I enjoyed these parts more in the novel than personally knowing the characters.

Chakana is the story of lost Incan treasure of King Huascar. Dr. Charlie and Kate Rhodes go to Peru on a mission to find the latter's lost brother Nick. There Kate meets James Fleming by accident. First she didn’t know he is a secret agent. What she knows is that she has met him once in her past.

Both Kate and James try to solve the puzzle that unlocks the mystery revolving the treasure. Will they find it despite the huge threat by the big shots who want it for themselves? You will find the answer. As the book blurb mentions, there is action, suspense, romance, danger, adventure all in this one novel.

Kate is a cop while James is a secret agent. Dr. Charlie is an archaeologist and Kate’s brother Nick(past student of Dr. Charlie) is also an archaeologist.. Then there are bad guys who are after the treasure for all the wrong reasons. James Fleming helps Kate find Nick. They also try together to find the treasure.

If Kate and James didn’t find the treasure, nobody will. Everyone in the world will be speaking in German. Millions of people depend on them even if people in all around the world didn’t know it. Germany will conquer the world and do whatever that pleases them. James and Kate are the only people left to save the world.

Like the book blurb says, the Nazi’s Third Reich could win World War II and they might take over the world. The history part amused me and thrilled me. I was thinking , what is going to happen next.I wanted to know more about the Inca Gods, the Inca people. I didn’t really understand why they have to hide their treasures while they can just pass it to their future generation.

So I had a love and hate relationship with the story because of the Incas. Why do they have to tempt people and drive them crazy towards the place where the treasure is hidden. I can say that the steamy sexual scenes between the lead couples are rushed into but I understand one scene happened because of the hypnotizing place. The leading lady is more interested in having sex than the male lead. It is not understandable as the story of the novel happens in the past where women were submissive and didn't exhibit their sexuality openly in a patriarchial society.

The main put off in the novel for me are confusions regarding the main characters .I understand that it is the author’s second novel. The characters are under developed. I am unsure why there seems to be a hurry in each situations revolving around the story and the people. I hope the author has noted this down and makes necessary corrections in his future novels.

My advice for the author is he needs to slow down a little bit. The novel for me is too predictable, it is clear from the start that the leads will accomplish the task given to them with due care and diligence. After all , in which novel the heroes and heroines didn't finish the task and went home with their hands full.

For some reasons, I did not like the end portion of the novel. It was as if the author doesn’t know(ran out of ideas) about how to execute the novel so he chose a short cut instead. But over all, I would say that Chakana is an entertaining as well as a delightful read.

Rating 3.5/5

My verdict

Though the novel is a historical romance, it is not readable by children below 15 years of age but others can read it. I can give assuarance you will not be disappointed with the novel where the story progresses in each chapter. Highly recommended for those who like historical romance and adventure.
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May 29, 2017

My take on this book: Chakana by W.E. Lawrence is a great book. I was so happy when this book hit the top of my TBR List to read it. Most definitely a cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond.

The main character of this book is Kate Rhodes.

What I like about Kate Rhodes is the fact that she’s the youngest kid in her family. She knows what she wants in life. By this, I mean that by the age of eighteen she knew that she wanted to be the first female Chief of Police but that kind of changes further into the book. What I also like about her is that she can hold her own in a fight or even with a gun which is needed as a police officer but even more with what she needs to do thanks to her brother. What I didn’t like about her is that when it comes to James Fleming, who I will introduce soon, is that she at times lets her emotions get the better of her. And we all know that can be used against her. Then again, none of us can help that happening, at least most of the time or who we fall in love with.

The secondary character of this book is James Fleming.

What I like about him is that he tries to protect Kate even if she doesn’t want him. He tries to honor her request but he can’t help the way he was raised and wants to protect her as best as he can. Another thing that I like about him is that he tries to hide his obvious affections for Kate Rhodes and focus on the Incan trails that they have to face along with not being captured. He also struggles with this a lot throughout the book. James struggles with not only his feelings for Kate but also doing what is right by contacting his boss and stopping the smugglers from getting the gold.

The antagonist of this book is obviously the international smuggler.

He’s named in the book but I want you to find out about him on your own and draw your own conclusions about him. All I have to say about him is that Mr. Lawrence is great at creating bad guys.

