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Their love led to a lie
Their truth led to the end

Brigs McGregor is crawling out from the ashes. After losing his wife and son in a car accident and his job from his subsequent downward spiral, he's finally moving forward, getting a prestigious teaching position at the University of London and a new life in the city. Slowly, but surely, he's pushing past the guilt and putting his tragic past behind him.

Until he sees her.

Natasha Trudeau once loved a man so much she thought she'd die without him. But their love was wrong, doomed from the start, and when their world crashed around them, Natasha was nearly buried in the rubble. It took years of moving on to forget him, and now that she's in London, she's ready to start again.

Until she sees him.

Because some loves are too dangerous to ever indulge.
And some loves are far too powerful to ignore.
Their love just might be the life and the death of them.

292 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 15, 2016

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About the author

Karina Halle

142 books15.9k followers
Karina Halle is a screenwriter, a former music & travel journalist, and the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today bestselling author of River of Shadows, The Royals Next Door, and Black Sunshine, as well as 70 other wild and romantic reads, ranging from light & sexy rom coms to horror/paranormal romance and dark fantasy. Needless to say, whatever genre you're into, she's probably written a romance for it.

When she's not traveling, she and her husband split their time between a possibly haunted 120 year-old house in Victoria, BC, their sailboat the Norfinn, and their condo in Los Angeles. For more information, visit www.authorkarinahalle.com

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1,161 reviews4,165 followers
February 12, 2019

Yep. The black one is me. Again.

I'm actually pissed at myself.

I love this author. The story is interesting. The theme is my favorite. The setting is great. This book has every element I love. So what the hell is my problem?

I felt nothing, that's what. No passion, no chemistry, no devastation, no angst, no heartbreak. Not a thing.

But not for the lack of trying. I really tried. I fought like a champ for it, I swear.

I'm pretty sure my ECG report would have looked like this if I'd taken an ECG test after reading this book:

I didn't like the hero. I knew right from the first few chapters that I wouldn't like him. He's boring and weak.

I couldn't relate to the heroine either. I constantly had a feeling like something was missing in this book.

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3,815 reviews32.4k followers
February 17, 2016
5 stars!

 photo 20476E93-1D7B-4093-A4AB-4E6FDDE9346D_zpsmyrto7xi.jpg

There is something about these McGregor men… Ever since I met Brigs McGregor in Lachlan’s book, I knew I had to get my hands on his story. Brig’s story isn’t an easy one to read. It’s emotional, heart-wrenching, and made me cry more times than I’d like to admit. My heart hurt for Brigs and Natasha. Then there was this moment. And I was healed. Karina Halle has the ability to break you and put you back together with her stories. I loved that she took a chance and wrote a book that I’m sure wasn’t easy to write (because at times, it wasn’t easy to read).

 photo 850A2AD3-F8DF-45C6-82BD-D55E70259A76_zpsj3uhprl2.jpg

When Brigs and Natasha first meet, Brigs is a professor and Natasha is a student (not his student). Natasha is bright and Brigs can tell right away. He asks her to be his research assistant. From there, they develop a friendship. Brigs finds something in Natasha he’s never had in a friend or person. Someone who gets him, someone he has a strong connection to and strong feelings for. Even though he knows it’s not right and he shouldn’t. You see, Brigs has a wife and a child. I swear to you all I am not pro-cheating in life or in books most of the time, but this situation is different than any you’ve ever read!
I love Natasha. It always comes down to that terrible truth. I love her. So much. Too much. Enough to make me throw everything away. Because I could no longer live the lie. But the truth doesn’t just hurt, it destroys.

 photo 1C4D11CC-9BDC-4892-B8F6-E76CB719BF84_zps3lrp164l.jpg
Brigs McGregor. The love of my life. The love that ruined our lives.

When everything in Natasha and Brigs lives come crashing down around them, they know it’s over. It will never be the same for them and they will never be together. Then four years later, they are unexpectedly brought back together once again. When Brigs and Natasha are reunited… Oh the FEELS! It was equal parts beautiful and painful. They are one of those couples that you root for completely. If anyone deserves to be happy together, it is the two of them. They feel each others happiness, sadness, and pain. They are connected on that level.
Oh god. This kiss. This is wildfire. This could so easily consume us. Until there is nothing left. We’re going fucking burn this world to the ground. And there’s no better way to go than in the flames with him.

 photo 9650AB23-2F1D-4300-9260-2AC884772498_zpstuhmqec1.jpg

Natasha and Brigs were both characters I loved. I can’t imagine ever going through the loss and tragedy Brigs went through. For them to be able to move past their demons and heal each other was truly special. I loved their story and the writing, as always, was impeccable. I highlighted so many beautifully written quotes.
As longs as she is with me. As long as I am with her, we will always bring each other out of it. We are forever surrounded by ashes. But we are fire. And fire rises.

If you are a fan of second chance romances, this is one I would highly recommend. Don’t shy away from it because of the material. You won’t regret reading it! This story is connected to The Play and Winter Wishes, as Brigs is Lachlan’s cousin and is mentioned, but can most certainly be read as a stand-alone. The Lie gets 5 stars from me!

 photo 1F006E98-B6F9-442F-913A-15FB8CFC7215_zpsexz7jb2j.jpg
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790 reviews2,503 followers
February 18, 2016
4 Stars!!


Karina Halle surprised me in such a good way with this second chance/forbidden romance. I loved these kind of stories and she delivered such a wonderful one, a perfect mix of emotion and angst with some heartbreaking/gut wrenching moments that will certainly move you. “The Lie” is told both in the past and in the present from both main characters’ POV and will make you feel everything these two felt, every single emotion.

“Our love was wrong.
A lie we told ourselves.
And it cost us the world.”

Brigs McGregor is a professor, he’s married, the love of his life being his two year old son. When he meets Natasha, a young, smart, capable student he’s drawn to her in so many ways, more than he wants to admit. With her colorful personality, Natasha manages in a short time to make Brigs want more than he has with his wife – love. She simply gets him, more than anyone else, more than his own wife. They start a friendship that shortly becomes something more for both of them.


Their happiness is short lived when certain circumstances torn them apart.

“Love is good. Love is kind. Patient. Pure.
So they say.
Our love was a mistake from the start. A beautiful, life-rendering mistake.”

Four years later, when Brigs accepts a teaching position at Kings College in London they meet again. Natasha is there trying to finish her master after four years in which she desperately tried to forget the man who broke her heart.

Both of them try not to forget what happened years ago and how devastating their break-up was, but they can’t ignore the strong connection between them.

“She’s a ghost that roams these halls. She’s a ghost who roams my heart.”


First of all, I want to say that I really enjoyed and appreciated the dual POV. I think here it was really necessary. Brigs and Natasha’s voices were honest and genuine. I liked both of them – in the past and in the present. Their characterization was well done and the fact they were struggling at some point with their feelings make them more relatable to me. My heart broke for both of them for what happened in the past, especially for Brigs. The fact that he felt so much shame for what happened with his wife and his child was devastating. In the present Natasha still feels guilty for everything that happened, but she can’t lie to herself – she never forget Brigs. I have to say that I really sympathize with her. She was a likeable heroine from the beginning, mature, caring and so full of life. I liked her personality very much!

“…love shouldn’t be ignored. Or shunned. Or buried. If you’re lucky enough to feel it, you need to indulge it. Give it wings. Let it course through your heart and soul, unfiltered.”

Brigs and Natasha’s reunion was simply lovely. I liked the fact their connection was stronger than ever. You can really feel it as the story unfolds. With every one of their interaction you will feel how much they still love each other and how good they are for each other. One think that I truly loved was the honesty between them. It rarely happens in books and also IRL for two people to be so honest with each other.

Overall, a wonderful read!

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975 reviews665 followers
February 16, 2016
★★★★★ 5 Stars ★★★★★

Amazon US | Amazon UK

"The human heart isn't meant to be caged to someone who doesn't feed it."

