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Uncompromising Series Book One


I surf.
I fuck.
I pretend to smile.

Two years ago my life was perfect, until it wasn’t. I scattered my wife’s ashes then walked away from the Marines. I didn’t think I had anything left to lose.

I was wrong.

The blond showed up at my surf shop, beaten and stabbed. I did what I was trained to do—I stitched her up. I didn’t have a clue who she was and I told myself I didn’t care. Until they came looking for her.

I swore I’d take my last breath before I let anyone else hurt her except I didn’t know she was keeping a deadly secret. Now I had two choices, her life or mine.

Marriage and combat taught me the same thing—I was no one’s hero. And I was about to prove it.

*TALON is a 95,000 word standalone novel.

354 pages, ebook

First published March 1, 2016

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About the author

Sybil Bartel

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Sybil Bartel is a USA Today Bestselling author of unapologetic Alpha heroes. Whether you're reading her dominant Alpha Elite mercenaries, her protective Alpha Bodyguards, or her page-turning romantic suspense, all of her heroes are sexy-as-sin and unwaveringly Alpha!

Sybil lives in South Florida, and she is forever Oliver's mom.

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1,473 reviews450 followers
March 5, 2016
My favorite type of heroine is one that is confident and isn't afraid to kick @$$. As someone who's read hundred and hundreds of books, I can understand that not all, in fact, not most heroines are going to be that. Then, there are the complete doormats. What's worse are emotionless doormats. That is what Nicole is and I don't think I've disliked a heroine this much in a really long time. As much as I was tempted to DNF it, I was really hoping it got better. Let's not even get into the fact that this supposed non-commital dude gets it in his head that he wants it all at the precise moment he's "making love" for the very first time with Nic. -.- What? Is it made of magic? O.o No really meaningful exchanges, wick gets dipped, bam! It's love. The plot is all over the place. The way things go down between Talon and Nic's old relationship leaves a really bad taste. A billionaire surf shop owner. An abusive relationship. An MC. A security firm. Murder. Gangs. A missing person. Again... The plot is alllllll over the place. The "reveal" about 60 or so pages from the end? As I predicted, it pissed me off. It also ended up making Nic a little less hated because she FINALLY shows some flipping emotion. It also allowed us to see a different side of Talon. The 2 stars were earned almost exclusively in that little bit. Safety gang: There's no rape but there is abuse. There are no OW but the heroine does something that doesn't make it clear if there are OM. I didn't like what she did and if her pushover personality has anything to do with it, it's easy to picture her allowing things to happen.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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June 16, 2017
***** 3.5 Stars *****

"I'm done paddlin' out because I found my magic. You're my perfect wave."

Talon is a spin off from Sybil Bartel’s Unchecked series. As a reader that didn’t read the other series, I felt a little left out throughout the book, especially when random characters were mentioned.

The entire story is in Talon’s POV. Although I didn’t enjoy his times of irrationality, I did love his sexy heroic moments.

Nicole is a beautiful woman with lots of baggage and secrets. She comes to Talon injured while he is at his surf shop. Talon needed to help her, and then realized that she was his Siren. He doesn’t do relationships because of his painful past, but she was his game changer.

Although they were instantly attracted to each other, there was a lot of pushing and pulling between them. The constant struggle against their urges didn’t bother me. What bothered me was the continuous interruption. Whenever a character was going to say something important, they would be interrupted over and over again.

The blurb doesn't mention this, but Talon and his friends go up against a MC gang and a cartel. The story overall was enjoyable and action packed. The next book in the series is about Neil, and I would love to read about him.

description description description

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2,070 reviews311 followers
August 1, 2017
I didn’t know until I started reading this book that it was a spin off series from the ‘Unchecked’ series. This is a peeve for me as I hate it when I don’t know it beforehand. I feel as if I’ve missed something and that I need to back track and read the others. I didn’t with this book.

This was a nice quick read that was easy to read and sucked you into the story but and this is just my personal opinion, most of the heroes in books like these become game changers. Which I’m slightly irritated by.

This had the possessive hero in all his glory although he didn’t want it as he thought that he had already lost too much to care but he is wrong.

