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Off Limits

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Off Limits: A Stepbrother MMA Romance


I like to fight and I like to f*ck.

Now’s my shot to fight for real, step out from my billionaire father’s shadow and be my own man. This summer’s all about going after my goal of becoming a pro MMA fighter.

The problem is the girl I want to f*ck. She’s driving me crazy with her little yoga outfits, her creamy skin, luscious curves and wide-eyed innocence. Normally, I’d hit it and quit it, get her out of my system and focus.

But she’s my goddamn stepsister. And she hates me. This summer we’re supposed to spend eight weeks together living under the same roof.

I need to taste her. I won’t rest until she’s writhing beneath me, begging me to let her come. I’m a man who gets what he wants, and what I want now is Jewel.


I want him so bad it hurts. I’ve never felt this way before.

I’ve never had a problem keeping my distance from bad boys. The more muscles, tats and testosterone, the more I ran the other way. I learned my lesson, growing up with a trainwreck of a mother.

Until now.

Tuck makes my panties melt. He keeps me up at night, twisting in the sheets, obsessed with fantasies while I touch myself.

But he’s my stepbrother. And he’s an alpha, dominant asshole.

We’re sharing a house and he’s walking around shirtless, every inch of him ripped with hard muscle, sweaty after his brutal workouts. I don’t think I can hold out much longer. I’ve always been the good girl, but he makes me want to be bad.

***Off Limits is a standalone stepbrother romance novel with a HEA (85,000 words).

268 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 14, 2015

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About the author

Callie Harper

22 books718 followers
Callie Harper writes hot, fun, page-turning romances. She is powered by coffee, wickedly sexy bad boys, and all things funny, intentional or otherwise.

She is the author of the Beg For It series and the All In series, both of which feature standalones with crossover characters

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2,551 reviews46 followers
December 8, 2015

“Standing pressed up against the wall, my heart had stopped when i’d seen him enter the cage. He looked so menacing and powerful, all male. All that energy and aggression, raw passion and prowess, my breathing picked up the second I saw him. He’d taken off his sweatshirt, revealing his rippling muscles and tattoos.”

5 off limits stars!! I’ve read my fair share of stepbrother books, but I think this may be one of my favorites!! So hot!!

Wow, the angst and intense attraction between Tuck and Jewel is explosive and so f@cking hot!! Callie Harper knows how to write and she does it well!! This book is the epitome of sexy stepbrother books and I’ve read my fair share!! I’m not giving anything away with my review except to say that, if you like stepbrother books with an MMA twist, then this is the book for you!!! Grab it!!

Alpha Book Club
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club
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590 reviews444 followers
August 4, 2016
Holy Hot sinful and insanely sexy read...Off Limits is a ball of pure, delicious sin wrapped in an exquisite story that left me breathless and wanting more.
I LOVED these characters and the build up between them, the angst literally burned through the pages and sizzled through me.
I seem to have an addiction to fighter books at the minute and with the added tantalising taboo story line that this story offers I was hooked. I straight up devoured this book like Tuck devours Jewel..HARD!
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1,453 reviews409 followers
December 14, 2015
☆ I received an ARC via GossipGirls PR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! ☆

3.5 stars!!

”You kill me,” I murmured.
“I think you mean crush.” He kissed me full on the lips.
“Crush?” I asked when I could.
“Because I’m the Crusher. In and out of the cage, baby.” He flexed his bicep at me and flashed me a cocky grin.

Off Limits
was your stepbrother and sister taboo pairing, mixed with a little MMA fighting.

Jewel is the daughter of an ex-Hollywood starlet, looking to catch her new sugar daddy and keep up appearances. She loathes the spotlight and any type of help to get her through her academic goals, and hopes to soon breakaway from her mother’s jaded grips.

Tuck, on the other hand, was born to money. The only son to a billion dollar empire, Tuck has no interest in following the family tradition. His dream is become a professional MMA fighter and to stand on his own, apart from his family’s wealth. But that’s easier than said, when daddy’s still footing your bill and bailing you out, and well… marries the object of your eye and desires mother.

Tuck could have any woman he wants. And he wants, Jewel.

As for Jewel, Tuck oozes danger and eventual heartbreak. From his womanizing and philandering ways, to his cocky and self-assured attitude, Jewel knows that Tuck is trouble and her ultimate undoing.

How will their illicit affair turn out?

