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The ongoing mystery series from BRIAN K. VAUGHAN & CLIFF CHIANG charges ahead, as the girls have a close encounter with an unexpected visitor.

36 pages

First published December 2, 2015

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About the author

Brian K. Vaughan

715 books12.8k followers
Brian K. Vaughan is the writer and co-creator of comic-book series including SAGA, PAPER GIRLS, Y THE LAST MAN, RUNAWAYS, and most recently, BARRIER, a digital comic with artist Marcos Martin about immigration, available from their pay-what-you-want site www.PanelSyndicate.com

BKV's work has been recognized at the Eisner, Harvey, Hugo, Shuster, Eagle, and British Fantasy Awards. He sometimes writes for film and television in Los Angeles, where he lives with his family and their dogs Hamburger and Milkshake.

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Profile Image for Kitty G Books.
1,545 reviews2,931 followers
December 15, 2015
Again I caved and picked the next one up even though I am still somewhat unsure whether I truly like the series. I think that the art style is alright, but the colouring is lovely, the story is just plain weird though. Honestly I have seen a lot of people saying 'what is this?' 'what's happening?' and such in their reviews and I can sympathise because this is truly very odd. We have a group of paper girls, and a load of monsters, maniacs and dinosaur-like creatures!? I have to ask...'What IS going on?'

It's a weird one, but it keeps you engaged and I have to say that the cliffhanger endings always make me want to read further... very odd though... very odd! 3.5*s
Profile Image for Tawfek They Are Trying To Catch Up To Me!.
2,547 reviews2,040 followers
October 31, 2022
You are a bunch of ugly teenagers probably from a future where everyone is as ugly as you.
This story is so addictive, in a better time i would have probably finished it in 6 days.
I think these future people are here to prevent something from happening, the guys in white are either their oppressors or time keepers to hunt down anyone trying to change history.
Pls don't let erin die.
Profile Image for Eda.
202 reviews726 followers
June 3, 2019
Pek sarmadı şu an. Sanırım devam etmeyeceğim
Profile Image for Natalia Pinto Gatica.
240 reviews35 followers
November 29, 2018
Con la frase “la muerte es eterna” abre la tercera parte de esta entretenida e interesante historia que te cautiva desde un principio.

Seguimos con las chicas tratando de desentrañar los misterios que están ocurriendo en su ciudad, tras la aparición de dinosaurios montados por extraños sujetos que al parecer están persiguiendo a unos adolescentes que hablan un extraño idioma. Las chicas del periódico deben urgentemente dirigirse hacia un hospital producto del disparo que ha recibido Erin, por ende, tendrán que aventurarse a salir a las calles inundada de seres ya extintos y de extraños sujetos encapuchados. En su camino se encontrarán con unos chicos muy extraños que dicen ser como ellas.

Uff, como me gusta esta historia, llena de ciencia ficción y de cosas raras jajaja, aunque aun no entiendo lo que está pasando, creo que se irá revelando de manera muy interesante e impactante en las demás entregas.

Una serie de comic que me está encantando que se las dejo recomendadísimo.
Profile Image for Lesincele.
881 reviews106 followers
March 3, 2018
Para mi va in crescendo y cada uno me gusta más que el anterior. Se ha puesto super interesante y hay varios giros que no me esperaba. Y adoro a las protagonistas!
Profile Image for Sandra.
50 reviews
April 13, 2020
2° RELECTURA 2020 (sostengo la puntuación):

Empieza a ponerse interesante, ¡por fin voy a poder saber qué demonios pasa!

RELECTURA 2019 (Puntuación 4*):

Pues ya empieza a ponerse interesante y eso hizo que le subiera media estrellita. El año pasado le había dado 5 estrellas, en ambas lecturas le subí la nota con respecto a las anteriores grapas y no me acordaba de ese detalle, eso quiere decir que la volví a disfrutar.

Una cosa curiosa, a veces me olvido que nuestras protagonistas tienen 12 años, siempre me da la sensación de ser más grandes de lo que realmente son. Sacando ese detalle, me encantan las viñetas a página entera, se lucen muy bien.

