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Slices of Pi #2

Tied Score

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Geeky meets kinky in this second too-hot-to-handle novel in the Slices of Pi series by RITA-nominated author Elia Winters, which follows the erotic adventures of the employees at PI Games, a gaming company based out of sultry Florida.

Iris Parker never planned on ending up in HR because, let’s face it: HR isn’t the most glamorous position in the world. She took a comfortable job and always planned on leaving when something better came along, but before she knows it, she’s thirty and the HR director for PI Games. Even though she likes her coworkers, there’s no excitement in the job for her, and Iris is worried that she’ll lose her spark. Luckily, Iris’s romantic life provides some thrills—living the confirmed bachelor life, when she wants her bed warm, she can find company, and in her sights at the moment is the cute pastry chef at her favorite bakery.

Owen Hobbs has noticed the gorgeous businesswoman making eyes at him when she comes in for coffee and sweets, but he’s not the type of guy who dates much anymore. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t take long in his sporadic dating history to learn that most women aren’t interested in taking charge in bed, which is what he really craves. Working early mornings at the bakery keeps him from the nightlife where he might meet someone who can fulfill his needs, so he’s resigned himself to fantasies and pretty much given up on the dating scene altogether. But when Iris’s advances become too much to resist, Owen finds himself revealing his desire to be sexually dominated...the only question is, is she the right woman for the job?

272 pages, ebook

First published August 15, 2016

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About the author

Elia Winters

15 books345 followers
Elia Winters is a fat, tattooed, polyamorous bisexual who loves petting cats and fighting the patriarchy. She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature and teaches at a small rural high school, where she also runs the drama club. In her spare time, she is equally likely to be found playing tabletop games, kneading bread, cross-stitching, or binge-watching Marie Kondo. A sex educator and kink-positive feminist, Elia reviews sex toys, speaks at kink conventions, and writes geeky, kinky, cozy erotic romance. She currently lives in western Massachusetts with her loving husband and their weird pets.

In addition to her official website, you can also find Elia on Twitter and Facebook.

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2,082 reviews861 followers
August 7, 2016
Oh, this was not what I expected at all. Iris is comfortable in her role at PI Games as HR Director, but it isn’t quite enough for her. Not looking for love, she convinces Owen, bakery owner, to join her for a day of no-strings sex that turns into so much more.

But poor overwork and in control Owen hasn’t had the best of luck in love or sex. Wanting to give up control in the bedroom hasn’t resulted in the best results when it comes to relationships. Until he meets Iris, who quickly picks up on his kink and is ready to give her dominating side a try.

So I am not really a huge fan of submissive men. Although I don’t need them all over the top alpha, I sort of want them to be the ones in control in the bedroom, but I really loved Owen. The story was fantastic and I was a bit surprised by how much I enjoyed the normal role reversal. I think what it came down to, was that they still remained somewhat fun and flirty during some of the encounters.

A surprising good time was had while reading this second installment in the standalone Slices of Pi series.


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1,275 reviews228 followers
October 25, 2016
Iris Parker is the HR manager for PI Games and she's worried that her life has become boring. That's all about to change as she starts a casual sexual relationship with Owen Hobbs, the owner of a local bakery. Owen is a perfectionist control-freak at work, but has a deep need for his sexual partner to dominate him in bed. Iris picks up on this quickly and it opens a whole new world to her.

Like the first book in this series, this is a positive light romance book with some heavy sexual content and likeable people who need to get over their issues. This one plays with romance tropes less than the previous one, but still does something with them, in this case having the woman be the one with commitment issues.
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1,558 reviews287 followers
August 11, 2016
If you love a book that is seems too hot to handle, you have to check this one out!

I loved the first in the series so I was thrilled to be able to review this new release. Talk about a steamy hot book! This story is loaded with adult romance and erotic scenes that will cause your heart to pound. With plenty of action that may surprise you from sweet little Iris, this page turner is going to be one that you won't soon forget.

Owen is Hot and sooo yummy! What a wonderful connection these two develop. I loved the tension and buildup the author brought in this book. I had to go back several times to re-read sections that were too good to just let go at the first pass.