An over all, a drool-worthy alpha male that got my panties wet.

Tuck wasn’t perfect and had his flaws—a fact of which stood loud and clear for Jewel-- but I think this is where it addressed potential for his character to grow and develop.

And Jewel. She was a great female heroine, where, in some ways I felt was kind of like me due to her recluse and timid bookworm type of personality. Mirrors me a lot.

I know that in one aspect, people might label Jewel a coward and a doormat, but genuinely, I think if I were in her shoes, I, too, would run far away from Tuck. She doesn’t know if his intentions with her are honorable and she is well aware of his history with women. Not to mention, if he were in my presence, I have a feeling that I would have a hard time resisting his advances. I mean, who wouldn’t? *wink wink*

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433 reviews8 followers
March 29, 2016
I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review for my co-owned blog United by Books.

Callie has produced a book that is so hot it will leave your knickers on fire and in need of extinguishing! And I need to find me a Tuck STAT!

This for me was my first step into the world of MMA books and what a way to break my virginity (very apt!). I have to say Callie's book left me a little in love with MMA and a whole lot know love with her writing and story telling! I was hooked as soon as I entered her world and it wasn't long before I was head over heels for Tuck and Jewel and the story they told. Individually I connect with them both and wanted to learn more about the two of them and the world's they live in because believe me they couldn't be further apart. When the two come together it's just dynamite, the chemistry between the two of them is off the charts and I don't know how my kindle didn't combust into flames! Sexual tension is definitely not missing in this book, believe me it has it in bucketful's. The only downside is their parent's getting married and them becoming step-siblings and their feelings becoming taboo. Who doesn't love a taboo book! Tuck has the filthiest mouth and my God I think I love it as much as Jewel! I said at the beginning of my review I need to find a Tuck and I'm not kidding! There were a few times I wanted to scream at Jewel to get her head together or just would have Tuck for myself! Ladies when you read this book you will get it!

It's definitely a book worth reading. It will have you gripped and wanting more as you work your way through the pages and you won't be left disappointed!
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395 reviews52 followers
January 12, 2016
4 stars... and I really don't like step brother romances. That says something!

So, I don't get the whole step brother craze. I'm not judging; to each their own. I have read very few step brother romances, and that was before they were labeled in that way. Because of that, I have no idea why I picked this book up. Someone on a book blog facebook group thingy posted about it. For whatever reason I thought I'd give it a TRY. I really didn't expect to finish it.

I got hooked. The reason I got hooked? The MCs. I completely fell in love with them. Tuck and Jewel (love the names) were amazing. I love their story, their chemistry, and their devotion to one another (even when they were "off-limits" to one another, but post New York). The MCs are the reason it's four stars and not three.

The cons of this story for me were:
*I felt like the back and forth between them was too drawn out. I get it. You want suspense and sexual tension. I just felt like it got a little too much at times.
*Because of above, I wish the reader had more time with them TOGETHER and instead of chasing one another or avoiding each other.
*AND because there was little time where they were together, it was kind of a let down. Like "oh, they are together now for good. The END." It needed another chapter or two of them being a couple for me to not feel like I was cheated out of something.

This is a book that is all about the lead up between the characters. If you are wanting to read beyond that, this book is not for you. A sequel to this one that shows the struggles the two have as a couple, or how they have both grown as people and a couple would be amazing!

Like I said, the MCs made this a four star read. I still really enjoyed it. However, I think I was reminded on why I don't read step brother reads in the first place.
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273 reviews4 followers
January 11, 2016
Four stars for Tuck and Jewel!

I was expecting a quick read with this one but that was the opposite of what I got! Tuck and Jewel are new step siblings but the first time they kiss they have no idea! They're both in college and polar opposites when it comes to personality. Being irritated with their parents flighty decisions and confusion with each other, they try to stay far away.
Life it seems has different plans for them. Jewel gets her dream internship in LA and when she arrives at Tuck's fathers house, Tuck is already there.
What I loved and hated most about this one was the build up! I mean it literally went on for tooooooo long. Not to deceive you guys though, this was still a very hot read. My only issue was that Jewel was a little too timid and scared of being seen as "gross" or being labeled as having "incest" with her brother.
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9,520 reviews148 followers
December 13, 2015
Can't say I blame Jewel I wouldn't pass up seeing Tuck fight either, “no, wait.” Now I did reach out and touch him, on his bicep, my hand around his hard muscle. He looked down at it, instantly hyper aware of our physical contact. “I want to go,” I insisted. “Do you have a ticket?” When he wants to be Tuck can be a very observing man, "what are you wearing?" Tuck looked at me like he wanted to rip my dress off with his teeth. My breathing quickened and my chest rose and fell under his hungry gaze . "You're not wearing a bra." I liked this book, I loved Tuck.
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1,986 reviews84 followers
December 18, 2015
* A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour *

~ 3.5 Taboo Stars ~

Off Limits is the first book by Callie Harper that I have read. I was attracted to this book because of the cover and the fact that it was a MMA fighter story. I was also drawn to the story because of it's taboo plot. I am sucker for the step sibling storyline!!

I have to be honest and say I enjoyed this book but I had a hard time connecting with the characters, which in turn made some aspects of the story hard to believe. I am person who doesn't mind angst in my stories, but this book had a little too much for my taste. I felt that with all the will she/won't she stuff it made the ending rushed and unbelievable. I would've liked to see Tuck and Jewel get together sooner and see how they face some challenges together. Had they been together sooner than the last 20% of the book could've been expanded upon and not been so rushed.

I will say that I did like Callie's writing style and her storytelling. I would've liked a little more focus on the MMA part of the story and maybe a little less of the taboo step sibling angle.

What I did love about this story was the growth we saw in Tuck. In the beginning I found him pretty cliche….the typical spoiled rich guy who liked to party and hook up with girls. I thought it was great that Jewel called him on his behavior and he realized he had different goals in his life than that of his dad and made a complete turn around. I have to admit I had a soft spot in my heart for Tuck. Jewel on the other hand I really wanted to smack. Her hot and cold routine started to ware on me. I get why she had some self esteem issues stemming from her mom, but I thought Tuck did a great job building her up. Plus I didn't like all the games she would play with Tuck….(example…Mike) I will say that Tuck has a dirty mouth and I absolutely loved it. He can surely melt a pair of panties ;)

So if you are looking for a melt your panties hot, taboo, MMA fighter love story, then this is one you'll want to give a try. Even though this wasn't a 5 star book for me doesn't mean it won't be for someone else. I look forward to seeing what Callie gives us next.

OFF LIMITS is a completely stand-alone novel!!!!

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849 reviews13 followers
December 17, 2015
Whoa! This book was H.O.T! Damn...Damn...Damn! I am still squirming in my seat after reading those super steamy intimate scenes. This is definitely one of the sexiest books I have read in a long time. Tuck is one filthy mouthed, hunk of alpha man meat! Holy cow, the angst between Tuck and Jewel is palpable and their chemistry is off the charts. I truly enjoyed their forbidden love story. I love fighter books, and this one did not disappoint! I definitely recommend!

♥ Review by Lys

January 6, 2018
4 Star Kindle Unlimited Read
What can I say, "Off-Limits" definitely has a few of my favorite ingredients. It has a deliciously naughty and sexy as f*ck man that has a tendency to lean towards dominant sex. Not to mention said man is a rough and raw MMA cage fighter. Add in the devastating hot as Hell meet/cute and you have yourself a recipe for a good read. Toss the fact in that their parents are married and you find out after a sizzling kiss that was about to lead to a quick fast f*ck, then you have a naughty really good read.
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215 reviews17 followers
December 15, 2015
My Review


Going into Off Limits I didn't read on the cover that this was a step-brother romance... I have nothing against step-brother books, it's just that there are a lot around at the minute that all have the same kind of story and plot...

But let me tell you now Off Limits is so much more than your typical step-brother book... it is so different it should have its own genre...

This is the first book by Callie I have read and I absolutely F****** Loved it ...

So I am now definitely going to read everything she writes from now on....

Tuck is a rich playboy, that is sexy as hell and has women falling at his feet... which he takes full advantage of.. sometimes two or more at a time

He hates living under the Helmsworth name and under his fathers hand...

He want's to prove that he is not defined by his fathers money and power... so he puts his all into his dream of becoming a professional MMA fighter...

Tuck is attends a fancy event with his father to meet his new step-mother for the first time...

while at the bar he spots Jewel... he is instantly attracted to her, as she stands out.. not just with her fiery red hair, but she is real and not putting on a show... she is so unlike the girls he is normally around... she is like a breath of fresh air.... and he wants her

Just as he is about to lay his charm on her..... his father drops a huge bomb.... "Tuck meet you new step-sister" ...... WHAT ???