The heroine has secrets but the Hero gets to the bottom of things. They are instantly attracted to one another but the one thing that annoyed me was that she just stabbed someone and she’d been stabbed and they decide to go at it? Ah she has been stabbed dude! That shit has got to hurt.

Every time I thought that we were then getting somewhere then something would arise which frustrated me.

I can only say that in this case it is not the author or the book but me and that isn’t just a line. So please be aware that this is my opinion on this review and can only be taken at face value.

Book received via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
122 reviews14 followers
February 11, 2016
Eh this was okay,it is my first book from this author and this is sequel but kinda it isn't.
There is a lot of charachters and I really like how involved they were - just like a big family.
It was nice but I didn't like Nicole so much.


*ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review*
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2,712 reviews
March 14, 2016
4.5 Siren Stars

“Siren didn’t just take my breath away, she stole my reason.”

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for Talon’s story. Ever since I was first introduced to his character in The Unchecked Series, I had to know more about him. I asked Sybil Bartel. I begged her to please give us Talon’s story and let me tell you, it was so worth the wait. Talon’s story does not disappoint one bit.

On the outside, Talon appears to have it all together; an ex military man, now surfer and surf shop owner. He spends his days living the easy life: sleeping with women and have a good time. Never letting anyone get close and the moment they want more, he cuts them loose. Talon is a great man and a wonderful friend. You can always count on him when you’re in a bind and he can help you get out of any situation.

But, you see, Talon isn’t perfect. He’s not a hero at all. However, seeing Nicole badly beaten stirs his protective side and makes him want to protect and care for her. Nicole is only supposed to stay with Talon until her wounds heal, but being around Nicole is a game-changer. Nicole has unknowingly woken up a part of Talon that he thought was dead. He tries to fight the undeniable connection between the two of them, but is unable to do so. As the two of them try to navigate their way through whatever is going on with them, Talon quickly sees that everything isn’t as it seems. Nicole is keeping a secret. A very big one. A secret that has the power to change everything. When the truth finally comes out, will Talon able to keep his promise and keep Nicole safe? Will Talon ever get over the loss of his ex-wife?

Talon was well written and a quick and easy read for me. This was one of my most anticipated reads, so I devoured this book in just one sitting. This book is captivating and keeps your heart pounding. There is suspense and danger around every corner. Talon and Nicole’s story is sexy and intriguing. It is filled with lots of action and delicious twists and turns. This book gave me everything that I was looking for in Talon’s story and more.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*
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927 reviews243 followers
March 15, 2016
3.5 Stars
ARC received via Xpresso Book Tours.

I almost decided I wouldn't read this book after several of my reviewer friends gave lackluster reviews, but that cover just kept pulling me in. Can we say hot? So I gave in and read it anyway, turns out I am the opposite of some of my friends, because I really enjoyed this one!

Talon is a spin off of Sybil Bartel's Unchecked series, which I didn't read prior to reading Talon. Do I feel like I am probably missing something? Yes. However, it didn't take away from the story too much. Told from Talon's POV, this book is all alpha male all the time. He's possessive, bossy, and frankly very rude and crass, but he's protective and has a serious hero complex. Nicole, our damsel, is hard to read, I mean seriously hard to read. I almost wish I could've had her POV, because like Talon, I got really annoyed with not being able to follow her hot and cold attitude. The not-unique story line of ex-Military womanizer saving damsel in distress is done very well in this case. I loved the plot of Military versus motorcycle club, because there was a lot of action and suspense. While I normally don't say this, I really liked the instant connection between Talon and Nicole. Their personalities may clash, but his over-protectiveness and her need to get out of a bad situation causes them to lean on one another and hey, I happen to like when Talon get's all possessive and hot. On top of that, though it takes forever to happen, when the two start to open up it is like watching a flower bloom. Both have been holding onto some serious stuff for such a long time and seeing them really come out of their shells, and face some of their ghosts, makes for a really interesting read.

Unfortunately, it took a really long time for me to get into Talon. While it's a fast read, I didn't feel a connection to the characters until 45-50%. While Talon's off being rude, to everyone, Nicole is like a brick wall. Characters like this are just hard to understand, especially when we're missing important information, like what happened in their pasts, Talon's especially. There are a lot of secondary characters I would like to know about, because we're only given just glimpses of who they are and why and let's be real, I couldn't figure out why anyone would be Talon's friend until the very end. In this case, I think Talon would have been a lot better had I read the Unchecked series first.