Chakana by W.E. Lawrence is a great book and one that I couldn’t put down once I started to read it. I am giving this book a five-star rating. I love Indiana Jones and James Bond and that this book was a great mix of the two even though none of the two characters, that are in the male and female lead roles, have anything to do with archeology much. This book does have some grammar and spelling mistakes but not enough that it takes me out of the book to wonder what the author meant. I am definitely recommending it to my readers of this blog. Well to my adult readers this book does have some sex scenes in it.

Anyways until next time enjoy this book review brought to you by

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March 23, 2020
I received a copy of this book directly from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I wanted to like this book - I really did, but I could not get into it. Though the characters were charming and the writing was clear and easy to read, I found it hard to push past the first few chapters.

The writing style was simple - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it bordered on the kind of writing you'd find in a middle-grade book. That's not to say that it was juvenile, but it was so simplistic and lacking detail, that it threw the pace of the book off. Everything was happening incredibly quickly, and there wasn't a lot to ground the story as far as atmosphere, dialogue, or detail went.

The way the action and character dialogue were written came across as staged and not quite real, and it made it hard to enjoy the story or feel any sort of tension even in the most dramatic moments. In the end, I just couldn't sink into it like I wanted to. If you aren't a heavy reader, and you're looking for a simple, fast-paced read, this may fit you perfectly, it just wasn't my cup of tea.
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June 8, 2021
Fascinating story. Hard to put down. I would read more by this author.
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April 28, 2016
Chakana is sure to ignite a thrill seeking, page turning adventure for any history buff or Indiana Jones enthusiast. A story that is very similar to the treasure seeking Indiana Jones in which the enemies are those of the Nazi regime and ruthless art smugglers.

Our hero is James Fleming a British spy trying to infiltrate the art smuggling ring near Peru in order to find how the Nazi are gaining treasure used to fund their movement. While undercover James finds himself rescuing a young woman from his past…..one he owes his own life to. She also happens to be the one he never forgot!

Kate Rhodes is a policewoman from Ohio who is suspended from the force just about the time she receives a mystery package from her brother, Nicholas Rhodes, who is leading an archeological dig in Peru. Following her brothers directions, she takes the artifact to a local professor and friend, Dr. Charlie. Kate and Dr. Charlie decide to go to Peru and when they get there they are soon immersed into the world of art smugglers and corrupt police. As Kate is being chased by the bad guys, she is rescued by a man that seems familiar and is shocked when his identity is revealed.

When James and his new allies (Kate, Nick and Dr. Charlie) decide to locate the lost treasure before the enemies get it, they never knew they would be challenged with such danger and intrigue from a society long dead. As Kate and James follow the clues they find themselves wishing they could be together but knowing their lives are meant to go in different directions. Knowing they must sacrifice their own dreams for the sake of thousands of lives, Kate and James race against time to find the treasure in order to keep the Nazi’s from winning.

I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly with this story as I have never read anything by this author. I was captivated by the adventure and quickly associated it with Indiana Jones but British style! It was interesting to read such a strong female character from a male writer….points to the author! I also noticed the author placed emphasis on the psychological issues for the characters. By this I mean he explains the emotional reasoning behind some of the actions portrayed or perhaps those not taken. The characters were all well done and enjoyed. The story kept my attention until I finished the last page. I am looking forward to reading more books by the author.

I received my copy through Netgalley in exchange for my review.
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April 1, 2016
This is a fast paced and exciting ‘Indiana Jones’ style adventure with romance. My rating 4.25.

James Fleming was a young British Officer in training in America when he was rescued from a marshy bog by the lovely, young Kate Rhodes. Years later he is surprised when Kate shows up in Peru looking for her brother, a missing archaeologist. Kate has accompanied a professor of antiquities who is helping unravel the puzzle of an Incan decoding machine marked by the Chakana, an Incan cross shape. Such hidden instructions usually lead to a treasure of gold!

James isn’t in Peru for a treasure hunt exactly. He is undercover trying to catch a big time smuggler, Soros, who poses as a legitimate artifacts dealer. Solos is intent on finding gold to invest in the Nazi’s Third Reich so it is of utmost importance that James stop him from getting to the treasure. Soros is smart and ruthless. He will torture for information and kidnap parties of interest to get what he wants.

James and Kate make a good team hunting and collecting the clues needed to complete the decoding box. Many of the clues require two people and not just any two, but two lovers. James and Kate figure they can pretend or bluff their way through the challenge but the Incan traps have planned otherwise.

