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Every year, humanity hibernates as global winter covers the planet in cold and darkness. The wealthy slumber through the peaceful winter months in modern hibernation centers and specialized pods, while the poor sleep shoulder-to-shoulder in overcrowded public facilities.

But not everyone sleeps. And not every winter is peaceful.

A genetic anomaly prevents one in a thousand humans from hibernating. They watch over the hibernating masses and keep essential infrastructure alive while the snow falls. Winter is the time of the Winterwakers—the few who witness the silent beauty of the season.

When Elliot, a shy Winterwaker computer tech, reunites with his school friend Carlos, their world is turned upside-down by a bizarre break-in at a hibernating billionaire's mansion. In the aftermath, they meet Sarah, an embattled public hibernation caregiver whose ‘Sleepers’ are going missing. Together, the three friends must navigate a web of secrets, forge unlikely alliances, and uncover a plot that threatens all of humanity.

606 pages, Paperback

Published September 1, 2015

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About the author

Matt Perkins

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Matt Perkins is an author of speculative fiction from Vancouver, British Columbia. His first novel, Winterwakers, is a sci-fi suspense thriller set in a world where humans hibernate.

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May 27, 2016
What a wonderful book.

I am always searching for a book I can lose myself in, this one made it easy. A lot of books I have read quickly brush over the technical details that are often important to the storyline, I really liked how the author used his background in computer science to add depth and realness to the story.

Excellent read for anyone looking to get lost in a book!
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Author 0 books5 followers
November 19, 2015
Finished up the rest of this book between flu-medicine-induced naps. It was instrumental in keeping me sane.

Story is excellent, and the premise is super intriguing. The additional appendices explaining Perkins' science behind the ideas are cool.

The side characters, Sarah and Carlos especially, are fantastic. The main character Elliot, I have mixed feelings on. He does some really cool things and he really hits the current "geek hero" trend on the nose; but I couldn't help thinking that his motivation for becoming so heroic so early on was underdeveloped. He describes himself as anxious, socially awkward, and in general not the hero type--yet it takes all of a couple of pages for him to make a plan and go charging into a highly dangerous situation.

Beyond that little nitpick, I loved every minute of this book, and will be back later with a more specific review when my brain isn't so foggy. :)
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November 13, 2015
Very interesting reading! Couldn't put it down, once I had the actual book in my hands.
Looks like there is room for a sequal!
Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 reviews

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