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Of Light and Darkness #2

Of Blood and Magic

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For readers who require something sinister between J.K. Rowling and Anne Rice.

Charlotte and Valek have returned from Prague to their home in the Bohemian Occult City, this time, accompanied by their newfound family.

By daylight, all seems peaceful. But when night befalls them again... danger decends upon our loveable coven of misfits and monsters once more. 

Will love conquer death ...or will Charlotte drown in her own, toxic blood?

Gothic ambience and a baroque aesthetic return in this highly-anticiapated second installment of the Of Light and Darkness seres, a modern fantasy for readers who thirst for something different.

The fairy tale continues...  

376 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 25, 2013

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About the author

Shayne Leighton

11 books328 followers
With over a decade of experience in the entertainment and publishing industries, Shayne Leighton is a creative professional with edge and quirkiness. Her debut novel, Of Light and Darkness hit Amazon's coveted Top 100 overall bestsellers list once during the fall of 2015, and again in the summer of 2016, reaching the #4 spot. Having a background in film science, Shayne has produced book trailers and marketing materials for New York Times bestselling authors and major publishers such as Cynthia Leitich Smith (Tantalize, Candlewick Press), Alex Flinn (Towering, Harper Teen), and Kimberley Griffiths Little (When The Butterflies Came, Scholastic Press). She strives to be the Guillermo del Toro of the publishing industry, knowing what works visually and creatively to make stories a stunning experience that is visual, just as it is intellectual. She spends most of her time working on things that excite her, drinking coffee, traveling to the Czech Republic where she always finds new inspiration, and discovering hole-in-the-wall bookstores and coffee shops on her random adventures. Shayne is a Libra and a Ravenclaw. Her favorite book is The Night Circus (though soon it may be Six of Crows). Her wand is made out of Hazel wood with a Unicorn hair core 12 1/4" long and reasonably supple flexibility. Her patronus is a robin. Find out more about Shayne, her books, music, and design work at www.ShayneRocks.com

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Profile Image for Alaina.
5,936 reviews216 followers
December 13, 2021
I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Of Blood and Magic is the second installment of the Of Light and Darkness Series. In it, we are still following the romantic adventure between Charlotte and Valek. If you thought they were done fighting for their love and lives, you'd be wrong. Plus, we still get Aiden being weirdly obsessed with Charlotte too.

It was honestly interesting. I wasn't expecting so many things to be revealed throughout this but I'm happy that it happened. Not sure what the plan is for the third book but I'm hoping they are reunited once again. I just feel like it would be too easy for them to not run into each other. Especially if he is sent out to kill someone and she could be there. Or something.

Other than that, I liked the idea of the curses and seeing more of Aiden's chaotic family. I think it just has to deal with the overall magic that just intrigues me. I don't think I will ever get enough of it, and I can't wait for what will be revealed in the next one.

In the end, I'm still sticking with my gut and thinking they will be reunited. You can't just say someone is your fated love and walk away from them. Just saying.
Profile Image for Rebecca Royce.
Author 187 books1,332 followers
April 8, 2013
**I was given a copy of The Vampire’s Reflection in return for an early truthful review**

My review: 5 stars

Having recently completed reading Ms. Leighton’s very good story Of Light and Darkness, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review the second book in the series, The Vampire’s Refection.

As she did with the first book, Ms. Leighton has created a world unlike any other that I have read in popular Young Adult fiction. In the first book, the stakes were high and it was unclear what would happen to Charlotte and Valek. The book gave the readers a happy ending and I felt very satisfied that the characters were in good shape. However, this was a false feeling of security as book 2 begins shortly after book 1 left off and the characters were not safe.

The stakes are higher in book 2, the evil more intense, and the endings not as neatly wrapped up. The Vampire’s Reflection doesn’t give the reader neat idea of right and wrong, characters who were somewhat dislikable in book 1 are shown to be more a shade of grey than black. The heroine herself grows in such a way that we aren’t entirely certain which way she is going to do certain things.

All in all, I was very impressed. I loved the ending. I loved being back in the world. My recommendation? Pick up this series. Right now.

Rebecca Royce
Author of The Warrior series.
Profile Image for Gabby (What's Beyond Forks?).
1,182 reviews74 followers
July 3, 2013

Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks?