Such an emotional and heartfelt story, I adored and appreciated how torn these two characters were and was just rooting for them to get their happy ending.

Sexy Scottish professor Brigs McGregor is literally drowning in a sea of guilt, after the death of his wife and young son in a tragic car accident, he is left feeling remorse that he was in love with another woman at the moment of their demise.

"With us, the truth didn't just hurt. It killed."

American intern Natasha Trudeau always knew their love was doomed, but just when she saw the light at the end of the tunnel, everything came crashing down and she plummeted into despair that took a long time for her to claw out from.

Fate brings them back together once again, when Brigs accepts a teaching position at Kings College, London, the very university that Natasha has returned to after her breakdown.

Love isn't always black and white and Brigs and Natasha's journey is a tough one, but their bond is so genuine and true that you only want the best for these characters and that is the sign of a good writer, when you really feel what they are going through and praying for everything to work out for the good.

Natasha was the star of this book for me, she was so relate-able and endearing, and I felt so much empathy for her situation and I thought she was very classy with the way she handled herself and Brig's feelings.

"This was never about the destination, Brigs.
This was just about spending time with you."

Brigs was gorgeous inside and out, his turmoil was so real and I loved how he was so alpha without being overtly so, he was so perfect for this book.

There were some beautiful quotes, I loved the writing and am certain that I will remember this book for a long time.

The Lie is a standalone second chance romance told in dual POV, past and present.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Images featured in this review were created by me using stock images either purchased from deposit photo or from free stock sites.

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633 reviews1,278 followers
February 19, 2016
3.5 Stars

The Lie begins with the tragic events of the night Brigs lost his family. The truth was utterly heartbreaking. I could understand how easily it would be to drown in the resulting guilt. So with a powerful start, I was anxious to trudge through the past and present with Brigs and Natasha.

“Our love was wrong. A lie we told ourselves. And it cost us the world.”

Now, for the most part I enjoyed this one - it was an emotional journey, a healing one. That said, there wasn't much going on - other than grieving, a lot of guilt, sex and a psychotic friend - . Don't get me wrong, there were some great moments, but I never really connected to the characters, something was just missing for me...
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2,434 reviews4,573 followers
February 15, 2016
LIVE http://www.amazon.com/Lie-Karina-Hall...

5 Emotional Stars

"Love isn’t a choice. I can’t control how I feel about him any more than I can control the sun in the sky."

I can't even begin to describe how amazing this book was. I blame Karina for making me cry again! The Lie is heavy with so many feelings, the characters are unique and original and the plot brilliant with moments from the past and gives the background of Brigs and Natasha's relationship. You can't stop yourself from sinking into the story and wishing these two will have a happy ending.


I loved the dynamic between Brigs and Natasha's relationship.These two can be in one moment sweet and funny to intense and passionate in the next. It was so nice seeing how these two met and fell in love, how their feelings grew more and more. But life is not always perfect and after a tragic incident these two will fall apart. Now a few years later they meet again. Can they put together the pieces and try for something more?

Karina is one of this authors that once you read a book of hers you'll be addicted to her. One book isn't enough for me. I want more and more. Her writing is poetic and captivating. The Lie is an emotional read about second chances.

*An advance reading copy was generously provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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1,827 reviews2,186 followers
February 15, 2016
5 stars

“Our love was wrong. A lie we told ourselves. And it cost us the world.”

 photo the lie collage.jpg

The Lie is the story of Brigs and Natasha, who had a connection at one time but was lost due to unforeseen circumstances. Reunited years later in London, the two find that sparks still fly between them. But both are haunted by the years they spent apart, words that burned and choices that broke them. Now they have a second chance at love and the two of them will fight hard to keep it.

“Love is the right thing, isn’t it?”

So if you’ve read The Play (and if you haven’t, you should because it’s amazing) you know that Brigs has been through a horrible tragedy that ruined his family. After the death of his wife and son, he is still haunted by it years later. But Natasha is the only person he feels a true connection with, so even though he feels guilt, he goes for her. The same is true for Natasha, despite her more recent difficult past, she feels at home around Brigs.

“I can see it in your eyes, Brigs. I always have. You’re haunted. And it’s not by Miranda or Hamish. You’re haunted by yourself.”

I love that once Brigs and Natasha got together, there was never drama between the two of them dragging them apart. And by this I mean any issues their relationship faced were from external forces, and not because of something one of them did. Their relationship felt mature to me and it was refreshing. Most of the time in romance it happens where one of them messes up and the author does this for dramatic effect, but Natasha and Brigs were not like this, and I loved that about them. I also loved how genuine both of them were in their relationship, they both spoke from the heart and even though it was difficult a lot of the time, they were honest with each other the entire time.

“We’re going to fucking burn this world to the ground. And there’s no better way to go than in flames with him.”

The language and word choice were brilliant in this book. I’m not normally a highlighter, but I found myself highlighting passages because I loved what was said and how it was said. This was a book filled with beautiful words and phrases and I loved every minute of it.

“We are forever surrounded by ashes. But we are fire. And fire rises.”

ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo RRR.png
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1,120 reviews461 followers
February 16, 2016
If you were keeping up with my statuses, it will be no surprise that I didn't like this book very much and that judging by all the 5 star reviews, this will be a very unpopular opinion.

Let me get a few things out in the open. First, I love a good forbidden/taboo book. I also love a cheating book when done right, if that's even a thing. But Hate to Love You, Pure Abandon and Nocturne are some of my all time favorite books and they all involve infidelity. So my low rating is not because of the infidelity theme, it is in spite of the infidelity theme. Second, I hate to write negative reviews, I really do. I know authors put their hearts into these books but I can't compromise honesty. And Third, I was really looking forward to this book, a lot. I loved The Play and so I was looking forward to it.

There might be some spoilers in this review so you are warned. So, I really wanted to like this book, I really did. Even when I read the prologue and had a glimpse of the premise I still preordered it. Even when one of my best friends read the arc and hated it, I went in with an open mind. But the thing is, this book was set up for failure since the prologue. The set up is so bad, you are expecting these characters to be so wonderful that what you read in the prologue can be overcome, and that's where the book falls short, the characters.

The blurb is no secret and the prologue is pretty enlightening, the hero and the heroine were having an affair four years in the past. When the hero tells his wife, she goes crazy, drives off, crashes the car and kills herself and their son. That is thrown to you right away, right away you know their infidelity was the catalyst to this tragedy. And if you're cynical like me you're thinking 1) where do you go from here and 2) wow, she better be worth it. So I was waiting for these wonderful characters to swipe me off my feet, which never happened. The book switches between the past and the present so you get a glimpse of the affair, how it happened and his family life. Although I never blamed either of them for his tragedy, not a single time, the affair rubbed me the wrong way. She was so nonchalant about pursuing this married man, even before she knew he wasn't happy. She was a walking contradiction, one minute she was recognizing this was wrong, and the next she was openly pursuing this man. The same exact thing can be said about him, he was infatuated like a teenager with this younger girl that had no substance at all, her character was so bland and undeveloped, you just couldn't feel bad for her, actually sometimes I just wanted to smack her. The author only shows vapid and flirty conversations so I just could not connect with them or feel what made this woman so special, what made this "love" so special. The other side of this is the wife, yes, she seemed cold, she's detached, and she's to blame for her fate but by no means was she evil or despicable, you couldn't even empathize with the characters on this front. So when you have an unlikeable and unrelatable hero and heroine, you're just left with a shameless affair.

Present time, the mc's were no different. The guilt and the grieving process is not there, it actually would've made a way better book, but by the point the mc's reunited I guess they're both past that. He's still as obsessed with her as ever and she is as well. She has a moment of guilt that lasts one day, the next day he's bending her over his desk. Yep, they have sex and more sex and then they decide to talk. So not even the love story is done right, it's just cheapened in favor of lust. Then there's evil Melissa, her "best friend" that is more Single White Female than anything, yet, even Melissa has some moments of wisdom that you can't help but agree with her about this silly affair. So there, she couldn't even succeed in making me hate the bad girl.