If alpha males and action are your cup of tea, this is the book for you, add it to your TBR pile right now. There's no shortage of suspense in this book and the chemistry between Talon and Nicole just heats it up, plus there's some twists you won't see coming.
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48.4k reviews4 followers
Want to read
October 7, 2018
💝FREE on iBooks today (10/7/18)!💝


I surf.
I fuck.
I pretend to smile.

Two years ago my life was perfect, until it wasn’t. I scattered my wife’s ashes then walked away from the Marines. I didn’t think I had anything left to lose.

I was wrong.

The blonde showed up on my doorstep beaten and stabbed. I did what I was trained to do — I stitched her up. I didn’t have a clue who she was and I told myself I didn’t care. Until they came looking for her.

I swore I’d take my last breath before I let anyone else hurt her, except I didn’t know she was keeping a deadly secret. Now I had two choices, her life or mine.

Marriage and combat taught me the same thing — I was no one’s hero. And I was about to prove it.
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1,144 reviews208 followers
May 30, 2021
I adored the hero Talon! He was such an amazing guy. Written completely from hero’s pov which is such a treat to read. This author is a pro in writing from H pov.
I loved how the hero’s friends came to his help even without asking. Secondary characters were bomb. Everyone deserves friends like them.
The one problem I had was with heroine.I felt at times she was using the hero and I almost wanted the hero to dump her. She was strong and resilient but she could’ve trusted the hero with her secrets as he was already helping her selflessly.
Epilogue was cute.
Safe and recommended.
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787 reviews610 followers
January 9, 2020
I have to say this is my first book by this author and I loved it. I can honestly say at first I was hesitant if this book was for me. I am pleasant to say it was worth the read. I would have given this book a five star rating, reason I didn’t as follows, Only POV was Talons, and too many Interruptions of Characters talking over each other.
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2,670 reviews83 followers
September 12, 2021

Talon is tough, sweet, and helpful, our military medic is always in need
Also finds his lady in need of his skills in this book, in protection as well as healing.
Great read
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2,154 reviews45 followers
February 7, 2016
Action packed read

Talon owns a surf shop he's a man who loves the ocean and ex marine but still gets plenty action,trouble seems to knock on his door he has a reputation for coming to the rescue and a playboy rep. Since the death of his wife he's a one night wonder with the ladies until a blue eyed blonde comes knocking.

Nicole seeks Talon out after a beating from her ex and this alpha is the guy to rescue her.

Being book 1 I didn't expect it to have reference to other books, I didn't have a clue what the references were at some points, talking about other characters and dramas that previously happened which I presumed happened in previous books the unchecked series.

Having not read the unchecked series the plot lost me at times there was enough in this book alone without talking about what previously gone down with other characters but I also get that sometimes when your reading a series it's nice seeing characters you have previously read about make an appearance so you know how there doing but don't then call it book 1.

Talon is all alpha, demanding, straight talking, theres nothing sweet about him, he's a man who goes after what he wants. I liked his character and his alphaness.

Nicole is a meek character not much personality and not much of a talker , being told in Talon's pov may explain why I couldn't Bond or feel for her character or draw much from her really.

A descriptive plot, well written, lots of action, kidnapping, shootings MC and Cartel connecions, other ex service men in the mix, there's a lot all packed into this read.

With all the action there wasn't many romantic moments but I did like this quote:

"I'm done paddlin out because I found my magic. You're my perfect wave"

If you love an action packed read with so much going on it will get your blood pumping, an alpha male and a bit of hot bedroom action, you will love this.

