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Being newly mated to an arrogant, bossy alien can certainly be trying at times. Luckily for Zoey, Dex also happens to the sexiest thing on two legs she’s ever met. He’s loyal, protective and boy, the things that alien can do with his hands, his mouth, his tongue…well, you get the idea.
They should have been on their way to Zerconia in blissful happiness, to celebrate their mating. But somehow, things never seem to go to plan.
Some of Dex’s warriors have gone missing. While he attempts to track them down, Zoey is busy just trying to keep herself out of trouble.
Easier than it sounds.
And really, she isn’t trying that hard.

Please note: Alien Lover is part of a series which would be better enjoyed if you read Alien Warrior first.

162 pages, Kindle Edition

Published October 24, 2015

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About the author

Sadie Carter

37 books347 followers
Best selling author, Sadie wanted to blend her love of writing, Sci-Fi (why did they cancel Firefly - sobs) and sexy, dominant males.
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3,948 reviews420 followers
August 28, 2019
"Alien Lover" is the continuing story of Zoey and Dex.

In this continuing saga of confusion and discoveries, we see Zoey adjusting to the life of being a Zerconian Queen, yet managing to get into all kinds of troubles and making her mate Dex's life a jumbled and fun mess. From keeping a furry companion to unknowingly buying a damaged sex slave, all she does is exasperate him. But as their love strengthens, their bond seems to remain incomplete. Will a kidnapping change everything?

Purely a fun read! Enjoyed it!

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492 reviews
February 22, 2021
5 stars ⭐️

I love this series by Sadie Carter. Dex and Zoey make me laugh, well Zoey does. The stories are well written, full of humour and adventure. And as with all good stories, there is a slimebag to destroy. And on the mystery side, who the hell is Boris? You will enjoy this romp through the galaxy, but make sure you read book 1 first, so you don’t miss out
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805 reviews13 followers
July 4, 2018
I'm ill again and can't sleep at all. So I decided to spend my time reading sci-fi romance. At the moment I'm immensely enjoying this series. It actually has a plot. And the second book has the same main characters as the first one. The storyline is interesting, there are culture clashes, misunderstandings, adventure, and humour. Also, the books are quite short. Splendid.
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582 reviews59 followers
January 20, 2020
Steamy Exciting Alien Romance

Sadie’s books are the first Alien Romances I've read!! This is such an exciting and action-packed 2nd installment!! The chemistry between Dex & Zoey is off the charts!!
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1,566 reviews41 followers
December 6, 2015
Title: Alien Lover
Series: Zerconian Warriors
Designation: Book Two of Series, Not a Standalone
Author: Sadie Carter
Reading Platform: Kindle Unlimited
Wow! Color me impressed - again! What an absolute delight! Alien Lover is the second fabulous release in Sadie Carter's exciting new Zerconian Warrior Series and it still totally rocks! Although there is a good bit of backstory included in this book, I would not suggest it to be read as a standalone but rather as a continuation after having read Alien Warrior, the first book of the series. Neither of the books end in a cliffhanger but do end with a happy for now with more to come. This series is my first time reading Carter's work but from what I understand, this is her first foray into the world of science fiction and I for one, hope she continues! The story is imaginative, exciting, original, humorous, romantic and arousing. I've found her books to be well crafted, well written, well formatted, well edited and an absolute pleasure to read. The dialogue is smart, captivating and flows effortlessly. The characters are unique, well developed, engaging, endearing, sexy as sin and at times, laugh out loud funny. The narrative is written in the third person with alternating points of view from the female and male protagonists of the story. My favorite! I absolutely loved the cover as well as the premise of the story and especially loved the snappy, seductive banter, interaction and obvious chemistry between the hero and heroine. If you love fun-filled, fast-paced science fiction adventure filled to the brim with heart-pounding drama, heart-stopping danger, adorable humor and steamy dreamy romance, then you will adore this book. No spoilers from me but I will say this....Handsome, hunky alien warrior and crown prince who has finally found his true mate, a beautiful human from earth but has no clue how to 'control' her-check! Sassy, kindhearted, stubborn female earther who has quite literally found her prince but has no idea how to act like a princess and is a true champion for all underdogs and strays-check! A strange alien pet-check! An unexpected new ally and bodyguard-check! A cast of wonderful characters-check! Danger, drama and an evil alien villain-check! Side-splitting humor, heated attraction, fiery passion and dreamy sex-check! That and a whole lot more! The best compliment I can give an author is to recommend, purchase and read another of their books. So, do I recommend Sadie Carter? You bet! Will I read her next book??? Darn straight I will! Deliciously cute, fabulously funny, seriously sexy and delightfully entertaining. I loved it! Bring on Book Three Sadie Carter!
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1,298 reviews13 followers
February 14, 2016
Loved this second book about Zoey and her alien hunk Dax. Thus is my kind of story and I cannot wait for the next ( and sadly last) book. These stories are rather short and I wish there was a full novel about these two.