Honestly, it pains me to write this review, these characters had so much potential, this widower second chance story had so much potential yet it felt so wrong and cheap and underdeveloped. The entire time I was reading this I felt sad and overwhelmed. She totally did not do Brigs any justice in the interest of being edgy. The only positive in this story for me were his brother Lachlan, Kayla and his mom and dad.

As with any opinion, popular or not, this is my opinion and mine alone. It could just be me and not the book, but honestly this one did not work for me and I do not recommend.

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Author 9 books609 followers
February 15, 2016
It's LIVE!!! -> http://amzn.to/1T7s8x2
We're giving away 8 copies on Foxy Blogs! -> http://tinyurl.com/gv6hzo5

5+ Stars

Karina Halle continues to out-do herself!

This book stole my breath and my heart.
There just aren't enough words to describe this deeply raw and beautifully poignant work of art.

Do you want to fall in love with two of the most exceptional characters you'll ever meet? Read this book. Yes, the subject matter could be considered taboo. It doesn't matter! Karina tackles it with elegance and will have you routing for the forbidden love. Read this book. There's so much angst and regret, it practically flows off the pages. The darkness is perfectly observed. Read this book. Sex? You like hot, steamy, melt your panties off sex? Read this book.

Yes. I loved it! And I really want you all to Read this book!

Karina Halle is a master. Yes I've said that before. No I will not change my mind. Ever.
Simply phenomenal, from cover to cover.

* ARC provided by the author for review. *
March 1, 2016
3.5 ★'s

We met Brigs in The Play, the book about his brother, Lachlan...and we learned how tortured he is and some of the things he has been going through. However, that was far from knowing everything.

But now we get our chance. K.H. lays it all out there and it's definitely not sugar coated. In fact, there are some parts that I felt were just outright cruel and it broke my heart. Don't get me wrong, I love a little heart squeezing from time to time, I just don't like it when authors cross that line.

Brigs had met Natasha over four years ago when she became his assistant. They hit it off immediately and slowly their friendship built. Brigs basically had no relationship with his wife...physically or emotionally and I felt like he was so starved for some sort of connection, that when he was presented with something real, it really hit him over the head. Were there some lines crossed? Well, this is a K.H. book so the answer is yes but as far as cheating goes, I guess it just depends on your definition.


Before things go further and just when Brigs is making things right, both Brigs' and Natasha's worlds are turned upside down ripped apart torn to shreds...destroyed. And the harsh reality is that it takes them almost four years to dig themselves back out.

And when they run into each other again, it's stunning, shocking...wonderful. But they're both so fragile that they're scared to take that next step especially Natasha. Fortunately, they do.

Naturally, it can't be an easy journey and an overprotective roommate makes matters worse....way worse. It certainly doesn't help that Natasha is a student at the university where Professor Blue Eyes, aka Brigs, teaches.

One of my favorite things was getting more of Brigs' relationship with Lachlan. I love seeing how much closer they have gotten and how much they support each other. Kayla was a kick in the pants as always and you gotta love Winter.

A couple of things bothered me...I'm kind of torn about Brigs and Natasha...I wanted them to make it but at the same time, they both had been through so much, I just couldn't see how they could put that behind them. And there's also the first cigar scene which was uncomfortably intimate (IMO) and weirdly erotic.

I didn't cry with this book but there are some touching scenes with Brigs' son, Hamish. It definitely will pull on your heart strings.

And then there's the twist at the end that we all saw coming. I guess it's better to have it than not and it helps things wrap up nicely especially with that epilogue!

So, who's next? I'm thinking Brigs' cousin, Keir. There's a book called The Debt coming out Fall 2016, however, there's no information listed. I'm just hoping it's his.


Favorite quote:

♥ “I wouldn’t want to be ruined by anyone but you.”

(Prior to review...)

wooohooo for getting a Brigs book!
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February 29, 2016

“Our love was wrong. A lie we told ourselves. And it cost us the world.”

Some of the greatest love stories in fiction are born out of tragedy and pain, reminding us that there is light at the end of every tunnel, that true love can endure it all, but in the hands of a great writer, a love story becomes an epic one when it pushes us to question our own preconceptions, to put aside our reservations, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery right along its characters. From the moment I opened this book, I knew in my heart that this story would be like no other—its bold premise a refreshing change of pace in a genre that is becoming more and more reluctant to take risks and push its readers out of their self-defined comfort zones—and Karina Halle once more delivers with a punch a well crafted and utterly compelling tale that will stay with us for some time. I am always floored by the way Ms Halle is able to translate her view of the world into such spectacular, life-changing prose, and this book proves once again that her talent is endless.

“I knew, I knew, the moment I laid my eyes on Natasha, that I was gone and there wasn’t a single thing to hold me in place.”

They met at a time when neither of them should have fallen for the other, but from the moment Brigs McGregor laid eyes on Natasha Trudeau, he knew his life was about to change. Trapped in a loveless marriage for the sake of a child, Brigs had convinced himself that happiness was as elusive as it was fleeting, forgetting the passionate man he once was and focusing his energies on the things he could control. When Natasha walks into his life, however, her exuberance and spontaneity show him all that’s been missing in his marriage, and the more time they spend with each other, the more reasons he finds to never settle in love again.

“The human heart isn’t meant to be caged by someone who doesn’t feed it.”

But their love ends up costing them dearly, changing the course of their lives forever, and turning all the beauty they found in each other into a soul-crushing memory that would forever haunt them.

“Our love was a mistake from the start. A beautiful, life-rendering mistake.”

Four years have passed, and even though their guilt has not ebbed away in the slightest, their love for one another has somehow survived its devastating weight. And every suppressed emotion comes bubbling to the surface when they suddenly cross paths again and see in each other’s eyes that nothing has changed for either of them. But even though their feelings have stayed the same, the ghosts of their tragic past remain as vivid as ever, making them question themselves at every step, and forcing them to face their shame and guilt head-on.

“I’d like to say it all feels like a blur to me, the years at the bottom of the spiral, the world around me bleak, guilt and hatred sticking to me like tar. But I remember it all vividly. In horrible, exquisite detail. Maybe that’s my punishment, my shackles for my crimes. I knew that falling in love was a crime. I deserve all the punishment I can get.”

While everything so far might appear like a typical second chance romance scenario, I promise you that nothing about this gripping story is anything less than startling. By infusing these characters with an extraordinary level of self-awareness and retrospection, Karina Halle presents us with a daring story that explores a person’s right to seek happiness, to pursue the ‘more’ that makes everything else appear as ‘less’, to be loved and feel the kind of love that makes one feel alive. It’s a story of new beginnings, of accepting past mistakes, and letting go of crippling guilt for what cannot be undone. Brigs and Natasha are flawed human beings, they are people who have paid the ultimate price for their sins, but it is the beauty of their hearts that endears them to us and makes us connect with them from the get-go.

“Whatever do you see in me?” I ask her quietly. I can’t help it.
She tilts her head, frowning at me. “I see you. What do you see?”

I will not lie to you, I initially expected not to relate to this story at all, and the mere act of turning that first page was based entirely on my trust in this author’s supreme ability to tell a persuasive story. And that trust was repaid in buckets by making me feel so much page after page, from scenes that had hairs standing up on the back of my neck, to others that broke my heart into smithereens, and I never stopped feeling throughout it. Reminiscent of Love, in English in the way similar themes were handled in that book, Ms Halle gifts us with a confronting tale of second chances, of forgiveness, of opportunities lost and amends made, and she does so with one of her most defying love stories, remaining true to her inimitable voice and delivering a story that is as real as it is breathtaking. A new favourite in the series for me, another must-read from this author.

“We are forever surrounded by ashes. But we are fire. And fire rises.”