Arc gratefully received for honest review - netgalley

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9,520 reviews149 followers
February 3, 2016

Talon is protective and a tad bit over possessive when it comes to having others see his woman in a state of undress, “walkin’ into my kitchen in nothin’ but my T-shirt and eff-me underwear.” I spun her around and held her against my raging hard-on. “You wanna know what else was a mistake?” I rubbed up and down her a**, dragging my tongue along her neck and biting her ear. “Thinkin’ I wouldn’t follow through just because we got company.” Talon may be a rough and tough guy but he's so sweet to his woman, "I came in easy. “I bought you a Range Rover today. Its bein’ delivered tomorrow.” Shit. I hadn’t thought to ask. “Do you have a license?” I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would
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51 reviews17 followers
January 27, 2017
Well, this sucks. I cannot express how much I loved Talon in Thrust. He was so sweet and I just wanted to hug him. That's why it's so depressing to see how and with who he ends up. It's underwhelming. Sooo... I'm going with denial. This book didn't happen. Talon is still his awesome sexy self. And very much single. He deserved better than this story and Nicole.
Hope next one is better.
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763 reviews171 followers
August 9, 2016
Originally posted at:

*This review is solely based on the 78% of the book that I read.

This book should have a second working title: Torture. As I'm writing this review I'm having a mental argument with myself if I should power through the rest of it or not. This is one of the most infuriating books I've read in my life (consider that I've been piling up books since 2009).

The BIGGEST issue I have with this book is the main protagonist: Nicole. In the beginning is was really sweet and cute, how quiet she was, but after that initial meet I've just had enough. Talon has put himself in danger more times then I can count for her and yet she still finds it in herself to not listen to him, to keep huge secrets from him and to almost get him killed several times because of her idiotic actions. She's a car wreck waiting to happen and I can't help but want to throw her in front of the truck to get it over with. She also doesn't have a backbone and that only made it worse. One moment she's quiet and in her little world with her (as Talon describes it) 'cold eyes' and the next she's crying for an abuser and she's sorry Talon almost got hurt and blah, blah, blah. I've had enough of her.

Thanks to Nicole, I ended up hating Talon just as much. I understand he has a hero complex and wants to save Nicole, but he has to understand that he can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. He can take her out of a bad situation, but as soon as he's distracted she's going to put herself right back in it and make him save her and have him almost die in the process.

I also found out halfway through this book that this is a spin off series. It was only then that I understood why half the story seemed to be missing every time Talon mentioned someone named Leigh and compared Nicole and a lot of situations to her. To say the least, I felt left out of the story and it didn't have the emotional attachment that the author probably wanted to invoke in me (the reader). Would it kill someone to put the words 'Spin Off Series' in the synopsis of this novel?

By digging through this books Goodreads page I found out that the next book will feature Neil and I will be picking it up. Why you ask? Well, I really liked how this book was written and the flow of it all was really well thought out. I only despised one element: The main character Nicole.

My Favorite Quotes:

"A man is not defined by his circumstances but by his reactions."

"[...] Hate wasn't the opposite of love. Indifference was."

"Sometimes you give up on the best choice and settle for the only choice."
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320 reviews79 followers
March 18, 2016
Disclosure: I received a copy from the author/publisher, in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my review in any shape or form.

Before you pick up Talon there is some things you should know, Talon is the beginning of the Uncompromising Series, which is a spinoff of the Unchecked Series. I personally would recommend reading The Uncompromising Series before starting Talon.

Talon was one of my most anticipated releases of 2016. I really enjoyed Talon’s character in the Uncompromising Series and I couldn’t wait to see him front and center in his own book.

Talon begins in the middle of The Unchecked Series Book 3 and is told in first person point of view.

The writing fast paced and I felt myself engaged and turning the page to see what was going to happen. I was also wondering how Sybil was going to make this a spinoff series. I wasn’t entirely sure how she was going to make this action packed and suspenseful but I did enjoy the direction she took the story.

The main characters in the story are Talon and Nicole.

I have to admit that I realized I just don’t love the female leads in the series. Nicole was a character I just couldn’t love. I wasn’t sure what she hiding and she was so damn confusing. She was to hot and cold for me to really love her. When I got to the plot twist, I understood why she was acting the way she was but honestly I was not her biggest fan. Talon could’ve done better in my opinion. I felt that at the end of the story I still didn’t know Nicole’s story. I didn’t know about her past, her family anything!

I absolutely loved Kendal and I really hope she gets her own book. I feel like there is such a story to tell there and I think she may be the only female lead I would enjoy reading about.

Of course, there is romance between Talon and Nicole and I have to say I didn’t really believe it. I felt like it was more lust than love and driven by sexual tension. I felt like they didn’t really get to know each other because there was just so much happening and too many secrets.

