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(Children of Titan #1)

3.91  ·  Rating details ·  780 ratings  ·  193 reviews
In this gritty and innovative science-fiction thriller in the vein of Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, turmoil on one of Saturn’s moons rattles Earth’s most powerful citizens—and draws one planet-hopping rogue into a fight he never saw coming.
Malcolm Graves lives by two rules: finish the job, and get paid. After thirty years as a collector, chasing
Kindle Edition, 201 pages
Published June 21st 2016 by Hydra
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3.91  · 
Rating details
 ·  780 ratings  ·  193 reviews

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Titanic reading!

The author contacted me and I received an ARC edition of the novel in exchange of a honest review.


Do you realize how vast our solar system is?

This novel by Rhett Bruno is an interesting detective story set in a far future when Earth has populated several places in the Solar System, such like Luna (Earth’s moon), the surface of Mars, Europa (one of Jupiter’s moons) and Titan (one of Saturn’s moons), and even sending far beyond of the Solar System, generational
Feb 20, 2016 rated it really liked it
Rhett Bruno should be on a short list of young, new speculative fiction writers fans should be excited about.

Bruno’s work is, like Ann Leckie’s, an evolutionary culmination of decades of science fiction work moving forward and channeling new technological advances and staying edgy and fresh.

Titanborn, his 2016 novel describes a world three hundred years in the future after much of humanity, and the best parts of Earth, have been destroyed by a rogue meteorite. But Bruno eschews a stereotypical p
Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
Are you serious with that ending!

It can't end like that! Where is the next book?

For some reason the main character and the book made me think of two things. Malcolm as Mel Gibson in Mad Max and the story line something like Bladerunner and I have no idea why.


Malcolm has been a collector for the Pervenio Corp for thirty years. They need something or someone gotten, he goes and gets it. There are a lot of different people out there fighting each other for a lot of different reason. I got the gis
Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
Jun 19, 2016 rated it really liked it
Shelves: arc, science-fiction
3.5 stars. Final review, first posted at Fantasy Literature :

Titanborn, a future noir tale, follows “collector” Malcolm Graves as he travels around the solar system in the year 2334, resolving problems for his employer in a largely permanent and deadly way. As a collector, Malcolm is a combination of an investigator, bounty hunter and hired gun for Pervenio Corporation, one of the huge corporations that now effectively control Earth’s solar system. Malcolm, who's a veteran of thirty years in the
Reading Corner
Mar 30, 2016 rated it really liked it
Shelves: review-requested
Titanborn is a fantastic sci-fi with a great plot and a very unexpected ending.Rhett C. Bruno managed to completely immerse me into the world within Titanborn through his great writing and storytelling.The story was fantastic along with the characters,especially Malcolm Graves as he develops as the novel progressed and proves to be quite complex.

For me,the best part was the story as it constantly keeps you entertained and how certain situations resolve are really interesting, especially the endi
Feb 24, 2016 rated it really liked it
By the time I got to the end of the novel, I had Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" playing in my head. It really sums up the fantastic end perfectly.

I honestly had some weird ideas about what I was going to expect in this novel, from other's reviews, mainly, but in the end, I was very, very happy with what I got.

It began with the feel of a MilSF novel, changed well into a bounty-hunter novel with burgeoning buddy-fic written all over it, and then, surprisingly, it became a character study without a si
Mar 12, 2016 rated it it was amazing
Oh you clever, clever man, Mr. Bruno!
First, you give my friends a copy of this book in advance to its publication date, then one to me (thanks again by the way) and OF COURSE I have to read it right away although my TBR is crushing me!

But that was not enough for you, was it?! No, you then had to draw me in with a world that is a mix of "Firefly" (one of the best scifi shows EVER) and "Blade Runner" (one of the best scifi movies EVER) and "Total Recall" (the original, not this shitty modern vers
Paul E. Morph
Mar 07, 2016 rated it it was amazing
I grew up reading the science fiction stories of my own 'holy trinity': Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. I loved nothing more than lying on my bed and being transported halfway across the universe by one of these giants of the field. Reading Rhett C. Bruno's Titanborn, which is a really nice mix of speculative fiction and space opera, took me back to those younger days.

This great little slice of SF takes the reader on a journey that spans the Solar System in the company of one
Montzalee Wittmann
Titanborn by Rhett C. Bruno and narrated by the wonderful R.C. Bray. This audible book has the best characters! I really became attached to a couple of them quite quickly. The plot is unpredictable and totally surprised me at the end 😢. Lots of action, great world building, or universe building lol, and it made me feel like I was there.
The narration was terrific as expected by Me Bray! He always performs so wonderfully!
Oh dear. This was really not a great one for me, and it's a real shame, because this looked like it was going to be a lot of fun! Do note that I'm in the real minority here, so chances are very good that you (yes, you!) will enjoy this much more than I did!