See this review on my blog! | Follow me on Facebook! | Follow me on Twitter!

Buy book: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | iBooks
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1,346 reviews1,419 followers
February 15, 2016
5 Professor Blue Eyes Stars!
ARC provided by author

 photo 7a95c4e5-220c-41af-84ee-1009d624786f_zpsu7d9yfkm.jpg

Brigs McGregor is a professor from Edinburgh, Scotland. He is in an unhappy marriage when he meets his soulmate Natasha Trudeau. They share an instant connection & develop a friendship. Just as Brigs is thinking to take steps to try at having something more with Natasha, tragedy strikes & Brigs loses his wife & child in an accident. He is a broken man just trying to survive now. He is left in pieces, totally demolished by guilt & shame. He breaks things off with Natasha & tells her they were a huge mistake.

 photo 4a303202-5292-4ac2-9ffe-777f018c91b4_zpshpepfhhf.jpg

Four years later Brigs is trying to piece his life back together. Tired of punishing himself he is finally ready to move forward with his life. He takes a new job teaching at King's College in London, England. He is trying to move on when he see's Natasha one day at the University. His whole world is turned upside down, by a woman he thought was now just a ghost to him. Someone he never forgot, but could never have.

 photo 40866376-3325-4B1A-9A39-50FF07B26270_zpstqx0hsxn.jpg

Natasha is stunned to see Brigs again too. She has moved back to London to go back to school & start over. She has suffered a broken heart the past four years after Brigs McGregor destroyed her. She has tried to move on, but her memories of Brigs continue to haunt her. All her emotions are still raw concerning Brigs & she truly never thought she'd see him again. They shared something so rare & special that neither had ever experienced before with anyone else. Their feelings were so intense they felt lost in one another.

 photo 30f42235-ac51-4da2-b125-f5e3119bb18a_zps39ddnv3u.jpg

They talk & still feel as drawn to each other as before. They both wonder if it's fate. If they were meant to cross paths again. They begin to spend time together & things between them are just as magical & electric as before. Being together again they both felt was something that could never happen. As they navigate & explore this new relationship Brigs is just as addicted to Natasha as he once was, & Natasha feels like all her hopes & dreams are coming true. They both realize what they have is something worth fighting for & they don't want to let each other go ever again!

 photo E280AC7C-B3C0-4B63-859E-8693D400843A_zpscjuhyvsk.jpg

-I only want her.

-I've always only wanted her.

 photo D511162F-A64C-45C3-8C3B-26C0C2565D1B_zpsxyvws4gy.jpg

They are just as in love as when they first met. These two are truly soulmates who found each other at the wrong time in life, but were given a second chance at love. This story is somewhat controversial, but very real. The hurt is devastating at times, but the love is beautiful! As usual Karina writes some deliciously hot scenes & gives us a story full of emotion. I also like how this book goes back and forth from past to present, & I adored Professor Brigs McGregor!!! :D

 photo 7f2a0674-9457-4206-a18b-ab26ca446dbc_zpslrutmwsc.png
February 17, 2016

4.5 Second-chance Romance Stars!

 photo C8C55A02-8A40-490E-BE63-57A58812C420_zpsgydi0rnv.jpg

Ever since I read The Play, I knew I had to get the deets on Brigs' torturous love story. We know he's a man that's suffered the horrible loss of both his wife and young son but were never privy to why he felt so guilty about it. Instead, Brigs leads a life of pain and solitude, never seeming to get over the grief and profound feeling of blame in the loss of both their lives.

The Lie takes place four years after that fateful night. He's a professor at Kings University in London and is just starting to feel a semblance of happiness. He has a job, a nice flat, a crazy dog named Winter. What else can he ask for? Forgiveness? Happiness? Love again? And then he sets eyes on Natasha. A woman he swore he would never see again. A woman of his dreams...and nightmares. And it all comes crashing back. Is this a second chance at love and happiness or god's way to sock it to him just as he started to move on with life?

 photo 1B09EEF3-01CD-4AFE-A439-666122588076_zpsgzwdgccw.jpg

The Lie takes us back and forth from the time of the accident to the present in both Brigs' and Natasha's POV. Just as we feel the events of today take place, we are zapped back to the past and relive the history of Natasha and Brigs, of that night of the accident, of the days and years following. I felt his profound loss and sense of complete blame yet begged him telepathically to forgive himself...move on, be happy.

...Love shouldn’t be ignored. Or shunned. Or buried. If you’re lucky enough to feel it, you need to indulge it. Give it wings. Let it course through your heart and soul, unfiltered.

The Lie is an emotional journey for a man (and woman) who have went thru hell to be together and just might have a chance again at happiness. I couldn't help but feel the struggles within, especially that of Brigs. We also get to touch base with Lachlan and his Kayla and their parents. I've still got to read a couple early books in this series but both The Play and The Lie can be read as standalones and both I've really enjoyed. I look forward to more of these hot Scotish, dirty-talking, masculine heroes!

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March 2, 2021
2,5 stars but not 3...

The Plot:

Book 4 in “The McGregor Brothers” series is Natasha and Brigs' story.

Our love was wrong. A lie we told ourselves. And it cost us the world. As much as it stung to hear it, as much as it made me lose myself, it was well-deserved. With us, the truth didn’t just hurt. It killed.

It is a forbidden love story because when they fall in love, Brigs is married and he has a child. It is also forbidden because she is his research assistant at university.

As if this is not bad enough, something drastic happens, which taints their love even more. Their love somehow leads to the death of his wife & child.

Actually, they only have an emotional affair, with one or two kisses only. He never sleeps with her.
When he understands that he has feelings for her and they are mutual, he decides that he has to end his unhappy marriage so that he can be with the woman who he has fallen in love with. However, his wife doesn’t take the news well, she gets drunk, takes their child with her and gets into her car without taking the child seat. He goes after her, begging her not to drive on that stormy weather but she doesn’t listen. He drives after them but he cannot help what happens later. She has an accident and both she and their child die in that accident.

Think of the feeling of guilt he has!

Brigs blames himself and Natasha, he tells her they killed them with their love, which was wrong and he tells her he doesn’t want to see her any more. She is devastated with both feelings of guilt and the pain of losing the man she loves.

Both of them suffer for 4 years in their own world.

After 4 years, he finds a new job in a university, where, by some magic of fate, she decides to go to complete her master’s degree. So, they meet again.

It was fate that put her in my path, a chance to get something right that wasn’t right in the first place.

The story is told with one chapter from past and one chapter from present in dual point of view.

Beside the rekindling of their affair, there is also a weird “crazy friend” sub-lot going on, which was very unnecessary and felt like a page-filler.

My feelings and thoughts:

Personally, I didn’t like this book but my reasons of dislike have nothing to do with the moral side of their forbidden love. I didn’t mind at all that they fell in love with each other when he was married or while she was his assistant.

Love happens. Sometimes with the right person at the right time and sometimes with the wrong person at a wrong time. You can’t help it. What matters is what you do with it when it happens.

In my opinion, Brigs tried to do the right thing as much as he could. It just led to a disaster, unfortunately. And a disaster of the worst kind. And I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to overcome such a tragedy.

I love her. So much. Too much. Enough to make me throw everything away. Because I could no longer live the lie. But the truth doesn’t just hurt, it destroys.

Sadly, I was never able to enter a “romantic mood” in this book. I, as a reader, couldn’t overcome the tragedy and feel joy for their love and happiness so I didn’t understand how they would.

Personally, I was stuck in the death of a wife & child part. It prevented me from enjoying Brigs and Natasha’s love story, not because I blamed them but because I couldn’t forget the tragedy.

If somebody was to blame for their death, I believe it was the wife, whose reckless behavior of drunk-driving led to an accident and because she selfishly took her child with her without providing protection, she caused his death, as well. So I totally blame the wife. However, it doesn't help that I can forget this tragedy. This is something that might haunt a person forever. That's why, this tragedy forever taints their love story whether they were to blame or not!