Overall, I enjoyed how Sybil tied her Unchecked Series with the Uncompromising Series. It was nice to see the connection and see characters grow throughout each series. I would have loved to seen more of Layna and Blaze but I was overall happy with how this series started and I am excited to see how it continues.
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863 reviews232 followers
February 20, 2016
I hate reviewing books like this, it is an erotic action story with a lot of great stuff and a LOT of wasted pages.

The Story of Talon and Siren was great except for the following things:

Talon was a jerk for the great majority of the time
Siren had a problem with the truth
The sex was way overdone
The pages that did pretty much nothing were at least 1/4 of the book

The actual plot was great, it was surprising, several twists and turns, good action but a lot of holes that would have made the story a bit nicer.

Bottom Line: I debated but finally gave it 3.5 Stars and rounded down in this case mainly because of the overdone sexual nature and the wasted pages. Still a good story but I fear that there are a lot of Navy Seal type stories out there that do this a lot better
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1,589 reviews115 followers
November 25, 2018
Talon ha dedicado su vida como médico a los marines, pero ahora, lo único que tiene en su vida es dolor. Así que lo ahoga como puede: alcohol y mujeres para superar a su ex mujer. Eso es, hasta que Nicole aparece en su puerta, herida y con un montón de equipaje y no precisamente de ropa. Talon no tiene sitio para el amor, todavía sufre por su ex mujer ... O eso cree el.

Le doy 3 estrellas porque en realidad no sé qué nota darle. Este libro, y la manera de escribir de la autora me dejaron muy muy perdida. Es que estaba leyendo y no entendía de lo que me hablaban. Es decir, no entiendo la actitud de los personajes. Él es súper borde con ella a veces, borde pero directo. No se anda con tonterías y quiere las cosas a la cara, pero a esta chica no hay quien la entienda. No quiere nada pero luego se descubre que vino a Talon por algo, porque quería que la ayudase. Pero cuando los problemas la vienen buscando ella se va con ellos. ES QUE NO LO ENTIENDO!!!!! Después se pasa medio libro farfullando la misma frase: "él era... Él era... No es lo que tú piensas". Esa frase la repitió medio libro, como si estuviese defendiendo al otro tipo, después de como la dejo! A mí no me fastidies. En fin, que después de repente la autora se saca de la manga que toda la trama anterior no era para nada, que la gente murió en vano, que Talon se metió en problemas para nada porque lo único que quería esta tipa era encontrar a alguien. No voy a decir a quién porque es spoiler.

En resumen, me siento decepcionada con esta historia, simplemente porque no la encuentro coherente. Tiene demasiada acción peliculera, asaltos, disparos y persecuciones (y a mí me gustan las películas de acción eh) para después querer que consideremos que hay algo de amor en esta historia. Yo no lo sentí, lo único que me pareció adorable fue el final de Talon hablando con Maddie.
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2,373 reviews40 followers
September 15, 2017
copy received through Netgalley
3.5 stars
It took a while to remember meeting Talon in The Unchecked series with Layna and Blaze. It was like meeting two separate characters. He seemed a little more approachable in the first series. He was wearing a mask and in this series the mask was pulled off. He was still mourning his wife and angry about everything. I didn't think I would like him at all in this book but, the story is from his point of view and helps you get to know him and actually like him a lot better. Nicole was not my favorite. She seemed weak at first. Once you hear her story you realize that she is a lot stronger than she first appears. However, the secrets she kept could have cost Talon his life. She ran to Talon but didn't tell him everything. I couldn't quite understand her plan. The story was fast paced and action packed. Plenty of sexy scenes between the two main characters. The supporting characters will offer great stories.
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2,965 reviews6 followers
February 22, 2016
Talon Talerco has a bit hero complex, putting himself in harms way and coming to the aid of those in need to save the day is something he thrives off of, it's the one thing he knows he's good at and he doesn't have any plans of giving it up anytime soon. It's the main reason he joined the military, he had this insatiable desire to test his personal limits and be able to help people, so being a medic seemed like a perfect fit to him. But even after leaving the military, that ever present urge was still there so now he often moonlights at his friends security company, and helps them with their dangerous missions. The danger he faces on these missions helps keeps his demons at bay, feeds his addiction, and helps take his mind off of losing his wife. Losing her completely devastated him, and set him out on a path of destruction that involved large amounts of alcohol and a long list of one night stands. When a familiar stunning blonde shows up on his doorstep asking for his help, his need to feed his hero addiction takes over and before he realizes what happen she has become his soul focus, and he feels those ever present demons slowly fade away. He knows he shouldn't get attached to her, but he just can't help himself, and as much as he tries to convince himself she is just another one night stand... his heart is telling a different story.