In The Vampire's Reflection, things are getting a little darker for the lives of the characters in this series. They are dealing with unusual addictions, new dangers, new challenges, and feelings that are unfamiliar to them. Not to mention the new characters, who I'm not so sure which are good or bad yet, but I'm enjoying them all the same. With a topic like vampires, that's been written about so much, it's hard to find something that presents you with new ideas. Shayne Leighton gives you originality in her stories, and she does it well!
Profile Image for Leticia.
Author 3 books101 followers
August 1, 2022
The main relationship in this book was very creepy. The story world and creatures were interesting, therefore one star more. The plot wasn't original and overall this book wasn't for me.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Rachel.
162 reviews16 followers
September 19, 2013
The above review is the book was available to the public.
I have been waiting for book 2 to come out. I just seen on Shayne's page that the date is very soon. My poor kindle is going to be going from me reading it, then passing onto my mother who has been waiting for the book as well.
Shayne Leighton,
I know you have been doing a lot of work to get this book ready for your fans to read. It take a lot of time a patients for books to be published. I can't wait to get this downloaded onto my kindle and reading it about as many times as I read book 1.

This is my review for after reading the book.

The Vampire’s Reflection stars off with us finding out what has happen to Aiden. He was bitten by Valek and in order for him to not be killed by his kind his mother hides him so that he can complete the process. He wakes and go to find out why he was not dead and who put him into hiding. He makes his way to the Regime to find that everyone he has care about is either dead or long gone. As he searches he hears someone call his name from someplace. He looks and see that his mother is alive and she informs him of what she had done to save.
As we catch up with Valek and Charlotte they are out hunting for since they have found out that Elf and Fae give the Vampire’s the ability to be out in daylight. This was something that Charlotte has wanted for a while. They are out hunting with Charlotte as bate, She does everything in her power to keep herself calm as he father tries to explain.
All the rogue vampires that helped with the take down of the Regime are living in Valek house with Charlotte. As we read we find out that Lottie has a problem but Valek is not sure how dangerous thing are for her. After they all feed from her, she is addicted to them needing to feed from her as Vampire’s need her blood. Valek did not realize how bad things are until things it starts to get worse.
We get to meet a new character named Nikolai. He is a college student with a mystery of where he comes from. He has trouble with someone in class while he is trying to finish he paper for his professor. One of the guys in class was told to gather all the work from everyone. The guy and Nikolai are not friends and he decides to slam his laptop shut and shatters the laptop which causes him to not be able to turn in his work. Nikolai is so tired of all problems with this person that he doesn’t mean to use his power, but he is able to push this guy who is bigger than him back. He tells the guy that what has happen didn’t happen and he is not to tell anyone. Nikolai grabs his bag and leaves. He heads home to his small loft and decides it’s time to head home and visit him family. When he gets home his families area is attacked my rogue vampires and everyone is killed. Nikolai tried asking the vampire that is in his house to leave his baby sister alone. The vampire doesn’t care and kills her then turns to Nikolai and kills him so we think.
Aiden is out for his walk trying to decide what he is going to do to get his Regime back and walks into the area what Nikolai family was killed. He can hear the faint beat of a heart and walks up to Nikolai who is in the door way of his house
I am not going into anymore of the book. Please pick up your copy of The Vampire’s Reflection and continue where Of Light and Darkness finished. You will be surprised with everything that happens. Then end is like wow and I can’t wait to read book three.

Profile Image for Sheri.
264 reviews38 followers
June 2, 2013
I’m going to preface this with I don’t read a lot of YA or NA, unless it’s an author that I know and have followed since I was a YA. I was offered the chance to read this book early in exchange for my honest opinion, and I liked it. I also enjoyed the first one but that’s a different review to come soon, once I can put my thoughts about it together coherently enough to make sense and in a way that expressed correctly how I felt.

I will admit that the second was just as good as the first to me, and easier for me to read and enjoy. I loved watching the characters of Valek and Charlotte continue to grow. Valek has so much to deal with and Charlotte, wow just wow, the author puts these characters through the wringer but with the interesting new characters coming into play it’s pulled off beautifully. Somehow I found myself more in love with this world and these characters.

Overall I love this world, I love these characters, even at times I’m not certain why I do, and Shayne Leighton has made it onto my list of YA/NA authors I’ll pick up just to see what adventure she’ll drag me along for next time. This is a dark series, it's not a light and fluffy romance these are seriously flawed but amazing characters. I hope that this series continues, because I can only see them getting better as they go and this book was excellent, I can only imagine the greatness of the next one.