Another reason I couldn’t enjoy Brigs and Natasha’s love story is the fact that the writer gives us their lust not their love. I couldn’t understand why each of them has fallen in love with one another.

And even 4 years later, it was sex before the talk of the feelings. Honestly, I skipped those pages of sex because I really wasn’t interested. The steamy parts are my favorite parts in a passionate love story but in this book, I just couldn’t stand them.

I needed to know about their feelings.

Actually, I felt their “pain & feeling of guilt” – I just couldn’t feel their love as much as I needed.

If I didn’t exist, if I had never met Brigs and fallen for him the same way he fell for me, his wife and child would still be alive. My love killed. My love ruined that man’s life.


Love isn’t a choice. I can’t control how I feel about him any more than I can control the sun in the sky. But what I can do is control what I do with those feelings. Around Brigs I bottle it up. It’s not so hard. Okay, that’s a lie. It’s terribly hard.


I slowly open my eyes and stare at my alarm. I wonder what day it is, what life it is.


Another reason why the book was no good for me was because I couldn’t like the main characters.

Natasha was a bit better than Brigs if I were to compare the two.

I didn’t like Brigs at all. For me, he was the “black & white figure” in a color movie. He was such a flat character, close to invisible. I found nothing to like about him… nothing.

Natasha, on the other hand, was more real. She had more depth. I liked her a bit but not enough because she was weak in many aspects.

And you know, when you cannot connect with the characters and like them in a romance book, it is hard to love the book itself.


The book also has a trope I dislike:


As for safety, of course, it is not safe for many reasons. He cheats on his wife emotionally and a little bit physically (a few kisses, some touching but no actual sex) before he decides that he wants a divorce.

Also, it is not for readers who need celibacy during separation. She only has a one-night stand that goes bad in those 4 years but he has more cases of meaningless sex with some women - not too many but some.


The writing is good, and sometimes poetic even. I believe Karina Halle's writing is always very good and she is one of those writers who can make me feel but here, she makes me feel how sad their love is. And it doesn't help me to like this book at all. What I mean is sometimes good writing is not enough to love a book if you don't like what is happening in it.


I didn't like Book 1 in this series, I skipped number 2, I really loved Book 3 but here again, I didn't like Book 4.

Now I am going to start Book 5, because I always have hope for a new Karina Halle book, so fingers crossed that I will love the last book in the series and forget about the mess here in Book 4...



I loved my dear Lachlan’s role in this book:

“Better to be a catalyst for change than a martyr for lies.”


I didn’t like Brigs’ wife because she reacted to his divorce wish in a really b*tchy way, which tells a lot about her character:

”You…Brigs McGregor could never leave Miranda Harding McGregor. You would be nothing without me.”


And when people get pregnant, it is common knowledge that it is because they didn’t use protection, not because the sex was awesome. Therefore, this speech of Natasha with her evil girl friend is just ridiculous:

“I’m pregnant. And we couldn’t be happier. So after all this is said and done, I guess we have you to thank. If it wasn’t for your bitterness and anger, your jealousy and insecurities, we wouldn’t have had to sneak around so much and have all that awesome sex.”


As I said before, theirs was a difficult love story. They had a big tragedy to overcome.

We are forever surrounded by ashes. But we are fire. And fire rises.
Somehow, when all the tears have exhausted themselves and my chest feels numb and my face is leaden with pressure, the two of us get to our feet. The world swirls around us—the dark, lapping waves, the traffic from the bridges, the glittering lights of the Eye, pubs and boats and life going on—and I feel like we were just caught in a passing storm. Horrible and ravaging and merciless at its peak, but then it soon weakens and moves on. It leaves everything behind it both raw and clean.

Well, the book has a HEA and they seem to move on together as a happy couple but I just don’t believe it… If you ask me, no matter how much you overcome it, you cannot wipe it clean. It is always there, somewhere in the back of your mind, waiting for the right moment to haunt you… So, this was not a good romance book for me.


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May 6, 2016
The Lie is the fourth installment in Karina Halle's adult contemporary romance series titled: The McGregor Brothers. The Lie focuses on McGregor brother: Brigs and his romantic interest: Natasha. I love, love, love Ms. Halle's storytelling which made me feel that much more conflicted about this book. First off, I have a real issue with infidelity themes that end with HEA's. Yes, these two characters may not have cheated in a physically sexual way but they both admitted that their emotional relationship, kissing, and secret wishes were wrong but of course they were victims of fate and just couldn't help it. Seriously?

Check out this timeline:

How f@cking convenient.

OK, that last part may sound heartless but all of Brigs and Natasha's emotional turmoil after the accident was told and not shown. This style elicited zero empathy from me and just made my stomach turn that much more at infidelity that worked out in the end and is supported by almost every character in this book. Might I add that the one person who confronts the situation (infidelity and the potential teacher/student dynamic) is the psycho in this story. I mean she is a convincing villain but why does the only opposing person have to be the crazy one?? So...one star for the theme/plot and the ONLY reason I gave a second star is because it's Karina Halle and she's a pretty engaging storyteller regardless of the content. Frankly, I'd read an instruction manual if she wrote it. Although I personally won't be reading The Lie a second time, it's worth the read if The McGregor Brothers is a series you follow or if the subject of infidelity doesn't impact your reading enjoyment.

My favorite quote:
“Everyone's life looks different from the outside.”

Each installment in The McGregor Brothers series can be read as a standalone as they focus on a different brother and his respective romance. The series includes the following installments as of May 2016. The ratings are my opinion only.
#1-The Pact ★★★☆☆
#1.5-Winter Wishes
#2-The Offer ★★★★☆
#3-The Play ★★★★☆
#4-The Lie ★★☆☆☆
#5-The Debt
The Pact by Karina Halle Winter Wishes by Karina Halle The Offer by Karina Halle The Play by Karina Halle The Lie by Karina Halle The Debt by Karina Halle

Omg I'm so freakin conflicted right now. This whole plot is my absolute pet peeve - unfaithfulness that ends in an HEA, but I love the author and the story was engaging. Way too many conveniences for the characters/storyline though. Gonna wait a bit to rate it.
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February 15, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo 2440d6b84bf0d26f920d43f1bd24c0_zpskyvdlt3v.gif

This book. This story. This author. These characters. Just wow! Wow is an understatement to describe how much I LOVE this book HARD. Karina Halle has always been one of those authors whom I instantly loved from the get go. She has this gift to make her readers FEEL and The Lie did just that and so much more.

 photo f4a77dbc79be6e7437055ea256cb2d_zpsybqxwclg.gif “ I’m asking myself things I don’t have any answers to other than: Because I love Natasha. It always comes down to that terrible truth. I love her. So much. Too much. Enough to make me throw everything away. Because I could no longer live the lie. But the truth doesn’t just hurt, it destroys.”

Raw. Heartbreaking. Emotional. Touching. Stunning. And utterly devastatingly beautiful. The Lie is not just an ordinary love story of falling in love. No, this book is about what it means to truly love. It is about learning to accept things that you can't control. Learning to let go of the guilt. Learning to let go of the lie that consumes you. Learning to see that the truth is the only thing that can truly set your mind, soul, and heart free. The Lie is a story that encompasses every raw facets of love from the ugly, the bad, the good and the in between moments. It is about stripping yourself bare. Exposing your flaws, feelings, vulnerability and heart on the line. It is about a love that started off with a lie. A lie that ruined lives. A lie that was beautiful. A lie that was tragic. A lie that lead to devastation. A lie that wrecked, consumed, destroyed and burned with so much passion and intensity. And a lie that lead to closure. A lie that lead to the truth. And the truth is that normal, easy, and simple can be fine for some. But a love that is painful, devastating, difficult, life-changing can be the biggest clarity of how extraordinary and meaningful that love can be. It is a love that cannot be lied since it transcends everything and meaningful in your life. And for Brigs McGregor his lie lead to the biggest truth.