Nicole Archer thought she had it all, but in the blink of an eye it was all taken from her and she was left a shell of the woman she use to be, broken beyond repair and left with no where to go. With no family or friends to turn to, she decides her only real hope at finding help lies with a man she's only met once. When she shows up on his doorstep he immediately makes it his personal mission to take care of her, while she appreciates the help she is still apprehensive, she has never had anyone care for her the way he does and it is almost overwhelming for her. Just when she starts to breath a small sigh of relief trouble sets in and she is once again pulled back into the world that robbed her of her happiness... question is can she find it in herself to trust Talon to save her?

Barely a paragraph into this one and I was instantly addicted and left with the insatiable desire to know more, the story line completely consumed me and commanded my undivided attention from start to finish! From the very beginning I felt myself being pulled into Talon and Nicole's world and completely entranced by every written word, their struggle to surrender to one another completely was a beautiful, yet heart wrenching, situation to watch unfold. The chemistry they share creates an unwavering intensity that remains throughout the entire story, and spawns some very heated encounters that will leave you a little envious, and in dire need of a fan!! I have to admit Mr. Talon Talerco definitely knows how to turn up the heat and gives readers exactly what they want!!!

This is by far one of the best introductions to a new author that I have had in a very long time, and definitely one of the most addictive reads that I have had the pleasure of reading!! I am really looking forward to getting better acquainted with the rest of the men from the Uncompromising series!! Highly recommend you give this one a try, Talon is destined to swoop in and steal your heart and satisfy every one of your (literary) needs!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.
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264 reviews51 followers
March 19, 2019
Why I picked this story up:

I fell head over heels for Talon and was impossibly intrigued by Neil during Blaze and Layna's story, so of course I'd jump on this new series.

What I found:

So I fell hard for Talon, the compassionate hardass Recon medic with lots of kinks and cracks in his armor, just to find out that he has a stupidly short fuse that does not go well with his general distrust in the candor of other people's feelings towards him, and a mean tongue when he lashes out. I really wouldn't have pecked him for the impatient sort, since the spur-of-the-moment guy is just a facade, and neither did I think he'd dish out low blows like he doesn't have enough imagination for better insults.

Losing his wife Leigh the way he did... it really did a number on him. More than any of his friends, even Neil, realized. But Talon worked it out once he confronted the problem, and had something to fight for. I really enjoyed his playfully coaxing dominant side, probably just as much as Nicole did. I'm still glad the others were giving him shit about his asshat behavior, but didn't turn their backs on him. You really outta love those Marines...

Nicole is the kind of heroine I absolutely LOVE. She has a resilient quiet strength which gets her mistaken to be a cold fish, and sometimes people misunderstand her words and actions, or the lack thereof, while she's really just as loving and compassionate as Talon. Granted, she sure didn't make this easy on him, but then he wouldn't have faught this hard to find his true self. Nicole gave him a push without meaning to, and Talon knew just which buttons to push to set her off in all the ways that matter. Thus, those two make an absolutely epic match in my book.

