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Gemini #1

Dead in the Water

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Camille Ellis is the Earthen Conclave’s golden girl. Her peculiar talent solves cases with a touch. She isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty, but every bright star casts a shadow, and her deepest scars lurk just beneath the skin.

A routine consultation goes sideways when a victim’s brother gets involved in the investigation. Riding the edge of grief, the warg will go to any lengths to avenge his sister’s death. Even if it means ensuring Cam’s cooperation at the jaws of his wolf.

When the killer strikes again, Cam is caught between a warg and a hard place. To save the next victim, she must embrace her past. Even if it means dragging her darkest secrets into the light of day.

This series is a spinoff of the author's "Black Dog" series.

226 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 30, 2016

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About the author

Hailey Edwards

77 books2,385 followers
Hailey Edwards writes about questionable applications of otherwise perfectly good magic, the transformative power of love, the family you choose for yourself, and blowing stuff up. Not necessarily all at once. That could get messy.

Hailey isn't on Goodreads.

Please email her via her website:

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2,174 reviews284 followers
August 24, 2019
Dead in the Water by Hailey Edwards

Urban fantasy police procedural setting. Fae with seelie and unseelie politics.
Someone or something is killing young girls. The bodies are found monthly and Camille Ellis is called in to investigate the magic signature. In the investigation Camille meets Cord Graeson, a local warg (werewolf) who’s sister was the last victim. Together with Harlow, the mermaid, and his pack, they follow clues to try to take down the killer.

First in the Gemini series, an offshoot of the Black Dog series which I have not read. I didn’t realize it was connected until now.

Camille is a strong and motivated investigator. She’s empathetic and caring. I really liked her and hope she lets go of some of the guilt she feels over her sisters accidental drowning so long ago.
A burgeoning romance with Cord but he has a heavy hand with doing things his way and not trying to get permission. He needs to be brought down a few pegs.

A cliffhanger. Really more part one of a serial. I’m not sure if I will continue. I’m not a fan of political games and that seems to be the underlying essence in the investigation.
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2,901 reviews1,506 followers
May 6, 2022
After abandoning the Black Dog series, I thought I'd pick up with the follow-on. This has an appearance or two of Thierry, but they aren't important so picking up here from skipping those seems fine, though it looks like the plot will involve big events from that series (Faerie being cut off from Earth).

I'm having a tough time with Cam. She's all tragedy Jane for guilt over losing her twin when she was eight because she didn't save her from some sea-beast. Oh dear, she wasted time getting mommy and daddy instead of jumping into whatever disappeared her sister! The selfish, hateful degenerate! This is stupid on so many levels, especially turning that survival guilt into self-loathing that only comes up when the plot wants her to negative motivate* her way out of doing things.

And then we have Graeson's slightly more reasonable, but still unreasonable, guilt about his sister dying while his back was turned. Which, fine, but at least he is turning that into a positive motivation to find the killer. Oh yeah, and being a jackwagon to Cam for reasons that make sense, kinda, but are still jackwagony alphahole. His whole handling of Cam was wrongheaded, but at least I could relate a bit. I mean, he should have gotten her buy-in and trusted that she'd agree with his reasoning instead of taking preemptive action to force the issue.

The only thing that was pure win was the rather awesome Harlow and her mystery not-a-mermaid persona. I just liked her and how well she lightened up the place with her gumption and perky personality.

The plot was okay and I liked the layers around it. I liked that the villain twist and the action/pace was outstanding. The diversion of the grieving person messing them up needlessly wasn't even that bad of a diversion, despite being unrelated to the plot because it opened interesting character moments and was interesting. I'm less happy that . It's not a cliffhanger as we get the important resolutions, but it does leave a lot open for future volumes of the series.

I'm going to go with 3½ stars that I'm rounding down because Cam is such a downer. I'm hoping the next book pulls Cam out of her idiocy, but I'm not hopeful. If that makes sense.

A note about Chaste: There's some shifter-related nudity and some attraction-based posturing. But there's not really anything more than that so I consider this fairly chaste.

