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Agent 1.22 #0

Agent 1.22 Issue 0

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Cyborg operative Agent 1.22 is an emissary of T.E.R.R.A, cryogenically preserved in deep sleep between assignments. When external communication is lost with Fortress DX-B Biotech Facility, agent 1.22's Mother-Ship S.S. Mnemosyne proceeds to the third moon of Pandora 5 to discover the fate of the facility and its staff.
Who is Agent 1.22? How did she become a cyborg? Can she stop the dreaded Tempest Virus before it makes its way to Earth?

Kindle Edition

Published November 16, 2015

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Stephan Nilson

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Author 16 books74 followers
October 6, 2016
I have only been fortunate enough to come in at zero (0) with a comic once in my life. I blew it before, but not this go-round. I don't remember how I came across Agent 1.22, but I am so happy I did! I see so much potential in this graphic novel. So much originality and hopefully some blood splatter!
Created by Angelo Panetta and Tom Dheere, Agent 1.22, Episode 0 is an introduction at something beautiful. With crystal clear, HD graphics, Agent 1.22's innocent face and a viral outbreak on an isolated outpost brings this inaugural tale to SciFi Life! Because it's episode zero, you are told just what you need to know, allowing you to observe her alone. Her and her mission, of course.

The details are right in your face, allowing you to take in observations that would normally be lost. You find appreciation body wear that's metallically alluring, shapely legs and a set of voluptuous breasts. Uh... and the virus that may be out of control! There is a purpose to this- but mostly... yeah- you're supposed to see her. I'm not trying to sound lewd or anything. It raised a ton of questions! Questions that I got to ask in an interview with both Panetta and Dheere! Be looking out. (Author Interview Series: 2016, 9/20/16).

If you like graphic novels and comics and want to get in on an amazing story- check out Agent 1.22! You will read it over and over again, finding something different every time. On to the next read!
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497 reviews6 followers
December 17, 2017
Writer Angelo Panetta kindly sent me a copy of this issue following my review of issue 2.

We are introduced to Agent 1.22. Her mission is to retrieve data from an outpost ravaged by a virus. She is hindered by a Director Miller but what is more interesting is the random flashes of memory that she seems to recover while fighting Miller’s killer robot. There is clearly more to the agent than we realise.

This story has a lot of potential from the get-go. Not only is the silent protagonist mysterious but so is her connection to the ship that she is bound to. It almost feels like this ship has a maternal fondness for its charge?

The first thing you notice in this graphic novel is the stunning art. The photo-realistic HD graphics are mesmerising. This level of detail is astounding in this format and I know that it will only get better.

My only negative would be the few panels where Agent 1.22 is posed in an overly-sexualised form while defending herself. I’d prefer it if we didn’t resort to this as she is a fascinating character in her own right.

An excellent opening entry into a stunning and intriguing world.
267 reviews2 followers
February 22, 2019

A good opening for a comic that leaves the reader curious what is going on though prefer more of an explanation. Will I buy more of this series? Yes the art is excellent am interested in reading more.
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