*I was given and early copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.*
Profile Image for Kristin  Reads.
682 reviews14 followers
November 19, 2014
Wow ..this book was incredible! Once again spectacular writing. This book definitely has more angst than book #1. My heart is completely aching for Charlotte.. I felt every tear, broken heart, pain, fear, love and strength...I can't not believe how kick ass strong she is...I can't not wait for book 3 to see more is Charlotte.

valek, I love him..I wish he did not fell so guilty..I as a reader knew ever single thing he did was out of love for Charlotte.

I absolutely loved this book, this series just keeps getting better. This book was a complete thrill ride I don't quite want to get off yet... This book is brilliant.
Profile Image for Emily | emilysbookshelf__.
105 reviews54 followers
January 4, 2022
The second book in the Of Light and Darkness series! I was looking forward to diving back into the Occult City and reading more about Charlotte, Valek, and the rest of the monsters from Prague.

The first book ended on such a cliffhanger and I was so happy that this book started where the first one ended. I just had to know what happened next! Of course Of Blood and Magic had all the spooky vibes in it - vampires, magic, demons, shape shifters… alllllll the creatures that fantasy lovers love to read about.

While this is another slow burn, there was still so much action that took place, including your classic battle of light versus dark. I was disappointed that there wasn’t as much romance between Charlotte and Valek like I was hoping - I’ve been rooting for them since the very beginning.

Shayne’s writing is immersive and beautiful, and I can’t wait to read more of her work! If you’re looking for a “modern fairytale,” pick up this series.

Thank you to Parliament House Press and Shayne Leighton for a digital copy of this book!
Profile Image for Pam.
916 reviews40 followers
April 11, 2013
Charlotte and Valek are back home after their battle with Aiden and the Wizards. They are hoping to settle in and have peace for a while. That doesn't seem like it is going to happen as they brought some misfit friends back with them. Valek has his hands full keeping the vampires he brought back under control and Charlotte keeps becoming sick. She seems to be wasting away and has a bad addiction. An addiction that may just kill her yet. Valek is looking for a cure, trying to keep her safe, the misfits under control and it seems they still have some danger to face yet. A danger that may just separate them.

I have always liked Charlotte. She seemed so sure in the first book of how she felt about Valek and she would do anything for him. I have to say she seemed like a different person in this book. She was weak do to her sickness and addiction. She has so much to face in this book and in some ways it is more than she faced in the first. I still liked her and truth be told I probably liked her more in this book. She has such an intense inner drive that keeps her going. Valek also seems different in this book to me. He cares so much for Charlotte and does what he can to help her. His willpower is really tested in this book.

I like the first book in this series and I enjoyed this one even more. The author puts these characters thru so much you wonder how they don't go insane. I liked seeing the new characters come into play and was surprised by a few of them. I wondered after the first book were this one would go and I have to say it was nothing like I thought would go in it. It was so much better. There is plenty of action as the misfits cause trouble, sometimes causing lots of damage that I think will have a long term effect, enemies and other people after Valek while all he wants to do is get Charlotte well and plenty of heartbreaking scenes that will leave you surprised. I don't do spoilers but you need to read this book with plenty of different kinds of people that are sure to please anyone. This isn't a light hearted book it is darker and I love it. The author has create a wonderful series that I just know is going to get better. Fans of the first book be ready to be surprised.
Profile Image for Tricia M.S..
88 reviews3 followers
July 19, 2015
Shayne does it AGAIN!!! Her second book pick right up form the last one without missing a beat and without much of a time jag. She is tenacious with her pen in a way that has me wanting more from her. She has figured out her niche in the vast world of writing and as a reader I am most happy. I just get could not put it down once I got started.

The complexity of the story bring in new characters and tells how thing progressed after the great fight scene at the end of the last book. We learn what it's like when you are hunted down by the Regime. Then there is the vampire "mis-fits" that joins Valek & Charlotte at their home. This one is darker than the first with even more emotions are triggered.

I hope that I will get to preview book #3 when it comes out. And I will be recommending this to my reader friends & my local library.

I'm rocking this one out at 4.5 out of 5 stars!!

***NOTE*** Please know that I received this book from the author in exchange of my honest opinion and has no bearing to anyone in the making of this book. This is just my opinion of what I thought of the book.
Profile Image for TheBookPlatypus.
800 reviews117 followers
December 23, 2020
I wish I checked to see if another book was coming out. I thought this was the last book. Lol. Completely my fault. But it left off on the saddest cliffhanger ever. And the third isn’t coming out for a long time.

“Bewitchments were pretty, and magic was convenient, but none of those things could conjure true friendship.”