A memorable and sexy read!
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423 reviews18 followers
August 27, 2018
Actual rating: 2.7

I heard of this book after looking for romantic femdom romances. So many of those books tend to fall on the PWP side of things. Which, yeah, it’s fun to read. Only that, sometimes, I’m in the mood for looking for stories with more feeling.

The beginning of the novel went a tad overboard with the (admittedly yummy) descriptions of Owen’s creations for his bakery. I would suggest nibbling on something sweet or savory while reading this, LOL. A secondary track has to do with Iris attending her boss’ wedding. It includes a couple of Easter eggs for people who read the first book (the pair getting married are the MCs from that novel.) Both Iris and Owen are likable characters. So it was relatively easy to want to see the two of them together.

When it came to the sex scenes, they were hot and fun. You could feel Iris and Owen’s shared enthusiasm on what they were doing and how it did or didn’t work for them. Not a spoiler: it always worked. >;)

That said, the book did stumbled a few times (which meant me giving it a lower rating):

- Iris’ conflict
We learn early on that Owen’s frustration with his romantic life is two-fold. For one, keeping baker’s hours means that the hours he keeps are ‘non-traditional’ which results on less chances of dating success. Also, he’s yet to meet a woman who will top him consistently because it’s something she enjoys.

Iris’ problems, however, are less defined. She is at a point in her life where she’d like to be in a serious relationship but also feels like she’s not worthy of being loved. Eventually, we do find out the reason why and, honestly, it doesn’t hold up. Therefore, her reluctance when it comes to getting into a relationship with Owen makes her look like she has a fickle personality. And that doesn’t fit with the rest of her characterization.

- The BDSM 101 in the last chapters

Obviously, Iris has a few things to learn about kink. So Owen emails her a list of books as well as links for kink sites.

Things are going OK.

But then, we get to the last chapter. Where the two of them go to a kink convention. We follow them around as they discuss what a dungeon is, what Dungeon Masters are, etc.

The novel’s tone shifts into something that is didactic. I was WTFing rather intensly by the time the book was over.

- Romance? Ehhhhh

Although Iris and Owen had a lot of chemistry (in and out of their play scenes), to me, the book jumped from "nascent relationship that is becoming serious" to "ZOMG, WE’RE KINKSTERS IN LURVE".

My guess is that this was the result of "showing" how much Iris had moved past her (super weakass) romantic issues plus the book length. I simply didn’t believe that Iris and Owen had fallen so hard and fast for each other in such a short book.

TL;DR: An OK book where a kink newbie learns a thing or two about herself after hooking up with a subby baker. Though the romance angle did feel a bit forced to me, I can’t deny that the sex scenes got thumbs up from me. In spite of being the second book in a trilogy, this reads as a total standalone.
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152 reviews21 followers
June 9, 2021
Iris Parker is working in the HR department of a popular gaming company but she doesn't feel fulfilled. She was hoping to go to the beach with her best friend while she had a week off of work but was cancelled on the last minute. Deciding to take a chance, she invites the attractive owner of her favourite bakery along with her for a day of fun. Owen Hobbs, deciding to forgo his workaholic ways for a chance with the beautiful businesswoman who comes into his shop often, goes to the beach and the rest is history...