* Negative Motivations: I kind of hate that the term "negative motivation" isn't widespread, yet. Since it isn't, I'm going to save off this little jag to append to my reviews that feature the term. Jennifer Crusie blogged about it a bit back (or, if that link doesn't work, here's a cache of the original) and it changed how I understand story. The problem with the term is that if you've never heard it before, you'd assume it meant motivations that are harmful or immoral. Not so. What it refers to is motivations not to do something. The thing is that many of us are motivated to not do things for a lot of different, perfectly valid and reasonable, reasons. The problem is that in a story motivations to not do things are a huge drag on the plot—particularly considering the fact that most negative motivations are overcome by the character simply deciding they don't care any more (or, rather, that they do care and are now motivated to do the thing). So not only do you have a counter to action but you also have a situation where to overcome it, all a character has to do is change their mind. Which means eventually, the reader is rooting for the character to get over him/herself already and do the thing we want them to do. Conflict drives story. Conflict between a reader and a main character drives readers away from story.
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909 reviews193 followers
June 8, 2016
4 Stars

Just what I was looking for - fast-paced urban fantasy at under 200 pages with Fae, wargs, and a compelling murder-mystery that I think will lead to something bigger! This is my first Hailey Edwards. The Gemini series is a spin-off and I never felt left out. I've pre-ordered the next book Head Above Water.
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4,500 reviews2,315 followers
May 12, 2019
Dead in the Water by Haley Edwards and narrated by Stephanie Einstein is a fantasy that has a group of fae looking into crimes committed by fae. The main gal is unique in that she can take on some of the characteristics of those she touches. She is used at crime scenes to go see who/ what was killed and what might have been there. This case was different. Very exciting.
The narration was fair.
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558 reviews170 followers
March 1, 2022
This storyline is deep, interesting, emotional, and shocking.

The backstory to Cam is steeped in tragedy. Her powers as a Gemini floored me and broke me. Cam's need for redemption (in my opinion she does not need redeeming) has her taking on some of the hardest cases in the Earthen Conclave (task force). Her current chase to stop a child killer, Charybdis, is making her face her past trauma. Luckily, Cam begins to open herself up to people which is a completely new thing for her.

Harlow and Graeson are two people who force themselves into Cam's life just when she needs them most. She and Graeson share a similar trauma. Harlow brings out the protective instinct Cam believes she has never had.

This is a twisted thriller. BUT go into this knowing there is NO hard core romance. Just a little indication of future love interest.

If you like some mystery and the thrill of a good chase, you will like this one!

Happy reading,
DD 🥂
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1,181 reviews286 followers
February 13, 2020
I dunno about this book...

Best description: it was OK.
Nothing flashy, nothing out of the ordinary, but decent and nice and catchy.

I've read this author before, she either hits or misses (for me, at least). Here, I can't decide yet.

Interesting enough to continue reading, so that's a plus. The characters have tons of potential, so yay again. And the plot is interesting enough.
On we go!
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405 reviews27 followers
February 26, 2018
Good writing, good story. I wasn't expecting to like it. I plan to continue the series.
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2,081 reviews25 followers
May 14, 2016
A gritty UF read with fantastic fae-creature worldbuilding reminescent of October Daye, Merry Gentry etc. The protagonist was the h of course who had an unusual, slightly creepy ability that I've never come across before and hides a world of true pain. She is level headed, in a position of authority given this is kind of a police proceedural, has ethics and an eye for the underdog - male or female. I liked her, felt sorry for her, at times I was frustrated that she was so level headed and cautious but I'll take that any day over a tstl h!
The werewolf/warg H was a manipulative ass and while it helped drive the plot, it left me feeling very lukewarm about the romance - just like the ambivalent h - so on to bk2, hoping that the H redeems himself and that we catch the bad guy!

4 stars.
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1,968 reviews421 followers
February 16, 2016
My sixth book by this author. Before this book, my average rating for this author was 3.90. After this book, my average rating for this author is 3.67.

This is both the sixth book I've read by this author and the sixth book set in the same universe. Only four of those, though, had the same main character - that being those books in the Black Dog series (and involving Thierry). Well, Thierry was in this book as well, and . . . I don't recall if she has a cameo in Mai's book. She only has a cameo in this book though.

No, this time the main character is Camille Ellis. A Gemini. Other than something about twins, and something about being able to detect what other people are, and a limited time ability to shift into other things, I've no real idea what a Gemini is supposed to be.