I listened to the audiobook as read by R.C. Bray who I adored reading The Martian. I didn't love this voice work quite as much as his work on The Martian, but it was still a very solid narration.

Titanborn takes place about 300 years in the fu
Aug 10, 2016 rated it liked it
This short, noir-ish sci-fi thriller finds a middle ground between being almost mediocre and almost great. On one hand, the author's investment in the characters and wordbuilding definitely shows; it is easier for a reader to care about the goings-on when the author clearly does as well. The drawback is that none of it is terribly original or surprising. That doesn't necessarily mean "bad" in this case, it just means "shrug." The story's final twist is rendered well, but still manages to feel a ...more
Feb 12, 2016 rated it liked it
Shelves: fr, sci-fi, ng
The measure of man is by his actions.

Malcolm Graves is a collector. Think bounty hunter and problem solver. Been at it for decades, working for the Pervenio Corporation. Some things go down less than ideally and next thing he knows he's got a shadow. Veteran mentoring his rookie partner setup, I'll admit is a trope I love. Zhaff is the eager, emotionally unconnected understudy, textbook perfect, and naive.

They're working the case, a terrorist plot spanning Earth to Titan. Chasing into the hinte
Review of the audiobook narrated by RC Bray.

Set 300 years in the future, Bruno realizes an intriguing future setting where humans were forced to settle elsewhere in the solar system due to a near-extinction event that changed the face of the Earth and have sent colonization ships to distant stars with no knowledge or their ultimate success. While I sometimes found the physics of zero gravity to be portrayed inconsistently, it didn't ultimately detract from my enjoyment of the action sequences, w
The Shayne-Train
Feb 24, 2016 rated it really liked it
Shelves: netgalley
What an engaging and entertaining piece of sci-fi this was!

Part post-Armageddon dystopia, part space opera, part police procedural, with a big ol' chunk of buddy cop movie thrown in.


The main character is a bad-ass spacer problem-solver (called a 'Collector' here.) He's getting too old for this shit (see above gif), but can't imagine any other life, so he keeps on keepin' on. Now, on the biggest case of his life, he gets paired with a new rookie half-cyborg to avoid forced retirement.

I know what
A Wondrous Bookshelf
Jul 11, 2016 rated it it was amazing
Wow! Rhett Bruno’s Titanborn was a real breath of fresh air for me. After having gone through a series of fiction and mystery books, I had forgotten how much I love a good Sci-Fi book. Titanborn begins with a post-apocalyptic future where long ago a meteorite hit Earth leaving humans nearly extinct and forcing them to colonize other planets and solar systems. Malcolm Graves is a bounty-hunter, or collector, who spends his days collecting bounties and controlling rebellious activities throughout ...more
Mar 14, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: owned-e-books
Well this was a fun little read. A pseudo detective story set in a blade runner/the expanse future with two main leads who are nicely developed and a bunch of stereotypical hanger ones. The clip of the story is fast (if a bit lose), with no slow or boring parts. Sadly not overly original although there were couple of surprises that caught me of guard (well maybe, we will see what the sequel does).

The writing was a bit rough and some transitions feel a bit jarring, especially when the main charac
Mar 13, 2017 rated it it was amazing
I really enjoyed Bruno's The Circuit series, but I think I may like this Titanborn series even more. Titanborn takes us 300 years in the future after a meteorite has devastated the Earth. In order to avoid this catastrophe, a segment the population colonized Titan and the reprocussions of that colonization echo loudly through the centuries.

But this is not a post-apocalyptic tale. Like the ecological catastrophe that mankind has largely moved on from in Alastair Reynold's Blue Remembered Earth,
Stephanie (Bookfever)
This review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

I knew that after reading This Long Vigil (which is a short story that takes place 100 years later) that Titanborn would be amazing. It was every bit as spectacular as I had hoped it would be and more so.

I absolutely loved the main character Malcolm Graves. Aside from having a badass name, he was pretty badass himself. After a bombing on earth, the people Malcolm works for team him up with a new partner to hunt down the terrorists be
Per Gunnar
Jan 17, 2016 rated it really liked it
This review is based on a eARC copy that the author graciously provided to me in exchange for a fair review. Normally I am a bit hesitant when it comes to reading eARCs since they are sometimes a bit too unfinished and rough around the edges for my taste. This author however (I really do not know the guy apart from a few interactions on Goodreads) has surprised me by providing eARCs that are actually of better quality than some of the released works out there so I felt reasonably safe to jump in ...more
Lilyn G. | Sci-Fi & Scary
Titanborn was a solid read. The characters were well-developed, the action was well-paced. The tech was always believable with nothing seeming ridiculously far-fetched. Malcolm and Zhaff were the perfect compliments to each other, with Zhaff refreshingly not playing the mouthy young upstart.

Actually, as the book went on, I found myself identifying with Zhaff. He’s socially awkward, relies on his skills and learning to get him through, but is a strong, reliable figure. The partnership between the
Jan 07, 2016 rated it really liked it
Shelves: kindle
This review is based on an ARC provided to me.