More sides characters from book one became main characters in book two and new characters are brought into the fold as the uprising of the underground vampire world makes one hell of a action packed novel.

“I have been ripped to pieces. I have been used as livestock. I have stared death in the face. But I never thought you would lie to me. I know the Darkness now.”

With Charlottes health declining, Valeks conflicting emotions, his past sneaking up on him causing danger for all his friends and family... it’s all a torturous war that no one wins.

“Sweet lies are easier to swallow than sour truths,”.
All the lies to protect Charlotte come to crashing explosion when all bets are off, everything gets revealed and Valek is heartbroken and Charlotte is pissed. Understandably so.
Profile Image for Laura.
335 reviews
December 26, 2013
After reading the first book in the series I was glad to have received the second one as well! I wanted to know what was going to happening the lives of Charlotte and Valek! They deal with darker things then ever before and feelings that are hard to figure out. This book still has that old time setting but with a different spin on things then the new age vampires. No sparkling skin here! I know that being a fan of this book most readers would really enjoy the love story going on between the main characters, but I just don't like that thought of this man raising her as his daughter and then the feelings that come later. It's on the pervy side of things. But I understand that love has no limits and am happy that they have this strong bond.
Old characters are there as are new ones, that bring new havoc to the scene. I am quite intrigued by what is happening to Aiden. I think this character could go really far and would love to read more about him. I feel for him and everything that has happened to him. I am drawn to him! Really!!!! Hoping to read more soon!

My rating:
4 stars
Profile Image for Rachael.
1 review1 follower
July 2, 2013
The story line was very well written and I believe this author has a vast array of talent to her. I liked being able to follow all of the story lines, yet they were a bit hard for me to keep straight at first. Still with the flow of the book they were easy to follow very quickly. I like how the plot picked up were the other left off and not much time had changed. There were so many fascinating and interesting plot turners or sifts with this book, I am excited about the development of this story as well as the development of the people in this story. I am excited to see new characters and how they played such a great role in the story. I can't wait to see how the story grows from here this is good work
Profile Image for Camelle.
190 reviews27 followers
September 7, 2013
I fall in love with this book, such a great one. I still want more, there will be a next book right? It will not end here, it shouldn't be. I still want to know more about Charlotte and Valek. I can't wait for the next installment, I'm excited to read what will happen with those two. I wonder what will be the title?

View the rest of my review here: http://homeofabooklover.blogspot.com/...
2 reviews
September 21, 2013
Once again Shayne has sucked me into the world Of Light and Darkness! I quite literally could not put this book down! I read it in 12 hours! I was yelling NOOOO at points where she throws us a curve in the story! You don't have to be a teenager to fall in love with these books! I know what I'll be reading again very very soon... Like in a couple of hours lol!
Profile Image for Marissa.
325 reviews
July 10, 2013
This was a crazy whirlwind of emotions. I just wanted all my favorite characters to get a break. It was definitely darker than the first one and that's saying something. There better be a third one very soon.
Profile Image for Holly.
197 reviews11 followers
December 3, 2013
i so love running across these $3 or less gems! This series grabs your attention and doesn't let go. loved this as much as the 1st book. hopefully the next installment will be out soon.
Profile Image for Megan Leprich.
438 reviews13 followers
January 1, 2022
Sadly I didn't care much for this book, almost like the first book but I liked this one a little less. The writing style didn't keep my attention, the only characters I like are the spider, the scarecrow, and the witch Sarah, the other characters either irritated me or I just didn't care for them as a whole. The romance still gives me the heebie jeebies, I just can't get past the "daddy/daughter" relationship the two of them have. The action scenes I honestly just skimmed through because that is the area where I was losing the most attention span for.

I really wanted to love these two books but unfortunately I will not be continuing on with the series even though the second book kind of ended on a cliffhanger, they're just not for me.