The story here isn't really super bad or anything. No, I rated it the way I rated it for the same reason I rated the first book in the Black Dog series 3 stars. The main male was super creepy, and the male-female dynamic in that book was very off putting on so many levels. This is the same in this one. I kind of liked Thierry in that book, though, while I don't really like Camille Ellis. Then the later books in the Black Dog series pushed Shaw, the creepy guy in that Thierry series, into something of a larger than a cameo role but barely role, and I was able to push down the nausea he generated in me. Unfortunately, I don't think this series here will follow the same path.

So - at some point, I believe maybe when she was about 7 or 8, Cam watched her twin sister Lori drown. She's felt incredibly guilty ever since then and is super down on herself. And to increase the level of pain and guilt, she spends her time investigating drowning victims. This brings us to this book here. Apparently there's this person going around killing fae and or magical people. There's a good chance this person doing the kill is also fae.

The first body Cam visits in this book, though not the first death, Cam runs across a guy named Cord Graeson - who is the beta in the Warg clan in the region the dead body was found. Oh, and Cord is also the brother of the dead person and desires to find the murderer. Because of politics, Cam is forced to allow Cord to be involved in the investigation.

One - Warg is what any other fantasy series would call a werewolf. Two - aren't warg's the name of pets Klingon's have? Wait, no, they have Targs, not wargs. Though the targ in Star Trek III was named Warrigul. Which is not a warg but . . . um. Right.

I was having a certain amount of trouble with this book before Cord Graeson kidnapped Cam so once that happened; I just wanted the book to be over. Following Cam around? While she constantly belittled herself? And was involved with the weirdly evil Marshalls (a fellow agent gets into trouble, it takes them a good long while to get off their asses to actually help this fellow agent, okay, so she was a contractor not a fellow agent, so?)? Yeah, that was kind of annoying. Then the kidnapping occurred.

Books like this one here remind me of why I don't like reading MF romance books. Inevitably we end up with a brooding man-child who dominates women and screams things like a two year old ‘mine mine mine’. Happened in the first book in the Dog series I read. Happened here. Happens in way too many other MF romance books I read. Seriously, is that the only thing men can be described as? Man-childs? And I’m supposed to go weak in the knees over it? Well, Cam seemed weak in the knees at times, while bitching about being kidnapped. So . . . supposedly I am supposed to be drooling over the man-child Cord. Oh, and that ‘but he was in grief’? He wasn’t himself? .

That whole warg thing pissed me off. There’s a female warg Cam meets. She’s kind of bubbly. And kind of cowers around male wargs. And smiles when one calls her over. Though the smile doesn’t reach her eyes. No, her eyes tell a different story. As she is forced, because of pack dynamics, to fuck that male warg. Right there in the open.

One of the reasons I was able to get over a vaguely similar nausea inducing man in Black Dog was because 1) the man didn’t really matter in the series (I’m overplaying his lack of importance, but whatever); 2) the woman was super powerful. Well, this time the man seems to matter, and this time the woman is a super weak ass liability.

This book ends in a cliff-hanger. And you know what? I did not in the least care. I was ready for the book to end 30 pages before it ended in the way it did. Still, there’s a reasonably good chance I’ll try the second book in this specific series here. Mostly on the off chance the author follows the patterns she set down in her other series in this universe. As in, super nausea inducing man introduced, turns out to be less important than expected, woman stronger than expected, etc.

Too bad the Mai series didn’t continue, though. Unlike Thierry and Cam, I always liked Mai. Even if she spends all of her time man-hunting, I still always liked her. And following her story.

Well, it’s probably time to stop babbling now. I’ll just leave with this thought here – I fucking hate Cord Graeson.

February 16 2016
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2,394 reviews824 followers
October 6, 2021
Really enjoyed this take on a world shared by humans, fae, shapeshifters, witches,mermaids, kelpies and kraken. Edwards gives us a new brand of fae magic- the Gemini who can shift temporarily into the form of other supernatural entities, if a sample of their blood is obtained. I really liked Cord
and Camille as a potential partnership too.
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1,539 reviews861 followers
February 16, 2016
~ 4 Dead in the Water Stars ~

Dead in the Water is book one in the Gemini series by Hailey Edwards. We are treated to a kick-ass heroine, a hot hero, a dangerous mission with a mystery to solve and a few unexpected twists. The author pulled me in from the first to the last page and when the ending came, I wanted the next book Head Above Water, right away.