Jewel has grown up with only her mother as a role model.... her mother has been a actress from a young age, but is now kind of washed up... you will often find her now splashed on the covers of gossip mag's from very messing splits from men, to images of her sniffing cocaine off her rock star ex's body..... (classy)

Her mother is with a new man often, all with one thing in common.... there all rich (can some one say Gold-digger)...

Jewel has seen this behaviour all her life.... and wants no part of it, she wants to make something of herself and to never rely on a man... like her mother always has done

Jewel is kind of a nerd.. she keeps to herself at collage and works hard to pursue a great career...

She has had no interest in men... until Tuck and it scares her the way her body reacts to him...

That is until she finds out he is her new step-brother

She fights her feelings for him... tooth and nail

She wants nothing to do with the playboy that thinks he's god's gift and lives off his daddy's money.....

But when they spend the summer together and Jewel gets to know the real Tuck, all her fight goes out the window.... and its gloves off and game on...

I LOVED OFF LIMITS.... its dull of suspense and constantly had me guessing...

I read it in one sitting.... I was up till 4am to finish it... I just had to find out how it all ended....(sleep had to wait, the book was more important... ha ha all you book addicts will understand)

I loved Tuck, he is one sexy man... boy did he make me hot as hell, and I lobed his sweet side (SWOON)... and I really loved Jewel, she was really independent and fought for what she wanted out of her life and career.... and she done whatever it took, with a lot of hard work to make something out of herself....

Off Limits is a story of a Forbidden Romance between two Soul mates .... and there fight to forever.....

If I could I would give it 100*

Callie I am now your number 1 fan girl and I cant wait to read more book from you....

Keep the amazing books coming <3

Girls (& guys) I highly recommend you read Off Limits... you wont be disappointed

Amazing Read.... Best MMA / Step-Brother Romance I've ever read....
Profile Image for Stacey.
286 reviews72 followers
January 20, 2016
This is a Stepbrother romance I could get into! As this was maybe my second or third stepbrother romance...I wasn't completely sold on the whole "stepbrother" thing. Not usually my thing, but hey I don't like to judge! I have read others where it was just weird and I had to mentally remind myself that they were not blood related! Not here!

Tuck and Jewel had no idea they were about to be introduced to one another as the adult children of their dating parents. But before this even happens Tuck, the spoiled rich kid, makes a move on Jewel, the quiet bookworm. Things get heated between them when they are disrupted and their respective parents show up to make the introductions. At this point it becomes clear that they could never be...at least this is clear to Jewel. To this point in her life she has tried to be the good girl and step out of her Starlet, Gold digging mother's shadow.
As time marches on their parents elope and they are now thrust into a weird family situation. Jewel tries to forget the man who has just brought to life feelings she's never had! Forced together for a family gathering in NYC, Jewel is reminded of just what type of guy Tuck is. A womanizing spoiled rich kid dependent upon his Dad for money. She does her best to avoid him, but is also attracted to him and knows she can never act on this attraction as they are now "step-siblings". Her mind is made up and she is steering clear!
Weeks later they are forced into an unthinkable situation! While Jewel has an internship in LA and living at her new step-father's mansion, she discovers that Tuck has decided to stay in LA, in the same mansion, to focus on his MMA dreams. Will they last the 8 weeks together in the same house?!

Will they? Won't they? When are they?! OMG...could they just do it all ready?! Lol! I loved the anticipation it had me staying up late, saying...just one more chapter....it's only midnight, just one more chapter! And then FINALLY! It happened!

I loved the chemistry between Jewel and Tuck! I loved his cocky sense of being! I kind of wished there was more to their story, as I felt there just wasn't enough of them.
Profile Image for Amy.
693 reviews
December 16, 2015
Off Limits
Callie Harper
4 stars

Im not a huge fan of the step-brother reads but his one is pretty much a keeper because dude is an MMA FIGHTER … whoop whoop! I also was pleasantly surprised as I have read a few, that this story line was somewhat different than the others. Nice job Callie!

Tucker Leland Helmsworth III is rich. His father has inherited his father’s money and so on and so forth. Tuck is a disappointment to his father wanting to be a fighter. His Dad has had to bail him out of numerous situations. Tuck wants something more than to continue to ride on his Daddy’s coat tails, its time for him to get serious about his fighting and see where his name takes him and not his father’s. In the mean time if he can stay away from “Red” his father’s new wife’s daughter it will be a miracle. He never intended to be in the same house as her but there they are. Now what ….