Zoey rescues a man from the slave auction block and later on rescues Dax after he is imprisoned on a planet ruled by a tyrant. I hope we will get more story about the mysterious Boris, but in his own book. I want the 3rd book to be all about Zoey and her prince.
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296 reviews
October 21, 2017
This book came as a recommendation from Kindle Amazon. I’m not really into serials so I kept passing it over and over; finally, with nothing to read I decided to give it a shot and bought the first three books (they are one story). And OMG, I love this book, the heroine is funny, strong, and even though she has some “kill me stupid” moments, she’s is so funny that you get over it quick. The hero starts as an overbearing jerk in the first book but, he really changes over the following books and you are able to relate to them as individuals and as a couple. I will recommend that if you are thinking on reading this book, then buy the whole set 1-3 for Zoey and Dex story.
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13 reviews
April 25, 2018
A very good read

I choose the five star rating because the book made me happy. I'm one hand I have a really hard time with the hero claiming safety above all else and then there is no follow through. On the other hand, the authors sense of humor is outstanding and continued to entertain. Her two sidekicks where wonderful, but the obscurity of what they were and how the acted with no understanding of why was exceedingly frustrating. But the story was great, the writing sucked you into the characters and recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a bond that's strong with the feeling of total security. This one's for you
1,126 reviews4 followers
December 5, 2017
Alien Lover

Sadie Carter has done a fantastic job with this book. I know this is second book in the series, I have to get the first one to read. I'm sure it will be just as good. It seems that these books are a stand alone as well as a series. That's makes for great reading. Enjoy this book now or put on your TBR list either way you'll be glad that you did.
916 reviews1 follower
January 27, 2018

Ok. Improvement. The men are learning the hard way that Zoey is not weak. She got in over her head but Boris and Giz were there. Finally Sex is trying to understand Zoey and her needs. Koran may need help.
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1,659 reviews62 followers
July 11, 2020
Loved it

Ugh! I hate that these books aren't on kindle unlimited because I have to book budget and can't read them back to back like I want to but they are so worth it. Love the story and the characters. Can't wait to see what happens
448 reviews1 follower
February 5, 2019
Alien Lover

I like Zoey! She is spunky and funny! This series is awesome so far. These warriors are fierce, loyal and hot!

On to book 3
February 18, 2019
Great book

Great book. Good series. Would love to see more books from the characters in the series. Will continue to follow the series
483 reviews1 follower
May 12, 2019

I loved this second boo about Dex and Sadie! I found it to be quite realistic as to what would happen between two aliens getting to know each other. I loved it.
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2,274 reviews2 followers
September 13, 2019

It takes a bit of adventure and healing from it before Dad and Zoey's mateing bond to kick in and fully form
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1,254 reviews2 followers
May 29, 2020
Wow! So good!

The story of Dex and Zoey incredible. They are perfectly matched and there is never a dull moment in their life.
666 reviews5 followers
July 22, 2021
Like how we get a little more in this “series” than the usual alien genre. Another villain and the surrounding cast of warriors get air time.

Mystery still about her pet and new pet.
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1,730 reviews534 followers
January 6, 2022
Alien Warrior, Alien Lover, Alien Mate (Zerconian Warriors #1-#3) – Dex and Zoey

He’s an arrogant alien prince and a warrior used to being obeyed. She’s a feisty and stubborn female who takes orders from no one.