If you have read Hailey Edwards Black Dog series then you will notice that this book takes place in the same world. Some of the characters we meet in the Black Dog series, like Thierry and Shaw, make an appearance. It was nice to see those characters again. Even with this book tying into another series, the author does a good job with not making the reader feel like something is missing or confusing. We are treated to little pieces out of an extensive puzzle, which make sense, but when it's all put together as a whole it makes up a substantial picture. This book just may make you want to try out the other series.

Camille is a Fae. My heart broke for Camille. Something bad happened in her past and she has been alone for a very long time. Also with her unique and unusual abilities, they too make her an outcast among her own kind and others, which adds to her aloneness. She will pull at your heart-strings and throughout the book you see that she is on a mission to redeem herself. I like her abilities and can’t wait to see what else she can do; besides seeing how her character will develop.

Cord Graeson is a hot warg aka werwolf. He’s Beta of the Georgia Warg Pack, so you know he’s got alpha tendencies, a great sense of duty, and will protect his pack. He is also a man on a mission. We don't learn much about him, yet. I really can’t wait to learn more about him.

Cam and Graeson, these two didn’t hit it off at the beginning, but they both try to do what is right and find a common ground. I’m curious to see how the relationship will develop. We don’t have a romance yet, but you see it’s going in that direction. It’s going to be a nice slow build up.

Yes, the author leaves us with some questions, things still not resolved and a major cliffhanger. I was shocked by it, but I have to say it has me curious to see how everything will get resolved. If you don’t like books that continue on, then you may not enjoy HEdwards. She builds her world, plot, and characters with each book in the series. I find her storytelling and writing, refreshing and a change of pace from my usual reading. I don’t usually like cliffhangers, but I have to say this one is well done.

Dead in the Water is a great Urban Fantasy, with a kick-ass heroine, and a hot hero. If you enjoy a plot full of mystery and interesting twists then you will enjoy this book. I myself can’t wait for more in the Gemini series.

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary ARC copy provided by CrushStar Multimedia LLS via NetGalley with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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1,442 reviews181 followers
December 7, 2017

I wanted to like it more than I did.

I just really, really, really, really (cannot underscore enough) did not like Graeson, the giant douchebag that is positioned to be the hero/love interest. I can't stand alpha-holes, generally, though there are exceptions. But I will never ever be able to stand them when the heroine just meekly follows along with whatever the shitbag says/does/plans.

It undercuts her character. Badly.

It's fine for her to decide that he really does have the best plan and she's going to tolerate working with him, without letting him utterly rule her every moment. She knows the bad guy needs to be stopped, and it doesn't make her weak to decide to compromise in order to get the job done.

What does make her week is when she meekly accepts all of his bullshit.

I HATE this. I hate how weak and useless it makes her. And I hate him, utterly.

I'm reading onward. Not sure why. Glutton for punishment? Honestly, I'm hoping she can shake off the shitshow of this first book, and redeem the characters, because I want to like it, and I like this author (I seriously liked the Black Dog series).

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746 reviews66 followers
June 4, 2017
3.5 Stars. Interesting story, and overall a good read. I liked the supernatural case that was being investigated, and all the female characters (one downright bitchy). You don't often see so many central characters that are female in these kinds of stories. Cam was a good lead for the most part, but I kept wishing she would tell Vause, her fae Conclave boss off and be done with it. The story moved along at a brisk clip; and I liked all the different species being introduced, even though after awhile it got a bit overwhelming. There were a lot of characters and supes being thrown at the reader; there was even a mermaid and a kraken.

The wordbuilding, especially to the setting, was a bit sparse. Even though this was the first book of the series, I kept getting the feeling I was supposed to already know the world, these characters, and supernatural beings. It was a bit disconcerting at times. I really felt the story could have been told with half the characters (or less). That might have freed up some space to explore Cam’s burgeoning relationship with the warg (wolf) Cord Graeson. The case wrapped up at the end of the book; but Cam’s personal life left off in a big old ‘to be continued’.