Jewel has grown up wanting to be nothing like her mother. She has studied hard, kept herself on track and now has landed one of the most prestigious internships. Jewel doesn’t want handouts but staying at her step-fathers house near her summer job that is of course unpaid will help her makes her ends meet. Candice Kidd, Jewel’s mother is a washed up actress who is determined to make this marriage work with Jewel’s new step-brothers father. Jewel gives it less than twelve months. If she can get through the summer with Tuck constantly hounding her eventually the marriage will end just like they all do and she will never have to see him again.

Off Limits is a story of a taboo situation in our society. However both of these characters are in their own way tormented. Not to the extent of being abused or anything but both never having the love of a parent. This is a really good read. If you are not a huge fan of the Step Brother reads you should give this one a click … as they are not my number one choice ... this one is a keeper.

Thank you for the ARC for an honest review Callie. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.
December 17, 2015
Loved this book! I loved how they didn't just fall immediately in love. I like when a book has a build up in the characters relationship and Callie did a wonderful job doing just that. This book was highly entertaining. I loved the banter between the two main characters. I definitely recommend this book.

Jewel has been living her life the opposite of her mother. Her worst fear is becoming like her and she makes the choice to be super responsible to the point where she has no life really besides studying. She has earned a full ride at college and she is determined to pay her own way in life. She doesn't depend on anyone. Then one night she meets him and she acts completely out of character, only to find out that he is to be her stepbrother. Fast forward to a few months later and she is staying at her stepfathers house in LA while she interns. She thinks she'll have the place to herself but SURPRISE Tuck is there for the summer as well. Will she be able to ignore Tuck the whole summer? Is Tuck still up to his partying, manwhoring ways?

Tuck gets a reality check from his new stepsister one night while trying to seduce her and he realizes she's right. He wants to change his ways and finally get himself not only physically ready to earn a shot at the UFC but mentally as well. He is in LA training to do just that and has quit drinking and screwing around. He's ready to be serious and to finally be able to stop depending on daddy's money and finally set off on his own. One day the one woman he can't get off his mind shows up and he is determined to make her his but its not as easy as he may think. Will Tuck be able to show Jewel he's changed? Will he be able to keep up with this behavior or will he go back to his old ways? Will he have what it takes to make it to the UFC?

I also loved how this book wasn't all about them having sex. Don't get me wrong its there but we also get to know the characters and their stories as well. Callie has done a wonderful job. Don't miss out on this very good book!
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1,322 reviews8 followers
January 18, 2016
Some spoilers ahead....

I am always leery about books that deal with step-brothers and really over the top whorish men. But I am extremely glad that I made myself read this. I swear, Callie Harper almost had me creaming in my jeans at work. I literally thought I was going to orgasm while reading. I have to stop and walk away at one point...WHEW. I really liked both characters. Tuck wanted to be nothing like his father but realized he was going in that same direction. It took Jewel telling him how it is to make he realize, or like he said, "she put a mirror in front of his face and it made him want to change". I always love when I see characters grow and blossom into something better. I was sad that Tuck had to backslide...now he did nothing wrong (in my eyes) but what appeared he had done, made his look like he was that drunk, partying 24/7 punk whore who he had been prior to Jewel. Now don't get me wrong, Jewel had her faults. She let people put her down and dictate how she should think and feel. She made Tuck think certain things when they weren't true...and I was a little peeved about how when their parents got divorced that then...oh its ok to be with him now....No, I would have really liked for her to come to that judgment on her own and love Tuck even though it was taboo. I wanted her to go to him and say...you know what, I love you even if people will look at us weird, I love you enough to step out of my comfort zone....but alas...that did not happen. That would have been the only part I changed...well that and I would have liked more sex....cause DAMN was it hot.
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2,275 reviews35 followers
December 14, 2015
Give me a book about a man that is good with his hands and you will be my friend forever – Callie Harper, pleased to meet you!
I love the whole MMA fight scene scenario and with Tuck and Jewel I was onto a winner right off the bat.
I found the pair of them completely impossible not to fall in love with they had a super story and they garnered my enthusiasm to the point where all else was side lined completely – I just had to find out how things were going to end.
They were both brilliant characters but I couldn’t quite figure out where they were going to be able to come together, not in the fact of social circle because that was inevitable when their parents tied the knot and being step siblings was the kicker to anything that could be possible between them.
But as worried as I was I should have known that the author had it all in hand because when they did get together they set the page alight.
I didn’t like the way they considered the feelings they had about their relationship as being sort of wrong, when they were so perfect together but I was intrigued with how they handled their emotions.
Jewel at times was frustrating but Tuck had the makings of both her and her attitude, she was a fool is she thought she could get the better of this foul mouthed behemoth.
Ladies you will fall hard for Tuck, I know I did.
A story that was cleverly put together, it had just enough angst to give it an edge but not enough have you scratching your head, although at times Jewel did warrant a sneaky slap.
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625 reviews12 followers
December 17, 2015
Who knew I'd enjoy stepbrother romances this much???