I know what I want for my birthday and it's over 6 ft tall, has eyes that change colour and is adorably arrogant. That's right sign me up for a Zerconian warrior of my very own. I love those guys and I devoured all the currently released books, including the novellas, in under a week. I confess, I was a little addicted.

But there was a lot to love about this series, Sadie Carter has done a fantastic job at not only writing a troop of sexy alien warrior, but she given us a whole bunch of feisty, hilarious heroines as well. I enjoyed watching the friendship develop between the women almost as much as the romances.

As I mentioned I read these book in quick succession, which meant that I quickly worked out the formula that each of the books follow. This did make each instalment predictable, however, that obviously didn't stop me from jumping from one book to another. This was a light-hearted and fun series to read and although you known what's going to happen that doesn't take away the enjoyment I took from reading each warrior fall for his human woman.

This series covers a lot of troupes/character types as well, so if you like a plain Jane, grumpy heroes, warrior women, enemies to lovers stories than this series is bound to fulfil your wishes. Personally, I really enjoy plain Jane and grumpy hero stories so those were my favourite books in the series.
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2,242 reviews64 followers
January 22, 2016
Like its predecessor Alien Warrior, I absolutely love the sarcastic charm and funny quick wit of Zoey. What makes it more hilarious is half the time the Zarconians don't understand her. She tells them something like "there's bigger fish to fry". The response she gets is "this is no time to think about cooking" I can just imagine the look of utter confusion on their faces not understanding modern idioms.

Danger unfolds and of course Zoey finds herself right in the middle of it. Will Dex be there to save her or will she have to be the savior this time?

I love Zoey and Dex and I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm moving on to book 3 right away. I also hope we learn more about Boris. Big five stars from me, it's a quick fun ride and I loved it!...Sara


1,137 reviews2 followers
November 1, 2015
Alien Lover (Zerconian Warriors Book 2)By Sadie Carter

Second book continues this wonderfully enjoyable series as our two main characters learn more about each other and during dealing with betrayals and rescuing finding their own bond between them completing their joining. Can't wait for the next addition to bring their story to be an awesome conclusion. I hope that some of the wonderful supporting characters get their own special storyline with this wonderfully written series. I recommend you check it out for yourself and enjoy the series!!
208 reviews1 follower
January 1, 2016
This is a really good book with great characters

This is a good book. I like the story a lot . It's pretty complex and very well-defined and has a plot that was enjoyable. Also like the characters a lot ....they seem like real people and it was easy to get into their story and care about what happened to them . Definitely a recommendation.
Profile Image for ★Winter★.
668 reviews
January 23, 2016
I liked this installment more than book 1. This one was a little more action packed and had a more complex story line. I loved the introduction of the newest misfit Zoey has found and I really hope he gets his own book in the near future. I'm looking forward to the next adventure that these two find themselves in.
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919 reviews49 followers
February 29, 2016
Four Stars of Funny

Poor Zoey and Earther mated to a Zarconian Crown Prince named Dex and she is happily mated even though she constantly finds all kinds of trouble. This time she buy a slave at a slave auction....just to free him. This little series is loads of fun to read.

****If you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber this is on the free read list****
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1,088 reviews9 followers
March 9, 2016
Another fun entry. Zoey was much more tolerable this time. Dex is a great alpha character. He's starting to evolve into a male who manages more emotions without turning in to a pansy. Yay. Love the side characters. The story was good. Thoroughly entertaining. It may not be deep meaningful literature, and it's not intended to be, but for alien romance it's a 5 star.
344 reviews2 followers
November 2, 2015
I like this series so far

Enjoyed the differences between the aliens and one little earth girl! Such funny times. Her mate is trying to do the right things but the right thing for an alien may not be the right thing for a human. Love the characters can't wait for the third one!
2,232 reviews3 followers
December 31, 2015
Really like this series

This is good. Like the unique sassy female and sparkling dialogue between characters. It has intrigue and heart built in within the story to make it unique and interesting. Well done
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