Thank you to Anna for the loan…
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4,834 reviews168 followers
May 2, 2022
I have to get this out of the way first - I am deeply enamored of the whole Graeson/Cam dynamic. DEEPLY. He might have messed up with his interactions with Cam, but the sparks they throw off when they're together make me giddy.

*draws glitter hearts around them*

So. This is a spin-off of the Black Dog series. I've only read one book in that series (although I have several percolating on the ereader) and there is some character cross-over, but nothing that will detract from the story itself if you're not familiar with them. Suffice to say, the world is laid out pretty cleanly and the mysteries of who and what populate it are revealed fairly quickly.

Cam has her own mysteries and those aren't as easily unearthed. She's fascinating in her deep sorrow as she wrestles with an old grief. I ended up getting a little wibbly when she touched on the bond between pack members for a moment only to have it ripped away. *sniffle*

There are quite a few questions left unanswered, plus the whole Graeson/Cam thing. Which, again... YASSSS. Book two needs me to read it. IT NEEDS ME. I can feel it.

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal
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1,341 reviews188 followers
October 21, 2020
Looking at other reviews, I suspect the high ratings are for the author's body of work. There are a whole bunch of books set in the same world and I imagine if you've been on that journey you would like this one more. I haven't and I struggled.
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49 reviews6 followers
January 9, 2017
This author was another first for me and I thought this was a really good read. I 'm gonna give the next one a go.
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2,809 reviews476 followers
February 19, 2016
Originally posted at SmexyBooks.com

Favorite Quote: “A kraken? In a sinkhole in Nowhere, Texas? Really?

Camille (Cam) Ellis is a particular type of fae species called a Gemini. Born with a twin, this pair has the ability to mimic others and their powers for a brief amount of time. Cam also has a special power all her own. She can tell a person’s species by a touch. No glamour can fool her. When Camille loses her twin in an accident, she drifts along in life until offered a job with the Earthen Conclave-a sort of supernatural FBI. Now an investigator, Cam uses her gifts to solve crimes committed by supernaturals. In the middle of a standard investigation, Cam is shocked when the sibling of one of the murder victims instigates himself into the investigation and her life, demanding answers.

Cord Graeson, Beta of the Georgia Warg Pack, wants justice for his sister and will do whatever it takes to get it…even if it means using Cam. When another victim is found, Cam knows she has a limited amount of time to act before they strike again. In order to get the answers she needs, she will be forced to used to use her gift in a way that will drag her back into the past and force her to confront some things better left forgotten.

Hailey Edwards once again takes us on a fantasy fueled adventure filled with magic and plenty of action packed suspense in her newest work-Dead in the Water. Book one in the Gemini series, fans of Edwards’s Black Dog series will recognize the world and some of the characters as these two series are related. I don’t feel you have to read the Black Dog series in order to read this one as they are not dependant on one another for growth and/or comprehension. But if you want to understand certain events and characters referenced in here, then that would be the place to visit after reading this book.

I’ve been a fan of Edwards’s work since her Araneae series. One aspect of her writing I enjoy is her ability to take the mundane and with a few changes, turn it into something unique and unexpected. She builds dynamic character bases, using common mythology but takes it one step further using previously unseen species or imbibing currently known species with skills and know how that offers readers something new in the paranormal world. They are filled with life, personality, and a sense of humanity; Camille is a perfect example of this. I’ve never heard of any fae referred to Gemini but Edwards’s characterization leaves no room for doubt of their possible existence through Cam’s well crafted though stingily given history. I love how her family is portrayed as being similar to the Irish Travellers; traveling in a caravan of RVs from spot to spot and never settling down in one particular place for too long. Additional interesting characters dominate this series and provide some needed humor from a sexy, bossy Warg to a deadly pack of fae hedgehogs.