*Many thanks to Parliament House Press for the gifted copy for my honest review!*
Profile Image for Ken Kap.
194 reviews5 followers
December 14, 2020
I have to say I was so nervous reading the last few chapters, the cliffhanger and suspense killed me. I enjoyed getting more character development in this book.
Profile Image for DeadsEnergy.
3 reviews
April 16, 2018
Of Light and Darkness Book 2 is a taut and challenging sequel to Leighton's first novel, and a pitch-black standout of the series. From the beginning it develops an all-engulfing tone of chaos, torment and irreversibly shifting feeling. There is a flaming glimpse into a quickly re-forming and twisting character. The consequences of the previous war play out against a very Gothic backdrop of blackened rubble, night and shadows. Tension abounds on both sides, and much of the heat of the characters' committed idealism has gone out, making Of Light and Darkness Book 2 a dark work about the hard truths of relationships in moments and times of conflict, as well as a cautionary tale highlighting the potentially destructive nature of our desires. As Charlotte, Valek and others find out, what they think they want may entail a lot more commitment, pain and personal transmutation than they expected. They may get something vastly different to the ideal they nurtured in their minds and hearts; and in headstrongly fighting for the Shangri La the planned for, they may have to swallow a very bitter pill - and endure physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds.
After much conscious and unconscious reflection on this book, I feel compelled to even compare it to Steve Biddulph's use of the important psychological concept of "the Ashes." As he writes in his book Manhood: An Action Plan for Saving Mens' Lives, every man (in this case vampire) - in order to grow into a more careful, caring and humble being - must face and learn from an "Ashes" period in his life. The Ashes can be anything that shows him without doubt that he is not all-powerful, infallible and invulnerable. In Leighton's sequel, Valek fails to live up to his promises - even fails to keep his vampire darkness in check.
The other characters are also pulled through the flame. All these trials, however, add up to an arresting tour-de-force. Leighton's OLAD moon may well be in full lunar eclipse mode, immersing the reader in some truly confronting material, but her characters' Ashes offer a potent real-life responsibility to both male and female readers. Thanks to Leighton's previous rich, empathetic embodiment of her character Charlotte, the novel supports the realization that men do not and should not believe they have power over women, and that there is a vast difference between being in any kind of relationship with a woman and having genuinely earned and secured it with one's actions. With Charlotte's powerful centrality as intelligent and resourceful heroine of the series, Of Light and Darkness Book 2 convinces empathetic readers of the importance of a positive and resilient inner life - quite apart from exterior beauty. It is a novel about minding the fragility of friends and partners' health, as each day and night passes - and the dangers of not doing so. As a final note, it is not only emotionally fraught and startlingly philosophical. Leighton also retains a sense of quirky play and humor in parts - two standout scenes involving zany misadventures with trolls and horses. These moments are a welcome sliver of comic relief that develop her recognizable writing style, balancing wide-eyed wonder and terror. Of Light and Darkness Book 2 - highly recommended. 5 stars out of 5
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2,935 reviews52 followers
September 14, 2016
The Light and Darkness series introduced us to the strange but magical world where vampires, elves, witches, talking spiders and a cloth man struggle for survival all while rallying to the support of one human girl name Charlotte. "Of Blood and Magic" finds Charlotte, Valek and the gang enjoying their reprieve from the oppression of the court. Unfortunately, their joy is short lived.

Soon Charlotte begins exhibiting side effects from her treatment her vampire hosts. In short, she is dying. Valek and Sarah are desperate to save her and it causes him to make some foolish choices and take even more despicable actions. Lottie gets to see another side of Valek she has never seen.

Meanwhile, Aiden Price is a former image of his formidable self in the wake of Valek's victory. Now his Aunt Cinder has decided to rule in his absence and she is about to launch a full scale attack on both Charlotte and Valek. We are also introduced to a new human, Nicholai who has an unusual connection to Valek's past. The question is whether or not it is good or bad. The legendary Baba Yaba makes an appearance in this story as well.

This sequel was a much darker read than the first book and I found there to be less action as well. Much time is spent reading about disagreements and pity parties between Charlotte and Valek that bogged down my enjoyment of the story at times. I also can't say I liked Valek very much in this read. He is singular focused to the point of making bad judgments regarding Charlotte time and time again.
I found myself asking where is the big bad vampire who took down his enemies in book one? Also, why is Aiden still alive?