I picked this book up because I was interested in reading a kinkier novel that didn't involve rich alpha-hole businessman types as the Doms and was pleasantly surprised at the femdom aspect of it. It felt really natural and fun which is exactly what I was hoping for from this read. The progression of the characters getting together was pretty fast paced but exciting and I enjoyed the geekier side of the main plot line as well although there wasn't heaps of it. I didn't read the first book before this one (mostly because I didn't realise there was a first book) but I will definitely pick it up next chance I get!
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1,253 reviews181 followers
November 1, 2016
This second instalment is lighter on the romance, the focus being more on the steamy scenes. The characters are interesting but I would have liked to have more content about their personalities, experiences and interactions, especially since Winters reverses the usual roles, making the woman the one with the commitment issues and the man, who is a control freak in his work life, needing the reverse in private.
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2,484 reviews246 followers
August 26, 2016
Tied Score is the second story in Elia Winter’s erotic romance series, featuring a gaming company and their staff. While this one is heavier on the sex and lighter on the actual geeky gamers side, it still fits in well with the series and makes for a sexy and exciting read. Iris is in human resources at PI games, a job she loves. She’s been single for a while now, and in no rush to date anyone new. However, a chance flirtation with the handsome baker who runs a pastry shop nearby has her rethinking her alone status. When a friend bows out of a week long beach vacation, Iris impulsively offers Owen a chance to get away for a day with the understanding of some no strings attached time together. And when Owen agrees and shows up at her hotel, some hot and heavy times ensue. Even better, Owen is quite happy to let Iris take control of their sexy time together and comes clean with her that it’s a kink he’d like to explore more if given the chance. Iris is intrigued and turned on, that this sexy large, handsome man likes it when she gives him orders. A little research and a few more steamy encounters cements their friends with benefits relationship. But when the attraction they have for each other turns into more, will Iris’s instinct to protect her heart end their relationship too soon?

What a fun and sexy read! The bedroom times are plentiful with a variety of BDSM themes explored, including a Domme/sub relationship, toys, bondage, and orgasm denial, just to name a few. When these two get together, there is no time to be shy! For Owen, it’s a relief to have found someone who understands how he can be in control of every aspect of his business and the rest of his life, but want to let go in the bedroom. His past girlfriends never understood his desires and made half-hearted attempts to please him sexually, resulting in a bunch of misses. Finding what he has with Iris is a balm to his kinky soul, even if she insists that they have to back away if they start to feel more than sexual attraction for each other. Iris grew up in a fractured home and doesn’t believe in love and commitment. She loves sex though and finds that becoming Owen’s ‘Miss’ is quite exciting. She never knew she had this kink in her, but she worries that the emotions she and Owen are starting to feel for each other could be easily found with different partners and that it’s the kink keeping them together, not real feelings. When they aren’t exploring their sexual

When they aren’t exploring their sexual desires, though, they act as balancing boards for each other. Owen convinces Iris to take her artistic talent and find a use for it other than just drawing as a hobby, encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone in yet another area of her life. And Iris is able to get Owen to see that he needs to let his employees take on more responsibility at his bakery, that taking time off is as necessary for him as it is for any of his workers. Letting go of his control with Iris teaches Owen that he can do it in other places in his life too without disastrous consequences. I really liked how both characters were able to communicate their desires to each other and share all aspects of their lives, even though it’s this that makes Iris question (and worry about) where their relationship is really headed. There are a few scenes with Iris’s co-workers at PI Games, showing the tight-knit community she works with, and the same goes for Owen’s bakery. The overall feel of the story is light hearted and super sexy without a lot of angst. Eventually, we get a happy ending for the couple and I look forward to reading more in this series!

This review can also be found at Straight Shootin' Book Reviews: https://straightshootinbookreviews.co...

Note: a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review
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248 reviews113 followers
January 9, 2021
Picked this book up because I heard there would be femdom and pegging, and indded there was. So I was very satisfied on that account.

Iris (heroine) was likeable for the most part. She had friend who we actually get to see her interact with. I always like when it feels like the heroine actually has a life before she meets the hero. Iris has pretty relatable troubles, too. She wants to pursue art, but would that work with her job? She wants love but is afriad of getting into a bad relationship.

Owen was also likeable enough. Did think he was a bit of a hardass boss towards his employees in the beginning, but he softens during the story.

Honestly, what I like most was the sex and communication during that. Guys, it was so good. For romance that is. They talk boundaries, they talk likes and dislikes, they do check ins during scenes, aftercare. My god, it was good. I will be 100% honest and say that the positive sex in this book is what carried it so far for me.

There is also a scene where Owen,

There are no big dramatic twists or B-plots in this story. It's just Owen and Iris meeting, and then having to figure out if they can fit together. This sort of plot is okay with me, it does lack a little in dramatic tension, but it can work fine. What dragged this story down was the "conflict" that kept them from getting together.