I enjoyed meeting Cam though I would have liked a little more fleshing out of her character. We only get the basics and I felt there was a lot left unsaid. I’m looking forward to Edward’s stripping away the protective layers around Cam. Cam has been trying to atone for her sister’s death and this has led her into police work. She feels that by using her gifts to save others, she can keep families from suffering what she and her family went through. A loner by nature, she exists in her own bubble until this case offers her some much needed friendships that help to bring her out of her shell and navigate the outside world a little better. Though a little indecisive at times, she has a strong protective instinct and when push comes to shove, she’ll do whatever needs to be done. Even at the expense of her own sanity or life.

There is a small hint of possibility that develops between her and the warg-Cord Graeson. A confirmed alpha male, he is determined to find his sister’s killer and demands Cam help him. There is strong chemistry between them though some of Cord’s actions are suspect and we are left unsure if the reaction between them are real or manipulated by Cord’s revenge. I did enjoy their banter.

“You don’t play fair.”

“Fair doesn’t taste like bacon.”

I couldn’t argue with that logic.

Cam certainly holds her own against Cord’s more demanding personality. I will enjoy watching them come to some sort of understanding, especially in light of the stunt he pulled at the end. I admit I laughed.

The story begins with a bang and continues on in that fashion. The mystery is well plotted, brimming with suspense, intrigue, and horror. A supernatural serial killer is slaying their away across the country and the Conclave always seems to be one step behind them. The strong police procedural element blends well with the paranormal aspects. Thierry and Shaw (Black Dog series) make an appearance, leading me to believe the series will continue to overlap with one another. Even though this is a full length novel, it has a serial feel to it as some aspects are resolved while the main mystery is not and continues on into the next book. The next book releases in just a few months which intensifies the serial feel of it.

Dead in the Water is a great start to a new series and I’m looking forward to seeing what Edwards’s has in store for Cam next.

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Author 7 books695 followers
May 10, 2020
I enjoyed this book more than I did the Black Dog series it sprang from. The world-building is great in both, but here, I liked the love interest a lot better.

Don't get me wrong, not everyone agrees. If you are reading Hailey Edwards' backlist because you enjoyed the Necromancer books, Graeson is nothing like Linus. He is a warg (think werewolf/shifter) and dominant one at that. So he's all growly and mine and while some people love that, it's not a universal thing. I don't mind it so much when the hero comes to respect the heroine and appreciate her value. As happens here.

Big props for the unique slice of Urban Fantasy that Edwards gives us. Much like I enjoyed the way the Black Dog mythology branched out from the traditional fae I see so often, so does the Gemini. In this, Camille (like Thierry) is refreshingly different. She can borrow a bit of people's magic and also shifts into her dead twin sister... and there is some solid emotion tied up in that. Graeson, too, is dealing with grief and duty, and I felt invested in both of them.

I was especially drawn to the scenes where Cam channeled pack energy. It filled such a hole in her. I hope so much she finds a way to make it permanent.

Thierry and Shaw do play a role in this book, which Black Dog fans will enjoy. But you absolutely do not have to read those books to jump in here. This works completely as a standalone.

I'm excited to start book two and see where Edwards takes us next.
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402 reviews42 followers
May 19, 2016
I like Hailey Edwards fresh take on Gemini twins. This series flows well with her series featuring Thierry. Camille is just as likable. She wants justice even at the risk of her life. Her gypsy family life only adds another unexpected element to the book. I think this book is a start to a very good series.
I received a copy from the publisher for my review.
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883 reviews18 followers
February 9, 2018
Free when I got it, and one of those rare gems! I loved it!! The world building was fantastic. The characters are great. The editing was good. I immediately bought the rest of the series, even though a friend offered to loan it to me.

Absolutely recommend to UF lovers.
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1,033 reviews467 followers
June 3, 2016
I must start with a confession: I read this book immediately after reading the final book in the original series, and then picked up the sequel and read that before coming here to talk about it.

Unfortunately that means I can't give as in depth a review as I might like, because I'm afraid that I would get the details of this books mixed up slightly with one of the others.

That's said, however, I adore this universe, and indeed, everything this author writes, so it's pretty safe for me to tell you how much I loved it.

I was a little unsure when I picked it up if I would like Cam as much as I loved Thierry (and Shaw! Go #TeamShaw!), but I needn't have worried.

The mythos of the Gemini was fascinating and honestly a little horrifying at first, and I LOVED the fact that not only was our Cam a nomad with a tortured past, but that she was so similar to the wargs while still being completely different.