I REALLY enjoyed this book. I mean, what's not to love? It's about a super sexy bad boy MMA fighting stepbrother. Enough said.

From the moment Tuck and Jewel meet, it's definitely lust at first sight. But the flames quickly get extinguished when the pair are thrown together as their new "family" starts to take shape. Seeing a different side of each other as time goes on, now they can't stand each other, and avoidance becomes the norm.

But somewhere along the way, things change, and boy is it a scorching hot process. This book is quite naughty. And I know what you're thinking. "Misty, you make it sound like that's a bad thing!" Oh, I promise you. It's a very, VERY good thing.

Seriously, I'm not gonna tell you what to do, but I'd suggest maybe picking up a spare set of batteries to keep handy while you read it. And FYI, if you have nothing that requires those batteries, I suggest you rectify that situation first.

Tuck and Jewel are fantastic characters. There's so many layers to them, and the author is really good at bringing out their faults and insecurities, and ultimately their passions and deepest desires.

This is the debut novel from Callie Harper and this book has definitely made me an instant fan. I've already signed up to review her new series and I can't wait for more books from her.

This is definitely a hot must-read book.
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521 reviews12 followers
March 2, 2016
I totally loved this book!!! The story flow and characters were absolutely perfect, and OMG talk about major, hot, sexy, gorgeous alpha male, well here is where you will find just the man!!!
Tuck is the son of a billionaire, he has had everything handed to him on a plate. He loves to party and he loves girls and he loves to fight MMA style. He has all he wants until he meets Jewel. Then his life changes in pretty much everyway except his fighting.
Jewel is shy, a straight-A student and a virgin. She goes through life working at being the compleate opposite of her fame hungry mother. She has never been swept off her feet by anyone, until she meets Tuck!
They meet at a party with instant chemistry that is totally off the page hot! One little problem arises when they officially get introduced, his father is dating her mother!
Trouble with chemistry like these two share, it can not be turned off, even when their parents get married!
So many twists and turns and as Tuck changes to concentrate on his fighting career, Jewel notices the changes he's making! But can they hold off being together?
Will they be able to control their urges?
Will they eventually give in to how they feel?
What will happen if their parents find out?
How long will their step brother/step sister relationship last?
Will they give in and have HEA together or will they stay apart forever?
Reviewed by Tracy @ Ladies Of Love Book Blog And Graphics
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717 reviews24 followers
December 18, 2015
3.75 Stars

This was a very good debut novel by Callie Harper.

In the beginning of this book I thought Tuck was going to be a complete Sh!t but I have to say he changed my mind pretty quickly. Although he wound Jewel up I loved him and he burrowed his way into my heart.

I enjoyed the fact there was quite a bit of buildup to their love story. It wasn’t insta love and that worked well with this story.

I hated how Tuck’s father treated both him and Jewel, he was a horrible man and i wanted to jump into the story and slap him.

There were two things that really got to me about this story. First of all I hated the use of the word petals, it completely grossed me out and I tried to skip over any parts I seen it in the book! The second thing was the back and forth, Jewel gave me whiplash and I have to say I didn't really like her at times in this story.