I greatly enjoyed the puzzle challenges and the dangerous escapes that James and Kate face and mostly conquer. I was a little surprised by the intensity of the sexual scenes in a story set in the 1940s, but what was I thinking? Twenty somethings are sensual beings whether in the 1880s, the 1940s or present day. Given Kate’s strong minded independence, standing up for herself as a police officer in a man’s world, I shouldn’t have found her liberated behavior that surprising.

The story moves at a good pace with Indiana Jones type of villains and dangers. The writing is crisp and flows well. The relationship between Kate and James is warm and I enjoyed how the ending left room for future development and adventures for the pair. There were several good history tidbits that I liked and found informative. This is worth the purchase for readers who enjoy action and adventure with romance.

I received this title through NetGalley for an honest review.
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March 9, 2016
Chakana by W.E. Lawrence is definitely for fans of Indiana Jones. W.E. Lawrence brings readers an intriguing novel that will stimulate of all their senses. From adventure, war, and archealogy, readers will find themselves buried deep in the most exciting novels of all time. Chakana brings readers a British secret agent and a police woman from Ohio. Together these two interesting characters will set readers on an unforgettable journey. Just like Indiana Jones these two will need to work together in order to stay alive.

Chakana has it all. Suspense, travel, and danger...as well as a quest to save the world. W.E. Lawrence captivates his readers from the beginning and doesn't let go until the end. Readers will get to travel, explore, and fight their way through dangerous situations as they follow both James and Kate inside this stunning read. I loved reading this story. The plot was fast-paced and the characters were amazing. Who knew a historical read could be so thrilling? Overall, I highly recommend Chakana to readers worldwide. This is a read, readers won't want to miss.
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October 15, 2016
CHAKANA— Encounter In The Sacred Valley by author W. E. Lawrence is a December 2015 release.

A British agent is saved by a young girl from certain death when he is thrown in a marsh by his horse. Later this girl, Kate Rhodes, who is a cop and is on a mission to save her brother meets him again.

She is saved from some assailants by an unknown man and she finds it’s the same person she had saved years ago. He is undercover British agent named James Fleming and they start a thrilling ride to uncover secret plots and hidden treasure.

I loved reading this story. It was fast-paced and a thrilling story full of intrigue, murder and mystery. I could visualize it unfolding like a movie, which is a compliment to the author’s writing. Author W. E. Lawrence penned a spell-binding tale.

(The only thing pulling me out from my enjoyment of reading it was some editorial issues, which could be fixed.)
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July 29, 2016
Chakana, a novel written by W. E. Lawrence, is set in 1939, and focuses on the British secret agent Jason Fleming, who searches for Incan treasure in Peru along with his love interest, American policewoman Kate Rhodes. I inititally gravitated towards the book because the cover reminded me a bit of Indiana Jones. However, even though Chakana shares some plot similarities with Indiana Jones (such as archaeology, treasure-hunting, and Nazis), Chakana is very much its own story.

The text has plenty of action and adventure, along with mystery and romance (and unfortunately, sexual content). I like how Jason has a real purpose in Peru; he isn’t just searching for treasure for his own gain, but to catch an international artifacts smuggler. If Jason doesn’t succeed, the smuggler will find gold, invest in the Third Reich, and the Allies may lose the war.

*I received this book for review*
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January 27, 2016
Goodness. This book was super fun. It had Indiana Jones level archaeology (complete with defeating a Nazi plot!), a super amazing female main character, and an ending which makes me hope for action packed sequels. I think my favorite part of the book would be Kate. She is a phenomenal character. She is strong, brave, dedicated, stubborn, and one hell of a shot. Honestly- there was nothing I didn't like about this book. It was fast paced, exciting, and entertaining. It was incredibly easy to be immersed in the story. And without giving anything away- I will say that I absolutely loved the ending. I thought that it was absolutely perfect and I would most definitely read any sequel....and I really hope there is a sequel.
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June 15, 2016
dventure and treasure hunting wrapped up in one story!

Love Indiana Jones and National Treasure? This is the story for you. I am always fascinated with ancient treasure, and this story is just full of clues that contains twists that will keep you on your toes!

With the Nazis on their heels, James is trying to keep the treasure protected, while also trying to help Kate find her Brother Nick. With an unexpected attraction between James and Kate, they will work together to unravel a mystery kept secret for centuries.

One clue leads to another clue...which leads to an amazing read. Check this one out!

I can't reveal too much more than that....it would TOTALLY spoil the mysterious adventure!
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