Now all I have to do is be patient until July when the third book of the series comes out. *looks plaintively at the calendar* *sighs*

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298 reviews20 followers
August 28, 2020
DNF at 76%.

I'm just not feeling this one, which is unfortunate because the whole audiobook series is the only one of this author's that's included in the new Audible Plus Catalog. I quite enjoyed the "Beginner's Guide to Necromancy."

The heroine was too much of a spineless ninny, and I'm sure she'll evolve sometime, but she's also a Mary Jane and a special snowflake. And the hero is way too douchey, controlling, and overbearing.

The romance element between them feels tropey and forced.
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15 reviews1 follower
February 1, 2019
I'm not sure which part of this book was more frustrating - the many issues with the plot or the completely unlikable love interest who has no concept of personal space or appropriate behavior.

A Beginner's Guide to Necromancy is fun. I'm going to just skip the rest of the author's earlier work.
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12.2k reviews419 followers
October 3, 2020
I like some of this author's other series, so was excited to give this one a try. Sadly it didn't work for me. There was something about it right from the start that turned me off, not sure what. I had a hard time connecting to the story, Camille was meh. This one wasn't for me.
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5,126 reviews458 followers
June 30, 2017
*Source* Amazon
*Genre* Urban Fantasy
*Rating* 3.5

*Full Review Pending*

I'm actually ready to get on with the next installment to see what happens next. One huge gut wrenching scene has me on the edge of my seat.
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233 reviews79 followers
February 10, 2016
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*Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book from Netgalley and CrushStar Multimedia LLC in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

It's always a pleasure going back to a favorite author, if for no other reason than knowing I'm going to enjoy reading their book. So it shouldn't surprise you when I'll say that I adored the newest book by Hailey Edwards.

Urban fantasy, with a kick-ass heroine, a hot hero and a dangerous mission? Yes, please and thank you! I started reading this book not realizing that it was connected to two other series. I found that little detail a few days ago, on the author's website. The thing that surprised me a lot, though, was the fact that reading the book, there isn't a sense of something missing or of confusion. Which is such a great thing, because it is really easy to get me confused if I read books out of order. This just felt like I was getting little pieces out of a giant puzzle, that make sense separately, but that when put together they make up a giant picture. So I'm definitely going to check out the other books.

My heart broke for Cam the entire time I read this book. During the entire story it seems like she's on a mission to redeem herself, all the while punishing herself. It was sad and heartbreaking. To add to her pain, her boss is horrible to her. I do want to know more about Cam's powers, because they're very interesting and unique. I also want to know what else she can do.

Graeson is a very hot warg, let me start with that! The poor guy went through a difficult time in this book, which is probably why Cam was able to relate to him so much. I respect his sense of duty. Even though he was in pain, he managed to overcome his need for revenge and try to do the right thing. I can't wait to learn more about him and about his role in the warg pack.

There's a secondary character that I absolutely adored, named Harlow. She was absolutely hilarious at times and I loved her a lot. I can't help but keep my fingers crossed that she'll one day get her own series, because this lady deserves it. Plus, it would be highly fascinating to be in her head for a while.

I have to talk about the ending as well. It killed me. One moment I'm reading and turning the pages on my app, the next thing I know, it's like I'm watching a two-part tv show episode and they say "Tune in next week to learn how this story ends". WHAAAt? This book ends on a major cliffhanger and I was shocked by it. However, I have to say, this makes me even more curious to see how the story ends, if the good guys win, if the bad guy is caught, if the bad guy turns out to be who I think he/she is, and all that.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book a lot and I can't wait for more.
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September 17, 2018
3 stars

So, I'm definitely not having much luck with these older series of Ms. Edwards.

In this particular one, I don't like the heroine and the plot is somewhat murky. I can't comprehend the characters' actions, but I cannot explain what exactly went wrong.

I mean, the story is still well written and there are some ties to the previous series (and spoilers for them, I guess) and I liked seeing that.

Unfortunately, I kept getting pulled out of the story and I just couldn't focus on it.

All in all, I think I will stick to Hailey Edwards' newer series (I still warmly recommend the Beginner's Guide to Necromancy), because these are just not working for me.
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