The only flaw I found is a general 'Why do authors have to be such pussies/dumbasses?' thing. So Talon loved Leigh with all his heart, and of course he'd compare Nicole to his dead wife every now and again, that's only natural. But why, oh why, do the feelings Nicole sparks in him have to be stronger? Or worse yet, better? Why does the second love have to be the better one? Because if it's not, you'd just... settle for the next best thing? Who says that? Why can't a second love just be different? *sigh*

Area Scan: Idea: 4/5 -- Style/Vocab: 5/5 -- Plot: 5/5 -- Heroine: 5/5 -- Hero: 4/5 -- Sidekicks: 5/5 -- Hearts: 5/5 -- Tears: 4/5 -- Heat: 4.5/5 -- Thrills: 3.5/5 -- Laughs: 3.5/5
Overall: 4.5 / 5
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2,346 reviews213 followers
March 5, 2016
3.5 stars

I really really really wanted to love this book and I think I could have if I had known that Talon was a spin off from another series the author wrote. I felt like situations and side characters that were brought up were glossed over as if I should have already known about them. To be honest, I didn't really get into this book till around 60%. The first half of the book had a lot going on but I feel like it didn't really connect and it didn't all come together for me till that last ~40%.

And the characters....I really loved Talon, but Nicole (Siren) really got on my nerves! To me, she was a very weak character! I get that under the circumstances she was just scared and thought that was the only choice she had but it still irked me to no end. She ran and sought out Talon after being beaten and stabbed by her boyfriend. You'd think this means that she trusts him to help her but the moment her boyfriend finds her she immediately runs back to him. Towards the end of the book, I kind of understood her actions and why she did what she did but I think she should have trusted Talon more instead of jerking him around. And she also keeps vital information from Talon throughout the whole book and I don't understand why Talon kept running after her regardless that she was totally honest with him.

Talon was a very strong character. He lost his wife two years before and has been struggling with his grief over it ever since. He is an ex Marine medic who rushes to stitch up Siren when she comes to him bleeding and bruised. Their connection is instant and their were some seriously hot scenes between the two of them! He is definitely an alpha males and does whatever is necessary to protect Siren and keep her safe.

It says it can be read as a standalone but we first meet these characters in Sybil Bartel's Unchecked series and a lot of them and their situations are discussed in Talon's story. I think I would have loved this book more if I had read that series first. On that note, I still look forward to reading the next book in the series which is about one of the side characters, Neil.
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February 6, 2016
ARC provide in place of an honest review.


Let me tell you people, I needed this book like I need my next breath of fresh air. I've been dying, DYING to read Talon! The anticipation I elapsed waiting for this book was worth it, a million times over. Oh my god, you really have no idea. Sybil Bartel made a piece of art here. A talented, twisted, mind numbing art. This was a story that needed to be told. No matter the hurt, the hate, the love, it was all there and shouting to be heard. Every mind reeling moment of this book pushed my mind to the unknown, I couldn't have asked for a better story line. Or characters. Every blink, every other word was as surprising as the next. Talon and Nicole are probably my favorite characters I have EVER met. And even though we technically only meet Talon in this book, that's not it at all. This was THE best solo pov book I've ever read. Just Talon. OMG! You need to meet him....

Sooo, Talon is our quintessential man whore. We first met him back in Impossible Choices. When I first met Talon I couldn't help but need to know his story. Talon is the PERFECT book boyfriend, because he's far from perfect. (is that cliche? Oh well. It's true.) Talon is a military man through and through. Brought up the hard way he's fought his life with battles, good and bad. Losing his wife was a killer for him, it sunk him into the unknown. But when a sexy Siren enters his life.... All hell breaks loose. In his day to day life, in his friendship, in his heart, in his head, EVERYWHERE! And this is about all I can say, because no way in hell can I give away any details. You HAVE to read it for yourself. Seriously, like NOW!

So, the short of this story I just wrote ^^^ I freaking FLOVED this Aaaa-Freaking-mazingggg book!! A MUST MUST MUST read!!


AND LASTLY, I pulled this quote out of the book because to me they describe this book to a perfect T.


"Anticipation, promise, satisfaction—it’s the perfect trifecta."
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March 12, 2016
I found a new Author and a new series.

Talon's story is hard to read without having a boatload of emotions run through you and you can pretty much experience all of them here in this story. There is nothing like an alpha group of men being there for one another and when Nicole (Siren) Asher is found sitting outside Talon's surf shop hurt and scared out of her wits but completely composed, or at least trying to be, Talon and his former teammates and friends gather around.
What happens next through the book shocks them all, most of all Talon, and when one man and his MC buddies come after Nicole again Talon looses it and his heart right along with his temper!