I did appreciate that Owen was a baker while Iris was a gamer. Yay for going against gender stereotypes.

Another thing that, if not dragged it down, at least didn't do it any favours, was the writing. It felt uninspired to me. There was nothing bad about it, really. Got the job done. But it just also felt... flat? Maybe that's just me.

It also had a pet-peeve of mine. The heroine not being into BDSM or specifically femdom before meeting the hero. I really enjoyed the way it was written in this one, but it still had a slight "ugh" for me. I see this so often. Why can't women be depicted as dominant because they themselves discovered they liked it?

Final rating
All in all, a solid read for me so I give it 4 stars.
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Author 1 book1,204 followers
January 22, 2022
This was really enjoyable for the most part. Iris and Owen had a great dynamic and it was fun watching them explore kink together, with Iris never having attempted to dominate anyone before. However, the central conflict dragged on for too long—Iris is convinced she’s not relationship material for reasons I never understood—and then resolved way too quickly and easily, in a way that undermined how long the conflict had lasted. Still, it was hot and I’m sure they’ll be happy together.

One of the most interesting threads was the ways Iris’s relationship with her best friend has changed since Jen became a mother. I wish it had been developed further.

Characters: Iris is a 30 year old white HR director, artist, and Domme, who wears cat-eye glasses. Owen is a white pastry chef/bakery owner and submissive. This is set in Tampa, FL.

Content notes: past parental divorce, MMC’s ex cheated, kink-shaming (mostly past but FMC is surprised someone like MMC wants to submit), diet culture, on page sex, D/s, orgasm control, ruined orgasm, bondage, impact play, exhibitionism/public sex, humiliation play, Skype sex, anal plug, service kink, pegging, sex toys, blindfold, masturbation, alcohol, inebriation, gendered insults, ableist language, mention of FMC’s parents being anti-vaxers (she didn’t get her shots until college)
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2,201 reviews84 followers
August 17, 2016
My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: http://witandsin.blogspot.com/2016/08...

Tied Score is an outrageously sexy, incredibly addictive romance. Author Elia Winters doesn’t hold back in this red-hot story of two people who are clearly made for each other falling in love as they explore their kinky sides.

One of my favorite things about Tied Score was watching Iris come into her own. Iris is smart, organized, and focused, but while she’s found professional success, her life doesn’t feel complete. She doesn’t want commitment – she’s been burned badly in the past – but she would like a little excitement to chase away the moments of longing that seem to be popping up. She’s had her eye on Owen for a while, but when she makes her move and he accepts, what should be a temporary fling rocks both of their worlds. Owen is a sexy-as-hell baker and businessman who is dominant in the bakery and longs to be submissive in the bedroom. However, his lifestyle isn’t conducive to him finding a woman who meets his needs. When he and Iris first hit the sheets, they’re both shocked to learn Iris has a hidden dominant side. Intrigued, they agree to an arrangement where Owen’s needs as a sub can be fulfilled while Iris learns about and explores her desires to be a Domme. It’s not long before their casual arrangement has each of them craving more. The emphasis on open communication adds a level of intimacy beyond the sexual and made me really fall in love with Iris and Owen’s burgeoning romance.

Owen and Iris are extremely compatible as Domme/sub, and make no mistake, Ms. Winters knows how to turn the heat up high; this isn’t a story for the faint of heart. But equally important is the fact that they’re also a great fit outside their Domme/sub roles. They encourage each other to grow professionally, take chances, and risk their hearts for the possibility of something more. Fears and thinking they’re set in their ways threaten to derail this couple just as they’re about to start, but the obstacles they face are logical. I appreciated the lack of fake drama in the story and loved that I got to enjoy a sometimes sweet, frequently spicy journey to happily ever after.

Tied Score is the second book in Ms. Winters’s Slices of Pi series, but you don’t have to have read Even Odds in order to enjoy this story (though Isabel and Caleb do show up). PI Games and the cast of characters who work there help round out the book and make the world incredibly appealing. I loved everything about Tied Score and I’ll definitely be revisiting Owen and Iris over and over as I wait for the next Slices of Pi book, Single Player!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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529 reviews34 followers
August 9, 2016
3.5 rounded up to 4 stars

This book was a little different from the typical dom/sub romances that I've read before. In this one the man wanted to submit to a dominant woman in the bedroom. I had never read a story where the roles were reversed so I was intrigued. I have to say, I really liked this one.