Overall I really enjoyed this debut book, the writing was well done and there was a great story to go alongside that.
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December 18, 2015
Tuck, fighting is the only thing that separates hi from his family name and legacy a chance to prove to himself that ha can make it with out using The Hemsworth name.
Jewel, stubborn and strong works hard to prove she is nothing like her gold digging mother.
When they meet sparks fly and they a drawn to each other, then the bottom drops... They meets their parents as they announce they are getting married. Dam talk about first encounters!!!
This book has all the taboo of the stepbrother romance and so much more. I mean she really tries to stay away but who in their right mind would be able to? I mean body like a god, tattoo's, and a dirty mouth that would melt your soul.
Callie, gives you all of it! She leaves nothing on the table, I mean you will feel their attraction as you inhale her words and the some. Perfection!
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December 18, 2015
My rating is as Off Limits as this book!!! 5+ star worthy!!!

This book was off the charts HOT!!! Love me some stepbrother books and mix in MMA as well!! Yup I fell in love with Off Limits!! I could not put it down the characters were not only scorching the pages but they are complex. Loved the banter between Tuck and Jewel!! The sexual tension between them was just crazy and made me want to scream at them to just give in and get it on!! They are both denying what they feel well Tuck not so much he’s the type who doesn’t give a fudge and goes for what he wants. Even though he knows that Jewel is off limits.

As Callie’s debut novel I can already say that I will be following her from here on out and reading more of her books in the future!!
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January 11, 2016
Wow what an emotional read!!! Jewel wants to be nothing like her mother. A wash up actress looking for her next conquest as long as he has plenty of money. Well she found one Leland and now Jewel is stuck at this Horse fundraiser waiting to meet him when this man makes his way to the bar and Jewel is instantly taken by him. Of course Jewel is hidden where no one can see her while she checks this man out. Once she decides she is going to the bar where he is she doesn't expect him to talk to her but he does and then Jewel does something she never thought she would do. She finds a dark corner with him and things get hot and heavy until she hears her mothers voice. And then she learns one thing she never thought she would hear..... Did she go to far to take it all back???
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December 6, 2015
Arc given to my blog for an honest review....

HOLLY SHIT BALLS! How hot was that book! Shit it had me flipping pages. I was able to connect with all the characters which is something I have to have happen or I loose interest in a book.

Jesus the angst in this one was killing me! At some point the main character Jewel annoyed the shit out of me! The back and forth was insane but understandable. The situation they were thrown in made this book what it is! HOT AND HEAVY! Let's talk about how hot it is to read the fighting scenes. All in all I enjoyed it and will now have to read other books by this author!

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December 9, 2015
*Arc provided for honest review*

HOLLY SHIT BALLS! How hot was that book! Shit it had me flipping pages. I was able to connect with all the characters which is something I have to have happen or I loose interest in a book.
Jesus the angst in this one was killing me! At some point the main character Jewel annoyed the shit out of me! The back and forth was insane but understandable. The situation they were thrown in made this book what it is! HOT AND HEAVY! Let's talk about how hot it is to read the fighting scenes. All in all I enjoyed it and will now have to read other books by this author!
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December 3, 2015
Holy melted panties Batman! Callie Harper’s Off Limits was off the hook! I’m going to start this off by letting you all know that Jewel and Tuck’s story is a straight up baby making, bow chicka bow wow book. Their chemistry so wanton, the pages were spitting out fireballs, burning me up. Whoa!


Callie Harper
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December 3, 2015
I received an ARC of Off Limits in exchange for an honest review.

WOW! I loved it!

From the very first page this book had me hooked, and it did not let me go untilI finished at 1am.
The story is well written and the characters are complex and loveable. I love Tuck's arrogance and dirty mouth, and Jewel's quite insecurities.
The sexual tension in this book is tangible. I wanted to scream at them to get themselves together already!
I cannot wait to see what Callie brings us next! She definitely has a new fan in me!
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February 20, 2016
This was a steamy read!! Tuck's dirty mouth is a panty-melter.

I love MMA books, and this one did not disappoint! I loved the build-up between Tuck and Jewel. Hell, I loved Tuck & Jewel! From the minute they meet, their chemistry is off-the-charts crazy, and their banter was very entertaining.

There were a few spelling errors, but overall a good story. I definitely recommend! This is a great first effort.
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December 18, 2015
I am usually not a fan of step brother romances but I absolutely loved this one. From the very start these characters have a fierce attraction to each other. Once they learn about their parents they both have to fight the sexual tension pulsing between them. I can't wait to see see more from this author
Great story.
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December 20, 2015
This book gets 5 STARS alone because of how freaking HOT it was. I'm mean damn!! This author can definitely write some off the charts scenes.
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