Brigs McGregor did only one wrong thing in his life. He fell in loved hard. He fell in loved with his assistant. He wanted her. He loved her. And she was his lie. His truth. She was everything that brought him happiness. But his love for Natasha was not simple. It was not easy. It was complicated because he was a married man with a son. And so when he finally had the courage to tell his wife the truth, it ruined him. His truth lead to the destruction of two lives. His wife and son. And so Brigs McGregor's love for Natasha Trudeau was a reminder of how wrong their love was.

 photo 17355b5348622c394ec641981b21e9_zps3lnjs1x3.gif “You’d think that memories of love would feel just like the real thing, but these memories never feel anything like love. Love is good. Love is kind. Patient. Pure. So they say. Our love was a mistake from the start. A beautiful, life-rendering mistake.”

Natasha loved one man. And this man consumed every fiber of her being. He was her everything. He filled her heart, gave her clarity, and most importantly he ignited this tangible and palpable burning connection that they could only understand. But when their path to the happily ever after was engulfed with destruction, their loved crashed. It tore them apart. But their love for each other never died. It was a painful reminder of what if.

 photo f4a77dbc79be6e7437055ea256cb2d_zpsybqxwclg.gif “Our love was wrong. A lie we told ourselves. And it cost us the world. As much as it stung to hear it , as much as it made me lose myself, it was well-deserved. With us, the truth didn’t just hurt. It killed.”


 photo 17355b5348622c394ec641981b21e9_zps3lnjs1x3.gif “That love destroyed so much. It destroyed me and I let it willingly tear me apart. And then I destroyed every last good thing in my life. Memories of love are a poison.”

And so fast forward to four years later, Natasha thought she was ready to move on and start all over. That is until she sees him. Four years of emotions, sadness, hurt, and love comes flooding back to her. His presence was a reminder of what she took away from him. But as much as she tries to runs away from him, she can't run away from the truth. She still loves him. And the same can be said of Brigs McGregor.

 photo f4a77dbc79be6e7437055ea256cb2d_zpsybqxwclg.gif “This is unlike anything I’ve felt in this world. This is holding fire and stars and electricity in your burning hands . This is magic and light running through your veins, a switch being turned on, turning you into everything primal and basic and real. This is us.”


 photo 17355b5348622c394ec641981b21e9_zps3lnjs1x3.gif “I wasn’t naïve. I knew what I was doing and all the risks, and I did it anyway, the whole world be damned, because I loved him. All because of love.”

Brigs and Natasha's love for each other is pure. It is a love that cannot be lied. It is the kind of love that stains your soul,mind, and heart. A love that is chaos, destruction, beauty, and life-changing. And for Brigs and Natasha it is a complicated love that can be uncomplicated. The lie that becomes the truth. So now four years later, can Natasha and Brigs find the closure to heal their hearts? Can Brigs let go of the guilt and the torment that haunts him? And can Natasha set her heart free? Can she finally get to love the man with no darkness clouding them?

 photo f4a77dbc79be6e7437055ea256cb2d_zpsybqxwclg.gif “She gives me light. She holds on and tells me that I’m a good man and that I deserve to be forgiven, deserve to let go . She tells me beautiful things, and I feel her belief, I feel her strength even though I know the darkness has her too.”

As I stated earlier, THIS BOOK was everything that I wanted. I wanted raw emotions that will gut you to the core. I wanted a romance that is no ordinary love story. I wanted a love story that transcends. I wanted to feel, to breathe, and to crash. And Karina Halle delivered that and so much more. She made her readers see that LOVE is something you can't control. It is a force of nature that can destroy and change you at the same time. LOVE can be a whirlwind of ups and downs. But in the end, love is knowing that you having someone holding your hand through the battles that life throws at you. Love is about acceptance. Love is letting go. Love is knowing that your love only speaks the truth.

So if you want a story that strips you raw and leaves you vulnerable and exposed, and has the power to make you feel alive and see beauty and light at the end of the tunnel, then THE LIE is the book for. Be prepared to have your heart destroyed but know that Karina Halle will slowly mend the pieces as she grips and tugs every raw emotions with her stunning and gorgeous prose.

 photo 2ec625c53f860b5cf95a1d813d673f_zpsuucc5xde.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Karina Halle
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March 2, 2016

Brigs McGregor, is a sexy college professor aptly nicknamed “Professor Blue Eyes,” who wears tailored suits to teach his film studies classes. Natasha Trudeau is a 25 year old master’s student who meets Brigs and becomes his writing assistant. She is bright, and while she is a bit younger than Brigs, she is mature, sensitive and a bit of an old soul compared to her peers. Natasha and Brigs have an immediate connection and as their friendship deepens, the realization that Brigs is a married man with a son remains a barrier but it doesn’t stop either from emotionally wanting more.

“You have no idea how charming you really are. Which makes you even more charming.”

Once Brigs makes a decision to move forward with his life, a terrible tragedy strikes his family and it paralyzes Brigs. He suffers an enormous loss and the guilt overcomes him in every aspect of his life. Natasha doesn’t fare well at all either, as she feels responsible for the death of Brig’s son and wife. As Brigs and Natasha experience their own darkness, they are convinced a life together was never meant to be.

“But I remember it all vividly. In horrible, exquisite detail. Maybe that’s my punishment, my shackles for my crimes. I knew that falling in love was a crime. I deserve all the punishment I can get.”

Fast forward four years later, Brigs is finally getting back on track with his life and a new teaching position at a university in London. As the first day of school commences, Brigs cannot believe his eyes when he sees Natasha. As fate would have it, their lives have become entwined again. From this moment, Natasha and Brigs must heal from their past and their choices to do so together are vital to salvaging their hearts and love for each other. Despite being apart for so many years, their chemistry is undeniable and Professor Blue Eyes has some captivating teaching methods. Lol!

“Are you ever going to get naked?” I ask breathlessly, looking up at him. “When I put my cock inside you and fuck you on this desk, yes,” he says, his voice hoarse. “For now though, I want to taste you.”

For me, this book explored a wide range of emotion - hope, love, failure, guilt, loss and hopelessness – and with the alternating POVs of Brigs and Natasha, it made an impact. Brigs and Natasha were clearly crossing the line with their friendship and growing emotions, but Brigs decided to make an honorable stance based on his situation. No one could have predicted the fate his wife and son faced but how long must Brigs pay for events out of his control? Reading how Brigs and Natasha atoned and healed was a sad and tender journey but also one that offered promise and love.
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December 29, 2016
THE LIE is the story about the past and future colliding together. In the past Natasha and Brigs had fallen in love. Their love was forbidden because he was a married man and a professor at the university that Natasha was attending. Their forbidden love hurt others and after tragedy hit they parted ways. The tragedy was viewed as punishment for their sinful ways.

Now in the present, they’ve both changed universities to distance themselves from each other. Only to find out they’re both ended up at the same university. Now, they’re trying to figure out if they can get past the guilt and move forward.
"I’m glass and I’m breaking in your hands." ~Brigs

The story goes back and forth from the past to the present to show the readers how Natasha and Brigs love story unfolds. Lovers of Karina Halle’s contemporary writing will enjoy how this story is weaved together.

The Lie is a standalone set in London. It’s set in the same universe as The Offer, The Play, The Debt and The Pact.


descriptive text here
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February 15, 2016
I love that Karina never shy's away from controversial heartbreaking life circumstances. Sometimes life just sucks but she was fully able to capture life and love after your world is destroyed. Brigs stole my heart! And I must add out of all the books in the series this is Karina's best writing, its lyrical and its descriptive prose allowed me to fully feel and root for this terrifying, yet forbidden love.
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February 13, 2016






We all remember Brigs from Lachlan's stories. The Play + Winter Wishes
He's his adopted brother - well, Lachlan is the adopted brother of course ☺


And we also remember what happened to him. His wife and little son died a few years ago. Brigs totally checked out of life after that - he couldn't live with the guilt. Because before his wife stormed out of the house with his little boy, he'd been fighting with her; he told her he wanted a divorce because he was in love with someone else....
Brigs never forgave himself, and he cut off all contact with the love of his life Natasha, before any real relationship ever started...