Iris is a bit of a commitment-phobe and strictly sticks to one night stands and no emotional connection. She has a very private personal life and doesn't like to share any information about herself or her past. When she first sees Owen she is instantly attracted to him and asks him to meet her one night for some mutual satisfaction.

Owen is a workaholic that owns his own bakery. It's been a long time since he has been with anyone so he agrees to meet up with Iris. Owen is used to giving orders and being the boss at his job so what he really craves is a dominant woman that would take charge in the bedroom. After their first time together Owen admits that he wants to submit in the bedroom and Iris is intrigued. She's never had that kind of control and decides that she wants to keeps trying new things together.

The chemistry between the two of them was really hot and made for some really sizzling scenes. I just wish that there was a little more emotion between the two of them. Iris and her commitment issues made it really difficult for me to be able to think of them as a true couple. She drove me a little crazy with her hot and cold temperament. The ending was also a little abrupt for me. I would say this one is more of a HFN then HEA type of romance.
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9,520 reviews151 followers
July 22, 2016

I liked Owen, “you wore me out pretty good, I think.” Owen stifled a yawn. “I’m not sure I’m going to be able to walk straight for a couple of days. Or sit. Now come here.” This book was okay, I'm not used to the woman being an alpha, it was a change but one I liked.
331 reviews
March 29, 2023
Damnnn 😭😭😭😭 Iris and Owens were so cute. The smut 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I enjoyed the gamer references and also their exploration of their kinks. I’m so glad there was not a third act break but I wanted it to be longer, more about Iris’s commitment issues. I swear I just wanted to spend more time with them
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54 reviews1 follower
October 21, 2018
Sweet, simple, and a bit kinky. A little slow at times, but I didn’t find it hard to get through (and due to reasons, I was very motivated to finish).
Iris is a very believable new top, and I really appreciated how normal she was overall. She had a couple of insecurities (as one does), but otherwise had it together, and she didn’t sploosh out her brains any time Owen was around. The conflict, such as it is, is one-sided (hers) and ridiculously thin, but honestly? That's more common than not and at this point I'm used to it. A little annoying, but… shrug.

I could have lived without the subtle switcheroo sex scene (why??), but at least it was subtle, and fairly brief/easy to skip. The other sex scenes were pretty good and I enjoyed them. Points for never screwing up the kink. And it’s mostly my kind of kink, which was a nice plus. (Know what I love? Dudes who can effing control themselves. Until they're told not to. AM INTO.)

As noted, their dynamic gets a bit wobbly here and there (sigh), but nothing too serious. It helped that there were a lot more times that I solidly liked— little moments that happened to push my personal buttons. For example at one point, after waiting and waiting he's finally allowed to come (hard, helplessly) and:
When Owen recovered, which took a couple of minutes, he met her eyes and then blushed red and threw one arm over his face, blocking his vision with his forearm.
“Oh god, I can’t believe I just did that.”
OMG SO CUTE. He's adorable, you guys.
(Look, what can I say. I'm so not into humiliation, but there's something about a big sturdy man all blushy and embarrassed… I dunno, it kills me. I have zero interested in taunting them about it, but I do find it delightful to witness. Shame is no fun, but the blushing… guh. I die.)

Overall, this was a good time. I liked the characters, I rooted for their HEA, and I can see myself reading it again. That's a win!
3.25 stars.

Full disclosure, I might be rating this a bit low because I was in an abysmal mood when I read it. I chose this from my rainy-day TBR list because my previous read was so traumatic that I was in desperate need of some brain bleach. So I was starting from less-than-zero when I picked this up. That said, it did make me feel a bit better! So that's saying something.
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54 reviews1 follower
May 5, 2023
It is what it is and that’s ok!