El final de esta grapa me dejó alucinada, eso fue lo que hizo que le subiera la puntuación en comparación con el número anterior.

PRIMERA LECTURA 2018 (Puntuación 5*)
Profile Image for L..
418 reviews
June 28, 2017
I like how quickly the story is advancing, I don't think the characters are particularly well developed but I don't really expect them to be because it's only been three comics and that doesn't feel like enough to really put emphasis on who they are as people. There is also a lot happening and that's what the comics focus on, more then anything. There also isn't a huge amount of world building, but I just finished Stranger Things so I'm just basing everything from that as they're both set somewhere in the 80's (not social justice wise, but aesthetically it's my favourite time period). It's four stars and not five because, again, not a fan of the art style but it's kind of growing on me.
Profile Image for Rachel.
765 reviews14 followers
February 24, 2016
Great filler issue to the series. This issue answered more questions, but I still don't know why the aliens are invading. Great ending! Glad they finally explained the alien speech.
Profile Image for Solace Winter.
1,653 reviews6 followers
January 1, 2016
This one continued on the same high note as the last one. Great storytelling and it opens up more questions.
Profile Image for Miranda.
158 reviews3 followers
October 9, 2019
I really can't get enough of these paper delivery girls. They have such strong personalities which is perfect for the situation they have found themselves in.
Profile Image for Jocelyn.
50 reviews
July 1, 2016
The last one wasn't really sad... never mind.
Profile Image for Letande D'Argon.
671 reviews51 followers
June 7, 2018
Say wha-a-a-a-a-a-a-at? No, really, there's one thing about modern media. Books, comics, movies, TV shows, whatever. Most of them are either reboots, or made of recycled ideas. In other words, if you're old and geeky enough, it's pretty hard to get really excited about the new stuff. Usually it's like "*Yawn* yeah... I see what they did there... I'll finish reading this one tomorrow... even though I'm sure I know how it'll end..." Now this comic so far... is exactly the opposite to that. It's like "OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! What's going on?! What'll happen next?! Forget about sleeping! MUST... KEEP... READING!!!" No, really, such impact is a rare thing to see nowadays. I literally started to think that I'm becoming an old geezer... and yet here I am! Drinking coffee and reading this comic. The conclusion - this comic is magical. It makes you feel young and alive again. Read it.
Profile Image for Marijan.
233 reviews6 followers
November 3, 2016
I'm just loving this series. It's kinda short per issue but I think that also gives it the fast paced feel. Things keep turning up that make the plot "thicken". And I'm loving the end section with the Newspaper delivery guild, it very cleverly draws you into the period when the action is supposed to take place (80s) and all the anachronisms that come with it (sexism, anti-communism etc).
Profile Image for Carolina Téllez.
308 reviews7 followers
November 6, 2017
Ok, ¿Se supone que hay dos fuerzas o bandos enfrentandose y su campo de batalla es Stony Stream y que las únicas que parecen medio entender lo que ocurre son estas chicas del periódico?. (Y, al parecer, el problema es quién confiar) (?)
Ok, esto es confuso y falto de información, pero eso es lo que lo hace intrigante (jajaja) y con la necesidad de leer el siguiente número.
593 reviews44 followers
September 17, 2020
I think I am figuring out the appeal of this comic. The art is growing on me and the absolutely bizarre characters coming through the portal of differing factions and differentiated wildness make this really hard to put down...

...and unsurprising credit where unsurprising credit is due, the main characters are all very engaging. And for something like this to work they kinda have to be.
Profile Image for Malu.
53 reviews
February 12, 2017
Not really sure about what is happening but I am going the read until Vol. 5 tonight because YES!!!!!
Profile Image for Montserrat Esteban.
1,036 reviews20 followers
July 8, 2017
Esta saga continúa genial y ya estoy deseando leerme los siguientes, y saber cómo sigue la invasión y quienes son los buenos y los malos
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