Now, four years later, still grieving, but healing with the help of his family, a therapist, a dog, and a new job as a professor in London, he's just starting to live his life again...

ENTER: Natasha.

Being or rather feeling somewhat responsible for the death of two people four years ago almost destroyed her.
She wasn't able to work or live her life, she stayed with her dad in France.
But now she's back, ready to face the world again, ready to finish school - at the ripe old age of 29.
And who does she run into while picking up her room-mate Melissa from class?
Yup, none other than Brigs McGregor....

Has there been too much sorrow and heartache for them to find their way to each other again?

What will happen to Brigs & Natasha??
Also, I'm sure Melissa is up to no good!!!!


NOPE . . . I'm not telling you ☺






I already read the prologue when Karina posted it a while back, but reading it again, it made me cry so bad again!! Ugh, poor Brigs!!!! Losing his little boy like that, and believing it's all his fault.... just heartbreaking!


I knew going in that this book would make me cry a lot...and it really did.
I loved every single page of Brigs' story!!!


He's so grrrrr.... sexy, nerdy, professory, hot, adorable, heartbreakingly sad, smart, good, perfectly imperfect!!!!! ☺

You want Brigs to finally be happy again, preferably with the one that got away - or rather - the one he sent running four years ago.... You want them to get their HEA so bad, but of course with everything that happened, you just know it won't be easy to get to that Happy End ...
But it's absolutely beautiful to watch them fight their way towards it.

We have lots of very sexy scenes...


...and moving scenes and adorable scenes and funny scenes
...and doggie scenes (dog - the animal - not the sex position thing - ok - we might have that too!)

and funny doggy scenes:

Winter, as usual shoves his nose into my crotch. Like father like son.

Was there something I didn't like?
Hm, not really ...I'm usually not a fan of going back in time in books, but we had to find out what happened back then - so it didn't bother me at all this time.



THE Lie was such an amazingly beautiful and touching second chance romance - you'll soooo want your own Brigs after reading it!! (Or your own Natasha, if you swing that way ☺)

And now hurry Karina - I want to read about #SoldierCousin and his debt!!!! ☺



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July 31, 2022
The Lie is my absolute least like in this series. Miss Halle started us with a good start. A hero who is burned down with his guilt, loss and his past. His determination to do right by himself. A good start.

I even like Natasha. She is likrable. She is not upstick prude. She is confident in herself. So the plot flows nicely until Melissa plot showed up.
This is where everything went downhill. I think Melissa plot is not necessary. Her appearence made this whole book undesirable and confusing.

So sad that a good start ends with bad ending.

2 stars
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Shelved as 'dnf'
February 18, 2016
*deep breath*

As a huge Karina Halle fan it breaks my heart to do this, but I just can’t finish this book.

DNF – 22%

I was so looking forward to this book. I loved Brigs in The Play – he is the brother of Lachlan, tormented by the death of his wife and young son years ago. And I thought his story would be an opportunity for him to move on, and I was so excited to read it. But there is a twist in his story which I didn’t see coming …

I’m know that a lot of people will love this story, but sadly it’s just not for me :(
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November 11, 2016
3,5 stars

The Lie by Karina Halle can be read as a standalone, although it has links to her other books, The Pact, The Offer and the Play.... https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2..., which is my favorite of these 4 books.....I was interested to know more of Brigs story from the time we first met.

Brigs story started off really well but halfway through I just lost a bit of steam!!!!

I liked the two main characters, Brigs and Natasha but somehow I just couldn't connect with them. Brigs spent all his time on a guilt trip and blaming Natasha for his loss and pain.....it drove me absolutely crazy at times. There was so much of ...I love him but it's wrong....I love her but it's not right!!!! Jeez............Make up your minds guys!!!

The other thing that grated on my nerves was Natasha's roommate. Where does she come from????? What was her problem??

The great thing about this story was the author's writing. Her prose is beyond beautiful.
“Life has other plans for us, greater than the ones we have for ourselves.”
Anyway, it's not a horrible story - and I did like some parts of it..... but just didn't wow me like the others.
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July 27, 2017
4 Stars

Overall Opinion: This was a different spin on the dead spouse theme. I almost always have issues with feelings of the h being second best when the H has a dead wife. That wasn't the case at all here. The H was completely unhappy with his marriage (and she knew it), and had asked for a divorce before she died. I never questioned his love for the h at any point in the story. I also appreciated that the h felt her own guilt for what happened between herself and the H while he was married. Usually in these stories when the h/H is the OW/OM in a marriage, we don't get to hear about their struggles with guilt (only that they want them to leave their spouse) so that was a nice change. Overall I thought the H was pretty perfect (which again is a rarity for me in these types of stories), and I think he made the story for me.

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Natasha and Brigs' story. Brigs shows up at the office that Natasha is interning in, and ends up hiring her for his research assistant for a book he's writing. They form a friendship of sorts and spend a lot of time together, but Brigs is married with a young son. Eventually, the feelings change from friendship to love. There are some things that go drastically wrong, and his wife and son die in a car crash. Jump forward and Natasha is finishing her masters at the same college that Brigs just started working, and they bump into each other for the first time in 4 years. They cannot deny that they are still drawn to each other, and after some drama they eventually get their HEA ending.

POV: This alternated between and POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Good. FYI -- It jumps from the past to the present (I know there are a lot of readers that hate this), but I liked it. I got to understand why they were so drawn to each other in the present. My main issue is I felt like the ending was a little too quick. I wanted more time with them as an official couple, but it would've all been fixed for me if we had a bigger time jump for the epilogue.

Instalove: No. There were good development of feelings going on.

H rating: 5 stars. Brigs. He was pretty great. I loved his sweetness and how he obviously cared for the h. He was also hot when appropriate. He was all in with the h once they reunited, and I couldn't have asked for more. Yes, he pushed the h away -- but he went through some major trauma (and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be).

h rating: 4 stars. Natasha. I liked her. She was sassy, but not in the OTT way that some authors are going. She was also greatly damaged by what happened, and I appreciated that she was strong enough to try again and reach for her happiness. One big issue is the part where she pushed him away towards the end (I thought it was pretty stupid -- see OW/OM drama spoiler)

Sadness level: Moderate. I cried a good bit in this book. It never turned to ugly crying though, and it came in bursts.

Heat level: Moderate. There is some good chemistry and sexy times. H is a hot, Scottish, dirty talker -- and that says it all.

Descriptive sex: Yes.

Safe sex: Yes, condoms are used

OW/OM drama: Not really (at least not in the typical ways).

Sex scene with OW or OM: No

Cheating: No and yes.

Possible Triggers: Yes.

Closure: This had some good closure, and what I would call a HEA ending. I did want some more time with them as an "outed" couple and see them further down the line (there is a 6 month jump ahead epilogue).

How I got it: I paid the $0.99 for it in Amazon.

Safety: Probably not safe for some. With the points listed below in the spoiler tag, I felt they were pretty justified and non-issues (I'm pretty low on triggers though) and might be considered safe with exceptions for others.
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March 8, 2016
3,3 STARS!!!

The human heart isn't meant to be caged by someone who doesn't feed it.

I was excited last year, when I found out there will be Brigs's book. In previous book he was a shell of a man, only half living after tragedy that took his wife and son's life. I was really curious about him and couldn't wait for his book to be released. After reading few reviews which said this book wasn't as perfect as I thought it would be I decided to put this book on the side and read it later. And now, later has come.

It is four years after the accident. Brigs is living a life of a guilty man.

He moves to London due to his new job and there he meets his past.

So, why only 3 stars? The book was well written but I just couldn't connected to Natasha & Brigs. After 30 % book became boring. It was all about: I love her and I can't have her; I want him but we can't and so on...