This book was a short, fluffy little piece that kept my attention all the way through. It felt like eating a twinkie, like you know what you’re gonna get and nothing is surprising or particularly interesting about it.

Smut scenes were decent, personally I wanted a little more detail. There is a lot of emphasis put on Iris learning how to be a domme but in action, nothing of what a good domme should do was enforced. Nothing was ever really described and the after scenes were just blown over quickly.

The plot of this book was yknow… not the main focus but I cannot tell you a single moment where something interesting happened. In the beginning of the book, the MMC drives far to hang out with her at a beach and his only instance of knowing her came from her drunkenly stumbling into his shop before opening. If I were him, I’d think she was gonna murder me. But this is a romance book so logic doesn’t apply I suppose.

After they fuck for the first time, the FMC immediately starts rambling about her trauma and I couldn’t take it seriously, it was so random and off the wall that I was giggling. Her trauma comes from her mother being good at pyramid scheme style selling tupperware. I shit you not, TUPPERWARE is the thing that tore her family apart. That is the funniest thing in the universe. It took me a while to let myself forget that bit and not think about it every time a smut scene occured.

Because of this, the conflict in the book felt overly silly and I have a hard time believing that adults would behave in this way. Just talk to each other oh my god.

The relationship development is nonexistent, it goes from her saying she wants nothing serious to an I Love You in breakneck speed. But whatever, its a book of silly harmless fluff and it has femdom so overall, if you’re thinking of buying it, just do it. At the low price of $2 you can read about this lady’s tupperware trauma and a guy who cannot wait to be drilled by a woman.

Overall: Much of this book could’ve just not existed and it wouldn’t have changed the plot at all. Side characters might as well be randomly generated sims, the plot feels like hallmark’s bargain bin. Its easy, its silly and not bad at all but you definitely should go in with no expectations other than generic femdom with no development or meaning behind it.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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740 reviews49 followers
December 27, 2020
OVERALL: 3.5 stars. A steamy, sexy book with a bit of a rushed ending; decent nerdy bits, and I want to read more in this series.

I got this book recommendation off a youtube video about pegging, so I sort of knew what I was getting into with this. Despite it being a second in a series, I didn't read the first one beforehand.
I also still don't really get the Dom/Sub dynamic. Just isn't something I care about or really understand.

There is a lot of sex in this book--it's not erotica, it's still a romance, but there was more sex than I'd predicted at the start. Because at first that's all these characters agree to: it's just going to be a fling, then it's just going to be casual, then it's just friends with benefits, then they finally agree to try to date.
The sexy times are quite steamy and fun to read, plus there was a nice... enthusiasm that was clear by both parties--the characters were caring of each other's needs and were having a good time, so that was great to read.
I didn't exactly mind the amount of sex, but I did want a little more development of feelings time? I think that the time spent

I liked Iris and I liked Owen. I think we did get to know them a bit, about her art and gaming interests and we got to see Owen's investment in the bakery and him being a bit of a stickler/tough boss at work. I wanted a little more of their personalities on the page, because a fair bit of this book was them slipping into personas that they were using during sex.

(Also, what was the point of the best friend? She was... a foil? Showing that if Iris gained a husband her life would change and become more boring?? This felt like a failed plotline that was dropped but not adequately edited out of the story.)
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2,001 reviews29 followers
April 26, 2019
*whispers* so I read it, then I skimmed parts and like ... :X WHATEVER DON'T JUDGE ME I DON'T THINK I MISSED MUCH. - the original hookup which I do plan to read but ... you know.
And I really liked this book only I wish there had been MORE.
I really like how both characters actually discuss, and have their insecurities and such - but I think it was a smidge too HFN in the end for me, than HEA.
Also because I thought we were heading into a nice lovely HEA, as I was "only" 93% into the book... BUT NOPE IT WAS THE END.

I will say it's "rare" in romanceland for the hero to be the submissive in the couple - there are of course Domme heroines but not that many. It was cool that Iris did the research - forums, porn, other sites, them going to the convention, etc.
It was HOT too, Owen and Iris.
>.> Iris is kinda an asshole but she is scared, but I did get a tiny bit annoyed at how MUCH she's like ... in her insecurities which hello I ABSOLUTELY GET but at the same time ... <.< you know, romance. But ALSO also like she never tells Owen? At least not in the book?
And I felt some parts were a jump like they went from 0 to 10,000 but ...