This book is sad and gritty, it is hot and sweet, it is troublesome and healing all rolled together. There are a few things about military romance, alpha males and MC books that you need to know. They are crude, there is a lot of cussing, there is fighting, and there is a lot of sex. This book is a combination of all three and while there may not be as much sex as there are in some what is in here is raw, and the other things are just multiplied by three!

I have to say that this author is a little easy on some of the bad guys but it's okay, she leaves it where your mind can substitute what you wanted to happen.

This particular book contains physical violence against a woman and abuse against a child so if that gets to you, this may not be for you. They get theirs but it still won't be easy reading it.

I cannot wait to read Neil's story and go back and catch up on Blaze's story.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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September 26, 2017
This book was unlike anything I was expecting. I am so glad that I had found this author. Sybil Bartel I love your writing and your characters.

Talon is suffering from pain, a pain when you loose someone you love. This love was his wife. Talon has a choice to move on and take a chance or stay rooted to the guilt, pain and suffering. Which one will be choose?

In washes in like a beach wave to the shore, a siren named Nicole. Nicole comes to talon for help, she's withholding a secret that she can't tell just yet? What happens when that secret is revealed.

This book was funny, exciting, sexy and most of all heart and gut wrenching. It's such an emotional read with so many twists and turns that will leave you gobsmacked. Talon and Siren story brought me to my knees, their story is filled with non top action and so much chemistry. Their story is one that you hold onto every word being expressed in this book. I was holding onto every word like it was going to be its last. Boy are you taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions and turns of events in this book. You don't know what to think, feel or do. One thing you can tell with talon and the rest of the boys that no matter how hard, strong and dangerous they are is that when they fall in love, they fall hard.

One thing I loved most about this book was the reunion, for those who have read will know what I am talking about but for those who haven't read, what are you waiting for. I especially loved watching the journey of talon and Nicole falling in love. These two are a couple who you know are simply perfect for each other.

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December 13, 2017
Okay so this was the first time I've read anything from this author. I wasn't totally impressed by her writing skills or her storyline for that matter.

The story wasn't all that original and in most cases what books really are? But at least there's no predictably of what's going to happen,at every turn right? *smh* Well that was not the case here..

Okay that's not fair, I would say there were a few surprises and a few twist and turns but nothing remarkable to get all excited about.

I didn't connect with the heroine Nicole. She seems just to close off and secretive to me, which caused me not to trust her or really like her. I guess maybe that was the case because the story was told and written from the hero's POV, which granted was different which isn't the norm for me.

If I had to say something good about this book it would be the alpha male mentality. I love how Talon was a take charge kind of guy, he was protective, and kinda badass.

I love the secondary characters that were introduced in this book which brought in some much needed flavor to spice things up a bit.

Damn!.. If the secondary characters have spice up the book that says a lot to me... (This was a fail!)

Oh well... However I will still be reading book 2: Neil.. I do hope that one is much better this book!

Overall rating:
3.5*~ *shrug* Just Okay
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February 3, 2016
I must say I liked this a lot, it was actually a bit of a surprise bc I thought ex-military man whore meets damsel in distress is sort of over done BUT this was done in a way it kept me captivated throughout and didn't feel cliche. Talon is for lack of a better word a dick, but he's got a solid heart of gold and MAN could he melt my panties. Nicole, who we don't get to understand too much until the end was a strong female especially knowing all she'd been through. Their relationship isn't normal by any stretch in the beginning but I loved that once Talon realized what he had he held on, even if he had a few bouts of idiocy. I wish I would have read Blaze and Layna's story first, it's not necessary but would have given me more background on this group of friends. I cannot wait for Neil's story bc I see a huge story there and I find myself drawn to Kendall and what I am hoping will be her story with Andre, but I want history on Candle too!
This was a complimentary e-copy provided by the author and publisher in exchange for a honest review via Netgalley.
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March 18, 2016
I found in this read a soul that has been deeply scarred and worn from the life that was lived and the choices, mistakes, actions taken in life. I found a chance to make that life something more. Something filling. Something feeling.

He felt like he had nothing to give. Nothing to share. NOTHING. A man that could love as deep as he did can do it again. It just takes the right woman. Not just any one. In walks the blond.

I refuse to give anything away here. You HAVE to read this one for yourself.
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