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February 15, 2016
I loved being along for the ride in Brigs and Natasha's journey through hell and back. There were tears, heartbreak, laughs, and lots of sexy times. This was an emotional story of devastating loss on multiple levels and how love can heal all wounds, no matter how deep. Karina Halle proved again that she's an exceptional writer and story teller that is able to cross all genres.
August 2, 2016
"I let him because he was the one with the most to lose. He was the one with the wife he knew he had to leave. He was the one with the son he kept putting before himself, even when it hurt them both.
Fate was never an option."
- Natasha

* * *
"His soul speaks to me."
- Natasha

* * *
"The human heart isn’t meant to be caged by someone who doesn’t feed it."
- Natasha

* * *
"Maybe some things are better left in the dark, but that’s never something I believed in. Once I realized what was to never be, I couldn’t live the lie. The truth hurts. In this case it killed. But I refuse to be shackled to that guilt anymore. I refuse to live my life in shame because I fell in love with someone else and because I chose to do the right thing, even if it was barely right above a sea of wrongs."
- Brigs

* * *
"Jobs come and go. Love is a million to one."
- Brigs
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February 12, 2016
Review: Surj 4.5 stars

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHopelessR...
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Blog: http://thehopelessromanticsbookblog.b...

Those McGregor boys are seriously going to be the death of me and I think Brigs' story is the one to send me over the edge. Wow, I knew this book was going to be something different. I had an idea it would be emotional from the hints we got in "The Play" but honestly, nothing could have prepared me for the rollercoaster of emotions I went through when reading this one. The prologue was the mother of all ball busters that had my heart in my mouth and my pulse soaring. The heart break, the tragedy and the devastation right from the outset was a clear indication that this was not going to be a "beautiful walk in the park" kinda read. Hell no, Karina Halle was going to make me work for a HEA with this one and work I did.
Our love was wrong. A lie we told ourselves. And it cost us the world. As much as it stung to hear it, as much as it made me lose myself, it was well deserved. With us, the truth didn't just hurt. It killed.

This author knows how to write subject matters that are controversial. She knows how to give us story lines that will have us questioning our moral integrity and she gives us situations that will (at times) leave us feeling uncomfortable but the way I see it, life isn't always sunshine and rainbows and love, well love can be the most complicated and confusing of them all. The thing about love is that it isn't as clear cut as most would like it to be. It isn't black and white. Love isn't always forever. Sometimes it just fizzles out and sometimes, well sometimes it gets grey and murky and muddy and people get hurt. We are hopeless romantics at heart and it's in our very nature to believe in those fairytale romances but Karina Halle definitely pulls us out of our comfort zone with this one and throws us into the deep end. Brigs and Natasha's story was one that was realistic and believable and more often than not, soul destroying but when you get a story like that, it sucks you in and you can't help but travel that rocky road with the characters, hoping and praying for light at the end of a very dark tunnel.
But love plays you like the ultimate fool. Love is a trickster, a joker, a master of the sleight of hand. She makes you look one way, and only one way, while she makes the rest of the world disappear. eventually you'll raise your head from the one you love, look around and wonder what the fuck just happened.

Brigs and Natasha's journey was definitely one that was bittersweet. There's was a love affair that was doomed from the start. They had so much going against them. They risked losing so much and in the end, when all was said and done, each of them got burned in the most tragic of ways and lost it all, including each other. How could my heart not ache for each of these characters. Chapters told from the past gave me an insight into ho the couple met. Was it fate or destiny or was it each of them filling a void in the others life, I couldn't decide. But the more I got to know each of the characters as individuals and the more I saw of their connection, I knew they belonged together.
"The human heart isn't meant to be caged by someone who doesn't feed it."
Chapters from the present gave me two people trying to get through each day, barely surviving. Each of them eaten up by guilt and haunted by ghosts of the past. So many times I found myself conflicted, confused and ultimately questioning, what would I do in their shoes?

Brigs' character was one I just wanted to wrap up in cotton wool and protect from his demons. The lie he was keeping was a burden that was impossible to shake. I wanted him to move on, to get on with his life but I wasn't sure that would be possible. And Natasha, having been crushed by the past, she had finally found the strength to move forward in her life but it was easier said than done. Every day was a struggle and every day it was like her past was hot on her heels. Would she ever escape it's clutches? I wanted Brigs and Natalie to be the glue that would put each other back together but honestly, there were moments I thought it would take much more than that to heal these two.
"Tell me that meant something to you."
"It meant everything."

"The Lie" was a book that swept me away in a story of guilt, shame and blame. It's a story that gnawed away at my conscience and had me questioning what was right and wrong. This was a book that was unique and confrontational, addressing subject matters not for the faint hearted but this author did such an amazing job when writing Brigs and Natasha's story that you couldn't help but fly the flag for them.

Another job well done Karina Halle. I rated "The Lie" ❤️❤️❤️❤️.5
... Love shouldn't be ignored. Or shunned. Or buried. If you're lucky enough to feel it, you need to indulge it. Give it songs. Let it course through your heart and soul, unfiltered. And I fucking feel it.

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February 15, 2016
Well, hello Professor Blue Eyes!!
I was doing my happy dance this morning when I finally got my hands on Karina's new book. :)
She has this wonderful way with words, it just sucks you in right from the start.
That prologue though... wow, that was intense... and sad, and I felt heartbroken from the very beginning. Once you discover Karina's books, you're hooked.
Ok, so, if you follow her work, you surely know about McGregor brothers.
They are hot, handsome, possessive, Scottish, smart... did I say Scottish? :)
I can picture their sexy accent in my head right now. OMG! :)
In this book we finally get to know Brigs and Natasha.
Be aware that this is an emotional journey, second chance romance, that contains a form of cheating.
While reading it, you will understand their reasons, and behind every action there is an explanation.
I usually don't have a problem with that in books I read, but keep that in mind if you do.
Can two broken people fix and heal each other?
Read it, and find out.
This was raw, heart wrenching, emotional, forbidden and in the end a wonderful read.
Overall I really enjoyed reading this.

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March 12, 2019
3.5 Move On STARS

Pop Sugar Reading Challenge 2016 A book set in Europe

Empecemos celebrando que este es el libro nú​​mero 20 que leo de Karina Halle.

El desarrollo de la historia es muy parecido al libro Love in english (que es uno de mis libros favoritos ). Pero este simplemente no me termino de convencer.

La escritura es perfecta, Karina tiene esa magia de hacerte sentir el ambiente del lugar, en este caso London y Edimburgo, además siempre nutre la personalidad de sus personajes con ciertas particularidades, con Brigs y Tasha son los detalles cinematográficos, que hace sentir a los personajes mas reales.

"There's no such thing as karma. That only exist in a fair world, and we both know the world is anything but fair."

Mi problema con esta libro no es la escritura si no la historia.

Primero hay que tener en cuanta que es una historia con infidelidad y eso de por si ya con lleva m mucha carga emocional y negativa por parte de las lectoras, a mi en lo personal la infidelidad no me molesta (en los libros), lo que me molesto fue lo exagerado de las situaciones, por ejemplo la demonización de la esposa. Para poder justificar de Brigs se enamora de otra mujer nos venden que su esposa es superficial, mala madre y poco interesada en su matrimonio.

El inicio es brutal, inicia con una gran tragedia que trata de estrujarte el corazón, pero al mismo tiempo me pareció demasiado exagerado y forzado. Brigs le confieza a su esposa que este esta enamorado de alguien mas, la esposa se alcoholiza y se va con su hijo, tiene un accidente de carro y mueren. Sorry pero eso es too much. Simplemente to much. No me lo creo y no lo siento.

En conclusión:La historia es entretenida pero nada mas, no su mejor trabajo de Karina Halle. El libro que trata sobre Lachlan si me dan muchas ganas de leerlo.

Conclusión #2:Karina Halle:
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