I also liked that they both had their own lives that were described and developed - that Iris has a great workplace, than Owen had scenes with his employees/coworkers.
And the notes how he always smells like bread/cookies which ...
I mean yeah.
I want an Owen.

Considering I read this during recovery brain/after my fall T_T

Solid C ... I think C+ really.
I'm interested in reading more by this author but definitely it'll depend on premise/blurb. :)
I also plan on re-reading and FULLY ENTIRELY reading this book too when my brain isn't quite so "broken."
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Author 8 books52 followers
July 4, 2020
The appeal of this series to me, especially after the first installment, was the mixture of romance with characters who are gamers. So, I was a tad disappointed that this book instead focused on the gaming company’s HR specialist and a baker. On the surface, there’s not much gaming. But Iris’s character is developed naturally, showing that she’s just as creative and quirky as her coworkers at PI, but that it’s also okay to have an organized side. Someone has to manage payroll, after all.

Despite this initial disappointment, the characters of Iris and Owen swept me up in their relationship at once. I’ve read a decent amount of BDSM fiction over the past few years, but this book flipped the script on me in multiple ways. The most obvious is that the heroine is the dominant rather than the submissive. However, the aspect of this story that I especially enjoyed was watching the characters learn about what they enjoy and develop their kinky bond.

This character growth also followed Iris and Owen into making positive changes in their “real” lives. The gaming aspect slips back in for Iris, and I cheered for her subplot arc even while I ached for her anxiety regarding Owen. Luckily, this is still a romance book, so we get our happily ever after. Whether you’re into gaming or not, this is a lovely romance book that I thoroughly enjoyed.
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October 30, 2021
This was a fun, sweet, kinky journey starring Iris, an HR professional with art aspirations, and Owen, a baker who just wants a woman to dominate him in bed already. This is the second in a series, but I read it as a stand-alone and it totally worked. I have such a weakness for soft kink. The kind that’s super hot, but also tender and sweet. And that’s what I got for this whole book. It starts pretty quickly, and doesn’t let up at all.

I love a baker, especially as a hero, and Owen was perfect. Strong, determined, disciplined, and absolutely eager to let Iris control him. His growing outside-of-bed feelings for her being the conflict in the story, as she believes that she isn’t capable of being in a healthy relationship. Owen’s emotional coaxing and absolute surrender make space for Iris to feel her feelings, and work through them.

Owen has never really gotten to be kinky in his previous relationships, and Iris has never even considered it before, but they explore together, going toy shopping, and even going to a kink convention together. There’s lots of great, diverse sex in this one (including pegging) so if you are in to that, I highly recommend this one.

Overall, I enjoyed this story a lot, and I am probably going to read the rest of the series sooner rather than later.
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July 28, 2018
Gros coup chaud ! J’ai adoré !
Nous voilà reparti avec les employés de PI Games même si l’ambiance jeux vidéos est plus en retrait dans ce tome 2.
Iris est la DRH de la boîte et je dois dire que ce tome m’a donné une vision complètement différente de ce que j’avais pu en percevoir dans le premier. Owen est le propriétaire d’une pâtisserie dont la belle est une grande fidèle.
Sa relation avec Owen est juste magnifique, forcément leurs débuts sont chaotiques mais les voir évoluer ensemble pour s’ajuster aux besoins de l’autre tout en satisfaisant les siens a été un vrai plaisir à lire. Je n’ai pas vu défiler les pages qui ont presque défilées trop vite pour moi tant je ne voulais pas quitter ces 2 personnages si attachants (sans mauvais jeu de mots).
J’ai beaucoup aimé comment l’auteur s’est attardé sur la psychologie des personnages, elle nous a fait partager les doutes, les insécurités et les inquiétudes de Owen et Iris à chaque étapes de leur relation.
Bien sûr, le livre faisant parti de la collection illicit’ de chez J’ai lu, ce livre se destine à un public adulte, mais toutes les scènes chaudes ne tournent jamais au vulgaire, à chaque passage on sent l’intérêt pour son partenaire, sa tendresse.
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May 18, 2022
I really really liked this book. It was a great blend of a more typical sweet romance with bdsm. It is fairly tame bdsm. The characters are just starting to explore it and it’s done in a really healthy sex positive way. I’m not usually into super rough or dark romances. This was light and thoughtful while still being spicy and hot. Highly recommend, even if bdsm stories aren’t usually your pick.