"It's not a collector's job to ask questions. I did what was asked of me and made a good living doing it." -- Malcolm Graves

Malcolm Graves is a Collector for the Pervenio Corporation. For the past thirty years, he has settled uprisings and rounded up criminals, malcontents, and terrorists. He is very good at his job. After a terrorist attack on Earth, he is paired with a new and mysterious partner, Zhaff, to find the perpetrators of the attack. Dur
Scott Whitmore
Feb 15, 2016 rated it really liked it
A fast-paced and satisfying sci-fi adventure, Titanborn by Rhett Bruno (@rcbruno44) includes a lot of familiar elements that are elevated through the author’s confident execution. This review is based on an advance copy of the book provided by the author for that purpose. The book is slated for release on June 21, 2016.

After thirty years roaming the solar system as a collector for the Pervenio Corporation — a sort of enforcer-slash-security consultant — Malcom Graves is starting to worry about h
Feb 25, 2016 rated it really liked it

This is a detective story set in a science fiction venue. That’s all it is. If you like detective stories, then you’ll like this book. I don’t find these kind of stories that appealing because they seem to be obvious in who done what. The character descriptions in this book is pretty good. I especially liked Zhaff; even the name is interesting and I’d like to know how the author picked it for one of his characters.

The whole story-line involves a “Collector” who works for a large corporat
Mar 06, 2019 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
This is what they mean when they say time flies because those eight hours where gone way to fast, in fact Einstein have proved that time is not a constant and now I’m sure about it to.
Truly a beautiful beginning for an excellent series, I’ve enjoyed this audiobook so much that now I fear of disappointment as I move to audiobook two which came out today of this series.
So, I’ve already said that this audiobook is excellent about choosing R.C. Bray for narration? Also excellent he tot
Eamon Ambrose
Mar 10, 2016 rated it it was amazing
In the distant future, man has moved to the outer planets after a catastrophic meteor impact on Earth three hundred years previously. Many settled on Titan, with the new atmosphere and conditions gradually changing the settlers over time. Now known as Ringers, they eke out an existence on Titan, treated as second class citizens, prone to sickness brought by incoming earth settlers.

Malcolm Graves is a collector, a bounty hunter of sorts, paid to do the bidding of a large corporation, who finds hi
Oh My Bookness
Feb 06, 2016 rated it really liked it
Titanborn by Rhett C. Bruno is a science-fiction novel, based around a character named Malcolm who works for a corporation called the Collectors.
In a game hiring bounty hunters to collect on their runaway profit, you still can't help to wonder with a name like the Collectors what else do they have their hands into? Whatever it maybe is, can't be good.

Malcom, who works for the Collectors, his job is to travel through the solar system as a bounty hunter not caring or wanting to know why. For Malc
Peter Roland
Jan 07, 2016 rated it it was amazing
Author Rhett Bruno first came to my attention after reading his very clever short story "This Long Vigil!"
*available Amazon for .99¢
It was so well written, & moving, I decided to contact the author to praise his effort, & encourage him to continue with possibly something longer in the future!
To my surprise, Mr Bruno contacted me immediately, thanked me & asked if I'd be interested in reading & reviewing a copy of the same book idea I was suggesting he should write?
*Apparently, my
Mar 28, 2016 rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: Fans of The Expanse
Now Available!!!

"It’s not a collector’s job to ask questions. I did what was asked of me and made a good living doing it."

Damn but this was some solid straight up scifi! It's The Expanse meets Bladerunner, a police procedural with cop buddy moments, a galactic political drama and an intimate family tale. Malcolm Graves is a collector, bounty hunter/special police, facing the threat of retirement when he gets one last chance by agreeing to partner with/train a teenage Cogent, Zhaff. A cyberne
Andrew Norley
Feb 27, 2016 rated it it was amazing
Having grown up only knowing Asimov, Sagan and Bradbury as sci-if writers I come quite late to this genre, my experience being of Buck Rogers, Star Trek and Star Wars films. The nineties opened my eyes.

Malcolm Graves is a "collector", a corporate bounty hunter living by the maxim " get the job done, get paid"

While on a forced vacation in London, after a less than perfect performance on a previous job, Malcolm is caught up in a terrorist attack. His boss brings him back with a rookie partner to t
Dec 28, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Titanborn is exactly what a good science fiction novel should paced, exciting, intelligent, witty, and just a wee bit twisted! I was fortunate once again to get an ARC and once again Bruno doesn't disappoint, especially the ending since couldn't see that type of ending coming...bravo to an author that has the guts to end his book in such a way instead of taking an easier route. I cannot wait to see his next installment of the Titanborn Universe. I wish a could write more of a review bu ...more
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Rhett Bruno grew up in Hauppauge, New York, and studied at the Syracus

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