It will be certainly be interesting to see where this series is headed. I just hope the third book will have a lighter feel to it. Only time will tell.
Profile Image for Holly.
458 reviews29 followers
September 14, 2016
Loved every minute of this book! Full of action and adventure. Many twists and turns! Characters are well written and very likable. I highly recommend it!! Can't wait to read the next book in this wonderful series.
58 reviews27 followers
January 29, 2012
I loved the first one and I hope this book comes out soon. It only says Jan. 2012
Profile Image for Dagger.
6 reviews1 follower
February 23, 2017
This book could use some serious editing for grammatical errors and missing words. That being said, the story is incredibly compelling and I can't wait to start book 3!
Profile Image for Tatiana.
176 reviews18 followers
January 6, 2022
This series is like a mix of twilight and Harry potter, but where the frist book felt more twilight this one feels a lot more like the 7th harry potter book.
The plot is very entertaining I like the power battles between light and dark, who doesn't love a good light vs dark battle right?  The order of vampires have a big feel to the volturi from twilight but with a more crusade vibe. I quite like them.
This book felt a lot like transition and world building, pointing the story in a diferent direction. I like most of the characters, they are well built interesting and with varied personalities. Though my less favourite is valek, in this book you get to really hate this entitled  prick  that belive the woman he himself have rise is a useless idiotic baby that can't help in anyway and whose best use is to sleep all day and stay out of the way, so I find annoying that Charlotte keep forgiving him... all the dynamic between them is secrets upon secrets by the shake of secrets without a real reason for those secrets but valek wanting to be the perfect Knight in shining armour. So I really don't like the "romantic" part of this book or the previous one valek and Charlotte don't have chemistry.
There are some things in the writing that are weird, for example, it suddenly says he stopped laughing, but never told us he started, and made reading somewhat confusing, this happends few times in the book.
Also I am unable to locate the time, what era does this happen in? In the frist book there is a comment of a lady talking by phone in the road. So I imagine is a mobile phone, what put me in at least mid-late 90's  but then in this book Charlotte gets a discman as present and they listen to a song  released in 1985, as modern music. So I'm quite lost of as when all this is happening 😕 not something very important but a clear time will help me picture things clearer in my mind. I am still unsure if I'll continue reading this series. I'll probably give the next book a chance and decide then.
Profile Image for A.J. Vrana.
Author 5 books158 followers
March 25, 2021
After toppling the autocratic government of the Light, Charlotte, Valek, and their motley crew of misfits return to the occult city, but the day is hardly won. With Charlotte suffering a peculiar ailment that slowly consumes her, and Valek's dark past catching up to him, they have more than enough trouble to contend with.

Yet a greater danger lurks. In this dark and compelling sequel to Of Light and Darkness, Shayne Leighton introduces us to devastating new players: Cinder, the ambitious and strong-willed aunt to the fallen Aiden, set on conquering the darkness and toppling the patriarchy. The Parliament, a mysterious and shadowy underground league of vampires whose goals are as obscure as the organization's origins. And finally, Nikolai, a young man living on the other side of the occult curtain of Prague--a young man who has, since birth, found himself at odds with the mundane.

As these new forces swirl together and coalesce into a storm of newfound challenges for our central cast, Valek finds himself struggling to keep his secrets close as Charlotte grows increasingly ill and suspicious that he is hiding more than he's letting on. Bonds once thought indestructible begin to fissure as loyalties are tested and morality questioned.

Of Blood and Magic maintains all the whimsical marvel of its predecessor, yet brings to the fore a darker, more sinister tone that weaves metaphor, history, and folklore to transgress the boundaries of the fantasy genre. Shayne Leighton's growth as a writer is evident as she effortlessly immerses her reader in stunning gothic imagery from historic Prague and abandons some of the youthful mirth that marked her earlier work. Characters are jaded and traumas are unraveled as she pushes this beloved found family to make difficult choices and live with the consequences. In the Occult City, there are no fairy tales with happily ever afters--at least, not yet.
Profile Image for Karen Holmes.
Author 2 books27 followers
December 26, 2021
I was given the opportunity to read both Of Light and Darkness (book 1) and Of Blood and Magic (book 2) of The Light and Darkness series by Parliament books in exchange for an honest review.

It introduces us to a world with different creatures divided between light and darkness though it's not as clearcut as the light is good. Elves fall on the light side and they want to control darkness and in doing so, they become darker in their actions.

I felt a bit at loss with the story. There are parts that are too naive while others seem of a darker nature and they are mixed up. First book is a bit more light headed and second book is darker because of Valek's decisions mostly.

Lottie, the main character, was adopted by Valek, a vampire who found her abandoned in the human world, but once she is 17 she suddenly falls in love with her father figure and from then on it's a wavering of understanding and missunderstandings among them.

What I found charming was the found family that starts as a group of vampires taking advantage of Lottie's blood to a group of family members loving each other in different ways including Sarah the witch, Mr. Trinozka a talking spider and Edwin a cloth man

When Charlotte gets sick after Valek and Sarah get desperate to safe her and this is the moment he starts making some foolish choices that tear them a part again.

New appearances Aiden's aunt, trying to rule from his ruins, and Nicholai a human with a connection to Valek.
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