I loved the way they explored their new kinks together. They communicated and took care of each other. Being brave and supported carried outside the bedroom for them too. The characters were good. I didn’t super connect with either, but they fit the story well.

The pacing and writing were great. The characters grew and the was a full plot in addition to the spice.

Finally the spice was so hot. I love dirty talk and this book was full of it. I loved that the woman was the dominant. It is spicy and kinky, but still not as dark as many bdsm books get.
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June 5, 2017
Picked this up on a sale recommendation, and read through it on a weekend where I needed a break from heavier nonfiction. I loved it - adorable meet-cute, current gaming references, and a relationship dynamic of a submissive man and a learning-to-dominate woman. This book was refreshing because of how they talked about what they wanted to do, and then gave it a try, then talked about how it went. More real-life relationships could certainly use this sort of discussion, and I really appreciate seeing it modeled well in fiction.

This is definitely a strong R to low X rating, because it's not just vanilla sex, but it's well written and all consensual with consent as a specific topic. If you're interested in this sort of book, definitely give this a try.
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February 4, 2022
The writing here was really not my cup of tea. The characters were about as interesting as cardboard cutouts. They had very little personality or chemistry. There were almost no sweet or funny moments between them. Even the sex scenes, which in many ways would have been very much my jam, were lacking emotion and passion.

I just really wish there were more submissive MMCs in m/f romance, because this is one of very few books I’ve found with a submissive guy, and unfortunately I found the writing numbingly boring.

I did like that he was a baker and she was in gaming. And I’m glad someone wrote some kinky m/f with a submissive guy and a dominant woman. But this was a miss for me because I didn’t care at all about these characters.
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May 4, 2019
Loved this!

This story was the perfect amount of kink and regular human insecurities, humor, and romance. I often find domme books that don't have enough kink for me. This one was great. Nothing gratuitous, everything necessary and sexy. I will say I was a bit frustrated at Iris's death-grip dedication to her belief that she wasn't good at relationships when she was clearly already doing one with Owen. But I do get that people can hold on to the weirdest beliefs despite all assurances to the contrary.

But really, besides that "conflict" keeping them apart, that felt a bit contrived and blah, I adored the story.

I'll be reading so much more by this author!
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November 30, 2021
Owen and Iris were so boring together, their banter was trash they talked like a couple in their 50s. Nothing is wrong with reading about a couple who is more relaxed and. just comfortable with each other but they had zero spark. Only enjoyable parts were the sex scence which were a lot btw but the orgasm denial got pretty old pretty quick. Once is hot, twice is pushing it but a little hot and 3 times is just too much and it takes up at least 2/3 sex scences. Also it’s pretty unrealistic and impossible that Owen was edging every single day 3 times for a week💀 I think he did it twice too like wtf?
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June 5, 2021
This was really good until the end and then it just went wtf. The entire time Iris is skittish skittish skittish. Then suddenly with one public sex scene she’s happily lover ever after. Made all the build up seem like a waste. And the extra cast was a waste. Background noise. Because they didn’t land on HEA. They landed on a collar. There was just something missing.

I didn’t get the significance of the gaming, either. Seemed contrived bc of the ending.
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August 27, 2017

Intersting premise but can't see how the couple will ever make it long term. Their relationship is way too much physical than emotional. Choosing a partner based on their sex kinks over caring, respect, hobbies, and etc is just not very substantive...

Overall, the prose is good and the characters are somewhat likeable but it's not a good romance since the book failed to make me believe in their relationship beyond their compatible sex kinks.

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